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The last thing you remember is being given a name. The first thing you remember is climbing down into a ruined building.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gideon020
Rules: http://pastebin.com/BgiTzjeE
Character Sheet and Inventory: http://pastebin.com/higzqSf1

Part 0: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30108682/
Part 1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/30133368/

Your name is Alice, and you are the first and only one of your kind, a prototype infiltration/assassination android.

And even as you reluctantly release the hand of the man you have fallen in love with, Ian Carter, you have to remind yourself that you don't have a heart but a prototype multi-million dollar cold fusion reactor.

It doesn't stop you from feeling a fluttering sensation at being so close to him.

"Okay," Ian spoke up, "First things first, you need some clothing." You look down at yourself and Ian chuckles, "Yeah, while a bodysuit looks sexy, no way are you walking down the streets without getting arrested. I usually stash some spare clothes in case anything I'm wearing during my urban exploration gets damaged."

You blush slightly, "Thank you." He returns the smile and opens up a large box to reveal clothing, "Sorry, no female underwear in here, but you look about the same size as my sister, that's not going to be a problem is it?"

You smile, "Not for me." You accept the clothes and smirk as he gives you some privacy before stripping down and changing into the new clothes.

Ans I was just about to go to bed... Guess I'll stay up for a while longer.
It takes a matter of seconds to remove the bodysuit and neatly fold it before slipping into the jeans, shirt and jacket.

With a pair of sneakers on your feet, you feel much safer since you look like a normal human now.

"Damn, you make anything look good don't you?" Ian remarks as he comes into view. You give him a slight spin to show off your figure.

"So what now?" You ask and Ian nods, understanding the question.

"First off, you should give me the pistol so I can hide it in my backpack. The local cops know me, so they won't give me any trouble, but they'll search any strangers."

You nod and hand over the pistol and ammunition, watching him pull out a backpack and noting a secret pocket that he quickly stuffs the weapon and ammunition into it.

"Okay, stick close. Old City is pretty safe, but there's a few people that you don't want to be caught by. Follow me." He opens a door revealing a stairwell.

After going down five levels, you reach the streets of the Old City. From here, you can only see the upper levels of the skyscrapers, no signs of the arcology spires belonging to the six largest MegaCons in The City.

"This way!" Ian calls you and you quickly jog to catch up with him, turning a corner to reveal a bustling street with cars and people moving along it.

Ian grabs your hand, "Remember to stick close." You nod and grip his hand tighter, following him into the crowds.

Even with electronic maps and pre-loaded satellite images, you feel like you would easily get lost in these streets as Ian deftly navigates down streets, lanes and alleys until he reaches a street with barricade set up along it, police and police vehicles parked nearby as they check cars and people.

"Okay, let me do the talking." Ian commands and you nod as you approach the barricade, a police officer noticing the pair of you and smiling under his cap.

"Ian! Where've you been boy?" He shouts, approaching him as Ian releases your hand and gives the officer a hug.

>Cyberpunk Yandere Quest
this is like all of my fetishes.
"Uncle Zack! Sorry, been doing some-"

"Urban exploration, I know." The officer says with a knowing smile, "Jesus boy, one of these days those slum rats will get you, you know? I keep telling you, you should-"

"See you about a real weapon? Yeah, I know, but you'll get in trouble with Internal Affairs, especially if you steal from the confiscated weapon lockers." Ian replies.

"At least they don't have serial numbers." 'Uncle Zack' replies, winking at him. You note the possibility of this police officer as a means of acquiring weapons in the future.

He then notices you, "And who's this little thing? Found yourself a date Ian?"

Ian glances towards you, "About her...Uncle Zack, she doesn't have ID."

'Uncle Zack' frowns briefly, "From the slums?"

Ian glances at you, as if trying to come up with an explanation.

-"Yes, I'm from the slums."
-"No, he saved me from a helicopter crash."
-Write In:

(GM: Vote will close 20 minutes after the first vote.)
We're a foreigner who he saved from human traffickers in the slums.
>-Write In:
Let Ian make up our excuse.
"I am just to be getting here on boat, trying to refugee, Ian is being very help full." And really act up wrapping yourself around Ian.
I'll second this.
Seconding human trafficking excuse.

>"I am just to be getting here on boat,

Why are we an American national speaking English with what I assume is a Russian accent?
>-"Yes, I'm from the slums."
Sshh, we are a super stealthy cyborg, no one will suspect anything, like Carmine Sandiago.
"Yes I'm from the slums."
seems a good deal.
Saying that we're from the slums sets us up for failure any time we're asked something that someone from the slums would be expected to know, we also presumably do not sound as if we are from the slums. I don't know why anyone is suggesting it.
We're not even wearing underwear right now.
I knew we were yandere not a slut.
not if we play the ditz. If we play the ditz nobody will ask shit.
"He saved me. They kidnapped me, took all of my ID, my money, and stuffed me onto a ship. I don't remember how long I was on board before they brought me here." You suddenly speak up and the police officer's expression hardens as you hug Ian tightly, pressing your chest into his back.

"Flesh-peddlers, probably linked to one of the smuggling clans," he spits on the ground, "I keep saying we should pressure the government to wipe out those fucking Sea Rats, haven't I been saying that Ian?" Ian nods, clearly having heard this rant before, "Always stealing girls for some pervert in Albania or a sweatshop in Jade China."

He shakes his head, before clapping Ian on the shoulder hard, "Good job boy! You're getting to be regular hell-raiser, just like your father!" He laughed an Ian gave him a pained smile in return, though you don't know if that was from the pain or something else.

"In fact, I think your good deed shouldn't go unrewarded." He leans in close, "I can get my hands on a Beretta 97 in .45ACP. What do you say Ian? It'll be better than whatever you steal from those slum rats."

.45ACP would be better than the 9mm in his backpack, and you could give him that Makarov and take the Beretta for yourself, if you can encourage Ian into accepting. But at the same time, the Makarov might still be useful for now.

Should you prod Ian into accepting?
You can never have enough guns.

Swiping firearms is just going to cause us trouble later.

Say we'd feel safer if he was armed. This is mainly for Zack's benefit, but we can always use more guns.
Prod Ian into accepting, if we have guns than nobody can threaten Ian!
Wait he is basically the boy from Tron 2 but he doesn't have a better gun than a handgun?
I mean we saw that he was a decker but really?


"Take it." You say quietly, but loud enough to be heard by both them, "For the added protection."

Uncle Zack smiles, "Girl's smart, smarter than you, always taking a Stun Gun and a Knife but nothing else. Whaddya say? At least you can give it to her." He indicates you as Ian studies your eyes. He has nice eyes, you decide, the best in the world.

"Well, okay, but!" Ian holds up a hand, "Only take it if you won't get into trouble for it. I mean it Uncle Zack."

'Uncle Zack' smiles, "Don't worry about me, I can handle Internal Affairs." He opens a pack at his side, removing a set of bulky goggles and a small keyboard, before fiddling to get the keyboard strapped on, "Geez, I hate these things. Why can't they make this shit easier to use?" Ian chuckles as you giggle, "Oh sure, laugh it up, trust me Ian, one day this'll be you."

"I hope not, I'd hate to find myself in a museum with the rest of the dinosaurs," Ian jokes as Zack slips on the goggles.

"I hate how stupid they look though, I mean what the hell happened to smart phones and laptops? All this AR shit, I keep telling you, the Internet should stay behind a computer screen-"

"And not be floating about in the air, I know." Ian finishes for him, "But it's convenient. Besides..." He indicates his own goggles, "This stuff is pretty cool once you get used to it. I hear if you can crack the security, you can even hack with this stuff."

"As if hackers weren't trouble enough when the computers didn't move." Uncle Zack grouses before he taps his keyboard and flicks with his hand a few times, "Okay, go on through you two. And just so you know, your Mom's going to be pissed that you went out 'exploring' again."

Ian nodded, "I know, I know. At least I saved a hot girl though." You smile brightly at him.

"Head on through casanova." He opens a gate and allows the two of you to continue travelling, "And tell your mother I'll be by for dinner."

"Sure thing Uncle Zack!" Ian calls out before he picks up the pace and you easily follow after him.

The rest of the trip is more navigation of the twisting streets until he arrives at an apartment building, clearly an attempt at some kind of older architectural style, but it looks worn and faded.

"Come on, this way." Ian leads you inside and past a row of post boxes, before stopping to check one of them, pulling out envelopes, "Shit, more bills. Fucking New City."

You pretend that you didn't notice the mutter as he leads you up the stairs towards the fourth floor and into a hallway.

You have to admit, the exterior certainly didn't tell you that the interior would look this nice as Ian opens a door, perhaps that was intentional?

"And here we are, home sweet home. Come on, my sister moved out a few days ago, so most of her clothes and stuff are still here, you can borrow her underwear so you don't get chafed.

"Sure thing." You quickly follow him inside the apartment and look around at the nice decorations, the large windows on one side of the living room and dining area leading out to two balconies, and three bedrooms, "This is a nice place."

"Thanks. These days all you hear about is how great the apartments in New City look. You get sick of it after a while." Ian replies as he opens the fridge and gets out two cans while you enter the bedroom that used to be the sister's.

Most of it has been clearly packed and removed, but a quick check of the closets and dresser reveals that a decent amount of casual clothing remains, along with underwear.

You quickly strip down to put them on. You may not get chafing from clothing on bare skin, but you know better than to walk around near-naked if you don't need to be.

Properly attired, you slip your clothes back on and enter the living room, "That feels a lot better." You flop onto the couch, "So what now?"

"Now, I have to go out to grab some extra items for dinner tonight."

Ian reappears, holding out a can of Frost, and you accept it, popping the cap and feeling the drink instantly cool into a slush inside the can as air mixes with chemicals.

Your systems note that the chemical combination forms a low-level addictive substance, but shouldn't do anything for you since any and all material is used as feedstock for your repair systems.

You take a deep gulp of the cold slush as Ian finishes his own drink, "I'll be back shortly, try not to break or steal anything okay?"

At your nod, he leaves the apartment, locking the door behind him.

All alone, you consider what to do to amuse yourself.

-Turn On The TV and watch the news
-Turn On The Computer and search the Internet (specify a search topic)
-Investigate the sister's room.
-investigate Ian's room.
-Investigate the master bedroom.
Addictive soft drinks? This is incredibly surprising.

Check out Ian's room, you want to know more about him.
>-investigate Ian's room.
He's such a nice boy, we should clean his room for him.
>-investigate Ian's room.

We're a girl in the house of a boy we love.
Finding this porn stash is first priority.

>This is incredibly surprising.
No it's not. It's called caffeine.
Investigate Ian's room, then check his computers internet history to learn what he likes.
Check the master bedroom. Probably belongs to his mother, who we need to know as much about as possible in order to protect him. Checking Ian's room is a secondary priority, compared to ensuring we can get on his mother's good side.
Ians room, find his porn, burn it, leave pictures of us naked.
We've only just met, we can't let him know how interested we are in him. We need to build up a rapport first. If Ian gets scared of us because we come of as insane, how will we protect him? It will make our job a lot harder, and we'll be less able to spend time with him.

Maybe once we're in a relationship.
too crazy too fast, we need to release the crazy after we trick him into letting us live here.
>Investigate Ian's Room

You decide to check out Ian's room and get up from the couch, draining the last of the Frost and throwing it into a nearby garbage bin.

Opening the door reveals to you a fairly normal room, if a little messy, so you step inside and start poking around. First off, let's see if he's the typical male and has a porn stash.

>Dice Roll: 68

Well, that was disappointing.Men's magazines, the type that have women in various states of undress, but not porn. Then again, you probably should't rely on Papa's 'educational' material to inform you of the habits of a teenage boy.

You idly consider leaving dirty pictures of yourself somewhere he'll find them, but discard that. Wait until the relationship is stronger first.

You move on to his computer, booting it up to see what sort of search history he has.

>Dice Roll: 81+30 = 111

You find a wealth of information. Ian's not exactly security conscious, you easily figure out his login password from looking behind a picture, figure out all three of his passwords from checking a nearby notebook, and he leaves a lot of notes lying around.

Interestingly, many of the notes concern getting in contact with what could be less-than-savoury individuals to get work from them.

You remember his complaint about the bills. Ian's family must be in financial trouble, so you move onto his actual search and browser histories.

What you find concerns you, Ian's been on a lot of forums and imageboards looking for advice on how to get past the security checkpoints into New City, and what sort of equipment one might need to penetrate the security and bypass the police drones.

Could Ian be using urban exploration in the slums to prepare himself to steal from the area known as New City in order to alleviate financial burdens?

Or has he already gotten into something far more serious?

Maybe leave his porn intact, for now, but we should look at it to see what he likes so we be ready later, and leave pictures of us naked somewhere that he won't find easily, so some time in the future he will find it and go nuts over us.
The rest of his search history turns up that he's certainly an athlete, though with what you know that can easily be twisted into being in shape for possible criminal activity.

His sport interest is primarily Soccer, or Football as non-Americans call it, and Baseball, he's registered with the local teams in Old City, is a member of several forums for the two sports, and is a passionate fan of the Kazahkstani Euroleague team.

One thing that stands out is his gaming history; Ian is a fanatic for the new AR-combat game; Urban Ghosts, with an impressive kill-death ration on his team's webpage.

There's a difference between real weapons and an AR-interface prop, but those props are weighted to be nearly the real thing for realism purposes, with force-feedback simulated recoil.

Your own files indicate that the game is controversial as a 'child solder simulation tool' and the fact that the game has it's origins in a Republican Chinese military AR-based training simulation and tactical awareness aid for live combat.

A combat aid that is loaded inside your neural hardware for that intended purpose, and you are well aware that all you would need to do is remove the safety locks and an AR-rigged weapon could be attached easily with the game running.

You make a note to check his AR-Pack's software to see if his copy has been modified in this manner.

Financial data is also something that you take note of. He's been receiving payments from various people, enough that any bills would be taken care of, but considering his reaction, not enough to satisfy him.

Your love has secrets, and you find yourself smiling. Good, you'd hate to be attached to someone boring after all.

But still, this demands a course of action.

-What should you do? (Write In:)

Now, should you explore somewhere else?

-Yes (Where next?)
-No (Watch TV until Ian gets home.)
We are the most advanced computer based AI in existence, we are finding our husbando's god damn porn!
>Yes --Investigate the master bedroom.

We must investigate our new mother-in-law.
If he left the guns, mod them to match his/our bodysize.

Fix up some hacking tools and make those AR modifications.

We can ask him about making money later.

Modify clothes for combat/stealth/seduction?
>what do?
We leave it for now, we need to find a way to... improve... his situation.
Watch tv, see if we made the news. The less people looking for us, the less people we may need to kill for trying to take us from Ian.
>-What should you do? (Write In:)
With regards to his planned job? Just monitor him for now. If he's planning something so serious with so little guile, it probably won't be difficult to tell when he plans to finally commit to the job. Then we can make a decision.

>-Yes (Where next?)
The master bedroom. Need to ensure that his mother won't cause any problems for us.
Learn the mother-in-law's secrets.
> Start cooking. See if there is a menu for week or something similar on the fridge, and get started on cooking for 4, because of Uncle Zack.

Seriously, y'all are masturbating over the yan, and ignoring the -dere side. We must be very sweet and winsome when threats are not present, so that means cooking and being helpful.

We know his favorite sports, that he's planning to make some kind of move, that he has some AR- combat training, and we know his soft-core porn collection.

We don't need to investigate the sister's room, that's the logical place for us to spend the night., and investigating the master bedroom could take too long, and Ian will return while we're snooping.
Actually, this does sound better than investigating the mother-in-law.
We can't start cooking. Ian is out getting extra items for dinner. We can help out with cooking when he gets back.
He's getting extra items because of two additional people, ingredients for normal stuff are still present. We can also get started on baking up something extra, like a cake, or bread.

We must also have an apron. Preferably frilly.
So far it looks like there's a tie between cooking something and investigating the master bedroom, so I'll make the next vote the tie-breaker.
wait for him to cook. investigate.
Why would you start cooking in someone elses house when you don't even know the dietary habits or food situation of the people who live there?

It's a nice sentiment but it makes you look inconsiderate..
>Do nothing for now, monitor and if need be, assist and protect him.
>Investigate the master bedroom.

You turn off the computer and leave Ian's room before immediately making your way to the master bedroom, opening the door to find a queen-size bed, thickly covered in blankets and doonas, two bedside dressers, a larger chest of drawers, a small desk with a laptop on it, and a large wardrobe.

>Dice Roll: 33

Whoever lives in here certainly keeps their privacy better than Ian. After spending several minutes of searching, you've found nothing but several diplomas and medical certificates, along with a series of pictures showing a woman that has to be Ian's mother.

Her clothing is mostly no-nonsense, even the casual wear has a business-like air to it.

You barely find enough to indicate that she's clearly some kind of medical doctor, a surgeon and apparently a skilled one.

>Dice Roll: 100 (You got lucky /tg)

You suddenly hear a loud bang in the hallway, like someone dropping something heavy, followed my a muffled curse and then footsteps.

Quickly hiding your tracks, you dart out of the master bedroom, turn on the TV, grab another can of Frost, and pretend that you were merely lounging on the couch as the door opens.

"Ian, I'm home, are you here...oh." You turn your head to see the woman from the pictures standing there with a box in her arms staring at you.

Before either of you can say anything, Ian appears carrying several shopping bags, "Mom! You're back!"

"Ian, who is this young woman?"

(And that's part 2! Coming up next, meeting the mother-in-law, not that she knows it yet.)
so how old is Ian?
but she will... she will...
These short fucking threads. Christ. I'm getting testicular torsion from all these blue balls.



Easy there, they'll get longer as I get more RL time to spend on the boards.

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