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File: 1388359213635.jpg-(655 KB, 1200x1200, Ghosts of Retribution.jpg)
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Space battle over Varda continues.

Our wiki:http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Chapter_Quest_Wiki
Our chat: http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23RisingSons&server=irc.Rizon.net
Last session one of the enemy ships, Frigate "Strongback", came under your control as it's crew rioted against their masters. You can roll me a d100 for the success of the interrogation for the surviving officers aboard "Strongback", they might have codes for the secret comms used by the enemy or some other useful information. As you have sent no special characters, you will need to roll under 25 to be sure that information is correct.

Also, you have established a relationship with the new de facto captain of "Strongback", former Master of the Starboard Guns, named Fedoric. He was one of the main leaders of the rebellion and now he is eager to help you in a any way he can.
Rolled 62

Rolling for interrogation.
Rolled 97


What about code books, the codes already in their equipment, the Captain's Quarters, techpriests/adepts that joined the crew, junior officers that joined the crew?

There are so many other sources of information that all couldn't have been silenced during a mutiny...
request time skip until our BB can face the enemy or additional ships arrive on the scene

FYI, the projected math suggests these two events would actually occur at roughly the same time.
File: 1388360706330.jpg-(119 KB, 900x636, Planetstrike.jpg)
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119 KB JPG
We gon' wreck some shit then or what?
Let the wrecking commence?

File: 1388362120971.jpg-(397 KB, 1600x900, Headgrab.jpg)
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397 KB JPG
Skargan dead forever.
File: 1388362337550.jpg-(124 KB, 800x490, strongbox.jpg)
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124 KB JPG

As you know, codes used by the ships for order relay are the single most precious thing and very few personnel are ever given access to them. Apparently once officers understood that the battle is no longer going their way, they smashed the cogitators responsible for encoding and decoding, they executed servitors who were working on them and all of the senior officers themselves in the end ended up hanged in the mess hall. While your armsmen showed no lack of enthusiasm, crushing fingers and cutting ears for the surviving captives, in the end they were unable to get any useful information apart from the fact that the late Captain received a sizeable strongbox from Ecclesiarchy representatives who came onboard the ship. However Fedoric claims, that the strongbox and it's contents belong to the ship and it's crew. At this point no one knows what's inside. Shall you take any action on this?


Please roll 4d100.
1st. (under 80) = you will turn around
2nd (under 65) = reinforcements will arrive
3rd (secret) = something else
4th (secret) = something else
Rolled 15, 64, 61, 32 = 172


We'll make a deal with Fedoric.

We'll assist in opening the box without destroying it's contents. If it is wealth, it belongs to him and his crew, but will be documented as evidence. If it is information, we'll reward him and his crew in exchange for it. Either way, he and his crew win.
I agree with this idea.
But if it is chaos, it shall be purged.
File: 1388363350291.jpg-(126 KB, 481x523, technohammer.jpg)
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126 KB JPG

Aspera Dominus and Strongback used their superior speed to outmaneouvre badly commanded Ecclesiastic ships and gain distance. As Chapter Master understood that getting into an open battle with Cruiser and a Battlecruiser is a risky game, he managed to win the time until reinforcements promised by Adepus Mechanicus would reach the system. However as soon as warp-readers sounded the alarm, warning of incoming "Technohammer", Iron Monks fired their torpedoes at the Space Marines and made a run for the edge of the system. While Aspera Dominus tried to catch them, distance that it used earlier to protect itself now protected cursed traitors. Haran Dreifus escaped with his miserable life, however this battle turned out to be a stunning victory for the Ghosts of Retribution - no ships were lost and enemy was forced to leave their ground troops unsupported on the planet...

You gain 10 xp points(that can be used for any characters you control) and as a victim of betrayal, you gain 1 Purity point.
Aspera Dominus gains 3 kills and because of this encounter it's Machine Spirit gains a trait, please roll d3
1 = Aspera Dominus gains trait 'Paranoid'
2 = Aspera Dominus gains trait 'Outnumbered'
3 = Aspera Dominus gains trait 'Defender of Planets'
Rolled 2

File: 1388363516372.jpg-(97 KB, 363x600, Fedoric.jpg)
97 KB
>This proposal is more than reasonable, milord, please send your Techno-Wizards aboard as soon as possible. We are no less interested than you are in the secrets of that box!
Rolled 2

Rolling for muh trait
File: 1388363695781.jpg-(1.23 MB, 3000x1268, Battle Barge - The Lord I(...).jpg)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
Inform the Imperial Navy that the ships 'Reverent Spirit' and 'Disintegrator' are fully rogue.

Give testimonies from the cre of the 'Strongback' as evidence.

Take orbit above Varda, drop half the 1st Company into Novormark.

Bombard all the Iron Monk outer bases. Airfields etc.

Drop into the Krodian Mountains with the other half of the 1st Company, including Brethotius and the Terminators.

All we need is to push the Iron Monks far enough away to target them with out Tracker Occulus and bring Melta warheads on their heads.

Loot the Burning Glory and Eternal Purity with the Strongback. Claim the hulks as our own.

Get status reports from Varda, are all Iron Betrayers there eradicated?

Think about it, what would you do with a Merchant ship you hired to help you commit a massive heresy has all this evidence on your dickishness?
File: 1388364196583.jpg-(67 KB, 750x376, ship.jpg)
67 KB
Machine Intelligence that common mortals know as "Aspera Dominus" was greatly disturbed by the battle of Varda. It found itself attacked by numerous vessels at once, having to fight off not only treacherous betrayal, but also a brutal assault from a whole taskforce of ships.Torment of God protected itself, it's crew and the planet of Varda valiantly, but the scars of battle will remain for a long time in it's memory. From now on whenever "Aspera Dominus" will find itself outnumbered 3 to 1 or more, it will have a 75+ save for each ship that outnumbers it.

Immediate orders:

Join Aspera's astropaths with Technohammer's own to send out an Astropathic signal declaring that the Iron Monk preacher Haran Dreifus has fled Varda in command of the Imperial Navy Armageddon-class Battlecruiser 'Reverent Spirit' along with the Iron Monk Lunar class Cruiser 'Disintegrator'. Both of these vessels were part of a taskforce that has attacked the world of Varda and it's population of loyal imperial citizens, including Protheran Refugees. We demand that any Imperial forces both report sightings of these traitorous ships to the Imperial Navy or Ghosts of Retribution and engage them as the betrayers that they are.

Also send that they will falsely spread the lie that Arch Cardinal Astrobelus Kest ordered them into this betrayal, as part of a plot to disgrace his honorable name. These lies are not to be believed, and the tongues that spread them should be cut out so that the taint of the heretics not be allowed to corrupt loyal imperials.
Clever, we're clearing his name for him. If he's responsible for Dreifus' attack, he'll want it denied at any cost, especially since it was a failure. If he wasn't responsible, he'll take this as a sign of goodwill. Either way, he won't move against us again in all likelihood, and we'll be free to hunt Dreifus, best case scenario.
File: 1388365076407.jpg-(173 KB, 722x500, ecclesiarchy.jpg)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
>Inform the Imperial Navy that the ships 'Reverent Spirit' and 'Disintegrator' are fully rogue.
Your best buddy at the IN, High Admiral Tyrel Hagen, is suprised by your accusations, but he agrees to issue "find & detain" order to all of the Imperial Navy ships as long as you can provide him with sufficient evidence(such as testimonies from the crew) to pursue this course of action. However for this you would have to first travel to Tachion Primaris and address Imperial Court. On the other hand if you will accept all responsibility for this as a Chapter and demand it in the name of Imperial security, he we will give the order immediately. This however will have more political implications.

>Take orbit above Varda, drop half the 1st Company into Novormark.
Do you assign a leader for this? Please roll a d100

>Bombard all the Iron Monk outer bases. Airfields etc.
I assume that you will bombard only bases that are not located close to civilian areas and such(this will decrease effectiveness though). Please roll d100

>Drop into the Krodian Mountains with the other half of the 1st Company, including Brethotius and the Terminators.
Another d100 please. Chapter Master is also going, I assume?

>Loot the Burning Glory and Eternal Purity with the Strongback. Claim the hulks as our own.
Please roll 2d100 for BG and EP to see how much of their original crews and contents survived. Does Luigi have a comment on this, I don't remember what critical rolls were those?

>Get status reports from Varda, are all Iron Betrayers there eradicated?
Would you like to adopt this name for them in your official lingo? No, fighting is still raging hard, but you've managed to contain them to a stalemate.

Please roll a d100 for your SOS signal.

Nice one. You with MS get +1 xp.
Rolled 13, 100, 15, 27, 7, 34 = 196

>Please roll 2d100 for BG and EP to see how much of their original crews and contents survived. Does Luigi have a comment on this, I don't remember what critical rolls were those?

Burning Glory was on fire but has since gone out, so I imagine we're not gonna loot any fragile things unless they were locked away.

Eternal Purity didn't catch fire, it simply broke, vented and everyone/mostly everyone on board died.

>Do you assign a leader for this? Please roll a d100
File: 1388365286774.jpg-(117 KB, 1024x768, there are other dangers too.jpg)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
At the moment there is a big discussion on what to spend XP points in the chat here:

>Burning Glory
Reduced to a Burning Wreck.
>Eternal Purity
Reduced to a drifting Hulk

With your permission, I'll use RT to calculate surviving crew % and what components survived?
CM will accompany Brethorius and the Termies(what a great idea for a band name btw) into the Krodian Mountains, and Trianion will head the drop into Novomark?
And yes you assumed correctly about where to bombard.
File: 1388366527600.jpg-(215 KB, 1680x1050, battle in the city.jpg)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Orbital drop to Novomark is an astounding success, your forces engage enemies on all fronts! Trianon leads the fight with his psychic might...

Orbital bombardment is simply not possible in this situation due to the close proximity of enemy elements to your forces and because of the extensive damage that Aspera Dominus previously suffered.

Chapter Master and the other half of the first company easily deep strike behind enemy positions in the Krodian mountains.

=Extensive deep strike operation with extreme success earn your Chapter Very Good proficiency in this aspect of war=

You receive a signal within next 24 hours:
>This is Imperial convoy 23-CE-0, ships "Crier", "Last Victor" and "Arrow" reporting. We have detected Imperial Battlecruiser that vagualy resembled your description heading towards the world of Eregriis about 9 standard hours ago. I hope this helps you. Ave Imperator.

Apparently, both of the hulks are more or less intact at the moment, however Burning Glory has a slight chance of disintegrating because of continuous chain reactions that torment it's once-mighty shell. Your analysts estimate that around half of the original crews have survived in both ships, even though this number is decreasing with every hour. Boarding the ships might be a good idea if you want to loot them, but you might receive some resistence, so it's your call.
File: 1388366848926.jpg-(24 KB, 620x413, dead crew.jpg)
24 KB
My apologies, actually no crew survived on Burning Glory due to the destruction of life support systems.
Explore the hulks. A bunch of half-dead crewmen can't put up much of a fight. Try and stabilise the Burning Glory, we wanna be able to sell that frame.
numbers, leader and any other details about the taskforce that you send to do this? Also, are you leaving "Technohammer" by itself to support Varda with orbital recon? They will be able to provide less help because your militaries are not synchronised. Please roll 2d100 for each ship.
Rolled 26, 75 = 101

Yay, failing time.
Rolled 71, 4 = 75


Have Technohammer police the wrecks into stable orbits and our ship's complement of armsmen do the actual boarding with Mechanicus support. Let them claim any survivors for servitorization if they are unwilling to testify about this betrayal was intentional.

The wrecks, however, our are spoils of war, along with anything found on them.
Send a few Techmarines and a squad of marines to each ship, along with hundreds of serfs, Seran in comand of searching the Burning Glory, Destros of the Eternal Purity.
Loot anything of value, absolutely everything, use transporters to get them back to the Aspera Dominus, vehicles, relics, weapons, everything.

Then try and preserve the state of the ships as much as possible.
Use the remaining marines aboard the Aspera to intimidate any crewmen with any fighting spirit left in them, offer peace terms to the rest. Detain the officers aboard the Aspera, ferry the crew to Varda and arrange some temporary holding place, erect a tentcamp outside of Novomark?
Also we need a report of all ground casualties.

Should I use the numbers from the session where we controlled Macedon?
And update the Technohammer on the current situation, who's the captain and what troops is it carrying?
File: 1388369594428.jpg-(680 KB, 674x1000, Hannah Dossar.jpg)
680 KB
680 KB JPG
Both hulks are now in stable orbit around Varda. By the time you have a chance to evacuate crew from Eternal Purity, only about 8000 souls are left alive. Some of them offer minor resistence, but it soon turns out that they believed you to be Chaos worshippers. They are unable to give much detailed evidence, however you do capture some officers who know more about the conspiracy against you. Your men manage to loot a total of about 3d10 in valuables and precious technical components that can be carried out of the ships.

Captain Hannah Dossar is the commander of "Technohammer". She has been sent here with a specific mission to help you defend Varda, so she will stay here and assist you until situation settles down, but probably won't stay longer than a few months. She is reluctant to engage in planetary operations, but she said that she would lend us two Skitarii Cohorts, around 2000 augmented warriors that will be supported by Adeptus Mechanicus artillery and close-air support. You suspect, that she has more reserves aboard, but won't use them unless the situation is dire. Also, Dossar invites you to her ship whenever you are free to discuss the fate of the destroyed vessels, because she would be interested to acquire them for the Nestorium.

Next session we will play out ground campaign, that will most likely be tomorrow.

I am afraid we will have to finish this for today, because of weak internets, but as I promised, I will be more available than I was in the last couple of months. Thanks everyone for playing!
Rolled 1, 1, 3 = 5

Rolled 3, 7, 4 = 14

File: 1388369877175.gif-(2.96 MB, 300x264, GlassCaseOfEmotion.gif)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB GIF

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