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File: 1392249418624.jpg-(73 KB, 750x600, Science-portal.jpg)
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You are Nick Trimmers, barber from a creepy medieval utopia that has been gifted with phenomenal cosmic knowledge and power. Hopefully your peasant-brain will figure them out without causing too much damage to yourself or others.

At the moment, you are in the pocket dimension known as 'Arsenal', which is a gathering of arms dealers, manufacturers, and clients in a city-sized expo-hall away from the hostile eyes of a larger competitor.
You are on your way to see a co-worker of Thrickett (the bugheaded medic that has tended to you wounds and is helping take care of an injured water sprite you accidentally dragged here with you), whom he believes would be interested in purchasing the remaining sections of a magical and highly hallucinogenic mushroom that you acquired, or would be able to direct you to someone that would.
You hope to acquire some local currency, hopefully at least enough to get by on while figuring out how to get more, if not enough to pay the medical pavilion for extended treatment of Jana (which Thrickett has offered to spot you for initially if you believe you can find a source of income).

Currently you are tasting/smelling/feeling everything in a few yards of you after subconsciously casting your first spell while nervously looking around for anyone following you. This will likely continue for a minute or two. You have gotten a feel for it know, such that you believe you may not throw up the next time you try it.

You are currently at an intersection of street-aisles, you can see the building you believe to be your goal nearby, and you have a couple moments of total awareness of your immediate surroundings left.

>What would you like to do?
[Investigate immediate the area further while under the effects of the spell.]
[Hurry on to the apartment.]
[Quietly freak out for a bit. You shouldn't know what colors taste like.]
Previous threads:
1: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/29715071
2: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/29882263
3: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/30045217

More background available and questions answered on request.
Trying out a less 'wordy' intro block, we'll see how it works.
>[Investigate immediate the area further while under the effects of the spell.]
I'll give you a shot OP.
Alrighty, give me a d100 and give me a focus of interest.
More interest in the people and species, or in the products and wargear?
Rolled 67

File: 1392250828758.jpg-(218 KB, 1133x704, marine_danny_trejofull_ve(...).jpg)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
You tour the area taking in more sights and sounds than you previously thought possible, and at least you don't have to actually stare at or handle anything at the moment to gape at them.
Buttons and devices of every sort, strange aliens both humanoid and bizarre, though there are a large number of people that seem to be like yourself as well, referred to as 'humans'.
Though you blush a bit as you pass by some of the booth attendants, for the most part nothing untoward happens to you, and you feel you have a decent understanding on how various products are classified and laid out. Rifles and pistols, armor vs power armor, and an understanding that most of the locals clothes might be very comfortable, particularly compared to your peasant garb.
File: 1392251282821.jpg-(127 KB, 500x400, encumberanceti9.jpg)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Also, almost everyone seems to be 'packing' to some extent. The more shabbily dressed seem to be carrying heavier stuff than the professionally dressed, but both pale compared to the occasional fellow walking around like a human armory.

After time though, the extra awareness passes, but you feel you made good use of your time with it, getting a stronger feel for the area and it's people/goods.

>Where to now?
[Explore some more, maybe ask some questions?]
[Head for Thrickett's coworker's appartment?]
Rolled 3

Can we cast the spell again?
You think you could, you're still working out your limits, but you don't feel like it took too much out of you.
File: 1392252569728.jpg-(82 KB, 521x600, taste colors.jpg)
82 KB
>Rolled 3
Additionally, thinking on it, you'd judge the duration to be around 2-3 minutes normally, and maybe 30 seconds to make it happen.

No check is required to cast Spatial Senses, though it is a drain on your energy. Note, while you are aware of a large area while under its influence you still must focus your attention on something to observe it fully, though the general awareness does make it very difficult to catch you off guard.

>Do you wish to use it at this time?
Rolled 27

YES! And then go up to the colleagues door.
File: 1392256045551.jpg-(8 KB, 250x250, img.jpg)
8 KB
While I'm doing that, there is an aspect of Nick that hasn't been laid out..
>Please roll 3d6+5
Rolled 4, 5, 2 = 11

Rolled 6, 4, 2 + 5 = 17

Oops, forgot the plus 5, so AGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
File: 1392256825019.jpg-(650 KB, 1517x1428, beard-trustworthiness.jpg)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
Seems that our friend Trimmers is a reasonably attractive fellow, what with being from a creepy utopia without ugly people, being fairly active, and with professional grooming skills.
Feel free to dictate hair color and general style.
The QM recommends a beard of some sort, because beards are cool, but it is your call.

You make your way toward this 'apartment complex' thing, which is a number of stories and explained to be home to many people.
Taking a moment first to gesture and draw out the power you called on before, you once again have a heightened awareness of the area around you, you head for the steps..
File: 1392257039462.jpg-(102 KB, 561x703, smokin sheik-zelda is smo(...).jpg)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Climbing up the dull-grey metal stairs to the third level, you work your way across to the seventh door other. You linger for a moment before pressing the 'button' you were told would signal your arrival, hoping that your strange talent for understanding can kick in through a door.
Time passes.
Maybe you didn't do it right.
"Rhm? Oh, right, Thricky's friend, right? Sure, man, com'on in.." A woman's voice says with a drowsy husk shortly before the door-panel slides open, allowing a low fog of smoke to roll out of it.

Your awareness quickly floods you with the details of the place as you enter, filling your mind with a dizzying array of exotics tastes, scents, and texures.
The room inside is lit with a seemingly randomly place collection of glowing crystals of varying colors that pulse and change occasionally. Layers of smoke waft between silken veils and curtains, each with it's own distinct odor, which seem to originate from a number of small braziers in the room, as well as from the lips of the sparsely clad woman before you as she breathes out after finishing a long drag from the tube running to an odd stand nearby.
"I don't normally like to be distrubed on my day off, and Thricky usually respects that, so I hope this stuff you think you have is worth it, I should be half-way to Yaloma by now.."
File: 1392257370169.jpg-(179 KB, 676x720, Drugs.jpg)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
>Proceed to show her the mushroom sections?
Rolled 51

Show the mushrooms.
ecstasy isn't like that
File: 1392259559011.jpg-(112 KB, 500x334, hookah hippy blonde.jpg)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
She shifts and leans over to peer at the strange clear bag Thrickett gave you. She frowns, then pruses her lips in thought.
"Well, they're cut, though fresh cut, so that will affect how long they'll keep.." She takes a piece out to peer at it, and give it a brief lick before you can stop her. She blinks a couple times.
"Alright, this is definitely the real deal. Don't see much of the fae foods around here, more often you'll see just an engineered 'shroom marketed as such.
She gives you an appraising glance, and you swear her eyes glimmer for a moment before the widen in surprise, "Whoa.." she glances at the hookah, "..either I've been hitting than harder than I though, or your aura is just awesome to look at."
She taps her chin, and then sighs, "Look, I can't give you a fair price for all six pieces, and eventually Thricky would find out if I gave you a raw deal, and you don't seem like a bad sort, anyway. So, I tell you what, I'll take three off you for twenty-seven hundred. Then you could hang out while we see if any of my friends are interested.. or we could share what you have left and I can show you how to enjoy it properly.."

Her hair could use some proper care, but you wouldn't call her unattractive by any means, and your last trip was pretty useful, overall..

[Just sell the three and ask her to contact you or Thrickett if she finds anyone else interested]
[Sell the three and hang out with her while you wait to see if her friends have any interest]
[Sell the three and accept her offer to show you more if you share the rest.]

If it did go that way, I'm more of a fade-to-black fellow than an erpg person. Not saying it would go that way, just saying not to hope for porn from me.
Rolled 21

We will save 1 slice. The others can be sold and CONSUMED!
So, is that: Save 1 slice, sell 3, and share the remaining two now?
Rolled 86

Alright then, I'm going to take that roll and ask for one more.
Rolled 15

File: 1392262633377.jpg-(15 KB, 500x269, hookah rings.jpg)
15 KB
Varying between wanting high and low for different things really seems to confuse the /tg/ dice.

You decide to take her up on that last offer, though setting one piece aside.
She smiles as she takes the section of the fae mushroom from you, setting three aside as she retrieves a couple card-like objects that you have been told carry monetary value within them, somehow and givens them to you.
Then she takes you by the shoulders and settles you into a pile of pillows, her sparse attire proving a bit distracting to you as she does so, particularly with the spell still running.
Moving away again she takes the two other pieces and places them in a ornate box with a few buttons on it. After a few moments with the controls, she smiles happily and places it on a low shelf not far above were you lay.
Flopping down alongside you on the pillow pile, she wriggles a bit and seems to be getting comfortable, then takes your hand.
"Just lay back and relax, this is going to be fun.." she says at you see a thick fog roll off that shelf above, and over the two of you..
After time of varying sensations and emotions, some of which you think are her's and not your own, you find yourself drifting in a sea of color and mists that feels unconnected to the one that exists in her room.
Enjoying this bodiless sensation, you float for a time before a surprised and happy gasp draws your attention as your floating form is met by another matching the woman left by your body, as she grabs onto you and spins you around, expressing surprise at finding you able to be here.
Soon the spinning changes to being lead somewhere across the seas of mist, to a domain known as Yaloma, where she is greeted warmly, and you accepted as her guest. The events that follow are a blur to you, as you spend the entire subjective journey under the effects of the various substances swirling about in the air of the apartment. While minutes pass with your body, it seems like weeks to you minds. Weeks spent in some sort of astral retreat for people that enjoy being out-of-body while their body courses with substances.
Many things happen, and you learn that Lialla, in addition to that being her name, is particularly enjoying the magnitude of effect the magic shroom is having on this visit, and everyone takes a playful glee in educating your peasantness on many things you'd never considered before, while at the same time everyone is really into your aura and deeply respect the half remembered things you say about the universes.
Also, you learn that her job with the Medical Pavillion is as a psychic healer, with is to say she draws he power from you own mind and willpower, rather than the lifeflow. You both were surprised to find that you had the magical capability to follow her into the astral, which turned out to make this into one of the wilder experiences of your life.
File: 1392265045590.jpg-(24 KB, 250x342, astral-kiss.jpg)
24 KB
Eventually though, the two of you are tugged away, and travel back through the mists to your bodies, sharing a brief kiss before parting back into reality.
You dream pleasantly for a time before you begin to rouse and tiredly work against the weight of your body.
Looking around, you see most of the braziers and vaporizers have run out or low, a much thinner tint of smoke hangs around than it did before, Lialla still rests in the pile of pillows where she was before the mushroom fog overtook you, a hand still laying on yours.
Shaking your head a bit, you question whether any of it was real.. but despite the haze through which you remember it, you are certain that it did happen.

+Spell Known: Astral Projection
+Astral gossip and lore
+How, there are a lot of different drugs and drug-like substances out there.
+Fade to Black

Wait, stop right there son. In the pic, is that a woman wearing nothing but a belt in the distance.
File: 1392265886703.jpg-(245 KB, 1920x1080, gateway.jpg)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
I don't think there's a belt.
Tell ya what, I'm going to grab some dinner for a bit.
Back in about 20-30 minutes, see'ya then.
Feel free to put forth any actions or questions for me to resolve upon my return.
File: 1392267624135.jpg-(103 KB, 575x430, 01-arabian-nights.jpg)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Hot wings and 5-hour energy is becoming a recurring theme for me with this quest.

[Attempt romantic wake up]
[Quietly slip out]
[Rest more yourself, see if you can out-sleep her]
[Ponder future actions]
File: 1392271020861.jpg-(39 KB, 499x610, I-have-to-go-drop-some-bombs.jpg)
39 KB
Back in a few moments.
File: 1392276046000.jpg-(46 KB, 620x620, confused-grasshopp_2035373i.jpg)
46 KB
Honestly thought it would be busier tonight with the snowpocalypse roaming the east coast.
Rolled 55

Romance: The Awakening
(Woo, life!)

File: 1392282285043.jpg-(24 KB, 236x445, Bohemian.jpg)
24 KB
You decide to try picking up where the two of you left off, brushing your fingers along her side as you lean in for kiss with closed eyes.
And you find your lips meeting her palm, with her hand on your face holding you in place as she peers at you with one tired eye open.
"What happens in the Astral, stays in the Astral. Don't go getting all grabby on me now, Nick." she says and then pushes you away gently.

Frowning, you don't recall any rule like that being brought up before.. then again you don't recall any sort of rules being brought up period. And you feel that you could argue that you shared something more than physical already, so what's wrong with some physical follow up?
However, you do get the impression from her tone and body language that she isn't kidding around right now, so you aren't sure how well trying to argue it would go.

[Pull back and nod, reclining onto the pillows again. Try talking about something else.]
[Frown and try to argue/discuss the matter.]
[Leave, hurt and confused.]
Rolled 36

[Pull back and nod. Change topic to this "psychic" stuff.]
Too chill from shrooms for hurt.
File: 1392283469535.jpg-(58 KB, 384x309, hippie-7.jpg)
58 KB
You keep you cool and respect the odd turn, leaning back into the pillows again.
You decide it might be a good idea to get a feel for what this 'psychic' stuff is a bit more while not tripping all the balls in an astral commune.
Lialla regards you for a moment, then smiles and closes her open eye wriggling to get comfortable in the pillow pile again whilethe two of you have a mellow chat about what psionics are..
Powers and abilities drawn from the mind and will, the inner strength of a person. It seems that some degree of it is supposed to be common among humans, often increasing strongly in the prescience of the supernatural. This leads some to believe it is a natural response/defense against magical predators.
Other races vary a bit, many have a spread similar to humanity, while a few others have no psionic talent whatsoever, and others still are all naturally psychic to one degree or another.
Lialla regards herself as a powerful psion, one whose sole focus is her abilities, while there are many with lesser degrees of ability that mix their training with other skills and talents. She does admit that there are more powerful psionic beings out there, and certainly more dangerous ones, as her focus is largely on healing and mending, when she is off on one of her 'day' offs, which she maximizes amazingly well.
If your linguistic ability is psionic in nature, it isn't a sort that she's heard of before, but agrees that it sounds closer to that then to the rest of your arts. Many beings and creatures have natural psionic abilities that don't take any sort of concious effort to use, though they are less common among humans that she is aware of.
While not psionic in nature, your spell-ability to project at least long as she greatly impressed her. In fact, you suspect you could have stayed longer, though you are uncertain you would have been able to find your way back as quickly as she can, and failing to find your way back to your body in time could prove harmful to the connection between your body and mind.
File: 1392284988342.jpg-(371 KB, 767x800, Young_Sorcerer_by_Orioto.jpg)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
You may roll 1d100 (roll low) to see if you realize anything else while thinking back on your time in Yaloma.

Also feel free to ask any specific questions you'd like covered in more detail.
Rolled 59

How did we spend so long there anyway? It's still the same afternoon here...right?
Rolled 14

Welp, linked the wrong post.
Hm, mixed up linking and the second roll is better. What do you say, Judge Mills Lane?
"I'll allow it."
Sounds good to me.

>Rolled 14
As you turn over your impressions and memories of Yaloma, you blink as you realize that you are aware of -where- it is, cosmicly speaking, much as you do with other places you've been. Though if you where ever to attempt to travel there physically, you have concerns about any material items trying to travel with you.

You question how so much time seemed to pass, and she explains that parts of the astral plane run at a different, much faster, rate than most realities is is linked to, though through it one could reach any place.. and possibly any time.. throughout the universes, should one be able to make the journey.

This fits in with half remember sensations you had while there and with the jumble of cosmic knowledge that was shoved into your head. Most physical realms share space with the astral, which then links the astral sea, a strange and chaotic place. That sea in turn connects a 'central' astral plane that could very well lead you anywhere, if you knew how.
The astral sea being a place of spirit and mind, it moves along quickly, its natives usually unconcerned with the affairs of the physical realm, and the visitors to it enjoying the longer time they can spend there versus projecting to other places.

It is worth noting that there are dangers out there, but that the combination of drugs keeping the two of you extra-mellow and her navigational ability helped you avoid the notice of anything troublesome.
Rolled 33

> That sea in turn connects a 'central' astral plane that could very well lead you anywhere...
Does Astral Projection allow travel elsewhere, or just to the astral plane? For instance, could we project to the hospital? Or, back home? Or is that done via actual astral travel, or some other spell?
Shit, my desktop machine froze up and if freaking out.
Slow Ass here, might be a bit to get up and running again.
Alright, back up and running.
Just a moment then.
Astral Projection does work anywhere that the astral realm exists, though at a much shorter limit compared against the astral sea, and you do need to travel from your body to anywhere else. So you could travel to the hospital and see what is happening there, but not to your homeworld unless you found a way there, and you would want a why that you could travel back through easily as well, lest you risk becoming comatose or worse.
File: 1392289392273.gif-(24 KB, 600x300, Q&A.gif)
24 KB
why, way. yeah.

Alright folks, I'm opening up the line for questions in general. Hitting about 6am here, so I'm having to focus a bit harder to get my sentences out coherently, but I still feel like a can be semi-useful, though I'd be concerned if it came to moving the plot at the moment.

So besides the in-character discussion on psionic abilites and astral travel, I'll also field questions on anything else you feel you/Nick should know, I'll even considering answering some questions to you the players that Nick himself wouldn't know, or any questions you have about the quest in general.
Also, my own question to the folks out and about this morning, do you think morning/daytime /tg/ Thursdays would be a time you'd be interested in this adventure?
Night response has been weak, considering other running times if I see enough interest.
Rolled 21

More questions! First, Lialla mentioned some friends that might be buyers; do we have an eta on these folks? Second, can we crash at her place tonight? If no, can she suggest cheap but safe hostels nearby? Third, what are the local rules regarding the practice of magic? Fourth, are there any safe or vacant areas where said magic can be practiced?
Rolled 64

Well damn. In that case, hold those for the top of next thread. And I'd say try some other times that you feel comfortable with and see if there's better response.
I can get those questions now, shouldn't be a problem, just a bit more lag time.
As for run times, well, let's use you as an example, what's a good time frame for you?
File: 1392290958795.jpg-(137 KB, 400x289, alternativelife1.jpg)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>First, Lialla mentioned some friends that might be buyers; do we have an eta on these folks?
Since you didn't opt to try selling to them and shared with her, she didn't invite them over and ended up taking you along on her day off.

>Second, can we crash at her place tonight?
She looks like she really considers but, ultimately gives you a sad smile, "With you still adjusting, it might be better for you to have your own room for now." You suspect she might be referring more to adjusting after the trip and to her, rather than to Arsenal.

>If no, can she suggest cheap but safe hostels nearby?
There are day suites of various quality available for vistors, though if you stay for any amount of time, an apartment like this would run cheaper in the long run, no room service though.

>Third, what are the local rules regarding the practice of magic?
Don't cause trouble, don't try to cheat people. Most magic users aren't major buyers of the kinds of equipment available here, but they do see some from time to time, and the Administrators are all mages as well.

>Fourth, are there any safe or vacant areas where said magic can be practiced?
Stuff that fits into the privacy of your room should be fine, though you are aware that you abilities do seem a tad uncontrolled, and occasionally could be quite disruptive if something goes wrong.
When you feel up to it, you could purchase access to the pocket's nexus point to try some of your dimensional travel, but you'll want to be careful no to let anything diruptive happen.
Rolled 12

Any and no time. I missed last thread because of sleeping through Wednesday. All of it. After being up for something like 40 or 50 hours.
Given how much we made, can we cover a small apt with 1/2 or less of our funds?
(If I can keep my brain active enough, I might manage to go for a similar amount of being awake.)

Looking into it, the apartment is looking for 1000 credits, up front, for an unknown with no current employment, history, or accounts. For the month.
You think this might be more expensive than the norm for those reasons, but still cheaper than staying at a suite for a shorter amount of time.
(Being snowed in today, it isn't much else to worry about until Friday morning.)
File: 1392293107346.jpg-(123 KB, 2000x1000, ARCHER-DANGER-ZONE.jpg)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
(If Pandora keeps playing stuff like Danger Zone and No Easy Way Out back to back, that will certainly help too.)
Rolled 9

Done deal. Then 1000 to the doc (down payment, if it's not enough), and 700 left over, if my math isn't broken. Back in the apt I'd like to try opening some very very small portals.
In theory, there are cheaper options, but personal space and/or having walls starts getting sacrificed.

Alright. Sounds about right, you'll have to check with Thrickett as far as the billing goes, but that should help keep things going until you figure out something more stable.
Rolled 51

Allright, what does nexus access cost?
File: 1392294822193.jpg-(146 KB, 1167x788, cern-stargate.jpg)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Getting the apartment set takes a little time, mainly wrapping up the following morning. Lialla introduces you to coffee and slowly helps you prepare the paperwork (that you can't read) in her own lackadaisical way.

But morning you have it all set and briefly check on Thrickett and Jana. Her vitals are reported as strong, and you give Thrickett the contact information for the 'comm panel' in you new room.

Getting settled in, you still feel a bit wired from your introduction to caffeine, and begin considering attempting to open passage to another world..
File: 1392295520416.jpg-(950 KB, 1920x1080, 2_sunrise.jpg)
950 KB
950 KB JPG

You only have your own resources to draw upon, but you think you might be able to attempt to open a passage to.. somewhere.
You believe you could attempt to open a small two-way communication portal, or send yourself bodily into into a one-way portal. You aren't sure you have the energy for anything stronger than that at the moment, considering that you've never tried it.
Rolled 94

The smaller the better. The goal right now isn't actually the portal itself. The plan is to open a very small portal very briefly, and then feel the ripples that it makes. Then, make them disappear, or fade significantly. Stealth portals. We're an explorer by nature, and any good explorer knows that you don't want to leave a huge impact on the places you go. Jana was a mistake that we don't want to repeat.
(Apologies for the delay, brain bogged for a bit)

You're into some fairly theoretical territory for yourself at the moment.
You believe the smallest you can make would be the two-way communication portal.
Would you like to open on of those?
Do you have a target in mind, or see where the flow takes it?
Do you wish to further manipulate it in an attempt to smooth out the ripples on this attempt?
Rolled 51

Two-way is go. Target: Natural flow. Seamless, ripple-free action.
File: 1392298111291.jpg-(111 KB, 1272x675, 6x11_ByeByeDes.jpg)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Mean target as in destination.
Natural rifts in space-time would normally cause an effect detected by those with the gift for it, such as yourself, the same as created tears would. Though not being near a flow-point would mark this as likely less-than-natural.

Still, you may attempt it, it just makes the roll trickier.

Speaking of which, I'll need 3d100 from you, first one you want low for skill, the other two are random. If you have a destination in mind and succeed, we won't need the random location, but it is good to have on hand in case.
Rolled 6, 77, 61 = 144

Ah, well, then Jana's homeland. Familar territory without the bad mojo of home.
Please don't blow up our new place, tg-dice gods.
>Rolled 6
(Well damn.)

You feel a heavy drain on your resources aa you focus and concentrate, trying to to conjure up a small, stable, gateway to a watery dimension you once visited. You spend a bit longer on it, trying to perform it as a ritual to increase your control over it, marshaling energies as best you can. In trying to dampen the ripples, you almost lose your focus, but manage to hang one, though you don't think you affected much this time around, you feel the theory is sound.. but no time to back yourself on the back, the portal opens.

A small, softball sized portal solidifies before you with blue-white energies ringing it, and through it, you see damaged beach and heard the crash of surf.
You've done it.
File: 1392300001778.jpg-(59 KB, 700x466, tropical6.jpg)
59 KB
Fresh air washes through the opening and you can hear birds chirp with concern.
You can see the damaged treeline and loss of sand from you previous exit, water sloshing in the the dip in the shore below you portal.
Rolled 24, 92, 66 = 182

Experiment time. Does keeping it open seem to be a constant drain? Is it constantly sending out ripples, or does that only happen at the creation? Is there anyone on the other side? Can we move it?
[Close the portal right away, as planned.]
[Leave it open for now, observe.]

One time drain with a time limit, which you believe is around four minutes, though you should be able to close it at any time.
Detection would be strongest while opening, though if they are close enough, someone like yourself could detect the open portal as well.

No one is visible at this time.
Rolled 16

Close it. Make sure there's as little trace as possible.
The portal neatly winks shut, and you are left in the bare room again as the ripples fade away.
You also feel a bit tired, prying open a portal way from the flow took a lot of of you, but the important part is that you pulled it off, and feel like you'll have a good feel for it next time you need to create a portal like that.
Rolled 71

Go out, aquire some cheese (and some other food/drink). Return home, rest, repeat summoning, then toss the cheese through.
Plans are made and a quest for cheese begun.

I would like to thank you for your participation, and I am glad I stayed up this long to be here for that.
Wish I could keep going, but it isn't panning out.
Alas I'm starting to nod off in my seat, and think I should call it here before I suddenly stop responding and later wake up with a kink in my neck.

Rest well and have a good day, thanks again.

>End, Part 4.
File: 1392301975543.jpg-(40 KB, 503x418, Dead-Tired.jpg)
40 KB
Seriously, thanks for playing, made staying up to run this worthwhile.

If you are interested in that sort of thing I do have a QM twitter at @RandomDimensional

Take care.
Thanks for running, and I'll keep an eye on the twitter for next time. Enjoy your unkinky neck.
File: 1392316001357.jpg-(21 KB, 420x382, Waking-up-tired.jpg)
21 KB
Is three hours enough for sleeping?
Of this, I am unsure.
Think I'll make some soup, then see if I'm up for anything.
I'll be lurking about.
And my computer crashes again while trying to remove malware.
Alright, maybe I won't be getting much done for a bit.
File: 1392335774971.jpg-(81 KB, 720x590, 5D DOORWAY.jpg)
81 KB
Alright, systems seem online and functional again.
Lost most of the time I had to work with though.
Ah well, thread is open for questions and commentary, though it looks like the Quest for Cheese (and other sundries) will need to wait for next time.

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