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>Welcome to the Night Shift: Minimum Wage, Maximum Weird.
The Night Shift is the collaborative brainchild of some anons on /tg/, a setting and resource for running a horror-game. PC's are employees during the titular night shift at a gas station on the lonely side of nowhere. They must balance the drudgery of their mundane duties and responsibilities with the uncanny, preternatural, supernatural, and paranormal events which seem to happen at this particular gas station.

>Duty Roster
There are currently two Night Shift related projects. One is a series of lists and tables that a GM can use to run a game of Night Shift in their system of choice. Each item on the list details an event or NPC that fits the theme of Night Shift.

The other project is a *World derivative being built specifically for playing Night Shift, which includes custom Moves and a resource management system.

Feel free to help with either project, or contribute any writing or art you make or have available.

>Resource Links
Thread One:

Thread Two:

Thread Three:

Thread Four:

Random Events and NPCs:

Rough Rule Set:

or.. what happens if you character gets bitten by a vampire. or a werewolf. or infected by a alien parasite?

Can you get special perks?

This has been covered in thread #2, I think.

tl;dr, the scenario fucks with the premise of the game.

The point of the game is you're a normal human going up against supernatural bullshit.

If you become supernatural bullshit, all of that stuff is now natural for you. It's a different game entirely.

Even if the effect of the station makes it go away, you're creating a dynamic of necessary empowerment. You can't beat this guy, but hey look you got bit by a werewolf and now you can! And now your powers are gone, awww. Hope you can find some other monster to help you out next time I throw something hard at you..

Don't go the Somber route.
Night Shift exists with a sliding scale of eerie horror to wacky weirdness. The default setting is firmly stuck on the horror side of the scale, and that has been the focus of these threads, but certain GMs and groups might want to play it more like a supernatural workplace sitcom, which is entirely within their rights to do so.

Captcha: The Oeogrou. Do not taunt or accost it.
>The Oeogrou

lets make a creature out of it.
Looking at this event list it makes me wonder how useful it really would be for playing a game. About half of these events naturally lend themselves to a challenge for the players. Basically an adventure hook. The other half are just random creepy things that the players experience.

I would recommend splitting the list in two. You could have "Events" for adventure hook type things and "Premonitions" for things the players experience, but don't directly pose a challenge to them (things like #11, #14, #15, #20, to name a few)
>The Oeogrou
>When opening the door to the meat locker (since when did this gas station have a meat locker?) you find what an undulating, distorted blob of human flesh.
>Some parts are still visibly human, and a few distorted limbs stick out of the morass.
>If touched or otherwise harassed, the Oeogrou attempts to absorb that which touched it, making the sound for which it is named.

Yeah, this has been nibbling away at my mind since thread #1. I've tried to come up with more adventure-hook/scenario type things, because there's a ton of flavor-text things already.
Also, there are a lot of horror staples not even on the list including, but not limited to: vampires, psychics, wizards, dragons, mummies, ghouls, wild animals, werewolves, etc.

I've personally argued against the inclusion of anything which might normalize or ameliorate the attendant' relative helplessness Much like CoC, once you have the means with which to fight the Unknowable, it becomes considerably less scary.

The default assumption of Night Shift World is going to be that characters cycle relatively frequently; they either make enough money to get the fuck out, get fired by Management, or hit the point of Nope.jpg.

One of the Special Moves that I'm working on pertains to that last one. Here's the working version;

When you [try to keep it together in the face of the uncanny or unknown] roll+Effort
10+ It'll be ok it'll be ok it'll be ok
7-9, Fuck fuck fuck fuck, -1 Effort

I'm intending it to be used for make-or-break moments during a session. When the weird stuff turns into dangerous, worldview changing stuff. The alternative is to instead add another resource to manage, Stress or something, which would track how close your character is from leaving.

And again, the point of Night Shift World is to explore the gas station through the lens of a rotating cast. Hitting your Threshold is the 'good end' for your character, getting fired or Nope-ing Out is a 'bad end'.

I mean, any of them might be ENTERTAINING ends but you get my point.

Even the employees come and go eventually. The only constant is the gas station, in Night Shift World.
Oh and there were tons of things mentioned for the list that were completely ignored. I for one enjoyed the idea of a "toilet mimic", which to me is reminiscent of films like Rubber and other horror/comedy in that vein.

that was my idea.. ;__;

Please add it.

C-movie beasts are awesome for this scenario.
That actually isn't a bad idea really. It might be a bit difficult in practice though, because the main impetus for the characters is being able to complete their assigned nightly duties, and even if a particular event isn't "hooky," it might still be a distraction.

How would you go about making that distinction?
>The Oeogrou
>There's a reason Jimmy can't bear to clean the bathrooms at night, and it isn't because the Nuclear Lime Tacoritos have been a big hit with customers.
>Something lives in there. You can't see it most of the time, but it's there. I think it lives off shit, but Jimmy isn't so sure.
>See Jimmy tried to clean the toilets one time. Something happened, and now Jimmy can't go back into the bathroom. I don't mean he "can't", can't, I mean he gets thrown out of the bathroom like a ragdoll whenever he tries going in. Like a big invisible hand picks him up and shakes him.
>Jimmy called it the Oeogrou, I think. Could have just been him mumbling.
I like it. You've done well.
Got to have some bleeding walls. Twist is that they're practically mundane given whatnormally happens around the station. The worst that happens is they don't get it cleaned up before attracting a few vampires

Chore: wipe down the bleeding wall over by the snack machine. Again.
>Goes out to the ice chest to fetch a bucket of ice for the soda machine.
>Opens the door and finds the heads of a man and a woman sticking out of the ice, skin pale as death, lips frosty blue. Shrieks in surprise.
>Both bodies open their eyes, and the ice shifts as they both raise a shushing finger silently to their lips.
>Shut the ice chest again without a word and high-tail it back inside without the ice bucket or the ice.
>Next customer complains that the soda machine is out of ice.
The distinction is easy: Does the thing occurring require input from the players to be resolved?

Things like an alien invasion (#1) obviously involve the players while things like a guy asking for body bags (#11) does not.

#1 might make your characters say, "what do we do about this?", whereas #11 might make your characters say "that was weird".

#11 could work if you put more context into it. Does the man react violently when he finds out you don't have body bags? Do you notice someone trapped in his car while he's talking to you? Stuff that will make the players take action or at least have the choice of making action as opposed to putting them in the role of a passive observer.

The first is the game. The second is flavor.
"Ice? What ice? There's never been any ice! Ice is just a myth!"
File: 1394734763290.png-(413 KB, 612x380, 1383389456491.png)
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413 KB PNG
Fuck trying to ruin the game so they can be special snow flake katana wielding, fedora wearing samurai vampire little girl/werewolves to forefill their fur/femdom/pedo fetishes

I've been struggling to maintain that distinction myself with Night Shift World's 'Threat' system. I'm hoping to give it enough leeway where there IS a place for an event which is largely flavorful or requires little input to resolve.

For Night Shift World, the standard is 'does this Portent, when interacted with, give player's more information regarding its origins or the means to resolve it'.

So in a vacuum, a single Portent might not require action but instead help point towards a larger problem that DOES require action. An example might be a patron asking for an item that doesn't exist, and trying to pay with money featuring the wrong president. Little for the players to do, but it propounds other evidence that the gas station is experiencing a dimensional crossover.
I try. Thanks.

They die.
File: 1394736318053.gif-(328 KB, 827x596, 394571765924.gif)
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328 KB GIF
I'm also of a firm belief that not everything that happens in Night Shift needs to be a Threat that the players need to confront, and that even events thrown in there for flavor can turn into Threats based on player action or inaction. For instance, if a twisted metallic beast starts licking one of the pumps, you might just want to stay out of its way and continue mopping up. But if you don't confront it and it cracks open and starts drinking the gasoline, then you have a Threat.

It's all really nebulous, but that is part of the atmosphere that I enjoy.

What if some dead characters come back as hostile npcs?

Not all. Nothing comes back from a encounter with the Oeogrou of course.

(Except Jimmy. But i heard he is in a Asylum now. and he is wetting his bed. Because he is still afraid of toilets.)
"Fill the mop bucket with holy water already, how hard is it to bless something?"
"Gimme a break, this Bible is in French,"
"...fine, but make sure to add the soap when you're done,"
"Well, 'sacre bleux'..."
If an Attendant dies on the clock, I think it's certainly possible that they could be included in appropriate encounters later on as hostile or helpful NPCs.
What if The Clock is like Friend Computer from Paranoia?

That inability to leave the station is real source of fear, after all. The Clock can represent that malevolent meta-intelligence that knows whatever happens, no one can leave.
Nope. We got that covered with the Management. that said, a sentient, crazy clock is most certainly a good idea.
I think the Night Shift World guy has the right idea. The minor events are usually portents of bigger events that are going on. But I'm also in favor of dividing the tables into "Adventure Hooks" and "Flavor." The Flavor could just be a small encounter, something weird that happens once or every now and then, maybe with a skill check or brief combat/running. Maybe they get an item or a tidbit of information, maybe it just means they have to clean the damn bathroom again.

But Adventure hooks should be big things, that require the players to work together to resolve/survive. Something that could occupy a big part of their night.
By "on the clock" I'd actually just meant "while on duty," but your posts make me think that the old punchcard timeclock in the break room should definitely be antagonistic toward our Night Shifters.
I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened this thread. Now I see it is merely my former job with a small dash of CoC.

I support this and plan to run it. Thanks, /tg/
Well, you can't just come in and say that without some details.
Any stories?
File: 1394738092766.jpg-(43 KB, 640x360, time.jpg)
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>that said, a sentient, crazy clock is most certainly a good idea.
Okay, nevermind.
I was agreeing with you, anon.
I know, but let's not bring up THAT sentient, crazy clock.
we don't have time for that anyway
>Clearing out some old sheets of cardboard from that back store room that only exists on odd-numbered days.
>A sheet in the middle of the stack has the most beautiful abstract oil painting on it that you have ever seen.
>You look at the painting. Is it a dog playing baseball?
>You look at the painting. Is it a soldier gesticulating with a sword?
>You look at the painting. Is it a representation of your unrealized potential?
>You are rudely shaken out of your reverie by one of those Day Shift assholes cussing you out as he shoulders by, carrying the last bundle of cardboard out to the dumpster.
>Somehow it's 10:43 in the morning, and you're sure you're going to get in major trouble for failing to clean out the storeroom as Management asked.
> That asshole threw out the painting.

I didn't work the nightshift at the store too long. I had been a Day shift guy for awhile then got sucked into it. But I do have a few stories. For reference, it was a Wawa.

Now, most stores have 3 over night employees. However, the store I worked at was slow. So we were always understaffed and over worked. This meant there was just two of us on any given night. In policy, we can't stock the drink freezer or do outside maintance because the lack of a third. Meaning we have to stay inside. A rotation of about four of us hanlded the night shift throughout the week. Two of them were fine and rarely anything happened. However, the Third always brought in the weird with her. Strange guys she didn't know, who knew her. Stuff like that for the most part.

The one that comes to mind actually took place on Halloween. Shift starts at 11, goes to 7. Around 2, The vents start making a racket. It is a bit strange, but shrug. Wasn't paid enough to care.

The racket happened intermittently, about 10 minutes or so. I noticed it always seemed to be coming from the nearest vent. Again, more shrug, I say something to the Co-worker I already mentioned, Call her 3. 3 said she had heard it up by me(Working the front) as well. Well she takes over as I Take my break and eat in the office.

Sure enough, she hears it following her around to the nearest vent, too. She freaks out a bit after a customer confirmed hearing the noise as well. That is it. 2spook4her, she calls a friend who is an on duty cop to swing by. No offical call, but just to look around, make sure nothing is on the roof or in our attic.

Nothing. Thing is actually quiet the whole time he is there. He laughs at her a bit and she plays it off. He leaves, it starts back up. We've just decided to ignore it at this point, because, notpaidenough. Sun comes up, Slowly the clock gets to 7, we bounce. Night done.

Work the next night with 3 again. Sure enough, 2nd shift heard stuff, too, but the manager decided she dgaf. Just deal. Go through the whole night with this spooky haunted vent. We joke about it and how silly it is. Sun starts to rise, about 6:45 when our monthly visit from our pest guy happens. He doesn't normally do much, but I mention the vent thing to him. I don't really have a place to, but, fuck it.

The morning wraps up for me, I go home for two~ days. Came back to work with 1. 1 Tells me he and 2 found out what was up with the vents. The Pest guy had found a family of possums that had gotten up in there. They got stuck and started to starve. Evidentally ate some of the young. Supposedly they came in because of the cold. We laugh, do some work and bullshit the rest of the night. Just another night at Wawa.


That is really the most spooky. The rest is basically dealing with Drunks, Drug addicts and really sketchy people with no one else around at 2:30 in the morning. But, 9/10 times, that shit happened when I was working with 3. Decent Boss/co-worker, but fuck her and her luck.
Thanks for the story Anon! Your coworker 3 makes me think that we ought to add "Jinx" as a character background.
Oh, you're not an Anon. You're an Associate. My apologies! Always glad to see real stories by real Night Shifters in these threads. Have any more real or fake stories you'd care to share?
Test reply
Posting is back up, everyone get back to work.

Maybe it works as if whatever the weirdness is that night, it will always appear to first or screw with the jinxed person. Gets thrown up on, kidnapped, chewed on mistaken for the messiah, etc. The boon is that less horribly unfortunate things happen. So yes, you get kidnapped, but the odds are on you sides when it comes to actually getting your head chainsawed off.
Roll twice on portents table for jinxed characters.
Pump 3 is dispensing rusty water again. At least I hope it's rusty water.

Unlucky - Effort 2, Threshold 4 - You always roll twice and take the lower result. In rolls where [death is a distinct possibility for you], roll twice and take the higher result.
>Fuck, I got my finger caught in the lever again.
>Dammit, that shit hurts.
>... Why won't it stop bleeding?
Finally back to the Night Shift!

A family pulls up to the Station in an almost painfully ordinary SUV. Mother, father, and three little tykes. All wearing gas masks. They either:

- Go about their business, never mentioning the masks at all. The father buys gas, mother purchases snacks and drinks, children run down the aisles and generally make a nuisance of themselves before the get back in their car and leave.


- They spot the gas mask-less Attendants inside the store and immediately become skittish and reticent. The parents shield the children behind them, smacking whatever merchandise they might have grabbed right out of their hands before slowly backing their way out the door, whispering urgently amongst themselves. They then bolt back to their car and tear out of the parking lot, dragging the severed pump hose behind them in their haste.
>"Hey Craig, why's there a hammer chained to the time clock?"
>"Oh. That. You have to hold that up and threaten to smash the clock while punching your card, otherwise it short-shifts you."
>"Is that why its got all those dents all over it...?"
>"It didn't take the threat seriously the first time..."
I'm working on a game, thinking of running it in CoC. I have planned for two 'lesser' weird goings-on and one major one. I have the two figured out but I can't for the life of me figure out what I play as the big one. Here's what I got:

Partway through the night the pumps start pumping fresh blood instead of Gas. If the PCs investigate the Broken Pump on the End they will find the crumpled [spoilers]corpse of a Night Shifter.[\spoilers] If the pump isn't dealt with the blood from the pumps may attract Blood Beasts that will roam around the exterior of the Station looking for easy prey. Throughout the night the ghost of said Night Shifter will appear in the station and occasionally hijack post-it notes to communicate with the PCs. These notes may either help or hinder the PCs. Also a number of other minor spooky events may occur like those associated with poltergeists. Stuff falling over on its own, strange static on the radio/tv, ect.
In the magazine rack tonight is an ancient Sumerian tablet describing a burial/embalming ritual that, if what it says is correct, could even bring back the dead. Astonishingly if the PCs can translate it they can also perform the ritual replacing the more esoteric required items with common household versions(bleach in place of holy embalming fluid, toilet paper in place of sanctified mummy wraps, ect.). This can be done to resurrect a fallen PC or even bring the dead Night Shifter from the pumps back to life for some overtime. If the tablet is broken a dark fume will burst forth poisoning anyone near enough to breath it in. Additionally the tablets fragments become unreadable.
File: 1394754075058.pdf-(26 KB, PDF, The Night Shift Character(...).pdf)
26 KB
I made this quickly yesterday in Microsoft Word, for a game I plan to run tomorrow using a slightly modified version of the Night Shift World rules. What do you guys think?
File: 1394754135179.jpg-(91 KB, 758x1056, bubba-ho-tep.jpg)
91 KB
Your major event:

The Night Shifter was killed by an Ancient Sumerian King, who is seeking out the tablet so that he can return to true life and resume his horrific rule over all the land. Though disguised in a trenchcoat, wide-brimmed hat and gloves, he is very powerful, and will be a tough foe to beat.

Play the Ancient Sumerian King like Bubba Ho-Tep.

I love it.
It's good, considering what we have so far for the *World rules. How will HP work? Also, am I correct to assume that the Tasks For Tonight will be like what was put in the tables document?
File: 1394754843339.jpg-(15 KB, 257x200, 1392844529239.jpg)
15 KB
But I also don't think this is a "HP" kind of game.
Maybe just have their be consequences to taking damage. Like getting your arm shredded, or being knocked out, or death.
Thanks for the love of Razzle-Dazzle, guys.

The reason I included HP is because I plan on running it as a more pulpy sort of game. Plus my players love combat, and it wouldn't be fair to them if they were just having their limbs ripped off without a good fight first. Personally, I think that HP should be an optional part of the game, for those who want it. Just a thought.
So we have two sides to the coin here. How does it usually work in *World?
I've been following along with this thread since the beginning, and want to say that you folks are awesome.
Anyone else notice that, in the rough rules, if you middle an SSDD you pretty much get the same outcome as a success? Or is that -1 actually mentioned anywhere in the rules?
File: 1394758482800.gif-(1.25 MB, 350x265, hey there sexy.gif)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB GIF
D'aww. Thanks, Anon.

The parent, Apocalypse World, has a little clock which details harm. 1-3, 3-6, and 6-9, are basics bumps and bruises. 9-10 and 10-11 are sever injuries, and 11-12 is death. A player may opt to forego one of those last notches in favor of a grievous injury of some kind to forestall death.

Dungeon World, OTOH, has a HP counter like D&D. Injuries are handled seperately according to fiction. When a player is out of HP (or suffers some fatal injury in the fiction, like falling a hundred feet onto some razor sharp spikes), he invokes the Last Breath move, and rolls to see if Death shakes his head, offers a bargain, or says "Get in the bag."
I think that, if we're going to implement a Hit Point system, it should be closer to the DW HP system. Mainly because it sounds easier. I've never played either though, and besides, it's up to the Night Shift World guy to implement it or not.

The main difference is just that AW has one number of "hit points" for everyone (befitting a gritty post-apoc world where nobody gets to be a crazy Hollywood bullet sponge), and AW folds the grievous injuries into the end of the health system rather than DW's fantasy-style solution of "The Reaper shows up when you run out of HP."
now i know who is eating all the doorknobs!
File: 1394763665195.jpg-(29 KB, 450x481, 1388899067024.jpg)
29 KB
>A grandfather clock is delivered to the store
I really want to contribute more to this thread, but my exhaustion this evening has resigned me to lurking and hoping for more greatness. Keep up the good work Anons!
File: 1394764984592.jpg-(287 KB, 1000x1000, 6174xl.jpg)
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287 KB JPG
A man comes into the store, checks out some of the novelty junk. He, jokingly, picks up one of pic related, points it to his head, and pulls the trigger.

It certainly does send out its little pole and "bang" flag, but it also outright kills the dude.

It's a good thing the janitorial supply closet is currently a self-contained inferno.

Night Shift World anon here. In an earlier thread I argued against the inclusion of a hit point system because my agenda has been to keep the system well away from anything resembling typical adventure-times. Having any kind of resource generally lets a player know how much they can risk it- having twenty hit points makes them go 'well I might not be fucked if this werewolf who rolls d10's chomps me'.

With Night Shift World, I'd like the players to understand that facing a Hollow Man is facing the very real certainty of death. Facing a werewolf or angry Sumerian Bloodpriest is facing the very real possibility of death.

Without the mechanical reassurance of being at full hit points, I'm hoping the onus will fall on the fiction. They won't try to fight the werewolf or bloodpriest or hollow man, because they aren't heroes and this isn't a game about empowering them to slay the great evil.

But that's a whole lot of faggot wankery which ignores rules as the non-variable upon which players can rely. Without something like hit points, the risk is that death is something that comes very directly from the GM. Rocks fall. The bloodbeast guts you.

So. Happy medium, I think. If I'm going to implement an hp system it will be more akin to Apocalypse World than Dungeon World (whose purview has always been DnD retroclone).

I'm thinking it might even be something I can boil down to a move;

When you [face the very real prospect of death] roll+Con
10+ It hurts, it'll bleed, but you'll live.
7-9, You survive with a serious injury
6 or less, So long and thanks for all the fish(sticks that you restocked in the freezer).

That gives Con a reliable purpose, but keeps death a very real and sudden prospect.


I like it. Will probably use this as the starting point when I get around to Night Shift World character sheets.

I'd still like to find an actual employment questionnaire thing to use as a template for chargen.

Also, fun fact, when I told my father about Night Shift World he mentioned off-hand that he used to work at a gas station out in bumfuck nowhere, by the freeway. Got plenty of stories.

That sounds excellent to me. That way con just determines how likely you are to get killed suddenly, but everyone should be afraid.

If you add 'take -1 forward to your next roll to face the real prospect of death' after both 10+ and 7-9, you also enforce having injuries compound. So getting slashed up and living doesn't mean you're honky-dory for the rest of the night. Each time you roll, death gets closer.

Here's the near-final version

"The Secret Fate Of All Life"
When you [attempt to escape near-certain death] roll+Con
10+, It hurts, it'll bleed, but you'll live. -1 ongoing to [escape death]
7-9, You might have that injury for the rest of your life, but you'll live. -1 ongoing to [escape death]
6 or less, That's one way to get out of your shift early...
>10+, It hurts, it'll bleed, but you'll live. -1 ongoing to [escape death]
>7-9, You might have that injury for the rest of your life, but you'll live. -1 ongoing to [escape death]
How are these two different?

10+ is superficial injuries. 7-9 is 'you might lose this leg' injuries. I'll make the language clearer.
The current thread has been archived. Let's hope it continues. Fluff and crunch folks, fluff and crunch. A special thanks to Night Shift World Anon for his continued great work!

Right! Well, I should think things are going swimmingly. So what's with the clock?
File: 1394794056277.jpg-(8 KB, 400x355, 29812_1_468.jpg)
8 KB
I just spent the 8 hours I should have been sleeping playing a porn game I found on /d/.
My ideas are all ba/d/.
which game

Also how this setting can go magical realm is intriguing.
File: 1394796070113.jpg-(42 KB, 350x150, 250221_v1.jpg)
42 KB
Euphorian Tide.
Also some Trials In Tainted Space and Corruption of Champions.
The night I discovered CoC, I missed an OChem exam.
File: 1394796312264.jpg-(52 KB, 387x588, original RR.jpg)
52 KB
How COULDN'T it go magical realm?
I just got turned into a magical fawn-hermaphrodite and spanked to an orgasm by a farm girl (trap) after being caught sniffing her boots.
Fucking anything is possible now.
Will have to remember to check that out>>30829160
Damn you anon
File: 1394796840709.jpg-(623 KB, 1469x1457, Rainbow - Rising-Front.jpg)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
With enough sleep deprivation and genital stimulation, I can fly and shit posts all over the I should stop now and contribute.

There are dicks inside the soda cans.
Did you eat the No.
Rainbow in the Dark...
Dead rock and roll legends
Go to the end of the rainbow in the dark
Demon leprechauns
Fucking Merlin
No not literally.
>need ideas
>sees pack of gum sitting on pile of rocks
Why? What's I do?
>A guy walks in and asks if you've got time to fill in a short list of questions. The questions are weird to say the least.
>10+ The man looks at your answers and looks pleased. Later that night, you find a parcel somewhere with an useful item or hint.
>7-9 The man looks at your answers and shrugs. Nothing happens.
>7 or less: The man is displeased. Later, a parcel arrives containing something awful.
Shit, accidentally didn't into the rest of the post.
>flips through sedimentology and stratigraphy book
>listening to Holy Diver
Goddamn, there's something here.
If I can just put it together.
Now I want to kinda fap to that idea, and I have no reference material to spank to.

Also not actually feeling up to wanking atm
Maybe you should have a list of disabilities like apocalypse world; on a 7-9 you take one

If that's too harsh have it as a two step; when you take a 7-9 take a disability then later when you try and heal it;
10+ You're lucky, it will heal but will leave a bad scar
7-9+ It's bad but savable, take off the disability but take -1 forward
-6 Deeper than we thought; mark it as permanent.
Euphorian Tide.
If you want to get straight to that scenario, play with the debug mode for hax, and go to Cadence Mill on the Overmap.
>OP pic

Seems silly to wear gas masks if you're not going to even wear gloves. Amateurs.
>One of the new products is some kind of caffeine booster that enhances your stamina... but with a nasty side effect.
>You see, it hasn't been tested publicly yet, but if you get the side effect you will sink into the ground.
>The more you drink, the more you sink.
>The more you drink, the more you sink.
It's all fun and games until you're too short to stock the top shelves.
And I'm not doing your job for you AGAIN, Jerry.
How about;

>Bugs guy comes to the station.
>He's kind of dishevelled, skin seems slightly loose, clothes are dirty. Could be a farmer or a hoodie or a offbeat hobo. Could be in simple clothes or very covered up with only the eyes showing which are pallid and rheumy.
>Comes in has a look at the food and drink.
> Never buys any but picks up a can of bug spray and buys some gasoline.
>Later on in the night, pc's find cockroaches in the station; in the food or in the backroom stores or in the toilets etc

>Bugs guy comes back the next night
>looks slightly more disheveled, slightly paler
>comes in has a look at the food/drink, smells it, brushes his raggedly fingers over the packaging.
>Buys more bug spray and gas
"Just got a bug problem that's all."
>Even more insects around.

>Next night
>Visibly dirty, skin seems saggy and limp
>Comes in has a loot at the food and drink, even more intrusive but [won't get caught] opening packets.
>Buys several cans of bug spray and more gas.
>Insects are all over the stores or bathroom and are starting to get into the racks of food especially any open bags.

Every night this gets worse; once they run out of bug spray, (night 4-5, as the quantity he buys increases) he'll ask where nearby he can get some more. Will come back anyway the next night but will politely ask if they have any and when they are getting some in.

If they tell him where he can get some, he'll leave and won't come back for a few nights, bug infestation stops getting worse. Then a few days later he returns, says the place they told him got closed down (fumigation if they go and check).

It repeats until they convince/bribe him to go away or force him out the shop. If forced, he complains to the manager about being rejected without cause.
>Hobo appears from basically nowhere
>parks himself at the close to the door, begs for money
>has plastic bag filled with garbage and stuff
>When pc talks to them, he will ask them if they want anything.
>Will gibe in return for sandwich.
>After rummaging inside the bag, can pull anything from the plastic bag that could reasonably fit inside a plastic bag, no matter how remote, personal or secretive as long as its not impossible.
> Also can give auspicious warnings or future tellings or secrets.

>Next time costs alot more, could be more stuff or deeds done.
>Won't budge till they do it.
>Requests start to turn malicious.

>If they try to force the bag from him, they open it to find that its empty.
>Hobo dances off screaming and whooping with laughter into the night.
A weird guy in a hooded cassock comes in, browses the snack aisles, doesn't leave. Then another one arrives, and another one. They greet each other familiarly, argue about what snacks to pick up. If asked, they say they're getting ready for their "little get together", if asked where they'll say "nearby". When there are ten or so of them, one says "Alright, looks like we're ready to start," and pulls a big, black, leather bound tome out of his cassock and starts reading aloud in archaic latin. The others all chant along. If interrupted, the leader will ask "Oh, sorry. Did you want to join in?" No one will explain anything. If they're allowed to stay as long as they like, there will be scorch marks on the floor when they're done that are hard to clean up. They'll come back the next night, enthusiastically talking about finally summoning that demon after all and start buying snacks and preparing for another ritual.
Has't been posted yet. Not the anon who made it, but it's great stuff to have the radio suddenly play.

These are precisely the kind of one-off Portents that will work with short-term Threats.

Actually. I just got an idea. Currently, when a shift starts the GM starts rolling+Weird to see which Threats are active that night and how many Portents. That might be too laborious.

It might be as simple as have a catch-all Move.

When you [start a shift or resolve a Portent] roll+Weird
10+, the GM activates a Threat Portent
7-9, the GM activates a Solo Portent
6 or less, the GM activates a Mundane Encounter

So on a 10+ you're dealing with the big stuff, 7-9 you're dealing with things like the Move you proposed. 6 or less and its just regular customers and shit.

Hey guys, not much of a contrib but i've made a 1d4chan page so there's a nice permalink
I'm almost thinking the roll+weird results should be

5 or less

Just for a little more weird possibility
That´s plenty contribution. I think what we need to move forward is a .pdf with everything in it and well decorated. It will give more of a launching off point.
Sounds cool, I'll try to get some more 7-9 encounters done.
Which are yours?

7-9 encounters should essentially be Portents without a Threat. They are their own cause, or are not contingent on a larger premise.
How will this be arranged, anyway? Will all the table be done like this or what?
In the break room is a tiny window set high enough into the back wall that you'd need to stand on a stepstool or a chair in order to look through it. On most nights, all you can see out this window is the desolate scrublands behind the station. Tonight, however, you see:

>A bloody historical battle from the distant past: Gettysburg, Marathon, Battle of the Bulge etc.

>Outer Space.

>A nuclear family from the 1950s sitting around a dining room table about to begin a family dinner at home. They seem at first glance to be the perfectly happy and bland, but the longer you watch them the more their evening turns into a soap opera.

>A small compartment containing a handgun with ammunition, a bottle of holy water, voodoo fetish etc. Written on the window in gold leaf are the words "In Case of Emergency Break Glass."

>A landscape of forests of mountains rolling along from right to left, as if you were looking out the window of a train.

>The same desolate scrublands behind the station that ought to be there, but experiencing anomalous weather conditions: rain, snow, meteor shower etc.

>The front of the Gas Station in real-time.

Maximum Weird Mode: Taking a walk behind the building will reveal that there is no break room window on the outside of the Gas Station.
>A nuclear family from the 1950s

Goddammit. Why am I picturing irradiated mutants?
Put it on the doc, this is good. Were you the guy that did the other ones in the last thread?
Hey everyone. Razzle-Dazzle character sheet guy here. I just played the game I planned yesterday, and it was great. The players haven't even gotten halfway through and are scared shitless.
I'm the one who did the Calendar and the Locker lists, if those are the one's you're thinking of, as well as a few other "multiple choice" posts as well. Weirdness related to the Station itself has been one of the most fun aspects of this setting for me.

Haven't gotten far enough along to plug it into the *World doc yet, but I will be including a lot of rules on how to create Threats on the fly. There will likely be rollable tables, and the current list will undoubtedly serve as insipiration.

I will also have a table for Mundane and Solo Portents for use on the 7-9/6 or less part.

That's really it in a nutshell. The GM really should be making Threats for themselves, as they are the only things that have continuity from shift to shift, and serve as close to a campaign or adventure arc as you're likely to get with Night Shift World. Solo Portents and Mundane challenges/duties can pretty much be dropped in anywhere, though
Please share the tale!
Are there any mundane (non-magical) encounters?
A friend of mine used to work the night shift at a gas station and the same crackhead came in like every night and tried to talk him into letting him have a lighter for free.
>yea dawg, imma just get this lighter from you
>Yo homie, hook a brother up with a lighter
>nah, this one looks broken, it ain't gonna sell anyhow
Every fucking night.
Another time I was there and a really drunk white guy told me his life story and tried for half an hour to sell me some weed.

I'd love details. What, if anything, did you change from Night Shift World as written?

Storytime, faggot.
File: 1394827109004.jpg-(128 KB, 1280x720, RazzleDazzle.jpg)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Rolled 16

Tell us the story, RazzleDazzle man

My father worked a shitty gas station in rural CT. He apparently got propositioned by a toothless trucker several times in one night. He ended up closing the station up early and biking home because the guy was loitering creepily in the parking lot.

He would also frequently get high and not serve customers because his friend brought his guitars in and they'd be jamming out.
You. I like you.
Aside from the threat of getting shot (which around here is so high the EZmart employees have those lifeline button necklace things), it sounds like a pretty awesome slacker job.
Tell us a story, time dazzle
Hell yeah it is. I'd hate for it to be forgotten, put it SOMEWHERE.
I'll put them on the "Additional Adventures" tab. I've also been keeping busy trying to add more permutations to preexisting events on the table. I think it's a good idea to give potential GMs as many options and as much inspiration as possible.
Mmmm. I think of all things that the items and such need more love
I worked 3rd shift in a gas station. Wasn't in the middle of nowhere though.
Lists have been posted, and I agree. Personally, I think that the NPC and Items tables have a lot of potential, but that the line between appropriate and ridiculous is a really blurry one in some cases.
There's a joke item list
Any stories?
I think I was the encounter sometimes, when a lone customer would come in, I would sometimes surprise them completely, because they hadn't seen me until I started talking. Which is odd, its a well lit store and I'm 6'5.
Sorry for the late reply, I was busy.

Anyway. Today's session was rather short, only a half hour long. Two out of four players were leaving somewhere, but still wanted to play, so they showed up for a brief period. But thankfully that was all I needed. Character creation was a breeze. The only difference was that since I used HP on my character sheet, I gave everyone a roll on a d20 for their HP, and they were allowed to re-roll if they got less than 10 (I'm too nice of a GM. I should really work on that...). The scenario I used was actually the one that Night Shift World guy made, except that I just winged it and added details from the Portents list as I pleased. The meat packaging has the "Now with REAL human taste!" on it, so the Assistant Manager, who had Skeptic as part of his background, rolled to try and explain it. It was a partial success, so he was able to convince himself that it was a typo, but not the other PCs. An hour later, a customer came in, asking for Hemosoda. One PC gave it to the customer, who thanked them and left. I said, though, "As the customer thanks you, you notice he has extremely sharp teeth." At this point, the Assistant Manager rolled once more for skepticism. He got a 10, just barely made it, even with the bonus. He explained that the customer must have just been a goth kid, roaming about on a moon lit night. "Perfect that you should mention the moon," I said. "Because there are two of them in the sky." The player just said, "Oh, well, fuck. Can't think of an explanation for that one. On a scale of 1-10, how fucked are we?" I told him that that would have to be decided in the next session. By the way, the players knew that the AC was malfunctioning, but couldn't make the connection between that and the weird happenings.

All in all, I'd say it was a great session.
That actually sounds pretty neat. Though, it seems like you're picking and choosing which parts of NSW you want to use. Which isn't necessarily bad, just pointing it out.
Like he said, you really kind of just took apart NSW's rules and fit them to your liking. Again, that's not really a bad thing though. Sounds like youguys had fun, so I'd say to keep it up.

To be fair, when we were first developing Nightlight, we just kinda picked & chose rules as the game went.
Yeah, and I think that's an important part of gaming. After all, this guy was basically just houseruling, and it worked out for him, so I'd say it was a good thing.
Holy fucking shit, I go to work for one damn day and you classy fuckers plow through 2 threads.

Can anyone inform me what progress and shit was made so far and in threads 3/4 while I read through them in detail? Are faggots still shitting up the doc or has that finally been fixed? Are people still trying to make it a comedy setting (and not even horror comedy at that)? etc etc.

I want to jump right back in the discussion but I feel a little lost right now. Be a bro, anons.
Good on you and good on anyone actually running Night Shift as a setting, whatever the setting!
File: 1394840801735.jpg-(117 KB, 700x466, style station.jpg)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Still trying to break through my Fiasco! playset virginity with this setting. It's difficult but dammit I am determined. I will provide a PDF when I get something hashed out.
I really like this idea so far. The general tone of it reminds me a lot of "And I Feel Fine", one of my favourite Unknown Armies adventures.
I'm the wrong Anon for summaries, but the Night Shift World Anon has been doing the Managers' work in crunching things out, and we've all been contributing ideas and criticisms to him. We've continued sharing real life Night Shift stories as well as brainstorming more events and happenings as well, with bursts of creativity between mid-day lulls.

You might like what you'll read.
draw fag here

id love for someone to make a CYOA template for me to fill in.
I think that what we need to have done while we continue working on the crunch is add to, standardize and neaten up the roll tables. All five threads have been archived on Sup/tg/ it looks like, so we could come through there for ideas that work but haven't found their way to the tables yet.
What sort of template are we talking about?
The fixtures and layout of the station begin changing position or even shape. The changes are small and harmless at first, no more than oddities, or little things, like a shelf tripping someone.
As the night gets deeper, the changes become malevolent and dangerous.
Try not to get grabbed and devoured a freezer with teeth made of broken beer bottles.
i just wanna draw stuff, so anything really, but im thinking like

a very basic image with blank spaces where the art goes with some basic descriptions of the choices

the npc co-workers available
some buff items to chose from
what work position you have
some cool scenarios

but like im at the mercy of whatever anyone wants to make
Razzle Dazzle guy here, again.

I was actually thinking of making a GM screen that would work by using a fold-out restaurant menu type thing, and putting artwork on one side and stats and table on the other, which would be subject to change depending on how much we modify the rules.

Could you maybe draw a standard image for us of a night time gas station, with The Night Shift written above?
i really wanted to make the CYOA, but if that doesn't come up, sure.

any specifications?
File: 1394843986478.jpg-(1.26 MB, 2000x1331, 6264595372_08c78824e7_o.jpg)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
Honestly, bro, you can do whatever you want. I can't come up with a CYOA template right off the bat, but if you or anyone else gets an idea, you can try that.

As for my initial request, try something like the pics we've been using--sort of like pic related.
on it.
>The power in the Station is on the blink, and the power surges and brownouts are beginning to mess with the cash register and other appliances.

>All of a sudden, it goes out completely with a loud CACHUNK.

>Investigating outside, you come to the startling realization that there are no power lines connected to the Station at all, and no electric meter on the outside of the building.

>Searching around for a flashlight, you discover a thick, heavily annotated instruction manual inside one of the lockers that leads you to a back storeroom and down a rusty spiral staircase.

>In the middle of the cramped basement you didn't know existed is what looks like a crusty, smelly, leaky old nuclear reactor, to which hastily penned restart instructions have been stuck with refrigerator magnets.
I would make this CYOA template you're asking for but I'm really not certain what it ought to look like. Do you have any examples you could share? Also, if you'd like, a representation of the Ghost of the Assistant Manager would be a boss addition to your CYOA.
>>30838620 Anon here.
Man, I wish I had some monies. I'd totally make a miniseries or something of this shit.

Also, I just finished reading through the archives and the recent docs. I'm completely ready for up-to-date discussion on this shit and will maybe possibly contribute some. Only thing I've done so far is expand that hivemind family thing and add the "Day Shift are assholes" clause to the doc (which was sorely needed). Might get to work on some writefaggotry later.

>captcha: ACPrime trustees - Who are ACPrime and why are they so interested in the station?
AC Prime is a corporation rumored to be buying up little mom and pop service stations, greasy spoons and tourist traps across rural America. However, they never seem to be too concerned about what happens to them after the acquisition. Each and every one is reported to have been neglected and run into the ground, and yet they continue to buy more old roadside pit stops.

Could they be looking for someplace... specific...?
See, this right here is prime meat for a goddamn TV show. Screw this, I'm gonna go watch some Courage. Back soon, friends.
surely you have seen a CYOA before, like from the constant CYOA threads? where the entire premise of the adventure is contained in a single image and then you take your pics and daydream the rest. anything like that will do. im not particular.

ill pencil in the ghost somewhere."when you see it you will shit bricks" style
I'll have to browse the forum and see. I get what you mean and can imagine the general look of the thing, but I'm not sure what details are desired. I'll go hunt around.
File: 1394848071900.pdf-(497 KB, PDF, The Night Shift.pdf)
497 KB
497 KB PDF
Okay, let's see how this goes. I'm sure that I there are bits where I missed the mark on the feel of the setting, as I seem particular to the comedic bits this setting offers. It is completely editable, so feel free to rehash it all you want!
by the way, colour or no colour? i might not finish it tonight as its now early morning here in sweden, and im out of coffee.

besides im not really at my sharpest
As you are the one with the talent, I'll leave the colour decision to you. If you would like to colour it, please feel free, but don't feel pressured to do it if you don't want to! I'm looking over some CYOA templates now and will try to start one up shortly.
Thanks so much for the great contribution JS! I think you've got something good here, and I did like the humor you included. It felt less silly and more genuine to how a minimum wager might try and cope with a job at our friendly service station.

Great work!
File: 1394850036685.gif-(Spoiler Image, 1019 KB, 500x281)
Spoiler Image, 1019 KB
1019 KB GIF
You're welcome.
>all the door handles turn into dildos
>Cylindrical objects into fleshlights
>why is there an inflatable sex doll on the lounge sofa
File: 1394850846288.jpg-(73 KB, 800x535, gas1.jpg)
73 KB
Thanks. The players can fill in the silly blanks themselves. Or make it darker than intended. Either way works for me.
At the risk of being trolled or insulted I present to you:

I'm Algerin, the one running it. I started this a few days ago because I really liked the idea of the setting and was eager to run it. I used a simple(but clunky) roleplaying light system that I'd used a few times before. Feel free to take a look and criticize my efforts.

Some things I'd like to see on the doc
>A Werewolf Encounter
A man comes in, asking to use the bathroom, desperate even. You give him and the key and he hurries back outside. A few hours pass, with you helping the customers and going about your chores. You'd completely forgotten that the man had gone in there. But as one of your customers is heading back to their car, something leaps out from around the building. Something bug, and furry. The customer is mauled, and the werewolf drags the bloody corpse back around the building.

What I'm doing for the main part of their first night. The Mothman is a creepy motherfucker.
They could, but the Management would have none of that.
Put it in additional adventures. Mothman is always fun.
File: 1394852545744.png-(416 KB, 623x527, 1383371393925.png)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
So you stole an idea born on this board, took it to some horrible forum giving no credit and are now trying to hock it here.
Except Management can't turn down some giant-ass government-run company, ESPECIALLY if that company is involved in a conspiracy.

Defeats the whole feel of the setting. Otherwise Management could just "NO" all of the supernatural/horror shit that happens. I, personaly, feel that Management works best when they're just normal management that just so happen not to give a fuck about your stories about those gremlins fucking with the fuel pumps again. It's not that they don't believe you or not, it's just they don't care in any way.
File: 1394852654153.jpg-(495 KB, 1440x810, Gas-360.jpg)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
Would anyone be interested in seeing some creepy gas station images for inspiration?
Believe it or not, 4chan doesn't have a very good reputation around the internet. Also, I didn't claim it was my own idea. Furthermore, it was a communal project on /tg/.
As for hocking it, I'm just offering it up for you guys to look at, since some people were interested in people running the game. I just happen to be running it.
As for it being a terrible forum,
Of course. I'm building up a folder of them.
No excuses man, you tried to shove bullshit down our throats here's the
>>>/d/ >>>/o/
I, personally, am having fun reading it. Do any of the other players know about the weirdness that will ensue? DO they know about shit like the Grey Man? I hope not because I want to see what posts crop up when shit starts going down.
AC Prime Inc. might not be the same sort of all-powerful corporate/government conspiracy you may be thinking of. They could even be a moderate encounter, not even a real threat to be dealt with. The Management / the Owner don't have to sell to them if they're trying to conduct business legitimately.

That being said, I do find the idea of a large corporation searching for our Gas Station to make for a great end-of-campaign BBEG.
You don't think we don't know that?

Not giving credit still makes you an insufferable faggot.
I explained to them in the recruitment thread that weird things would happen. I didn't specify just what type of weirdness, just the general pitch of
>You got a job as a gas station attendant working the night shift. Weird stuff will probably happen.
I don't think any of them browse /tg/ or else one of them probably would of said something about it by now. The Grey man has made an appearance, and one of them is stuck in the mirror world right now. They're still on their first night though.
>My DM didn't give credit to Gary Gygax when we played D&D, what a fucking asshole!
You know the difference in those situations, don't pretend otherwise
File: 1394853702329.png-(37 KB, 171x182, 1387449974488.png)
37 KB
I really don't feel the need to defend myself. If my players ask if I came up with the idea myself, I'll tell them no and send them to the archives. It seems to me like you want personal credit or some shit. But let's face it, even if I had credited you, you'd still bitch about the forums I'm using.

Anyways, I'm enjoying it and my players are enjoying it. And when I run it for my real group tomorrow, I'm sure they'll enjoy it too.
File: 1394854021565.png-(1.36 MB, 1600x905, BB3.png)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Apparently, this picture comes from the Tales from the Crypt movie called "Body Bags." The name of the story was Gas Station.
I literally just ordered that dvd the other day.

File: 1394854146239.jpg-(556 KB, 1800x1154, 130_1desert_center_gas_st(...).jpg)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
File: 1394854260803.jpg-(847 KB, 1200x784, IMG_3477_HDR_post.jpg)
847 KB
847 KB JPG
I can't find any good shots of the station itself, but what we can see through the window looks almost perfect, doesn't it.
when this gets settled with a system we should get a group together to test it out. Would love to break it in, try to find issues that need tweaking and such.
>Day Shift
Make sure you give credit
I meant a /tg/ game dickweed.
File: 1394854949121.jpg-(150 KB, 1200x800, Deadlight-Gas-Station.jpg)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
The nights been boring. Nothing even particularly weird has happened. No UFOs. No Monsters in the Stock room. No Mirror mishaps. You're beginning to think that tonight may be the first night where nothing-
You look outside. 6 corpses are hanging from the gas overhang.

Yeah, I don't think Management can or would "NO" all the supernatural stuff. At least not much, Management can probably protect its most valuable employees from the worst of it, (hence the waking up) sometimes, but that's about all, and that's not cheap for the Management.

GM secret stuff follows:See, in my mind, the Management is actually a sorceror and his assistant, who want the station's location as a locus of (dangerous and unstable) power which he can exploit. From a safe distance, you understand -- magic being horribly unreliable and dangerous, with weird effects.

ACPrime, inc. is a front for a cabal of rivals, out to seize this locus, and to do so, they'll attempt to shut the station down, forcing the station into financial insolubility so the Management, his power stretched to the limit, is forced to declare bankruptcy.
The players have no idea of all this stuff, but it may get them all killed in the end.
File: 1394855510197.jpg-(369 KB, 2000x1204, desert-oasis-gas-station.jpg)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
This one looks ripe for use in a PDF, with or without a bit of editing.
File: 1394855871049.jpg-(136 KB, 1437x555, petrol_station_by_cesarsa(...).jpg)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Have another.
"Well... Someones got to go cut him down." Diane said.
"Not it!" Rachel says.
"Not it!" Jeff says.
"Not it!" Diane says.
"Not it!" Aaron says, running from the bathroom. "Oh god damnit. This always happens. Fuck you guys."
File: 1394856544600.jpg-(3.08 MB, 4636x4637, gas_station_by_foreverfor(...).jpg)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB JPG
File: 1394856639740.jpg-(649 KB, 1280x1024, Lonely_Gas_Station_WIP2_b(...).jpg)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
File: 1394856772403.jpg-(56 KB, 480x597, Event.jpg)
56 KB
This picture has "portent" all over it.
File: 1394857469037.jpg-(240 KB, 1600x815, beyond___two_souls__quant(...).jpg)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
File: 1394857656232.jpg-(291 KB, 1151x814, 6705acea1071856b0017154d8(...).jpg)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
File: 1394859139005.jpg-(476 KB, 1200x960, old_gas_station___stormy_(...).jpg)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
File: 1394859793924.jpg-(707 KB, 1200x960, old_gas_station___foggy_d(...).jpg)
707 KB
707 KB JPG
File: 1394860150270.jpg-(32 KB, 480x360, nigel-thornberry-shit--la(...).jpg)
32 KB

The night has been a hot and muggy one to be sure. The AC is on the fritz, the few mechanical fans you have running on the check-out counter have been doing little to quell the heat, and all of the employees are sweating profusely.

You hear a buzzing noise to your left, and feel a mosquito bite you. You swat at it angrily before it flies away. Several minutes later as you're mopping the aisles, it happens again. Less than a minute later, again. The mosquitoes seem to be in the gas station en-masse. So you and the others flee to the break room.

Slamming the door behind you, you regret your choice. The break room has been turned into a jungle. Plants fill every available space and the room seems to have grown substantially larger than ever before, easily a good mile wide. On the walls you find a poster advertising the 'Big Hunt!'... And below the prize money it lists a picture of you and the other employees.

"Oi! I think I found 'em!"

Gentlemen, may I introduce:

Nigel, the Safari Hunter.
File: 1394860972034.jpg-(78 KB, 455x500, Fetch my shoggoth gun.jpg)
78 KB

Most dangerous game/10

Nigel's too much of a stand-up guy to hunt the PCs, though. Why not have it be instead that they're his gun and supplies carrying manservants while he hunts a gribbly that followed them into the breakroom?
I like this even more. I'm this anon>>30844634

I do not think I've ever come across large patches of dried, almost desert like regions on the I-16.
File: 1394885884931.png-(322 KB, 1646x1028, oregoil_by_maracanda-d6p5uzf.png)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
According to DA, this was an illustration for a Monster Hearts game.
File: 1394886316613.jpg-(338 KB, 900x1391, arkham_county_late_1920_s(...).jpg)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
Found amidst the collection of old road maps.
File: 1394886910882.jpg-(220 KB, 1200x480, old_gas_station___foggy_n(...).jpg)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
File: 1394886994124.jpg-(194 KB, 1024x576, zombie_pang__gas_station_(...).jpg)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
File: 1394887335492.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 457 KB, 812x824)
Spoiler Image, 457 KB
457 KB JPG
Rolled 5

Nah you want pic guy for your game hunter.

It might just be me, the girl in the newspaper is very similar to one of the people in the gas station.

That would be a simple event thing;
>papers say that girl now dead
>Girl appears at gas station

or Twist;
Relooking at the paper, its the next day's edition.
>Employees idly browsing through a newspaper during slow business hours.
>Discover news articles or obituaries claiming the death of one of them.
>The station begins receiving bereavement calls, gifts of funeral wreathes, visits from well wishers.
>The Gray Man offers his condolences.
>Normally hostile entities likewise arrive just to express their deepest sympathy and reminisce about "the good times" before leaving without a fuss.
>Most peaceful shift in weeks.
>Coworkers tell the "dead" employee to just hide in the break room, watch TV or something and roll with it for one night.
Rolled 83

Reminiscences of the good times are seriously rose tinted accounts of actual events or blatant fabrications
Exactly, but it's the thought that counts, after all.
Is this coming up as a blank fiasco playset for anyone else?
It worked for me last night but is blank on my iPhone this morning.
Is that a fictional Oregon? I like the "Canada State" sign.
Wow. I totally missed that. Spooky.
File: 1394893525486.jpg-(411 KB, 1920x944, KentuckyRouteZero.jpg)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
Oh and here is some KRZ art that fits I think. Maybe good for a ghost-heavy story.
new nightvale is up for anyone who needs inspiration

>commander boreale enters the Store...
>"No we don't have Deep Strikeos, they stopped sending us those. We've got Metallico boxed cereal if that's alright with you."
Rolled 21

Yes, this is the Metallico support line, hotline for the most metal cereal ever, our servitors will be with your shortly but first we would we would like to assure our customers that despite recent accusations, our cereal does not contain any human blood. Thank you.

And now the shitposting has begun.
Rolled 55

Nah, its just a reference to the first episode of 'Don't hug me, I'm scared." with the original clock referencing the first.
Rolled 11

*referencing the second
I don't think he was referring solely to your post. And even still, your post is still a shit post.
Oh, boo hoo.
Back to business. Has anything new been agreed upon or are we all still waiting for some sort of /tg/ Godot here?
I think we've hit a bit of a lull, which happens from time to time has far as I can tell, we're waiting on Night Shift World Anon to check back in with his progress, and we're looking for any and all original content other Anons wish to contribute.
Everyone is probably at work or something, which does kind of suck for us Anons across the pond, such as I. Just wait a while and we'll be booming again in no time.
I hope so. This really is an interesting project. I'd hate to see it die like Nightlight did. What ever happened to that, anyway?

Yeah, I'm off to work, but I've got a day off tomorrow, and hope to contribute some stuff. I haven't really done much since threads one and two, when I was home all day last week.
Been here since the first thread contributing. I have a couple more ideas but need a bit of time to recharge the old imagination.
im still working on the gas station pic

its great practise, drawing things in the dark
File: 1394913084415.jpg-(200 KB, 969x707, station.jpg)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
I am woefully without new content, but still, I must bump an awesome thread.
Night Shift World better come fast, I think the ship is sinking.
Rolled 80

Well, what do you guys think it needs added to it; looks like most of the framework is in place and there is rich tapestry of events and lore things circling it so what do you want more of and I will do my best to think up some>
More oddities are always welcome, but without an update from Night Shift World, I feel like what people are really jonesing for are real play stories. In lieu of those, I know that I would appreciate any writing, drawings and pictures that could be used as concept starters and inspiration.
Every second sunday of the month, music can be heard from the restroom for a few hours. If one were to hunt for the source of it by entering the bathroom, they would find that the door slammed shut behind them, there are no stalls, no sinks, and there's an active dance floor and a staffed & stocked bar. Plus, the room seems at least seven times larger than before.
The bartender, "Tony Two-shot", claims to be able to make his drinks so strong they can knock a man down in only two shots, and that he does not lie. He doesn't.
Forgot to add:

If a person were to drink the Two Shots, the next thing they see when waking up is the inside of a toilet from the restroom, the club gone and the music silenced. Not drinking them ends the same after a drunken patron eventually starts a fight or some other event that could potentially cause someone to go unconcious.

I'm thinking Texas. You can go for hours on a highway with no cities or towns, there are gas stations and truck stops in the middle of nowhere.

You a one are adorable. I can't promise much work this weekend - it is my birthday weekend and I'll be doing more drinking than anything else - but I should have something up later this weekend. I'm going to try and complete the Background for playtrsting, solidify starting Management etc. and release for playtesting. Maybe.

Possibly drunk shitposting from yours truly.
Let me try and add a few strange, but mundane happenings that can be used to jumpstart something weirder:

>Entering the Station to start your shift, you discover that a fishbowl has been left on the checkout counter. The bowl is a bit bigger than your head, has some sparkly gravel at the bottom with a few plants sticking out, and a perfectly ordinary goldfish swimming around inside.

>An older-model car has just been towed into the Station. Although the garage is closed, the owner is demanding that someone take a look at the engine right this instant.

>The electricity is on the fritz, blinking on and of about half an hour before going out entirely. Going to the electric panel in the back room, you can see that several fuses have blown out. Where are their replacements?

>Gas delivery: assist the tanker truck driver with filling the underground storage tanks.

>Stock delivery: assist the delivery driver in unloading and inventorying all the new merchandise.
Even if this thread falls off the board, we can always start another later on.

Night Shift: Overtime.

Night Shift: Hazard Pay
Bump, since I have nothing to contribute.
Why not some meteorological oddities?
It rains thunderstorm when just a second ago it's bright and sunny.
It rains upwards.
It rains fish.
It rains frogs.
It rains blood.
It rains piss. You suddenly feel Australian.
It rains cats and dogs, of indeterminate breeds.
It rains bullets.
It rains, and suddenly all of you can speak only Spanish during the rain.
It rains only on top of a player's head, making a wet floor hazard everywhere.
It rains dirt.
It rains micrometeorites.
It rains hailstones.
It rains nazi heilstones.
It rains great balls of fire.
It rains ash, even though there's no volcanoes in the vicinity.
It rains manna.
It rains a thick white liquid. How lewd.
It rains men. Actually dead bodies. Gore splatters everywhere.
It rains glass shards.
It rains in a clockwise direction.
It rains apathy.
It rains knowledge.
It rains words.
It rains lightning.
It rains candy. The kind Grey Man likes.
It rains, and rains, and rains, and rains...
It rains trains. Miniature ones.
It rains clothing.
It rains nothing. Absolute nothing.
It rains stars.
Good additions!
File: 1394940263917.jpg-(33 KB, 300x503, phone pics 125.jpg)
33 KB
>It rains supreme

Much of the Southwestern US is like that. I like to think that the "nearby" town of Nowhere is in some indeterminate part of that region.
Imagine if it rained xylophones.

All's quiet and the winds are calm, but then there's a hushed clattering in the distance growing louder and closer each passing minute. Then it hits. Thousands upon thousands of little wooden bars at varying lengths come thundering from the heavens above and crash against the pavement and roof of the station in a cacophony of deafening wood. Then the mallets begin to fall.
>Every night, 1:00-1:01 am, the radio tunes itself to a station where a child announces random numbers.
>One night it starts counting down.
Still coming up fine for me. Also, you can use its editable format to make your own playset!
>It rains men. Actually dead bodies. Gore splatters everywhere.

It's a hot night out. The AC is doing its damnest, but everyone's sweating anyway. There's already been a couple games of rock-paper-scissors over who gets to slack off in the freezer.

The bell jingles, and a mummy walks in.

this person is wearing a hoodie, a pair of huge sunglasses, a bandana across their lower face and a baseball cap on their head. On their hands, kid gloves. The hood is up.

They grab a pack of beef jerky and an energy drink and head for the counter; on the way there they trip on the magazine rack and the glasses come off, revealing... nothing behind them
So I tried having a game of this tonight TG.

I've never played any D20 games, and I really had little idea of what to dooutside of a setting, so we pretty much winged it as we went along. For starters, the guy who's usually very into RPGs was the silly bitch, and the guy whos a silly bitch was the serious type who fooled others into getting his work done.

We played it with lego pieces on a map drawn onto a piece of printer paper, running everything off of a timescale. I had the grey man appear and a hobo who revealed that the power was going to go out, and when it did everyone had to stop.
The pieces are completely random because of what I could find in my old lego bins. New idea- make next Gas station out of legos.

General Manager Bane, talking to the new hire "Rusty" and rolling a 1 when checking to see if the floors had been swept. Them floors are clean.
"I'm Shaq, motherfucker. I should be able to sneak!"
"You're 7'2'."
"All the soda is shaq soda. All the movies and CDs on the rack are copies of Steel and Shaq Diesel. Manager Bane, we need to order more copies of Shaq Fu. For the Sega genesis, of course."
"I sell Shaq a fake mustache- I am the only one that knows his secret."
Hey /tg/ associate here posting from work.

Never take a job on the Night Shift. I've been doing this three years, and I've seen things that will make you kill yourself. If your lucky enough to get that chance.

I would like to point out that many stations have a policy where any fuel/blood/oil/fluid spills HAVE to be coned off, absorbed chemically, called in to corporate or some combination of the above.

I have been robbed twice it is not fun.

> every day at the start of your shift an old man who seems to be dying of something walks in and waits for three scratch off lotto tickets while humming old Sinatra tunes and nervously tapping a small black address book against his thigh.
> every day he ooens the small black book on the counter and hunts through it.
> courtesly asks for any three scratch offs numbered 9, 8, and 7. No matter what they cost.
> pays with exact change in quarters.
> scratches them right there.
> always wins his exact money back.
> three more days kiddo.
> two more days kiddo.
> last day kiddo... been nice knowing you.
> never see him again.

I once had a man spend seven hours of my shift playing lotto.

Ive also had a woman use my pass drawer to set her baby in. Then she used it to change her kid. Then she threw the refuse in our trash can.

Ive been robbed twice. Left in a pool of my own blood once.

Never take the Night shift.
Man, I work security for a property that includes a gas station. Night shift and on call for the hotels nearby as well. There are some weird and fucked up people at 3 am. Had to kick a homeless person out who had snuck into the conference room/event hall of one of the hotels and set up camp. I had a giant maglite, but man I was scared of getting a rusty screwdriver in the gut. One of the hotels is abandoned,right behind the gas station. I have to check it out repeatedly throughout the night. It's boarded up but at least once a week one of the boards are ripped off and I occasionally see a figure in the upper floors moving around. When that happens I have to go over there, shine the light in and yell that they have to leave and I'm calling the cops. Then I fucking book it back to the truck. The cops stopped going in there because the whole floor is sunk in like 3 feet and filled with rats, trash, needles, etc. Fuck that place, and fuck the night shift.

The upside? Seeing all the strippers coming in at 3:30 to 4.
I'm sorry to hear that the job was such shit, but glad you've brought your stories to this thread.
>Human sized dragon walks in
>demands virgins and gold
>give him a copy of "virgins gone wild monthly" and a pack of camel Turkish gold cigarettes.
"Dude, just give him the porno mag and the smokes, my eyebrows still haven't grown back from when you pissed him off last time"
Rolled 10

A guy will come in to buy gas and snacks, he leaves his mobile on the counter as he quickly nips out to his vehicle to grab his wallet as he forgot to pick it up before coming in.

A few moments lady, a beautiful young lady will come in and apologise for the hold up before starting to pay for the stuff, she'll insist that its her stuff and demand her phone back.

If playing more open horror;
She will get frustrated, remark on wearing her wrong face and tear it off revealing the previous guy's face underneath.
In addition to the convenience store, the Gas Station you work at has a small, two bay automotive repair garage as well. Normally, all the mechanics are long gone by the time the Night Shift begins. Normally, your duties in the garage consist of sweeping up and making sure all the doors are locked. Normally, Management doesn't want you messing around in the garage too much.

"Normally" doesn't happen often at the Gas Station:

1. Although the garage is a separate building a short distance away from the Gas Station itself, a door in the convenience store between the checkout counter and the break room still opens into it.

2. Although the garage looks to be a seamless part of the Gas Station from the outside, inside the two are joined by means of a spacial anomaly: the hallway connecting them is longer than it should be, it is "upstairs" or "downstairs" when it shouldn't be, etc.

3. There are more bays or fewer bays on the inside than there are on the outside, and the doors are not necessarily on the wall they ought to be.

4. The interior of the garage is FAR larger than should be able to fit in the building, or in most buildings, and looks to be a warehouse full of expensive classic cars.

5. Normally the Station's four or five mechanics have left before the Night Shift starts, but tonight there is a team of dozens, all working feverishly on a "special job" for an "important customer." They will be requiring you to keep them well stocked in coffee and snacks all night.

6. The vehicles left in the garage overnight are not always cars, and can include airplanes, steam locomotives, tanks, spacecraft, etc.

7. The models on the garage pinup calendars are not necessarily, or not entirely human.

8. At the back of the repair garage are a large number of metal drums, both sealed and left open. These can contain a rainbow of different colored paints, nuclear waste, Incan mummies, black sand, etc.

9. The interior of the garage is FAR taller than ought to be.
Not was, is. Still looking for better work.

Blood Money
> middle of the night
> black sedan pulls in to a pump station
> well dressed man in his mid twenties gets out and puts the fuel nozzle in his car.
> looks around the pump, confused.
> visibly relieved when he sees something on the side of the pump away from you.
> pulls out a clear glass container attached to a five inch syringe and a translucent retractable tube leading into the pump.
> fiddles around a few seconds before nonchalantly stabbing the syringe into his abdomen.
> begins feuling as dark red(?) Liquid streams into the pump.
> waves. Then gives you a hand signal like the bastard child of a thumbs up and birdy in flight.
> finishes pumping gas. Puts up noZzle and detaches syringe which retracts.
> you notice a $20 unpumped gas fee on your terminal...
> do you take the money, and risk getting fired? Or leave it and risk attracting beasts? Or move your own car over and fuel up?
Rolled 71

A pair of extremely tall and thin germanic looking men come into shop. They chat excitedly to each other about many things and look curiously at many items, turning them over in their hands as though the item is completely foreign to them. They rarely move more than a foot apart from each other.

They will be confused by many simple things and may ask for demonstrations or explanations of simple things but will be extremely polite and quick to apologise, even for things that don't seem to be offensive.
"Please show us how to use your microwave field generator system" [Microwave oven]

"Tell about composition of these cylindrical meat rods and what they are used for" [Hotdogs]

"What is the purpose of these garish anatomy leaflets" [XXX magazines]

When they leave they pay for their things with a small metal bar.
I really like this. It's strange, but not life-threatening.
A shelved alcove in the corner behind the checkout counter a pair of old, mismatched black and white televisions sets display live feeds from the Gas Station's security cameras. The other shelves in the alcove hold a number of junky VCRs that actually record the security footage, random knick-knacks or merchandise, and a large library of vhs tapes.

1. One of the camera feeds always shows an elderly Hispanic man that isn't there. He only ever browses the line of freezers against the back wall, but he's always there, and only that one camera can see him.

2.Occasionally, one or more of the security feeds on the grid of camera views will be replaced by old television programming.

3. When attendants are recuperating in the break room or are outside the Station dealing with the night's weirdness, a pale, gangly girl wearing an outdated Assistant Manager's uniform can be seen on the security footage mopping up, restocking the shelves or helping customers.

4. The video library shelved haphazardly around the CCTVs is vast in scale and strange in scope, and includes decades' worth of tape backups for the security cameras, Disney's "unrated" films, the PCs' own home movies, etc.

5. An old avionics joystick has been attached to the mess of CCTV cables running up into the ceiling, and one of the security feeds now appears to be coming from a flying drone that you can control.

6. A customer comes into the convenience store, and whichever security feeds he can be seen on now display in full color.

7. The "live" security feeds are out of synch with the Station's present, and instead display past or future footage.

8. Some of the feeds show rooms inside the Station that you have yet to find.

9. You suddenly realize that you have never once actually seen a security camera inside or outside the Gas Station.
Now, these are all fantastic, but how many of them are on the doc? Especially the rain ones, those are good.
Although all five threads have been archived, I think that these and a lot of other good events and quirks haven't been transcribed onto the Doc yet.
>Disney's "unrated" films
Working on that.

Hey guys, Razzle Dazzle guy here again. I'm planning on running a game soon. If you want to join, check out the gamefinder thread.
I almost feel like we could add uniform shoe or "pieces of flair" that have useful effects in certain circumstances.
>While at least one player is out fending the pumps, gravity suddenly reverses for the entire station, causing everything not firmly fixed in place falling "up."

Unfortunately, this leaves that one pump attendant stranded out on the underside of the fill-up areas roof, separated from his coworkers and the rest of the station by an effectively bottomless chasm.
This would make for a good stand alone "internal" conflict, or a good means to make an existing crisis that much worse.

More like "Song of the South." But yeah, that would be funny, too.
We now have a 1d4chan article too that could do with a bit of sprucing up. The article lists all the archived threads and the two Docs, but I'm not sure what else ought to be added in terms of fluff and crunch.
I'm bkradng a flight momentarily, but really hope to see this thread still alive or a new one started when I get home.

Oh man, good luck cleaning those shelves after that.

Two things. Sometimes, late at night, usually around the witching hour, you notice something out the window. Out of the corner of your eye, it looks like there's a second road out there. Like the station was built at some kind of crossroads, and that explains why the station is turned a bit off from the road - it's facing two roads.
But anytime you look straight on, the other road disappears.
You may not know this, but a lot of the weird stuff comes from that road.

Late one night, a family comes into the station to fill up their tank and stretch their legs. They buy a couple of things, but when they go out, their car won't start. Inspection by any mechanically skilled players shows the car to be in working condition. Phone reception is out, and the family will be stuck there until the mechanics show up in the morning, or until the players figure out the real reason the car won't start.
The child stole something from the store, and the station won't let them leave until it's returned.
I think people are losing interest in the game.
File: 1395001678032.jpg-(10 KB, 217x120, image.jpg)
10 KB
"Could you please tell us where we may find the continuum transfuctioner?"
We're really just waiting on Night Shift World anon. Everyone has reached the point where they want to do some hard playtesting now
Rolled 81

Heh, its been a good ten or twelve years since saw that film.
Station List Anon here. I think that >>30874715 is right onthat many people are waiting for Night Shift World Anon for a finalized rule set so that we can make a polished Night Shift Employee Manual. Also, I think that a lot of people have really put their all into fluffing this setting, and may be a bit fatigued with general brainstorming. They want to start seeing all that hard work played out in real games.

That being said, as soon as I get home I plan on contributing a few more lists of Gas Station quirks, provided the thread's still here.
In the mean time, the best we can do is keep the thread alive, and maybe start a new one if this one dies.
Don't worry, I plan to. I will vigilantly watch over this gas station alone while you are all away.

...I'm not sure what terrors I'll have to face, but I do need the money.
As shall I!

Together, we will make sure that Management stay happy. We will make sure to perform our duties. We will make sure that this gas station--our Gas Station--shall stand!
Finally back from the airport. I'd thought I might try and post a few more lists of Gas Station quirks if there was some interest. Other than that, do you folks think that we need a new thread incase things pick up again, or should we wait for Night Shift World Anon or one of our Write or Drawfriends to start one once they have content to share?
I worked a few night shifts at a tiny gas station. So tiny that night shift was a single-person task, evening shift and morning shift were responsible for all the stocking and the single delivery truck always came right at the start of the night.

So, about 8 hours, alone.
*Customer paid for gas and smokes with stacks and stacks of silver ingots, the 'one dollar' marked coins that are pure silver. He was certain that they were worth a dollar, because that was what they were labeled.

*Cops from three different towns that were somewhat adjacent would stop by to take coffee and fountain beverages for free. This was the only place open in the wee hours in this corner of all three cities.

*once, without being seen on camera or staff (and thankfully not on my shift) someone stole all the nozzles on opposite sides of all pumps, the side away from the store. Apparently they just yanked them off at the quick-disconnect. Nothing else stolen, police could not find anything.
here's something we haven't really covered ITT yet:

how do we deal with it?
That's a really good question, along with combat in general.
The station is sentient and won't let the robber get away, at least without pulling itself up and tearing through half the desert after him to stomp him into the dirt; all the while being assaulted by various monsters who are being disturbed by the station. The station itself is actually quite friendly to the night shift as they actually take care of it.
i applaud your creativity but i don't like the idea of a mech gas station. its just not spooky.
It's not mech. It's actually ALIVE.

It's the reason why the TV turns on to a report about an escaped crazy cultist minutes before he walks in through the door.

Or why an advertisement plays for a garlic company over and over when vampires are going to attack.

It's the thing that provides the clues to the Night Shift to fix the crisis that's happening.
I think we need a new thread. In the morning though
I like that idea. I don't feel it should be tear assing after robbers, though.
Agreed. Gives everyone a night to recuperate.
File: 1395019040127.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 41 KB, 188x200)
Spoiler Image, 41 KB

I like this, even though it doesn't really fit. That all the gribblies decide the attendants get enough crap from them, and wreck the robber's shit.

kind of a
>Nobody fucks with these guys but us

Other than that, I would imagine it would go like a standard robbery. The clerks would get a baseball bat or the shotgun under the counter.

>Attendant's faces when the robbers knock over the Grey Man on their way in/out
>1.robed by masked thug
>2.robed by the ghost of Bonnie and Clyde
>3.robber comes in, realizes he has forgotten his gun, asks you to give him some slack.
>4.robber comes in, steals your heart
>5.robber comes in, steals your heart, literally
>6.robber backs in, gives you money, backs out.
>7.robber comes in, delivers long monologue, effectively stealing your time.
>8.robber comes in, steals nothing, refuses to leave
>9.robber comes in, steals candy. (the kind the grey man likes)
>0.robber comes in, browses for a while, sighs, and leaves.

It would work better if it was more like the second part/spoiler of >>30872846 -- you robbed the place, now you can't get away. Ever.
By morning, the robbers will be killed, and the employees will have to clean as much blood off the money as they can and stuff it in the till.
Day shift will complain, of course.
File: 1395020395699.gif-(2.56 MB, 320x240, 1390272075207.gif)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB GIF
The Attendants are aghast. They can barely function through sheer nervous terror as the Gray Man worriedly asks if they are alright.

As soon as the robbers get into their car to tear out of the parking lot, the entire thing instantly crushes itself with a sickening squeal of metal and crunch of bones into a ball that then rolls away into the night.

Very hurriedly, the Attendants assure the Man in Gray that they're fine, and make sure to give him the very best service they possibly can, insisting that his purchases are on the house tonight to help ease any emotional distress he may be suffering.

The thread is falling fast.
You gents have a great Night Shift.
I hope to see you all again come morning.
Why not have regular mundane robbers be a problem. They certainly are a problem for regular non-capitalized night shifters.
Man comes in to buy a can of coke.
When the register opens he grabs a fistful of cash then runs.

Man walks in, heads to the beer section, grabs three 30 packs. Walks out.
If your me one of the packs busts open as hes leaving and you have a chuckle.

Two guys walk in while your giving change to thier accomplice, jump the counter, punch you in the face, grab whatevers handy and beat you with it.
One grabs the cash in your register. The other grabs as many cigarettes as he can. Then they leave.

A man waits in line for somone to finish with thier money order. He pulls a gun and tells you to give him the 900 plus whats in your drawer.

Oh yeah. And many gas stations (certainly every corporate one) will fire you on the spot for possesing a weapon on site. Have fun.

That's good too. It depends on how frisky the station is getting when the robbers show up. Night Shift World has a "Weird" mechanic to track this. High weird, the robbers picked the wrong time to come in. Low weird, they're just a mundane sort of dangerous problem for you.
Sounds good to me. Not every single event needs to be overtly supernatural.
Plus theres the question of WHAT exactly is going to respond if you press an alarm.
File: 1395025012813.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 55 KB, 385x626)
Spoiler Image, 55 KB
3 masked robbers break in, pushing a palette cart, Their leader, the only man not wearing a mask, points a glock in your face and laughs maniacally as his minions load up 40 cases of hostess snack cakes. As they pull out, a rush of wind like a hurricane whips up and the robbers vanish in a blue flash. Leaving only the palette and cakes.

Moments later, a tall but meek-looking guy in glasses and a flannel shirt walks in, winks at you, then walks over to the diner bar, and orders a chocolate shake.
This might be a little too late to make it, but work is dull once the radioactive beetle rush ends.

So have we given any thought to MANAGING a night shift store?
Because there is no way anyone with brain could completely fail to notice odd things happen at night.

I propose that your manager is a former night shifter. And his new goal in life since making it big is to make sure that -NOBODY- learns his store is a supernatural hotspot.

So the day shifters are hired to be drone like normal folk and subtly encouraged to dislike the night shifters.
Hiring criteria for night shifters would be... unusual.
> one the scale provided please rate how comfortable you are with the later paleozoic era.

Of course the manager has to balance keeping the night shift staffed versus explaining away or covrring up both supernatural events and product/cash shortages.

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