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Last Time On Gundam AGE Quest! (For Scarlet anyway): http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/27952515/

Check my Twitter for updates and reschedules: https://twitter.com/Crosswire

Scarlet Crocker’s Character Sheet: http://pastebin.com/g7hyCHXk

Rules: http://pastebin.com/XfJFjs52

>2 Days 9 hours till estimated Vagan fleet arrival

Your name is Scarlet Crocker. You are Commander of the Federation Forces Stationed on Zarth. At the moment you’re trying to do your best to prepare for the inevitable attack on Zarth by invading Vagan Forces who seek to ether take over or destroy your home and your neighboring’s, the colonies of Fairdan and Minsry.

Recently the last survivor of a Vagan assault team who tried to kidnap your father and his Gundam held up in your office with Fram as her hostage. After spouting off some nonsense and failing to screw with your head she killed herself and left you with questions. You sincerely doubt anything she said about your father was true, but the fact information about one of his obviously more unstable projects has gotten out is something that is both good and terrifying to know.

You could talk to your father about all this, but considering he’s hospitalized along with Grandpa, the colony is going to be attacked in less than 48 hours and you still don’t have proper mobile suits for your troops it’s probably a good idea not to worsen your father’s already shitty condition with more bad/depressing news.

It’s probably a good idea to just focus on the important things.

Enhanced Kitchen
Research Lab Repair and Refurnish
Sub-Office Repair and Refurnish
Armory Repair
MS Training Course
HQ Reinforcement
Asteroid Placement
Asteroid ‘Foxholes’
Anti-MS/Anti-Ship Mine Field
Inside Defense Fortifications and Turret Emplacement
Experimental Radar System Installation
Outside Colony Defenses
>Cyberwarfare/ECM System Array- 19 hours (Hogan and Pirate crew still preoccupied)
>IUS System Evaluation- 5- Hours

>Anti Beam Cowl/Solid Cowl x 20 - Done

>Improved Anti-Beam Coating Production – 5 hours

>Dr. Halsey’s G-Force Resistance Serum Project- Needing test subject(s) to proceed with production

>MS Training x98 Recruits/ Greenhorns/Paperpushers- 1 Days 8 Hours

>MS Engineering Training x20 MS Club/Recruits -19 hours

>Ammunition Production- Ongoing. Armory is 71% stocked.
File: 1384634244563.jpg-(11 KB, 300x168, Zalam Troops.jpg)
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Aunt Rysis (Secretary and pilot)
Dr. Halsey Heart (Researcher)
Fram Frost (Cute Orphan and Aspiring Artist)
Grandma Rosa Crocker (Good Cook)
Grandpa Jack Crocker (Trainer. Injured 3 month recovery)
Hogan Blackmarsh (Pirate Captain, busy installation Electronic Warfare systems)
Romary (Personal Assistant)
Secretary Steve (Injured-1 month recovery)
Travis Touchdown (Sober, assisting in the troop training)

Mellis Crocker (Your mother)

Jack Crocker (Injured. 9 Month Recovery Time)

Knights of the Round Test Team (All deceased)

>Magic Schoolbus
Dorthy Ann (Captain of the Magic Schoolbus)

Veteran Bridge Crew: Wanda Li, Keesha Franklin and
Phoebe Terese

Janet Perlstein- (Doctor aboard the MSB)

Tim Black: (Ace Long Range Support Specialist and Artist)

Ralphie Tennelli: (Ace Melee Expert and cook)

Arnold Perlstein: (Ace Sniper and certified Geologist)

Arnold Blackmarsh (Fitness buff, Troop Training assistant)

Hogan Blackmarsh (Pirate Captain)

>Treasure Star
Captain Sirius (Former Time Traveler and Captain of the Treasure Star)

Daiki Ryuuzaki (Former Time Traveler and MS Pilot)

Kotetsu Sakai (Support MS Pilot, Aspiring Cook)

Lhuga (MS Pilot and aspiring Ace)
File: 1384634337398.png-(138 KB, 996x1836, Zarth Base Peronnel.png)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
AGE-X2R MWD Gawain Gundam (Piloted by you)
AGE-X Crusader Gundam (Dad’s Personal Suit. Unable to pilot due to injuries)
CMS-223G3 Gala Custom (Piloted by Captain Walker himself)
CMS-223ZF Zila Kai x2 (Piloted by two of Walker’s Men)
CMS-574XF Xeno Kai x2 (Piloted by two of Walkers Men)
MMS-01XR Gwenvere (Mom’s Personal Suit, piloted by her)
RGE-790C Genoace Kai x1 (Refit Schematics included, unassigned)
RGE-790T Genoace Trainers x48 (Being used by recruits for training purposes)
RGE-G1100 Mass Production Adele x10 (Veteran Squad sent by Flit)
RGE-1100X Proto Adele (Unassigned)
RGE-2000X (Unassigned, and deem unreliable)
Travis Touchdown’s Custom Shaldoll (Being used by him of course)

xvm-dfc Wiegel (Unassigned)
Zeydra Replica (Unassigned)

>Pirate Mobile Suits
BMS-001 AGE-1 Dark Hawk x1 (Hogan’s Personal Mobile Suit)
BMS-003 Shaldoll Rogue x5
BMS-004 G-Exes Jackedge x1 (Hogan’s Second in Command Personal Suit)
BMS-005 G-Xiphos x1 (Arnold Blackmarsh’s personal Suit)
>Magic School Bus Mobile Suits
AMS-002 G-Bouncer Sniper Custom (Arnold’s Custom Mobile Suit)
RMS-002 G-Bouncer Melee Custom (Ralphie’s Custom Mobile Suit)
TMS-002 Shaldoll Support Custom (Tim’s Custom Mobile Suit)

>Treasure Star Mobile Suits
AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal (Daiki Version)
WMS-GEX1C G-Exes Custom (Lhuga’s Personal Mobile Suit)
RGE-B790CK Kotetsu Genoace Custom (Kotetsu’s Personal Mobile Suit)

>Available Ships
Darwin Kai Class- “Magic School Bus”
Prototype Diva Class Variant- “Baronche”
Unknown Class- “Treasure Star”

There’s a lot to do Scarlet, what do you wish to do?
Head back to the Madorna Workshop to continue sorting out the mobile suit situation. Making a Genoace IV didn't pan out, but could we refit the Genoace II trainer suits for better power systems and thruster output? Do that, give them an anti-beam coating shield and a HY-DODS or heavy EM Rifle and they should be capable of keeping up. That would still only get us half the suits we need, though. Should we make more Genoace II Kais or should we produce some Adeles real quick?
Fuck yes, we're back.

Okay, things we need to do. Production:
> Get Madorna to produce us some Adeles.
> See if he can modify them to Genoace controls so our pilots have maximum familiarity with them.
> Produce wears for the Adeles. A watered down version of the Assault Jacket would be nice.

Optional production (but it'd be awesome if we can accomplish this):
> Upgrade the suits with a flash system.
> Produce HDODS weapons and advanced grenades for our teams.
> Produce decoy units.
> See if upgrading the ships is possible.

> See if the Camelot and the other suits haven't been tampered with during the Vagan attack.

> Gather the Aces and have them devise a strategy for the incoming attack.
> After that, have them drill the recruits. Focus on team tactics and cooperation.

Evacuation plan:
> Prepare an evacuation plan.
> Prepare shuttles in case shit hits the fan and we need to leave the colony quickly.
You can cross a few items off that list. We're already producing HY-DODS Rifles for our suits, Heavy EM Rifles, too. And we discussed with the civilian authorities to set up an evacuation plan in case things go south. I also think we've gotten the ships checked out for any sabotage from the infiltration.
Also, for security, check with the police for any signs of spy or suspicious activity.
For now, lets go with Rysis and Romary to sort shit out. We need suits, stat.

The anti-beam coating is too expensive for us - we can only produce it for the shields. We could investigate if there is a way for its rapid deployment - maybe a quick spray system installed in the shield. As for the Genoaces, I guess we could outfit the suits we have with better engines, thrusters and armor. Kinda like the Genoace 2.5 Heavy Armor version. It'd be faster, and our pilots would have some knowledge when piloting the things.

As for security, did we check the software? I remember that the Camelot crew crashed because the Vagans slipped some virus or something, and we should check if our systems have been working correctly or if we're being fed false data.
This is correct.A lot of civilians have left the colony on their own after being told the Vagans are going to attack. None the less evacuation plans are being put in place by the authorities though you don't know the details of them at the moment. As for Hy-DODS and Heavy EM Rifle Prototypes you have a number of them in the armory, along with the 330mm Recoilless Launcher from the Genoace Kai schematics.

Refitting the Training Genoaces would be faster then producing new suits all together, but your recruits wouldn't have anything to train with while they are being refitted.

You haven't checked any of the security systems, but you're sure Ma-G has everything covered considering she's monitoring the colonies systems and running the new IUS Radar System.

So, what do you wish to do first?
Okay, how's this. We need HDODS rifles for regular combat. See if it'd be possible to make a combo from the 330 and the 180 to create a recoilless EM bazooka. Failing that, see if it's possible to modify the EMs to work properly and to fire various ammunition rounds (EM, goo, explosive, that stuff).

Next, for the suits. We need suits, and fast. See if Madorna and Daiki could make a new Genoace on the side, mostly to fix the bugs and issues. We can upgrade the other suits into that thing when our pilots are relaxing or discussing strategy. They have to take a breather eventually.

Or, if it's any way possible, to just take out the cockpits and put them in a virtual reality training program. They keep training while we upgrade the suits around them.

Also, have MaG double check everything, just in case. The Green Knight and Zeheart weren't here for Jake, and I wouldn't be surprised if they left nasty surprises behind.
Head over to Madorna, get some Adeles built. That was the original plan, after all, before we got distracted by acquiring the Genoace Kai blueprints. We don't have a need for wear swapping, though, that's something to save for more experience pilots. So let's go for something suitable for general use. I think a fixedly-mounted Brocka wear with the DODS Knuckles removed would have a nice mix of mobility and durability. Maybe give them a beam disk lance like the Beelzerga wear uses for reach and cutting power, though obviously they should have the standard beam sabers in storage just in case. Then we load them up with the equipment we've been producing. Anti-beam mantle, one of the heavy rifles, and a anti-beam coated shield with (if we can manage it in time) an integrated applicator mechanism to compensate for the short half-life of the new coating. We should come up with a specific name for the new shields, too, to differentiate them from regular anti-beam coating shields. Laminate shield, maybe?
File: 1384637321978.jpg-(296 KB, 465x513, Genoace Zarth.jpg)
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296 KB JPG
Fine by me. We really don't have time to be experimenting.

Though we could produce some more solid cowls for the Adeles as well. And see if we can get the pilots already introduced to the Adeles as well - maybe by fine-tuning the Genoace Trainers so that their performance and handling matches that of the Adeles.

As for the shield name - ABC (anti-beam coating) shields?
You call up MaG and ask her to check everything out in the system to make sure the Vagans didn't leave any surprises. "I will begin scanning for any anomalies, I will inform you when the process is finished"

Daiki stated that he only had enough coating to coat 100 shields, so if you build a dispenser mechanism that will require more of the coating. If you could even make the dispenser device it would require additional coating, meaning instead of 100 shields, you'd probably only get 50.

Thinking on what to do about the limited amount of special beam coating and the small amount of money you have left you head over to the Madorna workshop and talk to Madorna.

"I can't design a new suit from scratch in a couple of hours or even days. It's a process that takes time, at least when it's something requested and involving experimental technology." Madorna explains, nodding over to the junk heap of a Genoace IV.

"Could you make me some Adele's? Maybe modify the Genoace trainers I have?" You ask.

"Absolutely, I have some Adeles lying around already so I can send those over now if you want, I'll send the rest over as they're finished. As for modifying the Genoace Trainers, I don't see why I couldn't they're pretty bare bones machines. If anything I'd have to add a lot. If you want these combat ready in at least a day don't ask anything too grand from me, to save time I'm probably going to have to use parts I already have in stock, G-Exes, Genoace II, and G-Bouncer parts."

File: 1384638245057.jpg-(102 KB, 848x509, Genoace Types 2.jpg)
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102 KB JPG
"So how long will this take If I don't ask for anything 'fancy'?"

"14 hours to produce 35 Adeles since I already have an assembly line in place and I have 15 something suits you can have off the bat. As for refitting the Training Suits, I'm not sure. I'd assume 20-24 hours." Madorna states as he begins telling his men to ready the line.

"What will the performance of the suits be?” You ask.

“Well, since I’ll be using G-Exes, G-Bouncer, and spare Adele parts the performance should be pretty high. Maybe a bit lower compared to the regular Adele but consider what I have to work with and the time that’s the best I can do. “

What do you think of this Scarlet?
Sure, start working on those. Give us the Adeles you have ready so that our pilots can get familiar with them, and just send us the specifics on the new Genoaces so that we can figure out a strategy on how best to use them.

I'm guessing we're going to use heavily armored Adeles as front line fighters, while the new Genoaces are going to perform flanking attacks and support roles.
Go for it. We need the suits. And divert any spare production from the AGE Builders to making parts for Madorna. We've got three of the things, now, I'm sure there must be some extra cycles available.

As for the shields, why would including a dispenser in the shields themselves double the usage of the coating? I'm not proposing that the shields be able to replace the coating as it gets worn up, just that they be able to apply the initial coat themselves so they wouldn't have to be coated centrally and the suits could be deployed faster. Or is it just that such small applicators would have a lot of inefficiencies to them and would waste most of their supply? Either way, I suppose it would take too long to design and mass produce the applicators, so I guess we'll have to leave it for later. We'll just have to buy time for the shields to be prepped for our forces. A stealth attack with the PDM should handle that nicely.
If we reunite with Dirk and Woolf's team, we should look into that golden paint Akito's using for his AGE-2 Hyaku Shiki and see if we can combine it with our anti-beam coating. It should at least increase its performances.
File: 1384639688385.jpg-(46 KB, 799x474, Titus Rules.jpg)
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(You have two AGE Builders, one from home, the other from the Treasure Star)

"Alright, that sounds good. Send me the specs of the modified Genoaces so I know what they'll be capable of. do you need any help with the production?"

"Sure, I'll take any help you can offer." Madorna says with a nod.

After a call to the Engineers on Zarth to divert one of the AGE Builders to producing parts for Madorna, you return home with the 15 Adeles and hand them over. Travis and Hogan immediately begin familiarizing the trainees with them as the Genoace Trainers are moved out to be shipped over to Madorna.

Now that you have some Adeles and Genoaces on the way you feel a little less tense.

However there is much more to do. What will you move onto next Scarlet?
>2 Days 7 hours till estimated Vagan fleet arrival

>IUS System Evaluation- 3- Hours

>Anti Beam Cowl/Solid Cowl x 20 - Done

>Improved Anti-Beam Coating Production – 3 hours

>Dr. Halsey’s G-Force Resistance Serum Project- Needing test subject(s) to proceed with production. Deadline approaching final decision needs to be made soon.

>MS Training x98 Recruits/ Greenhorns/Paperpushers- 1 Days 6 Hours

>MS Engineering Training x20 MS Club/Recruits -17 hours

>Ammunition Production- Ongoing. Armory is 71% stocked.

>RGE-G1100 Adele x35 - 14 Hours

>Modified Training Genoaces x50 - 25 hours
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810 KB JPG
Hogan's back?

Let's produce some more Solid Cowls for our Adeles. The Genoaces can be outfitted with the anti-beam cloth, at least that won't hamper their mobility. I think we should equip the Adeles with some heavier weapons and armor, while the Genoaces should be skirmishers and fast attack troops.

Then, let's see if MaG had any progress on detecting anything strange. If not, let's have a war meeting to get a status report and see if anyone has any more ideas on what to do next.

Also, is Daiki's colony still functional? In case shit hits the fan, we can evacuate there.
(Gah, no, I meant Arnold. It's just become a running joke I mix up father and sons now hasn't it?)
(Scarlet isn't aware of the presence of Daiki's colony, Only Jake, the Magnificent 7, Daiki, and his friends know about the colony)

Adding some Solid Cowls to the production schedule you give MaG a call and ask her how the scanning is going.

"I have scanned 97% of the Colonies Systems and have detected no breaches, viral infections, or infiltration of any systems." MaG states.

"Well that probably means we're in the clear in that area. Keep me informed if anything changes OK?"


Hanging up the phone you think over some things you need to address
[A] Round up Rysis, Captain Dorthy, and the Aces aboard the Magic Schoolbus to come up with a plan for when the Vagans attack. Or perhaps you could try and devise a plan yourself.

[B] Visit Dr. Halsey and make a decision on weather or not to test the G-Force Resistance Serum and on who.

[C] Take a break and have some lunch with Rysis and Romary.

[D] Hit the hay, you're getting pretty tired.
[X] Gather up for a plan

Can we serve lunch during the planning?
> [A] Round up Rysis, Captain Dorthy, and the Aces aboard the Magic Schoolbus to come up with a plan for when the Vagans attack.
We don't have the money for Halsey's serum, so that'd have to wait for later on. After that, we should see how Fram and Jake are holding up.

Don't worry about it.

Actually, speaking of Hogan, did Bisidian get in contact with Fairdain? Canonically they were supposed to be funded by Ract Elfamel and fight the corrupt elements of the Federation as well as help with relief efforts for the residents of the colonies. They were kinda like the AEUG. Considering how Angrazzo isn't the Bisidian captain, I guess that didn't happen. Or we haven't met him and Wivik yet.
File: 1384643589052.jpg-(68 KB, 639x480, 101432.jpg)
68 KB
Deciding you shouldn't waste what little cash you have left on a small run of a serum, you decide to not bother with it at all. You call up Rysis, Captain Dorthy, and the Aces from the Magic School Bus and have them gather in your office for a meeting on what the battle plan should be.

You ask Grandma to make some food for the meeting so you can have something to eat while you work. Once everyone is in your office, you all sit down and have some fresh oven baked pizza.

"So, what kind of battle plan should we have?" You ask, biting into the delicious tip of your grandmother's homemade pizza.

"Well, we have a debris field filled with mines, automated guns, and little hollowed out asteroids for our troops to use as outposts. It's a good defense line, but if they find out about our defenses what's stopping them from taking one of those Fa Bose class ships of there and blowing their way through? Sure we have anti-ship mines but those bastards are huge and I doubt they're coming with only one." Captain Dorthy states as she eats.

"Don't forget about the Photon Blaster Cannon and that giant DODS Rifle strapped to the bottom of the Treasure Star" Rysis adds.

"Yeah, but how are we going to use those? If we wait for the Vagans to break through the debris field they might get too close to the colonies for us to use them. But if we use them right off the bat they'll destroy all the defenses we have in the debris field and basically cut a way through the field for them." Tim says.

Only you, Rysis, Admiral Flit, and the MS club boys know about the Plasma Diver Missile.

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions to add to the discussion Scarlet?
Fill them in on the Plasma Diver. We're going to use it to thin their numbers. We'll navigate the ships to flanking positions and fire the heavy weapons from there on their remaining forces. The Vagans will try to outmaneuver us, which is going to end up with them entering the minefield.
For this plan, we're going to need decoy suits spread in the minefield, so that the Vagans will attack through it in order to flank our ships. Once they're in the minefield, our troops will box them in, attacking from the ships. The Camelot and the Magic Schoolbus will open fire using their photon cannons first, which will force the survivors from the PD missile to move further into the minefield. Once they detonate all the mines, the Treasure Star will decloak and use their Giant DODS rifle to attack them from the flank, only to navigate behind enemy lines.

Once that's done, the Vagans will be trapped between the Camelot, Treasure Star and the Magic Schoolbus in the middle of a asteroid field littered with mines.

Scarlet will deploy from the cloaked TS to deploy the PD missile.
Also, see if the guys have any ideas on some dirty tricks we can pull off against the Vagans. We're fighting against a commander who supposedly is capable of predicting the future to a limited extend, so we should be ready to do the unexpected.

I forgot to count Bisidian in. The pirates should take point and draw the Vagan attention. They're masters of fighting in asteroid fields, so they should slow down the enemy as much as possible in there, while the Camelot and the MSB advance on their position from the flank, and the TS from behind.
File: 1384647250133.png-(56 KB, 1656x886, Battle Plan.png)
56 KB
You decide to tell them about the Plasma Diver Missile and how Flit gave it to you along with a refit package for the Gawain. Everyone takes it fairly well, even if they don't like the idea of having to resort to a weapon of mass destruction.

You chat things out and draw up a rough battle plan after taking into considerations everyone's ideas and suggestions. You ask if they have any dirty tricks they know they could pull against the Vagans, but considering you're using a WMD against them that seems dirty enough.

First you fly in and attack the fleet with a pre-emptive strike with the PDM, followed up by a Photon Blaster shot from the Magic School Bus. The Camelot and Magic School bus will open fire with their conventional weapons while the Treasure Star attempts to sneak around using the IUS and attack from behind with the Giant DODS Rifle.

Bisidian forces will remain in the debris field to support your troops and try to draw them into the field. If everything works out alright you'll be able to box the Vagans in.

However if the Vagans detect the Treasure Star, or try to barge their way through the Debris Field, or try to subvert the Debris field entirely, things could get very hairy.

Everyone seems to like the plan so far. Once your men are done training you'll be able to organize them into teams, groups, and squads and assign them to various areas and ships. Until then it's best to leave your plan open and flexible.

Are you satisfied with the plan Scarlet?
Seems fine with me, though doesn't the Camelot have its own Photon Cannon?

Anyway, we should keep the plan ready for changes. Could we count on reinforcements from Fairdain in case things go sour? They could help us with the defense, and we should fill them in on our plan, in case they have something planned as well.
(I don't think the Camelot does since the Camelot didn't have an AGE Builder on board which the Photon Blaster needs to fire. I can't remember all that clearly but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have one)

You decide to call Fairdain and speak with Ract Elfamel to discuss your plan. You tell him what you plan to do and ask him if he plans on reinforcing you.

"Perhaps. Our plan was to deploy our forces to defend the colony in the event they attack. I'd like to keep my forces close to the colonies in case they come from another direction or break through your lines. I may be able to spare a ship or two, but our strength comes from our numbers and you seem rather well armed from what Captain Walker has told me. I'm sure you'll be fine, if you are in danger though you can count on us for support and reinforcement."

Thanking Ract you hang up your phone and lean back in your chair before ending the meeting. 3 hours have passed and the night cycle for the colony has begun. Now you're feeling pretty tired. You could keep working but that might put you at risk of exhaustion.

What will you do Scarlet?

>2 Days 4 hours till estimated Vagan fleet arrival

>IUS System Evaluation- Finished

>Solid Cowl x30- 7 Hours

>Improved Anti-Beam Coating Production – Finished

>MS Training x98 Recruits/ Greenhorns/Paperpushers- 1 Days 3 Hours

>MS Engineering Training x20 MS Club/Recruits -14 hours

>Ammunition Production- Ongoing. Armory is 80% stocked.

>RGE-G1100 Adele x35 - 11 Hours

>Modified Training Genoaces x50 - 21 hours
There was an AGE builder aboard the Camelot, but we moved it to the colony to help with the manufacturing.

Let's see how Fram and dad are doing. Have Romary gather status reports from the various projects we're running at the moments and see if we're needed somewhere. After that, let's see what's bugging Rysis.
Check in on the MS-scale IUS to see if it can be integrated with the Gawain without disabling our communications and active sensors. Then we'll swing by the hospital to check on Dad and Grandpa and chill out with our family for a bit before going to sleep.

And the Camelot does have an AGE Builder and Photon Blaster Cannon. They were mentioned several times in earlier threads. It makes sense, too. The Camelot's an R&D ship. Giving it an AGE Builder would help it a lot in its mission. I'm not sure where it stores the Blaster Cannon, though. The Camelot's a mass production Diva, and those have launch catapults where the PBC is on the original. I guess they must have remodeled it.
File: 1384650642181.jpg-(87 KB, 600x450, 679405516.jpg)
87 KB
It's Jake's ship, who knows what modifications he added to it.

Actually, would it be possible to link the Camelot and the Crusader? Maybe use it to amplify the SENTINEL systems reach and mess with the Vagans. Because if things do go sour, that thing is our ace in the hole.
The SENTINEL system isn't just a hacking device, it's specifically designed for subverting AI. And Vagan AI systems are descended from SIN, who was built to be immune to it. So it probably can't help us at all. The best it could do is help us coordinate actions with CDACE, if things go really wrong and we need him to fire off the Neutron Collapser Cannon.
Do we know that their AIs are descended from SIN? So far, the only Vagan AIs we encountered were the Anansi and the Gafran and Dorado drones, and neither of them seemed too high-tech not to be hackable. And I'm pretty sure that the only thing actually capable of resisting the SENTINEL system would be SIN, as an AI specifically designed to be capable of doing that. Everything else just bends over.
I don't see why they wouldn't derive their other AI from SIN. He's the only true AI they have to reverse-engineer. I believe it was established that the drones don't actually run AI, just very advanced expert programs. Actual AI seem to be qualitatively different in its design, and the SENTINEL system takes advantage of various flaws and exploits in it. Lesser programs might be hackable, but even so I doubt Ma G could handle mass hacking of an entire fleet. She's not optimized for it like she was in the Colony Nations War.
File: 1384652977727.jpg-(74 KB, 838x502, Genoace Types.jpg)
74 KB
(Ah, my bad. I forgot you guys had 2 Photon Blasters and 3 Age Builders. I remember why I have you so many goodies now)

Deciding to stay up a bit longer you leave to check out the status of the IUS testing while you send Romary out to gather reports on all the other projects.

After a walk to the hanger you find the MS Club boys taking a break, the IUS mounted on the Wiegel behind them.

"Hey boys, how did the testing go?" You ask with a smile.

"Alright. We learned there are larger differences between Vagan and Federation technology. On top of that we discovered that the sensor and communication issues we predicted weren't necessarily all caused by integration issues." one of the boys explains.

"See the Invisible Umbrella System is interesting in that it shields you from all direct forms of detection, both visual and electronic in nature. However it's a double edged sword. Your enemy can't see you and you can't see them. As long as the IUS is up, you're basically flying blind. We believe there must be some special sensor or software that allows you to see while using the IUS, but we couldn't find any on the suits or in the IUS device itself." The other boy says with an apologetic shrug.

"We don't advise you using this on your suit. We'll be able to minimalize the sensor/communication disruption, which is caused by IUS field itself somewhat damaging the sensors, but you'll still be unable to see, so unless you plot a course into your suit and fly it to the tee you'll probably wind up flying into something. We've left it on the Wiegel, but if you want use to move it to the Zeydra replica we'll do that too. We find it works better on Vagan suits."

Pondering on the news you think over how you want to utilize the IUS system...
True, it's probably going to be a bitch, even for her. Though keep in mind that SIN wasn't finished during the Colony Nation Wars, so even if they reverse engineered their AIs from it, they would be imperfect and therefore susceptible to hijacking.

And Uther stated that she was capable of hacking entire fleets, though that was before she was memory wiped. I don't know, I have the feeling that part of her is locked away and can only be accessed by Arthur, along with her old memories.
We can launch from the Treasure Star, I guess. Have the TS cloaked and waiting for the Vagans. Scarlet will deploy with the cloaked Wiegel, launch the nuke and retreat to the TS. The ship's IUS seems to be capable of picking up communications and sensor data just fine, so we can deploy whenever and wherever we want.

Or... We can have MaG navigate the thing. Does the Wiegel still have its old ID? We can mount the PD missile on top of it, have MaG remotely navigate it near the Vagans while registered as one of their suits, and launch the PD missile without us risking our lives. The Vagans won't open fire on one of their units, and they probably don't expect us to have Dole's suit.
Is that a Fourze Genoace I see? Okay, I know what we're basing the modular equipment on the Gen 3 MP mobile suits on.

As for the IUS system, both the Wiegel and Zeydra are X-Rounder suits. That could explain the lack of specialized sensors, they're designed with the assumption that the pilot will be navigating by X-waves. Well, Scarlet doesn't have that option, so she'll just have to rely on speed for ambushing the Vagan fleet with the PDM. We'll be deploying from the Treasure Star, whose sensors are capable of seeing through its own IUS, so we'll at least get a bit of a lead before they can respond to us. I'm not sure how the Treasure Star can see out of its field, but it's probably too complex and big to adapt to a mobile suit. Maybe it uses whatever gravitometric sensors it uses for navigating the time tunnel for it, or something like that. Too bad that the Grand Wing is beyond top secret and can't be shown to our engineers.
Maybe we should ask Daiki to give us permission to take a look at the Treasure Star's IUS. It could help us figure out how the ship actually sees through the cloaking field.

Also, speaking of the Wiegel, we haven't checked its data, have we? Maybe it has some info on the enemy attack, or at least the data on what identification the Vagans use for their suit. If we can approach them masked as one of their suits, we can fire the missile without risking getting shot.
File: 1384654922167.jpg-(98 KB, 850x495, Genoace Types 3.jpg)
98 KB
"Well the Treasure Star has an IUS, I'll still be able to deploy from there and use speed to ambush the fleet with the PDM." You state, a little disappointed, but not deterred from your plan.

"What do you want us to do with the IUS system?" The MS Club boys ask.

"Keep it on the Wiegel and see if you can learn anything else. Maybe I'll try to find pilots for these suits." You leave the hanger and return to your office where Romary is waiting with reports.

"All the production projects are going rather smoothly. Hogan and his men will be done setting up the cyber warfare system in another 18 hours or so. On top of that Travis and Hogan said some of the recruits are starting to get a hang of the Adeles you got. Outside of that." Romary says as you plop down in your chair, your eyelids feeling rather heavy.

Is there anything else you wish to ask Romary or do before you get some sleep? Or do you have something you feel needs to be done and that you need to be awake for?
Outside of that what? Is something bothering her?

We should go check up on Fram and our family, we can go sleep after that.
>that pic
None of those designs are real, are they?
That might work. But its pilot (we don't actually know it's Dole, as much as we hope it is) would have deserted several months ago. It probably doesn't have much information about current operations. Still, looking for callsign information would be worth it.

Speaking of approaching with the PDM, we need to do a test flight in the Gawain's transformed mode after it's been upgraded. How long will that take to refit? The itinerary doesn't say. Has it already been finished? Either way, we won't get it done tonight. Scarlet needs sleep before flying an experimental transforming suit.

Also, how does the Gawan transform that makes it so much more complicated and streamlined than the AGE-2? Because I was thinking something like:
>Place rifle on back storage point
>Gawain twists to be flying feet-first
>Storage rack flips down while legs ratchet apart at hips and turn inwards
>Rifle and legs dock together to form nosecone, calve thrusters function as steering verniers
>Head and engines rotate 90 degrees around torso, so thrusters are at the rear and head turns into top-mounted turret
>Wing binders unfold and deploy under-slung missile pods
>Arms slide down from shoulders to hips, turn around 180 degrees so that beam scatter guns are forward facing
>Arms dock to conform to body, hands retract into arms, beam shields deploy in low-energy state to vector thrust from engines

Just a personal little musing as to how the art we have for the Gawain would turn into a mobile armor. I wanted to go for something non-traditional in transforming designs. Crosswire has every right to say that's stupid, though, if he wanted to go a different direction for it.
File: 1384656230677.png-(404 KB, 1050x1200, gawain.png)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
I guess that works fine. Side note, we should see about upgrading or modifying the Gawain if we get together with Dirk. For example, replacing the head-mounted railgun with a regular beam cannon to reduce mass and further increase speed, adding the flash system and so on.

The Gawain is seriously lacking compared to the Merlin which is slowly evolving into a WMD that walks. Especially now since he's got PTSD and will engineer his woes away.
(It's more complicated from an internal systems perspective, not just and outside perspective. The Gawain has more stuff in it then the AGE-2, which made it hard for the Gawain to transform without issues occurring. As for the transformation description, I don't have any issues with it myself)

(Sorry It's supposed to finish "Outside of Dr. Halsey being unhappy about not getting to test the G-Force Resistance Serum you talker to her about, there aren't any problems.")

You drag yourself from your desk and check up on your family, finding just about everyone is asleep but you and Fram. Fram is lying down in a room Romary and Rysis set up for her so she didn't have to sleep in the barracks with all the guys.

She's lying on the bed, just staring up at the ceiling with a frown on her face, her room only dimly illuminated by a tiny nightstand light.

Even with the poor lighting you can tell she's visibly upset about something and considering the hostage situation you aren't very surprised.

Do you wish to console Fram? If you do, how will you go about it?
Sure, let's console her. See what's bugging her and if we can help her with anything.
Is she mad we didn't come to her right away after we got done with her captor? Or did she hear something from the crazy lady that's made her upset? Either way, we need to reassure her that we care about her and are doing the best we can to keep her safe.

Yeah, the Merlin is going to be pretty overpowered by the end of this arc. Probably also going to be 2edgy4us, too, since I can see Dirk wallowing in melodrama to make himself feel better. Like, he'll name its super pack the Merlin Cambion, after Merlin's supposed demonic heritage. And then he'll give it wings like the Geist wear and big clawed gauntlets incorporating Artimes-style beam guns.
File: 1384657586484.jpg-(4.16 MB, 2451x3508, GWF91CB_-_XMX1FA2.jpg)
4.16 MB
4.16 MB JPG
I was actually thinking of the Merlin turning into the bastard child of the Hi Nu and the Crossbone, in an attempt to look more like the Crusader. You know, fin funnels that double as beam shields and guns, the Hy-DODS version of the Excalibuster, the flash system, improved scissor anchors, and an improved version of his grandpa's shield with all those nasty tricks inside it.

As for the melodrama, I don't know. Asemu seems to have the monopoly on the melodrama this arc. Dirk's going to be too busy attempting to solve all the conspiracies and improving himself that he's suddenly found himself in to have time to be broody.
> solve all the conspiracies that he's suddenly found himself in and improving himself
Sorry about that.

As for the name, the Cambion sounds interesting, though I kinda wanted his wears to deal with old gods of magic. The Lunar wear is the Hecate, the next one is either Marduk or Odin and so on.
I meant a more purposeful melodrama than mere brooding. He won't sit around uselessly, but because he'll be too ashamed to look any of his team in the eye he'll have all this furious energy that he'll have to expend on his work. He'll be productive, but his anger is going to manifest itself in his designs being excessively intimidating.

As for the practical aspects of the design, I think putting beam guns in the funnels wouldn't be the best idea. Dirk doesn't have the skill needed to do all-range attacks. Something I do think would work, though, would be putting the reflective coating from the Amateras on the funnels, so that they can be either fin funnels or reflector bits. The S Gundam was our original inspiration for the Merlin, after all. That should make any fight against Dirk a lot more disorienting. Any dodged shots get bounced around between the funnels and becomes a persistent environmental hazard.

I like the idea of a new Excalibuster, though I'm not sure HY-DODS is the way to go for it. It fires too slowly. I'd like to again copy some of the Amateras's design and use a Bry-Raiser gun instead. Better rate of fire and incredible armor-penetration. Still, the HY-DODS should remain an option. Sweeping the enemy with it is great for massed groups. How about we put it in a support mobile armor? A separate generator, a set of parallel-circuited E-Caps, and some big cooling fins would let it fire a lot more rapidly. We could even make the radiators double as variable-geometry wings so it could serve as a sub-flight platform in atmosphere. We'll call it the Kilgharah, after the dragon Merlin fought in some early versions of the legend. We'll wire it to be controlled by a mix of X-com and funnel interfaces, so it can pull fire support duty even when we're not riding it. It'll be like a mix of the METEOR units and the Raphael's Seravee II backpack.
You decide to sit down and see what's the matter with Fram. Strolling on in you sit down on Fram's bed.

"You feeling alright?" You ask.

"No. My head hurts." Fram complained, rubbing the side of her head.

"Do you want any medicine? I'm sure we have something for headaches."

"No, one of the doctors already gave me some medicine. I don't think there's any medicine that can stop this headache, it's because of that lady my head is hurting."

You frown at that. "Why? Did she hurt you or say anything crazy? Because nothing she said was true if she talked about my Dad."

"No. She didn't say anything to be but..." Fram sighs and look away from you, seeming to struggle with how to explain herself. "Its like I could feel how angry and sad she was. It made my head hurt then, but when she killed herself..."

"Wait, who told you that? I told Rysis to make sure you weren't anywhere nearby when you were released."

"...I felt her die. And I can still feel her despite her not being here and it's scary." she looks to you with concern on her face. "Am I crazy?" she asks.

What do you think of all this Scarlet?
File: 1384659494506.jpg-(210 KB, 823x1086, 1384638989742.jpg)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
"No, you're slowly awakening as an X-Rounder, like my mom and brother. Don't worry, you're perfectly fine."

We can modify the Hy-DODS with a variable output so that it can work as a buster cannon and a regular DODS rifle. Make it generator fed, so that we don't have to worry about clips getting in the way, and the option to release energy from its radiators as blades. We can install modified 180s in the shield so that they serve as grenade launchers. Throw some extra armor on it and thrusters and a separate generator that can be purged if needed.

As for the funnels, we can add them the X-COM system so that they can at least link together and form an improved beam shield. Instead of having one funnel act as a shield, we can connect several and have them form a stronger barrier. Throw on some gold paint as well, for extra protection.

And yeah, he'll definitely go on a melodramatic building streak. Especially when he figures that Max tricked them all and that the detonation threat was a bluff. Because if Max could've detonated the Photon Cannon, he would've done so already.
"No, Fram. You're not crazy. It sounds like you're having a weird X-wave response. I've never heard of one like that before, but there's still a lot we don't know about X-Rounders. I'll talk to Mom about it, she might know some way to treat the symptoms. And if it's still bothering you after tomorrow I'll make a call to the Spriggan Institute. They helped my brother when he started having resonance issues, I'm sure they can figure out what's wrong. Worst thing that will happen is that you might have to wear a pair of sunglasses all the time. I'm not sure why they build the limiter devices like that. I blame my dad, they kind of look like a prop from an anime he liked when he was a kid. You'll look good in them, though. So don't worry, you'll be fine."

I'm pretty sure Fram knows she's an X-Rounder, at this point. She just doesn't know what sort of things to expect from it, so that's why she's freaking out. That and whatever X-wave side-effects the kidnapper had from coming into contact with a faulty Grail crystal. She was probably tainted with the anti-psychic energy, or whatever it does.
I'm not sure Max was bluffing. He might have just been thinking that if he detonated it we'd have no reason to leave him alive. After all, he's past the point of no return, but he doesn't want to die until he's seen the whole Federation burn. Though he might be dead, anyway. Unless there was a cloaked Vagan ship tailing the Diva he wouldn't have the range to get anywhere with his Adele. He's probably slowly dying as the recycling systems in his suit run down. So we've got that to comfort us, at least. Or he did manage to get to a ship, in which case we'll face him in battle soon. Actually, I think Asemu will probably be the one to do that. We'll be busy with Zeheart, and Asemu needs the revenge catharsis. Either way, we get the satisfaction of knowing he'll die painfully, so that's good.
We should've known something was up from the moment he said his favorite food was pineapple salad.
I think a Vagan ship picked him up, which means that they now have the blueprints for an Adele, heat blades and who knows what else he stole from us.

As for the bluff, he said he could detonate the damn things from far away, which he could have done once the ship picked him up. It only makes sense to sabotage your enemy if you can, especially if you can take out a super weapon, the AGE builder, and the entire crew with it. So either the charges weren't prepared, or the Vagan IUS messed with the detonation signal.

She knows, that's why she ran away from Vagan. That, and the shitty living conditions.

Wonder if this is perhaps her unique X-Rounder power manifesting. If we're to trust the Green Knight, each X-Rounder has an ability unique to him - he can predict the future and Zeheart can apparently mask his thoughts and presence from other X-Rounders. Mellis apparently scares the living shit out of X-Rounders, Dirk's powers haven't been able to manifest themselves because of how overpowered they are, and we don't know what the rest of our crew is capable of.
Let's see Rysis. Something's been bugging her.
I actually did suspect him, but was worried I was barking up the wrong tree. He was too...I don't know, boring, I guess? He had to have something more going on with him. But I wanted something more than metagaming to accuse him with. Not that it would have stopped Millais from dying. That was sheer bad luck. We were just about to go to her when Max killed her. Maybe if we had started investigating sooner, during the shore leave. But we got wrapped up in starting a new conspiracy investigation, and after that we wanted to talk to Desil, but those justifications don't make Millais's death seem like any less of a screw up on our part. God, Generation 2 sucks. Not for us the audience, it's a fun story, but Dirk and Asemu are going to be so traumatized by the end of this generation.
We should've started the investigation sooner, but we got shot - twice - and spent several days unconscious. You can't really blame Dirk for trying to calm down after getting shot in the stomach and losing an arm before. And even then I don't think we'd find concrete evidence of Max being the traitor - if he didn't spill the spaghetti in front of Millais we probably wouldn't have caught him at all, considering we had zero evidence up until that point.

Also, once we get back to Dirk, we should check out the G-Phone. Maybe he bugged it or something.
We checked that right after he made the call with it, and it was clean. We've been relatively good about informational security. At least, until we started shouting about Uther during our freak out. That might be bad, his cryo-pod should be the first thing we check after we get back to Dirk.
"It's probably because your becoming an X-Rounder." You state with a comforting nod.

"An X-Rounder? X-Rounders can sense the dead?" Fram asks, looking at you in disbelief.

"I don't know. Even the people who know a lot about X-Rounders don't know everything about them. Maybe it's just your gift. Regardless, you shouldn't worry about it your not going crazy. My brother and mother are X-Rounder and...well OK they're probably bad examples."

Fram giggled a little at that and you tussle her hair. "I'll call Dr. Spriggans in the morning to check you out. If your head keeps hurting I'm sure he'll be able to make it stop. You might end up wearing a goofy pair of sunglasses, but that isn't so bad if you're a dork like my brother."

"Thanks Scarlet." Fram says as she gets under her covers.

"I'll see you in the morning. My Grandma is making crapes!"

You leave Fram and head to Rysis's room, finding her awake and working at a computer.

"Yeah?" She asks.

"I came to see what's bugging you."

"Nothing." Rysis says with a shrug.

"Don't lie to me."

Rysis pauses, shuts down her computer, and closes the door behind you.

"Scarlet. I don't like to lie, but you don't want to know what I know. So please, stop trying to press into things. My past is screwed up and makes me unhappy, but I can't talk about it. Travis knows about my past and he can never live a normal life, he can't go off and settle down. Nether can I. I appreciate what you're trying to do, but don't waste your time or your energy trying to figure out something that will only get you killed. There will be a time where I can tell you what I know, but until then I have to be silent, for your sake and for your families." Rysis looks at you intently.

What do you think about this Scarlet?
"Okay, auntie, you being this serious is scary. But if you need to talk to someone or some help, you know that we're there for you, right?"

Once we get out the brig, sure. And we need to take Flit up on the offer of giving Uther and that pill to the scientists he trusts for examination.
Why do I have the feeling we haven't seen the last of that guy?

And apparently Dirk's going to have to call Rysis to dig more information about the Kings as well.
"Alright, you're being pretty serious and frankly that's creeping me out. But I can handle vague, so if you just want to hang our or chat just call me." You say with a nod.

"Alright. Thanks. I'll see you in the morning Commander." Rysis opens her door and let's you out.

Returning to your office you flop down on your cot and almost immediately fall asleep, hoping you don't wake up to something horrible like almost every other day. Before you fall asleep you wonder if Dirk is having any easier of a time...

(And I think I'll end it here tonight. Things are going very nicely, I apologize if things are slow but it will be absolutely worth it for Gen 3, I have a lot of plans and things are going to be fun. I have to confess that this Quest has been great for me, because before this I've never really applied myself to something and finished anything important to me. This has been a learning experience for me both in writing, GMing, storytelling, Quest running, and how to commit to something. So thank you all for participating you are fantastic players and I will be back for part 62. Maybe tomorrow? I'm not sure yet)

(Archived. Night everyone)
Sure thing, man, see you next time. And thanks for running this, it's great fun.

And slow down with the Gen-3, let's at least finish the Gen-2 properly. There's still much to be done.
I wonder how upset Rysis will be when she learns that Dirk has already stumbled into investigating the Arthur issue. That meet-up should be fun. Well, "fun", I should really say.

Anyway, see you next time, Crosswire. Have a nice night.

(Oh don't worry I'm not going to rush anything. See you guys and I'm glad you like this)
And that he's turning into a cyborg.
I wonder if MID's growing as well. Maybe he's the reason why Dirk was able to continue as if nothing's happened after getting shot.
I'm pretty sure he is. Dirk's been healing a lot faster than normal, and MID's anchored in pretty deep. At a minimum there's a fairly large mass of MID filaments woven throughout Dirk's torso for support. Probably by Gen 3 MID will have grown to reinforce all of Dirk's body, and have altered his cellular development that a "flesh" arm grows back of mixed biological and artificial construction. And that will free up MID to disconnect for good, and only attach because he likes to be near Dirk. Though I really just want that so that, if Dirk does wind up as captain of Bisidian in this timeline, MID can sit on his shoulder as his parrot.
Oh dear God that'd be adorable.

If MID's been growing, I guess Dirk should be capable of mastering his X-Rounder powers with some nanotech help. I'd kinda want to see MID act as some sort of neural interface between Dirk and the Merlin, so he can yell "I AM GUNDAM" at people. Though that'd be too silly.

As for Dirk becoming the captain of Bisidian, we'll see. For now, he has to deal with PTSD. Yurika promised him a chat, hopefully she could lighten up the mood a bit.

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