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The last thing you remember is getting some clues about the young man you love. The first thing you remember is meeting his mother.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gideon020
Rules: http://pastebin.com/BgiTzjeE
Character Sheet and Inventory: http://pastebin.com/higzqSf1

Part 0: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30108682/
Part 1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30133368/
Part 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30152478/
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Cyberpunk%20Yandere%20Quest

Your name is Alice, a prototype assassination/infiltration android, and right now you are watching the mother of the young man you love, Ian Carter, standing at the dining table behind the living room with a large box on the table, arms folded, staring at him with a stern expression.

"I'm waiting young man." You are sitting on the couch in the living room of the rather nice apartment where the young man you love, Ian Carter, lives.

So far, you have met his 'Uncle Zack' and noted him down as a possible source of black-market weaponry, you have discovered through Ian's poor security habits that he may be involved or planning some kind of high-risk criminal activity, and you are now waiting to see what sort of excuse he comes up with to explain your presence to his mother.

"I saved her." You suppress a blink of surprise, realising that he could be using the story you gave the corrupt police officer, 'Uncle Zack' about being a girl kidnapped by human traffickers.

"Saved her Ian?" His mother responds stance shifting and indicating confusion, "What do you mean?"

"She was taken from the US, brought here by traffickers, but she escaped and got past the Sea Wall. I found her just after that helicopter came down in the slums, and got her out of there." Ian explains and you feel a small smile come to to your face at hearing him use your story to help conceal the truth.

Such a good boy.

"And you brought her here?" His mother asked and Ian nodded, "What about the checkpoints?"

"Uncle Zack was on duty at the one we encountered. He let us pass by, and he's still coming by for dinner." Ian explained and his mother sighed, the emotional analysis indicating fond exasperation.

"That man..." She nodded, "Fine, that means a meal for four people instead of three. Get started on that, I want to talk to her in private, okay?"

Ian nodded, "Okay Mom." He gave you a smile and walked into the kitchen area before his mother turned and approached you.

"Follow me please." Despite the phrasing, it was not an order and your systems brought back some data.

>Dice Roll: 57

While not as much as you would have liked, you can tell that a surgeon does not typically have nor maintain a body on par with a professional soldier. Combined with the high degree of effort taken to preserve her privacy and the extrapolation of her possible birth year, it's highly likely that she's from the Battlefield Generation that lived during the Eurasian, Indo-Sino, and Sahara Wars that took place during the Chaos Twenty.

A former child soldier who is now a skilled surgeon, your love has an interesting family as well. Good, because as Papa told you, 'Boring people lead boring lives, so interesting things have to happen to them. But interesting people make their lives interesting on their own.'

Mom hit him on the back of the head with a clip-board after he said that.

Shrugging, you stand up and follow her into the master bedroom, noting that she lets you enter first before following you in and closing the door, "Okay missy, start talking. Who the fuck are you?"

You blink at her and she grimaces, "Don't give me the cute act, I know a trained killer when I see one. Who are you, really, because I don't buy that people smuggler bullshit."

Your mind begins working on a response, you'll have to tread carefully.

Response? (Write In:)

(Someone give me a 1d100 roll as well please.)
From now on, I'll be taking the first roll to make situations pass by faster
Rolled 91

> Tell her that we've been part of a gang that was trying to be a paramilitary group before it got busted after being too bold. Today, I had been cornered by some thugs, when they had spotted Ian, giving me the distraction I needed to take them down. He really did save me.
Rolled 2


Explain you memory loss and say that you are simply waiting until you can remember just what you were doing before the helicopter crash or someone comes looking for you.
> when they had spotted Ian, giving me the distraction I needed to take them down.

Participation in and witnessing the murders of several people isn't something that doesn't show.

It'll take about two seconds of her looking at Ian to know that we lied to her.
What if she wants more details? Also this doesn't give us much of a reason to stay here. If anything that make our presence a danger.
He did see us murder that one thug.
Looks like there's no other votes so I'm rolling a dice to break the tie. High is gang member, low is memory loss.

>Dice Roll: 67

Going with memory loss unless more votes come in.
Do we get an infiltration bonus for lying to her?

Nearly forgot that. Okay, someone give me 1d100+30 since the Infiltration bonus applies.
Rolled 13 + 30

This is going to be embarrassing if it's lower than the 91
Remember, she is a surgeon.

A child soldier turned surgeon.

She has seen patients bullshit out of their ass every day.

I say we should be honest with her. She will find our secret, and she will skin us.
Also, as the likely source of medical treatment, she should know exactly what we are if we get injured keeping Ian safe. As his mother, she must be very protective of him. She needs to know how horribly we would kill those who hurt him so she can bless our advances.
We don't need medical treatment. We nanobots now.
Surgeons and child soldiers are pretty messed up themselves, so they will be fine with a slightly yandere daughter in law.
We will wake up with someone scanning us.

Or using a magnet on us.

If she reacts badly to a toaster girlfriend, then... an accident can be arranged.
>Roll: 13+30 = 43

>Explain you memory loss and say that you are simply waiting until you can remember just what you were doing before the helicopter crash or someone comes looking for you.

"You're right. I actually lost my memory when the Auburn Trans-Oceanic helicopter crashed. But Ian isn't lying about saving me."

Ian's mother regards you with an even stare. She fully knows you aren't telling the entire truth, but for now she'll let it slide, "And the look in his eyes? I know that look, it's the look of someone who's seen death. What happened?"

You look away, expression sad, "We were caught by a gang member while trying to leave. I killed him, and he saw me do it."

Her expression softens just slightly, "Damn...that son of mine, he plays that damn AR-game constantly, but there's a difference between playing a game and actually killing someone, or seeing someone die."

She approaches you, staring you right in the eye as she leans down towards you, "So why are you hanging around my son? I saw your eyes, the way you look at him, I've seen it before. And it never ends well."

How dare she! Still, you should remain calm, this could be a test of your resolve. Well, you'll show her.

What should you say? (Write In:)

(Roll 1d100+30)
Rolled 2 + 30

H-he saved me and...*blush*
Rolled 100 + 30

Shit. She's onto us.

Explain that he saved our life and was the first person to try and help us. Also that we have nowhere else to go. Try and avoid the mention of our lustful gaze.
lets go with this
Darn anon.


We just won an ally today.

Well damn. Natural 100's beat any result other than a Natural 1. Regardless of which vote wins, this is the dice roll that will be used.

You got lucky /tg.
We need a mother character.

She can be it. A person who we can consult. She will be brutally honest with you, and she can hit us hard enough that we will listen to her.

Ian's kind, he gave me something to wear, and he hasn't tried to take advantage of me at all. And because he went out alone with only a knife and a stun pistol, he really needs someone to watch his back.

Although I feel like that nat 2 blushing would have made her pity our inept self.
That would be adorable too. Although she seen her share of naive young girls.

Once we get to know her we will reveal our naive side and she will love us.
>He saved me!
>Dice roll: Natural 100, you lucky bastards.

"He saved me!" You suddenly, to her perception, blurt out, "He saved me! Pulled me from a pile of trash and tried to protect me from that gang member! If he hadn't done that, I'd be dead!" And death is not something you want to know, because in order to prevent your body being recovered and studied, the cold fusion reactor in your chest will detonate.

Mom was not pleased to know you'd live with a 60-kiloton cold fusion bomb in your chest, but she understood the need as you step forward, "He only had a Stun Gun and a Knife, and he wanted to protect me by distracting a man with a gun and run." You turn away, "I don't know what you think of me, but I only want to protect him, like he protected me."

You spin and stab a finger towards her, "And if you don't believe that, then fuck you! I don't give a fuck what you see in my eyes, I owe him my life!"

She stares at you for a long, long moment, before nodding, a ghost of a smile on her face, "Good. Too many girls get saved by someone acting like a white knight, they never realise that damsels die just as much as they get rescued." She glances towards the pictures on the desk with the laptop, "And my son, Ian, has always been somewhat naive about how he should protect himself."

She approaches you and places a hand on your shoulder, "If you really mean what you say, if you really believe that, then watch his back. But I want you to know something." Her grips tightens, just enough that a normal human might feel some pain and you wince appropriately in response, "I love my son. He's the only thing that remains of my husband, and if you hurt him..."

"I understand." You respond. You understand perfectly, this woman is like you, protective and loving of Ian, but in asking you to protect him, she's giving you permission!

File: 1392184339612.gif-(1002 KB, 500x629, awwyeah, get pumped.gif)
1002 KB
1002 KB GIF
>she's giving you permission!
Aww yeah
Best mom.
Actually, which mom would not want their son protected by a yandere?
"Good. Now let's get back out there for dinner." Opening the door, the two of you head back out to find Ian talking with a man sitting at the table, and Ian's mother smiles, "Zachery, always prompt when it's a free meal."

"Heh, you know it!" 'Uncle Zack' responds, "And here's the girl saved from the flesh-peddlers."

You smile and wave as he smiles at you, "Having a private conversation with my sister were you? Lemme guess, Rebecca was warning you against making moves against Ian right?"

You nod and Zack, or Zachery, laughs, "Yeah, that's Rebecca for you."

"Whatever Zack," Rebecca nudged you, "Let's get a seat um...what's your name?"

Zack laughed as you smiled and replied, "Alice, my name is Alice."

"All right, take a seat Alice while I help Ian with dinner." Rebecca moves to the kitchen while you take a seat next to Zack.

As you two are waiting, Zack leans closer to you, "Hey, be straight with me. You're a killer, aren't you? Because, I might have an opportunity for you if you're interested."

You glance towards the kitchen, seeing Rebecca and Ian distracted and turn towards Zack.

-"Let's see the gun first, then we'll talk."
-"Maybe I am, but I want access to the guns."
-"Will it hurt Ian?"
-Something else? (Write In:)
>-"Will it hurt Ian?"

Mom is always listening.
Uncle Zack is a spy for mom.
>-"Will it hurt Ian?"
depending on his answer
>-"Maybe I am, but I want access to the guns."
>"Will it hurt Ian?"

Zack glances towards the kitchen, "Not unless you tell him. I can take care of this myself, but if someone unknown did this, then a lot of people other than myself would be grateful."

"But it won't hurt Ian?" You press.

Zack glances back at the kitchen, before shaking his head, "No, I promise that it will not hurt Ian."

"Fine, then you have my interest." You state seriously, "But I want access to your guns."

Zack winces, "I can get you access to the confiscated weapon lockers, but no fucking away am I getting you into the duty armoury or the SWAT armoury."

You nod, "That's fine. Like you said at the barricade, they don't have serial numbers."

Zack nods, expression serious, "Yeah. Okay, here's the job, it's..."

-"...an assassination. I need you to kill the informant of some idiot rookie Internal Affairs agent and steal the info."
-"...a theft. There's a bag of dirty money that needs to vanish."
-"...some sabotage. New City cops are showing off their new Urban Raider armoured assault vehicle. We need that to develop technical difficulties."
-"...some harassment. Break into an apartment in New City and wreck the place."

He leans back in his seat, "You do this, then let's say a grateful dirty cop can get you access, and let's say some grateful dirty higher-ups will turn a blind eye to it."
File: 1392186404057.jpg-(218 KB, 489x540, 1385933313223.jpg)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
-"...a theft. There's a bag of dirty money that needs to vanish."

Seems the best fit for us
>-"...an assassination. I need you to kill the informant of some idiot rookie Internal Affairs agent and steal the info."
Ian doesn't need to see use to wetwork...yet. go solo
>-"...a theft. There's a bag of dirty money that needs to vanish."
Ian does know his way around the city
>-"...some sabotage. New City cops are showing off their new Urban Raider armoured assault vehicle. We need that to develop technical difficulties."
to dangerous, go solo
>-"...some harassment. Break into an apartment in New City and wreck the place."
Ian can help
I am for that.

As long as the dirty money... vanishes into pockets.
Vehicle would ruin our relation with the new city police. This is not optimal when we run afoul of them when, not if, Ian starts his mission.

Also - A surgeon - Why is his family poor again?

Money for New City and arcology maintenance has to come somewhere, and sometimes you don't get to pick where you work.
>-"...a theft. There's a bag of dirty money that needs to vanish."
>"...a theft, there's a bag of dirty money that needs to vanish."

"And the best place for it to vanish would be down someone's pockets right?" You reply with a sly smile as Zack grins in response.

"Well, you said it, not me. But it needs to go, and-"

"Dinner's ready!" Rebecca calls from the kitchen and you both turn towards her, "Well, you two are getting along well."

"Heh, what can I say, I am a friend to all women!" He announces grandly and you shake your head with a giggle, before catching his glance as Rebbeca turns away, "We'll talk about it later."

You nod and await the arrival of the meal.

Even though any food you ingest is used primarily for repair feedstock, Papa and Mom fitted you with the necessary senses in order to blend it as a human and for the first actual meal you've ever had in your life...

It's delicious! You didn't know what you were missing! You swear you see Ian blush fiercely when you moan at the first spoonful as you ate.

"Heh, looks like someone's experiencing the Sinclair family magic when it comes to food." Zack says with a smile but ignore him in favour of this heavenly food.

You pointedly ignore the realisation that after eight months of sensory testing involving a bland paste made out of ceramics, metals and plastics, anything would taste heavenly.

Eventually, after a full meal and some store-bought cake for dessert, Ian goes off to his room and Rebecca heads to change for the late shift as you and Zack sit on the couch, the man watching the mother leave.

"She's a survivor you know. Lost her husband while he was on duty in Hong Kong maintaining the DMZ." He muses, before shaking his head, "Anyway, the bag is in the possession of a sleaze called Hicks. Bastard used to be one of us, until he lost his arm and half his face."

"He received cybernetics?" You ask and Zack nods.

"Bastard's been acting like his shit smells like fucking roses ever since he agreed to have the procedure done by Jata."

Jata Technology, a cybernetics company from the Central African Union, the world leader in cybernetics research and manufacturing.

"So why is he a threat?" You ask.

"Hicks got a deal going with some Neo-Patriot. A load of dirty money vanishes in that guy's hands, and in exchange the flag-eater slips him info on a big score against the Moord Nag."

Zack checks the doors to the master bedroom and Ian's room, before returning his attention to you as you keep an eye on the doors, "But here's the thing, those illegal guns that we 'confiscate'? Moord Nag offloads them to us. She practically keeps the streets clean of illegal guns, and if she goes down, every gang in the Slums is going to be loaded for bear."

"He's upsetting the balance of power." You understand the threat to Ian in this Hicks as you whisper this with wide eyes. If the gangs get more guns, then they could harm or kill him! Unacceptable!

"Damn right. We can't warn Moord Nag without tipping Hick's contact off and exposing our deal, so the money needs to vanish. No money, no info, and no raid."

He glances behind him again, "You in?"

You nod, "I am."

Zack nods with a tight smile, "Good. Meet me outside in four hours, I'll be waiting with a car. I'll drop you off near his home."

He rises to leave, but you stop him, "The gun?"

Zack smiles, "I'll give it to you when I pick you up."

He leaves and you prepare yourself for your mission.

time to bond with Ian for four hours
>If the gangs get more guns, then they could harm or kill him! Unacceptable!

Oh God the most adorable yandere assassin robot.
Four hours turns out to be after four hours of Dead Or Alive 14, and you even let Ian win a few times, so when the time comes and everyone is asleep, you wait in your street clothes in the shadows of the building's doorway alcove and do a status check of your body and systems.

>Health: 190
>Armour: 30
>Reactor Charges: 6
>All systems nominal, ready for operations.

Minutes later, a police car pulls up and you see Zack in the driver's seat. Opening the passenger door and buckling in, Zack immediately drives off, "Okay, listen up. Get in, get the money, get out, but I'm not going to say no if you decide to take anything else to make it look like a robbery."

"Where is the money held?" You ask, all business as your combat systems come online.

"We planted a tracker before he took it, but the signal returns are weird, so we think he has some place shielded or thick enough to bounce the signals around." He smiles nastily, "Knowing that chicken-shit jarhead, he'll keep it somewhere he can find with both of his hands. Dumbass."

You nod, "Understood. Will he be expecting anyone?"

Zack shakes his head, "Nah, his meeting isn't until tomorrow night, so you should have plenty of time." He makes a turn and you find the police car pulling up at a back-alley, "One of the nicer places in Old City, connected to the security network, so you'll need to go in the back."

He taps the glove box, "Present for you." You open it to reveal a Beretta 97 pistol and eight magazines of .45ACP, along with a silencer and illuminated sights.

>Beretta 97
>Caliber: .45ACP
>Ammo Type: Standard
>Damage: 3d6
>Magazine: 15/15
>Mods: Silencer, Illuminated Sights

(QM: Please wait for a gameplay explanation.)
Your weapon has a Rate Of Fire of 6, this is how many shots you can fire in a single turn.

When attacking, state in the Subject line how many shots you fire, and roll that many 1d100. Beat the number 40 to hit.

After that, I roll hit locations and damage.

Your weapon has standard ammunition loaded. Ammo comes in many forms and will be introduced as sessions continue. For now, all .45ACP guns do 3d6 damage per hit.

Your gun has two mods:
-Silencers allow your Infiltration speciality to apply to combat. You can add +30 to your 1d100 rolls.
-Illuminated Sights add +5 to your rolls.

Now, back to the game.
You pick up the gun and pocket the ammunition before slipping on the holster provided.

>Spare Ammo: 8 Magazines/120 Rounds

"Where should I meet you with the money?" You ask while exiting the car.

"There's a public payphone two blocks over. Call the emergency line and tell the girl who answers that you have Hick's package. She'll redirect you to someone who will give you a location. Drop the money off there and I'll be nearby to pick you up."

He smiles at you, "Good luck, you'll find him on the fourth floor."

You nod and close the door, slipping the gun into your pocket as Zack drives off. You check your internal clock.

2100, you have until dawn at 0752 to get this done as you approach the back door.

The door is a simple lock, but you easily spot a fire escape that should take you up to his floor and possibly a window to break into.

Places like this might also have some kind of security in place as well, and while it's basic, it could still spot you and these places didn't send signals to the police but to a private contractor with private police.

-Course of action?

(Roll 1d100+30 for all actions since you are now infiltrating a location.)
Rolled 42 + 30

Scan the area for surveillance systems, then proceed up the fire escape.
Rolled 89 + 30

Scan surveillance, try to find anything to get us in or any surprised he may have put in place
>Scan the area for security systems
>Roll: 42+70=72

You sweep your eyes over the area and smile as you spot the security control box on the side of the building and quickly climb on top of a dumpster and clamber up a drain pipe to reach it.

The box is an old model, easy to spoof the signal, so you open it and get to work.

Roll: 25+10=35

You curse as you receive a nasty shock from the corroded wiring. Like most parts of Old City, even the areas with integrated panopticon security are decaying and neglected as the government focuses on the shinier towers and buildings of New City.

>Damage: 1
>Health: 189

You suck your finger and try again.

>Dice Roll: 92+10=102

Lets see, pull this wire, type in this code, set this switch, and...done!

You slide down the pipe and and head towards the fire escape, and with a short jump you grab onto the bottom rung and clamber up the rusty metal ladder onto the rusty metal staircase.

Sound masking systems engage with a soft hissing and your body begins automatically shifting your weight in order to lessen the amount of noise you make and you head up like a ghost, reaching the fourth floor and a window.

>Scan surveillance, try to find anything to get us in or any surprised he may have put in place
>Roll: 89+30=119

You pause, eyes easily picking out a flashbang set up to a tension wire behind the glass. Smiling, you move to the other window, cover the lock with your sleeve, and with a deft twist of your hand the lock breaks with a ping.

You pause at the noise, but hearing no activity, you open the window and slip inside the apartment building.

You check the apartment for confirmation and find a badge on the table. A quick flick confirms the identity of the owner, this is Hick's apartment.

Sneaking over to the bedroom, you find the man himself fast asleep, the light from his bedside clock illimunated the dull metal of his cybernetic arm and eye unit. Jata likely offered the rare technology as live product-testing, which means brainwave and heart monitors linked to a proprietary fast response medical unit.

That means killing him will bring the medical unit in less than twenty minutes going by their records. You back away from the door and head to where the flashbang is placed and quietly remove the grenade and undo the wire.

>Flashbang: Stuns enemies.
>Wire: Never know if it'll be useful.

Now, what to do?

-Suggest a course of action. (Write In:)
>Find the loot?
>Find the Loot.

A bag full of dirty money should not be that hard to find, especially considering how stupid Zack made Hicks out to be.

>Roll: 89+30=119, geez you bastards keep getting lucky.

You realise that from the description of the signal interference, that the bag must be hidden somewhere the harmonics are interfering with the transmission.

In old-style apartment buildings, the best place that fits the description is in the utility space in the ceiling, and opening the hallway closet reveals a ladder that you can use.

The ceiling access is in the living room area, above the coffee table, so you set up the ladder and climb up. Carefully reaching up, you tug on the wooden ceiling panel that is meant to allow maintenance inside to check various wiring and pipes.

>Roll: 35+30=65

The panel falls away and you grab it before tossing it on the couch and lifting yourself inside.

The place is dusty, but being a machine means you don't cough or sneeze as you search, before you pick up a radio signal and follow it to find a large duffel bag.

You open it up to reveal stacks of 100, 200, and 500 Tenge bills, hundreds of thousands worth.

You zip up the bag and carefully climb down.

So far, so good.

-Steal some stuff, throw Hicks off the trail.
-Don't push your luck, get out now.
>-Steal some stuff, throw Hicks off the trail.
grab anything small and valuable we can safely carry, maybe knock over some stuff to make it look like some random thief came in and got lucky
>grab a bill or two, buy something nice for Ian and his Mom
>-Steal some stuff, throw Hicks off the trail.
>Steal some stuff, throw Hicks off the trail.

You spare some time to put the panel back and store the ladder before you start looting the place.

His wallet is the first thing you find and you quickly pocket the bills inside.

>Money Acquired: 150 Tenge

You move on to search for more valuables.

Roll: 4+30=34

Unfortunately, just as you were about to start, someone starts banging on the door, hard, "HICKS! WAKE UP YOU FUCKING YANKEE!"

A light comes on in the bedroom and you quickly search for a hiding spot.

Roll: 94+30=114, you lucky fucking bastards!

You slide behind a couch several seconds before Hicks walks out of his bedroom, rubbing his eyes with his human arm as the pounding on his door continues, "All right! All right! Christ almighty, just give me a fucking minute!"

He fiddles with the locks and opens the door, "What the fu-" You spot a man barge inside the apartment from your hiding place, "Abdul? The fuck are you doing here? The meet's tomorrow night."

"It's changed man, the situation's fucking changed! I need the money now!"

Hicks looks confused, but he's also still half-asleep, "The fuck are you on-"

"GIVE ME THE FUCKING MONEY!" The man demands in a desperate scream as you shift the bag slung onto your back, "They're calling in my debts man. I need the money. Now. Otherwise-"

Roll: 41

The sound of screeching car tyres reaches your ears. From the volume and ratios, there should be three cars approaching as the man hears them as well, "Oh no, merciful Allah, no."

He turns to Hicks, "Please, you have to help me!"

Hicks nods and turns to a nearby picture, pulling it aside to reveal a hole where he grabs a shotgun and hands the other man a pistol, "Let's do this."

You prepare to sneak away when you hear the sound of two cars arriving at the rear of the building, before doors slam and angry voices speaking in Farsi drift up.

"Find the bastard! The Boss wants him alive!"


(QM: And that's Part 3. Stay tuned for next time, actual combat!)
Next Cyberpunk Yandere Quest will be up on Saturday, at approximately 10:00AM GMT+10:00
File: 1392197990037.jpg-(10 KB, 226x223, 1387693883917.jpg)
10 KB

We're in for a fucking ride man! No brakes!
Thanks for running
Very late, but thank you for running good GM. I enjoyed it.

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