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File: 1391040001168.jpg-(71 KB, 1032x774, a_rip_in_space_by_darkdis(...).jpg)
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>previous thread:

You are Nick Trimmers, formerly a dissatisfied peasant barber from a terrifying medieval utopia of thatched-roof cottages, enforced health programs, and Things Peasentkind is Not Meant to Know.
The Lords and Ladies watched over all, and kindly took many into their loving care within their castles, never to return of course- who would want to, right?

But you were made of sterner stuff, or at least stuff that is more easily unhappy in a world of enforced monotony.
On one of your rebellious trips into the Forbidden places, you came across a chance to go farther than you had ever imagined.
File: 1391040108933.jpg-(363 KB, 1024x768, Dimensional Doorway.jpg)
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363 KB JPG
Hurled out across realities, briefly you touched upon Powers beyond reckoning between worlds, and was gifted with great Ability, and even greater Potential, to tap into the flow between realities.. and you are still trying to figure out what that means. You do know a lot has been shoved into your mind that you'll likely have to work at unraveling and understanding, and that you now have a deep connection to the tapestry that is the multitude of realms and dimensions.
File: 1391040202906.gif-(22 KB, 400x360, fear-4.gif)
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Upon your first visit to another world, Nick found a peaceful isle and made friendly contact with a group of water sprites there, followed by inadvertently angering a local nature spirit of some sort, buffing about fire powers, and panic girdering hard- Pulling upon unknown abilities, triggering a dimensional vortex that sucked you, sand, water, and vegetation roughly through space-time and depositing you in a new place.. in the middle of a mystical storm which battered you further, as well as a water sprite you left in the storm while panic-scrabbling for cover.
File: 1391040634643.png-(131 KB, 290x262, dwarf mofo.png)
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131 KB PNG
As the storm cleared you hurried to collect the fallen sprite and assess her injuries, which looked to be severe but stable, and padded her in a spare shirt.
Followed shortly by a solidly built short fellow welcoming you to a place you think he called "Arsenal", though he was practically gargling the language as you knew it, he at least seemed to be speaking something you understood.
File: 1391040834958.jpg-(80 KB, 525x736, Medieval Hiking Boot.jpg)
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Nick Trimmers
Background: Medieval Horror Utopia Peasant Barber
+A working knowledge of sanitary living
+First-Aid, dentistry, and medicinal ointments. Oh, and hair and beard trimming.
+Going through life surrounded by horrible Things
-worldly knowledge

Good quality walking stick
2 sets of peasant garb
Good pair of scissors, towel, and bowl
1 sharp knife
Bread, some mutton, and a Strange Mushroom.
1 earthen jug, now full of amazingly fresh water.
A simple single-strap backsack.
Your prized hiking boots.
Unconcious Water Sprite named Jana

Natural Swimmer
Dislike of Dull Monotony, often Headstrong

Abilities Unlocked/Discovered:
Novice Dimension Sense
File: 1391041658509.png-(186 KB, 500x304, guns and supplies.png)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
>Jumping over and stumbling back through the debris, you make it back to Jana and try to examine her. At least she seems human-esque in shape, though feeling for a pulse is out. Leaning in really close with your ear, you think you hear raspy breathing.
>You pull out your spare shirt and wrap her in it, hoping she can pull through if you keep her safe, you aren't sure what more you can do at the moment.

>And then you stop and actually look around beyond the immediate chaos of strange people stumbling around.
>Beyond the rows of metallic shops with strange wares, carts, and very large metallic statues that seem to be moving and helping with the damage recovery. To the silvery domed ceiling and white lights that seem to stretch for miles.

>As you stand and gawk, a stout and unusually wide humanoid walks over after chasing people out of his stall.
>"Achey you! Looket you, all rags and such. What, were ya dropped off in the storm?"
>You gape at him for a moment and he nods, "I suppose so then.. well well well.. Achllow me to be the first ta welcome you to the finest establishment of trade in all the galaxies, specializing in.. certain products.. welcome to Arsenal."

There is a chaotic-seeming whirlwind of activity as the mess is cleaned up, you are mostly brushed to the side while most people see to their own shops and stocks.

You do manage to score a bit of some sort of medicinal ointment from a 'medic', which seems to be some sort of physicker, but they declined granting 'extended care' to your companion, something about 'credits' and the blank look you gave him when asked.

>At the moment, Nick is at something of a loss, further out of his element than he has ever been. How shall you respond at this time?
[Lay on the ground, roll, and cry]
[Gaze and gawk around like a bumpkin tourist]
[Harass people angrily]
[Attempt to gather information]

>[Harass people angrily]
Rolled 67

Ask for a welcome and/or tourist guide to this place.
Rolled 60

*welcome guide or tourist guide.
It turns out that a life a dull barbering in constant fear builds a lot of anger in a person.

"LOOK HERE YOU MALIGNANT MEDICINER! Just what sort of phisicker ignores a patient! I'm only trained for the lesser arts, but even I know better than that you bug-headed monstrosity!"

"And you, yes you with the terrible beard! Why anyone wouldn't keep a beard that long properly neat, i have no idea, but just where in the name of the Lords and Ladies am I?! What is this place and why do you call it 'Arsenal', and WHAT ARE ALL THESE DAMN THINGS?"

Gesturing wildly and angrily, you proceed to harass and berate the strange people that seem to reside here.

>Please roll 2d100 for general reactions, low is better for you.
Rolled 27, 94 = 121

File: 1391043541489.jpg-(17 KB, 354x323, anger.jpg)
17 KB
>Welcome to the quest!

"Do you at least have a guidebook or something?! Maybe a 'Welcome to strange storms that dump you somewhere while half-frying you to death and the places they leave you'?!?"
File: 1391044080949.jpg-(735 KB, 2000x1042, sulup_bug-man_1.jpg)
735 KB
735 KB JPG
The strange looking medic you've been harrassing seems to droop his shoulders at your verbal barrage, maybe the wiggle of its antenne indicate professional embarrassment, hard to say, but he makes placating gestures with his hands.
"I am sorry lostperson, perhaps you are right, maybe we can work somethin-"

And then its words are lost within the seething roar coming from the short fellow with the unkempt beard..
Rolled 17

YOU! Small guys have a difficulty with range, so if he doesn't grab a weapon, we will be slightly better in the fight.
File: 1391044574642.jpg-(69 KB, 590x350, facialhair-gimli-lord-of-(...).jpg)
69 KB

The dwarf is angry. Angry about barbers named Nick.

He's expressing this anger by leaping at you with fury in his eyes and fists aimed for yours.

[Dodge!] 1d100, roll high.
[Try to parry the flying mass of wide and stocky] 1d100, roll high, and a 3d6
[Take it!] Maybe you feel you deserve, or can talk your way out of it from under the pounding of fists.
Rolled 89

File: 1391044839071.jpg-(44 KB, 570x270, warning-yellow-tape-featured.jpg)
44 KB
At this point I realize I forgot my disclaimer about having the typing speed of a half-frozen sloth wandering through grade-A molasses, and thanking people for their patience.

Ah well, that'll do. Enjoy the quest folks, OP will eventually deliver, I'll be here all night.
Years of fleeing from the Things in The Woods have left with you a heightened appreciation of getting the fuck away from things that mean you harm.
You dive quickly and surprisingly easily out of the way of the angry man(thing?) and roll to your feet.

>He still looks mad.
[Attack] Attack?!?
[Flee] Run away!!
[Talk this out] Words??
Rolled 28

"Stop! I'm sorry, I was frustrated and still am, have this insane knowledge in my head, and just traveled to 2 other worlds, one a path, one a giant tornado. So, I'm sorry if I insulted you, but this is my 2nd hour of this stuff. I just... found this ruin with a seat, and sitting down, and ending up going to a world made of water, and I just... WTF is going on?" Look down at this point.
Rolled 1

Snip at his beard with our scissors
File: 1391046652323.jpg-(76 KB, 468x572, badbeard.jpg)
76 KB
>I'll take that roll too.

The widely built stocky fellow with the terrible beard still frowns deeply, but doesn't lunge at you again. The bugheaded fellow lays a hand on each of your shoulders as well, encouraging peace.

"Ach.. fine lad, ahm sorry yew had such a bad time of it, but ya better watch yerself. The wrong word can get ye intah alot o' trouble." he says, waggling an admonishing finger while chewing up his words and spitting them out. You've had an easier time understanding the bugman, and he wasn't even making sounds close to words you normally understand.. Wait what? Well, that is strange thing to realize all of a sudden. Particularly the part where you were clicking and clacking back at him in your panic and anger earlier.

>Ability Awareness unlocked: Linguistics

The bugman cuts in here, "Yes, it is a stressful time, I imagine. Come with lostperson, I will take you to our medical pavilion and attempt assistance for your problems."

The dwarf nods and smooths out his suit, "Aye, perhaps I was a bit stressed as well, maybe I'll see you later then, the name is Axmel, Axmel of the Steelhearth clan, techno-smithy and sodding angry about this storm business, shit like this ain't suppose to happen here."

The bugman nods at Axmel's comments, "Indeed. And you may call me Thrickett, medic 2nd class."

[Proceed with Thrickett]
[Talk further]
(Sorry, missed you while typing. Probably for the best, attack rolls you want high. I'll try to remember to indicate when I've started typing more, my apologies.)
Rolled 37

"I have these... powers. Do everyone have them? I can understand both of you, and speak like you and-aggghhhh! Why is this so complicated?! What is happening? I just don't know. I was being attacked by the girl over there, but I forgave her, I had snapped a branch, and she was angry, and I was trying to get her to back down via bluffs that I could make fire, and so I was hoping I could make a flame. So then there was tornado that pulled me into a portal and :did I make that storm or something? I don't even know what's going on anymore." Start ramblemode at the :
Rolled 42

*Does everyone
Rolled 26

*a tornado
Does everyone a tornado?
Rolled 24

We're a barber, we should come back and offer to neaten up his face-forest.
You begin spilling your guts out to these strange people, having reached a high level of emotional exhaustion. All you wanted was a more interesting life, no one said it would be this hectic!

"..does everyone tornado?!?" You blurt at the end as you rattle your memories of the events around in your head and somehow find yourself Knowing that while the vortex that picked you up was your fault, the Storm you fell into was not your doing.. but it was not a natural event.
>Spatial Awareness
Your mind rebels at the idea that mystical storms of dimensional energies COULD be naturally occuring, let alone that someone could cause them.

For the most part, the two of them look at you blankly, at least you think that's a blank look from the bug-guy.
Though after a moment, Axmel rubs his beard thoughtfully. "Well lad, that is quiet the tale.." He glances around at the people busy with their own stalls. "Why don't you keep that theory on the downlow fer now? Also, no.. everyone does not tornado."

Thrickett twitches attennae in what you think is agreement.

[Talk more] Words. Talking makes you feel better.
[Go to medical] You are the crispy bacon, Jana moreso.
File: 1391049203403.jpg-(650 KB, 1517x1428, beard-trustworthiness.jpg)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
"On a side note-" You pull out your fine scissors. "-I am an excellent barber. If you'd like I could smooth that out for you you.. It could be good for.." You glance around at the stalls sell things you have no understanding of. "..business?"

Axmel, for his part, furrows his brow a bit (that could use a trim too to be honest), somewhere between irritation and thoughtful. You hope he settles on thoughtful.
File: 1391049287305.jpg-(1.77 MB, 4000x4000, question-mark-ponder.jpg)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
>[Talk more] Words. Talking makes you feel better.
>[Go to medical] You are the crispy bacon, Jana moreso.
File: 1391050512829.jpg-(399 KB, 1024x1068, Water_Sprite_by_Rebelmommy.jpg)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
Seems we're having a bit of trouble with this one.
Going grab from food relatively quick. Back in ten.

Have a water sprite for your troubles while you ponder actions.
File: 1391052083116.jpg-(574 KB, 1024x768, Future_City_Under_The_Dom(...).jpg)
574 KB
574 KB JPG
The sound of virtual crickets plagues me.

As you stand silently, you find yourself drifting into meditation, or a least a trance of sorts, as your senses make connection with this reality: It seems to be a pocket dimension of moderate size, you could easily fit your hamlet within it. Primarily artificial in nature, its creation directed and the smooth silver dome that is the distant ceiling and walls of this place is the actual boundary of this place..

>To learn more, I will need a d100 roll. Roll low.
>of this place is the actual boundary of this place
>Much of this place, such writing skill.
Rolled 16

File: 1391053144321.jpg-(55 KB, 600x361, e-dome-above.jpg)
55 KB
>Rolled 16
The lights set into it are part of it as well, though you believe people linked to realm can control them. People. Plural, you feel as though the energies of.. four.. different people went into this place, those one of those invested a greater part of themselves into it, and was the first to lay the ground work. There are multiple entrance points, leading to different points in the same parent dimension that shares overall physics with this one. Defenses on those entrances are.. formidable. Passcodes, energy fields, vortex traps, and magical automated defenses are built into the fabric of this place. Also, it provides a reserve of.. magical energy for the creators to draw from. It also as provides a mild amount of.. electricity, whatever that is.
File: 1391053348706.png-(410 KB, 539x800, dimensional_rift.png)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
Furthermore, (with that roll) you believe that somehow someone else disrupted the dimensional linkage that fuels the magical energy reserve to trigger the storm you fell into, normally this place would be resistant to such events.
Rolled 46

"Someone disrupted the dimensional coil which connects this pocket world to it's parent dimension, allowing the storm that brought me here to come. And yes, I learned all that through meditating. Oh, and what is electricity?"
Rolled 50

Not to the parent dimension, remove the part that includes "which connects this pocket world to it's home dimension". Just ignore all that.
Rolled 70

Head to medical. Ponder how this might be done on the way. Let the doc (Thrickett?) know that Jana is a semi-aquatic creature.
File: 1391054073985.jpg-(3 KB, 100x150, bug_doctor_kevin_bee.jpg)
3 KB
Eventually, your eyes flutter open, and you realize your sudden bout trance-like state was part of you passing out from physical exhaustion, as the damage you suffered was fairly heavy.. and it has been a stressful day in general.

Squinting at the strange white lights mounted above you, you look around and see you are in a fairly nice bed in an unfamiliar room.
Thrickett looks over as you look around, "Ah good, lostfriend worried Thrickett. Injuries were more than realized. Was good though, able to use emergency treatment policies to treat with pay dock to self." He looks pleased, you think.

Thrickett does a sudden headtilt, it might be his version of blinking in surprise, "How can strangelost know this?"

You think on that for a moment, and get to blink at your own realization: Because it is the same kind of power you are becoming a part of.
File: 1391054387808.jpg-(21 KB, 212x300, BugBeingDrWho.jpg)
21 KB
Ponder indeed, it feels like a new vista of possible ability has been revealed to you.

As for Jana, you see her in a small tub of a clear gel nearby, and Thrickett nods in agreement with your information, "Yes. Medical system recommended as such. Difficult to treat, magical creatures are. Don't respond to many normal avenues of treatment."
Rolled 87

"Like I said before, I have powers. I got them from those ancient ruins I told you about, less than 2 hours ago. I don't have much control over them, but I do know that they are similar to those that make up this world, and the powers of those who made it. I think I am bound to the multi-dimensional void that is everything. So who are the 4 that made this world, who invested themselves in it the most deeply, and please, what is electricity?"
Rolled 22

I'll second.
File: 1391055290527.jpg-(273 KB, 741x600, bug_man_by_shoze-d3hiyr8.jpg)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
"Like I said before, I have powers. I got them from being hurled into the void by that Unkempt Place I told you about, a few hours ago. (Spent some time enjoying the swimming and hanging out with sprites. Good times. Then things got problematic.) I don't have much control over them, but I do know that they are similar to those that make up this world, and the powers of those who made it. I think I am bound to the multi-dimensional void that is everything. So who are the 4 that made this world, who invested themselves in it the most deeply, and please, what is electricity?"

Thrickett does that headtilt again, "Strangelost is magicfriend then yes? Thrickett only knows of Administrator Chase, he is linked and helps run-protect Arsenal." He tilts the other way at the last question, "Electricity? Electricity is spark, is lightning. It powers machines, powers Science." A feeler twitches toward the bright white light above you, "Like light, tools. Yes."
Rolled 31

"So then, electricity is simular to magic? Ok, that clears things up. Well, I guess I better find a job. Do you know if this place needs a barber?"
Rolled 24

We do need to repay Thrickett. Also, I'd like to ask about the purpose of Arsenal.
Magic, beyond the context of things that witches and demons drag children away with and smite people that don't live well, is a relatively new concept to you.. but one that feels very comfortable to you now. You suspect 'magic' may very well be the right description for much of your newfound ability.

Thrickett nods, "Maybe yes, magic strange. Follows own rules. Effective healing across species. Useful."
"Job useful too. Arsenal is business place. Credits move all." He flicks a feeler along his smooth head, "Thrickett knows no barber, not aware of one. Most business is sale of weapons, protection. Some side business though. Medics, food, services."
Rolled 7

"Well, I suppose barbering would be a service. Gotta find some way to pay you back."
Rolled 9

Why so much arms-dealing? Are the places that Arsenal connects to that violent or dangerous?
File: 1391057941022.jpg-(57 KB, 786x329, iron-man-jericho.jpg)
57 KB
"Able to avoid, treatment costs coming to me at moment, thanks to fortuitous collapse, but will need to pay to medicalplace. Particular if want continue care beyond this day," Head tilts and feels gesture toward Jana, while shrugging gesture with arms. "Though if job get, maybe I help loan, if think you can repay."

"The galaxies are dangerous place, but this place is meeting-place, haven. Safe from aggressive competitor. Legalbattle and bloodfight both risk to many here, but deals must still make, goods must travel. Or not, if no business want."

You are now wrapping your mind around the idea of a large-city sized pocket reality full of capitalistic arms dealers, with exit points into a single reality vast distances apart (the term 'lightyears' would be an appropriate unit of distance once learned), is the comparative underdog in their universe.
Rolled 31

While we are in the medical place, we should get that Strange Mushroom looked at.
File: 1391058962339.jpg-(334 KB, 537x800, Magic Mushrooms.jpg)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
Thrickett pokes it and runs a beeping cylinder over it, "Fungus?" he asks questioningly. Deciding that answer isn't good enough, he taps around on panel full of strange symbols and images and symbols flash and move around on a section of the wall in front of him.
Somehow, you know it isn't magic, though that unbidden knowledge doesn't make you less confused.
After a few moments, Thrickett turns back to you, handling the mushroom carefully. "Likely fairyproduct, magic. Reportedly hallucinogenic, very pleasant. Common uses, meditative and recreational. Legal for use-transport here."
Rolled 4

"How much would it sell for?"
File: 1391059613726.jpg-(46 KB, 620x620, confused-grasshopp_2035373i.jpg)
46 KB
Thickett taps his head thoughtfully, "Uncertain of current market for that product. Would imagine rarity, should inquire further."
Rolled 82

Get directions to the magic drugs district. Later we will window shop to get a good idea of the rates on things like this.
Now, we're totally taking some of this to access more of our magic.
Sounds like a plan.
Taking a brief break to refuel and stretch.
Add about ten minutes to usual slowness and feel discuss any other plans or goals for me to process results for.
Rolled 30

Realized something else. Given that it's a magic faerie shroom, and Jana is a magic faerie, would taking some help her recovery? If yes/highly likely+can't hurt, administer.

As for employment, would could act as a taxi to rare and profitable locations. Eventually, anyway.
File: 1391061466402.jpg-(12 KB, 259x194, mushroom big.jpg)
12 KB
Hot wings and 5-hour energy, Midnight snack of choice for Quest Masters everywhere.

Thrickett indicates that there isn't a specific 'magic drugs' district, outside of sideline by combat drug sellers, most of that falls under side services that are scattered around, however, he does know someone that could probably point you in the right direction, or possibly buy themselves, if interested. Seems he knows someone with a personal interest in recreational drugs.

As for feeding some to Jana, Thickett isn't sure it will have a positive effect, but likely would not have a negative effect. If nothing else, she will be having pleasant hallucination time for a couple hours.
Mushroom is rather sizable though, so the possibility of dividing it up exists, though this may decrease value.
Current options put forward:

Selling the Mushroom for credits, the lifeblood of the local economy. Involves meeting contact Thrickett knows.
Using the Mushroom yourself to attempt to meditate/trip hard enough to discover more of your abilities.
Feed some to Jana to help with her recovery.
Window shopping to get a feel for prices in general.
File: 1391064194752.png-(430 KB, 1258x524, CHOOSE AND PERISH.png)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
Rolled 91

Do the second two, we can sell whatever is left at decreased value later.
File: 1391065384351.jpg-(225 KB, 1504x1504, Giant_mushroom_underside.jpg)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
How much would you like to allocate to each task?
Let's say that there are roughly 8 human-scale servings to this large mushroom. 1 human scale serving is likely, at a guess based on size, enough for at least a day for the sprite.
Rolled 48

One serving each, then.
Then give the rest to the doc. He can use the value to keep jana as long as she needs.
File: 1391066580194.jpg-(36 KB, 480x320, Half-Cut-Mushrooms_Boletu(...).jpg)
36 KB
File: 1391067434801.jpg-(39 KB, 750x600, 2a2n0o.jpg)
39 KB
After some amount of time spent pondering your options, you decide to try a section of the mushroom yourself, while also giving a piece to Thrickett to work out a feeding solution for Jana out off. He seems a little uneasy about this, between your injuries and unfamiliarity with the area, he's concerner about harm coming to if wandering around, and requests to employ the straps on the bed you are resting on while you 'as human saying trip balls', which seems prudent.
He'll try to get in touch with the person he thinks would know more about selling it and see if he can get a meeting arranged while you are 'out'.

Getting comfortable strapped in, he places the piece on your tongue and begin chewing..

>Please roll 2d100. Low on the first is good, the second is relatively random.
>and you begin chewing.
Thrickett does not chew for you, sorry.
Rolled 22, 46 = 68

File: 1391069620104.jpg-(31 KB, 640x360, Rift travel.jpg)
31 KB
>Rolled 22, 46 = 68

You tense up to dig deep.. then the effects hit and you forget all that tension.
You find yourself floating-flying through the warm waters you were enjoying only a comparatively short time ago. As time goes, you find a current and swim with it, waters swirling and flowing through other waters, around other worlds and continuing on for eternity. Sometimes it gets dammed up, sometimes it forms a storm, or goes to provide for a thirsty being.. but the flow will always continue. At some point you realize that you've become like water yourself and that the water isn't water at all, but you keep enjoying the swim regardless.
Like a current in deep water, you can feel the flow of life and potential traveling throughout the realities, feeding into and from everything as it flows along infinte tributaries..
You become aware that some individuals and creatures can dam up and build personal reserves of this energy that through a variety of techniques they learn to use to manipulate reality and life in a multitude of ways. Different types, styles, and flavors exist, but most are codified into various schools and specialties. Some are linked to elemental powers, linking with primal natural forces. Some draw from supernatural and 'dieific' sources. Some specialize in the flow, some on the rips in time & space, and a very few are attuned to the very fabric itself almost as if it were an elemental force or supernatural power in its own right.
You are one of those very few now, and then some. The influence of the Perilous Seat seems to have heightened the response you recieved, forging you into a stronger example of the time that you should normally be- at least at this stage in your development.
Rolled 24

Attempting to direct awareness flow towards the Perilous Seat. Why's it perilous, who else has sat there, what other gifts it has granted, etc.
For example, you are relative certain that you would normally need to commune like this at one of the points of convergence for the flow of life, but it seems that the knowledge imprinted on you is more than robust enough to handle this step (that you may have 'hacked' your way into).

>Proficiency gained: Dimension and Anomaly Sense
>Proficiency gained: Working knowledge of the workings of dimensions, multiple planes of existence, theories of parallel worlds, and similar brain-bending topics.
>There is a kind of magic you can manipulate, some of which is known to you.
>You are aware of the realities you have been to, and may return to them, with sufficient transportation.

The Seat seems independent of the flow, though for the level of strength that it has, it likely has a great pool of it.
Looking toward your homeland, however, you do get a sense of unease. It feels as is flow goes in, but less comes out than there should.
Rolled 39

Is this because flow is restricted, or not being produced?
Next "feel" Arsenal, see if we can follow the ripples of the recent storm back to their source.
File: 1391071467974.jpg-(Spoiler Image, 193 KB, 1200x1600)
Spoiler Image, 193 KB
193 KB JPG
Brief pause, those hot wings I ate earlier wish to have a word with me.

Following the water analogy, where there should be a clear stream, it is more of a brackish marsh with stagnate waters and pools of miasma .
As for Arsenal, this vision quest doesn't seem to be entirely under your control, which raises a rather disturbing question about just was IS wriggling around in carriage-driver's seat. A question that the knowledge rattling around in your mind expresses no answer to.

However, in your earlier meditations you did get a good feel for the 'signature' of the power used, and feel you could identify that fingerprint were you to see it again.

Thinking on Arsenal does bring to your mind a different answer, however.
Flowing waters shaped and frozen in place, given a home in the fabric of new wrinkles in reality..
Yes, wrinkles that you can create and shape.
However, they also take a permanent sacrifice of power to fuel and give life. Use with caution.
>Dimension Creation.
Rolled 56

We will have to deal with that later. Arsenal?
'what is wriggling', rather.
Rolled 23

Late! I am awesome.
Does the life sacrifice have to come from the creator?
It must come from the creator, or from similarly gifted people, who would then also be considered a creator with full access to the realm.
Rolled 40

Alright. I'm content to relax into the flow again.
File: 1391074379048.jpg-(204 KB, 1280x1024, multiverse-2.jpg)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Also of note, it is a sacrifice of power, not of personal health. Your personal pool of potential life energies that you may draw upon to activate abilities.

You stop trying to direct the vivid hallucinations and you are quickly returned to pleasant visions of swimming, warmth, and flowing across realities.

As you do so, you become aware that you do have at least one unique ability, it seems as though you can attempt to exert a small amount of prescient control over exit points that otherwise are completely random with no foreknowledge, sometimes having a brief glimpse of possible tributaries to travel down, despite the journey being (normally) instantaneous. With gateways however, you would need to be the creator and in contact with it first to have a chance to exert this influence.
Rolled 3

Is there a way to improve this precience? Either to have greater control, or to have it affect other states (like foreknowledge of brewing storms, or brief glimses at near-future probability)?
File: 1391075678146.jpg-(64 KB, 500x500, winners actually should t(...).jpg)
64 KB
So to take stock:
You have manged to gain a much stronger understanding of the dimensions, and how to sense things about them and anomalies.
Learned that you know some kind of magic, and a general idea of how that works.
Learned that you have the ability forge pocket dimensions of your own. Holy shit.
And that you have a strange sense of where you are going as you travel between worlds, and in some case you can attempt to adjust that flow.

You don't know who William S Sessions is, but somewhere, he is frowning.

The sensing of brewing dimensional and lifeflow storms are both within your reach already. It doesn't seem to be future-sense, so much as an ability to sense where you are going while going there, generally not that useful, but in some cases you may attempt to effect where you are landing. The skill for that will increase with experience.
Rolled 31

Can we open a portal without going through? Can we determine the destination of other people/things? If so, can we send them somewhere other than ourself?
>Can we open a portal without going through?
You are still working out the 'opening a portal' part, but once you can, yes. Though, as stated, you would need to go through quickly to guide the destination point, in theory you could attempt to guide it as you create the portal, but success in this may be beyond your current skill.

>Can we determine the destination of other people/things?
Studying an existing portal may give an idea of the world it is connected to, and you may be able to trace/follow recent dimensional travel as well. You can also sense incoming examples of such as well via your Sense ability.
Not though, it you are familiar with a destination, you may simply go to that reality directly, without any randomness, but discovering new vistas involves either random jumps or following another.
'Now though', not not.
Warning: QM word accuracy is decreasing at the 10 hour mark.
Rolled 63

No further questions, ready to finish tripping balls. Or encounter leyline whales, whichever.
File: 1391078057263.jpg-(638 KB, 1600x1600, hello wall.jpg)
638 KB
638 KB JPG
Sounds like a promising plan, I'll try picking up with that next time. For the moment though, I think I've hit the wall on keeping on target. 7pm-5:30am, not a bad run considering I got up around this time yesterday.
File: 1391078316973.jpg-(53 KB, 1199x299, Sunward cover web.jpg)
53 KB
>End Part 2

I'd like to thank you for your participation in today's thread, and I'll try to hang around for a bit if there are any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Also, can be reached/tracked via the QM twitter @RandomDimension
File: 1391078745034.jpg-(193 KB, 424x600, whales.jpg)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
I'm going to end up dreaming about leyline whales now. My tired mind is entirely to bemused with the idea.
Rolled 48

Your sleep schedule sounds like mine. Thabks for running, and don't forget to archive. Also, when do you think the next thread will be?
Probably similar time next Wednesday, typically have off Thursday so I can stay up like a nut without issue, but I don't get my schedule until the start of the week, so slight uncertainty.
File: 1391102521311.jpg-(17 KB, 236x290, Never give up on your dre(...).jpg)
17 KB
Good morning.
Strangely, I recall no dream whales.

Probably won't be running today, but I'll be nearby during this afternoon if there are any questions or comments folks would like to field.
File: 1391113715374.jpg-(218 KB, 500x393, skywhale.jpg)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Is it strange that could pull together stats for such whales at a moment's notice?

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