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Hey /tg/, can you help me make a bunch of drugs for my d&d 3.5 city? Accepting everything from fairy dust to heroin.
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Glass Grass.

This herb does not exist in nature; it is found singularly at the site of massive magical disasters, where the energies releases has "glassed" or preserved local flora in a crystalline state. Glass Grass is primarily inhaled through the nose; it generally produces effects similar to the original effects of the spell that "glassed" the grass in the first place. These effects come with a powerful sense of euphoria, and many users find themselves taking more and more Glass Grass for power trips, until they eventually OD.

Glass Grass ODs tend to be...messy.
Very cool man. was that off the top of your head?


I imagine Glass Grass ODs to be like Plasmid shit, except way worse; imagine a dude who inhaled a shitload of Fireball Glass Grass bursting into flames, running through the streets screaming because the Grass doesn't give him any kind of immunities, and just go from there.
Hell, here's another one, just for kicks


Perhaps the most vile and disturbing drug to grace the streets, Life is nothing less than the liquefied necromantic extraction of a dying person's memories. Drinking a shot of Life literally allows the person who drinks it to live the "donor"'s Life up to a certain point, generally in an idealized and sunny manner for maximized pleasure. Life is also occasionally used by shady detectives and less-than-pleasant criminals to track murders for the purpose of solving crimes, but it is officially outlawed by the police.

Life has a number of downsides, the most commonly-known associated is the addictive property - not to the drug, but to the glossy euphoric alternate life they live. Some people grow confused, replacing their dingy, shitty lives with the lives they believe they have lived; some people merely kill themselves upon realizing they can never have that world.

Additionally, Life carries with it the disturbing rumor of a secondary side-effect - Death Syndrome, where improper vials of Life can force its users to see the last moments of their donor. Because such donations are rarely voluntary and rarely peaceful, the trauma can scar users immensely...or outright kill them.
NN, or numbing needles, is a needle barb from a type of carnivorous cactus imported from a far off desert. The barbs give of a numbing and hallucinogenic effect that allows the cactus trap and devour they're prey easier. The hallucinations are usually of things you most want at the time, since the toxins react with the Id portion of your brain. This can lead to users accosting strangers or objects.
Wizards Herb
Description: This green plant is dried and sold in pouches, similar to tobacco. As with tobacco, it is smoked, but unlike tobacco it tends to emit tiny sparks when lit and the exhaled smoke is a pale shade of green. Once lit, it must be smoked for at least one round, and will take two rounds to take effect. Wizard's Weed helps with clarity of thought and memory, but it makes the user nauseous. One pouch of Wizard's Weed costs 10gp and contains 10 doses.
Benefit: +1d4 Int for one hour.
Cost: -1d4 Con for two hours.
How about a drug that makes it impossible to tell if what you're experiencing is real or just a movie or tv show or game you're watching/playing? so like, there's some people who just take shit loads of it and watch anime, and it's like they are in the anime! or it could be aerosolized, and used as a trap, like your party walks into what they think is a normal room, but there's a tv on showing like, terminator or something, so they think they're being hunted by an unstoppable robot
All very cool, much of it is going in the campaign. Could use more stuff with crunch though
Holy crap that is cool.
There was a while ago a drug on /tg/ called Black Magic, which is basically the fossilized remains of magical artifacts/magical creatures. Drink it and get a huge boost to your necromantic abilities, but it's got krokodil-like corruptive effects.
Something I imagine very strongly is a poor man whose life has fallen into complete despair succumbing to Life's effects. He drinks the Life of someone who had a really cool life, like with a wife and kids, and goes to try and live that life.

It's intensely disturbing to me, to imagine this stranger walking up and claiming to be your (deceased) father, and getting really angry when you reject this notion. It's really creepy in a very visceral way.

You guys want some more stuff like Life and Glass Grass? I've got tons of this kinda thing.

This drug is burned in a pot and the fumes allowed to circulate the room. A sedative hallucinogenic, users generally all but pass out and drool as they become lost in their own visions. The selling point of mindsmoke is that the plumes of smoke are psychoactive and take on the forms of the visions the users are experiencing. For this reason mindsmoke is less a habitual drug and more a means of entertainment or performance art. Particularly vivid or impressive dreamers can make a living out of their smoke.
Why even ask? Just post it.

Skip is a legal, medical drug. It is used in the treatment of the mentally ill, particularly those with magical illnesses or hallucinatory diseases. In small quantities, the user "suffers"/benefits from their perceptions being sped up to the point where it appears as if they skip a few minutes in time. It is, in these controlled methods, essentially a sedative; one minute, the individual is suffering, the next, they're past the episode and quite calm.

The problem is, nobody knows where Skip comes from. Worse, when taken in high enough quantities (e.g. ODs), Skip inlifcts on the user a state of non-linear perceptiveness; essentially, the user ceases to see the events passing them by in the proper "order", imagining events that happened in the past to be happening in the now and vice versa.

Skip is nonmagical, and does not allow the user to time travel or see the future, though abusing it as an oracle or diviner probably produces some truly hilarious(ly horrific) moments.

This drug comes in short square blocks of sticky powder which are shaved off and consumed. The active component isn't known but is rumored to be something gruesome like beholder eye jelly, dryad skin or chimera brains.

Taking thousandstem splits up your mental processes so you have the experience of thinking as multiple minds in one body. Each mind tends to have a particular bias, whether towards an emotion such as joy, anger, sadness, etc. or rooted around a particular thought or idea (like 'the only way to complete the potion is to do this!' 'my father never loved me!') Users find it enormously more difficult to coordinate themselves and perform simple tasks.

Thousandstem is usually taken by philosophers, wizards and other contemplatives who find that the multiple-mind process helps them to consider difficult problems. It's also used dangerously as a study aid by academic students. The number of minds produced is dependent on the dose, and overdosing on thousandstem is generally not physically risky but produces an irrevocable psychic break, ruining the user's mind and destroying their individual personality. They're left with dozens, hundreds or thousands of fragmented and twisted 'selves' who cannot operate together.

There is no hard limit to what constitutes a thousandstem OD and safety is entirely dependent on how many personalities the user can control.

Conduit is bad shit. Made from the blood/organs/secretions of various magical entities, usually common ones like elementals or low-tier demons, and refined into a fine magical liquid, Conduit is essentially a liquefied booster shot of pure magic. You don't drink it; you inject it right into your blood for a rush of inherent magical power. It's like being a Sorcerer, only it only lasts a little while and the spells you gain access to are thematically based on whatever the Conduit was based on.

Why is Conduit bad shit? Well, aside from instilling temporary Sorcerer powers in people who do not have them and should not have them and have no real control over them, Conduit is mutative. Taking enough of it *will* result in your body mutating features to match the raw, generally-tainted mana-stuff you're pumping into your veins. Sometimes, that's okay; if you're shooting up Angel Conduit and you grow some pretty wings, well, lucky you. You could've been the guy shooting up Kyton Conduit.

Also, if you OD on it, you probably won't survive the surge of magical powers that will literally explode out of your body in an uncontrolled fury. If you do survive...well, you probably won't be very happy.

A drug which induces an animal-like mentality and can induce warping physical effects. Twist originates as a drug fed to a particular berserker cult before battle.

Using twist orientates all your thought processes on a predator/prey axis, heightens your awareness and improves your ability to see at night. Users experience all physical stimuli more vividly and are constantly thinking of the possibilities of violence in any situation. Taking very high doses of twist alters your body slightly with feral aspects relating to your emotional state: someone in a fight might grow claws and fangs, someone who is terrified might feel their legs elongate and bulk out with extra muscle.

Twist is commonly taken by gladiators, thugs and low-lifes who feel it keeps them 'on edge' and more recreationally by anyone looking to physically indulge themselves.

DTD is an obscure drug, more a curiosity than anything in civilized society, though of course where there is depravity there will be merchants to capitalize on it. It is usually found on the edge of civilization, amongst barbarian tribes who have little in the way of laws about what is and is not dangerous for your body and far more reliance on common sense. It comes in the form of white powder, which is usually inhaled, though it can be mixed into drinks. DTD is an extreme relaxant; taking it can leave one feeling as though one has absolutely no cares in the world, grinding everything down to absolute apathy for a brief period of time.

DTD is short for "dust to dust". It is made from the bones of skeletons animated by necromancy, and carries with it some trace of the draining negative energy that once propped said skeletons up.

Courage is a disturbing and vile drug, much like Life, in that it is made out of a dead sentient. However, unlike Life, Courage is not a metaphorical substance crystallized with magic; Courage is the heart's blood of a dying being instilled with a fragment of their very soul via dark and horrible rituals. Courage is usually in the form of a drink, though you can smoke it if necessary.

Taking Courage grants, as one might imagine, some measure of the power and courage of the dead sentient whose soul was housed in the blood. The power is temporary at best, and like any other "power trip" drug, Courage runs the risk of addiction. However, Courage's real downside is that sometimes, that bound piece of soul can be left in the user...with dangerous, and potentially mind-and-soul-rending, consequences...

Not sure if you are the same person, but I'm the guy who did Life/Skip/Conduit/DTD/Courage, and I'm loving these!
I am the same guy, yeah. The ones you've posted are really neat.

This processed drug is made from the drying and grinding of the Lesithi Root, commonly found in and around the Feywild. When snorted, the user's magical energies are distorted, preventing a focus of magical energy into a coherent spell. Unlike Anti-Magic Fields which absorb and dissipate the magical energy, Fireworks cause the energy to bleed out in a harmless (though pretty) display of magical lights, colors, and sounds. In addition to these effects, users commonly report dilated pupils, sluggish movements, and being able to "feel" other sources of magical energy. This distorted magical field can spread to non-users of the drug and temporarily spread the symptoms of the drug across long distances. Fireworks is occasionally utilized as a poison for this purpose, preventing large groups of spellcasters from being useful temporarily.

One average dose lasts for an hour, with the contagion effects lasting a quarter that long.
Demon Dust

Demon Dust is an addictive and abundant drug, it is made out of the ground up horns of demons, it is primarily eaten however some snort it to give a stronger less lasting effect, consuming Demon Dust has been known to grant near super human strength but it almost always makes users go through temporary insanity, during these bouts of insanity users of the drug have been known to fight off 10 guards at a time trying to stop their rampage or waking up 30 miles away from the city naked and not knowing why heavy use eventually leads to corruption and overdoses lead to the user becoming possesed and going on killing sprees until he either dies of a heart attack or is killed
Obsidian Honey is a drug that increases the sexual drive and attractiveness of the imbiber. It is a black syrupy substance that is a side effect from a succubus's body in the material world dying.

The drug grants an almost animalistic attraction and libido to the user, which can make any who are near them get possessed with desire. There side effects are marginal, with a low sex drive for a few weeks after the use, and there have been no cases of an OD.

Warning: It is advised to all who partake in it that they stay in civilised areas and not venture into any areas with animals. It is also advised to not take more than a teaspoonful of this product as it will start riots

Thanks for writing those up anon. I'm DMing 3.0 in an urban setting and was hurting for some fantasy drugs to drop into the game.
Squandered Hope.

People will sell anything, if they are desperate enough. They will sell their children; they will sell their bodies; some, in the pits of despair, will even sell their dreams.

Squandered Hope is the epitome of the exploitative market. Created by a particularly cruel enchanter who saw a great deal of promise for profit, Squandered Hope is made of the sold hopes and dreams of the lower-class. There are two "versions" of Squandered Hopes - the "low" version and the "true" version.

The "low" version of Squandered Hopes is a smokable created directly from some of the hair of the person whose dreams were sold. Smoking this generally produces a euphoric sensation, filling the user with a sense of, well, hope and joy. Withdrawal tends to leave frequent users thoroughly depressed and suicidal, and overdose is known as "The Smile", as those who die from it generally die with smiles on their faces as their pleasure centers overload and explode.

The "true" version is known only to the enchanter who first created it, and his apprentices. Proper, "true" Squandered Hope is made by instilling those hopes not in something as clumsy as hair, but in a living thing - a plant, an animal, or (in the highest class) a child. The vehicle is then nurtured in isolation, artificially enhancing the hope so that it grows as powerful as possible. Then, a cutting is made of the vehicle, and sold as a smokable. This is, of course, horrifyingly illegal; worse, the very act of extracting the cutting from the highest class tends to encourage the hope's growth.

Smoking or ingesting "true" Squandered Hope leads not to a euphoric sensation, but to the wish-fulfillment fantasy of actively experiencing the hope coming true. While this is, of course, all in the mind, the feeling grows exponentially more powerful depending on how high-class and powerful the particular Squandered Hope is. (cont)
OP here, offering his thanks and still looking for more.

My players are currently tracking down a werewolf, now pretty sure it's a pack of werewolves. They don't realize yet that a pcp-type drug that grants the feral template is flooding the black market. Anyways, soon they will be up to their eyes in drug dealers.

"True" Squandered Hope rarely leads to suicide, as its users tend to feel a deep sense of satisfaction at the fulfillment of their Hope. Instead, the primary drawback is the exceptional cost; as it is extremely hard to create and is tightly controlled by its creator, it is a drug that only the wealthiest nobility has access to. This is, of course, appropriate; the dreams of the common are devoured by the elite of society.

It goes without saying that both forms are ridiculously illegal.
Shard: A more potent derivative of the working class drug known variously as Trudge, Gloom and Doubleshift, Shard is made by soaking the stimulant herbs in a necromantic concoction for several days prior to smoking.

While users of Trudge gain a slight dissociative buzz and a near immunity to fatigue (or at least feeling it, longterm users are notoriously sloppy workers), Shard goes further, engendering a near immunity to pain and fatigue through complete dissociation as the necromantic energy seeps into the users body. A man on Shard can quite literally work his hands to the bone without caring - or stay on his feet after leaving half his intestines in the gutter.

Shard gets its name from the distinctive obsidian bone spurs of longterm users.

Spiderlace is made from the combined venoms of several dangerous creatures (commonly scorpions, spiders, and centipedes) which is treated with herbs to destroy or alter the venomous aspects and change them into a more harmless version (think the smallpox vaccine being made from dead cowpox, etc).

When a user takes Spiderlace, the effect is as though the individual were envenomed, and the user typically goes catatonic, though not in all cases (CON-based save). After 2d6 rounds, the user then feels a rush of adrenaline as though the body were fighting the invading toxin, but since the venom has been rendered inert, instead the rush of heat and energy causes the user to become extremely alert, and unable to stop moving or taking action of any kind. Essentially, it creates a survival rush in the individual that lasts for up to 4 hours (roll 1d4), where reflexes, strength, and resilience are all increased (+2 STR, +2 DEX, +10 temporary HP for the duration), but focus and clarity suffer (-4 to INT and WIS) and the black veins that run through the area of injection (which give the drug its name) affect the ability to interact with others and are a dead giveaway of a user currently under the influence of Spiderlace (-2 CHA).

Spiderlace is popular with thrill-seekers who will perform such feats as parkour, or acrobatics, and also has uses in the arena, though its obvious nature means probably disqualification for cheating.

The dangerous creation surrounding Spiderlace means consequences for the naive user, namely death due to toxic shock from being poisoned by several compounds improperly altered (failure to create a batch of Spiderlace means one or more of the toxins used to make it are still potent and deadly. Roll 1d3, then determine what type of venom from any applicable poisonous creature with lethal venom was used to create the Spiderlace; up to three. The user then suffers damage/effects as though he or she had been affected by a dose of that venom).
Last Chance.

Last Chance is made from four-leaf clovers, lucky rabbit's feet, lucky dice, and a little bit of a stolen magical luck. A drug that is ultimately more illicit in gambling dens than on the street, Last Chance gives the user a burst of excellent, supernatural luck - or possibly impossible confidence enabling such preternatural luck. It's impossible to tell.

Last Chance allows you to reroll a single die roll, once per week. Multiple doses will not increase this.

Last Chance is a reasonably safe drug. The only real risk is being beaten to death for using it in a gambling hall.
Any more? This has been one of the best threads I've seen on /tg/ recently.
Wychwood Balm

The wychwood is a common parasitic tree, a benign invader from the ethereal plane. The leaves of a wychwood don't blow to the winds of the mortal realm but to ethereal winds. Its roots also rest in the ethereal plane and as such it cannot be completely destroyed unless dimensionally locked (this is overly expensive and most people cut back any wychwood infestation every spring instead).

It's not known if wychwood balm actually comes from the wychwood tree, and certainly eating the bark or ligaments of the (mildly poisonous) tree itself doesn't produce anything like the effects of the balm. Nonetheless, this where popular rumour says the drug originates.

Swallowing a drop of this gel circulates the balm throughout your system and partially tranposes you to the ethereal realm. Most people describe this as a pleasant, consciousness-expanding experience where your senses interpret new and unfamiliar signals.
Rubbing wychwood balm on an area of skin can directly transport the coated area to the ethereal realm for a short period of time. Thieves often use this drug to look through walls, inside safes or to make their way into heavily guarded fortresses. The affected body part still retains a connection to your real body and you still directly sense only the material plane. Using the drug in this way does put you at risk of any ethereal predators - ones you won't be able to detect until you feel them striking your tranported limb.

Measuring the dosage of wychwood balm is incredibly important. The effect of the drug directly correlates to body mass, though it only works on conscious entities, and if you spend too long in the ethereal realm the effected part will adapt and 'lock in' to the new plane, rendering it trapped in an ethereal state.

Anyone exposed to a removal of magic or dimensional lock while under the effects of wychwood balm generally dies, as small internal components of their body are permanently removed to the ethereal plane.

Waste products of the balm build up in the bodies of addicts, giving them a flickering appearance as they constantly flit in and out of the material plane in minute sections. Most long-term addicts meet sorry ends beneath the claw or fangs of some wandering ethereal beast.

Generally dealt in by wandering soothsayers, con artists and pedlars with pretensions of mysticism, ghostsnot is a form of refined and adulterated ectoplasm that claims to put the user in contact with a beloved dead soul.

Using ghostsnot is messy as the dose creates an ectoplasmic reaction with the users own body and brain fluids, leaching them out of the nose, eyes, ears and mouth to form a semi-corporeal body for the spirit. This is nonfatal but described as extremely unpleasant to endure and requires several days rest to recover from.

The appeal of ghostsnot is obvious: once the spirit is summoned it can be spoken to by the user who can ask questions, pass on final messages and find closure if they seek it.

Several existing churches and scholars are highly suspicious of the authenticity of the drug and regard it as far more likely that ghostsnot simply provides a temporary host for any wandering spirit or entity in the area. They explain the intimate knowledge of the dead as simply being information stolen via the psychic connection with the user. The sellers of ghostsnot generally say these naysayers are jealous of ghostsnot intruding on their monopoly of connecting with the dead.

There are much darker rumours concerning the drug and some who claim that the introduction and selling of ghostsnot is intended for some vastly more sinister purpose. They point out certain similarities of all ghostsnot manifestations as evidence that a single entity is being called forth and manipulating the user in every instance.

Overdosing on ghostsnot produces a coma in which the user's spirit is disembodied from their mortal body. In all but the worst of cases the spirit returns after a few days but in some cases it takes much longer and for a few unfortunate users it never does. The truth is that the disembodiment is permanent in all cases and what returns to animate the body is not the soul of the user.

Spite's a liquid drug most often sold in two paired capsules sealed with wax. One's filled with a clear fluid, the other's empty. The drug has a two-stage kick: when the user downs the clear fluid, it absorbs the hatred, anger and other negative emotions they're carrying around with them and almost immediately surges back up - to be spat into the empty capsule. This gives the user a calm, pacific pleasant-feeling high that lasts for around 12 hours. They feel slothful, benevolent, and well-disposed to just about everybody.

Once this high fades off, the popular trend is to slam back the sickly black-and-red fluid spat out previously. This gives a burning half hour high filled with jagged anger and bitter motivations of hatred. The kick's not for everyone and some people say spite is so named because the actions you take under the effect of this high are almost bound to fuck things up for you.

Many users don't take the second stage of the drug but sell it back to their dealer so they pick it up at a reduced cost. Some users don't take the first stage and only buy the collected negativity of others for a violent rush. The second stage of spite can't be bottled for much longer than a day before it'll break the container provided, fermenting in concentrated hatred. Long-term storage requires more durable vessels. If dumped it's poisonous to the locality, inducing violent behaviour and twisted growths in nearby flora and fauna.

The second stage of spite is bought en masse and used by some prominent armed forces and mercenary groups.

Made from the alchemically treated, dried and powdered brains of liches, lichfinger is snorted to induce moral psychopathy and an obsessive focus on your most prominent desire. Long term use rots the nose and surrounding facial features due to necromantic feedback.

Oh man, dat "truth" twist.
Reminds me of the ending of Insidious. Super creepy.
It's cocaine.

PF has Harlot Sweets - +1d4 CHA, -1d4 INT. If you want a more potent version, give +2d4 CHA, and add a penalty to WIS.
What's the fluff on Harlot Sweets?
Don't use this one OP.
Why can't you just use normal drugs? Do poppies not exist in your setting or something?
There would probably be particular drugs associated with a lot of religions or religious cults.

>These amber-colored lozenges instill within the user a slightly increased agility and enhance both physical beauty and speech. So named for the fact that prostitutes often abuse the drug, harlot sweets are gaining popularity among certain circles in the aristocracy as well.

Apparently, I was wrong. It was +1d4 CHA, +1 DEX, -1d2 INT.
What are they made out of?

Favored by goblinoids of all statures, this combination of naturally occurring herbs is ground fine, and either smoked or snorted, inducing mild euphoria, anxiety, or blind rage, depending on the user and the concentration of the herbs used.

Developed by hobgoblins, Lak'tom is grunduk, combined with the secretions of giant cave millipedes. This paste is then spread thin, allowed to dry, and smoked. Users claim to experience" visions of the past, mingled with those of the present and future", in addition to general feelings of ease. Highly addictive, lak'tom frequently results in user-dependency, and is popular among slavers for just this reason.

How incredibly boring.
>drugs are boring
Look at this edgy raver cunt.

I dunno, it doesn't say. Make something up, like succubus tears or some other [charismatic race] [product].
Atropal toe clippings.
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114 KB JPG
I dunno, hard drugs are pretty fucked up. Just because they exist in reality doesn't mean that it's not one of the worst things you can put in your body.

I mean, magical drugs might turn you into a goose, but then why would people take and sell them? No repeat business. Crack cocaine might 'only' give you a high, but it's something that a non-magical thug could make, sell, and get a sizable court of addicts to thrive with.

But, to get back to being interesting, poppies and opium in general can be used to great effect. There's a reason that it was sold all around the world for centuries, it's like a heavy dose of marijuana mixed with a heavy hallucinogen. Have the funny little asian man (Or elf? Elven Opium dealers would be awesome) running a classic opiate den, complete with constant haze and rooms full of strung-out, but happy and sedated repeat customers. Sometimes the opium gets cut with a little bit of pixie dust, and people turn pink - But that's obvious, and depending on the client could have serious consequences. Worst part about drugs is that some people can manage to hold a reasonably normal job while having strong connections via addiction.

It shouldn't be too rare of a monster, the sweets only cost 60gp per dose. Bronze dragon scales, maybe? Do they have a high CHA.
I think a lot of the examples in this thread are pretty good for having a genuine reason to take them as well as being magical or fantastical. I mean, really, the genuine reason just has to be you get high off it.
Rose: A pleasant accident, the story goes that this drug recipe originally comes from when some potionmaker tried to make a magical disguise but with sub-par ingredients and unorthodox methods. Still rather expensive for a drug, this elixer has become something or a party drug (or in some cases, a guilty pleasure) for hedonistic nobles.

Rose is a temporary sex-change drug that has side effects similar to intoxication. Euphoria, lowered inhibitions, increased sensitivity... the intentionally imperfect nature of the brewing process makes one batch of Rose different from the next. It isn't uncommon for the user to change race or other features for the duration as well. That duration being similarly unpredictable, anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours or even days based on the amount taken and the particular details of the batch.

Its users often say that this unpredictability is what makes Rose so much "fun". You know that you are going to be the opposite sex, but not whether you will look like you did the last time you took it. How you will feel. How long you will stay that way. It is a gamble, but a safe one with no risks. Or so they say.

That is false. Some batches of Rose turn out very bad, resulting in only partial transformations, transformations that don't reverse, or transformations that break bones and tear skin rather than reshaping them painlessly. These are usually blamed on the incompetence of the brewer rather than the drug itself, as if the elixer was free of any blame.
>Rose is a temporary sex-change drug

In a setting with access to magic, defaulting to real-world drugs is lame as shit. Sorry you think that's "edgy" or whatever.
>real world drugs
>lame as shit
I can't even imagine how extreme your lifestyle must be.

Seems like the sort of thing that would be tried a lot by people once, just as an experiment. But thats it. Except for the circles in which it gets used once a week because they cant get enough.

Its pretty magical realm, but im guessing that is supposed to be the point. The ones that use it more do it because they get off on it.
I can imagine it being used a ton by noble women if the fantasy world has the same kind of gender restrictions our medieval period did.

It's also a useful disguise drug.

I'd post that one Oglaf comic here if it wasn't NSFW.
no, it's cool as hell.

I don't think so. It says your features and how long it lasts changes every time. So you cant really establish a set disguise or identity with it unless you get a bad batch that doesn't wear off.

It might work as a disguise drug if you think it will last long enough, though. Like drink it before a smash and grab. It might only last 20 minutes, but all that means is that the city watch is looking for a face that they will never see again.

Which Oglaf do you mean?
That's exactly what I mean, or if your face is known and you need to get away quick.

'Or any other boyish pursuit you fancy' or something like that.
Came up with a drug for my game awhile ago called Shiv. It was used by drug pushers because they would coat their knives with it, and gank poor bastards at night. Once it enters the bloodstream, it induces an immediate gran mal siezure, in which the victim is helpless for 1d4 minutes. During this time, they get the feel of water rushing over them like theyre submersed in a stream in addition to the equivalent effects of LSD. The visions received almost always have to do with combat of some kind. Rarely it occurs where the seizure doesn't happen and instead the victim is fully active instead, which combined with the hallucinogenic effects usually leads to injuries and damaged property. It is highly addictive, and thus easy to ensure demand for
>drug pushers run around stabbing people with drugs
This is a little too far I think, anon.
Oni Sake.

(Add "From a distant land" if you don't have a japan-expy setting) This appears at first to be very, very strong rice wine, or even pure alcohol. However, it is borderline toxic to most species. Basically treat it as absinth for Dwarfs (or whatever "hardy" species you have). Serving suggestion is in a shot glass, straight. A pint glass will usually kill you. There is rumoured to be a beast that can drink this as water and only become slightly tipsy (the Oni).
Highly explosive when exposed to flames or sparks. Flammable and explosive.

Harpy Cloud
Also just know as "cloud". Harpies (or angles or another flying humanoid creature) are said to breed while in free fall. This leads to many other rumors of sexual enhancements. Rumor is the clouds Harpies inhale before mating act as an aphrodisiac. Of course, most places sell bottles of a harmless (or sometimes toxic) mix that produces a white gas. Actual "harpy cloud" is just a normal cloud, however there is a drug that has been synthasised that does seem to have effects akin to rohypnol (if this is a bit squeemish to use, feel free to substitute with a general charm, hypnotise, trance, mesmerize spell in gas form)
Rohypnol isn't exactly an aphrodisiac anon, what the fuck.

Or just make it an illusion.

Rose-user sees self as opposite sex.
Rose-user sees another person as opposite sex.
Rose-user appears as opposite sex to everyone else.

Just change the down side to people acting drunk and horny, which leads to embarrassment when they recover.

That's what I'm saying. Harpy Cloud doesn;t work, or if it is the batch that does work, it's just a drug that behaves like rohypnol.

Most people assume it's an exotic aphrodisiac, drug lord abuses this, makes something far worse.

Can see this as a method for the drug-pushers to defend themselves, rather something they try and sell.

Still... a few barbarians might get a kick out of it. Shame they don't have any blood to show for it.
This is one from my setting.
Sap (or Syzrop, if you want to be Thug)
Incredibly, incredibly rare. Said to come from the sap of the World-Tree itself, though how you'd get it safely back to earth is a mystery.
Taking it is sort of like hallucinating, but the things you see are real. Like, tangible. They pop into existence out of nowhere.
They weren't real a second ago, but now they are, and you feel like they always have been.
Taking it is dangerous, for several reasons.
Firstly, the things you create (because you have no control over what you hallucinate) could be very dangerous, like a dragon or a house made of swords, or any number of other fucked up things.
Secondly, it's toxic. It doesn't come from this world, and your body wasn't designed to handle it.
Thirdly, the gods don't take too kindly to people fucking around with creation. Some people say that by taking the drug you pull things out of the God's world, or steal ideas from dreams. Maybe they're right. Either way, the gods get pissed when you take it, and you'll have to deal with whatever that means.
Maybe your crops fail, or your children turn sterile. Maybe an enemy attacks your village, or a battle turns against you.
It's also addictive, and, given its scarcity, that could mean the world's worst detox.
Some say that the monsters of the World where created by drinkers of the sap, and perhaps that's true.
Taking the sap can also create beneficial things, like fine weapons, or wealth. A lot of knowledge has been gained by shamans taking the sap.
Look like its time to join this party -

Kettle Dust

A neutral colored powder, most often black or reddish, Kettle Dust is a mild sedative/hallucinogen that is made from the ground up remains of objects exposed to heavy magical energies. The longer an object 'soaks' the more energy is absorbed, with old pots/kettles being a common source of high grade product.

Regular users of Kettle Dust find themselves achy and sore - whatever magically infused particles their bodies aren't able to exude are generally incorporated into deposits of iron/wood that build up as the user continues to either smoke or snort more dust.
I don't know how much carbon can build up in a system but ending up with lead poisoning would make sense.
Chaos Rocks:

This drug appears like small candy rocks that randomly shift from colour to colour. No one is quite sure how they are made, but it has something to do with disruptions in the flow of magic.

When eaten Chaos Rocks produce feelings of euphoria and invulnerability as the users body is infused with wild magic.

Roll a d10 to see what happens when a character eats a handful. The effects stack and it takes 6 handfuls (or 1d6 to make it a little more random) to OD which causes the user to explode into blue fire as per the fireball spell of the user's level.

1 - Spell Overcharge: +1 to caster level.
2 - Aura of Charm: +5 to Charisma-based skill rolls.
3 - Megalomania: The character belives they have suddenly become all powerful, gods in fact if not in name, but this is simple delusion.
4 - Day of the Ogre: The character becomes an ogre for 24 hours with the requisite decrease in intelligence.
5 - Elemental Infusion: The character's bodily fluids (tears, blood, urine, etc) become infused with one of the main planar elements (firey blood, muddy tears, etc) for a day. Their physiology changes enough so that this does not hurt them too badly.
6 - Day of the False Mirror: The character swaps gender or species, but still believe themselves to be in their original shape.
7 - School Enhancement: For 24 hours all spells of a particular school gain a +1 to caster level
8 - Pickled Mage: For 24 hours the user's bodily fluids become a strong alcoholic beverage that grant +4 to caster level. This applies to the user as well but they must consume one of their own bodily fluids to gain the bonus.
9 - Army of Cats: For 24 hours the user emits an aura that felines of all types find utterly fascinating and they will follow the character around. They might also accept commands if the user can somehow communicate with them.
10 - Curse of Colours and Power: The user gains a wish but is wracked with terrible hallucinations till the wish is used.
that's a more down to earth drug, could be an over the counter in real life.
Three Eyes

A sticky purple liquid with a metallic taste fills a small vial. When ingested, it grants the user +4 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Int, -2 Wis, -2 Cha. The subject also gains blindsense 30'. The stats effects last for 5 minutes. A secondary effect is an aggressive euphoria. The drinker feels amazing, but his attitude towards all around him decreases by two degrees. The aggression lasts for 1 hour. Overdosing sums the first two effect's duration (3 doses gives 15 minutes strength and 3 hours aggression).

When the aggression finally wears off, the final effect occurs. The imbiber takes a -2 penalty to Con for the next 8 hours. Withdrawing from an overdose sums the Con penalty, with death occuring in some cases.

The secret ingredients of three eyes include the blood of an elf and an orc.
What would be the alchemical equivalent of the complicated chemical names of drugs?

Also, how about a drug that is created by druids and shamans by trapping part of the spirit or soul of an animal, giving the user temporary bonuses based on the animal. Drawbacks include bad reactions if you use predator/prey or natural rivals, dulling of natural senses, unsightly growths and hairs, and partial lycanthropic conditions in long term abuse
The first syllable of the draconic names for all the ingredients in order of their use in creating the potion
Someone made the request for archive, vote for it, folks!

File: 1387948863068.jpg-(46 KB, 960x640, bowser if you blink one m(...).jpg)
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Bilfrey's Bubbly

A strange, thick brown liquid invented by a local pub owner named Art Bilfrey that is typically smoked through a special pipe or mixed with ale. The major effects are mild hallucinations from the corners of users' eyes and numbing of senses (-5 on Spot, Tumble, Move Silently, Jump and Swim checks), sharpening of critical thinking and removing social inhibitions (+4 to Charisma, and a bonus on Diplomacy, Bluff and Intimidate checks).

However, the drug is very popular with magicians, as it sharpens the mind to the point where their concentration on spells makes them more powerful. Every spell cast under the effects of Bilfrey's Bubbly is Maximized, as under the Maximized Spell feat.

Bilfrey's Bubbly wears off after one hour.

You may take more than one hit of Bilfrey's Bubbly, and the effects stack (effectively leaving you a stumbling mess--but a very charismatic and intelligent one), however after the second hit, there is an accumulative 20% chance that you take 1d6 points of Wisdom damage, and get a splitting headache.
I have one, but I haven't figured out a name for it yet.

This transformative drug, popular with the experimental as well as criminals for its shapechanging properties, comes in three main varieties, each more potent than the last. All three, when ingested, transform the user into a similar race.

The weakest and shortest-lasting variety is made from various Changeling parts, is usually used for pranks, and transforms the user, as a Changeling's Minor Shape Change, into a random same-sized creature of the same type for 1d6 x 10 minutes. Each dose costs 25gp. Addiction:none

The standard version, made from Doppelganger parts and often used by criminals for robberies and heists, transforms the user, as the Doppelganger's Change Shape ability, into a random creature of their type and up to one size category away from the base creature for 2d4 hours. Each dose costs 80 gp. Addiction:mild, DC 18

The strongest version, made from a Greater Doppelganger, is usually used by criminals on the run for extended periods of time. It fully transforms the user into a random creature of its type, as Alter Self, for 2d6 days. A dose costs 250gp. Addiction:moderate, DC 26.

Taking multiple doses of any type of [drugname] at the same time multiplies the duration by the number of doses taken. Ingesting [drugname] more than a minute after the previous dose, but before its effects have worn off, increases the addiction save DC (if any) by 2, and transforms the user into a new random form immediately, but adds the duration of the new dose to the remaining duration of the previous one.
"Distilled Essence"

Not a drug in the strictest, or even basic sense, this potion is gaining popularity despite pushback from many lawful churches. In reality this potion has condensed the spiritual nature of "Lesser Outsiders" and created a tonic that creates a temporary "soul" that melds with a host for a short time. This has wide ranging effects on humanoids imbibing on the substance which are highly dependent upon the creature that acts as a source.

While in theory this can be produced through channeling pure energies into a complex alchemical formula, in practice, cheap mass manufacture can only be achieved with the destruction of the "source creature". This is where churches object, as they are essentially obliterating a natural soul, and creating many corrupt doomed souls that have no actual existence in the multiverse.

Thus far, popular extracts that have been found include;
- the original formula (Angel essence, used by churches in rituals and NEVER mass produced) which leaves people in a meditative enraptured trance.
- Fire Elemental which seems to have an energizing effect on users, which are often used in late night revelry or guards looking for a pick-me-up partway through graveyard shift. This often gets mixed in with "bad batches" which were made from devil essence as opposed to Ignan.
- Earth Elemental essence has a sedative effect leaving a person sitting or lying about with no inclination to move. Thus this item is popular as a sleep aid.
- Distilled Essence made from Water or Air are not popular as Water Essence tends to be a very expensive way to get "drunk" without a hangover, and the criminal underground has yet to produce an Air Essence which doesn't lead to the imbiber hallucinating and trying to fly, leading to messy results.

There have been whispers of a necrotic essence floating around, but it is universally figured that imbibing such a thing would be singularly unpleasant.
It's on foolz anyway.
These threads are hasbro employees using you for free labor. They take the parts they like, trim them a bit, then use them in things they're supposed to be writing.

source: guilty as charged
File: 1387981022767.jpg-(79 KB, 782x598, StrangeDays.jpg)
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Was this your inspiration?

> Sci-Fi Film: In the near future, people's memories/experiences can be recorded and saved, then played back in machines so other people can experience them. The protagonist sells these recordings, and gets embroiled in "Blackjack" recordings - in which the subject is killed/murdered during the recording

A nasty killer is not only murdering women and recording their experiences of being murdered - but he wears a recording device himself and forces his victims to experience HIS pleasure while they die

Criminally underrated film
I wouldn't even care, it would be neat to see these being used by other people.
This is a great SF film.
File: 1388017127748.jpg-(307 KB, 760x596, pea_.jpg)
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307 KB JPG
Censoring Oglaf comics takes like, 5 seconds.

and 3 of those is opening photoshop.
>The Mysterious Stranger Cloak Bar

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