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Your name is Scarlet Crocker and…good god it just doesn't stop. First you’re put in charge of a military base despite not being in the military and barely being out of high school, and then the safety of the colony is thrust into your hands after the bases defenses have been destroyed. Even after you've rebuild the base, pulled in recruits and started your own bloody R&D lab the Vagans still scoped out the colony, filled the fucking walls with Robot spiders, and hospitalized your Father and Grandfather.

Now along with the impending full force invasion fleet that will arrive in 2 days (or earlier) you've had an WMD in the form of a Plasma Diver Missile given to you and you've come across a hidden bunker filled with skeletons, cyborg body parts, and a recording involving Arthur, a man who your father has obsessed over and studied into zealously since before you were born.

Realistically even with all your preparations and a miniature WMD there’s still a big chance the Vagans will steam roll the colonies, kill your friends, family, and then move on to kill Flit’s wife, all the defected Vagans and orphans, and then move on to attack Big Ring and then Earth.

To say you’re a little stressed out is an understatement.

As you sit at your desk, thinking things over Rysis brings you a cup of coffee and an update on everything going on...

Enhanced Kitchen
Research Lab Repair and Refurnish
Sub-Office Repair and Refurnish
Armory Repair
MS Training Course
HQ Reinforcement
Asteroid Placement
Asteroid ‘Foxholes’
Anti-MS/Anti-Ship Mine Field
>Inside Defense Fortification and Turret Emplacement- 4 hours
>Experimental Radar System Installation 5 hours
>Outside Colony Defenses- 5 Hours
>Cyberwarfare/ECM System Array- 1 Days (Hogan and Pirate crew now occupied)
>Genoace IV x100 (19 hours till completion)
>Gawain Refit- 3 hours
>Armory Bolstering. 3 Hours
>Dr. Halsey’s G-Force Resistance Serum Project- Report in and waiting reading
>Anti-Beam Coating Enhancement Project- Report in and awaiting reading
>MS Training x98 Recruits/ Greenhorns/Paperpushers- 1 Days 13 Hours
>MS Engineering Training x20 MS Club/Recruits -1 days
>Ammunition Production- Ongoing. Armory is 52% stocked.
1 Zalam/Euba Infantry Platoon (1 Man Dead)
10 Doctors (Currently working in Infirmary taking care of Dad)
10 Members of the 101st Technical Evaluation and Testing Division Working on the Gawain)
10 Veteran Adele Pilots sent by Flit
15 Researchers (Researching merrily)
20 Mostly-Trained Engineers (Capable of Moderate repairs on mobile suits)
20 Paper-pushers/Accountants (Pushing Papers)
30 Base Personnel (At work)
4 Zalam/Euba MS Pilots (Including and lead by Captain Walker) (6 Dead)
98 Mostly-trained Recruits (Capable of piloting mobile suits)
Arnold Blackmarsh (Health and Fitness buff, busy training troops)
Aunt Rysis (Secretary and pilot)
Dr. Halsey Heart (Researcher)
Fram Frost (Cute Orphan and Aspiring Artist)
Grandma Rosa Crocker (Good Cook)
Grandpa Jack Crocker (Trainer. Injured 3 month recovery)
Hogan Blackmarsh (Pirate Captain, busy installation Electronic Warfare systems)
Romary (Personal Assistant)
Secretary Steve (Injured-1 month recovery)
Travis Touchdown (Sober, assisting in the troop training)

Mellis Crocker (Your mother)

Jack Crocker (Injured. 9 Month Recovery Time)

Knights of the Round Test Team (All deceased)

>Magic Schoolbus
Dorthy Ann (Captain of the Magic Schoolbus)

Veteran Bridge Crew: Wanda Li, Keesha Franklin and
Phoebe Terese

Janet Perlstein- (Doctor aboard the MSB)

Tim Black: (Ace Long Range Support Specialist and Artist)

Ralphie Tennelli: (Ace Melee Expert and cook)

Arnold Perlstein: (Ace Sniper and certified Geologist)

Arnold Blackmarsh (Fitness buff, Troop Training assistant)

Hogan Blackmarsh (Pirate Captain)

>Treasure Star
Captain Sirius (Former Time Traveler and Captain of the Treasure Star)

Daiki Ryuuzaki (Former Time Traveler and MS Pilot)

Kotetsu Sakai (Support MS Pilot, Aspiring Cook)

Lhuga (MS Pilot and aspiring Ace)
AGE-X2 Gawain Gundam (Piloted by you)
AGE-X Crusader Gundam (Dad’s Personal Suit. Unable to pilot due to injuries)
CMS-223G3 Gala Custom (Piloted by Captain Walker himself)
CMS-223ZF Zila Kai x2 (Piloted by two of Walker’s Men)
CMS-574XF Xeno Kai x2 (Piloted by two of Walkers Men)
MMS-01XR Gwenvere (Mom’s Personal Suit, piloted by her)
RGE-790C Genoace Kai x1 (Refit Schematics included, unassigned)
RGE-790T Genoace Trainers x48 (Being used by recruits for training purposes)
RGE-G1100 Mass Production Adele x10 (Veteran Squad sent by Flit)
RGE-1100X Proto Adele (Unassigned)
RGE-2000X (Unassigned, and deem unreliable)
Travis Touchdown’s Custom Shaldoll (Being used by him of course)

xvm-dfc Wiegel (Unassigned)

>Pirate Mobile Suits
BMS-001 AGE-1 Dark Hawk x1 (Hogan’s Personal Mobile Suit)
BMS-003 Shaldoll Rogue x5
BMS-004 G-Exes Jackedge x1 (Hogan’s Second in Command Personal Suit)
BMS-005 G-Xiphos x1 (Arnold Blackmarsh’s personal Suit)
>Magic School Bus Mobile Suits
AMS-002 G-Bouncer Sniper Custom (Arnold’s Custom Mobile Suit)
RMS-002 G-Bouncer Melee Custom (Ralphie’s Custom Mobile Suit)
TMS-002 Shaldoll Support Custom (Tim’s Custom Mobile Suit)

>Treasure Star Mobile Suits
AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal (Daiki Version)
WMS-GEX1C G-Exes Custom (Lhuga’s Personal Mobile Suit)
RGE-B790CK Kotetsu Genoace Custom (Kotetsu’s Personal Mobile Suit)

>Available Ships
Darwin Kai Class- “Magic School Bus”
Prototype Diva Class Variant- “Baronche”
Unknown Class- “Treasure Star”

>2 Days 14 hours till estimated Vagan fleet arrival

Thing are going pretty well project wise. From how things look you should have a full or mostly full armory by the time the fighting starts. An invoice from Madorna states that the Genoaces are proceeding very nicely, but he is unsure if they will work properly.

As you sip your coffee you see that Daiki and Dr. Halsey have sent reports back stating their research is finished and would like you to look over the results and decide how to apply it. Dr. Halsey also has something to say about the arm and the suit you brought back. There is also a note from the MS Club Engineers in regards to the Miniaturized Invisible Umbrella System you bought off The Merchant. Rysis also informs you the workers in the Sub-Office wish to speak with you.
Despite your stress you have work to do.

>[A] Visit Daiki and check the Improved Beam Coating

>[B] Visit Dr. Halsey to discuss the use of the G-Force Resistance Serum and her thoughts on the arm and suit.

>[C] Check with the MS Club Engineers in regards to the Miniture IUS

>[D] Speak with Sub-Office Workers

>[E] Do nothing and stay in your office.
[F] Other (Write in)
Don't we still have a Zeydra? See if anyone wants to take a shot using that and the Wiegel.
If they do repaint them first, of course.
>[D] Speak with Sub-Office Workers
What do they need or what did they find?
>[B] Visit Dr. Halsey to discuss the use of the G-Force Resistance Serum and her thoughts on the arm and suit.

Acceleration is one of the main limits on what a mobile suit can do in space combat. If we can double or triple the tolerance of our pilots the machines will be much more forgiving with our rookies.

After that
>[A] Visit Daiki and check the Improved Beam Coating
Because I want anti-beam protection. If the Vagans are going to be so shortsighted as to put all their munitions in one basket (with maybe two or three exceptions), I want to be prepared for it.
Seconding this.
We have a replica of the Zeydra with us, yeah. We probably could steal some parts from it and the Wiegel to upgrade mom's suit.

Also, potential things we could do:

> Create decoy suits.
There are those training dummies - balloons - that pilots use for target practice. We could modify some to look like our suits, and let them confuse the enemy. Optionally, strap some goo bombs / beam chaff / electrified nets onto them and let them suicide rush the enemy forces.

> Improved goo grenades and nets
We need these. Acidic goo, goo that dries faster, electrified nets, shrapnel bombs, you name it. If they can be modified to fire from the Genoace Kai's large cannon, it'd be pretty sweet.

> Prepare an evacuation plan
In case shit hits the fan, we need to have several shuttles and escape plans ready for the civilians. Inform the police and the public about these, and we should be able to minimize casualties.

> Authorize the AGE builder for Madorna
If he worries about the suit not working, maybe using one of the AGE builders would help him iron things out. Also, MaG could run some simulations.

> Have MaG check out the rest of the data drive we found in that lab
We need to know what else was down there, or how the hell the disassemblers got loose.
Eh, I'd rather see if there's anyone who's a named character enough to use them. Two more high end MS on the field would help us out.
And some more, just in case:

> Issue and develop HDODS weaponry
Our suits need the firepower. And having a HDODS sniper or Gatling would be really useful.

> Upgrade the ships.
Pretty obvious, considering how they're going to be our greatest asset.

> Analyze the IUS from the Treasure Star
Replicate that stuff, and put it on every ship we have.

Holy shit, there's a lot of work.
Oh right, yes you do. Daiki was using it for tests up till now but if you want you can use it assigned to someone or have it modified for your use or someone else's use. Assigning it to Rysis might have been good, but she's already having a suit made for her.

You look over what you need to do and decide that Daiki and Halsey's work take's precedent over the Sub-Office Workers. You doubt a shortage of paper clips or a new way to fill out requisition forms for socks is going to help your defensive strategy in anyway.

Taking your coffee and a weird-scone-thing Rysis grabbed you from the kitchen, you walk your way down to Dr. Halsey's lab and find her looking over the arm you brought her which is not suspended in a vat filled with a clear liquid.

She notices you and turns to greet you, her face in a professionally neutral expression. "Ah, Commander Scarlet, I assume you're here to talk to me about the Serum?"

"Well I didn't come down here to have you make me Pancakes, even with the power of science you can't beat my grandmother's cooking" You say with a grin as Halsey takes you over to a table where ten syringes lay.

"I've complete all the tests and procedures I can on the serum in the time allotted to me. Outside of human testing there is nothing else I can do to work out the kinds of the formula." Dr. Halsey says.

"Wait, so it's not finished?" You ask.

"Not really. I have an idea of what the serum should do, but I need a human test subject to collect data from. With that data I will be able to easily modify the serum. In it's present state if I were to mass produce it for your troops there is a chance most or all of them could die." Dr. Halsey states with a shrug. "If you want, you could offer yourself up as a test subject. The younger the subject, the less likely the serum is to kill you if something goes horribly wrong."

Why not both? We can still use the suits after we've analyzed them properly, and we could use what we find out to improve Mellis' suit.

Speaking of acceleration, don't we have that unique piloting suit Scarlet uses when piloting the Gawain? We could issue out some of those as well.
HY-DODS Gatling would be terrifying. Considering that Dirk's HY-DODS Custom apparently has Buster Rifle levels of firepower (narration claimed it could manage to hit every target in Dirk's firing arc), firing five of those blasts per second would pretty much destroy entire fleets. Too bad it would probably overheat and explode within the first ten shots. Still, would be pretty amazing to have.
"How much will the serum cost to produce for the troops?" You ask.

"For 100 something men? Around 400,000 Credits. The serum isn't easy to produce and if you want it fast I'm going to need a lot of money. But before I will even consider mass production you need to find me someone to test the serum. I'll leave the decision up to you, but I'm not giving this out to unknowing soldiers." Dr. Halsey says firmly.

What do you wish to do Scarlet?
[A] Decide to test the Serum yourself
[B] Have the Serum tested on Fram
[C] Have the serum tested on someone no one will miss
[D] Scrap the project, it's not worth the risk
[E] Other (Write in}
[E] Other (Write in}
Ask for volunteers, offer pay bonus for participating in trial.
Can we talk about this with our men first? See if there're any volunteers who'd be willing to do so.
We still need to ask our parents' permission before we do something like this.

Maybe mount them on ships as point defense systems? A ship could probably power one of those and house a large-enough cooling system.
Combine that with the Treasure Star's IUS, and imagine a ship appearing out of nowhere in the middle of a Vagan fleet. Jesus.
Did we give that nanotech we found in the abandoned lab to be analyzed?
You gave the odd powder, the cybernetic arm, and the suit to Dr. Halsey.

You could talk to your men about this and ask for volunteers, offering a pay bonus or money for the testing might be a good idea. However if the serum ends up killing anyone then you'll lose valuable men and morale will take a hit, even if they agreed to it losing a friend or a comrade to an experiment is terrible.

Do you wish to talk to assemble your men and ask for volunteers?
Yeah, let's do it.

While we're here, any news on the stuff we found in the lab?
How exactly does the serum work? It would help explain it to the soldiers so they know the risks involved. Some sort of change to the blood vessels that should prevent blood from pooling under high acceleration but could instead give a massive coronary, maybe?
That's a good question. And where did Leviathan get this tech from, actually?
"How does the serum work exactly?" You ask, looking at the syringes filled with the stuff.

Dr. Halsey takes a couple minutes to explain how the serum works, but it's a bit over your head. However you grasp that the serum doesn't re-write your DNA or anything, it merely alters your body chemistry, strengthening the body in areas. Supposedly it'll help reduce the physical stress the body undergoes and it'll greatly reduce the chance of blacking from lack of blood to the brain. There could be other advantages and side effects, but Dr. Halsey won't know until it's tested.

"So any info on the stuff I found in the lab?" You ask.

"The powder you found was a clump of dead disassembler nano-machines. It's not really my field of study so I can't tell you much else outside of that. As for the arm, it's a high grade cybernetic implant featuring cultured muscle issue and skin, grafted over a metallic frame. It's simple in terms of how it functions, but it's design is very advanced. The suit you found was a kind of exoskeleton using the same artificial muscle that is in the cybernetic arm. It provides enhanced speed and strength, while giving the wearer excellent protection from conventional fire arms. You could unload an assult rifle into this suit and it would barely have a nick on it." Dr. Halsey explains, showing you the suit which is also suspended in a tank. "I don't have the tech to mass produce or even replicate this stuff, but it's given me a lot of data and a lot of ideas..."

What do you wish to do Scarlet? You have an idea of how the serum works now. You can still assemble the men and search for volunteers, or use yourself as a guinea pig.
Tell Halsey we'll have an answer for her within a few hours, we have some other things to check in on before we make any decisions about resource allocation. We'll call her with our decision. Then go see Daiki. And then the office staff. Because they wouldn't have come to us if it wasn't important.
First, could that suit be used somehow to improve the piloting suits we currently have available? If not, we can still mass-produce Scarlet's high-performance suit.

Second, ask Halsey if it's okay to come back with an answer later. And if she'd be willing to come along with us when we ask our men about that thing, in case they have questions about the serum.
What are the chances of those cybernetics being similar to the ones Rysis is equipped with? Maybe she could help Halsey later on with her research.
That is, unless her implants aren't a sore subject because she was made into a cyborg against her will on Zarth all those years ago.
I don't know, Rysis seems pretty okay with talking about her cybernetics. If it was a forced conversion, she's gotten over the trauma by now. If she was converted in these labs, though, that could be pretty traumatic. Still, I'd think it could be worth bringing up.
"Is there anyway we can use the suit to improve our current pilot suits?" You ask.

"Do you know and have the facilities to grow artificial muscle fiber and fabricate things on a nanoscopic scale?" Dr. Halsey asks.


"Then I don't think so."

"Listen, can I give you an answer is a little bit? I still need to see Daiki and some others so I might have to consider how to divide up the resources we have at the moment." You ask, sipping your coffee as Halsey gives you a nod.

"I don't have a problem. As long as you don't wait to the last minute to start testing and production I'm fine with waiting"

You leave Halsey's lab and head for where Daiki was working. He's sitting at a work bench, having what looks like a BLT sandwich as you walk in.

"Hey Scarlet, come to talk to me about the beam coating he asked?"

"Yep. Unless you have something else you want to say or give me. I'm cool with being showered with random gifts and snacks." You say with a grin, getting a chuckle out of the blue haired man.

"Well I finished work on the Improve Anti-Beam Coating. The stopping power of this stuff is pretty powerful. Even when a weak shield, like the one the Genoace I uses ,was coated in the stuff it shrugged off charged DODS Shots like it was nothing and it took 3 shots from a Hyper DODS cannot before completely melting." Daiki says, pointing over to a testing range where a number of shields and MS chassis's lay, warped and melted by heat."

"That's great!" You say.

"Yeah...except there are a few problems with the coating. The first issue is that the coating loses effectiveness once it's applied to something. It's gradual and for the first 3 hours it's not noticeable unless you graph it out, however by the 5 hour mark the coating might as well not be applied. It's just an effect of the new coating's composition, there's nothing I can think of to fix it outside of redoing the new coating all over again, which would take time we don't have."

"Second problem is it's expensive. I'm estimating the cost for applying the Improve coating to 100 shields or 25 mobile suits will cost about 375,000 credits, maybe a little more, maybe a little less. Thankfully the stuff is quick and easy to apply, so you won't have to worry about it taking too long to apply before a battle."

What do you think of this Scarlet? Any questions for Daiki?
It occurs to me that nanotech could solve that problem pretty well. Just a simple nanoassembler colony that does nothing but make the coating. It can be reapplied with an electrostatic mechanism to spread the fluid. And since it would be a specialized colony, there would be little danger from Vagans salvaging it from wrecked units. The colony would be hard-coded at a molecular level to only be able to produce the coating, not more nanites. You couldn't reprogram them without making a whole new set of nanites. And if it was really a worry, we could set them to self-destruct if they lost a connection to the rest of the suit. We are definitely including that in our Gen 3 designs, if we can make it economically viable.
That's great. We'd have to coat the suits immediately before the battle for maximum duration, but those are great performances.
Could we combine it with nanotech to further increase its usefulness?
How long can the coating be stored? If it's decomposing even in space there must be some inherent instability to the material. Can it be kept stable in proper reaction vessels so we don't have to synthesize it on the spot?
(At the moment, no. You don't have any means of making nano-machines. Dirk, Liz, Rena, and Flit are the only people who know about the Nano-AGE Builder. You've been left in the dark for security purposes)

"The coating can be stored for a good couple of months before it starts to break down in containment. If you choose to make a batch it will be fine in the containment canisters until they need to be applied, provided they aren't ruptured." Daiki explains.

"Why is it so expensive?" You ask with a frown.

"Hey, you wanted results, you didn't tell me to worry about cost. When your Dad got injured all I had to work with were his concepts and ideas. Apparently he was basing the coating off of an idea Flit had before the Battle of Ambat. Apparently he wanted to make a wear that could apply and re-apply an anti-beam coating all over it's body. There were some formulas Flit was going to try out that he never got around to. That's what my Improve Beam Coating is based off of. It's meant for quick application and high resistance, not longevity. I apologize if this sucks, but It's the best I could do with the time I had." Daiki gives an apologetic shrug.

So what do you wish to do Scarlet? Anymore questions for Dirk or will you see the Sub-Office workers about their issue?
Yeah, we could ask her later on, once we catch a break.

She probably has to do something with Dr Zarth, especially if he was the leading expert on cybernetics and nanotech back then. He most likely worked for both sides during the conflict, as Uther did - after all, his family always finds a way to survive. And if she was made to be the Gundam destroyer, it probably was against her will, considering how she knew who the pilot is.

It also could explain the disassemblers - Zarth said that no one but him is capable of modifying the nanomachines, but he didn't count on MADNUG, the SENTINEL system, and a really pissed off Arthur whose entire crew was killed by his brainwashed fiancee.
I guess that'd do for now.

Now that Daiki's free, could he take a look at some of these:
> Refitting everything with HDODS tech.
> Improving grenades.
> Making decoy training dummies rigged to explode when near the enemy.
I'm pretty sure Dirk mentioned it to Scarlet way back when, before it got classified. I know he talked to Jake and Mellis about it. But she still wouldn't know about it as anything more than an idea Dirk was throwing around, so we still can't base plans around it. Well, this is still pretty good to have. And is that beam coating wear a reference to the Gold Arrow from the novel?

Anyway, let's thank Daiki for his time and leave to talk with the office workers. We'll give him the same "This is great work, I'll get back to you after I talk to a few more people about our budget" line we gave Doctor Halsey. Later, Daiki.
(Why yes it is a reference to the Gold Arrow, good catching that)

You thank Daiki for his time and effort and tell him you're going to get back to him after you look a few things over.

You leave and head for the Sub-Offices with Rysis. There the paper-pushers are gathered and waiting to speak with you.

They've heard the rumors about the Vagan attack and their worries were confirmed when you warned the public about the attack. People have been evacuating, leaving for the far of colonies out of the Vagan’s sphere of interest or heading to Earth in the hopes of finding refuge.

Your previous Paperpushers were people who survived the destruction of the base and are currently being molded into pilots. These guys are the people Aunt Yurin sent over with the Doctors. They live mostly on Minsry, but a few have family on Zarth.

“Listen, Commander Scarlet you've been great so far. It’s been honors to work with you, despite some of our misgivings about your age at first you've turned out to be a very level headed and professional person. That’s why we’d like to ask you to let us leave.” One of the Paper Pushers says, somewhat nervously.

“These guys aren't soldiers Scarlet.” Secretary Steve says, coming over on crutches. “They’re just civilians brought onboard to help. Things could get bad and when the fighting starts we’re not going to be much help.”

“Yes but you’re still a vital part of this base. If you leave our ability to handle money, and keep things orderly around here will deteriorate. While you won’t play a major part in the battle, leaving will hinder our ability to spend money which could lead to some issues if we wish to buy or build anything using the funding we recovered.” Rysis states.

“Please Commander Scarlet hear these guys out.” Secretary Steve begs. “If it’ll help change your mind at all I’ll stay behind and handle everything myself.”

What do you wish to do Scarlet?
[A] Refuse to allow the Secretaries to leave. They are needed
[B] Accept Steve’s conditions; allow the others to leave while he stays to work.
[C] Allow all of them to leave, including Steve. If things go badly you don’t want as few people to die as possible.
[D] Other (Write in)
>[A] Refuse to allow the Secretaries to leave. They are needed
They were hired to do a job, a job that had the foreseeable risk of being in a warzone. Leaving everything to one person you risk the job not being done.
Let them leave. But tell them that before they go we need to handle a few more purchases. We have some last requisitions to do, then they should be fine to go. They'll be out of here well before the Vagan force arrives.
They're aware that if Zarth falls, Minsry is next, right? And it doesn't have any defenses, except CDACE.

How's this. They're all allowed to leave, including Steve, under the condition that they keep working for us from their homes. It's the future, there's probably a way to manage accounting over long distances. But before they go, they have to help out with the new bills and requisitions a bit with the accounting so MaG can take over for them.
The paper pushers wish to leave, not to return home, but to leave period. Ever since you warned the people of Zarth of the attack people have been taking every opportunity to leave the colonies and get as far away as possible. These men and women intend to head home and take their family far away from this area to safety.

If you let them go, they're gone for good, at least until the battle is over.
If we link MaG with the ships we have docked, as well as the HQ's computer systems (maybe even Zarth itself), would she have enough processing power to handle accounting as well?
Probably, but it'll take away from her processing power. At the moment she's monitoring the defenses and making sure another break in doesn't happen. On top of that she's going to be monitoring the new Invisible Umbrella Detection System once it's install. If task her with accounting, security may suffer for it.
But that's why we'll link her with the ships, to increase her processing power. They aren't doing anything, and using their onboard computers with some calculations shouldn't be too much of a burden on a hyper AI like herself. It really shouldn't overburden her.

As for the accountants, let them go. We can get Romary to help Steve with his job. And there're probably some guys from our school who stayed behind and who could help him out with his job. Also, maybe Madorna has a couple of accountants he'd be willing to lend us for a while. We got him some new tech, he gets the blueprints, plus he gets to scout some new engineers he could hire, he could probably spare some pencil pushers.
Linking her with the ships will provide more then enough of a boost to make up for the accounting. It'll take a little bit to set up, but it'll be pretty easy.

So 1 for keeping them, 2 for letting them go.

Here we go
"Alright, alright. You guys can go. Just stay for a few more hours to help wrap up some last minute expenses. I'm sure I can have Ma G do the accounting from now on anyway." You say with a sigh.

The faces of the paper pushers light up as you say they can go, and some of them look like they're going to jump for joy.

"Thank you so much Commander Scarlet. This means a lot to us. If we ever get the chance to repay your family, we will." Steve the accountant says, as everyone scatters to get ready for their last few hours of work.

"That was very nice of you Scarlet" Romary says.

"It's a little unnecessary taxing Ma G with something so trivial..." Rysis says with a frown. "But she IS an A.I. If we applied her in the first place she would have put these poor saps out of a job from the start."

"Oh! I almost forgot. The MS Club Engineers called and told me to remind you they wanted to talk to you about something." Romary says.

Do you wish to go see the Engineers now, or do you wish to do something else?
Sure. Let's see them. Drag Rysis along with us to show us her new suit.

Might as well tell her about the cybernetics lab.
(Hey guys can I confess something to you guys? The system I set up for this…really sucks. The percentile system, all skills, no main physical stats, frankly it’s just really shitty. I’m thinking of changing it by the time the next thread is. So don’t freak out if things are different OK?)

You decide to go check out what the Engineers are up too all the while making sure Rysis comes with you. On the way there you mention the cybernetics lab, the recording, and Dr. Zarth. Then you ask her if this was where she was made into a cyborg.

“…That explains a lot.” Rysis says sadly, as if she didn’t hear your question.


“Nothing. I had a feeling there was a cybernetics lab on Zarth but I didn’t know for sure. I don’t really remember all that much about how or where I was cyberized. All I remember was feeling different afterwards. Very, very different…” Rysis seems visibly upset by this.

Before you can press into what’s the matter you’ve already arrived at the hanger where the MS Club
Engineers are hard at work. Rysis’s mobile suit is coming along well. The chassis is finished, the reactor is in place and the limbs are mostly done.

“Hey Commander Scarlet! Remember that Miniaturized IUS you bought off that guy and gave to us to look over?” One of them asks.

“Well we had an idea…” Another says, looking rather excited.

“We think we MIGHT be able to install the unit onto the Gawain…”
Your thoughts Scarlet?
(I'll allow it if you let us play with the Grand Wing.)
Oh hell fucking yes. What's the catch, though?

(The system is fine with me, but sure, if you think it needs to be changed, go for it. We can always go back to the old one if it doesn't work out, right?)
>Wants to play with the grand wing system
(God damn it guys, you have me on the ropes with being in one reality. Tell you what, I'll leave things open so you MIGHT get to play with the GW System in Gen 3, OK?)
(Oh yeah totally. It's not like I'm gonna switch to the FATAL system or anything. Have no fear)

"That's great!...That's actually a little too great. What's the drawback?" You ask as the two look at each other with worry and then look back at you.

"Since Vagan Tech and Earth Federation Tech are rather different..."

"There's a chance the IUS system may fuck with some secondary systems of the Gawain." The shorter of the two club members says.

"It won't blow up the reactor or anything and it won't stop you from using your weapons, but it might mess with your comms, radar, and such, but the IUS would do that normally anyway..." The taller one says.

"Yeah, but they're not supposed to STAY screwed up once it's off." The shorter one says.

"Don't be such a downer! This is gonna be cool, besides we know what we're doing, right? With the IUS system on the Gawain you'll be able to fly up to the fleet with the Plasma Diver and pop out of nowhere!" The taller one exclaims.

"But there are probably gonna be some issues..." The shorter one states.

Well Scarlet? What do you want to do with the IUS System?
Tell them to go see Daiki, he has experience with the IUS - he even installed one on his ship and it worked fine. After that, run some simulations to be completely sure that the IUS works. We can't risk deploying with the plasma diver missile only for our targeting system to shut down or worse.

How do they know about the plasma diver, again?
(I didn't mean right now. We've got to at least finish Gen 2. It'd be cool as an intermission between 2 and 3 or something though.)
As for the IUS, we're the commander, we need to be able to communicate. However we have two perfectly viable Vagan Pattern MS sitting in our hanger. It should work with those just fine, right?

Too bad we couldn't get a lead on Dole.
Yeah, they could try to install it on the Vagan suits, see how it functions. Then get Daiki and make it work for the Gawain.

As for Dole, he could appear before the Vagans attack. We know he sold the suit to the merchant guy and that he and a couple of his buddies defected and were on the run from something. He could very well be on his way to Zarth.

But what were they running away from? Did the Vagan high command change the guy in charge and put in some insane psychopath who ordered the gassing of Solon?
Just got out of class, and let me jump on the question late and say that I'm fine with a new system. This one works reasonably well, but it is a bit simplistic to handle more complicated actions. Though it does worry me that we're going to be switching to the new system in the thread where we desperately try to save Solon from an expanding cloud of death. That could work against us.

As for the Grand Wing System, we don't need to go reality hopping. We just want space-warping tech. Explain it away as being not actually derived from the Grand Wing itself, but based on data gathered during the trip through the time tunnel that allowed for the space-time tensor equations to be resolved. So now we can warp space and do all sorts of crazy shit to inertia and momentum, but there is absolutely zero risk of it traveling through time or to other dimensions.

Anyway, as to the question of the IUS: Can we carry a shielded backup system for our sensors and comms? Those are really important. The IUS is awesome, but if it completely knocks out our communications and sensors it would be better to surprise the Vagan fleet by approaching at high speed for a rapid Plasma Diver strike.
Man, we should totally go reality hopping. It'd be fun as hell. Just keep it to like an intermission or something, and get Gen 2 done at least. Or do Gen 3 and then go on a few reality hopping adventures.
(You bring up a valid point. Changing systems in a high risk part like that would be a pretty dick move on my part. I'll hold off and change for when things calm down.)

What do you mean by a shielded back up system? As in a separate independent array of sensors and comms carried as a shield or something?
They know about the Plasma Diver because they're the ones who are also working on refitting the Gawain with the armor and the transformation function with the 101st Technical Evaluation. Kind of a bad idea to hide the fact a suit needs to be semi-radiation resistant when you're going to be handling a WMD. Besides, you knew these guys in high school, they're trust worthy.


"Could you install it onto one of the two Vagan suits I got a hold of?" You ask and the two talk to another for a moment.

"Probably if you really want us too. They're Vagan suits so you wouldn't have to worry about any connection issues or bugs due to the systems being different." The tall one states.

"It'll probably be quicker too." The shorter one states.

Well Scarlet? What you wanna do?
Okay, here's what we do.

Install it on the Zeydra replica. Pretty sure it already included a stealth mode. Then activate it, and monitor all the systems, how they work, where there's interference with the systems, how the system are shielded from the interference, all that stuff. Once you have all that data, do the same thing on one of the Adeles - the Gawain is based on the AGE-1, so the two will be compatible. See if there's a way to engineer something based on the collected data that'd allow us to use the IUS without risking the Gawain - possibly some sort of shielding for the systems.

I don't know, man, I'd rather keep the continuity of what we have so far.

As for intermissions, I'd love to see Jake and Flit again in action, in their 20s between Gen-1 and 2. Or Dirk and Asemu between 2 and 3. Maybe even Gen-0, where we follow the adventures of Jack Crocker, Federation pilot, who currently saved a angry historian (Rosa, was it?) from some pirates while his young pupil Woolf gets them into more trouble.
>I don't know, man, I'd rather keep the continuity of what we have so far.
That's why I say do it on an intermission. Have a thread or two where we goof off and visit somewhere else to explore for a thread or two, then we can go back on with the main story.
Kind of something to break the tension, and stress for abit of series fun.

As for the rest, I agree. Install it on the Zeydra and check everything out. It'll hopefully give us the data for installing it on EF suits, and maybe we'll get lucky and it'll tell us something we don't know about IUS using Vagan suits.
(Getting to goof off for a thread or two might not be so bad, especially with what I have planned for Gen 3. I'll think about it, something fun for you guys wouldn't hurt. Besides A What-If? Scenario that wouldn't screw with the canon would be nice)

You explain your idea to the two, about using the two Vagan suits and eventually an Adele to test the IUS so they can better understand how to apply it to the Gawain without colossally screwing up the systems.

"That's a good idea, it'll take a while but I'm sure that'll make things easier. We'll let you know when we're finished and what the results are, OK?"

"Yeah alright." You leave the hanger with Rysis and think.

You need to make a decision in regards to the G-Force Serum and the Improved Anti-Beam Coating. You only have 500,000 credits and that's not going to be enough to pay for both projects.

You're going to have to make a choice between the two or find a way to get some more money...

What is your plan Scarlet?
Improved anti-beam.

Maybe Halsey can contact her bosses over at Leviathan. She can tell them that the serum is finished, and that all she needs is funding from them to produce enough for the incoming battle.
> I don’t really remember all that much about how or where I was cyberized. All I remember was feeling different afterwards. Very, very different…
That confirms it, someone screwed with Rysis' head.
LEVIATHAN hasn't exactly helped you before and It's doubtful they'll cough up funding for a serum that's going to be used in a battle they aren't participating in. You could try to get Halsey to talk with her superiors though.

So are you sure you want to put the funding into the Anti-Beam coating? Daiki stated that 375,000 credits would allow him to make enough coating to coat 100 shields, or 25 mobile suits.
Anti-beam. But we'll test the serum. On our self. We can't afford to test it on other people. And hey, half our family has some sort of artificial enhancement. It's practically tradition at this point.
Let her call her superiors. We'll give the cash to Daiki for the shields.
We just need to inform our trainers to focus on the use of a shield in combat situations.

I'd rather not risk it. It could come to bite us in the ass during the battle and we end up dead.
Put the funding into Anti-Beam Coating. Can we do a limited run of the serum, though? Halsey said that enough for 100 men would be 400 thousand credits. Can we make enough for 25 people for 100 thousand, providing reinforcement for the pilots of the commander suits?
A limited run of the serum is possible with 100 thousand, however it still needs to be tested before Halsey will even consider mass production. There's risks to you testing it and risks to others taking it. If you take it there's a chance you might die, if others take it there is a chance they might die and that will put a dent in morale.

As you think on what to do you call up Daiki and give him the OK to use the money. He says he'll begin work immediately.
Okay, have Halsey call her superiors. We need to see Madorna about the Genoace IV - he mentioned some problems?

And are there any news on that Vagan saboteur that got away?
File: 1381974946495.jpg-(414 KB, 1466x1276, 1367810780918.jpg)
414 KB
414 KB JPG
We should see if we can produce a couple of these for our guys. The Solid Cowl shouldn't be too hard to mass-produce.
You call Halsey and tell her to call her Superiors to see if they'll wire over any money for her to pump out some more serum.

"I can try but I don't think it's going to work." Halsey states.

"It's best to at least try. I'm thinking of giving you some money to make a small run of the stuff. I'll get back to you on the ordeal of testing the stuff..." You hang up and dial the engineers, ordering a handful of the Solid Cowl and Anti-Beam Cowl.

>Anti Beam Cowl/Solid Cowl x 20 - 3 Hours
>Improved Anti-Beam Coating Production - 10 hours

You haven't checked up on any progress of that Vagan saboteur, maybe a stop by the police station might be a good idea. At the same time you might want to check up on Madorna, he said something about problems. However considering you basically asked him to combine a next generation prototype mobile suit with a advanced refit package that was never mass produced, it doesn't seem that far fetched that the suit might have issues. After all, if you wanted stability and reliability you could have went with the Adele.

What do you wish to do Scarlet?
Let's go see Madorna.
Have Rysis call the cops while we go see Madorna.
Did we improve the Solid Cowl since Gen-1? I remember it couldn't be ditched quickly if needed, and it tended to mess with integrated weapon systems.
Maybe we should have Daiki work on that - and maybe produce a couple of more?

We also have the Titus Cowl stored somewhere around here, but I doubt mass-producing that thing will be an option.
File: 1381976967865.jpg-(41 KB, 400x276, madornaworkshop.jpg)
41 KB
Your father improved the system shortly after the battle of Ambat, the plates are easier to ditch thanks to an improved explosive bolt system. Still has a tendency to get melted together but when you get hit with heavy duty beam weapons that's pretty hard to avoid.

You decide to take a shuttle to check up on Madorna.

"Rysis, could you stay here and chat with the cops? I want to know if they dug up anything involving that remaining saboteur." You say, Rysis giving a nod.

"Will do. Don't take too long" Rysis warns as you climb into a car and take off to the spaceport.
30 minutes and a boring shuttle ride later you arrive at the workshop. Stepping off the shuttle you're greeted by three friendly faces, Mukured Madorna
Lalaparly his wife, and some young guy you've never met before.

"It's nice to have you over even if you're just here because you're worried about the suits." Mukured shakes your hand before slapping the young man on the shoulder.

"This is my son Rody, he's my apprentice, and no I haven't let him touch the suits. "

"D-Dad!" Rody says, looking flustered and embarrassed.

[A] Cut straight to the chase and ask to see the suits
[B] Chat with them a bit, maybe have lunch
[C] Other (write in)
Chat with them for a bit before going to see the suits. We still have a lot of work to do.
Yeah. We're busy, but not so busy we can't exchange a few pleasantries first.
List of shit we need to do:
> See what's the deal with the new suits.
> Ask for volunteers for the serum testing.
> Prepare an evacuation plan in case we fuck up.
> Devise a strategy for how we'll deal with the attack.
> See about that Vagan spy.
> Produce HDODS guns.
> Improve the guns on our ships.
> Improve grenades.
> Produce decoy suits.
> See how the mini-IUS handles.
> Check on dad, grandpa and Rysis.
> See what else is on that data drive we found.

I'm probably missing something.
You're busy, but chatting for a little bit won't hurt anything.

"So, getting your son into the family business?" You ask with a grin.

"Been trying too for a while now. He's not as good as I am with suits, hell, no one is. However he's pretty damn smart when it comes to software." Mukured pats his son on the shoulder and he rolls his eyes.

"Oh so now you compliment me in front of the cute girl, way to back paddle Dad." Rody shakes his head. "Dad is right though, I may not have his eye for mobile suits but I'm a wizard when it comes to programming. I have a new VR Program maybe you'd like to try out..."

"It sounds nice, but I'm a little busy. Maybe once the threat of impeding death is over I'll come over and take it for a spin. So Mukured what's the matter with the Genoace IVs?"

Madorna lets out a sigh and pushes up his shades. "It's complicated. It's not a single large problem but a lot of small programs. Peaky response times, random visual sensor flare outs, the occasional problem with the temperature control, it's all over the damn place. This wouldn't be a problem if I had more time, but I don't think the Vagan's are going to wait."

[A] Ask to take a look at one of the suits
[B] Ask him what he thinks is wrong
[C] Other (write in)
Ask him what he thinks is wrong, and offer him to use the AGE builder to fix the issues.

> cute girl
Smooth. Dirk's going to kill you for hitting on his little sister, Rody.
>[C] Other (write in)
"Yeah, that seems to be the common theme, today. Do you think the conversion kit would work better on the Genoace IIs? Still not the machine it was intended for, but a lot closer to it."
Do we combine the conversion kit with the Genoace II, and then that thing with the IV?
It'd probably work that way.
"So what do you think is wrong" You ask as for the first time in your life you watch Madorna shrug. "I don't know to be honest, it could be multiple things, that's the only thing I've come too. If a single thing is causing all these problems it's over my head at the moment."

"Would the AGE Builder help?" You ask.

"The AGE Builder? Last time I checked that thing just generated designs it didn't fix them. Your father used to tell me he used it to build things he designed himself. but I don't see what an AGE Builder would do for me in regards to fixing these problems."

"Would the conversion kit work better with the Genoace II?"

"I don't know, considering the Genoace II isn't a barely tested prototype yeah it would. Listen, I'm sorry If you still want to have the suits I'll give them to you. The problems aren't too bad, it shouldn't effect their combat performance too much." Mukured explains

You have 2 days till the Vagans arrive and you still don't have proper suits for most of your men. Madorna doesn't have the time to work out all the kinks of the Genoace IV's and he doesn't have time to redesign them.

What do you want to do Scarlet?
Well, the AGE Builder's evolutionary modeling applies to control systems, too. If the software's the problem it can probably work out the kinks, though it would probably do it by redesigning it from the ground up. So not actually that useful in our given time frame, now that I think about it.

Okay, we can't use janky equipment. An experienced pilot could deal with the flaws just fine, the fresh recruits we have can't. Let's just switch to refitting the Genoaces we have. If Mukared can make any modifications using the data from the G-III, that would be great, but getting working mobile suits is the priority right now. Just make sure they have the power systems to use current weapons tech.
The AGE builder can fix them. It generates optimal designs based on the schematics and data fed to it.
We just need to go step by step in the process. First, go with a Genoace Kai / II modification. Then that thing with a Genoace III, and finally that thing with the Genoace IV. It'd take some time, but if Madorna comes along and we get him some help, we can do it. We have 3 AGE builders - one can crunch on the new Genoace, the others can make HDODS guns.
Does Madorna have some modifications for the Genoace III? We can mass-produce custom, high-performance Genoaces using the AGE builders we have.
The Genoace III is a new prototype model, Madorna didn't even know it existed until you told him about it.

You're disappointed that the G-IVs aren't up to snuff, but you can't allow for your rookie pilots to handle the flawed suits, it'd probably just get them killed you ask him to help refit the Genoace II's you currently have and he offers to produce 50 Adeles to give to your other men since you only have 50 Training Genoaces.

As you work out getting the training Genoace's shipped over for modifications and Madorna checks to see if he has any Adele's lying around in stock, you get a sudden phone call.

"Rysis now is not the time, I'm kind of busy, the Genoace IVs are crap and-"

"They found the saboteur" Rysis says, out of breath.

"Really? Where is he?" You ask.

"In your office. He's got Fram hostage and he wants to see you."

(This is where I'll end things tonight. Thanks for playing guys and sorry about jerking around the schedule so much)
(Also, I'd like to apologize if my recent threads aren't up to snuff. Frankly this has been a real learning experience for me. DON'T HAVE THREE PROTAGONISTS. I'll be glad when Gen 3 starts and we can go back to 1)

He? But the eyewitnesses said the spy is a young girl.

No problem, man. See you next time.
Here's hoping it's Dole. That would be neat. Wait a minute, how did Rysis get out of breath? You'd think that wouldn't be a problem for cyborgs. Wow, she must really be worried if she's unconsciously slipping back into the habits of unaugmented humanity.

Well, this was fun. A bit slow, as resource-management chapters tend to be, but still entertaining. And it ended on a nice cliffhanger. See you next time, Crosswire.
(Gah, I meant SHE. Unless it's a really femme guy. It is getting late)
(Thanks for your participation, I'm glad you guys have fun despite my mixed quality. I'm getting better though)
My guess? She went to see that lab we told her about.
Could be Dole who sneaked into the colony and the spy is still at large.

Man, our security is SHIT.

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