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Has anybody here ever used the abandoned fortress of Koganusan as a dungeon for their players?
File: 1393243547860.jpg-(85 KB, 600x550, Boatmurdered_flame.jpg)
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Yes. I put way to much time in building a map in RPtools. It was fun though. Horrible cannibaldwarves galore. Sanitydamage. The players found a demon, bound in a summoningcircle and it begged them not to break the circle and release it because it was scared of whatever evil lurked in the heart of the mountain. When they tried to sleep the fort spoke to them in dreams. Offering them their hearts desire if they would just wander deeper into the mines by themselves.

I even ran it in the /tg/ setting. Sadly it turned out to just be a oneshot. Fun though.
Jesus Christ

>Ancient ass fortress with an insane population of angry dwarves, being besieged by a combination of goblins and sentient elephants, plenty of cage traps, dead end hallways lined with ballista, and it all starts with the tale of a dwarf in a tavern
Do you still have the map? I am thinking about using it for the group of friends I'm with

The fortress collapsed into insanity and madness less than 20 years after its founding. There was a period of ups and downs with a general decline but the final doom came relatively swiftly.
Unless you have the same assets as me I doubt the .cmpgn file would do you much good.

I could unload my notes if you want them.
Dooo iiit
That's pretty old in Dorf years
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Would /tg/ be interested in storytiem on this? Im currently eating lunch and have a few hours to spare. Would you like the story of The Precarious Compatriots and their journey to the deepest, darkest asshole of evil the world had ever seen?
storytime is always welcome.
Never ask if /tg/ is interested in story time, that answer is obvious

Alrighty then. First things first, I will have to type out the storytiem. But I'll copypaste my notes as filler. Let me know if anything doesn't make sence in there. Second, I picked up a trip. But since my fag levels are relatively ordinary I don't know if this will work, so bear with me.

I wanna start out by introducing the characters.

>Atzin the blue
He is a typical Lizardman Sorceror(Elemental bloodline). The player tried to pull a Spock which resulted in his character just generally sitting around, writing in his journal. Lizardmen in the /tg/ setting, for those who don't know, follow the philosophy/Divinity of PROGRESS!!! and a rite of passage in their society is going on a pilgrimage to learn something new to bring back to the great temples of knowledge.

A Sergal Fighter weilding a Double-sword who generally just was spiky and fiercly independent towards her surroundings. She had a backstory as a lieutenant in the imperial army but her squad as whiped out in a skirmish and she couldn't bring herself to return home untill she tracked down the ones responsible.

>Cale Andrews
A Orphaned Faestir streeturchin turned monk. His character was basically Oliver Twist, if Twist knew Kung-Fu. Sadly he caught a crit to the face early on and spent most of the adventure towards the mountain recovering. Otherwise his character earned his keep as a travelling musician. He also had some backstory about having lost his one true love which I used later when he started hearing her voice echoing though the halls of Boatmurdured.

>Winston C. Greyham
A Faestir Ranger weilding a Blunderbuss. The joke at the table was that the character is so british that he shits the queen. Winston is the epitome of the Gentleman adventurer, He spent most of his time drinking tea, Waxing his mustache and taking care of his reinforced top hat. Besides that his character was a stone cold badass who pulled the party out of the fire more than once.


I read the original boatmurdered thread, and didn't expect it to come up again.

Doo iiitttt!
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Let's see if this thread is here in 8 hours.
>>Atzin the blue
> a rite of passage in their society is going on a pilgrimage to learn something new to bring back to the great temples of knowledge.
>A Sergal
...nope nope nope nope

>>Cale Andrews
> Oliver Twist, if Twist knew Kung-Fu.
>Sadly he caught a crit to the face early on

>>Winston C. Greyham
... alright, that's hilarious, redemption found, all of my continues.
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First note dump. I should say that this was played in pathfinder on a bunch of laptops around a table. Please note that I never inteded to share these so spelling errors and shit is rife in here.

Intro: The Characters have just arrived to Kolusuthar. A small dwarven mining and traning outpost.

E1. A Midnight Burial (CR 7)
"As you sit down to eat your evening meal your peace is disturbed by a bout of shouting"

Kith sits up straight and listenes to the shouting and quietly informs tha characters that he must
attend the burial. If some characters volunteer to go with him (Hopefully they do, otherwise this
scene is wasted.) they will be treated to a slow procession headed by a iron clad priest.
If the characters want to know to which god it is a DC 13 Knowledge religion to identify him as a
priest of The Darkness. There is a short service ended with the opening of a barrel of some
whiskey like alcohol and a round of remenissing. dwarfs start to chime in with stories and
anecdotes but they all end on a sombre note with the phrase.
"He Didn't have enough Iron."
just before everyone gets to speak a bloodcrazed elephant stumbles unto the gathering.
Most dwarfs except the priest flee towards the fortress.
The Elephant remembering it's aincent hatred for the short bastards quickly rampages and tries to kill
everyfucking thing.

If the characters do not follow kith outside they are alerted to danger as he stumbles into
the common room of the inn all out of breath and asks them for their help.
in which case they will see the elephant in direct combat with the priest who tries to defend the coffin
from the vile beats.
The elephant sees only red and powerattacks as much as possible and tries to trample and overrun
as many dwarves as possible, failing that it will attack the characters.

if the characters succede and the Priest survives he rewards them handsomly by healing any wound they
might have.
E2. On The way (Cr 5)
the weather is raining heavy as the characters leave Kosoluthar.
they begin to travel up from the warm steppes up towards the cold mountains.
the thing to note on the first day in the mountains is that the air is thin
and those not acclimated or dressed for cold weather will freeze and possibly damage themselves.
Everyone needs to make a DC 15 Fort check or be fatuiged. Each following day they get +1 to their check.
But for every sucessive failed check they take a -1 in all attributes as the thin air fucks them up.
This damage can be recovered with a full nights sleep in normal conditions.
If the characters are not prepared for the cold climate they will face daily struggles
and may freeze to death. when the Rping seems to slow down,the clouds crack letting in the warming sun bathe the
characters in its counternance a pair Ice Mephit
Besets them.
A total worth of 105 Silver Pieces.
+A Silver Necklace worn by one of the Mephits, It is a small round tablet encrusted with spikes of lead.
upon the surface of the necklace are the picture of a dwarf and a human. The human is laughing
at the dwarf and the dwarf is lying dead on the ground. an DC 15 Appraise check will determine
that the necklace is worth about 55 Sp.
+The other Mephit is wearing a Brass Bracelet as a belt. A DC 13 Aprraise check will determine a
worth of around 25 sp.
+ This Mephit also wears in a pouch tied to the bracelet with string a small piece of Ivory.
Dc 17 Appraise check will determine the worth to be 1 Gp. A failed check will place
the worth at about 40 Sp.
+In the Pouch is also a scroll of Summon monster I in the form of a page ripped out of a spellbook.
Unsellable but quite usefull
File: 1393247628038.jpg-(179 KB, 739x1024, 1312117983786.jpg)
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179 KB JPG
Primarily this is an RP Encounter.
The character runs into a small delegation of dwarves. They are led by Baruin Nurnin.
He is suspicious of the lot. suspecting them of being bandits and troublemakers but with the onset of
night and harsh weather he asks the share camp with them. A DC 17 Diplomacy check will
make him friendly and he will then inform the party that he and his compatriots are journeying to the
west to set up an outpost there and check for usefull minerals in that part of the mountains.
Play the rest of the conversation by ear. He might be interested in the stuff they got from the mephit
with proper persuation. DC 15 check and he will buy them for 50% of their market value. DC 18 he will
buy them for full price. He has some rations and other equipment for sale for the right price.
good Rping will net the players 200 xp in RP reward.

E4.Closing the distance.
As the days turn into weeks. they get closer and closer to Boatmurdured Kith will start to carve
more and more disturbing things into his necklaces and rings. Dwarfs killing dwarfs,
dwarfs screaming as they are crushed by elephants. Elephants who are laughing as they kill murder and
slay.Kith himself will start act more erratically as they close. being introverted and quiet
and exited and talkative the next. sub-consiusly he is feeling the closeness of the accursed place.
in the privacy of his mind he is feeling more and more unsure if this enterprice was wise. He will even
stop making necklaces out of fear for the turmoil he feels. The last Necklace he makes will have
a lone dwarven figure on it screaming in crazed victory while being covered in flames.
That's the first doc. Should keep you guys awhile. Now I go back to typing.
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We open on a coudy day in a small harbourtown. We are introduced to our heroes as they step off a newly arrived ship. Just for expediancy we built the group around the idea that they had met and socialized on the ship and agreed to share the road together, for a time. Looking around the town they realized that town was giving the place alittle to much credit. It was essentially a handfull of houses around a muddy road leading up towards the larger Dwarvern kingdoms. The city itself had a fair number of dwarves but the actual fishing was done by a mixed community of humans and halflings. Looking around they found that the only one inn. A dwarvern in. IE a trapdoor with a small roof built over it and a sign saying a silly and odd name I rolled up on an inn generator.

In the inn we had a small rp scene where we got properly introduced to the party. Cale played some music and earned some dosh. Winston was british. Atzin studied humans and their strange cultural rituals and Benedikta worked on keeping rust of her half-plate. When we where finished with the rping I had a light combat encounter to get the newbies up to speed. The Local town drunk walked up and wanted to pick a fight with Winston, since he didn't like the fany git. Funnily enough the group just RP'd this encounter and acouple of good diplomacy and intimidate checks later they had circumvented my plans. Since i heavily approve of good rp I gave them full XP and imediatly started on the next scene.

A shortbearded Dwarf with strawblond hair approached their table. He said that he had an offer to them and asked if he could sit down. The party agreed, smelling a plothook and the dwarf sat down and began to talk. He informed them that his name was Kith Sividsgun and that he was in need of proficient compaions in a venture he was undertaking. (This is ofcource the same Kith from the writefaggorty on 1d4chan. Tough his story played out alittle diffrently in the game.)


Kith explained that he was going on an expedition to find the fabled kingdom of his forefathers, Kognusan. The short expositiondump here involved a very vauge discription of a dwarf fort, abandoned a mere 20 years after it's founding. Kith had tried to research it's location but the libraries in the dwarvern capital was strangly bereft of any specific information on the subject. This did not deter him however and as soon as he could manage, he took a leave of absence from the merchant house he worked for, gathered as much of his resources as he could and set off. His proposition went as this. He would hire the party at a flat rate of 25 gold per week and he was willing to give them four weeks pay in advance. Also, he promised the party any loot they could find within the fort, provided he was allowed to examine any items found, just incase they where of any perticular use in proving that he was indeed decended from the fort's original settlers. The offer was almost too good to be true so the party agreed and signed a contract. Much to their later dismay.
Pretty sure penny arcade had a podcast where they did yeah
I think it also happened in a LordKat game once.
File: 1393250492004.png-(818 KB, 973x1261, Sergal_Page_Final.png)
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818 KB PNG

This is where my notes begin. The party sleept the night in the dwarvern basement inn and then set off north west, towards dwarvern lands. A day or two of travel and they arrived at the larger trading town/small fort of Kolusuthar. It consisted of a large central indoor marketplace around which the rest of the fort was built. However most of the private dwellings, mines and administration was off limits to outsiders who where only allowed in the marketplace and a few of the permanent stores set up there. As you can see from my notes when the party sits down for the evening their supper is interrupted by what sounds like shouting in the halls outside the inn. Winston, being classically educated knew dwarfish and a good knowledge roll later let him inform the rest of the group that what was going on was a dwarvern burial procession. Kith had to pay his dues to the fallen kinsman and asked the party if they would like to attend. Probably smelling an interesting scene, the party agreed to attend. I loaded a new map, which was a green field outside of the fort where the dwarf cleric, Enoch Firebeard was invoking the sacred rites of The Darkness over the dead dwarf. I had a bunch of npc dwarves standing in a half circle around the priest and the coffin. After Enoch had held his sermon he finished by noting that the dead dwarf hadn't had enough iron. The crowd agreed as a barrel of dwarvern bear was rolled up and Enoch broke it open and filled a tankard. The priest held his tankard high and told a short personal anecdote about the dead dwarf. Then when he was finished he drained his tankard and stepped aside as the other dwarves from the crowed stepped up and did the same. The ceremony was cut short as the silence of night was shattered by the wild trumpeting of a Banebeast. A wild and relatively young elephant had stepped into a trap earlier that day. Wild with pain and hatred it saw the dwarves and could not resist the compulsion to step on them.
File: 1393250823438.png-(517 KB, 3744x4256, boatmurdered_cropped.png)
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In case anyone wants it, this is the last version of the Boatmurdered map that I could find. There's some stuff missing - the lizard monument, for instance - but none of the later updates linked to an image.

It's surprisingly complex, although it doesn't really have anything on Headshoots' shroedingers passages.
We had us a nice little fightscene. The Elephant moved mostly in straight lines, trying to step on fleeing NPCs and powerattacked anyone who came to close. It could've ended badly but due to the elephant powerattacking it had a pretty bad attackroll. Winston felled the beast with a wellplaced shot from his blunderbuss that did a redicolous amount of damage. This was before the release of the Pathfinder rpg setting book so we used the rules from the old 3.5 pathfinder settingbook. A feature of those rules where that guns used exploding dice and Winston's player got into a decent streak which racked up the damage. After the fight Enoch the priest, grateful towards the players for killing the beast, healed their wounds.
I have, in fact, although I didn't make it too terribly overt. I did describe everything in the artifact style, though, which got a chuckle. And I played this in the background as they entered.

They got it was a DF reference, but not Boatmurdered in particular.

The next day, after aquiering some supplies the party set of, over the mountains. We fasttravelled past about a week, making a couple of saves when they wanted to brave a snowstorm and one for dealing with the thin air up there. A majority of them failed their saves so instead of risking freezing to death they got into a cave and waited out the storm. The day after that, they got up to a newly snowcovered pass and the second event from my notes kicked in. A couple of Ice Mephits set of an avalanche which filled the pass and then attacked the party. Screaming in their shrill voices that they must die in the name of the Ice Wizard! They mostly used hit and run tactics to keep out of range from the melee fighters. This did not stop Winston from shooting them out of the sky. However the reload time let them wreck some serious havoc. This was where Cale caught the crit. He was already down some hp from almost freezing to death and a couple of hits from the Mephits. Otherwise it was a pretty unremarkable fight. It really just served the purpose to break up the monotonous overland travel and to introduce a hook that I could use at a later date. I had a vauge idea that the Icewizard had been killed by something and his servants, the Ice Mephits didn't know and just continued to follow the last orders he had given them. I had planned that the party to would later have to deal with other strange beasts escaping from the wizards abandoned tower. But this is besides the point of this story.
>Does /tg/ want to hear a story

Is the pope a lizardman alien catholic?
The next couple of days where fasttravelled past too. Untill we get untill the next event. The meeting with Baruin Nurnin and his company. They are just a company of mercenary adventurer dwarves who I wanted to introduce as a last chance to get supplies for the party incase they ran out of anything or thought of something they wanted. I played this encounter by ear. Mostly Nurnin and his company where reserved, polite but markedly didn't trust these strangers walking over the roofs of his people. After they heard where Kith had them going they where markedly worried and whispered amongst themselves in their tounge. When the groups went their separate ways Nurnin took Winston aside and informed him that only grief would come out of looking for Kognusan.

As the group continued to travel for about another week or so. During this time they slowly noticed a change in Kith. When they camped in the evenings he would almost always work on these small amulets. Seemingly for his own amusement as they travelled. The closer they got to the fort the more erratic he would become. Usually he was very excited and talkative, for a dwarf. But as they neared they came he would go into moods, sometimes he wouldn't speak to anyone for days on end. Other times he would look as if he was vibrating with excitement and couldn't shut up even if they told him. Thoughout all of this, he stopped carving amulettes and when they passed a mountainstream the party noticed that he tossed the bag containing his tools and amulets he had finished into the waters.

The Journey came to an end when they finally came upon a wooded dale where they could see, in the distance ruins of gigantic statues and the burned and an ancient bonelittered battlefield in front of a set of gigantic copper doors, set into the side of the mountain.

I'll return and tell of the strange things which they found within the accursed halls, but I really want to eat dinner.
File: 1393254862668.gif-(4.82 MB, 500x275, 839385081.gif)
4.82 MB
4.82 MB GIF

Beautiful tale, don't leave us, gloriious bard
Im still here. Just cooking my food is all. I'll be back and finish this story. You have my word as a kingsman!
Chapter 2: Into The Deep.
>As night falls you finally see the fabled walls of Kognûsan. A small, overgrown path leads down the mountain into the valley.

Moving down into the valley the party decided to hurry their steps to reach the gates. The skies over their head where filled with ominously dark clouds and they could hear the tumble of thunder in the distance. Setting off they soon found the remains of what must have been a paved road that lead to an old overgrown stone bridge over a small river which bisects the valley. Following this road they reached the Gates of Boatmurdured about an hour after sunset. There where still some light on the sky but night was falling quickly. The gates where smeared with what the party assumed was ancient red paint formed into runes. Sadly no one succeded with their check and no one, not even Kith could read them. My notes fail me here. But if memory serves the text should've read "Closed untill further notice by order of the Overseer."

With the onset of night Kith revealed that he had the key to the gates. Handed down from father to son in his family. After some searching the party located a cleverly hidden smaller door in the gates. After Kith unlocked it, the door swung open with a noticable lack of creak. Just then a great wind came down and blew past the party. Echoing hollowly through the halls of the keep.
They where met with a gigantic, hall stretching away into the darkness. I prompted the party to light their torches and after they did, I continued. What they saw was the hall, broad and long with many sidepassages stretching away in all directions. Everything where made of finely carved stone and looked as if someone had let a mad stonecarver loose to decorate it. The walls, the floor, the pillars, and probably the celing was covered in ancient pictograms, runes and symbols of diffrent kinds. Kith, sweating and delirious with excitement started to examine the runes and informed the group that they told the history of the fort. He showed them where pictograms told the story of the forts founding, it's first years and the war against the goblin and elephant horde. Kith announced that when they had set up camp and slept, they should look for the Overseers office.
Unknown to the players, the light of their torches had attracted the attention of the denizens of the fort. Sad remnants of the few surviving dwarves who had been locked in when the fort was abandoned. Degenerate foul creatures only bearing a vauge resemblance to their noble kin. They didn't want to approach strangers in full daylight, being by nature cowardly scavangers. They hid in the darkness and watched the party from afar. Waiting for someone to walk away from the group or to catch them in a narrow corridor.

Seeing as they had travelled for many days to reach this place. The party quickly looked over the rooms nearest the door and found one which was strangely empty of any furniture or decorations. Save for a row of old shields along one wall. Surmising that this was probably a guardroom for the gateguards the party got in and barricaded the door behind them. Setting up camp to sleep. No one got much sleep that night, but they could not really put their finger on why. The halls outside the door where quiet, save for the occationall whistling of a gale passing by through the open door. I let them roll Will checks to see if the influence of the fort could keep them awake. Cale was the only one who didn't pass. In his dream he saw his beloved just as the streetthugs beat him down and took her down an alley. Screaming his name all the while. He remembers how broken he had been when the city watched fished her corpse out of the river the next day. Being beset by such nightmares. He opted to stay up the entire night instead. Listening to the wind.

The next day the group got right into the swing of searching the fort. In one of the rooms closest to the door they found a chaotic stack of all sorts of weird stuff.
> You see a great menangerie of Haphazardly stacked items.

If you are familliar with the Boatmurdured game, you know that close to the door, there is a room that was set as a storageroom by the first player and no one changed it after that. So there are tons of weird stuff just chucked in there. I let the players search the stacks for 1d20 minutes and then gave them one of a small set of items I had prepared beforehand. The players spent an hour or two searching the stack and they found:
> Empty wooden scabbard
> Set of Masterwork artisans tools
> A Masterwork Handaxe
> Iron toy hammer(Small warhammer) engraved with "Ducimudos Kal Fikod" on the side.
> A small toy forge set, including a small anvil.
> A fine set of Catbone Armor
Searching the stacks however shifted the weight around and freed a damaged Stone golem. It looked like a dwarf made of stone, about twice as big as an ordinary human. It had bright glowing eyes and had no legs left, so It had to drag itself foward. Long ago it had gotten a command to protect the room from invaders so It attacked the characters and drove them from the room. Not wanting to tangle with a goddamn golem the party descided to leave it alone. Even if I thought I strongly indicated that it was weakened and fragile. Oh well. They turned around and started exploring in another direction.

This was when three desparate cannibal dwarves came out of the dark and attacked. More or less the party had stumbled ontop of them when they ran away from the golem. A quick, frantic fight ensured as the dwarves took out the lightsource and relied on their darkvision to hide them. I used the stats for Morlocks out of the bestiary. So the cannibals tried to flank as much as possible and stay hidden to sneak attack. The party made short work of one and the others ran away.
As they passed a specific wall I read them the flavourtext.
>You come across a partly destroyed murial. The colour is badly faded and the murial is covered in soot.
Scraping away the soot they found a mural depicting the epic struggle between a Fire Imp and a dwarvern peasant. Decorating the wall, where Rubies set into the wall and surrounded by faded painted flames. It looked as if the Imp was throwing the rubies towards the peasants. Their greed awakened the party let Cale examine the wall for traps. However since he nor anyone else in the party had any rogue levels and not that great a perception. They didn't notice the trap set into the stones. When they tried to pry a ruby from the wall. It exploded and damaged them slightly. This was enough of a surprise however so they didn't try to get the other ones.

As they continued to explore they passed another mural.
>You see a great murial depicting dwarfs getting their heads stomped, smashed and mauled by elepants.You count that there are 86 Dwarf dead in total.
There where no trap here. But the party was suspicious enough that no one wanted to examine the mural.
Moving along the main hall and looking through doorways and briefly into tunnels they came to a odd room filled with huge phosphoresent fungi. Suspecting shenanigans on my part they slammed the door and continued on their way. The Fungi released some hallucenogenic spores and openind the door ensured that those standing closest to it got a good lungfull. I didn't call for any saves because I didn't want to raise any suspicion, instead opting to wait untill they tucked in for the night.

There was supposed to be a throwaway encounter with an Ogre that somehow wandered into the caves. It was pretty hungry since the cannibals stayed away from it and left nothing to eat behind. It was kinda fun describing crunching sounds echoing down a dark tunnel and the players looking at eatchother with fear on their faces. They promptly left that tunnelmouth and continued on their way.
Looking into a big room, covered in the remains of furniture the players saw the following.
>A small pack of Mangy wolves are feasting upon a dwarf carcass.
In the remains of what used to be the forts dininghall a pack of rabid, degenrate wolves had been trapped. They mostly survived by hunting the morlock dwarves. The fight was short and brutal, resulting in serious damage being inflicted on Winston and Atzin. However, in the wreckage and detritus of the room they found their first, and only magic item.
> A Shortword, along the blade of the sword is incribed a name. "Unib" the sword itself is of superior craftsmanship. The blade is made from obsidian with the guard and pommel is made from Ivory.
A History roll revealed that this was the the blade of the legendary Elephant slayer Unib Besmarlaltur. The blade itself had taken on its masters hatred for the dread beasts and counted as Bane (elephant) +1. Also they found some stained and blackened silverware which they took with them.
Deciding to end their excavation for the day and spend the rest of the day nursing their wounds I asked the players who had stood close to the door to the fungal room to make a fortitude check. I described the shadows looking alittle bit darker, more menacing. As if they all contained unknown assailants, waiting for their time When they returned to the guardroom Winston and Benedikta had succumb to a strange fever and where rambling incoherently about moving shadows. This is when I called for a Perception check from the none-drugged players. Atzin made it. So I described how we detected, just on the edge of hearing. A deranged, throaty chuckle.
File: 1393262903944.jpg-(74 KB, 438x483, thicken.jpg)
74 KB
Quickly turning around, the blue lizardman saw a shape standing in a dark corner. Roughly the size and form of a human the thing had blazing red eyes and seemed to be made of solid darkness. We rolled for initiative and Atzin and Cale where in for the fight of their goddamn life. The wraith moved up and tried to drain away all their con while Atzin cast all of his spells as magic missiles and then turned to his staff. Cale engaged the foul creature in hand to hand. Almost resulting in his death. But even more than that. What disturbed Cale even more was when the thing looked into his eyes. Then he could here a voice in his head. It was the voice of his beloved, asking him why he had abandoned her. Bloody, beaten, drugged and on deaths door from wraith inflicted CON damage, the party descided to retreat from the dungeon entirely and camp in the woods up the valley.

This night was not much better than the last one. While the characters where discussing their plans I placed alot of canibal dwarves around the camp site, but on the GM layer of the map and then. At opportune moments I would reveal them for a moment. To unnerve players who immediatly wanted to roll perception checks. But no matter how thuroughly they searched. They found no traces of anyone besides themselves.
Boatmurdered in itself would make a horrible dungeon.

The fortress itself wasn't very big (considering they had only one z-level to work with at the time and the planning of it was horrible at best.)

It'd be harder to get into the fortress then out. Considering the lava-death-canon and elephants roaming around.
They spent a few days outside the fort. Examining the surroundings and recovering their strenght. They found the remains of the geco statue. Covered in long cooled magma. Sadly they didn't examine the statue in great detail since It had a couple of tons of gold on it. But hindsight is 20/20.
When they finally decided that they couldn't put it off anymore they gathered their courage and ventured, again into the halls of Boatmurdured.
>Sergals and Faestir

Your fag levels are off the charts if anything.
Moving quickly passed the parts of the dungeon they had already explored. They came to a bridge, spanning a subterranian river. As they approached it however I informed them that they could hear the echoing faint sound of a little girl, singing to herself. Then I played this.

Gulping hard. The party moved together along the shore of the river and tried to locate the source of the singing. What they found was a small Dwarvern girl. Her chin barely covered in down. Playing with a bleached skull under the bridge. Calling to her, she looked up and asked them who they where in a friendly manner. She seemed quite unaffected by her surroundings and when the players asked her what she was doing down here. She told them that she lived here with her family. When they asked if she meant the cannibal dwarves, she said that they where meanieheads. She said she meant the persons who where all white and lieing all over the halls. The party figured out she meant the skulls. Not being the sort of people to leave a child in these horrid halls they took her with them and continued to examine the halls.
They continued along the halls untill they found a general area that seemed to be some sort of mausoleum Small rectangular doors decorated only with ancient runes. They where the tombs of the Overseers. Looking over the doors the party found the following text.
>Please use the provided chains to tether trained mandrills, to guard my bones from thieves and vandals, Ps that last part kind of rhymes.

Most of the tombs where sparcely decorated, or looked as if they used to be lavishly decorated but had the decorations hastily taken away. Only two tombs where of note. The tomb of Reguib "Torrete dogge" Gloverags and the tomb of the empress. Her name lost to time she was only remembered by her nickname. Starkravingmad. Who in her madness had tried to drink molten stone. Searching Reguib's tomb revealed it to be trapped and probably where all the decorations had gone. Cracking open the casket revealed the Overseer Reguib must have been a greedy soul and the party found some interesting items. Notably a beautiful statue of a donkey, studded with all sorts of gems. And a pair of leather gloves inscribed with the picture of a horse. The horse was screaming.

The tomb of Starkravingmad however contained only an empty coffin. Unlike all the others who atleast contained bones.
Returning to the central hall and arguing about what to do next the party where alerted to the presence of luminous eyes in the dark. Watching them. They correctly guessing that these where more cannibal dwarves they decided to draw their weapons and make some noise in the hopes of driving them away. Crit fail on the intimidate check. More eyes showed up. Just around the time when the players where bricking themselves I called for them to roll initiative. It was a massive brawl. Morlocks more or less tossing themselves on their swords but also tearing in to them in a way I was not expecting. I admit that this is pretty deus ex machina. But I didn't want a TPK on my hands so right in the fray of battle I asked them to make a perceptioncheck. Those who suceeded where told that they could see light as of a great fire coming from the mouth of a tunnel and a scream of absolute agony and anguish cut through the din of battle. Half of the cannibals fled righ there. But enough of them stayed. The following round the figure of a dwarf clad in chainmail and boots, entirely on fire came out of the tunnel. Seeing the cannibals and the party. The burning dwarf screamed again, it's powerful voice ringing in everyones ears. It tossed itself unto the back of a cannibal, bringing it to the ground and proceeds to violently bash its head into the floor.
The burning dwarf, stands up slowly and looks at the party. As if it's thinking about how to murder them. They turned around and ran. They ran all the way towards the door and slammed it shut behind them. It was right then that they noticed something. Kith who had been in a quiet mood was not with them.

That's where the story end, sad to say. One of the players where only in town over the summer to visit his girlfriend and even if we keep contact. Playing online just isn't the same. We always talk about continuing the game but we all know that too much time has passed.
thanks for the storytime dude
Don't mention it man. It was pretty fun writing it down and remembering it again.
Thanks for that. A terrible shame it ended on such a cliff hanger.

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