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Name: Natalia Jean-Louis
House: Eel (+5 to Study or Learn Technomancy, Enchantment, Spellcraft, Wandlore, Alchemy, and Weather-Witchery)
Strength: 11
Agility: 16
Body: 13
Intelligence: 19
Will: 17
Charisma: 17

Health: 51
Reflex: 58
Resist Magic: 59
Study: 63

Crush! (Allen)

Lightning Reflexes

Sphinx Mane Core (+5 to Knowledge and Fight, -2 to initiative), Aspen Wood (+10 Charms, +5 Dueling), Quite Long, Rigid
File: 1389490725667.jpg-(49 KB, 790x370, Tacticruel-genius.jpg)
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You, Natalia Jean-Louis, a young american witch of afro-caribbean descent have started your first year at the Salem Institute for Witches and Wizards. Last night, you saw something VERY strange. Your uh… friend… Allen (you remember, the nice older boy from Eel House? really cute?) dropped you a letter wanting to meet after dinner to tell you about the student who had died a few weeks before. You felt sick all that day, so you weren’t really in your right mind, but… but you’re positive you saw Allen’s face rip off his skull and attach to someone else! It was HORRIFYING. You screamed and fainted. When you woke up, your best friend Angela informed you through bleary eyes and a hoarse voice that your friend Todd had gone after you the night before, and that he hadn’t return. She’s sure something awful has happened to him. You investigated and found a peculiar mechanism in a rock formation not far from Eel house in the forest. The machine was missing a gear, so you crafted a new gear for it.

Keep updated here: twitter.com/Salem_Institute

This quest uses a ROLL-UNDER system. I'll usually take the best of the first 3 1d100 rolls that are linked to my post. Critical fails are 98-100, Critical successes are 1-5 and take precedence.

There is an -ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED- Fate point system in which for every THREE achievements Natalia unlocks, you get ONE Fate Token which can reroll ONE die-roll. If someone expresses a wish to use a token, I’ll call for a y/n vote on whether to use one based on consensus.

Current Fate Tokens: 1
Achievements Needed to next Token: 3
The gear lies steady in your hands, still slightly warm from crafting. You can’t help but feel a certain pride to it as you glance down at it. It’s the first item you’ve made that wasn’t just for practicing. Something with purpose.

“Ready?” Angela asks you as you both approach the panel in the rocks open up once more. There is something in her voice that you didn’t notice the first time you were here. Is it a nervousness, or just excitement?

You give her a solid nod. Your own heart skips a beat as you place your gear, and you hope that you crafted it correctly. There is a slight resistance at first, but then it becomes one with the mechanism with a loud satisfying ‘click’.

Angela grasps the lever on the side of the gear system and pulls it, causing all the parts to whirl into life once more. A groaning comes from deep inside the rocks as they slowly part, revealing a space just a few feet wide. Looking down below, you can see a small ladder leading down into darkness. A flick of your wand and a ‘lumos’ guides your slow descent into the darkness below.

The first thing that comes to your senses is a strong and damp mossy smell and a noticeable chill to the air. At first you see nothing but then your eyes adjust to your surroundings. You are in a long dark corridor with only two options.

Angela is down the ladder and behind you in a moment. She makes an audible ‘whoa’ as she uses her wand to look around her.

“Left or right?” she asks the question you’ve already been pondering. .

Rolled 50


new guy here, hope i can join
Welcome to Salem!

The second post should contain everything you need to know!
Rolled 55

thank you its an honor to be here

You decide left is the best way to go. As you continue down the long dark hallway you slowly begin to notice illumination. Large red rocks, much like the ones that light up Eel house, line the walls. The light is dim, but it is better than walking around with only your wands illuminating the way.

Soon you come to a fork in the road. One on your left is still illuminated by the red rocks, the right is not and greets you with thick inky blackness.

What now Natalia?
I'd say left for now?

What's the floor situation like?

Is there dust everywhere?
is incendio a sort of fireball
It's a dirt floor. There's a small amount of dust in the air that you've unintentionally kicked up.

No, not at this stage. It'll light a candle, but Natalia is not skilled enough (yet) to perform anything more than that.
Rolled 34

investigate the condition of the room(other footsteps, clues as to which way)
See if we can find any footprints that aren't our own, and then go left.

Does Quietus also lower the sound of our movements, or is it just vocal?
Will combine these.

The Quietus level of... well, QUIET-ness would depend on your level of success. Keeping all of you quiet is much harder than just your voice.
is it always this slow

Roll 1d100 for Perception, please.
Rolled 88

this thread dead
You don’t seem to make out anything unusual besides a soft draft coming in from the left corridor. So, you decide to head out in that direction.

As you walk along you feel the air becoming lighter and fresh with each move. Before you know it you can even hear something from the otherside. A soft rushing sound of...waves?

A dim light comes into view when you round a bend in the path and you can see the soft light of the fading sun flooding the end of the hallway. A sharp sting of salt water fills your nose, proving to you where this path led.

The dirt floor soon is coated in sand as you reach the exit. Wind nips at your ears and ruffles Angela’s hair as the two of you walk out towards the sea side. A quick glance behind you shows that you’ve come out of the tunnels but are at the base at some sort of cliffside. Your mental map of the island makes you believe that you are somewhere on the west side.

For a moment you are in awe of everything. Large waves crash along the shore and for a moment things seem to be a peace. A hidden passageway that leads to an unknown beach on the island almost seems unreal to you, but as a young witch you know how strange the magical world works.

You look over to Angela, noticing that she’s a little too quiet for her normal self. She looks at you with visible worried eyes.

“No Todd.” She mutters and sits down in the sand.

You place a hand on her shoulder. You should look around for evidence, maybe it would lift her spirits.

Roll 1d100, please.
Rolled 38

Rolled 96

why is it so slow or am i having net difficulties

dont mean to whine but its 4AM and i have nothing else to do
Part of the problem is that I've just come back from an unexpected hiatus (QM-curse). Even before that though, my quest didn't garner that much attention for some reason.

Taking this and writing.
Rolled 72

no worries am reading up on the lore sofar
this kid that removed his face if he was so cute why havent you guys picked it up to stare lustfuly at it late at night
The beach seems to stretch on for quite a ways so it seems highly unlikely that you would find something. Either way you make an effort.

Heavy shells, seaweed, and washed up corpses of fish line the shore. You kick around some of the debris half heartedly. Maybe this was all in vain. Maybe it was impossible to find Todd. You were, after all, looking for a creature that could steal faces. How could an eleven year-old possibly outsmart that?

Then a glint catches your eye. A silver eel pin, identical to yours and Angela’s, attached to tattered black cloth catches your eyes.

“Angela!” You cry out as you grab the fabric remnant. It wasn’t buried in the sand, so it couldn’t have been there for too long.
“What?” She calls out, a small spark of hope raises up in her voice.

You turn on your heel and hold up the tattered remains of an eel house robe.

“No!” Angela turns to the ocean. “That doesn't make a lick of sense. Why would he be out here on his own? And who…”

“Would bring him to the ocean?” You look back to the tattered robe, silver pin glinting at you and providing more questions than answers.

Rolled 31

investigate corpses of fish around coast
(thats not how they work i think)
A week passes by and through you and Angela have tried your best to put together the pieces of what you found you find that you have not made any headway. Classes drift by in a slow haze, mind still plagued by what you saw and the status of Todd. You wondered briefly one night as you were slipping off into sleep if Todd had perished somehow deep within the waves. Struggling against the water’s grasp he finally failed and was pulled down into the dark depths below until his lungs failed him. Tears rolled off your cheeks and onto your pillow as you fought those images away.

He was alive, you told yourself, and waiting for you to find him.

But before you could do that, the Halloween festival was upon you. A three day long event where students’ worry of class work was replaced with dancing and contests. Jack-o-lanterns hang in the air around the school’s pathways and bright orange, yellow, and black decorations hang over the main house’s large dining area.

You sit across from Angela as she unenthusiastically munches on some pumpkin bread. The two of you try your best to make small talk, trying not to talk about Todd, when you noticed a strange tall man wearing all black walk by. You had seen him before you realize, he had shown up the day after you discovered Todd’s robes on the beach. Naturally, you had done the logical thing and turned the items in to the headmistress, hoping that they would prove vital to the search effort. Unfortunately, the lack of Todd’s presence gave evidence to the contrary.

Angela pushes her food around on her plate.

>Ask her about the man in black.
>Ask her if she’ll be competing in any of the Halloween contests this year.
>Tell her a joke to cheer her up.
Rolled 17

well im too tired to keep this slow pace so ill leave with

>ask her about the man in black
Man in Black of course, neither of us is in a mood for levity.

Feel like this thread and is moving a bit fast.
Ask about the man.

“Hey,” You toss your head in the direction of the man who just walked by. “Who do you think he is?”
“Society Personnel.” She fires back without a moment's hesitation. Angela looks over to try to get another look at him. “Mom wears similar robes to work but she has a different medallion on her necklace. He’s lower ranking. Probably here because of Todd.”

>Well then he’s sure doing a great job. We found out more in a day than he has in a week.
>Ask her for more details about the medallions
>Change subject, ssk about Halloween Traditions in Angela’s family.
"Think he's desperate enough to listen to us?"
"So how elaborate do the medallions get?"
“How elaborate do those medallions get anyways?”

“Depends on your level.” She says with a shrug. “The shape of it tells you what devision your in and then the inscription gives details of your position and rank. Solid shapes with little inscriptions means low ranking officers. More detailed inscriptions the higher up you are. When you reach a certain position you get a new medallion and then you build it up from there, still keeping your first one of course.”

“How many can one person have?”

“Not sure. Ma’ just recently got her second one and she’s pretty high ranking in her division, but I know of someone with as many as three. I think council members can have as many as four or five. I’ve never met any though so I could be wrong.”

You look back at the strange man and now clearly notice his circular medallion with one single line of writing around the circumference. A strange idea drifts into your mind, but it may just be crazy enough to work.

“Angela, do you think he’s desperate enough to listen to us?” You ask, hushing your voice.

A flash of light goes on behind Angela’s eyes, for the first time since Todd’s gone missing she looks like herself again.

“Well, there’s one way to find out.”

-Natalia meets with The Society for the first time!
-Halloween preparations around campus!
-Snowball chooses his costume!
-Special guests from the forest arrive!

All this and more, next friday on-


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