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>Playing under the guidance of the General Manager, or GM, you take the role of an Attendant at a dingy old gas station and convenience store on a lonely stretch of deserted highway, just this side of Nowhere.

>Cryptic warnings and some suspect station damage aside, you're pretty sure that those assholes working the Day Shift only have to deal with your typical day-to-day interactions with your standard run -of-the-mill customers, But not you. No, you're not that lucky.

>As night falls and your shift begins, weird things start to happen. Little things at first, like the mirror in the women's bathroom starts malfunctioning, or the television tunes itself, or your last customer pays for his purchase in a currency you've never seen, by the end of the night, things have gone from bad to worse, and you may find yourself having to fight off a horde of shambling dead, service an alien spacecraft, or defeat an invisible beast intent on ending your life.

>However, even with all this happening around you, you still have a job to do and a list of tasks you're expected to complete before the sun rises and the night shift ends, setting up the win conditions for each night's session.

Google Docs:

I haven't read the Google Docs yet, but I remember in the first thread someone came up with this scenario.

>some guy walks into the store (you didn't even hear a car)
>wearing all black
>face is pale, with black eyes
>as he walks to the counter, he opens his mouth and the foul stench of death comes out
>PC blacks out
>when he comes to, the guy is gone and there is money on the counter
>it wasn't anything paranormal, just a goth kid with terrible breath

Thread 2 archived yet?
Working on it. suptg is going super slow for some reason
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>yfw a day shifter walks into the store with your ex girlfriend.
A drunken hobo staggers in, buys a pack of trail mix with change and begs you to "tell no one but Tom Tildrum that Tim Toldrum is dead" before he rushes out.
If you do, you all get bonus pay for that shift.
If you don't, nothing happens.
If you tell the wrong person, +2 Weird.

> Your girlfriend comes into the store with a baby, claims it's yours
> You have to take care of the baby
> Do not shake the baby
Do gas stations require health inspections? A creepy supernatural health inspector could be a neat idea.
Some anon was inspired to make this in the last thread:
File: 1394496123995.gif-(Spoiler Image, 662 KB, 500x280)
Spoiler Image, 662 KB
662 KB GIF
What was that?
File: 1394496311248.png-(398 KB, 500x643, 1123.png)
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Can we get the *World rules in a doc or something?
>young thirsty drake
>The next time anyone checks, there's a male duckling drinking from a small puddle of spilt fuel.
>Walking into the Station at the start of your shift, you and your coworkers are honestly not that surprised to discover that the back wall of the convenience store now feature a pair of old elevator doors, complete with the old fashioned floor indicator "clock" at the top. As you approach, the doors open with a cheerful "DING!"

Should you choose to take a ride, this elevator takes you to:
- The cavern fallout shelter
- A swanky penthouse apartment
- A filthy, hot maintenance tunnel filled with hissing, dripping pipes
- Outer Space
- A storage room with a single flickering lamp hanging from the ceiling and a ming's arsenal heaped up on the fall.
>PC leaves post to take a bathroom break, comes back
>some other person has taken their position, and is doing shit rather better than the PC was in the first place, their work is flawless
>upon questioned, they tell you they're filling in for an old [PC's occupation] that just didn't come back after a Night Shift some weeks ago
>person is dodgy at best, and as PC tries to dig out more from them, they start discovering that it may be nothing paranormal, but the new guy/gal has no other purpose than to replace the PC

>only they were let out too soon, or maybe not

Is this an omen? Was PC supposed to be dead? Nothing else has changed but the new guy, but would the PC like to know what's that all about?
Grim Grinning Ghosts Come In To Buy Supplies
>Over the radio, you hear that large meteor has landed in the area. Everything seems normal up until a few hours later, when giant mutant ants besiege the station.
AHHH! Yes! It even has a little heart!
There should really be another 1d100 event chart that isn't joke ones.
inspired by recent events

>a group of about 20 or so ragged-looking asians making gestures for water and telefon, you can't understand their language but a few of them appear to be dressed in airline garb
Can we come up with 1000 events? the gm can just roll 1d10 and 1d100, 10 for table 100 for corresponding event on that table
Can we physically come up with 1000 events?

That's a goddamn lot of events.

At what point would they start getting stale?
Hmmm. I think two hundred first.
We haven't even finished the joke table.
Baby steps anon.
That is way too many. We'd never get it done. I think we should focus on making the 100 as different and distinct as possible, make it run the gamut of weird levels. Then we could make various themed lists like "Strange Patrons" for the weirdos who show up and "Structural Anomalies" for when strange areas of the gas station are discovered.
We could have things like "Was that always there" and "Someone Strange visits the "(name of gas station)" on the main table then if you roll those you'd roll on the sub-tables for the specifics.
I like this idea.
There's a lot of ideas that are serious and not being used. 1000 is way too many, though.

Gud. This is gud. Someone give this man a medal.
Use 'quest' in the title so I don't have to see this.
It's not a quest you retard.
As a former 3rd shift gas station clerk, I approve of this thread. Although, some things that really happened to me are stranger than some of the things in this project.

Just to add a little (I'll be no use on the crunch part), but some of these ideas may interest people.

Additional tasks (based on my experience):
Of course taking out the trash, including the cans at the pump islands.
Refilling the cleaning fluid at the pump islands.
Sweeping the parking lot for trash (I used to do this once or twice a week)
Pulling measurements on the fuel. This required taking a 20 foot delineated stick, removing the covers for the gas reservoirs, and then dropping the stick in, pull it out and read how much gasoline is left in the reservoir.
Filling empty propane tanks and stocking the propane tank cage (rural stations)
All of these require the players to spend time outside (y'know, where all the scary shit is).

Also, inside, most states have a blue law on alcohol sales. After midnight, or one am, you have to go lock up the beer (or in some states it may be a separate room with a different entrance). Not very time consuming, but forget about it, and next morning you're explaining to the GM how a group of gremlins made a beer run and got away with 20 cases of PBR.
And of course, COFFEE! Brewing 12 pots of coffee before the morning rush can catch up with you out of nowhere. Don't forget my french roast. I always have french roast. I get a french roast every morning! EVERY MORNING. WHERE IS MY FRENCH ROAST!!
This is...b8, right?
The OP did make it seem like a quest guys, it probably pushed away a bunch of fa/tg/uys who saw it, explaining why this and half of last thread have been so slow. We might need to come up with a new OP.
Actually I was hoping someone who used to work at a gas station could give us a realistic list of mundane tasks.

I think this belongs on the page to help out, especially since all of them are mundane tasks that also involve moving around in the potentially dangerous locations.
Dude, spill man, Spill your steaming hot wisdom all over us.
Many gas stations, particularly out here in the less populated states in the West, include hot food stations. These are typically stocked 24 hours a day (because it might be 50 miles either direction to a fast food restaurant, that may or may not be open when you get there). These usually have a few microwaves, a fryer, maybe an oven, and several heat lamps to keep food warm. These will usually be manned by an employee for all three shifts (at night cleaning from the dinner rush, stocking, and cooking breakfast). This would be another good job to add to the others (crunch-wise I don't know what ability to give them).
A good place to run into some of the weird food tales we've already discussed, but now you're cooking them yourelf!
You said "stranger"...story time?
You know, run of the mill stuff...

>Crazy homeless guy (see him pretty often) comes in one night
>Proceeds to get in a 20 minute, heated, argument with the magazine rack
>Turns on me and threatens
>Fine! You wanna side with him! I'm going to march on you at the head of my army. You'll pay for this!
>Storms out of the store.

>Another time, same guy
>Comes in to the store
>Spends like an hour shopping
>Checks out with almost $150 worth of crap
>No gas, tobacco, or booze, no multiples of anything (anyone who has worked ina gas station will understand how incredibly hard this is to pull off)
>Pays in cash like it's nothing

>Smelly Motherfucker (that was the nick name the other 3rd shift guy and I had for him)
>This dude smelled so bad
>I mean like fucking unnaturally
>I could smell this guy across the parking lot
>With the doors closed, and the AC on
>I'm not even sure that is physically possible (muh science)
>Unreal, the worst smell I've ever expierienced
>He comes in every night
>Buys one pack of Legit No Filter cigarettes
>Always pays with exact change
>Bills are always crumpled into tiny balls and soaking wet with some slime
I'm pretty sure he serves Cuthulu
I should mention, those are two different guys in the first three stories

And my favorite:

>Taking out trash about 2 am
>Four bags of trash in hands, pushing open front door
>Phone rings, normally i don't answer at this time of night, but tonight i do
>Woman whispers into phone
>I live in the house behind your gas station, don't go outside, there's some guy hiding behind your dumpster
>Shit myself
>Say thanks, hang up and call cops
>Grab bat from under register and get out from behind counter (i think I can fight him better in the open if I have to)
>Lady calls back
>Whispers "I don't know what he's doing...I think he's taking his pants off...oh my god!...He's masturbating!"
>On cue, cop pulls up, squeeling into parking lot, lights blazing
>I step outside in time to see him drag man with pants around his ankles and RAGING boner out from behind dumpster
>Throws him on hood of cruiser
>Cuffs him and throws him in the cruiser
>Cop doesn't so much as look at me, say a word, nod, nothing
>Tears ass out of the parking lot and down the road....
Da fuq just happened
We had all kinds of weird patrons, The Land Pirate (some homeless guy that dressed like a pirate and rode a bike), Pretty Mike (our cross dresser), and The Vampire (dude would come in at midnight, buy a single candy bar, and wander around the parking lot staring at the sky for the next 20 to 40 minutes, never said a word, never) So re-occuring NPCs could also be weird but harmless (or helpful patrons) They just turn up from time to time, maybe as a precursor to a particular kind of weird.

Also, you get two basic kinds of deliveries. Some trucks pull up and drop merchandise inside the store for the attendents to put away. Other vendors come in and stock the shelves with their product themselves, they'll be there with you for 10 to 20 minutes stocking; once or twice a week. So again, could be an NPC that shows up from time to time....If you want one.
Man is the lady's husband, he has a fetish for being caught by the cops with his dick out and you were gonna ruin that by seeing him first. She was just helping him get his rocks off by getting you to call the cops.
This thread has been hella slow.
>New scratch ticket promo launches
>"Pirate's Booty!"
>First patron buys a scratcher, shows three parrots
>Door opens as a nother patron comes in, parrot flies in and lands on scratch ticket guys shoulder
>Another patron buys a ticket, scratches it, three peg legs
>Patron tosses ticket bitching about his luck
>As he steps off curb to get in car he trips and falls, car mysteriously jumps into gear and runs over his leg, breaking it
>Another patron comes in
>Begins scratching
>First symbol is a death's head
>"Well that's morbid"
>Next symbol is another death's head
>"Ooooh I wonder if i'm going to win something"
>Next symbol...you guessed it....
>While moving some boxes of food and shit into the store from outback, there appears to be an old wooden outhouse about 30 feet away from the station. Upon further inspection, the crescent moon carved into it is a void of complete darkness, and no amount of light can shine through it. If one is to get inside the box and close the door, when the door is reopened, the entire outhouse will be surrounded by creatures that function like Weeping Angels. Don't blink.

Rack Item
>In the middle of all the shit on the Rack, you find a copy of Talladega Nights. Putting it inside of a DVD player will play a video recorded from your future self, explaining the events of a shift that already occurred. Your future self has a very dodgy memory, and goes on a very long tangent about trying to avoid buying Talladega Nights in the first place, but ultimately gives up when he realizes that the reason he had to buy Talladega Nights was because when he watched the video his older self made the same mistake of mentioning not to buy Talladega Nights in the first place. May also tell you the possible effects of an item you have found, but will not specify which item. After the video concludes, the DVD player switches off, and the DVD inside is merely a copy of Talladega Nights.
Addition to this.

>The toilet in the station is fubar and you really gotta take a shit.
These are awful.
This is some Holder series shit.
Ha! taking care of your ex-Gfs/sisters whoevers baby while doing the Night-shift.

This could be a nice extra to a random encounter.
File: 1394505588963.gif-(1019 KB, 233x211, Heug spider.gif)
1019 KB
1019 KB GIF
If the gas station has a soda machine, you'll have to switch out the bags of syrup at regular intervals. It's 30 bucks out of your hide if you fuck up opening the triple layered cardboard box and somehow rupture the plastic bag inside.

The CO2 that pushes the system must also be replaced periodically, so another occasion for a delivery to come in.

The station might have a trash compactor on their dumpster, which would be a good means of storing dangerous things temporarily or crushing bodies beyond the point of physical recognition.

>Wierd event: the bathroom is infested. With spiders.
Irish guy tries to pay with Gold-Coins.
What system would this use?
using SCP-173/Weeping Angels idea is okay, but why all the stuff about the outhouse? Feels like its just forcing limits on the GMs creativity.

Also from that position it would be incredibly easy to get them to look at each other.

The rack item just seems really roundabout. Players have to sit through a long video of themselves rambling, forcing them into a loop they'll have to do later just to be able to maybe find out what one of their items does, if they happen to even have an item they don't know what to use.

Again, it just seems to take away all agency from the GM and force the player into a really static scenario with only one outcome.
This. you could
find the DVD on a shelf inside the station.
The Blob is now residing in one of your gas tanks

I've been working on them in a doc, don't worry. I'll post when I'm back at my comp.
>While taking out the trash at the beginning of your shift, you find a baby crying in the dumpster. Of course, you can't leave a perfectly normal, defenseless baby in such an awful position, so you bring it inside the station. A short while later, Tim finds a baby left on top of one of the fuel pumps out front. And then, Roger finds a baby of his own inside the locked office safe. Over the course of the shift, you keep finding more babies in increasingly bizarre and impossible locations. While there appears to be nothing unusual about the babies themselves, having to take care of all of them while waiting for the police to arrive will severely affect your productivity.

>Rounding the corner of an aisle, you find the canned goods have been arranged on the black and white linoleum tiled floor in such a way as to resemble a game of chess or checkers.
Seriously, start a new fuggin list.

We've got lots of good ideas and nowhere to put them.

Does Gas Station Anon have any more stories?
Maybe this time we put serious entries into the joke list, and then weed them out after.
I was thinking maybe separate lists for mundane but weird, spooky and 2SPOOKY4ME stuff.

My plan for my *World Night Shift game is to offer different options. You can play it campy, horror, or merely uncanny. Hopefully. Maybe not, maybe it will suck horny toads who knows.
Like a sort of "secondary events" table? Stuff that doesn't take up a whole night of adventure but more minor spoopy shit?

That would especially help out I think if someone wanted to seriously run multiple nights in a row, there'd be some off nights where only slightly spoopy stuff happens rather than life threatening.
Nah there shouldn't be a different list for the tiers the randomness of one night fighting off hoards of monsters and the next everything in the store being stocked upside down is essential. But we should group similar into sub-tables like someone had suggested earlier. I imagine that'd clear up loads of space on the main list.
Hmm, how do you guys propose we group the events then? Personally I just want a bit more material out there since only 100 events seem lacking for me.

Whatever works.
We just need more room for scary shit.

You're seriously my favourite person. It looks good So far.
- You and the rest of the night shift are busy arguing the finer points of mop work and how much you'd like to break a mop over Day Shift Randy's head when you hear sirens in the distance. Exiting the Station to investigate, you see the county sheriff's cruiser fly by on the dusty night time highway, lights flashing and sirens blaring. Not far behind it, the rest of the sheriff's department come roaring by in their cars, followed by the entirety of the local fire department, then squad after squad of state troopers, mixed with heavier military vehicles belonging to the national guard. The torrent of police and military vehicles seems endless, and their alarm, the sense of dread brought on by their passing is palpable.
Addendum 1: They all squeal to a halt in a wide circle around the Station, the firefighters readying their rescue gear as the police and military shelter behind their vehicles, all weapons trained on the building.

Addendum 2: The vehicles don't pass the Station by, and don't stop, but keep circling the building 'round and 'round, lights sirens and horns going all night long till they all drive off at dawn.

Aw shucks... don't forget to work the balls when you jerk me off, though.

Speaking of bad seques, I'm trying to work out what a good Paycheck Threshold is? How many sessions until you make a new chargen because your character can finally leave the gas station?

With a paycheck 3, Assistant Managers would likely be the easiest to get out.

I think Threshold should tie into Backgrounds- a College Kid with a bunch of debt will need more than the Drifter who just needs a few bucks.

Currently, I'm defaulting to 10. That's four sessions for an Assistant Manager if he doesn't fuck up, and ten for a Stock Clerk.

I'm thinking a big part of Threats will be things that wreck the gas station requiring Paychecks to fix, or risk losing even more Management.

As for Management, five sounds like a nice default for now. If you fuck up three sessions in a row, you should be close to a pink slip.

Last, uh, rumination I guess? Should Management as a resource apply individually, or to the whole group? My current thinking is that it applies to the group, but once you hit 0 you pick a fall guy to blame. He gets fired. If no one can agree, Assistant Manager chooses. If it happens again, the AM gets fired because he obviously can't keep things tidy.

The last part about the management makes sense to me.

I think players should pick their Paycheck Threshold with help of the GM, rather than consult tables to find it. It's basically a form of timer that the players have characters who will willingly sit through this crazy shit.

I'm not sure I get how Threats will actually apply as a mechanic. Is it just a number to represent how dangerous shit is getting??
>Strange patrons Table
>"Someone Strange visits the Gas Station" on the main table
For the assortment of creeps creatures and weirdos who stop in.
>Structural Anomalies Table
"Was that always there" on the main table
For when a strange new addition to the Gas Station is discovered
>Snack Table (horrible pun intentional)
"Who eats this stuff" on the main table
When strange food finds it's way into the Gas station

There are three right there that should cut a decent chunk out of the main table.
Accidentally sent before I finished but yeah, you'd roll on the main table and if you land on say "Was that always there?" you'd roll on the structural anomalies sub-table.
Moved out 94 to the Joke table (Snidely Whiplash one), that spot is now open for anyone eager to add main table content.
Are you going to make a pdf of this? It could just be text, I want to access this on my phone when running this.
Patrons: Anyone or anything entering the station as a paying customer.

Renovations: Any additions or subtractions to the Station itself.

Stock: Any anomalous foods, drinks, products or services the Station offers.

Co-Workers: Any (possible) NPCs directly related to the Station and its past.

Highway Patrol: Anything that happens outside the Station proper or passes on the road.

What I'm calling 'Threats' is really just a variation of the Dungeon World concept of 'Fronts'. They're an organizational tool to set up encounters and such. Here's what I've got so far.

A 'Threat' is the thing which is causing problems. An Indian burial ground, for example, would be a Threat.

Each Threat gets a series of Portents - things that happen as a result of the Threat. Our example might look like this;

Threat: Indian Burial Ground
- Any stock featuring a native american is now scowling, and their eyes follow the nearest person.
- The pungent odor of smoke and blood keeps wafting in from the back room.
- Ghosts of braves keep flickering into existence near patrons and employees, tomohawks raised.
- Howling and chanting accompanies poltergeist activity.

Each Threat will also have a Satisfaction- the thing the PC's will need to do to end the Threat. For the above example it might be 'get a shaman to bless the gas station'. If that happens, the PC's get rewarded (generally by reducing their Weird number).

Each Threat will also have a Weird Rating. At the start of a new shift, the GM will roll and add the group's current Weird number. If the result is equal to or higher than the Threat's Weird Rating that means the shift will include one of the Threat's Portents.
Anyone can click file at the top of the google document/excel and click "save as PDF".

When I get far enough along that I have something worth sharing I will assuredly make it into a .pdf and dump it here.

This will just be my personal take on this Night Shift idea. I certainly don't want to try and say my version is at all definitive.
i think as long as the table remains compatible with other systems like it currently is (i.e. the table doesnt rely on other made up systems inherently) no one should complain that you are attempting to make a homebrew system that encompasses the atmosphere of the game.

I know I was just personally planning to use it with a FATE variant or CoC.
Management sounds good.

I agree with >>30767929 about setting your own Paycheck. Maybe offer suggestions.

Threats use up Effort, right? Cuz you're dealing with the fucked up shit preventing you from cleaning the NachoMatic 9000.
A table with Vehicles? Stuff that appears outside or can be found on the street?

To continue breaking it down; a GM will likely include specific Moves related to that Threat. It might just be best to throw down a specific and inclusive example.

Threat: The Hollow Man
Resolution: Kill it with fire
- A fat man who walks strangely quietly wants a lot of food
- The fat man eats the entire stock of Dorritos.
- The fat man drinks the entire stock of Red Bull
- The fat man goes to the bathroom, and does not come out.
- Another patron getting gas disappears. His body will be discovered near the dumpsters, emptied of everything internal. Just skin leftover.
- If not interrupted, the fat man will eat the stock in the back (-1 Paycheck from all PC's)
- The fat man will stalk isolated PC's and attempt to empty them.

Special Move;
When an employee [sees the fat man as he truly is], roll+Con
10+, You discover he is made of papier mache
7-9, You learn he is made of papier mache and choose one;
- You do not throw up
- You do not immediately feel the urge to eat the nearest edible thing
- You remember what you saw.
6 or less, Fuck, man, fucking shit holy shit

If the Hollow Man is not stopped he will eventually consume all of the edible stock and eventually the PC's. The GM would be well within his rights to dock them Paycheck and Management if they let him fuck the gas station up. He could also probably give some specific uses of Effort to combat the Hollow Man

So yeah, that's an example of a Threat as I currently conceive it.
Btw, thanks guy who made the additional adventures sheet, anyone up for copypasting ideas in this thread to the new table? I have to leave for school

Usually I'd say that those should be up to the GM's fiat, but maybe it'll add another element of randomness, or maybe it'd just be useless background props.

Might want to work on the "Choose one" things. "You remember what you saw" is kinda weird.

But it's good. I like it very much.
I suppose it depends on the location of the station.

If it's in the middle of fucking nowhere I'd sake that there would be a whole lot of fuckall around.

Effort is currently used to do your Job better. There will also be a more generic use of Effort that I haven't quite ironed out. Originally it was going to be 'spend an Effort to re-roll' or 'spend an Effort to gain +1 to a roll'. But that seems so... flavorless. I'd like Effort to represent something akin to 'here is how many fucks you have to give, use them wisely'. When you hit 0 Effort, you're burnt out and pretty useless at anything. Because you give no fucks.
I mean a list where we can put vehicles that get left behind by customers or suddenly appear next to the gas pumps.

like a Car where you can hear screaming from the trunk.

Other vehicles completely displaced in time. (futuristic cars, oldtimers)

Car-labels from parallel worlds.

A clown car full of 30 dead clowns.

Maybe a few silly things like alien crafts or a Chaos-rhino)

'You remember what you saw' is included because the Move is basically designed for the PC's to discover the Hollow Man's weakness. It could probably use some tweaking, but I think it got the point across on how Threats are constructed.
That description implies that there are things that can restore effort.

Like say notes from the management?
Wouldn't those just be added to the encounter lists? It's not like the PCs can use them to drive around since the main objectives are always at the station.

How about a "Vehicle/Outside" list and a "Customer/sentinent stuff" list.

That's an interesting idea, actually. Originally you'd just show up to your next shift with full Effort. But maybe that's a better idea.

I'm working from the current position that The Management is at best ignorant and at worse uncaring about the plight of its employees. It might work better as something else.
An additinal list similar to what >>30768089 and >>30767955 were suggesting?
I prefer the idea that they are uncaring for the most part, but they should definitely know what is going on without ever explicitly saying that they know. Like if you blow a hole in the parking lot trying to kill a yeti they'll be pissed at you for blowing a hole in the parking lot and tell you that next time you should think about collateral damage to company property.

Or something to that effect.
Here's something I've been letting percolate, some thoughts would be helpful.

I don't think I'm going to include rules on how to stat out monsters or the like. I'm working from horror-movie logic, and some narrative rules. A given monster is likely only susceptible to a single thing, which will be hard to get hold of.

Moreover, having stats like hp would ultimately make getting rid of the monster about hp. Dungeon World is pretty good at encouraging outside-the-hit-points thinking but I personally think that horror can't be about fighting.

No game of Night Shift I run is going to have a problem solved with a gun, unless that gun is loaded with the wood shavings from the tree from which the witch was first hung.

So yeah. HPless system as a built in incentive to think outside the box and outside combat- if your PC gets caught by a monster, and the fiction doesn't give 'em much of a chance to survive, I don't think beefy hit points should be able to help.

Buuuut that's just my opinion right now. Feel free to sway me.

That could be fun. It might just come down to the chosen tone of the game.
I would agree with you. Night Shift doesn't feel like a setting or system overly concerned with stats and damage output and metagame combat strategies. It feels like it ought to be a game focused on telling the story at hand, rewarding Attendants who can effectively adapt and come up with particularly clever solutions to threats.

I understand the desire to get away from hitpoints, but I don't like the "Monster is only vulnerable to one thing" because all I can think of is the GM going "Nuhuh, it ignores whatever you just did and guts you."

I actually kind of want to play in a (campy, probably) horror game where the gun IS the answer... if you apply it correctly. Where instead of the protagonists going utterly braindead and deciding to split up and search, gang! They observe their surroundings, take note of what their opponent is capable of, pin it down and apply overwhelming force.

Not every single weird thing should be PC-smashing powerful and indestructible to everything but the second daily shit of the sorcerer that created it.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is that I think the GM should be open to alternate solutions. Not necessarily that the GM should hand out wins like candy, but if the players come up something suitably clever that has a chance of working it should be given that chance instead of just being vetoed because it's not the designated solution. So, I guess, I'd like to see a clause added to that effect.

I also feel like it'd get formulaic after a while.
>Thing appears
>Oh no, a thing!
>Watch thing utterly destroy you and desperately distract it
>Either figure out the designated solution yourself or the GM spoon feeds it to you after he gets sick of watching you cock about
>thing dies like a little bitch
What to you folks feel about the Station having a "Lost and Found" cabinet or bin behind the counter somewhere?
Things seem to be slowing down. It's a Monday and we all hate Mondays, am I right? I've archived this thread on Sup/TG/, so time will tell if this setting survives the Night Shift to thrive another day.

I agree in general that THING should be vulnerable to lots of stuff, but I also don't want any kind of Hitpoint variation.

Creatures death and pain should be more of a narrative thing in itself. If a player shoots a werewolf with a shotgun, roll to see how the creature reacts. Maybe it dodges lightly and takes all the damage to its arm, now its arm is limp and cannot move until it regenerates. Things players do should have SOME impact, but I think the impact being decided by the GM is better than one based on rules and tables.

Instead of:
>You get the werewolf's arm caught in the door and are holding it tight, but the arm is thrashing about!
>P1: I shoot it with my shotgun
>It does nothing because its not loaded with silver bullets, the werewolf slaps your face and kills you

But more like:
>You get the werewolf's arm caught in the door and are holding it tight, but the arm is thrashing about!
>P1: I shoot it with my shotgun
>It's arm gets hung on a sinewy end, shrekt from the shot. It stops moving, but when you look closely you can tell that flesh is slowly weaving itself back together, it might take some time though.

One of them uses its vulnerability as the ONLY MEANS of defeating a creature without being obnoxiously invincible otherwise, while the other applies a bit more of a narrative impact. The creature can't use its arm for a while and is even in a bad place where it is.

You could tie HP to that without too much issue, but I don't see the point if you have a dedicated GM taking not of the damage the monster is taking narratively and how it would respond to that.

That should be the GM's decision to use whatever table is appropriate for the current mood he wants. So if he wants two mundanes, then a weird, then a mundane, then something terrifying, he just has to pick the tables for each level as he needs it.

Putting everything in one big list removes control from the GM's hands. If he still wants it totally random, he can roll a D4 to pick from the lists or something.
File: 1394514534903.gif-(3.52 MB, 250x203, Wolverine pedicure.gif)
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3.52 MB GIF

You have addressed all of my concerns. Thank you.

Have this thing

And *World certainly supports that with its non-binary success system.

10+, you blow the werewolf's arm off
7-9, you blow a big chunk of its arm off and its coming for you
6 or less, nigga get better with yo gun

There is a lot of specific utility that Moves can pump out, which is something I really like.
Just a quick variant here for extra atmosphere:

I'm calling the Grey Man the Tick Tock Man and playing the sound of a stopwatch the entire time he is in the store. His role and effects will change from game to game, but I'm definitely going down the creepy, surreal route rather than campy adventure. Sometimes he won't show up on the CCTV. Sometimes he will be the only one to show up and, despite you watching him when it actually happened and not seeing this, every time he leaves the store he looks directly into the hidden camera.
Got a new Move. This will be the main way to upkeep Management and Effort.

"Same Shit Different Day"
When you [engage in a task related to your job's duty and the upkeep of the gas station] roll+Attribute related to the task. Ex. lifting boxes in back would be Str or Con, counting out the register would be Wis, doing inventory would be Int etc.
10+, You done good kid. Refresh Effort, +1 Management.
7-9, Ok, but... Choose two;
- Gain +1 Management
- Refresh Effort
- Do not take -1 ongoing
6 or less, How'd you fuck this up? Same as above, but choose one instead of two.

Thoughts on this? I couldn't decide on -1 forward or -1 ongoing. 'Ongoing' would make an effective cap on how much the PC's could get done in a single shift, since they'd be risking another constant anchor to their rolls the more mundane shit they engaged with. With four PC's, that's also 4 potential points of Management regained. Not a problem, but it effects how to balance Management loss from things like Threats and the like.
i think it makes sense for the player character to have some kind of HP, just to prevent being bodied constantly.
also i think it would be cool if you could become more than what you started as.
say you wage epic battle against a lycan with your handy dandy qwik-stop brand shotgun and your last shot blows the head of the beast off, and as it's last dying action it bites your arm. For the next month you begin to feel strange, crave less cooked meat, want to explore and run and fuck that really hairy but otherwise gorgeous woman who comes in every so often but never around the full moon. And when the next full moon comes, you change, but since you are a created werewolf and not a born one you have slightly better control over your urges.
Maybe on a full moon a couple months after you've been bitten, you're outside chasing after the stray cats that flock to the store, howling at the moon, refilling the cleaning fluid buckets on the gas islands, et.c. when you see the alien invasion begin.
Or maybe you piss off the tick tock man and he sends his friend Vlad to teach you some manners, a couple months of vampdom later the zombie apocalypse happens and the zombies (given that they're probably the supernatural kind as opposed to zombies created from a virus or chemical) bow to you as you are the superior undead, and for a couple nights you have a zombie army before they all rot and explode from gas buildup.
Too tired to comment.

Keep doin what you're doin, buddy.

That's how you could play it, but so far the spirit of things seems to be very much "reg'lar folk at reg'lar job facing weird, creepy, and horrifying things".

Horror games in general are about specific and attenuated disempowerment to either 1) explore that helplessness in a safe environment or 2) make eventual empowerment more impactful.

It is extremely telling that when a horror movie finally gives its protagonists the means to empower themselves against whatever antagonistic force they're facing, they only do so at the end of the movie. Once the protagonists are on any kind of parity with the forces opposing them, the horror and dramatic tension thereof is gone. You've got a new thing, a new narrative.

In short, I would never run a Night Shift game where the players became werewolves or vampires or got special powers. Because that seems, to me, antithetical to the core tone and themes of the horror-genre.
I agree with you.

Though to the post who you responded too, I am curious as to how to get a really good death mechanic. Dying should obviously be a risk in the game, so players don't get bodied together, but when you leave it to the GMs discretion rather than some hard rules, it could get rough if the GM kills off a player too soon due to an accidental blow to the head, but on the otherside soft GMs might never kill a player.

There are specific rules in * World games for DMs to follow. It specifies when to make a "soft move" (threaten the players, make things more complicated, etc) or a "hard move" (hurt the players, put them in real trouble, split them up, etc.)

One of the nice things about * World games is that they codify a lot of traditional "Dont Be a Dick" GM ideas and bake them into the rules and GM systems. Like a "How to be a good GM" tutorial.
i can understand that, but there's still stuff that can be done. For example, if the vampire/zombie thing happened, what if the day after you exert power over the zombies, you turn back human? All the zombies are still there (ignore the bit about them exploding, that only affects virus/chemical zombies-supernatural ones are a lot more fun in that regard. the invasion would last longer than a week.)
alternatively, you could give the illusion of power.
you get turned into a vampire, the next day an automaton of wood and mirrors shows up and fucks your shit up right good. Fire is no longer an option because you're a vampire, fire is not your fucking friend. not to mention if you did et this golem aflame all the light bouncing off the mirrors would be distracting and potentially damaging to you.
or yes, you become a werewolf (which would work better because you get ~1-3 days of being awesome and then it's right back to being a scrub. Like, you have three nights at most to repel an entire invasion force of massive aliens, and if you don't succeed in that time frame not only are the aliens still there but now they're not only pissed off but actively targeting you and you're stuck being a human for the next 28 days.
basically i think the illusion of power could be quite an interesting story element. It seems like the game's giving you a helping hand but in reality you're just as limited as before.
File: 1394518346918.png-(486 KB, 618x615, witchhouse.png)
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thanks for sharing, bro
>A little girl in a white dress enter the gas station and starts browsing, she is accompanied by a large man(?) in silver armor with a halberd in hand and sword on his(?) belt
>you can't see the guard's face despite the rather large eyeslit but you are certain he(?) is glaring at you if you even look at his charge
>they pay in what appears to be gold and leave if things go without incident, but anything wrong happens and you'll easily earn a stabbing as much as any monster you manage to not keep out of sight for the duration of their shopping
>from out of nowhere, a car screeches to a halt right infront of the doors to the store and a disheveled older man runs into the store demanding to know the year.
>after you tell him he cheers and screams 'It worked! they told me you couldn't travel through time AND space but fuck them you can!
>all of a sudden he stops and turns pale
>you hear a noise
>a flopping sound, getting louder and louder as something nears
>'Oh god, they're coming! They're your problem now jackhole!'
>dude flips the fuck out, steals three random items from the store and hightails it back to his car. He drives away and when he's gone a certain distance you see a bright flash of lights and he's gone.
>flopping sound is now uncomfortably loud and frequent, you see what looks like a bus approach but it swiftly becomes apparent that not only is it not a bus, it isn't from earth
>you aren't entirely sure it's a vehicle, as it has lots of spinning tendrils but now wheels
>and it's breathing
>the top opens

This one is good.

It literally sounds like you are thinking in a different genre.

I think it sounds super stupid. Like really stupid. But if it floats your boat, that's great.
I shat myself keking
I'm with this guy, though I should preface with "you can do whatever you want when you play it".

Characters being the supernatural entities themselves does not go hand in hand with the elements of this horror ensemble, the game's system would probably be more aligned with the idea that if you become wholly super natural yourself, you'd become an NPC as 1) you have no need to work a job anymore and 2) your priorities in life would presumably change.

Why work the night shift at a gas station if you now only drink human blood and are strong as fuck?

I think there's actually a *World game called Monsterhearts which is about supernatural creatures in high school or some shit. If I remember, its theme is balancing the monstrous with the mundane.

That might be more up this guy's alley. Or, more likely, a superhero game or an adventure game. Definitely not a mood and theme driven game of horror and dealing with dis-empowerment.

It doesn't really matter if the empowerment doesn't stick around, its damage to the narrative is done. If you get your plot-powers activated, then taken away, all that's been accomplished is the audience now understands that the dis-empowerment is merely temporary. The narrative will demand the empowerment comes back.

that just sounds like the gamemaster being a cock

>youve got powers!
>no you dont lol
>Youre a vampire!
>but it doesnt matter
I'm thinking this would fit in somewhere between Welcome to Night Vale and Courage the Cowardly dog with elements of the World of Darkness games(VtM, VtR, WtA, etc)
and I think that something interesting stuff could happen under this universe's rules. Like, just when you get used to working at the store even with the occasional struggle to survive or gravity reversing itself, you're forced to adapt to some new rules of your now altered biology. Like that silver necklace your grandfather gave to you now stays at home because it burns your skin to touch it. And once you get used to what you have become, and the pros and cons of that, it's forcibly taken from you. it's in some ways about dealing with the future implications. Say you do actually mate with that hairy but otherwise beautiful woman, and two months later she's pregnant with your were-baby and you're human once again. What if you use your vampiric powers to turn the zombies into gladiators that fight each other to the redeath for your amusement, and now you're once again human and these zombies you have subjugated now know it.
Anyone else feel like the general concept for player characters who are neither adept and skilled hunters of the undead/supernatural experts, but also aren't scared slasher-film teenage victims who pee themselves at the first sight of blood or the strange?

I just feel like the whole point was going for a middle ground of somewhat capable people who have various levels of fuck to give who will react to a severed head not with cold indifference nor with LOSE 2d8 SANITY, but with a sort of genre savvy caution?
so basically the cast of Regular Show(to use a fiction example that shares common ground with this)
Yeah I'd say that fits, though I would take a less comedic tone, those characters fit the right idea, especially when shit hits the fan they "OH SHIT" like crazy.
yeah although there should still be some humor involved, like many of the better horror movies
>"Structural Anomalies" for when strange areas of the gas station are discovered.
Or possibly for when wierdness happens to the structure of the station.
>The station is the house from House of Leaves.
>All the external walls fall down. The internal ones crumble into rubble. However, the roof still exists and is hovering there.

...that is the single best NPC I have ever seen.
The Random Hobo.
You mean a green slip.
It's been one of those shifts.

No, not one of the crazy ones.

Sure, the mirror in the women's bathroom is on the fritz again, but that mirror's never really worked quite right and throwing your hair into a ponytail is easy enough even with a reversed reflection. And of course, the Grey Man came in for his nightly Choco-Delite Bar, but the Grey Man's always been a polite and grateful customer as long as you're prompt and professional about sating his candy fix. No, tonight hasn't been one of your crazier shifts, and while you know that you should be thankful for not having to deal with a fruitbat infestation or another legion of shadow people out to overthrow the "tyranny of the corporeal," right now you don't feel thankful.

You feel...


You feel so very sleepy...

In fact, you feel so sleepy that you just want to lay your head down on the counter and take a nap. That jerk Carlos already claimed the couch in the breakroom an hour ago when he finished restocking the Soyl-Os and you haven't seen or heard from him since. Which is strange, come to think of it, because Carlos usually snores like a buzz saw. Looking blearily out one of the large plate glass windows in the front of the Station, you catch a glimpse of yourself reflected in the glass.

Yikes. You look like shit. Tired and strung out.

Pale too.

So sleepy...

Looking past your reflection, you can see Mark out under the fluorescent lights, leaning against one of the pumps, arms folded against his chest, headphones of his Walkman covering his ears, baseball cap tugged down low, covering his eyes. You've kind of got a thing for Mark, but you know better than to fool around with co-workers. You've seen what happens to kids that screw in horror movies, and besides, you don't get to be Employee of the Month for a year and a half straight at this Station by being brainless.

No, you're good. You've got a handle on this little crush. You'll keep things professional. It looks like Mark is tired as Hell too though. Yeah, his head just drooped there, like he's nodding off. He caught himself doing it.

Once, twice, three times...

He's gone. He's gone. He just disappeared. Mark just nodded off or fell asleep or something and he just disappeared. Just like that, in front of your eyes.


When was the last time you saw Carlos again? An hour? More? What time is it even anyway? And why are you this fucking tired? This is not good. Al was supposed to be sweeping the store when... Did you just nod off yourself just now? You feel like you've lost a couple minutes there. This really isn't good at all.


You can still hear Al sweeping, which is good, but you can hear him yawning too, which isn't good. You call out to him across the aisles, your normally shrill voice you kind of hate thick and sleepy.

"Al... hey, Al...! I need you to inventory all the coffee and sugary drinks we've got in stock right now while I go check on Carlos. Mark just disappeared and I think we've got a problem..."
This is beautiful, i've been following this thread with mild bemusment since it started, and of the characteristics that grab my attention for creepyhorror not scary/monster/b-movie/campy horror, this encapsulates it perfectly as a lead in situation to a game
Thank you so much for this thread. I'm write-fagging some stuff for this now (also for my creative writing class). will share when finished if you want.
File: 1394539766477.png-(17 KB, 180x200, i rabu.png)
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Suddenly, there's a barrel just outside the door. No one knows how it got there, and it smells really bad.
For bigger parties/games and to add a twist, the GM could turn it into a motorway services (Americans, I don't know what you call these) rather than just a gas station.
File: 1394540380214.jpg-(200 KB, 500x500, SO TECHNOLOGY.jpg)
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200 KB JPG
a gas station with a mechanic attached? I didn't know there was a word for this.

I don't think us mighty americans have a word for that. YOU WIN THIS ROUND, EUROPEANS.
These used to be all over the place up until the late 70's early 80's. They just kinda...disappeared from American roads and cities

Cool that they still exist elsewhere
Not quite. You'd find services on a highway. You make a slight detour off the highway, park in a parking lot and there's a small kinda shopping mall? I guess. As well as the gas station, there's sometimes a mechanic and carwash and there's usually a McDonalds/Burger King, a bookshop, a coffee shop and a restaurant, as well as toilets and other amenities. The prices are incredibly high. There
Well I mean we have them (although I can only name one up here in ohio, and it's in the middle of a town), but I never knew there was a specific name.

I'm sure they exist, i've never seen one. I don't do much distance driving either though.
In canada we call those service stations. often times built as one big mcd's with a gas station/drivethru all in one
Is this the 1980s attendant / ghost?
>A man in a police officer's uniform and cap, wearing a different mask every time, stops by the Station every Thursday. He makes a complete circuit of the outside of the building, enters, completes a patrol of the store, and then leaves. Officer Thursday never speaks, but does nod amiably, and you get the sense that he's invested in your safety.
>There's something in the vent
>Sometimes it's gone[\spoiler]
>A customer drops her purse
>It's full of rusty nails
>Officer Tuesday comes around every Tuesday to drink coffee and laugh his ass of as the ethereal horror of the day wrecks your shit.

Yeah. Check out Mosnterhearts or something. This is pretty far from a horror-game, though. Just because something includes vampires, werewolves, and zombies doesn't make it horror.

I'm pretty sure there isn't a game where you can make zombies into gladiators and still call it 'horror' with a straight face. At that point its camp.

But to each their own, I'm sure the idea has merits outside the context of horror.
Maybe it only lasts a certain amount of time, giving you stat boosts but adding to the Weird factor.
If you're still monitoring this thread, I'd love to read any writing you care to share.
Damn this is really cool.

In my *World version of Night Shift, the players get precious little means to control Weird. The only reliable way to reduce it is to resolve Threats.

The theme of the game is that the PC's can't win. They can't fix the gas station or stop the Weird, they can only manage it and try to scrape together what they need to leave for good.

The characters are going to be relatively normal people dealing with extraordinary circumstances. To make them extraordinary would undermine the fundament of what I'm trying to evoke, the same way giving the main character in 'To Build A Fire' a space heater would.

>Tfw never get to date Mark

That was good. This whole thing is good.
I like you guys.
I don't know, and would someone working at one think it was strange at all if one showed up for a surprise inspection?

>"How hot do you keep the oil in this fry cooker?"
>"Uh. Boiling, I guess? Super hot, so-"
>The inspector languidly reaches into the oil up to his elbow. He makes hemming and hawing sounds, then pulls his arm out - unscathed - and makes a note on his clipboard.
>"Very well. There have been reports that this gas station served food with rat droppings."
>"What? No! Never."
>"Not even a little bit?"
>"Of course not."
>"Too bad. Show me where you keep your garbage."
This is actually pretty funny.

"Sir, I think you should come back later."
"Nonsense! Now, let's see that bathroom."
"Oh boy, here we go."
"I dare say! Malfunctioning mirrors?! That's a safety hazard!"
"Look, dude, just, like, hide here. Inspect that toilet. No! Not that one. The one without the pentagram."
You walk in to the bathroom to take a piss, but as soon you walk in you see a heavily injured woman that you haven't seen entering the store is writing ''If you wanna have a good time call this number -666'' in blood. As she finishes she limps to the bathroom door and turns her head and winks at you before finally leaving
A bit freaked out, but nonetheless you still have to take a piss, as you open the stall door and find the whole toilet covered in bloody hand prints. You notice that prints are in that way as if someone had crawled out of the toilet.

Added it to the Doc.


>"Is that a dinosaur frozen in the walk-in?! I cannot believe-"
>"I can explain!"
>"-that you would keep the walk-in at such a dangerous and unacceptably low tempeture?"
>Makes note on his clipboard.
>"Now, I believe I heard your coworker mention a rat-human hybrid in the AC vents? I'd like to see the unit, please."
Added, because why not.
File: 1394548617630.jpg-(20 KB, 400x225, image.jpg)
20 KB
Wonderful! And for some reason, I can't help but imagining the health inspector as this guy here.

Ignore any spelling errors or anything. Also it's not finished, honestly I could just like write page after page with this if I don't stop.
>Kentucky Route Zero the RPG

I kinda liked the way he was portrayed here >>30775633

The bit about sticking his hand into the oil was creepy as fuck.

Either way, he's been added to the doc.
And I encourage everyone to keep adding and editing events.

I'd imagine, if the 1980s Attendant really did earn Employee of the Month for three years in a row, she must have been pretty tough shit and must have outlasted a LOT of coworkers before making her last stand.
So, what are the different rooms/extensions that a gas station can have?

All I could think of was Garage, Dinner, coffee bar, rest area for truckers, arcade, or a small chain restaurant.

This here is my working draft of the *World Night Shift game. It is not yet complete, but has enough that I figured I'd share the progress.

Still to do;
- Work out how to set Paycheck Thresholds and Management score
- Create Backgrounds and their mechanical effects
- Use the list to make a 'create a random Threat' chart to be used with this system.

Thoughts? Constructive criticism? Calling me a faggot?
>calling me a faggot?

Yes. Because I need permission to access it

Small casino. Adds the Slot Machine Technician, who could come in handy for figuring out the workings of alien computers/raguns.
Yeah, pretty much this>>30776243

Goddammit. Next you're going to want to vote.

Fixed it.
I think Stoner needs at least 3 Effort, otherwise they're useless if they've smoked a joint.
but isn't that what stoners are?
Well yeah.
But they can't burn out immediately after doing something.

Also, the wording on
"Let Me Checkā€
When you look for something that might be in the gas station roll+Wis
10+, Choose 3;
7-9, Choose 2;
6 or less, Choose 1
- There are enough, or are whole
- They are not broken/they work as intended
- They are similar, but not exactly what you looked for

You might want to change "they are similar" to "they are exactly what you were looking for" and have "similar" be a consequence.

On average, most PC's will have around 4-5 Effort total. So any Background with 2 Effort is considered normal.

The intention is to give Stoners a big advantage to staying calm despite a crisis, but the disadvantage being the soporific effect of being high.

I think I'm going to give them a bonus that basically means they can never burn out. They don't have a lot of Effort, but they also don't get handicapped by not having Effort. They're just coastin', man.

Good point. I'll change that.
Anon, that was FANTASTIC. You've really done well in capturing the feeling of the whole enterprise. Tyler was a great audience surrogate for the mounting weirdness of the Station, and Catherine's character felt authentic as both a young kid and a hardened veteran of the supernatural. And I really liked how she "took the bullet" for the newbie and played favorites with the Gray Man.

10/10 would read more.
Sounds good.
One of the backgrounds could be "The Transfer".
Some Day Shift Asshole who got transferred over to the Night Shift because [EXPLAIN TO THE GM WHY YOU NEED TO WORK THE NIGHT SHIFT]. +1 Effort?, -1 to rolls dealing with Employees. Lower Threshold or whatever you use to deal with unnatural shit, since he's never experienced the Night Shift before.

I like that idea.

Day Shift Transfer: This guy is an asshole. Fuck you, guy. Fuck your shit. Jesus. Effort 3, -1 to all rolls made to aid or be aided by another employee.
What does Threshold do? The doc doesn't explain it.

I'll fix that. Threshold is how much Paycheck your character needs in order to quit the gas station for good. The premise of my game is that no one WANTS to work at this fucking gas station, but they need the money for reasons the player will make up.

Since the premise has a naturally episodic feel to it, I figured it would work well with a steady cycle of characters coming and going.

>The Skeptic
>When you [GIVE A LOGICAL EXPLANATION FOR WHATEVER WEIRD THING IS GOING ON], take +1 Forward. You must act on your explanation, even if it is not correct. -1 when dealing with this that directly contradict your world view.

Dunno if that makes sense. The Skeptic would be that guy saying "Naw, that's not a UFO. It's swamp gas."
He has to act on that logic, which might be incorrect, often putting him in danger.
Are we gonna stat the encounters in the other doc? Like give them Weird ratings and stuff.
>Out of the blue, the entire Station shudders once, jumping as if it were uppecut by a collosal fist.

>A family in an older model station wagon stop, and motion through the windows for someone to come out to their carside. They provide the Attendant who goes out to investivate a shopping list of items you have in stock, and promise to pay in full, but will consider requests to leave their vehicle as ridiculous or terrifying.

>You discover a thick extension cord has been plugged into an outlet in the break room. It winds like a snake between the aisles of the store, daisychained together with other extension cords as it makes its way into the service garage, through the stockrooms and out of the building. Just what is it powering?

Paycheck thresholds should start off of what you selected for background. You should be able to buy extra starting effort by increasing your paycheck threshold somehow, within limits. Like a player could selct to "support a family member, +3 paycheck, +1 effort"

That's actually a really good idea. If I can just tweak the language;
>When you [give a mundane explanation for uncanny events] take +1 forward. Whenever you are faced with incontrovertible evidence of the super/paranatural, take -1 forward.

I'm thinking Effort 2, Threshold 4.

As it stands, you merely add the Threshold and Effort granted by your two selected Backgrounds.

If Skeptical grants you Threshold 4 and Effort 2, and Stoner offers you Threshold 5 and Effort 2 than your starting Threshold would be 9 and starting Effort would be 4.
This is a great idea, Anon.

Weird Ratings are used for my *World version of Night Shift, which isn't THE definitive Night Shift.

When I get finished with the core stuff, I'll be using the tables to create a rollable system for making Threats on the fly.

Tentatively, they'll be broken up into Weird Rating brackets- smaller, vignette Threats which might only show up one session and get resolved would get high numbers, while bigger multi-session Threats would get lower Weird Ratings so they would show up more often in-game.
hooray for shi/tg/etting done! much proud wow

Yeah, that's what I figured.

I do think you should be able to buy more effort at the cost of more paycheck threshold, though. (Within reasonable limits.) Have the player give an explanation of why they need more money than their starting background would suggest.


I know! Just the other day, people were saying /tg/ doesn't get anything done anymore. We showed them!

Thing is, if the player wanted a character who gives a lot of fucks because they're deeply in debt, they could just choose the 'In-Debt' Background.

In-Debt: Everyone has problems. Some jockies, for example, couldn't even place no matter how favored their horse was. That's their problem- and because you bet on them, it is yours too now. Effort 4 Threshold 8

Well, that works. Neeeeevermind!

I'm looking at FATE for some inspiration, in that I want characters to be summarized in a concise, flavorful way which correlates to mechanical effects.

>My character is a Skeptical College Kid working as a Stock Clerk.
>My character is the Cashier, a Drifter up to his eyeballs in Debt.
>My character is the Properly Paranoid Gas Attendant with an Addiction to Hentai.
maybe, but a dvd that shows your messages from your future self could be cool. Or maybe

>watching closed circuit cameras of the station.
>You notice the action on the cameras don't sync up to whats happening outside.
> After observation you notice the cameras show what is happening an hour before they do.

>Observe a murder in the lot. Your future self is signalling you. DO NOT GO OUT THERE
>Observe your own death in the lot

Anything could happen
Question: Would you include a history option like "Lifer" that would say, set the threshold to N/A to permit for certain characters becoming permanent employees of the station if the player so wishes? If so, what advantages should they be allowed and what disadvantages would they have to bear? Or am I over thinking things?

You're probably over-thinking things. I don't imagine anyone can really be a Lifer of the gas station, if for no other reason than they'd probably get killed eventually.

At the very least, meeting your Threshold means you CAN move on to a happier life outside the gas station. It is ultimately up to the player IF they do that.

I'll keep the idea on the backburner, if I think of a neat way to implement something like that I will.
So I just ran the start of this for a single player. I gave them an NPC partner to help, and they found a journal left by one of the last group's Night Shift employees. Specifically, and they don't know it yet, a girl who was employee of the month for two year straight and now haunts the place after seeing the rest of the most recent crew through their Two Weeks and dying on the last night.

So far the place was surrounded by zombies, which were killed by a Jason style supernatural serial killer who then came in and ordered a pack of smokes and some matches.

I'm worried the Journal is going to give them too much information and help, as it is supposed to have almost everything the girl face in the last two years in it, including a sort of schedule.

The back of the diary has a sort of list detailing things that frequently happens. First nightly, then weekly, then monthly, then yearly. In example, 'the Grey Man' comes at 12:15AM, every night. He buys a Pepsi and two Kit-Kat bars. Every Thursday 'Officer Thursday' comes in, does a full patrol of the outside, then of the inside. Every Sunday 'Solomon' comes in, buys a pack of smokes and some matches, and two scrambled eggs with toast. On the first day of every month, an 'Inspector' comes in and does a once over, things are always bad that day. Etc.
>I'm worried the Journal is going to give them too much information and help

"Past results are no guarantee of future success". Let them think they've got a handle on things, then start changing stuff.

What system did you use?
I haven't assigned a system just yet, just the old quest standby of '1d100, best of three'.
>LOL le dragon, so randumbzzzz XD

Have you ever heard of subtlety?

I think he intended that to be a sample text, and the point was the background.
Yarr, ya scurvy dog, ye be meanin' a Jolly Roger.
Romanian guy tries to pay with blood (vampire) Flat-headed guy tries to pay with nuts and bolts (a frankenstein) Invisible guy tries to pay with sheet (ghost)
Most creatures with an appetite for human flesh can be temporarily sated with delicious gas station beef jerky
If that's what you want to call it.
You'd not paid much attention to the wall of full of commemorative photos when you'd first started working at the Station.

It stood to reason that if you couldn't muster the interest or energy to become the "Employee of the Month" yourself, you would care even less about past employees who'd received the lackluster accolade. Even besides that, you'd always thought the subheading on the commemorative sign reading "Gone But Not Forgotten" was a bit off-putting, and the fact that the display was centered on the fifth wall of the perfectly rectangular convenience store always made your brain hurt.

It comes as no surprise then that you didn't notice her until you were five months in and had grown somewhat accustomed to the weirdness the Night Shift brought along with it.

You had been lugging a couple cases of Slurm to the freezers one night, and noneuclidean panic aside, passing by that extra wall was a real timesaver when carrying something heavy. To keep yourself from thinking too hard about what it was you were doing, you'd glanced idly at the Wall of Honor and noticed something peculiar. In your five months at the Station, you had seen eleven employees quit, get fired or disappear. In the case of the Assistant Manager that had first trained you, the "disappeared" part had been right in front of your eyes and very, very literal. You'd just come to accept the high turnover rate as much a part of the job as the fruitbat infestations and the shadow people cowering behind the pumps.

No, what was strange was that you'd just noticed that between the years of 1984 and 1987, a single attendant had held the title of Employee of the Month for forty-one consecutive months. Setting the cases of cola down on the floor, you sat down on top of them to take a rest and get a closer look, mildly interested in discovering just who could be stupid enough or brave enough to work for so long for so little under such conditions. Her name was Sarah Miller.
Whenever any of the customers cough, they always cough exactly three times.
She was a pale girl with dark hair and an awkward half-smile that couldn't have been older than eighteen or nineteen in her last commemorative photo, taken the August of '87. You guessed that she must have been a highschool student trying to make a little pocket money in her spare time, but were surprised to find that she had been promoted to Assistant Manager by her sixth photo, a position she apparently held all the way till herforty-first.

Up until the November of '85 she wore her hair in a long ponytail, but in the December photo of that year her hair looked nearly torn out and mangy, and she sported several small but wicked looking scars along her hair and jawlines. Though subsequent photos showed her scars mostly healed and her hair grown back out, she seemed to favor no-nonsense, safety-conscious bun-doos from then on. As the months and years passed by, you could see in each new photo the changes this girl underwent. She grew paler and more battle-hardened. The bags under her eyes got darker and her gaze more hawkish. In one sepia-toned photo she appeared to be wearing a saloon dress instead of her regular Station uniform, but regardless of her circumstances, in each photo that same awkward half-smile was present.

Studying that last August of '87 photo, you feel suddenly sad that you'll never find out what happened to Sarah Miller. Whether the Station's constant nightly assaults of the silly, sinister and supernatural hadn't quite managed to burn her out. Standing back up and hefting the cases of pop back up into your arms, you truck it all back out of the spatial anomaly and over to the freezers to complete the restocking

You find yourself thinking that maybe you will apply for an Assistant Manager's position. You think that maybe, you'll end up on that impossible wall someday. You think that maybe, some know-nothing broom lusher at the Station might see your picture and maybe they'll start thinking

And you hope that wherever Sarah is she's still smiling
Man who added all these terrible items? Sonic wrench? Mind-wipe pills? We were at a good spot for the items we had. They were either just normal things like the holy water and the crowbar or completely unprovable like the translator.
Have this be an explicit warning in the journal.
Some dickcheese who doesn't even look at the thread anymore probably.

Dude. The nature of the thread suggests that it was a few people that are long gone.
Calling people dickcheese will not solve anything.

On a better note, what now? Is a .pdf forthcoming?

Dunno about the main lists. My *World system for Night Shift is nearing .pdf status. Maybe. There's a link to the doc up there in the thread somewhere. I can always use more eyes.
What do you need?

Also, should we standardize the way our tables and lists are structured like a number of Anons were suggesting?
Also also: any more Writefriends, or dare I hope, Drawfriends around?
File: 1394576181241.png-(102 KB, 165x245, lady boner.png)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Ugh if I could suck your dick I would. Literally nicest thing i've heard all day.
As an amateur writefag, this makes me super happy. I'm gonna continue it and post the rest when I have time. I'm having a lot of fun writing it.
writefag reporting in

same as >>30783174
Presumably written on a sticky note buried somewhere within the pages and signed "-Management".
Eh I still don't think management should ever actually comment on any of the weird shit that goes on during the night shift.
Still here myself writer! Though I appreciate the offer, rest assured that it's completely unnecessary. You've done a really outstanding job so far at conveying the juxtaposition of familiar, mundane crap minimum wagers have to deal with and the bizarre surreality and dire strangeness that has become the hallmark of Night Shift.

Believe me, I've got your document bookmarked and I'm looking forward to more!
We need to start doing some major editing like start making the themed sub-tables and moving events to them to clear space on the main table, delete some of the more redundant events and I feel we need to move the joke table to it's own doc, it's messing with the formatting on the main list and making the whole doc look messy.
There is actually a second page to the document you know, with about twenty more events too.
I think someone should go row by row and post whats on the doc in segments and we can discuss what to cut, what to edit and what to move and where.
Yeah but we should be trying to get those on the main list, we need to streamline this get everything looking more proper and organized.
Oh, agreed. I've just seen that several Anons I this thread have have been unaware of it.
Yeah we need to get everything formatted right, so there are the right number of events in right sized tables so they can easily be rolled up on dice.
Well, technically they're not. Not directly, anyway.

And it's not like we can pretend they don't know what's going on. They just never, NEVER explicitly acknowledge it.

So half-truths, question-dodging, cryptic messages that while mudane if taken literally contain implied meaning. All these could be appropriate.
I think we should just add more ideas to the second table for a more complete write up. Maybe from previous threads.
will you faggots keep "quest" in the title so that they can get filtered properly
No. It's not a goddamn quest.
>implying this is a quest
File: 1394578880463.png-(416 KB, 623x527, 1383371393925.png)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
Okay, one thing that's missing from the document.
We need a bunch of standard/example tasks.
File: 1394579289282.jpg-(30 KB, 229x346, download.jpg)
30 KB
We should nail down the regular scheduled events, like the gray man's visit and put them on a timetable or something.
Oh, yeah.
Is that in this thread?
I'm losing track.
I think that IRL nightshift guy's comments were in thread #2, if that's what you're talking about.

>Valued Patrons: Anyone or anything entering the Station as a paying customer.

>Non Paying Customers: Anyone or anything intent on disruption and destruction.

>Recent Renovations: Any additions or subtractions made to the Station itself.

>Stock and Supply: Any anomalies related to foods, drinks, products or services the Station offers.

>Co-Workers: Any bizarre events directly related to Station Attends past, present or future.

>Highway Patrol: Anything that happens outside the Station proper or passes on the road.
I see this playing out as some kind of combination of Betrayal at House on the Hill and Give Me The Brain
Has anyone seen splinter?

Duty Roster: Standard Tasks Assigned to the Night Shift

1. Attend to any and all customers in the at the pump or in the store with promptly, professionally and pleasantly.

2. Replace any product on the shelves that has been purchased, damage or expired, taking care to note everything down in the store's stock manifest.

3. Mop the floors, wipe down the counters, dust the shelves and clean the store's windows.

4. Sweep the fueling area clear of dirt and debris and clean and test the gas pumps.

5. Monitor the level of fuel in the underground storage tanks. If a fuel delivery is scheduled, assist the delivery man.

6. Clean the breakroom and especially the breakroom fridge.

7. Replace broken or burnt out lightbulbs.
Replace all the hotdogs on the on the eternal hot dog rolling machine...or not? Would that be more realistic?
8. Rotate the hotdogs one spot counterclockwise on the roller.

9. Fix or jury-rig any malfunctioning equipment and write up the proper repair forms to leave for the Day Shift (those assholes).
I think the GM should add additional nightly tasks directly related to the rolled event so that the players have to confront it in some way rather than working their way around it.
Like a stench demon is possessing a bag of cheetos and while you can pretty much do your tasks as normal while ignoring it, the smell is making your heads hurt and you have to get rid of it sometime some.
Oh god. This entire thread. Reminds me of my old job.

Might as well see how well I remember the chore sheet from my old gas station.

Every Four Hours
>Check / Clean Bathrooms
>Sweep / Mop Floors
>Vaccum Doormats / Rugs / Carpet
>Check Coffee Pots (Assuming that the station has more than two varieties of coffee in pump thermoses)
>Restock Cigarettes

Opening - Morning
>Fill all Coffee Varieties
>Take Tank Readings
>Check Level in Propane Tower
>Start Roller Grill station
>Check Store Log Printer
>Fill / Check Humidor
>Turn On Lottery Machine

Morning - Noon
>Check Washer Fluid Buckets
>Check Washer Fluid Paper Towels
>Check Trash in Fuel Aisles
>Open Propane Tower for Business

Noon - Afternoon
>Check Store Log Printer
>Restock Shelves in the Cooler
>Refill Cigarettes

Afternoon - Night
>Close Propane Tower
>Clear off Roller Grill / Food Station
>Shut down Lottery Machine after drawings

>Lock up
>Close out Register
>Check / Fill Humidor

Once a Week
>Check Propane Exchange cage for expired tanks
>Wash all the windows in the gas station
>Clean out the cooler
>Receive, verify, and put away the cigarette order
>Recieve, verify, and put away the food orders
>Return clippings from unsold newspapers
>Manager: Make sure the change machine has enough change.

>Fufill store business contracts as needed.

That's about all that immediately comes to mind.
A great example is actually in the *Worlds doc. The A/C rattling is switching them into another dimension, and the PCs need to perform the repair task to end the situation.
Well, if we split the "Threats" up into tables by sector, another possibility is that we can simply make sure that each sector has a number of nightly tasks associated with them. In that way, no matter what the Threat event is that session, at least some of the players' tasks will be directly affected.
Actually a good idea. So despite the zombie apocalypse, at least we managed to refill the pumps and cleaned out the freezer before getting overrun so we don't get our paychecks docked too much.
Look at the thread for more than five seconds, you double nigger. We're making a homebrew.


I'm currently trying to balance the *World such that there is incentive for the PC's to resolve Portents in addition to their nightly duties. For one, almost every Portent should risk the PC's losing Management or Paycheck, and that can only be offset so much by the use of the "Same Shit Different Day" Move (which replenishes Management).

As for ensuring that the PC's interact with the Threat, well, that falls on the GM. One of the Dungeon World 'agendas' for the GM to always have in mind is 'make the player's life interesting', which should provoke action.

When I finally codify the 'roll-your-own-Threat' lists for Night Shift World, I plan to either excise or tweak any phenomena which merely happen around the PC's without challenging or inviting their confrontation.

An example I used earlier was that, as a result of the gas station being built on an Indian burial ground, all the product featuring a Native American on it would be scowling and chanting. That by itself during a game wouldn't probably be enough to provoke PC's to action- a better way to incorporate that particular Portent would be by having a regular customer complain. If the PC's can't mollify him, you can be assured Management will hear about it. Since that'll happen each time someone wants to buy a bag of 'Chief Chippawa's Kettle-Toasted Chips', I'd bet the PC's are gonna try and figure out how to take care of the problem.

I also really like the idea of having a sort've post-shift checklist. Maybe truncate it to two or three things per PC, and associate certain penalties for the non-completion of a given item.

>If the floors were not mopped, -1 Management or Paycheck
>If the register was not counted, -1 ongoing to [interact with a patron] until the register is counted.

That kind of stuff. Thoughts?
Another Night shift bro here, I worked at a Circle K and a 7-11 for a couple years each, let me tell you guys some things.
Alright first off, some mundane tasks not mentioned
~cleaning and restocking Slurpee, Icy Freeze, whatever brand, machines

~cleaning hot dog rollers, microwaves, checking dates on food items, and keeping time on them. ( Hotdogs and Taquitos are only supposed to be on there for 2 hours MAX but lazy coworkers constantly leave them on too long.Yes, even during the midnight shift.)

~Random police checks, asking if people with certain looks came by, I was in a bad neighborhood.

~Refilling wiper fluids, wiping down the filth from the pumps, keeping the lot snow, trash, mystery fluid free.

~discarding and keeping records of old food being tossed.

~The nightly vendors, Start of the shift, new stock comes in for nonperishables, canned goodies, and candies. At about 4:30 sandwich, doughnut, and bread guy shows up. Every third day, freezer guy at about 1.

~Restocking the drinks, milks, and beers from inside the cooler.

~Every other week, random event, the buffer man shows up, have to oddly stare at him and lock up as he cleans.

~Once a week, supply man shows up, clean mats, TP, cups, lids, the works, also chemicals you use.

~The horrors of cleaning the nacho machine and having to use the chasier safety window during renovations, EVERY CUSTOMER is mad about it.
Sounds pretty good, especially the checklist bit. Unfortunately, I'm not very knowledgeable with game systems to contribute much man.
>If that's what you want to call it.

>>Non Paying Customers: Anyone or anything intent on disruption and destruction.
I think you mean "Unwelcome Guests". Non-paying customers can simply be the kids of that harrassed guy who keeps insisting that he must have a leak in the tank, he always hits empty each time he get near here. Or are they a part of Valued Patrons?

It shouldn't happen ALL the time. Just often enough that the characters aren't sure whether there's an intelligence behind the events or not.

S'all good. I'm doing most of this myself, with you suave cats as a resource and sounding board. Someone requested editing access to the doc earlier and I denied 'em because I'm a faggot who wants to protect his faggot baby.

The great thing about the *World system is that the mechanics start in fiction. Makes it easy to contribute rule ideas even if you don't know a lot about the game mechanics.
Second off some random encounters that happened to me.
~Daily at Circle K a black man in a purple mink coat shows up and stays in the store drinking his coffee at about 4 in the morning, covered in jewelry, very polite, bought most stuff with food stamps, walked to the store, no vehicle, and the store was in the middle of nowhere.

~ Old man who comes over early to set up yard sales next to the store just off our property, tried to sell me, a 6'4 guy, a bright pink girl's bike with tassles and the works. WOULD NOT LEAVE.

~ A naked, homeless man who lived in our dumpster, was found eating garbage, called the cops, turns out he had been hiding in there for weeks, dodging the dump truck.

~ A swarm of 10 Mexican construction workers swarms the store at 2 am, one speaks English, luckily I speak some Spanish, somehow one of them ate an 8 piece microwavable chicken dinner without me or my coworker noticing.

~Slurpee machine on the fritz again, younger guy walks in, heads straight for it, tries to fill a big gulp cup and gets sprayed head to toe with Whiteout Slurpee. Proceeds to run, crying from the store. The guy was in his 20's.

~One of the day shift bitch's exboyfriends begins a mystical quest to come once a week into the store in disguise, take a shit, and smear as much of the shit as possible on walls, cielings, the works. We figured out it was him because he wrote her name on the wall with his shit.

~ Also involving shit, van of geezers pull up, and not one but two of them end up shitting themselves all over the gaspumps.

~A band of 6 hobos bumrush the store, one grabs a 24 back of buds and they run out, all are caught that night except one who hid under an overpass, drank the entire pack, and took himself to the emergency room.

~Frank, my nightly customer, who bought a snickers, and some smokes, and would tell me a different way he wanted to murder, mutilate, or main my boss. He never repeated the same one and it went on for months.
~ The Spainiard, an old spanish guy who would spend over the course of the week close to 500 bucks on lottery tickets, WEEKLY, no idea where he got the money, would not leave normally until the lottery verification machine would shut down late at night.

~Homeless guy who made buttchecks, would patrol the lot looking for cig butts, any long ones he would keep to smoke, the short ones he would toss, would sometimes come inside to ask for free stuff since he did a "service" of collectings butts for himself to smoke.

~ The 24 hour dog, I left the night before putting this hotdog on right before I left, come back at 11, and it is still on, the same one, GLUED to the grill from it's own grease and yuck.

~Deaf mute guy who constantly came into the store to buy taquitos, and cigarettes, would oggle ANYONE who came in, like he was going to rape them.

~ The cane man, guy with those arm cane things, with deformed legs, who would loudly clack through the parking lot, would always buy 4lokos and slurpees and mix them in the lot.

~The mysterious compartments that hold extra stock under shelves, and the weird shit that gets in them. Found money, food, somehow a ice scraper in one.

~ REALLY bad shoplifters, "Alright just drop it and leave", "I didn't take anything", shit falls in a pile at thier feet, as they bolt for the door.
~Had a B-list male pornstar come in with hsi bodyguard, who looked like a wall. He had donated money to a local charity for multiple schlrosis, and they refused to grant him entry to the event because of his job, so he ended up chilling at the 7-11 down the street with me all night. Nice guy.

~Had a clown come in for directions once, so he could get to some kid's birthday.

~ Last one that comes to mind. Old lady with a junker would always pull up, and as soon as she opened her door a pile of shit would fall into the lot, she was a hoarder that her level of hoarding had gotten so bad her car was FULL too. and I mean trash, bottles, wrappers, the works, EVERYWHERE as soon as her door opened.
This is amazing
I'll try to remember some more, but this was 3 years ago, so bear with me.
File: 1394585555677.jpg-(101 KB, 1275x1650, GasStationMap1.jpg)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Okay, well this is pretty shitty /tg/, but I threw together a basic map in excel. Lots of problems like couldn't include grid lines in picture cause they look like shit, dat fuck huge counter, etc., but if you like it I can paste it into a new sheet on the google doc.

Hint: looks a lot better in excel.

Also scaled to 2x1.5 ft
Oh yeah, and I don't know why the numbers skip at the end, whatever I need to go study
File: 1394586441259.jpg-(52 KB, 400x300, image.jpg)
52 KB
Okay this idea might be terrible but here it goes
>I leave the gas station with Bob and Mike to check the reservoir while.
>They are checking the propane cage and taking out the trash respectively.
>As I am dipping the stick in to the gas a crow lands on the gas pump.
>It has three eyes...
>I tell it to shoo
>It screeches as at me and caws "Faaagggottt"
>I just stare at it as it repeatedly calls me a faggot
>It then flys over to Bob and proceeds to call him a faggot
>Mike hasnt seen it yet but he comes around the corner wondering is going on, and ofcourse he gets victimized by the Bird of Faggots
>As it leaves the bird caws "Threeee Threee Faaggotts"
>As it flys into the night we can still hear it cawwing "Faagggottt faagggot faggottt"
>Eventually it is almost out of hearing range when we hear something that chills us to our bones "Fifffttyyy undead faagggottts".
>and with that we gave thanks to the Bird of Counting Faggots, for his valiant cries of faggot warned us and allowed us to prepare for the oncoming undead horde

After typing it this idea seems retarded, but I figure it is a good way to get the players off-guard. I mean a magic crow just flew in, called them all faggots and warned them 50 zombies were coming (maybe ex-gas station employees). You could replace "faggots" with anything I suppose, in my opinion its funnier if it is insulting, just make it so the bird warns them about something in a way that takes them a moment to process, like a kind of omen.
I need to explain my coworkers as well I guess, the majority of the workforce at the 7-11 was female, the other nightshift people who worked some days of the week, some of the days I solo'd, were a lady with a braid of hair down to her ankles, which was no big feat considering she was 4'7, and a 67 year old senile lady named Margarette. Margarette gave no shits about ANYTHING, she would stare down huge angry guys, and tell them to get the hell out, would go stock shelves while customers were standing in line, and made people wait a couple of times so long they would leave. She was the one who discovered the naked hungry hungry hobo.
One day we had a group of about 5 mexican guys run into the store, trying to steal shit, snatch and grab style, Margarette and I chased them out of the store throwing cans of ravioli at them while she called the cops.

We once had a man sneak in behind the coolers. He was trying to wait in the store until we closed, but did not realise 7-11s never close. He eventually wandered out of the cooler in a huff and wandered out, we didn't even know he was in there.

More coming.
Just finished reading, we already got a crow. damn. Just ignore my retarded idea then
No, it's a good idea. Just change it too an owl or something.
"WHOOO are these three faggots?"
This is sort of referency, but meh.

>A classic car, some sort of Rolls Royce or Bentley or something, rolls up next to the gas pumps. Fairly standard, a bit strange that he'd be driving it around this late at night... but on closer inspection, the car is... pretty wrecked. The wheels' tyres are burnt off, the roof has gaping holes everywhere, one of the headlights is completely missing, the other flashing on and off intermittently.

>Out of the car steps a man. One of those guys who thinks he's so cool for wearing sunglasses even at night, dark hair, designer suit. He heads straight in to the station, and after taking a quick look at the tape selection, says if he's anywhere near a place called "Tadfield".

>After finding out he's not, he says he must have taken a wrong turning somewhere, and heads back to his slighty smoking Bentley and drives off again.

....god i didn't realize i was this bad at writing. someone make this good.

Good Omens. Nice reference. But we need fewer references.
>26 people viewing the doc
>Thread is practically dead
I think it's been this way since the first thread m8, it's also a weekday.
I personally like a moderation for references. "Inspired by ____" rather than "Hey guys do you get it, do you get it guyse huh DO YOU!?"
Some of there scenarios/events seem more like short stories guys.

To really squick people out, start filling their character's insides with stuff.
Like porridge with bits innit.
Or a bag of off-brand chips.
Or the still moving hand of a baby.
The fun really takes off when they try to get the stuff out of themselves.

yeah, except that doesn't work.

You're pointlessly killing the PCs in a manner they can do nothing about.

I agree. Creepypastas are fine and a fun read, but they're pretty useless for a game.
File: 1394594628319.jpg-(90 KB, 780x780, 1392926062688.jpg)
90 KB
This MUST be in the doc.
My sides just fused together and blew up my house.

Players start losing their organs, just small ones at first. Where are they going?
This sounds kinda like the Hollow Man. Is that in the doc?

A nearby zoo suffers from a mass-breakout of their animals. Of particular note is an easily amused gorilla...and easily pissed off.
Oh, they can get the stuff out.
It's just really gross or difficult.
Think ipecac or a really bad bathroom break.
New guys please go back and read at least the first thread to get a sense of the tone and setting.
If there is any interest left, maybe a new thread is necessary. However, it was brought up that the current opening thread made things sound less like a homebrewing thread and more like a quest thread, and the main concepts of the setting could be better articulated.
I just didn't want stuff to disappear.

*World Bro, make sure you make a thread when your pdf is finished.
Lolz, i will be playing this game as skeptical stoner for sure, as that was me back in my night shift days.

I chuckled hard.
New thread?
If we start a new thread we need to write up a new and compelling opening post. The last one kept getting mistook for a quest thread, and we could use a good summary of what Night Shift is about to draw in more posters.

I would write it myself, but I have to leave for work momentarily.
Hearing loud cheering and cursing from the back storeroom, you go to investigate. You discover that the door now opens onto a balcony overlooking a crowded pit fighting arena, in which:
>A cockfight is in progress.
>A chess match is in progress.
>Stuffed animals battle for domination.
>Two turtles with knives duct taped to their shells just sort of meander around.
We need a newer, higher profile post, unless everyone's lost interest.

>What is Night Shift?
Night Shift is the collaborative brainchild of some anons on /tg/, a setting and resource for running a horror-game. PC's are employees during the titular night shift at a gas station on the lonely side of nowhere. They must balance the drudgery of their mundane duties and responsibilities with the uncanny, preternatural, supernatural, and paranormal events which seem to happen at this particular gas station.

>Soooo what is it?
There are currently two Night Shift related projects. One is a series of lists and tables that a GM can use to run a game of Night Shift in their system of choice. Each item on the list details an event or NPC that fits the theme of Night Shift.

The other project is a *World derivative being built specifically for playing Night Shift, which includes custom Moves and a resource management system

We'd presumably also include links to the docs.
File: 1394632769938.gif-(1.94 MB, 230x175, yCUCVjp.gif)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
If you don't mind, I'll snag your description there and use it as the new OP, following it up with the resource links and a few of the short stories written up.
To anyone still following along, a new thread has been started:


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