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File: 1386529806281.png-(34 KB, 906x692, Halmorra Basic.png)
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Greetings Fatguys and Catgirls, and welcome BACK to /tg/'s Dragon Quest!

This is Halmorra, a continent home to all manner of creatures great and small, smart and dumb, peaceful and violent. And none are greater, smarter and capable of more violence than Dragons.

Capable of living for thousands of years, there are no more than a hundred or so of these creatures in existence. Titans of Nature, Primordial forces, Living Storms, Winged Death, Benevolent Healer, a Dragon can be all of these things.

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File: 1386530941698.png-(41 KB, 1356x1060, Halmorra Local.png)
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Last time on /tg/'s Dragon Quest, you:

>accidentally destroyed an Inn by dropping a ten ton Golem on it
>killed six people, including the barmaid's husband
>created a local panic
>apologized and atoned for your mistake by building the Orc owner of the Inn a balla' new property
>rejoined Bromit on the cliffside

You are currently standing on the cliffside overlooking the Inn.
People just break way too easily. We should find a way to fix them so they won't die if something like that happens again.
File: 1386531895581.png-(184 KB, 2776x1653, Halmorra 6.png)
184 KB
184 KB PNG

This is the world as you currently know it, a combination of what you have seen and learnt.

You are Steel Dragon, hatched on Bronze beach, where you ran into a Hermit, whom you befriended, forging him great works created from your own body. During your stay with him, you learnt that he had been kept prisoner on the beach by for nearly a decade by local tribes, and an Earth Dragon who ruled over Pointtip forest, who refused to let the Hermit leave. Eventually you found yourself in combat with the aforementioned Dragon, and defeated it, freeing your friend.

Following this, you evolved, and took to the skies, intent on getting revenge on the tribes people. This simple act turned into you dominating the entire tribe, wiping out half of them, enslaving the rest, and turning their dreary huts into gleaming metal palaces, complete with a great steel spire in the center from which you can rule your populace. You have named this place, "Mirror Town."
File: 1386531979668.jpg-(110 KB, 900x608, Bromit and you.jpg)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

After this, you agreed to help the Hermit (now referred to as 'Bromit' by popular demand.) track down the man responsible for his isolation, who he has located in Kano. Traveling there, Bromit advises you to first introduce yourself in a more secluded area, in order to avoid causing a panic. You choose the Bear Arms Inn, where you land and discover your ability to control those who wield objects you have crafted when you accidentally possess Bromit. Later on that day, Bromit introduces you to alcohol, and in a huge drunken gesture, you take an oath to become the worlds first Dragon who isn't a complete asshole, complete with giant metal tablet in the mountains marking your words.

Less than 12 hours after this event, you discover your ability to create Golems. A Golem you create then proceeds to fall off the mountainside and crush the Bear Arms Inn, killing six people. Luckily, only one of them was anybody worth saving, and even then he was considered an asshole by the owner, who you appease by rebuilding his Inn in glorious Steel.
File: 1386532727075.jpg-(120 KB, 640x480, 1351497532517.jpg)
120 KB
120 KB JPG

So enough exposition, let us resume, continuing with the last post from the old thread. You currently have 548/550 HP, and 43 xp. You will reach the next stage of your life at 50xp

You decide that simply dumping the bodies would not be sufficient, and instead opt to devour them, so as to remove all trace of their presence. Knowing Bromit would probably not approve of your actions, you decide to take each one out to the lake before devouring it. You gag slightly as you eat each on. Bitter and flavorless. Nevertheless, you are still hungry. Finishing you meal, and making sure there are no traces of blood on your jaws, you make your way back to the shore, where the bairmaid's husband lays. A pang of guilt twinges inside you as you imagine how the barmaid must be feeling...

The barmaid! She was running to alert the guards, she must have reached them by now. You are about to leave, before your guilt gets the better of you. You gently pick up the husband's body, and dunk it in the water, in an attempt to wash the blood off, and walk to the back of the tavern.

You create a small slab of metal, as long and as wide as a man, and as tall as his waist, before placing the body down gently. Confident that you have begun to atone, you rejoin Bromit on the cliff face, where he has visibly relaxed. "I heard what the Orc said, you're lucky the only people that died were bandits and a wife beater." He says, turning to you. "But I seriously doubt you're going to get that lucky twice."

You turn to Bromit, his face no longer a mask of cold anger. "So...what now?"

For those just joining us, I'll list out a few options quickly.

>Resume your journey to Kano, though the barmaid may have alerted the guards to your presence by now

>Attempt to intercept the barmaid.

>Try and sense any nearby metal deposits, you're still hungry.

>Alternatively, do whatever you want. Ain't no rails on this train.

What do you do /tg/?
>Resume your journey to Kano, though the barmaid may have alerted the guards to your presence by now
Technically I don't think anyone saw us actually create the golem, so if anyone asks we should just say we don't know where it came from.

I mean if it was ours, surely we could have ordered it to stop, right?
try and intercept the barmaid, even if its probably a longshot. lets hope she twisted her ankle whilst she was running or some shit

im bretty sure she might mention the giant metal dragon that dragged her out of the wreckage. the one that arrived two seconds after the giant metal golem crushed her husband.
You mean the one that was just trying to save all the innocent people from that creature? Would a monster dig through the wreckage looking for survivors?
You lower your head to the ground, and gesture for Bromit to climb aboard. "Now, we resume our journey to Kano, where the snake Farow resides."

Bromit takes a running start and leaps up your neck, clambering to find himself seated just behind your head, using your great steel horns as handlebars. Panting slightly, he replies. "Are you sure that's a good idea? The whole place is probably on alert now after that woman ran off."

You hesitate for a moment.

"Yes, I am sure. There is no guarantee that she has reached Kano in her current condition." You state matter-o-factly, unfurling your wings and leaping off the cliff face, catching he wind and gliding across he valley. "But I suppose there is no harm in keeping an eye out for her during the flight."

You begin to beat your wings, each downwards push bringing you closer and closer to the clouds. Your eyes trained on the ground, ears stretched, searching for any sign of the fleeing woman.

You turn your head slightly, catching Bromit's eye. "You never know, she could be running to tell the town about the great Dragon that saved her!" you laugh, holding your wings steady so as to maintain your current height.

You hear Bromit's chuckle carry on the wind as it whistles past your ears, "I doubt it Iridius, you've already been lucky once today. But here's hoping."

There are a few minutes of silence as you relax, both of you enjoying the serenity of the skies, before you spot a familiar looking shape in a small cluster of trees below.

You fold your wings and bring yourself down lower to get a closer look at it.

Sure enough, it is the barmaid. Surprisingly, she has not yet reached Kano...in fact, she no longer appears to be moving towards it at all.

What do you do /tg/?
Fly lower for a closer look. Is she injured?


heal her. nobody would ever tell the guards about somebody who saved their life. would they?

You descend rapidly, keeping in mind not to drop too fast, lest Bromit end up splattered across the back of your head when you stop.

As you get closer you can make out a small metal contraption attached to her ankle. Two serrated edges appear to be clamped into her flesh, biting down and causing her to bleed rather profusely. The clamp is in urn attached to a chain, which most likely runs into the ground, holding her in place.

She appears to be crying out for help, but you can see from your vantage point that there is nobody in the vicinity...

What do you do /tg/?
Free her, heal her. If she is in a state of mind to listen, tell her how sorry you are and that it was an accident. Otherwise, just leaver her alone.
Land nearby and very carefully attempt to remove it.

End her suffering and incinerate her.

Not really. Going to read the archives, since it appears this quest is not dead anymore. Hoping it won't die again

You decide to try and help this woman, it's the least you can do after all the pain you've inflicted on her. You tuck in your wings and land as softly as a living tank can, doing everything in your power not to scare her into screaming.

It doesn't work.

The moment she see's you, the barmaid begins screaming at the top of her lungs. You have never heard anything so desperate and high pitched as she screams incoherently. Bromit covers his ears, flinching away from the sound.

"Kara preserve my ears." He mutters under his breath, sliding off of your next and landing neatly beside you. Together, the two of you approach her carefully, the ground shaking ever so slightly beneath your mammoth frame. She screams louder as you get closer, she clearly thinks you're about to finish her off.

Lowering your head, you observe the mechanism attached to her leg.

It is a simple contraction, made from crude iron, and it's function appears to be to trap small animals.

"It's a hunter's trap." Bromit says, his vice barely audible beneath the seemingly endless screaming. "Used for catching deer I would've thought.". You watch as Bromit kneels in front of the woman in sympathy, and places his hand on her shoulder in an attempt at comfort, only to snatch it back as the woman strikes wildly with what looks like a kitchen knife. Standing back up and shooting her a look of disbelief, Bromit turns back to you.

"Your turn." He says, his face now lacking any sympathy.

If you wish to remove the trap, roll a D20 for the results.
Got a few weeks of holiday bro, I'm here to stay. Dragon's honour.
Rolled 6

We can always heal her if we accidentally remove her leg, right?
Rolled 12

I wish to remove the knife. The trap is best removed when the women doesn't flail around as much any more.
>remove the knife
>12 (Pass)

With barely a flick of your (admittedly huge) wrist, you seize control of the knife with your magnetic abilities, and send it hurtling into a nearby tree. Shocked by the sudden loss of her only means of defense, the woman stops screaming momentarily, staring dumbstruck at the tree where the knife was now stuck.

>remove the trap
>6 (Pass)

Taking advantage of her momentary shock, you quickly pry apart the trap and remove it from her leg, before casting Minor Heal on her, closing the wound with ease.

You and Bromit both watch as she slowly comes out of shock, looking down at her now miraculously healed leg, then at you, then and Bromit, and then scrambles away frantically, backing into a tree.

She is currently whimpering and shivering in fright.

"W-w-what...do you want?" She asks, her voice trembling more than her body.

What do you do /tg/?
"I want to apologize. I'm terribly sorry for unintentionally killing your husband and the others. As I seem to frighten you I will back up now."
>move away about 30-50 metres. This should allow her to calm down a little more.
"I just want to help people. I don't blame you for thinking otherwise. It's so much easier to harm, even unintentionally"
this >>28743078

but also bow and act honorable and shit. we are glorious metal beast of justice after all.
''Get out of here, you bleeding cunt.''

You bow your head and close your eyes.

"I am truly...truly sorry for what I have done." You say, in the most sincere voice you can muster. "It was not my intention to harm you...or anyone."

You notice that the whimpers are now barely audible. You continue

"I took an oath to do what I can to help, to protect your kind...but you are all so...fragile. It is difficult. I can see why so many of my kind have become Tyrants. To dominate you people would be easy, but that is not the path i wish to follow."

You open your eyes, and relax slightly. The woman is no longer shaking, nor whimpering. Instead she simply lays against the tree, staring back at you, tears still streaming down her face.

"I am sorry for the death of your husband..." you say, thinking back to what the Orc had said. "I did not know him...but I heard he was a good man."

Then, to both your and Bromit's surprise, she laughs.

"I don't k-know what you h-heard." she says, voice still shaking but getting louder. "But he was not a g-good man. Not to others, and certainly not to m-me.".

The fear in her voice was still evident, but it was now contained traces of defiance. "I'm glad the bastard is d-dead."

Both you and Bromit stand in silence for a moment, before bring your head closer to Bromits and whisper to him.

"Is this the normal response to having your spouse murdered?" You ask, somewhat dumbfounded. You are of course, unfamiliar with human affairs.

Bromit chuckles in response, more out of relief than anything. "You'd be surprised." he replies.

You breathe a sigh of relief as the burden of guilt begins to ease itself. Despite her calmed state, this woman could still go to the guards if you let her go, and she appears slightly more cunning than both you and Bromit originally thought.

What do you do /tg/?

(I'm going to post your current skills and abilities in the next post, since I didn't do it earlier.)
You abilities are:
Spew Molten Metal: Spit molten hot metal at your opponents
Forge: Forge weapons with your body
Glide: Do not expend any energy
Flight: Self-explanatory
Bite: Again, self-explanatory
Wingblade: Use your wings as an edged weapon
Tailblade: Use your tail as an edged weapon
Claw: Claw shit with your razor sharp talons
Steel Body: Temporarily become bigger, faster, stronger and gain more health.
Major Magnetic Manipulation: Control all ferrous metals, including your own bile.
Heal: Restore health and cure wounds
Possession: Anybody who wields an item of your own creation can be monitored and controlled against their will.
Metal Detection: Detect Metal
Champion Creation: Impart a piece of your soul into an object of your creation. If it is a small object or weapon, and mortal creature that wields it will be granted your lifespan, greatly increased physical capabilities limited magnetic abilities. You can also create a Golem as your Champion, it will be sapient, and permanent as long as you live, with greater capabilities than its normal brethren.
Golem Creation: Create a creature from solid metal in any form you desire to perform a task. Very taxing and temporarily drains your health. The higher the roll, the longer it lasts. Nat 20’s are permanent.

Yes, Bromit is your Champion

Your current knowledge is:

Forging/Crafting: Masterwork
Speech: Very Advanced
Human social knowledge: Advanced
Biological/Healing knowledge: Advanced
Mining: Master
Tell her the tavern is already rebuilt, and offer to carry her back. Nothing like a dragon ride to help someone forget their problems.

Won't be posting anymore in this thread as it's almost midnight here.

Also, previous threads, since I just realized I fucked that up in the OP.

Part 1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21105648/
Part 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21120178/
Part 3 :http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21139200/
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Part 5: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21310936/
Part 6: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22025314
Part 6.5: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26255656/
Part 7: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/28719869/
Offer to forge her some form of trinket/jewellery as a peace offering, humans like shiny things too right?

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