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>What is this?

The King of Fighters Quest is a "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style quest in which you take on the role of Katja Hartkern, an Austrailian Aborgine practioner of Kyokugen Karate. It is up to the players to guide her on a day-to-day (Sometimes longer) basis towards joining a team and preparing for the upcoming martial arts extravaganza, "The King of Fighters: Infinite Match".

Along the way, she'll make friends and enemies alike, explore the city of South Town and maybe, JUST maybe, discover more about herself... All very "Slice-Of-Life" for sure, but even the most grizzled of combatants can't fight EVERY day of the week... (Can they?)

The goal of this quest? Simple: To WIN IT ALL... Or, at the very least, try not to look like a fool in front of millions watching around the world; Plus, you wouldn't mind trying to use your possible new-found fame to get a job or a house to call your own somewhere out there...

>The Rules:


>Previous Thread:


>Contact Information:


>UPDATED Stats Page:



After a serene, dreamless sleep, your morning started off with a scare, as you briefly thought that a bomb was planted in your dry-cleaned clothes; However, it turned out only to be a pocket-watch that belonged with one of the clerks that worked at the head receptionist's desk... From there, you had quite possibly the most "Normal" day of your life: You worked out fairly hard (Doing almost 3+ Hours of Tai-Chi, among other things), successfully created a bank account at "JLCarruthers & Steele" (On the advice of Robert Garcia), ordered some saddlebags for your Motorcycle and "Talked Shop" with Terry Bogard at the Pao-Pao Cafe after watching a rather odd fight between a Matador and the strangest-looking Fencer you've ever seen (Actually Jean-Claude Gabriel, the CEO of "The Paragon Group") before heading back home...
File: 1392483958642.jpg-(71 KB, 708x1000, c974939039db7e27d9339e157(...).jpg)
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However, the players then took on the role of "Blue Mary" Ryan while Katja slept, setting up an unfortunat sequence of events as she, along with Seth, Ramon & Vanessa (AKA "The Agents Team") investigated a possible connection in an ongoing string of cases revolving around a woman that had ties to "The Paragon Group" (Bizuki Iijima) and the mysterious disappearance of a shadowy figure in the underworld at-large (Ron, the Traitor of the Hizoku Clan), leading the four of you out to a seemingly-abandoned Amusement Park in the dead of night...

Unfortunately, the mission was a disaster in her eyes as "The Agents Team" were cut down in the line of duty while Mary squared off with Bizuki... Or did she? Though Mary fought valiantly and had vanquished her foe, the anguish and pyschic trauma of losing her commerades (Along with experiencing her head explode) left her catatonic when "The Agents Team" actually arrived on the scene, not finding a scratch on her body as it was revealed that this was all was a ploy Bizuki had created to try and force Mary to stop her mounting investigation of "The Paragon Group's" shadier business practices...

At that point, the focus shifted back to Katja as the players took a look at her psyche, following her on a dream that could be best described as the "Beat'em Up" Equivalent of the movie "Tron", with Fiona Graves and Tsuyako Horikawa joining you through a hazy, generally bizarre "Not-South Town" as the three of you cheerily wreacked havoc along the way, though you had woken up after attempting to activate her "Shōmei-ō Katja" abilities in her sleep...
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Let's kick this off with the Vote from the Previous Round, shall we?

>A. Rub on your abdomen some more to see if you can ease the pain, then go back to sleep and try to reconstruct the dream you were having (Roll 2d100 for Luck in stretching out your cramped stomach muscles and Luck in recreating your dream)

>B. Stretch your abs out and try to drift back to sleep... You feel like sleeping today. (Roll 2d100 for Luck in getting the cramps to stop and Luck in getting some more sleep)

>C. >C. Slowly get out of bed, get down on the carpeted floor and try to do some Hyperextensions on your back to "Warm Up", then do some Sit-Ups to try and work out the pain (Roll 2d100 for Dexterity, Strength)

>D. Rustle up your lap-top and see if you can research what exactly is going on with your stomach this morning? (Roll 1d100 for Luck in finding information about theses symptoms)
>>B. Stretch your abs out and try to drift back to sleep... You feel like sleeping today. (Roll 2d100 for Luck in getting the cramps to stop and Luck in getting some more sleep)
Huh. I'm actually here at the start of a quest thread.
I didn't think that was a thing that happened.
Streeeetch. C be tempting, but I detect bad happenings in that direction.
Rolled 93, 2 = 95

And we're off to a bad start. Rollan.
File: 1392485599699.gif-(141 KB, 752x224, OtEZC.gif)
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141 KB GIF
Rolled 34, 46 = 80


Rolling Against... Because, you know, being a QM and all.

>Days until "The Infinite Match": 13

>Date: Thursday, May 17th

>Time of Day: 5:05 AM

You take a few breaths as you start to slowly stretch out your abdominals, trying to get rid of the ache in your sides that has been plaguing you all night... After about about 15 minutes, the pain starts to subside a little bit, though you don't really fall alseep as you feel an uneasyness overcome you as you lay in bed, resting your eyes as you try to dream...

Unfortunately, you don't quite regain a dream-like state in your mind and you get out of bed in a huff at 7 AM, reliving yourself in the next-door bathroom before noticing that you've got Three new text messages and Two new Voice Mails...

>A. Check your messages and see what's up; You've got a bad feeling about this... (Roll 1d100 for Luck that it's nothing to worry about)

>B. Start early with some streches, then Meditate for an hour or so to clear the pain in your head and body (Roll 2d100 for Luck that the pain will disa[[ear and "Clear of Mind"; Rolls of 50 & More on the second field will increase all Non-Combat Stats by 1; "Nat 100's" will increase them by 2)

>C. Check in with the front desk and ask if anyone might've tried to contact you while you slept; The amount of messages on your phone might be part of something BIG (Roll 1d100 for Luck that no one's looking to talk to you)

>D. Get dressed, head down to the Cafe Downstairs and see if you can find something to eat that won't screw with your stomach (Roll 2d100 for Luck in getting something to eat and Luck in having your food agree with your stomach)
Rolled 2

>A. Check your messages and see what's up; You've got a bad feeling about this... (Roll 1d100 for Luck that it's nothing to worry about)
File: 1392488776153.png-(103 KB, 768x384, AOF2 Eiji Stage.png)
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103 KB PNG
Rolled 20


Rolling for Maluses...
Rolled 65

>>A. Check your messages and see what's up; You've got a bad feeling about this... (Roll 1d100 for Luck that it's nothing to worry about)
Not good. Almost certainly not good.
Of course "Blue Mary is in a coma" wouldn't sound good. How would you spin that?
"Good news, everyone! Your friend Mary has decided it's time for some well-earned rest. Makes a nice change, you know the poor dear has a tendency to overwork herself."
...what? It's true. Technically. Look at it right, you can spin anything.
Appologies for the delay; Lost my post for whatever reason...


You head over and grab your phone, listening in to the messages first after punching in the digits for your answering service; The first one is from Shermie of all people, telling you that the initial "Test-Run" of catalogues you had posed for sold out and had booked an "Autograph Session" on Sunday, asking you to join her, Mai, Cheng Sinzuan's Wife Anne, Fiona & Tsuyako, as Shermie mentions that the other girl that had been with all of you isn't answering her calls...

You feel a little bit better after hearing that, but your mood changes when you hear the next message, Terry Bogard sounding ragged as all-hell as he explains "Hey... Uh, I think we're gonna have to postpone that sparring session we talked about; Mary's in the hospital and it ain't looking good" he pauses, sounding like he's been up all night before adding "She's at the Kagura Clinic on the southeast part of town, but don't try to call me back; I'm calling you from a payphone right now..." before abruptly hanging up.

Your heart starts pumping and your mind races as you start to get dressed, checking your text messages to see two of them from King, telling you that she's got today off and wants to go clothes-shopping with you as Yuri's still sick enough to stay at home, though you pause and scratch your head at the third message from an "Unavailable" number, which reads:

"You're Already Dead. Your Friends are Dead. Your Family's Dead. Your fucking Pets are being Skinned Alive. Your Mom's a Fucking WHORE. You suck at Life. The Whole World HATES YOU. You're going to Hell because you have no Soul. DEAL WITH IT."
Wow I know bieber fans are crazy but damm

>A. Finish getting dressed, go get some grub from downstairs and slip back into your riding leathers when you're done; You'v got to get to the hospital ASAP! (Roll 4d100 for Luck in getting something to eat, Luck in having your food agree with your stomach, Speed for getting to The Kagura Clinic and Luck dealing with Traffic, Cops and other "Roadside Hazards")

>B. Call up the head desk, hold ALL CALLS to your room and head out to the clinic (Roll 2d100 for Speed for getting to The Kagura Clinic and Luck dealing with Traffic, Cops and other "Roadside Hazards")

>C. Do some stretches, get your blood pumping with a quick jog on the treadmill, thengo out to the hospital (Roll 4d100 Speed & Strength on the Treadmill, Speed for getting to The Kagura Clinic and Luck dealing with Traffic, Cops and other "Roadside Hazards")
Rolled 76, 60, 66, 29 = 231

Rolled 39, 87 = 126

>>B. Call up the head desk, hold ALL CALLS to your room and head out to the clinic (Roll 2d100 for Speed for getting to The Kagura Clinic and Luck dealing with Traffic, Cops and other "Roadside Hazards")
Screw the food. Time to move.
File: 1392493354414.jpg-(41 KB, 700x1304, takumac1.jpg)
41 KB
Rolled 54, 17, 11, 61 = 143


Hmm... TIE Declaration, or Combine and Roll for Maluses? ... Tough call, even for a QM. (Rolling for Maluses just in Case...

You quickly slip on some Blue Jeans, a T-Shirt and pull your motorcycle leathers over them, noting that you'll probably have to wash them soon but pay no mind as you get your Wallet, Phone & Helmet, putting on your boots and gloves before heading down to the lobby.

You head over the front desk, asking them to hold all of your calls as you note a Tall, Built Black Man in suspenders and a Tie, looking like he might be a stockbroker or a lawyer if it weren't for the white mohawk...

You glance at him for a moment, wondering if he's another hitman sent to take you out as you decide to skip breakfast and head down to the parking garage, leading your would-be assasin with you before you turn and put up your defense, waiting for him to try and attack you, though he instead crosses his arms at shakes his head, chuckling a little.

"What's so bleedin' funny Mr. T?" you ask him, Seth looking at you and sighing.

"I heard from Mary that you were paranoid, but DAMN... You really have had a tough time huh?"

"Mary?" you think to youself before replying "Yeah, you'd feel the same way too after the third guy tried to kill you in a month... So you heard about Mary going to the hospital?"

Seth nods, then replies "We found her last night, started going through her contacts and found you... If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to ask you some questions about her."

You mull it over for a second or two, then ask "What's your affiliation with her?"

"I'm her boss back at the agency" Seth replies, then adds "Now start talking."

>A. Talk to Seth and tell him what you know about Mary; He seems trustworthy... Then head down to the Kagura clinic.

>B. Refuse to talk, but tell him that you don't feel comfortable down here and ask him to reschedule a meet-up date so you can tell him all you know (Roll 2d100 for Diplomacy & Luck)

>C. Refuse to talk and get on your bike, then ride down to the Kagura Clinic.
"How do I know you're not lying? I've never met you before, and I could be feeding intel to the wrong guy. That's how all these spy movies go, don't they? How do I know you work with Mary?"

"Kay... Before I start talkin'. How do I know you're not lying? I've never met you before and I could be feeding intel to the wrong guy... That's how all these spy movies go, don't they? How do I know you work with Mary?" you ask, leaning up against a Concrete wall before Seth pulls out his wallet, handing you a photo of him, Vanessa, Ramon & Blue Mary in Riot Squad gear, posing outside of a dilapated house with the Blue & Red of police lights bouncing off of there faces.

You study the photo a little, then see Seth hand you a few more photos, explaining "We've been working together for quite a while now... Though I can't exactly tell you about some of the missions we've done; Gotta keep protocol and all."

>A. Agree to speak to Seth, but not right now; You want to see Mary in person and set-up a "Secure Location" on another day (Just to prepare your information correctly, if anything else) (Roll 3d100 for Diplomacy, Speed for getting to The Kagura Clinic and Luck dealing with Traffic, Cops and other "Roadside Hazards")

>B. Refuse to talk to him and make tracks to the Kagura Clinic (Roll 2d100 for Speed for getting to The Kagura Clinic and Luck dealing with Traffic, Cops and other "Roadside Hazards")

>C. Invite him up to your room, tell the Head Desk to not be disturbed and ask for the conditions and terms of your information before you tell him what Mary told you about her case (Roll 2d100 for Diplomacy & Luck)
Rolled 25, 57, 35 = 117

>>A. Agree to speak to Seth, but not right now; You want to see Mary in person and set-up a "Secure Location" on another day (Just to prepare your information correctly, if anything else) (Roll 3d100 for Diplomacy, Speed for getting to The Kagura Clinic and Luck dealing with Traffic, Cops and other "Roadside Hazards")
It's a healthy middle ground between the other two, and probably the best fit, but I must admit, I'm choosing this purely for maximum shenanigans in potentia.
Rolled 15, 74, 97 = 186

File: 1392498759110.jpg-(27 KB, 470x1200, seth2000fix.jpg)
27 KB
Rolled 25, 55, 99 = 179


Rolling for Maluses.

"OK, you got me, I'll talk... But not today and not here; I want a secure location before I talk about all of this" you reply, crossing your arms at him and standing firm by your offer.

Seth takes a look at you, wondering if you've watche too many spy movies before saying "Fine... You've got a deal" as he whips out a pen and a pad, then hands you a post-it note, looking over his phone number before explaining "Take a long look at this phone number, then burn this note and expect a call early tomorrow... I'm Agent Seth, by the way", holding his hand out to shake yours, sealing the deal between the two of you.

"Nice to meet you" you reply, accepting his hand shake before asking "You got a light? I don't smoke."

"Me either... I figured you were the type that did" Seth admits, but reminds you to burn the note as he walks back up to the hoel lobby upstairs.

"Lord, I hope she's alright..." You hear yourself sigh, then put on your helmet on and ride off to the Kagura Clinic, joining the flow of traffic and eager to see how Mary's doing... Maybe a little TOO eager, as you see a police crusier switch on their lights and pull behind you, flashing them as you start to slow down and wonder what you should do...?

>A. Pull over and get ready to bust some ass just in case they try anything on you like last time (Roll 4d100 for Luck that it doesn't come to blows, Speed, Attack Damage & Evasion if it DOES... [IE If the Luck roll is high enough, the other three voting fields don't apply])

>B. Try to swing into China Town or back into South Town's inner city and try to ditch them (Roll 3d100 for Speed, Luck in dealing with traffic & Stealth)

>C. Pull over and pray that they'll let you off with warning after you explain that you're on your way to the Kagura Clinic down the street to visit "Blue Mary" (Roll 2d100 for Diplomacy & Luck that they'll "Buy" your explanation)
Rolled 98, 97 = 195

>C. Pull over and pray that they'll let you off with warning after you explain that you're on your way to the Kagura Clinic down the street to visit "Blue Mary" (Roll 2d100 for Diplomacy & Luck that they'll "Buy" your explanation)
Don't say Blue Mary off the bat.
File: 1392502270589.png-(35 KB, 130x149, Untitled (5).png)
35 KB
Rolled 32, 87 = 119


>Dem Rolls

Rolling for Maluses...

You pull over to the side of the road, expecting the worse but breathing a sigh of relief as you see the Police Cruiser fly past you, sirens wailing and a few other cars pulling over to the side of the road.

"Thank god for that" you think to yourself as you head to the Kagura Clinic without much incident, though the density of traffic this morning is enough to keep you on your toes as you pull into the familiar-looking parking lot, seeing Terry's car and the BMW Mai Shiranui drove around in parked next to one another, pulling up to Terry's ride before heading into the clinic itself, spotting Terry Bogard sprawled out on a few of the sitting benches and his brother up at the receptionist's desk.

You wait until he's done talking with her until you approach him, watching Andy Bogard turn around and greet you.

"Nice to see you come out at a time like this" he tells you, a slightly cool grin on his face.

"Well yeah, I consider a good friend of mine... But how's she doin'?" you ask, bracing yourself for the worst...

"Hard to say; The Doctors I talked to are being pretty coy, though her physical injuries seem to be minor at best" he explains, pausing before adding "Her mental and psychological injuries, on the otherhand..."

"Say no more; I've been through the same kind of thing all too often..." you reply, then ask "Is she taking visitors?"

"Not yet... She's awake and breathing, but she's not responding to anyone right now" Andy morosely replies, quietly adding "And Terry's a mess right now over her, so try not to bring it up too much."

You tlook over your shoulder and see Terry sleeping relatively soundly, then snap-back to Andy and reply "Gotcha... You know him better than I do after all."

Andy nods as Mai heads out from the ladies room, dressed almost conservatively for her (Turtleneck sweater that practically hangs off of her torso like it wasn't there despite not showing any real skin, Sunglasses and a pair of jeans that look almost like body-paint on her) as she yawns, drowsily muttering "If I'd known that they weren't taking visitors, I wouldn't have gotten up this damn early" before regaining her "Normal" cheery self at the sight of you.

"Hey! Good to see you Katja" she cheerily says, your face trying not to be disgusted at her fakeness and idly wondering once again exactly WHY Andy puts up with this chick (Aside from the most obvious reasons)...

"Yeah, it's cool to see you too" you tell her, then ask "So, I heard that the catalogue we posed for went down like a hurricane in a tea cup, yeah?", trying to quickly change the sunject, if only to focus on something positive right now...

"Yeah, it sould out in 4 hours!" Mai beams, adding "And almost EVERYONE was wondeing who you were" she adds with a slightly jealous grin.

"C'mon now, you havin' a giggle sunshine?" you joke, scarcely believing that you'd be attractive to the "Average Joe", then jesting "Besides, I'd think even a dog could look good in one of those suits."

"Yeah, keep saying that... So! You gonna do that gig with Shermie and us on Sunday?" She asks, Andy rolling his eyes and telling her "But I thought we going out that night? Before we go off and train, I mean..."

"It'll only be a few hours" She turns to tell him, then asks "So, how're you diong today?"

"Eh, usual insainty I guess... Dealing with CIA Whack-Jobs, clothes shopping..." you pause, putting up a hand to your chin before remembering "Oh yeah, I've got a Doctor's appoint ment soon, don't I?"

"Oh yeah, King told me about that..." Mai tells you, then asks "You mind if I tag along? You know, second oppinion and all that stuff...". sounding a little bit lonely for some reason even as Andy stands next to her...

>A. Tell her "Yes", say your goodbyes and head down to China Town; You've go an accupuncture appointment in Half an Hour!

>B. Gracefully Decline and get going to China Town, slipping Terry your phone number and a note telling him you'll talk later.

>C. Tell her that "It's up to you sweetie, but I've got to get goin" and ride down to China Town.

>(Roll 2d100 for Speed in getting to "The Sleeping Dragon" Pharmacy in China Town and Luck dealing with Traffic, Cops and other "Roadside Hazards" regardless of Voting Option chosen)

Gotta Commute Home; Should be back to Roll for Maluses in an hour or so...
Rolled 50, 90 = 140

>A. Tell her "Yes", say your goodbyes and head down to China Town; You've go an accupuncture appointment in Half an Hour!
Besides, Terry and Katja already exchanged numbers.
File: 1392511198600.gif-(99 KB, 752x360, Aof2chinatownbg.gif)
99 KB
Rolled 77, 39 = 116


Rolling for Maluses.

"Sure... I'll be at "La Illusion" at Noon, like she had told me" you reply, then add "And I'm really I gotta go so soon."

"It's no problem" Andy tells you as he shakes your hand.

"Yeah, not a lot to see either, to be honest..." Mai adds as you give her a quick hug, quickly whispering "I'm just just worried I'll be next or something" in your ear.

"Hey, don't try to tempt fate now" you reply with a chuckle, adding "And I'm not exactly a lucky charm either; I'm almost thinkin' 'bout adding a tatoo of a 13 or Black or somethin', considering my luck."

Mai smirks at you and Andy knowingly nods as you turn around and start to walk towards the exit, though you turn back around after a half-step and tell Andy "When Terry wakes up, send him my best awright?"

"No problem" he replies as you smile, then briskly walk out of the clinic and hop on your motorcycle, joining the ever-expanding stream of traffic as the "Early-Morning Rush-Hour" commute starts to flare up here and there as you curse yourself for forgetting something so important today...

Though there were some moments that could almost be described as "Close Shaves", you make into China Town and take back-alleys and side-streets, pulling up to the alleyway behind "The Sleeping Dragon", catiching Shen Woo blast on a reinforced hanging heavybag, each one of his punches rocking it back and forth and looking like the mounting bracket that holds the thing in place might snap.

He stops in mid-routine to turn and smile at you, stretching his neck a little as he yells "You're here early huh?"

"Nah, just on Time Mate..." you reply, taking off your helmet & gloves before asking "Wait, I'm not pencilled in for noon today am I?"

"Nah, just fuckin' with you; The Old Man's inside waiting for you" Shen answers, then turns around and starts working the heavy bag again.

You nod and run down the allyway parallel to the pharmacy, rounding the corner and heading inside to see Dr. Lee Pai Long dusting the Manekei Neko on one side of his storefront, wearing the mask you had seen him in last and precariously posed on a small stack of chairs...

You corteously wait for him to finish dusting it and you watch him gracefully hop down to the floor, seeing him nod at you and say "Right on time again? ... You must really understand the meaning of these sessions."

"Yeah... I just hope this'll be the last one I have to do for a while" you reply, your sides starting to ache a little as Lee studies your body language, his eyes focusing on yourbreathing movement dspite being hidden behind the beijing opera mask he normally wears.

"Tell me, have you had any stomach problems since our last visit?" he asks, more-or-less waiting you to confirm his suspicions.

"Yeah... I got a REALLY sharp pain that kept me up all night last night in my right side. I sorta have been able to stretch it out a little, but now both sides are starting to cramp up" you explain, rubbing on your stomach to try and ease the pressure on it.

"I see..." Lee vaguely says as he motions you to follow him to his "Private" clinic off to your right, going through the hidden wall and slowly starting to strip down, used to doing this now as you get naked, cover your front up with a towel and lie down on the table, waiting for Lee to work his magic on your body...

>(Roll 1d100 for Luck in how Successful this last treatment is; First Few Rolls will count)
Rolled 87

Rolled 69

Thank you based D-CE G-DS
Rolled 92

I return!
File: 1392514766775.jpg-(32 KB, 768x1024, leepailong-ngbc.jpg)
32 KB

And now for Rolling for Maluses... (Fingers crossed Everyone!)
File: 1392514836021.jpg-(31 KB, 650x850, leepailong-ngbust.jpg)
31 KB
Rolled 100


Heh, Dice Gods tempting me for a "Do-Over" on that one...
File: 1392515201373.gif-(494 KB, 240x174, 1379960490462.gif)
494 KB
494 KB GIF
File: 1392515312215.gif-(2.05 MB, 500x391, 1392310406638.gif)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB GIF
File: 1392515628733.gif-(888 KB, 220x220, kittenofwhy.gif)
888 KB
888 KB GIF
She is going to die right?...

Seems like it...
File: 1392516451036.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 42 KB, 627x477)
Spoiler Image, 42 KB

The session started off normally enough, Lee's hands working your body over, massaging your back as he began to prep your body for the Golden Needles that he had normally used on you, and you had relaxed somewhat, though you could still feel that your stomach muscle were still stiff along with your sides as he began to slowly, almost gently insert the pins into your back, leaving the sides for last...

That's when you felt two pins get inserted into your sides at the same time, a pain so incredibly intense that you hear yourself scream out in terror at the suddeness of it as your eyesight goes pitch black... Though, you can almost start to see a small speck of white light slowly drawing closer to you with every heartbeat...

>(Roll 1d100 for Speed for running away from Light for as Long as you can)
Rolled 23

>>(Roll 1d100 for Speed for running away from Light for as Long as you can)
...I feel a 1 oncoming. I dread its slender countenance.
Rolled 23

Rolled 78

Rolled 42


Live Katja, LIVE!
File: 1392517390172.jpg-(621 KB, 1864x3263, 1335802879775.jpg)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
Rolled 56


Curiously, the EXACT moment I posted >>30265868, all of the lights went off in my house...


You immediately turn around and start to run as fast as you can away from the ever-advancing light, your legs feeling they've turned into wheels at how fast you're running, the ground around you starting to slowly gain vision and clarity the closer the light gets to you, eventually becoming bright enouogh that you can see that you're wearing a white, toga-like piece of cloth that's draped over your body as you keep running, your heart beating as though it were blasting your way through your chest wall as eventually everything turns to white, the sound of your beath all you can hear...

When your vision returns and you can feel your hear beating once again as you strain to look up, your body almost completely numb as Lee cleans and sterilizes his full set of medical tools, shaking his head and muttering something in a language you don't understand.

Once he's done, you see him walk over to you, his old, leathery face free of his mask as he looks down at you, a harsh look on his face belied by the soft expression his eyes seem to carry.

"So... How was the afterlife?" he asks, bitterly laughing before adding "No, I guess it would be TOO good for you... It would almost make up for all of your bad luck."

You try to speak, but can't really move your mouth and simply slur out a few inteligible words, Lee putting a gloved finger over your mouth as he explains "I wouldn't try that right now... Your body is currently wrapped in bandages containing the most powerful medicines and herbal remedies I could make... But it's nothing that can help with your current situation."

You look at him funny, managing to raise an eyebrow as he sorrowfully lays out your diagnosis: "I hate to say this, but I don't think your body's Ki can be cured of the condition that it currently has; You will forever remain unable to truly control it."
So literally one bum GM roll has effectively crippled our character?

Your eyes widen as his rthe weight of his words sink in, though he continues explaining your condition in greater detail. "As I had said before, theproblem you have is not one of Ki Power, or even of how it Flows through your body; I's how your body CONTROLS it... Which is to say that it DOESN'T. When I had heard from Shen Woo that you had spontaneously manifested your Ki and couldn't quite control it afterward, I had feared the damage might've already been done, but I performed that particularly painful surgery five days ago to try and reset your chakra's flow, to slow it down enough for the part of your body that controls your Ki to catch up and naturally learn how to manage and control your elemental energy."

"However, when you had gone on to the great beyond for quite a bit, I feared the worst had come to pass; That while I could save you and let you live, your Ki will continue to flow freely through your body will over-power you if used it in ANY capacity" Lee gravely continues, adding "It's exactly what I had seen with all of those flame-wielding young boys that showed up after the city had begun to rebuild and populate the town; They could CREATE fire and WIELD flames, but they couldn't CONTROL them."

You weakly shake your head back and forth, not wanting to believe his words, willing yourself to think that this might just all be another long, torrid dream-within-a-dream, though when Lee gingerly touches your sides the pain returns to an extent and you feel it flow throughtout your body, waking you up to an extent.

"See, these two parts of your body seem to act as the control valves for your ki flow, as well as being their main source. Normally, one could just close these off when not in use, but yours seem to create Ki infinitely, much like an over-enlarged pituitary gland forcing a person to continuosly grow while being locked into a semi-pubescent state..."
Not one. We have a long history of hilariously bad rolls with our Ki, and with Lee Pai Long treatment in particular.
And we're not crippled, just... uncontrolled. Chaotic. There's upsides as well as downsides.
Just, well... try to look on the bright side!

Seems that way... I'm sorry /tg/


You start to cry as Lee wraps up his diagnosis and doles out his oppinion on the matter: "Now, you'll be able to physically recover and continue to live a normal, healthy life... On the one condition that you retire from fighting in ANY capacity IMMEDIATELY, as while you COULD theoretically compete in that tournament that's starting to sweep the city, you must understand that at any moment, after any attack that calls upon the reserves of your Ki, you COULD electrocute yourself; Sometimes just a little tickle, sometimes enough to truly hurt... And quite possibly enough to kill you; Just like an American Football player with a permanent concussion"

You close your eyes, BEGGING for a higher power to come in and snap you out of this awful nightmare... But nothing does, no one wakes you up and all you can do is whimper, finally bawling your eyes out as Lee puts his mask back on, shedding a single tear as he leaves you to yourself, saying "The medication should wear off in an hour; Then you'll be free to go."

>A. Accept his diagnosis, inform the others and end the Quest as Katja Hartkern... Only to Assume permanent control of...? (Vote which character to control if you choose this Option)

>B. Refuse to believe the diagnosis and continue to make preparations to fight in "The Infinite Match" (Continuing the Quest, but also put Katja in the gravest danger imaginable)

>C. Take Lee's diagnosis, drop out of "The Infinite Match" and travel around the world, doing the seemingly impossible to try and fight this lack of self-control your body has...

>D. Call up Jean-Claude Gabriel and charm him, beg him, do WHATEVER it takes to see if there's any way he can help you (Roll 2d100 for Luck in contacting him and Luck in him being able to help you)

>E. Find Shen Woo and KILL HIM; If you're going to die, it's going to be on your terms and by his hands...

>F. Something Else... (Write-In Vote)
File: 1392523607339.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 111 KB, 491x679)
Spoiler Image, 111 KB
111 KB JPG
No, this is horseshit.

So instead of creating a character fit to compete in the King of Fighters, this quest created a character repeatedly targeted for execution, expelled from her own dojo, mind-controlled by a lecherous sorceress and literally spiritually handicapped, making her the most unfit to compete in the KOF she could possibly be, which kinda defeats the purpose of the entire quest.

>F. Something Else... (Write-In Vote)
Find the ghost of Tung Fu Rue and have him train Katja to master her energy.
Yeah, this is a heaping helping of stupid bullshit.
Fuck you.
File: 1392524157409.jpg-(47 KB, 405x500, Fuck Yeah.jpg)
47 KB
>>F. Something Else... (Write-In Vote)
>F. Believe the diagnosis but continue to make preparations to fight in "The Infinite Match" anyway. (Continuing the Quest, but also put Katja in the gravest danger imaginable)
This is /tg/. Only B/C even approached being a choice.
Using Ki is dangerous? Then we don't use it... as often. Far be it for /tg/ to not do stupid things for strange and unknowable reasons.
In the meantime, we can start looking into possible means of fixing it.
So the universe has screwed us over a few dozen times. Who cares? Outback make you stronk. Make you tuff. Make you more than a little unhinged.
We Katja. And we are shonen as all hell.

Quit whining. Things didn't go your way. Big deal. Don't shit up the thread just because things got a little tougher.
In a quest about fantastic martial arts, the character has just been told that she can't use the fantastic martial arts she's trained in, lest she possibly kill herself.

That's not "a little tougher."
>Character is crippled in one of the worst ways imaginable
>"a little tougher"
Motherfucker, are you kidding me?! There is no goddamn way you can defend this!
It's an SNK quest. It's a quest about 'fighting' at its core, with a fairly expansive universe surrounding it.
We can't spam ki attacks anymore, true. Doesn't mean we can't fight. Doesn't mean we can't use Ki, period, either - just means there's an element of risk involved in doing so.
There are ways to recover. Learn to trust your goddamn QM.
I will once he stops being a stupid faggot
File: 1392526062204.jpg-(15 KB, 618x407, facepalm.jpg)
15 KB
Oh, for the love of... seriously? Are you even trying anymore?
Weasel, you might want to call it a night.
I doubt anon conduct is going to improve tonight. I REALLY doubt my ability to remain civil in the face of the inevitable shitblizzard of blatant faggotry.
Goodnight, and try not to let the trolls get you down.
It's not trolling. It's legitimate concern for the state and tenability of the entire quest at this point. I'm not >>30268264, for the record.
Maybe if you got OP's cock out of your mouth for two fucking seconds you'd see why we're so pissed. Everyone's spent a lot of time and effort with this shit, had ups and downs, and pulled through and progressed. Now 90% of that's gone down the shitter because, hey, if we keep going we might just kill ourselves on accident. And I don't know if you've noticed, but there's not a good track record on these rolls. So when your dear and beloved QM decided, "hey, I'm gonna cripple this character in THE ABSOLUTELY WORST WAY POSSIBLE!" you are damn right it started a shitstorm.
File: 1392526611693.gif-(Spoiler Image, 340 KB, 588x325)
Spoiler Image, 340 KB
340 KB GIF

>Pic Related

Well shit... Part of me figured that this would happen at some point and while part of me wants to actually DO this Hajime-No-Ippo-Style quest against impossible odds, I HAVE back-up plan...

The question NOW is... Are all of y'all still interested in seeing it?
Ippo had superhuman endurance and power. Katja doesn't even have that.

Humor me. What do you have?
If you saw it coming then why did you do it in the first place!?
No, ya done goofed. We're done here.

I actually started reading this thread cuz all of the instant drama that just happened.

I haven't read any of the story threads so I'm not too sure what the character has been through and the general story up to this point, besides the crippled Ki thing.

Everyone is kinda coming off as a dick, the dice rolled what the dice rolled, at this point I feel that its better for the story.

Stories have "beat the impossible odds" type stuff, but you need to have impossible odds. has this character had any of that or not really.

Also your in an SNK world, Rugal has been through worse and came out stronger and more badass.

Also is there a like summery of what happened in the story up to this point or too long/ too much effort?
File: 1392531169537.jpg-(90 KB, 1024x768, 1342424259977.jpg)
90 KB
Figures... I lose my internet connection for the last hour or so and everyone leaves... Fuck It: Here are my rebuttals.


Two Reasons:

One, I wanted to put this kind of situation out there as an acid-test for the playerbase's reaction; Call me a fuckhead or "THAT QM" or whatever, but I wanted to see exactly what the breaking point might be for Katja as a character and as the protagonist of a Quest... Would the players want to build the character's moveset up from scratch, make that character completely unique in how she fights and take pride in crafting a fighter that could concievably show up in a KOF Game and NOT take up space or fill in a role that already exists? (Such as Malin basically replacing Choi, for example.) Because, let's face it, she's basically "Benimaru-Meets the Kyokugen Dojo" as far as movest goes...

Which leads me to my Second point:

I personally thought this situation could be used to give Katja a whole-new moveset AND a chance to fight her way through things, as she recognizes that there's a little bit of Terry Bogard in her as far as the "Political Bullshit" of the Kyokugen Dojo's power-structure's concerned, but ALSO have her stand on her own two-feet as a person, carve out her own identity and say "Y'know wot? Fuck you fate and chance, I'll STILL come out ahead... Because even without my Ki, I'm STILL the baddest bugger to ever walk into and out of this hell-hole!" (Showing that while she's slow to change, once she sets her mind on something, it takes a LOT of stuff to happen to get her to change it).

HOWEVER! That's all subject to debate... As stated, I CAN go ahead with the current state of Katja's life right now, OR I go with my "Plan B" and get Katja to come out of this predicament stronger than ever, but I need trust from my few-remaining players before I go ahead and do it...

>Captcha: Prevail cesongo
File: 1392531557582.jpg-(37 KB, 186x655, Katja Upclose.jpg)
37 KB


OK... This's a doozy, since 15 threads and all but here's my personal take:

The basic idea is that we have a FeMC, Katja Harkern, that's basically pic-related looks-wise, but seems to be "Ryu from Street Fighter going through a mid-life crisis" as far as her backstory's concerned. Why? Well, she's been through hell for most of her life (Whether legitimate, self-created or immagined) and trained in Kyokugen Karate partly to better herself, but mostly to hide her gender away after getting caught up in an attempted rape at 18 years old.

12 Years have passed since then and only NOW, after dedicating those years to learning MEN'S Kyokugen Karate (Not the "Sissy Sparrow Shit" Yuri does) is she starting to realize that her motivation to fight, her will to fight, might be wrong... And that it has taken her going through all of this crazy shit over the course of 3 Months to get her out of her closed-off shell and REALIZE some fairly-glaring parts of her character (Can't really talk much, never really dated anyone,)

In this Quest, Katja has (In Order, including the Attempted Rape):

>Survived Brutal Police Brutality to start off the whole damn quest

>Two Sepperate Electrocutions: One from getting hit by a bolt of Lighning and awkening her Ki, the other from trying to perform her "Denjinn Haoh Shokuo Ken" Super-Move for the first time

>THREE sepperate Assasination Attempts

>Losing both her old homes after it had gotten Ransacked AND her adopted home at the Kyokugen Dojo

>Gotten EXPELLED from the Kyokugen Dojo and haver privildges as a "True Discilple" get revoked for (Possibly) being Bisexual and for (Possibly) getting "Too close for comfort" to the Head of the Dojo's only daughter

Furthermore, Katja's had SEVERAL "Heart-in-Mouth" Moments involving coming out of her self-imposed shell, among them being Swimsuit Modelling with Women that she finds Strong, Beautiful and Femine in ways that she's NEVER felt before...
I appreciate the gesture and the willingness to throw Katja into the crucible and force her to reinvent her entire persona.

But to do that in two weeks before the KOF starts is still a tall order. This time is generally when people starting putting the final touches on their moveset, and now Katja has to forget her entire movelist.
File: 1392532726455.png-(136 KB, 1280x1460, Totally Not Fem-K' b(...).png)
136 KB
136 KB PNG

While it IS a tall order, consider that we're talking about a character who came up with her own variant on a move she had only seen and basically perfected it in three attempts; The trick would be down to her dreams, in that she has a VERY unique ability to visualize an attack in her sunconscious, see it go through her mind over-and-over, then DO IT in real life like there's no big deal (See the "Raijin Sprint" and the "Denjin Haoh Shokuo Ken" for examples of this). Besides, the average character had around 5-6 Special moves and two supers...

Considering the amount Rage and Jimmy Rustling this has caused, I'm tempted to say "Fuck It" and go with the back-up plan I had in mind, of only to scrape a glimmer of a crumb of some momentum going into the next Round...
File: 1392532903487.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 107 KB, 717x1062)
Spoiler Image, 107 KB
107 KB JPG
Give it a day for cool heads to return.

But you're saying Katja is one of those genius-type characters (without the actual intellect) who can watch a move and replicate it herself given time?

So she's Sakura?

Not in real-time, but yes, you ARE correct: If Katja can truly visualize the movement, guess where the energy's going to flow and practice it enough, she CAN eventually do just about any attack... Howver, for whatever reason she can EASILY do it if she makes shit up while "Lucid Dreaming" (IE "The Dream Sequences" that habve been done since the Second Round): The Raijin Sprint came from doing it in a dream until she was 100% certain of what to do and how to it, while the Denjinn came about after studying Haoh Shokuou Kens and trying to do one on her own for about two weeks...

Part of the reason she can do this IMHO is Two-fold:

Firstly, in SNKP's Cannon, The Kyokugenryuu Style has several subsets and branches, each one of them tailored to certain types of Fighter: Ryo learning the "Tiger Style", Robert uses the"Dragon" Style, Marco creating his own variant known as the "Chimera" style (Particularly because his branch doesn't have an official name and that his rival is "The Griffon Mask" AKA Tizoc, so he calls it that as a digg to him) etc. etc.

Katja, on the other hand, was initially taught the most basic, watered-down style of Kyokugen there is (Yuri Sakazaki's "Sparrow" style) and not by choice either, as "Sparrow Style" basically translates to "Kyokugen for Girls/Pussies/Fags" since it was basically Yuri's self-defense techniques that her dad (Takuma, the Grand-Master of Kyokugenryuu) taught her to keep herself from getting kidknapped... Put it another way, Yuri might be an official teacher of Kyokugenryuu, but she's NOT a "True Disciple", which are hand-picked by Takuma himself.

Now, you throw that out there and come across a woman like Katja, who quite litterally IS the first woman to ever really, concievably do Male Kyokugenryuu styles and see the shit go down in the Dojo's stuffy Culture; The first few threads had mentioned how Katja would basically beat down and scare the scrub students away despite using the "Gimped" form of Kyokugenryuu.
File: 1392538251194.png-(45 KB, 600x200, 1348325514154.png)
45 KB

Secondly, at a certain point Katja realized that her style was fundamentally flawed, so she started watching and mimicking the Male Karateka's movements, visualising and breaking each attack down in her head as she did them in private... Plus, the fact that she rides a Motorcycle for transportation basically implies that she's got good concentration and visualization anyway, as most Motorcycles can't really be riden with a "Conscious Mind", especially not at the speeds ome of them can go...

Now, for a basic idea of what a "Conscious Mind" IS, you can trace it to a series of books about how to become a Professional Racing Car Driver called "Speed Secrets" by Ross Bentley (Yes, I'm an /o/-fag to the core). In those books (The Third & Fourth ones in Particular), the author outlined that racing car drivers CANNOT DRIVE using a conscious mind (IE A mind the processes around 2000 Bits of information per second), but instead most use a technique revolving around tapping into one's subconsciousness (Which is said to process nearly 4 BILLION bits of data a second on average) to get their minds to keep up with the speed of everything around them while still being aware of everything they're doing...

In simpler terms, Katja's always "In the Zone" or "In the Flow" during every fight she gets into, working both cortexes of her brain to analyze and react quicker than most "Normal" people or even some of her peers are able to; IE Being "Unconsciously Aware" of, well, everything...

TL;DR Katja's a Martial Arts Genius and doesn't even know it because she thinks that she relies on "Instinct", because NO ONE at the Dojo knows the kind of mental strength she has...

>Pause Updates

Regardless, I'm content to let this thread go off into the night and re-group on 2/17/14 at 9 AM PST, Noon EST...

And I sincerely appologize to all of my participants for abusing my powers as QM throughout this Quest; I honestly feel ashamed by how I've acted...
Not OP, but
A)Bump for QM
B)Holy shit I missed a lot.
I guess we'll see what happens tonight but most of our moves can work without ki - yeah, our uppercut won't go as high and won't have our ki, and our Shippu Kyaku won't hit as many times, and we'll need to swap out two of our SDMs but that's why we know FIona, Tusyako, and quite a few others who could teach us nice tricks to replace our Raijin sprint.

Besides, this is /tg/ - I'm not sure what kind of quests you guys (>>30267876, >>30267823, >>30268030 >>30268525) are used to, but we've had ones where we've gone from godly to barely above average, lost our biggest asset and you know what protocol is? Go "well shit", get a stiff upper lip and keep going forward with our goals regardless. Besides, 3 million can buy us a cure/fix/whatever for this easily

Not sure where we're going with this, but if we can still vote mine goes to
>F. Fuck it, I'll learn to fight without inticing Ki. Any idea whom I should turn to?

Yeah, we're going from Kyo to Shingo, but we can still run this. We can still run this and win.
File: 1392553027528.gif-(731 KB, 280x160, I'd rather not.gif)
731 KB
731 KB GIF
> I come back after a few days out only to see this

Welp, that will teach me not check on my quests at the rate of a paranoid...
File: 1392553458416.jpg-(2 KB, 71x125, let it spread.jpg)
2 KB
> that fucking nat 100

Uggh this is painful, for real... Poor Katja, all she wanted was burst some ass and now she has to deal with the equivalent of martial arts cancer....

I'm honestly tempted to go the 'Katja had a hard life' route and put her to sleep, she could have one hell of a career modelling...

But at the same time, this is fucking SNK. if there is one place where we can crawl out of the dirt and still be able to face the greatest, it's there

Picture related is how I see things right now. If this gift is gonna kill us while we reach to Denton that shit, might as well do so.

File: 1392570354202.jpg-(311 KB, 500x686, 2cd13cb67ebd0ad69807679b0(...).jpg)
311 KB
311 KB JPG

Well... OK, Here's the deal: As I stated in >>30268724, I'm all for going along on the current arcof Katja having to rebuild herself from the ground up as a fighter and as a person (As explained in >>30270085); Though Katja may be handicapped from this, it's not indoubitably impossible to fight, as >>30273681 pointed out.

(Besides that, I remember a Quest where the MC got killed after the players decided to try and "Scare" one of his harem members and got shot in the chest... And that MC STILL somehow survived and became a stronger character as a result; TLDR /tg/'s a crazy, hackneyed place.)

HOWEVER! I also recognize (After a night to mull it over) that something like this happening might be a masive kick in the nuts to everyone out there that had invested the time and effort into going along with this Quest...

As a result, I'm considering continuing with updates today, but before I do I'll start up a very simple choice:

>A. Accept the current situation and try to find a way to learn how to fight without using your ki.


>B. Something doesn't feel right... (Roll 1d100 for a Perception Check; If this option is taken there will NOT be a malus roll)

As it stands, the current voting scheme is 3-0 in favour of Option A, when counting >>30267955,
>>30267823 & >>30273681...
File: 1392578510459.jpg-(36 KB, 1000x1000, Don-t-cry-because-it-s-ov(...).jpg)
36 KB

>Pic Related

OP, you fucked up harder than any QM I've ever seen and even IF you somehow got this thing to start up again, you'll NEVER get the player's trust back.

My advice? Drop the quest, learn from it and start a new one, a BETTER one and avoid the shit you've pulled in this at all costs.
I wouldn't go that far. I'd say that it's fine if the QM wants to completely reinvent the character's style and movelist and whatnot, but if you're going to do something that dramatic, at least warn the players it's going to happen and how you might possibly do it so that it's easier to digest. Don't just spring on people, "hey our PC is spiritually crippled now, guess we'll have to rebuild her entire movelist."

Honestly, with the reaction I'm getting? I'm inclined to call this particular Round "Done" and regroup tomorrow at 9 AM PST, Noon EST... And yeah, I honestly admit I should've planned this better and done this a LOT earlier in the Quest to try and make it seem more fair for the players involved.

At the crux of it alll, I have no one to blame here but myself.
File: 1392581885227.png-(125 KB, 478x379, 1367461311740.png)
125 KB
125 KB PNG

Forgot my picture. Hopefully see y'all tomorrow.

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