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You are Fritz Heller, and your past has caught up with you. You fought the alien invaders, the space elves of the Sidarxi Empire, in the 1940s. You were a power armor operator, every the vanguard and ever the rearguard in the desperate battle of Operation Samson. From Stalingrad to Hamburg, you trudged on as the mighty army was whittled down. In the freezing winter of 1944, you escaped the nuclear fires of Hamburg and made your way to America as a renegade.

The year is now 1950. For several years, the aliens have begun the colonization and subjugation of the conquered earth. However, underground workshops and factories have hummed with vigor, producing arms and armors for one last push against the occupying forces of the Sidarxi Empire and the human collaborators of the ISF. In June, the revolution began. As for you, you haven't been idle. You've gotten yourself into a web of intrigue with a Sidarxi conspiracy working against their brethren (though not especially for the good of humanity).
>Previous Threads


>Character Sheet

>Field Manual
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1.58 MB PNG
“What did you think?” asks Vetrina.

“I liked it, but my fluency was lacking,” you answer.

“You need to study more, or at least talk,” she says in easy Sidarxi.

“I know, I know,” you say

She rolls over until she's lying on her back. You can't help but admire her unapologetically.

“Fritz,” she says, transitioning into English, “There's something in the labs that might pique your curiosity.”

You raise an eyebrow but motion her to continue.

“What could interest me so? Is it a library with more literature” you ask, transitioning into your own English.

The Sidarxi giggles, and it's a strange musical chortle. You could have gone your life not having heard that laugh. Maybe it's just her, which you sincerely hope.

“One word: armor,” she says.

It shouldn't surprise you, but it makes you angry all the same. Your German blood boils.

“Could you tell me more?” you ask.

“I could, but I'm unsure how easy it would be to show you around later today.”

You mull over your options

[ ] “Give me the whole enchilda.”


[ ] “Give me the quick version and let's go.”
[ ] “Are you sure about the time?”
[ ] “What's going on?” – Intimidation (4d10)
You know, we know that the Sidarxi Empire is an interstellar empire, probably over a hundred planets or so. Do they control an entire arm of the galaxy, and who are their enemies? Just because they're enemies of the Sidarxi doesn't mean they'll be friends of Earth.
[x] “Give me the quick version and let's go.”

Remember our cover here, and remember what we're here for.
Earth has thus far does not know about the rest of the galaxy, only a bit about the Sidarxi.
I suppose that the Sidarxi haven't said anything about what's beyond the Empire, except that there are enemies and that Earth is a strategic hyperspace lane junction, right?
That's all Fritz knows at the moment
1 of 2

“Would you please give me the quick version? I trust,” though you don't really trust her, “your sense of timing.”

She rolls into a sitting position. By this point, her gymnastics have crossed over from cute or attractive into the realm of annoying. You similarly suspect that this is entirely intentional. Space elves, you decide, having considered your recent dealings with them, are petty assholes.

“When we encountered your armored, actuated exoskeletons, we were surprised at their effectiveness. We couldn't just consider it desperation because you all fought with an admirable tenacity, especially when all hope was lost.”

You shrug and say, “It was the zeitgeist for us soldiers.”

“As I was saying,” Vetrina continues, “After the war, we decided to examine the tactical effectiveness of such a piece of equipment with our superior technology.”

“Were the results positive?”

“They were,” she says, “I don't know why we didn't think of the idea sooner.”

“Maybe it was those Wells Walkers- excuse me, whatever you call those overgrown, piloted bipedal machines. You didn't think you had a need to miniaturize further,” you offer.

She nods and replies, “To borrow one of your idioms, if it isn't broken, don't fix it. It's essentially immune to small arms fire, both kinetic and otherwise, provides both strength and speed enhancement. It's observation suite is very advanced, and it uses a limited artificial intelligence – that's a machine that can think – to include a buddy system built into the suit. It's pretty impressive.”

You groan and mutter to yourself in your native German, “Just what we need, aliens in power armor. Shit.”
File: 1388890187553.jpg-(41 KB, 312x540, PowerArmorSleek.jpg)
41 KB
“Are you done?” she asks, getting up and going to her room, “I'll be dressed. Hurry up”

You quickly get your clothes on. They're a bit wrinkled but nothing too unkempt. Your inner German neurosis dislikes any disorder; however, it will do. You tap your foot as the minutes tick down, but Vetrina soon emerges in her uniform.

“Follow me.”

You follow her outside before plunging into the dark corridors of the Sidarxi-inhabited portion of the base. Her pace is fast and deliberate; she means business. You follow, doing your best to combine faux-servility with authority and the situational awareness to avoid hitting your shins. Somehow, you appear succeed at all of these because nobody questions your appearance with Vetrina.

She flashes security without breaking stride to bring into the lab where the armor resides. It's sleek. The first two thoughts that pop into your head as you admire its lithe curves are “high speed” and “low drag.” The proportions are little wonky, but it's a beautiful, sexy war machine. You smile at your reflection in the glossy armor, imagining it's quad-eyes tracking your every move with predatory patience.

You whistle and tell Vetrina, “I'd hop in there just to take it for a joyride. Thanks for showing me this.”

Then your phone starts to buzz and vibrate in your pocket. It must be Yezrina. You look back at the sister present in the lab, who smiles almost apologetically.

“Fuck! A trap!” your curse in German.
File: 1388890336432.jpg-(69 KB, 450x299, 300vsLegion.jpg)
69 KB
Then, a dozen armed guards burst into the lab and point their blasters at you. The officer from yesterday is there, smiling cockily at you. Your urge to punch an elf is rising exponentially, but you'll have to bide your time.

“Hello, Mr. Heller,” he says in pleasant English.

“Fuck you,” you growl out. You can feel the killing engine inside your gathering steam. The pistons of hate reignited start to pump the molten blood in your veins.

“Sorry, Fritz,” says Vetrina, “But it's nothing personal.”

She walks past you to stand by her little friend; but as she does so, she gives you a quick slap on the ass. You turn, drawing the ire of the Sidarxi brandishing their weapons at you. However, you're now looking at the armor. You look back, and she gives you a shrug as if to say “You can figure it out.”

You realize that the power armor is unguarded. Maybe, just maybe, you could hop and take it for that test drive you wanted.

“Mr. Heller,” he says, “There's no need to be ungentlemanly here. Let's have a chat.”

[ ] Stay and talk, let him relax his guard
[ ] Make a run for the armor
[ ] Answer the phone
[ ] Other
[x] Other
Use the phone as a distraction in order to make a run for the armor.
"Would you mind if I took this call?"
See if he let's us take the call or not. If he does, we let Yezrina know that our cover's blown and we've been compromised by using codewords, and then say that the call is for the officer.
If he doesn't let us take the call, but takes the phone himself, let him come close, before using him as a shield to get to the armor.
If he tells us to hand him the phone, wait until the phone leaves our hands, which is the point of greatest weakness.
Make a 4d roll
That was me
Rolled 7, 2, 6, 3 = 18

Welp, we're fucked.
Rolled 2, 7, 5 = 14

Oh boy, here we go
“Alright, bub,” you say, “But do you mind if I take a call?”

He smiles, and you can't help but be reminded of a snake about to swallow a bird. Problem is, you're the bird.

“No sudden movements is all I ask, Mr. Heller,” he says.

You keep it slow and smooth as you reach into your jacket pocket. You touch the screen to answer the call and put it to your ear.

“Hello,” you say.

You hear the sounds of fighting in the background.

“Fritz! We've been compromised. Save yourself. Your sister is probably in danger right now. I can't stay. What's on your end?”

You cautiously eye the multitude of weapons pointed in your direction.

“Just facing the guns over here,” you calmly.

She curses in Sidarxi.

“Bye Fritz. I liked working with you. You're on your own now.”

The call ends abruptly. You can easily imagine her steeling herself to face her own firing squad.

“Who were you calling?” asks the intel officer.

“A mutual friend,” you say, “What's it to you?”

“Nothing much. We're just instigating a purge for traitors in our midst. It's the same with every organization. There are some who are in it for themselves or for something other than the tribe. As for those rent-seekers, our job is to remove them,” he says.

“Who watches the watchmen?” you ask.
“Cheeky one,” he says in Sidarxi, “I like him. Kill him now.”

“Wait!” you say in Sidarxi, “Don't you want to know about our mutual buddy?”

He raises a hand to stop them from blowing you into red mist.

“Of course I do, but I can always take that information from your cooling corpse.”

You drop and roll as ionized air sizzles over your head. It's hasty and sloppy, and you feel your ankle crack as your bend it the wrong way. You're alive. If you can feel pain, you're alive. If you're alive, you can kill. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Your killing engine takes control. It's no longer Fritz Heller; it's a frigid berserker who takes all the right risks. You jump forward through another fusillade of beams, clambering to the armor. Armored, you are safe. Armored, you are a pagan war idol.

You crawl in with a practiced ease and slam down the breastplate as beams blister the once pristine surface of the armor. You can feel the temperature rising in the dark. Without power, your engine can't grease itself in alien blood.

“Startup! On!”

You fumble looking for a switch, but you can see your vision lighting with in an array of Sidarxi glyphs.

“Greetings,” says a cool, feminine voice in Sidarxi, then in English, “Select your operating system language: English or Sidarxi.”

“English. English.EnglishEnglishEnglish!”

You see them cautiously surrounding you as the male snarls at Vetrina. It seems like she saved your ass in the end. You can't fathom why, but you're appreciative.

“English selected. Main system engaging combat mode.”

Time to take this baby out for a spin.

[ ] Make a break for it
[ ] Save Vetrina
[ ] Take out the officer
[ ] Other
>[x] Save Vetrina
We do owe her. And the best way to save her is be killing the officer and then the soldiers. We need them dead, we need their equipment, and then we need to save Yezrina.

They're still needed because if their faction loses, then the xenocide faction will win over the neutrals and glass this planet.
>[ ] Save Vetrina
if only to get some fucking answers

also, Dread, might want to actually link threads in twitter, I forgot to search the catalog and assumed you would
>They're still needed because if their faction loses, then the xenocide faction will win over the neutrals and glass this planet.
Not sure if your talking about Vetrina or the mooks in the room, but if its the mooks instigating the purge, i'm pretty sure they are the xenocide faction
Vetrina and Yezrina, obviously.
ah right, forgive me, only just remembers the conspiracies inside conspiracies in this quest, its been a while so I kinda forgot them
>if only to get some fucking answers
Seems pretty obvious, though.
The xenocide faction decided that now was a good time to get rid of their competition under the cover of purging traitors (which they're technically right about).
They leaned on Vetrina, Vetrina prepped the Sindarxi Armor for us as part of a triple-cross, since Sindarxi culture puts bonds between family and tribe above those to factions or the empire.
File: 1388898911586.jpg-(164 KB, 1024x768, Atlas Punch.jpg)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
You charge forward. Time seems to slow as you dive down under the bolts, moving at the edge of their reaction speeds. You can feel your bones and muscles straining to keep up with the enhancement. The difference between however it moves and the mechanical linkages of your old armor is amazing. It's like a second skin. There's no delay as motors reverse, only the added momentum of the additional weight.


You snap a fist out, pulping the torso of one surprised Sidarxi into a mess of blood and bones. Quickly you grab his gun and pull the trigger. It clicks, but nothing happens. You curse, realizing that they operate by amplifying their small psychic ability. Nonetheless, you throw it; and another Sidarxi goes down screaming.

A few bolts impact, but the air screen glows white in front of you before fizzling out.

“Shields down, recharge sequence initiated,” warns the armor.

You need to be fast. You don't know how many shots it can take. You see the officer fellow grab Vetrina and press his pistol to her face.

“Stop this, Mr. Heller, or your collaborator gets it,” he says.

“We had a deal,” she manages to get out.

“Well, it's too bad you were born to a family of traitors,” he spits.

The path is clear if you want to save her. All things considered, it's worth it. She gave you a way out, so you might as well give her one. Whatever happens, it happens.

You punch him in the face. There isn't much left of him after you do this. Vetrina quicky picks up the pistol and starts using you as cover to shoot. Your “shields” are back, and take a few bolts.

“Wait,” you say. Then you ram through the wall. The armor performs magnificently.

“Follow me!”

Vetrina comes quickly through the chaos.

“There's some notes I'd like to get. Can we quickly grab them before we run away?” she asks.

[ ] Get the information
[ ] Get out now
[ ] Other
>[ ] Other
"How vital are they?"

If they are trivial, then we leave, if they are important to her or our cause, then we grab them
[x] Get the information
If they're related to this armor, then they are necessary. Even if we can't build more, we will need a way to repair it, and if we can use the tech to upgrade Human armors even a little, we could make the fight hard enough for the Sindarxi to consider a peace settlement.

Remember that if we fight too hard, then the xenocide faction gets their way anyway, because it'll then be cheaper for the Sindarxi to simply glass the planet.
I'd like a tiebreaker please. This isn't a "both" situation.
Rolled 2

Rolling for a tiebreaker
Rolled 1

“I don't know what it is, but let's get it,” you say, “Where is it?”

“My flat. I can download it.”

Before she can protest, you grab her bridal style and charge recklessly through the building. The shock of your advance protects you as push violently past all who get in your way. It's too damn easy. You can only imagine how scary this would be against the boys fighting it out on the frontlines.

It's a rush as you tear through the dirt over to the habitation. Bolts fly after you. Of course, they would be ready for something like this. Doesn't mean you have to like it. Dirt pounds as you run in.

“That's the door!”

You kick it off its hinges, and Vetrina runs in. You stand there waiting second after precious second. You feel the pain in your muscles, as if they've all been run through a meatgrinder. You wiggle around. Everything hurts, but everything moves. You can still fight.

In the corner of your vision, you see a number of dots converging on your location. Vetrina runs out with a tablet in hand.

You spy armored figures at both ends of the corridor.

“Vetrina, I think we're surrounded.”
That's it for tonight. I'll run again tomorrow, either in this thread or another.

Thanks for another good thread. I know it's been quite a while.
good run Dread, i'll try to keep the thread alive for tomorrow
also, might want to archive the thread now incase it dies in the night
How well does Fritz understand Sindarxi technology? Not the underlying fundamentals, but how it's applied?

For example, he may not know how to work it, but would he think that some of the enemy grunts might have a pad or smartphone that would contain their plan or list of people to round up, and where Yezrina might be, and that Vetrina could decipher it?

We need to rescue Yezrina, since she has important contacts within the not-xenocide faction, and if the xenocide faction is making this public and bold of a move, they must be pretty confident of victory.

Worst case scenario, this changes from trying to make the Earth into an Autonomous Region to simply making it off-planet and hiding out in the frontiers of the Empire.
I don't think there's enough to archive it at the moment. If it survives, it survives. If it doesn't I'll repost it, probably with archive foolz screenshots
>How well does Fritz understand Sindarxi technology? Not the underlying fundamentals, but how it's applied?

Very vaguely. He's like your Korean War vet grandpa who's just been handed a smartphone. He sort of gets it but really doesn't

>For example, he may not know how to work it, but would he think that some of the enemy grunts might have a pad or smartphone that would contain their plan or list of people to round up, and where Yezrina might be, and that Vetrina could decipher it?
He'd probably need to be reminded, and let his more tech-savvy companion help
>He sort of gets it but really doesn't
That's enough for him to ask Vetrina to check through those information tablets that the guards have.
Wait. Was Fritz originally panzergrenadier or part of a panzer crew? He would have known about the miniaturization of radio sets and how they were installed in panzers; and radios were installed in human power armor.
Wouldn't it be logical for him to think that this Sindarxi power armor would have the Sindarxi equivalent of a radio set?

Maybe we can call Yezrina and arrange for a way out. Or we break back into the labs and pick up some of the Sindarxi heavy weaponry.
knowing how to operate one piece of tech and being able to operate a similar piece of tech several eras apart, not to mention developed in a completely different culture for a completely difference race, are not the same thing
Power armor from the start. It's more of a user-interface thing that he finds weird. He does expect some sort of communications hardware.
As stated before, Fritz isn't the one that will be operating it, Vetrina will. All Fritz has to do is remember to ask Vetrina to operate the tech.
>Let's give some options

[ ] Throw the door - 3d roll
[ ] Make a hole in the wall - 6d roll
[ ] Ask for an alternate route
[ ] Other
>[ ] Make a hole in the wall - 6d roll
[x] Ask for an alternate route
Vetrina knows this place best, and who knows where the electrical wiring is located in this wall.
Rolled 1

I'll wait for a tiebreaker for 5 minutes; otherwise the dice decides
Roll your dice
Rolled 9, 10, 7, 4, 3, 5 = 38

6 D what, 10s?
d10s. I'm using a modified ORE. I'm surprised you didn't get a pair. Alas, /tg/ dice
>Alas, /tg/ dice
And this is why I wanted the non-rolling option.
You build up speed and slam your shoulder into the wall. However, all your do is leave a large dent in the metal.

“That's armor grade bulkhead material!”

You curse as you hear the footsteps drawing nearer. Vetrina point up toward the ceiling.

“That's not armored up there,” she says.

[ ] Bowl through them with the door as a shield - 8d10
[ ] Bust a hole in the ceiling and try to climb through – 6d10
[ ] Other
>[x] Bust a hole in the ceiling and try to climb through – 6d10
We've got Vetrina with us and she doesn't have armor or one of their personal shields. We need to avoid a fight if we can.

For future reference, if you pick a rolling option, I find it easier if the roll is included with the vote. No big deal if it's not, though.
>[ ] Bust a hole in the ceiling and try to climb through – 6d10
Rolled 6, 10, 5, 7, 7, 3 = 38

But if we know the results of an action before it gets decided, then of course we'll go with the action that succeeds rather than the one that fails.
Rolled 10, 1, 6, 9, 4, 4 = 34

you rolled the exact same total as the previous roll...
Not necessarily because I don't just go with a single roll for an option. I do see your point. It is the better way.
File: 1388960986920.jpg-(252 KB, 740x478, 1201227118.jpg)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
You squat down, imagining yourself as Atlas pressed under the the world's weight. You, unlike the Titan, have a choice. You explode upward and smash into the ceiling. You arms struggle to find purchase amongst the insulation and ventilation, but you pull your self up. From there, it's an almost trivial matter to tear open the roof like cardboard.

“It's getting hot down here!” says a worried Vetrina.

You grab her arm and pull her up. The jagged edges draw blood, but she's alive. Quickly, you fling her over your shoulder and run over the roof. Suddenly, a warning arrow appears in your vision, which quickly zooms in on a sniper.

>Roll a 6d10 dodge
Rolled 10, 8, 9, 7, 8, 8 = 50

ere we go
You twist erratically through the air. You feel your shields sizzle as the bolt goes streaking past. You see the ground quickly approaching. You tumble as best you can, but hit the ground rolling. You cradle Vetrina to afford her some measure of protection. You hear her scream, but you can't stop. You hoist her over your shoulder and jump, clearing the checkpoint in a single bound. Your muscles are under excruciating pain by now, but you can't stop.

In your dust, you see a few wheeled transports coming after you. Blazing bright bolts start to wildly saturate your path, glassing the dirt with every impact. You curse under your breath.

“Fritz,” she says, “If you put me down, you can use the stealth systems on the suit to escape. I can't see both of us getting out alive. Thanks for the effort.”

[ ] Leave her behind
[ ] Take her with yourself
[ ] Other
>[x] Other
"You'd never sacrifice yourself for a human, so this is your way of guilting me into protecting you; don't bother. Just tell me if this thing has any built-in weapons I can use."
>[ ] Take her with yourself
>brb dinner
Rolled 1

"You'd never sacrifice yourself for a human, so this is your way of guilting me into protecting you; don't bother. Just tell me if this thing has any built-in weapons I can use."

She looks hurt, but you squash any sympathetic feelings.

“Not that I know of,” she admits.


“Try asking for weapons systems? I don't know,” she says.

“Weapons systems online,” you say, unsteady.

“Command not recognized.”

“Weapons systems,” you say more evenly, “How do I access stealth?”

“Standard command is 'Active Camouflage.' Repeat to deactivate.”

You nod to nobody in particular.

“Active camouflage,” you say, almost sarcastically.

A bolt sears the ground at your feet, but as you look at your hands, you realize that you can only see their outlines. Your shadow still remains, but you might as well be glass.

[ ] Ditch Vetrina
[ ] If they can't see you, maybe you can do some damage
[ ] Other
>[ ] If they can't see you, maybe you can do some damage
time to punch some space elf bitches
>[x] Other
Get one soldier's tablet, then get out with Vetrina.
Is this essentially a more specific version of the following:

> [ ] If they can't see you, maybe you can do some damage
I suppose. The idea is that we just get one soldier and then bug out.
The other one seems to be trying to go for an entire squad.
could we alter it slightly to maybe cause a distraction, take down one or two, steal a tablet or other intel then bug out?
That works for me
should also add
>then bug out
includes getting Vetrina out, family matter and carries weight in their culture
You drop to the ground to minimize your shadow and slowly start crawling your way to the trucks of dismounting infantry. It's an inch by inch, gravel belly sort of affair. It works and you close your way to one of the trucks. It's an actual truck, either ISF issue or commandeered, which means you can drive it.

You rise and look at the inattentive driver. He's actually attentive, just in the wrong way. Creeping, sneaking, you wind your way around to the driver's side window and shove your fist through the shatterproof glass to kill him. It's over in seconds. You take it out of neutral and gun it. The engine roars as you ram into the soldiers. Then you ram the other truck which sends you flying through the windshield and into his cabin. You quickly toss him out with little regard for his safety.

By this point, the guns are blazing away at you. You should be visible on account of the collected dirt and dust, but you aren't a clear target in the heat of battle. When the dust settles, they are retreating. You turn off the camo and walk out. Vetrina is already looting the dead for body armor and weapons. She grabs another of their electronic devices. The screen is cracked, but it glows white as it activates.

“Where do we go now?” she asks, looking at the wreckage.

“I think I can get the truck running again,” you say.

Sure enough, the battered engine comes back to sputtering life.

“I don't know,” you say, “What I do know is that I want to cause some damage, and you are going to help me.”

“May we look for my sister?” she asks, the first genuine concern for her sibling you've seen.

[ ] “Yes.”
[ ] “No, we're heading to the fight.”
[ ] “No, we're going after my sister.”
>[ ] “Yes.”
>[x] Yes

Woo, glad you're back, Dread. I've missed these!
[x] “Yes.”
She's our ticket offworld if this entire purge is planet-wide and possibly also taking place back in the Empire proper.
shes also more of a chance at helping our sister than one our own
Of course; Yezrina knows where our sister works, after all.
File: 1388974315263.jpg-(87 KB, 576x393, alas52398-bw.jpg)
87 KB
“Alright,” you say, “We'd better get going. I wouldn't be surprised if she's dead by now.”

She sighs, “I know, but it's a family thing.”

You drive until the gas tank runs out and proceed on foot for a few miles until you come across an abandoned cabin. With a quick apology to it's owner, you kick in the door and enter. It's bare, maybe some kind of hunting cabin. Looking around, you find a water tank. It seems fresh.

You're very thirsty, so you pop the breastplate and drag yourself out of the armor. You're clothes look like hell, shredded inside the armor. Your every muscle burns with searing pain. You blunder around like a drunkard until you find an iron ladle which you use to sample the water. It's lukewarm and tastes metallic, but it's the best water in the world by this point.

“Are you okay?” asks Vetrina.

“I'm fine,” you say before collapsing from exhaustion.
Thanks for another good thread. I'm not sure about next weekend, but I'll make a twitter update about the status of ARQ by tomorrow.

Feel free to post any comments, concerns, or criticisms.
So, you probably won't answer, but were Yezrina and Vetrina honestly worried about Fritz?
It's just that, knowing that Sindarxi culture makes most citizens into the most paranoid of CIA spooks simply because of their society, and their ingrained sense of superiority, them viewing Fritz as anything more than a useful tool, or a favored dog, seemed uncharacteristic of them.
thanks for running Dread, I'll keep an eye on your twitter
Can't answer that one.
Can Sindarxi subsist on human food? Will we have trouble with acquiring food that Vetrina can eat without getting sick?
For the most part, yes. Some foods cause extreme allergic reactions.
>Some foods cause extreme allergic reactions.
Sounds like it's time for enhanced interrogation lunches.
they eat nothing but Durian raw
That's unusually specific.

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