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Okay, /tg/, I see way too many backstories involving rape, domestic abuse, parental neglect, and depressed orphans. Let's hear something less depressing for once. Let's hear some stuff about good parents and heartwarming moments in your games. Let the good feels flow.

>Party has upbeat, well-adjusted orphan Solar
>Ghosts of his parents still linger in the ruins of his family estate
>DM lets him come back every in-game year to just hang out with dear old ma and pa
>The ghosts eventually become advice-givers and part-time therapists for our band of divine misfits
>Eventually party frees and adopts Shoat of the Mire
>Go on adventures, teach kid how to be a hero while dealing with Abyssal issues
>Show her to the Solar's parents, she immediately starts calling them grandma and grandpa
>Everyone leaves the session feeling warm and fuzzy

It's simply because traumatic backstories are more, well, dramatic, and people without families are more apt to go adventuring--less to leave behind, don't have to worry about what your family will go through if you never come back, etc.

As for happy backstories, uh...y'know I don't really have very many. I should probably fixed that.

Actually, if one thing I can think of, it's in a game I'm playing, my character, who thought her family had been dead for the past couple years, ran into her kid sister for the first time in forever, and was pretty overjoyed about it.
>Played a cop-turned-super after acquiring the ability to control kinetic energy
>Happily married
>Wife worries about him when he's out
>8 year old daughter that he absolutely dotes on
>Every family interaction is sweetness and light
>Use personal connections to help her meet a Congresswoman
>Join official superhero team because they offer a raise that his cop salary isn't pulling down
>Use her as justification for temporarily joining the BBEG (PCs are on the side of the Greek Gods, I remember enough Zeus to not want my daughter anywhere NEAR that fucker)
>No hostage situations or refrigerators

I swear at one point I'm going to play the daughter, setting-adapted for the new world, and give her that exact same backstory.
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OP here. That was actually what I had in mind with my group's next Exalted campaign, too. Now if only I could get my DM to free up his schedule so I can run as a grown-up Shot of the Mire.
You know what I'm tired of? Grim and depressing worlds. I see way too many games where people have to fight monsters or face life-threatening danger. Why can't game worlds be happy places devoid of evil and peril? Instead of trying to overcome bad things, why can't PCs just try to make good things even better?
>DnD party of all actors
>take roleplaying really seriously.
>even joking around happens in character
>guys and girl's character develop a loving relationship because it makes sense for their character
>never bled into real life drama
>never requested tabletop sex
>rest of party was cool with it
>character complexity made me feel like I was DMing the happiest Game of Thrones novel ever.
>I miss them
>we still talk sometimes
Not aure if this counts. In an old Fading Suns campaign, I wanted to play an al'Malik noble. The GM kinda guided me toward a Changed character...I'm still not entirely sure what they were but it came with some funky abilities that I honestly never used because they'd be sure to get the church to burn me as a demon.

I said that I was actually looking to play a character with a happy, almost boring background and play the unlikely hero type. He was fine with this. In fact he said that's why he let me have very powerful abilities that would have upset the game in anyone else's hands. Where he knew the other players would look for excuses to ise them, he was sure that, when I finally used them, it would be dramatically appropriate for the whole campaign and. Ot just for a particular session.

So my character was happy, for the most part. Had a loving family. She had amslight entitlement issue but nothing that made her a bitch... And that would be the happy background op was looking for.

However, i. The course of the campaign, she learned that she was actually a clone of her 'parents' REAL daughter who was killed in some sort of attempt on their lives. They used their influence to bring her back via my character, the Changed clone...

So there was tragedy in her background that I didn't write. Hopefully this still counts!!

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181 KB JPG
fuck yeah man.

I'm so sick of it, as is everyone else in our friend group, that we specifically created an Only War campaign were we play the cast of Disney's Atlantis as character.

I'm the Italian demolitions guy.
It's been the best game ever so far.
File: 1381462408896.pdf-(359 KB, PDF, Childhood Trauma.pdf)
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359 KB PDF
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Amen, Anon. Sometimes, a quest for the sake of improving something is worth just as much, if not more than a quest to fight evil. Pic related. No villain, no apocalypse, just the search for a virtuous life.
>DnD 3.5
>custom campaign setting
>playing goliath

It's not so much a backstory as it is his personality, I'll come up with a reason for it eventually, but he always helps children, orphans especially. The DM used it as an opportunity to give him a bonus to diplomacy checks with anyone native to a certain town after he rescued orphans during a dragon attack. It's pretty great.
Oh, I forgot to mention, he's flavored as a luchador and spec'd to be a monster grappler.
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683 KB JPG
>Savage Worlds
>Slave for well over 50 years
>Earned freedom
>wants to help others earn theirs

Based on pic related.
So you're the coolest character? Lucky devil.
Bump for more good feels.
Well I don't know if its really warm and fuzzy, but I'm fond of the backstory I gave my Drow Swordsage.

>Abandoned at the door to a monastery as a child (super original and creative, I know)
>Father took him in, and raised him as his son, despite their racial differences
>Brought up to treat everyone fair and equally, no matter what their race or past deeds
>One day, father grows ill, and as they live a poor existence, they can't afford medicine
>Drow knows he has to take care of his father, but without money, can't do so
>Takes what little money they have to a local alchemist, asking them to take medicine to his father
>They agree to do so, and promise to do it every week if he keeps bringing in gold
>Character starts adventuring because he wants to earn enough money to pay for his fathers medicine
>Regularly sends pouches of gold back home, with a raven or courier.

I just hope the DM doesn't announce that my characters father dies, some day.
I am surprised by how bereft y'all's games are of happy backgrounds and moments.
Check out /tg/'s CATastrophe setting maybe.
My current game is kind of going in the opposite direction from anything nice or good, and has ever since character creation.

Not all catgirls are lighthearted and zany, as it turns out.
The party adopted a thirteen year old lycanthropic kid.

His mother abandoned him, he never knew a father, and some evil fey from the woods he lived near had decided to fuck with him repeatedly. Party killed his mother (who was also very unsympathetic and treated his lycanthropy as 'dirty, infected, broken child, we need to fix you') and slapped enough fey shit to get them to stop fucking with him.

Party now has loyal minion and collective adoptive son. Busy trying to bring him up right in the background to being adventurers.
>Cleric of Garl Glittergold in my party
>Has a wife
>3 kids
>Was a miner, until an accident
>He bumped his head in the mines
>Now believes he's the son of Garl Glittergold
>Has vivid dreams of his god telling him to go kill a false god
>Leaves family behind

It was happy, until the end.

Your character's father has been dead for a long time, drow, but someone's been collecting the gold. Sounds like you've got one hell of a homecoming ahead of you...and a face-to-face with the true nature of your race.
>Daughter of a high class courtesan.
>Trained to be a courtesan from a young age.
>Spent her youth as a companion to the son of a wealthy merchant.
>Son of a wealthy merchant decides to go off adventuring.
>Character runs off with him.

>Party helps an old lady who was having her farm sieged by thugs.
>Kill the thugs.
>Roll to check their corpses.
>Oh shit Imperial Guards.
>Start freaking out.
>Pixie elects to kill the old lady.
>What no. That's stupid.
>She's a witness though.
>Old Lady hysterical, tells us to find her daughters who ran off.
>Go with the Half-Giant, roll well enough to find them after like 4 minutes (in game).
>Pixie slits the old woman's throat and heads back to the ship without us.
>Wizard lights the barn that was still standing on fire to cover our tracks.
>Little girl is crying. Explain to her that an evil Pixie killed her grandma and lit the barn on fire, but we vanquished her.
>It'll be hard to explain the pixie on our ship.
>I briefly explain outsiders and planes to her and say I promise to destroy the evil pixie forever.
>She buys it thanks to my massive Charisma.
>Now have little girl on pirate ship.
>She helped load the cannons.
>Not really sure what to do with her.

Oh and her sister was taken by the Half-Giant as a slave, but he hasn't been to two games so I have no idea what he's planning on doing.
Human sorceress with amnesia with vivid memories of a great fire and a village burning.
She lives peacefully in a village with her mute "sister" (She found her and took her with her during the destruction of the village) and works at the inn with her savior that found her wounded in the forest.
Her sister gets kidnapped by the minions of the BBEG and she sets after them with the party.
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187 KB JPG
He plans on taking heras his surrogate daughter.
I was thinking of taking the Epic Destiny Hordemaster eventually. She'd be my lieutenant.

Otherwise I'll just train her as my spunky pirate sidekick.

Sure, why not?

In one of my campaigns we had two characters, a human bard and a half-elf rogue, who'd grown up together. Their parents were best friends, they treated each other like brothers and always looked out for each other. They regularly dropped by their parents' homes to let them know everything was okay, sometimes stayed for a few days to help out with the family businesses (bard's parents ran a general store, rogue's parents were silversmiths), and the parents generally fussed and worried about their boys going off adventuring but didn't try to stop them. Generally a pretty happy situation.

Greentexting the other one. Set in Forgotten Realms.

>Party has been searching for wrecked pirate ship to recover its treasure
>Find ship wrecked on rocks a couple of miles out to sea
>Find there is exactly one survivor besides the captain
>Diplomacy and bargaining, promise to take him back to shore with us
>He agrees to guide us to the treasure, starts leading us through the ship
>We come across a recently hatched song dragon wyrmling, can take cute lil girl form at will
>Starts asking questions about us because she's never seen anything other than the two humans on the ship before
>Entire party melts and we take her along when we leave
>She's attached herself to the party wizard, a nervous winged elf girl
>Baby dragon is now part of the party and contributing as much as she can
>Everybody helps out raising her - bard keeps her entertained, rogue teaches her sleight of hand, etc.

Sadly the campaign seems to have ground to a halt due to DM having too much on her plate.
Tell me about it. I loosely based my character on the Generation A Slav catgirls, and ended up playing the catgirl equivalent of Niko Bellic.

The single bright spot is that after a long day of doing terrible things to terrible people, she comes home to her adopted catgirl "little sister" and spends her downtime playing boardgames and watching movies with her instead of prepping for the next job.
File: 1381519552147.png-(300 KB, 800x1000, CATastrophePoster.png)
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300 KB PNG
> It has catgirls!
>Join cyberpunk RP
>Character's team of not-Shadowrunners becomes a second family
>Thanksgiving comes around
>Team too far to return to their homes to meet with families
>Team Technomancer sets up untraceable video chat conference with everyone's families for Thanksgiving
>Have our own dinner with blackjack and hoo--er, turkey.
>Turns out one of our teammates is an orphan
>Families all offer to treat her as their own and take her in
>My character's little sister immediately adopts her as a big sister

Even in the shadows, there is still compassion.
Feels bump.
Really, /tg/? Are there so few good feels in your campaigns?
>Party enters ancient weapon lab
>Though having been abandoned for roughly two centuries, the lab has still has an active power supply - and rows upon rows of security measures, including automated wall turrets, security robots and aggressive nanite swarms.
>The only thing in the entire compound that is not trying the party is a sentient AI that happens to be surprisingly friendly and helps the party by disabling some security measures and unlocking doors for them.
>Party manages to get the data storage device they were sent for. Unfortunately, the device is connected to hordes of heavily-armed security automatons, and removing it from its stasis chamber woke up said automatons.
>Party is now in full retreat, the AI is still supporting them by closing doors behind them so as to hinder the progress of the automatons
>The party is literally standing right in front of the exit of the lab, as the AI bids them farewell, quietly stating that it will probably have to stay inside.
>This AI has been locked up in the complex for two hundred years, all alone.
>The party comes to a grinding halt, turns around and somehow manages to sneak back to the central processing core right under the noses of the security automatons, transfer the AI into a cybernetic body and get out of the place without getting shot at more than twice.
> The AI eventually becomes a vital member of the party, hacking into stuff and also piloting the players' transport.
>Generic fantasy campaign
>Party is lawful good, kills rats in people's basements, brings back lost family heirlooms, roots out corrupt nobles and at one point puts down an Undead Invasion (even going so far as to help with the clean-up operation; placing the corpses back into their respective graves and sarcophagi so as to make sure they'd stay dead for the time being).
>All is well, the party is extremely popular. Gets free drinks at taverns, discounts in shops, and when in the city, is constantly followed by a crowd of children that want to be like them when they grow up.

>Old King dies of old age. His son, who was also bro-tier, had fallen during the Undead Invasion mentioned above.
>New King is some slimy bastard.
>Wants to get rid of the party as he sees them as potential competition.
>Has the party arrested for no reason.
>Being lawful stupid, the party doesn't lift a hand against the king even when he strips them of their enchanted weapons and armor.

>Eventually, the five members of the party kneel under five well-polished guillotines in the city dungeons.
>The king mocks them for their naivety and is about to give the final command, when suddenly the door bursts open and a wild array of farmers and civics floods the room, quickly dispatching the king's Guards before lynching the king himself.
>As it turned out, the rumor of the party's arrest and planned execution had sent the entire country in a violent riot, with what little loyal followers the Bastard king having been overrun by a mob of very, very angry peasants.
>The kingdom is subsequently split up into five baronies, with each member of the party getting his or her own one.
>A golden age dawns.
>Playing in an all evil campaign
>playing an elderly senile wizard
>is evil because he just randomly shoots fireballs cause he batshit insane
>is insan because his wife died
>tried to bring her back to life but was only able to transfer her soul into his cat familiar
>the dm was giving us shit loads of gold and material components because he wanted our characters to become really powerful in influence in the end
>while the others were corrupting naitions and summoning demons, I was buy a shit ton of components that gave me almost no benefits in and out of combat.
>game coming to its close
>I decide its time to finish my master plan
>use all of the components I have gathered to cast one giant spell.
>use it to turn 1/3 of the population into sentient cats, and gives all regular cats sentience
>everyone in the party has to roll to see if they are transformed
>my wizard, and two other party members are changed
>my wizard lives in peace with his cat wife for the rest of his life
Always nice to see DM's acknowledge the populace doesn't immediately forget the PC's existence after they save their farm
Continuing from this:
>My character rarely spends his cut of the money
>Usually puts away at least half of his earnings from every run, spending enough just to keep his equipment on par with the team's
>Party wonders why he spends so little
>Wild theories abound
>Emergency funds to buy off cops?
>Nope. Party stumbles into a video conference with my character's family
>Turns out he's sending the cash home to pay for his little sister's college tuition so his family won't have to
>GM actually does the 'find baby dragon, wat do' plot and it doesn't self-destruct with half the party wanting to sell it/skin it and the other half wanting to keep it as a pet

I envy you.
>playing Shadowrun
>my players are a troupe at Evo's retainer
>the megacorp used them in a campaign against MCT to get their groundbreaking product to the market first.
>going to Chicago to sabotage a research center
>met a procession of maggots (people cooperating with human-inhibiting bug spirits)
>hiding, until they see the worker insects following the maggots have a bag with someone's bony legs sticking out
>the runners attack, despite being outnumbered, and free the captive
>the captive is a ten year old half-feral ork girl
>runners take her in, take her to their Seattle safehouse
>naturally, a half-feral kid is extremely problematic to live with
>runners try to find her foster parents
>she throws a fit, shouting that they're trying to sell her to the bugs, too
>the runners stick with her throughout clogged toilets and burned soy processors
>Playing half-orc warrior type.
>Raised by his retired adventurer orc father and some half-siblings.
>Orc dad tells him hundreds of stories about noble adventurers, paladins, heroes and saving the world. Then teaches his little orcling how to fight.
>Half-orc grows up, joins the army. Finds it horrible serving a wicked lord. Runs off.
>Becomes adventurer, a hero, a big damn hero even! Starts recording his adventures in a journal and turns it into paladins of the one church he trusts.
>Secretly became a paladin of that church, no other PCs know this.
>Orc father uses his connections, ends up getting copies of the journals. Reads them every night to his adoptive youngest daughter.
>After saving the world from a wicked god, half-orc thinks his father will finally be proud.
>DM leaked that his father knows all this, and expresses his pride all the time at home.
File: 1381608389160.jpg-(11 KB, 210x240, togusa-reporting-in.jpg)
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Small one from a 4E game I've been dm'ing that I thought was kind of sweet.

>Party arrives by ship in harbour of a new city
>Greeted on the pier by the classic shakedown/welcome commitee consisting of a few thugs with two huge, trained wardogs
>First thing the ranger does is petting one of the dogs, who instantly takes a liking to her
>'Negotiations' turn bad, fightan time
>Party only goes after the two-legged enemies throughout the entire fight
>After they're dead, the ranger manages to calm the formerly petted dog, but the other one is too out of it.
>Instead of attacking it, everyone -including the rather cutthroat self-interested rogue- just tries to nonviolently push it off the pier into the water while exposed to its attacks
>They succeed, the dog swims off into the sunset.
>The other dog is spontaneously adopted by the ranger
>Be dark heresy
>Ordo Xenos, Radical as can be
>Investigating fishing town in the shadow of an enormous, ever rotting, regenerating corpse
>Locals all supa rude
>Asking around, looking for clues (a tribe of native pacified xenos had been eradicated under suspicious circumstances)
>Hire room in craptastic inn.
>Awareness Check
>Techpriestess sets inn on fire with flamer, kill some townspeople
>townspeople are tougher and faster than they should be.
>book it out window
>Sneakan round streets
>hiding behind rubbish bins
>Climbing drains
>Fire is raging, all the town is either in a bucket chain or looking for the dangerous outsiders.
>Invade mayers office
>Security check open some locks
>readan diary
>Oh craps! Inbreedy culty shenanigans
>Set mayors house on fire
>Steal his booze
>Check in a house.
>Sneakan in
>Little girl is there
>Pure black eyes, but otherwise seems to be a little girl
>Ask her directions, charm check 'were freinds of your parents'
>Get directions to church in middle of twon, some 'patriarch' is there
>Girl calls him great grandad
>Loud banging from the door at top of stairs
>Loud and continuous, party freakan

>After a while of freakan, girl walks up stairs and asks grandma to calm down. Banging stops.
>Party Leave
>Party sneak around more
>On rooftops
>See Mayor ahs gathered all the towns adults, is giving a speach
>Talking about taking two of the party members alive, killing the other two
>Arbite party leader looks over to Ork hunter, gives him the nod
>Ork hunter lines up his hunting rifle
>One shot, one kill
>Town in panic, fire is spreading, mayor is dead.
>Party sneaks into church undetected
>Clumbs over huge walls around church
>Sneaks into church.
>Everything seems normal, although the stainglass window depicting the emperor has an oddly mouth/tooth like border
>Altar can be moved
>Stairs into darkness
>'Hey Grandad"
>Patriarch is guarding eggs in his 'throne room'
>Rushes towards party, attempts to grapple arbite
>Techpriestess sets the roof/ church floor on fire
>Party is loaded up on Krak grenades, and krak grenade Patriarch into gibblets
>Roof is burning, book it out
>techpriestess takes samples first
> Outside burning church
>Adults of town in the streets, screaming, convulsing
>Tonnes of crying kids wandering around burning town
>Windows smashing, grand dads and grandma's on fire creeping out windows.
>Time to book it!
>Its a fishing town, time to get boat.
>Four armed, super fast burning monstrosities chasan
>Stop every now and then to shoot or chuck grenade
>A little shape in the smoke is rushing towards the party. Wailing, arms out wide
>Arbite doesnt hesitate, scoops her up on the move and keeps running
>Little girl from before, she's very crying
>Party slower now for weight, almost there
>A group of Grandpas and grandmas catch up, salaviaa dripping from screeching toothy maws
>Party fights, the techpriestess has her chest ripped wide open and is then stepped on by genestealer
>Nearly buys it
>Arbite fights with little girl in arms, Ork hunter and psyker pick up techpriestess
>More bookan it
>Set up a wall of fire behind them
>Grandparents rush through
>Throw grenade, blasts the last of the lot who were chasing them.
>Make it to dock
>try to start up boat
>Sail off into sunrise, burning town behind them

In the wrap up, there were sudden uprisings all over the world, which the plenetary governer was trying to put down with pdf. Inquisitor tanked the acolytes for a job well done, using the samples they brought set up a genetest to be distrubuted so pdfs could check for genetic taint.

Ask about little girl, he says it will be fine (is super radical), although she will need surgery to prevent reproduction.

And thats how my hardline arbite adopted a genestealer hybrid
File: 1381611791055.jpg-(49 KB, 599x441, a3b45.jpg)
49 KB
Not sure how good I am at repeating this, but it was a nice moment.

>Party is in the Lap, and have met crazy homeless man who is actually the Heavenly Censor Swan Dragon.
>All attempts to get through to him are met with failure and we call it quits.
>We focus on our other priority, which is to stop bad guys from breaking into the Penitent.
>After several weeks of scheming it all culminates in us defeating the bad guys and adjusting the Penitent so the deserts will become a lovely and fertile grassland instead.
>After doing this the Penitent is now surrounded by Dragonblooded and Realm Soldiers, unless we escape we are going to starve to death
>Find the personal seal of Swan Dragon in the Penitent
>Party Zenith decides to use his Perfect Mirror disguise charms to impersonate Swan Dragon
>Tells the army that he, "Swan Dragon" personally defeated an army of Anathema and blessed the South with eternal prosperity.
>Dragonblooded all acknowledge that Swan Dragon saved the day and gave his blessings to make the South bloom again, cheering his departure. Party fucks off VERY quickly.
>Ride off to the sunset. Stop by to pick up crazy hermit, who is embraced by the Zenith that is still impersonating him.
>Swan Dragon is delivered back to his daughter, and gets the mental help he sorely needs.
>Swan Dragon is acclaimed throughout the world for his selfless act of heroism.
>The South is green again.
>Good end.
File: 1381618289808.png-(13 KB, 294x449, DELICIOUS.png)
13 KB
Two from my games

>One PC, Sin-Eater, is girl just out of college
>Father is a police detective, has a decent idea that she's got more to her than she seems, still loves her
>Loses left leg below the knee because of train crash
>Muscles through PT and recovery because he's the only one with a paycheck
>PC and father have pretty awesome relationship the whole game
>Near end of game
>True Fae rampaging, feeds on the fear it causes
>It threatens PC, who is scared out of her fucking mind, and it will probably kill her in one round
>True Fae recoils, massive wounds appearing on it, and turns
>Father is there, crutch in one hand, pistol in the other
>The True Fae's Bane is people who do not fear it
>Dad is to busy going full Neeson to give a fuck
>Blows its head off
>PC faces when
File: 1381618843727.jpg-(18 KB, 244x320, Manly Tears.jpg)
18 KB

>Also WoD
>One PC is from an old aristocratic family of Hunters
>Went "no fuck you dad" and hung out with the servants who were doing sketchy magic stuff
>Whoops the cult leader's a vampire
>Becomes professional assassin, ghost-talker, and religious acolyte, never quite gets over guilt about abandoning family and what she's become
>After over a century, returns to old ancestral home
>It's abandoned
>Decides to refurbish it to its former glory and honor her family the best way she can
>Finds caches of weapons and traps left behind by the family
>Eventually breaks down into the foundation to an unmapped crypt
>It holds the first member of her family, a soldier from the Napoleonic wars she grew up hearing stories of
>Has his gun and diary
>...and his ghost
>PCs shit bricks
>Ghost reveals he's been watching her rebuild their home, remembers her from when she was a child, has seen her slowly regain a conscience of sorts, hunt down monsters among monsters, and grapple with her family legacy
>And says that no matter what any others say, he will always be proud of what she's become
>Player takes excuse to buy up several dots of willpower
File: 1381621197904.jpg-(11 KB, 240x320, CartoonKoreanGirl.jpg)
11 KB
>Playing one shot with my friends homebrew system
>Wake up with no one around
>All alone in the world
>All the clocks have stopped moving
>Get message from person through internet
>"I'm in St. Louis"
>I'm in Austin
>Fuck it, I'm losing my sanity anyway
>Find dog along the way
>Befriend it
>Eventually reach St. Louis
>Sanity at all time low
>Make way to person's house
>Korean girl opens up door. She's even more insane than me
>Find out that there are "monster's out there"
>After some prodding, I convince her to go back to Austin with me
>Along the way we talk about stuff
>Been having terrible nightmares all game
>Nightmares imply that cause of everything is in the north
>I'm still fleeing from monsters
>In Austin, I start losing it
>Due to conversations, girl is a lot better than me now
>Cheers me up and says we should go north
>Reach Chicago after run in with fish man
>Before finale, I thank girl for helping me
>Also, promise the dog that if we survive, I'll give it the best name ever
>Final fight
>We holding back monsters and lighting candles. Lighting all the candles will hopefully end everything
>Monster attacks me
>Dog takes the hit and rips its throat out
>We eventually light all the candles
>Flash of light, I pass out
>Feeling warmth all around me
>Wake up to find people all around me, looking confused
>Girl sitting next to me
>Dog, lookign like shit but still alive comes up to me, happy as hell

My friend later told me that if any of the monsters had hit the dog or the girl one more time, they probably would've died.
I love my current Paladin, and if I knew him he would probably love me.
>Bastard of a not-English duke and his not-Irish servant.
>Sent off to Paladin-skewl
>Loves it, trains his ass off, hella strong, hella smart
>Father forgets about him rather quickly, doesn't write or visit
>Even now, Paladin will send letters to his father, hoping he'll get one back

He's currently trying to start an orphanage using liberated skeletons and reformed prostitutes. He's the shit.
File: 1381644056218.jpg-(136 KB, 400x348, TFW_no_Korean_gf.jpg)
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136 KB JPG
Saved. Glad you liked it bro, means a lot to me.

>tfw Jenny
Don't genestealers have telepathy? Why was the town square gathering necessary?
>a player working for a wanton murder organization goes on a wanton murder spree with the rest of the group to lure out necromancers
>bursts into a home and kills everyone during a kid's birthday party
>player kills each NPC in the room except for the birthday boy
>decides he wants to be as fucked up as possible and gets in the kids face, smiles, and says "Happy birthday billy" (his name was on a banner on the wall)
>I rolled earlier, the town was controlled by a death cult
>rolled for if billy was in the death cult or not
>Billy hugs the serial killer and says "thank you please take me with you"
>player is too overcome with feels to kill the kid
>Billy is now the patsy of the group and tender of their animals
File: 1381654400261.gif-(1.29 MB, 296x180, Damn.gif)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB GIF
Damn you sir
damn you right to hell
You made me realize my Dm will never do something that cool
I got a pretty soft-hearted group, I guess. Not that I'm complaining. It was a pretty cool game and the baby dragon essentially became everyone's kid. She even helped us deal with a band of slavers.
How is this heart-warming?!
It's fucking terrible!
>Heartwarming General
Golden Sky Stories
>The adults in my town are crazy
>Even my parents
>Especially my parents
>take me to temple every few days
>it's always sacrifice day at the temple
>I'm so scared that I'll be picked everytime
>I watched the girl from three doors down get picked
>My parents defined 'eviscerated' at length during
>I tried to run away a couple years ago
>I don't want to go in the basement again
>It is my birthday today
>Wish I could have any other life
>Stranger bursts in and kills everyone
>"Happy Birthday!"
>I get to go with him and his group
>They don't take me to temple, they let me play with the animals
>They don't make me watch others be tortured, they just send me on errands
>I'm not afraid to die every day
>I'm so happy
Sounds heartwarming to me, bro
File: 1381669164746.jpg-(13 KB, 290x262, 3ehalforc.jpg)
13 KB
>Playing D&D
>Be Half-Orc fighter
>Party finds two kids orphaned after goblin raid on small farmstead, take them in
>Ask kids why they didn't fight, the half hide, say they don't know how
>Immediately started training them, party got mad at me being like a drill sergeant
>"If your ways leave them weak, I'll teach them mine!"
>That feel when the kids take to it
>That feel when they leave after many adventures as supporting npc's and found their own adventuring band
>That feel after the half orc retires to a small estate, and their group keeps returning to keep an eye on ol' dad...
>They succeed, the dog swims off into the sunset.
That's not heartwarming at all
I'll post, though usually my posts kill threads of all kinds.
>D&D 3.5
>ended last crawl with our party Artificer/Technomancer hit with feeblemind and no medical attention readily available
>My barbarian, having adventured with her for quite a few years, volunteers to take care of her until she can be cured
>She has intelligent item familiar in the form of her handgun that speaks for her through some mind link
>basically stroll around with her in a military camp, and introduce what is basically a child to bacon
>they start to go out after she's cured
File: 1381670848052.jpg-(61 KB, 500x524, 1304559224736.jpg)
61 KB
File: 1381670966749.jpg-(7 KB, 184x274, indy.jpg)
7 KB
I love having both, really. I like to RP (relatively freeform) in games that are practically what you might find in some cartoons.

Although I swear it's really annoying when you're the one playing fun, 'normal' characters and everyone else has to have huge plot-centric backgrounds or the good old rape card.

Damn it when you're trying to have fun and then something you do or say turns out to be a 'trigger'. Seriously, has anyone else had to deal with that?
The bacon didn't cure her. The healers were too busy with mortally wounded soldiers to take care of one feebleminded woman. At that time in the campaign, the entire world was in all-out war against an invasion of multiple monstrous species, i.e. giants, undead, etc. orchestrated by a millennia-old sorceress to help the Ruinous Powers take the plane for themselves. We were the alpha strike force (and eventually, generals/commanders) that went out and took down the head of each wave.
No, no, he was chuckling at the unintentional pun. Bacon. Cured meats.
Ah. My bad. The reaction image threw me off.
File: 1381683119499.gif-(26 KB, 301x355, 1380608703787.gif)
26 KB
Continuing from this Exalted campaign.
>Entire Circle contributes to educating the Shoat of the Mire, whom we've started to call "Mira"
>Learns martial arts, demolitions, gun fu, bureauracy 101, stealth, and various academic subjects thanks to the Circle and its many allies and contacts
>Kills a Wyld Hunt hit squad all by herself, has a big shit-eating grin on her bloodstained face
>Celebrate by taking little Mira out for ice cream in Nexus
>mfw we just created Abyssal Hit-Girl

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