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Name: Natalia Jean-Louis
House: Eel (+5 to Study or Learn Technomancy, Enchantment, Spellcraft, Wandlore, Alchemy, and Weather-Witchery)
Strength: 11
Agility: 16
Body: 13
Intelligence: 19
Will: 17
Charisma: 17

Health: 51
Reflex: 58
Resist Magic: 59
Study: 63

Crush! (yet to be solidified)

Lightning Reflexes

Sphinx Mane Core (+5 to Knowledge and Fight, -2 to initiative), Aspen Wood (+10 Charms, +5 Dueling), Quite Long, Rigid
That's all I have to say to this.
File: 1385862483426.jpg-(49 KB, 790x370, TACTICRUEL-GENIUS.jpg)
49 KB




You, Natalia Jean-Louis, a young american witch of afro-caribbean descent have started your first year at the Salem Institute for Witches and Wizards. Last night, you saw something VERY strange. Your uh… friend… Allen (you remember, the nice older boy from Eel House? really cute?) dropped you a letter wanting to meet after dinner to tell you about the student who had died a few weeks before. You felt sick all that day, so you weren’t really in your right mind, but… but you’re positive you saw Allen’s face rip off his skull and attach to someone else! It was HORRIFYING. You screamed and fainted. When you woke up, your best friend Angela informed you through bleary eyes and a hoarse voice that your friend Todd had gone after you the night before, and that he hadn’t return. She’s sure something awful has happened to him.

Keep updated here: twitter.com/Salem_Institute

This quest uses a ROLL-UNDER system. I'll usually take the best of the first 3 1d100 rolls that are linked to my post. Critical fails are 98-100, Critical successes are 1-5 and take precedence.

There is an -ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED- Fate point system in which for every THREE achievements Natalia unlocks, you get ONE Fate Token which can reroll ONE die-roll. If someone expresses a wish to use a token, I’ll call for a y/n vote on whether to use one based on consensus.

Current Fate Tokens: 1
Achievements Needed to next Token: 3
Angela sits at the edge of your bed, handkerchief grasped in hand as she blots at her eyes. Your mind feels like it has just been ejected into the stratosphere. None of this is real. It can’t be. What you saw in the forest was…...unnatural to say the least. It must be impossible then, right?

No matter how hard you try to force yourself out of this reality nothing happens. You are still in the nurse’s wing, Angela is still fighting back tears, and Todd is still missing. Your eyes look up at the ceiling, unblinking. If only you had listened to Todd none of this would have happened.

Angela seems to have composed herself now. Maybe it’s best to get filled in on what happened from her end.

>Ask her how you were found.
>Ask her if they found Allen.
>Ask her something else.
Quick question, can you tell me what kinds of tags this story has? Like is it romance? Action? Lesbians? Anything to catch my interest (haven't read it, obviously)
#adventure, #learning, #magic, #heterosexualfemaleprotagonist, #friendficwithromancepossibilitieswhenyou'reolder, #ferret, #worldbuilding, #HPverse
>Ask her if they found Allen.
Oh also:

The superior witching sport
B-but what about Allen?
“Yes,” She says with a small gesture to your right. “he’s actually just a few beds down. The curtains are closed though so I haven’t seen him personally but the nurse keeps goin’ in and writin’ stuff down. They don’t seem too concerned though so my guess is he’s okay.”

>What! He’s not restrained at all!?
>They didn’t notice that his face is missing?
>Let me see him.
>>They didn’t notice that his face is missing?
You feel your chest clench up as you turn your head to your right, vision being blocked by heavy white curtains surrounding your bed. However you don’t need to see to fully picture in your head what is laying on the other side of the room. Allen’s lanky frame, head garnished with messy blond hair, and then a large black void where his face should be. A pool of oblivion looking focusing on nothing yet piercing deep into every corner of your soul.

“They didn’t notice that his face is completely missing?” You slowly ask, voice hardly above a whisper, as these images come to your mind. You can feel cold sweat rolling down your neck.

Angela’s eyes widen and she studies your face for a moment to make sure you are serious. “Why would his face be gone Natalia?”

>Tell her what happened
>Ask to see him
>Tell her what happend
>Tell her what happened
There is a moment of silence between the two of you before you begin to speak.

“It was so strange. I keep thinking about it over and over again. It’s impossible but it’s what I saw.” You feel yourself still trying to wrap your mind around it. Her attention is now completely fixated on you. You figured she wanted to know, but more importantly you felt like you needed to say it out loud in order to fully understand what happened.

You tell her everything: about going to the clearing and seeing Allen doubled over. About how another figure approached him in the clearing where they had a disagreement. Then, how Allen pulled off his own face, causing a rupture of tendrils to emerge out of the now body-less face and his own to attack the other in the clearing. You shudder as you describe his empty head with only a hole leading to unnatural darkness in place of where his face once was.

When you finish you notice all the color has drained out of Angela’s face.

“What in the-” She mutters, not sure what to say. “You don’t think that the other person was….oh Todd!”

The sound of his name makes you feel like someone hit you in the stomach.

“But,” She continues, “No one else was found besides you and Allen. Maybe Todd’s okay? Maybe he just got lost or somthin’.”

You aren’t sure who Angela is trying to convince: herself or you. It might be a possibility, but on the other hand….

>I guess, but where could he be?
>Even if we found Todd I don’t know if it would actually be him or not.
>I guess, but where could he be?
>I guess, but where could he be?
Hope springs, right?
“I guess, but where could he be?”

You see the small glimmer of hope fade from Angela.

“I don’t know. The teachers are combing the forest for him but no word yet. Maybe there’s some secret,” she moves her hands in a circle above her head with uncertainty, “I don’t know, pockets or something. Maybe he’s hiding out somewhere.”

Well, it is a possibility.

>Good hunch I suppose.
>It’s hopeless. -despair sigh-
>We have to interrogate Allen!
>>Good hunch I suppose.
Good hunch I suppose but-” Before you can say anything else you hear your curtains being pulled back quickly. The stocky figure of the nurse stands before you.

“Now I think that is enough for visiting right now, run along Angela. We’ll let Natalia join you soon enough.” He adjusts his large spectacles with a push of a finger.

Angela mutters a ‘yes sir’ and makes her leave, flashing you a quick look that clearly says ‘we’ll talk more later’.

“First thing’s first. Why were you out in the forest last night?” He takes out a pad of paper and flicks his wand at it. The paper remains suspended in the air and the wand hovers above it.

“Allen had given me a note telling me to meet him out there after dinner.” You notice the wand glow slightly and inky blot letters appear on the page.

The nurse made a nod. “Okay then what did you see? What happened in the clearing.”

You would think that retelling the story a second time would help you understand what happened but it unfortunately does not. When you finish the nurse scratches at the side of his face.
“You were in my office earlier that day were you not? You weren’t feeling well.”

“Yes, but how does that relate?”

The nurse makes wave at the paper and wand and the two retire into his hands. “I think, Ms. Jean-Louis that something traumatic happened in the forest. I also think that your fever might have embellished it. There seems to be a lack of….continuity”

>So you don’t believe me?
>What do you mean?! Allen’s face is missing, that should be proof!
> I really hope so.
>>So you don’t believe me?
> You...really think something else might have happened? But it feels so real!
“It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s that I believe that given the circumstances it wouldn’t be unusual for a young girl’s fever induced imagination to run off on her.”

“So you think something else happened? But it seemed so real!” You argue.

The nurse simply shakes his head. “We don’t know for sure what actually happened, but what you saw, well, is impossible.”

>Let me talk to the headmistress.
>Let me see Allen and I’ll prove to you I’m right.
>Couldn't he have used some spell, or been possessed?
“The story simply doesn’t match up with what was discovered. No spells were discharged from either of your wands and Allen besides his current condition, is completely normal.” He extends a hand to help you out of bed and you accept.

“What are you talking about?” You ask as you get to your feet.

“I’ll show you.” The nurse leads you to the other side of the room where another bed is cloaked in white curtains. He pulls them open, causing you to instinctively wince.

You are very surprised to see a very normal looking Allen laying asleep in bed. No gaping hole in his head or anything else sinister.

“He is unfortunately unresponsive. We can’t figure out what’s wrong with him so we will be sending him to the M.C.F.D.M.A.”

M.C.F.D.M.A., or the Magical Center for Diseases (Massachusetts), was a name all too familiar. Your Mother stayed at the location in New York which specialized in degenerative conditions. Your stomach clenches, if Allen was unresponsive which was bad but this definitely does contradict what you saw.
“I believe you.” Angela states without hesitation as she snaps another book closed. You had joined her in the library after excusing yourself from the nurse’s office. She had been feverishly looking through books on the school’s history and buildings in an effort to find any sort of passage or secret rooms with no success.

“The Nurse is right though,” You sit backwards in one of the many wooden chairs of the library. “What I saw doesn’t match up with what they found.”

Angela flips through the pages of a large leather bound tome before closing it and putting it in a large pile to her left. “That maybe true but I don’t think it automatically debunks what you saw. There is just CLEARLY complicated magic at hand,” she finishes, emphasizing the ‘clearly’.

> No, the nurse is right, it must have just been a fever-dream. I just want things back to normal.
>You’re right… something’s very wrong, we should go talk to Allen when he wakes up
>I’m not sure, all I know is that Todd’s missing. We should focus on him.
>I’m not sure, all I know is that Todd’s missing. We should focus on him.
>I don't think we should talk to Allen, but if he's sent to the MCFDMA this could happen again
“Todd’s missing.” You say as you take on of the books out of the pile. “That’s what matters right now.”

The two of you begin reading in silence through the stack of books that Angela has procured. Searching for answers you so dearly need to find. Every moment that ticks by is a minute too long without your friend. There is a sinister voice in the back of your mind telling you that you won’t find him or worst yet you will but he’ll be just like the Allen you found in the forest that night.

You push these thoughts out of you head as you grab another book.

Roll 1d100, please.
Rolled 31

Rolled 35

Rolled 31

I forget, how much did Todd tell us about his encounter with Allen?

We could bring that up as suspicious behavior.
How... consistent.
You are absentmindedly flipping through page after page, desperate for anything. It is on page fifty of ‘Salem, A History In Pictures: From 1700-1900 that you notice something. A small group of girls in a photograph are laughing merrily about something in the woods where there is a small group of very large rocks in the background. At first, you thought nothing of it. Then you saw that this area of the forest crops up several times throughout the book, but when you look at it you notice something peculiar.

In some of the photographs, and only some, the rocks are farther apart than they are normally. The gap that appears randomly is not large, but is just wide enough for a small body to slip through. Weird.

You set the book down and put it out of your mind, picking up the next book. Maybe this one has what you’re looking for. You flip through it for awhile, looking through old pictures of Starfish House. The rock pile picture intrudes upon your thoughts once more. You angrily set the Starfish book down (it was all pictures and few words, anyway), and re-examine the picture of the rock pile. Why is this bothering you so much?

Then, the answer hits you like a thunderbolt!

“Angela! I found something! We need to go back out to the forest! I found something, I FOUND something!” you babble excitedly.

-Back to the forest!
-Look at some rocks!
-Discover a secret!



As always, Q&A starts now!
Stay informed here: www.twitter.com/Salem_Institute

Weirdly. I feel like the dice are lulling you into a false sense of security.
Rolled 31

ROCKS! Oh fu-

Am j ceazy, or did we tell Angela the story twice, once this thread, once in the previous?
That thread was retconned. Whats fun for me is that different choices were picked this time.
Why was it retconned?
The turnout went from poor to non-existant. I made maybe 3 updates and it took around 20 minutes to get a response each time. I decided to call it quits for the night since I was being plagued by a barrage of internet issues and was starting to get sick.

Now I'm almost over said sickness.
Finish getting better soon, and thanks for running while suffering from the Plague.
I had to work that day

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