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File: 1381048262445.png-(7.51 MB, 2826x1732, Borgas 4 nations map grid.png)
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7.51 MB PNG
Continuing onwards with Primordial setting building.

In these thread, we try to weave all the fluff, and content made in the Primordial evolution threads, into a coherent setting, by fleshing stuff out, statting races, figuring out the history of the world, and so on.

Earlier threads:

Link to the wiki page:

Work in progress guide to the setting:

>Here is the current world map. It is not the final version.
File: 1381052920099.pdf-(236 KB, PDF, Race stats.pdf)
236 KB
236 KB PDF
As I am somewhat busy right now, I am just gonna post the work in progress stats Notrip made here.
File: 1381058678355.png-(6 KB, 800x800, Sigil.png)
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Here is the full tl;dr history of the hastun so it can be simply integrated to the timeline
>Arrived from the desert
>Started to settle and adapt
>Named a ruler
>Developed mining and hunting
>Northern mines, ships (might have been noticed by Hu-raan)
>Revolution, rise of the alchamanists
>Met the Rii'dan
>Koburrog thralls
>Poor advancement
>Persecution of the empyrists.
>Empyrists secretely trade with Hu-raan.
>War declared to the Rii'dan
>Empyrists organize resistance with the Rii'dan
>Push against alchanimalists
>New constitutional council
>Huge scientific development
>Peace declared with the Rii'dan
>Contacts officially taken with Hu'raan
>Technology trades unsuccessful
>War starts between Hu'raan and Nutera
>Hastun refuses to help
>Nutera's first attack on Hastun
>Rii'dan unite against the invasion.
>Settlement of the Nad'lun outpost.
File: 1381060276095.png-(76 KB, 600x800, Thrall.png)
76 KB
Also here is the current result of Hastuns breedings on Koburrog thralls. Encouraging resistance to high temperature (dark skin, baldness).

The armor plates on the pelvic area of the Koburrogs is actually the same material as the plates on their chest and neck.
File: 1381063952015.png-(81 KB, 600x800, Thrall.png)
81 KB
Oh, it's biological matter? I thought it was a piece of cloth.
Corrected version. I'll draw equipment a bit later.
File: 1381066207292.png-(82 KB, 448x354, oasis burrog.png)
82 KB

Yeah, the Koburrogs have bony plating over their hips and pelvic areas.
Traces of their ancestry pretty much. They evolved from things like these.
File: 1381077876179.png-(41 KB, 1244x576, West continent timeline.png)
41 KB
Bumping with the Player interaction timelines, and brief histories (tribal era) of the nations:

A tribe of mevolas. Not much development occurred for them during the first tribal game, because the player abandoned them. Later received some fluff to flesh them out.

Forest frowgmen tribe, with strong merchantile and cultural focus. Later merged with K'lahk and formed the Lasér tribe. Were among the founders of the Enclave.

Tribe of tundra frowgmen. Great warriors and hunters. Joined in hunts with the Ta'mirel, and together discovered the Fo'wil. Were among the founders of the Enclave.

Tribe of Lems, who received a vision of doom in the early stages of their development. Fighting against this doom became heavy focus of their culture. Were among the founders of the Enclave.

Another tribe of Lems. Culturally heavily focused on knowledge, and industry. Founded the first true city in the continent (Geshud Deller). Joined the Enclave as early members.

Tribe of Aluns, who moved from a nomadic lifestyle, to agrarian one as they settled on the banks of the Great River. Fertile soil, and the quickly growing hrass fueled a potent population boom, and expansion across the length of the river.

A Tribe of mevolas, who mostly remained in their hunter gatherer lifestyle, while fighting against aggressive andoni insects that spread trough their jungle.
File: 1381080883814.pdf-(305 KB, PDF, primordial races BRP2.pdf)
305 KB
305 KB PDF
Here's the new version with info from the google doc.

Races still in need of stats:
Hunter Worms

If anyone has experience with BRP (same system used in Call of Cthulhu), or just could just compare the strengths and weaknesses of the races to humans, I could use a little help with the stats.

Also, we need a list of monstrous creatures. Slizers are already done.

Some of the Ramel species could use stats probably.
Also, all the oceanic races also need stats.
File: 1381082028838.jpg-(90 KB, 228x362, i-3e000e52342e16ca6f187af(...).jpg)
90 KB
File: 1381083422521.png-(48 KB, 980x448, koburrog races.png)
48 KB
I couldn't put my finger on it, but I just realized what seemed off. Head isn't oval enough, and they're a bit too lanky.
Oh well, nad did the drawing. I just colored it.
Still, I'm quite happy with it and i think these are acceptable after a 200 years selection/breeding process.

I can redesign it at some point if you wish.
File: 1381104078059.png-(156 KB, 600x800, Kawaii puruu.png)
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156 KB PNG
Which nations have mixed race populations? Is it even feasible for any nation to remain one race, and not assimilate any forgieners?

Nations I think have multiple races
>Tanacs Azseg: Log'eadz and Shwirms, accidental Best Friend Races
>Urupuruu Empire
>Some kingdoms in the Narrow Seas

The Izileth nation has Shrohans. Frowgs and Hollori. The Shrohans are the upper caste in their society, however the Frowgs and Hollori are still valued members of the nation, and they are treated well.

The Nad'lun, coastal province has "populations" of mercenaries, ranging from all sorts of races, but they aren't really citizens of the nation.

The Zu-nul have a whole caste of pusmals as workers.
The Gwiliak kind of have members of other races, in the form of the Gohrok servants.

The Lufae and Ifal Fa both make use of Puruu derived servitors, though in the case of Ifal Fa, they mostly just utilize parts taken from the puruus they grow, unlike the Lufae, who have a thrall caste of modified puruus.
Jenter (Mevola, Frowg, Alun)
Hu-raan (Koburrog, Gorriog.)
Carethil are isolationist and thus far are only Joorod. The Silith are only Govkar as far as I know, though they might make use of the Gohrok as well. In this world it is quite hard to remain as a monoracial empire.
>Carethil are isolationist and thus far are only Joorod.
Pretty much. The colonies may have a mix of races, but in Ca'rethill itself, the non-joorod population is negligibly small.
Would Mohu'Awane, now that they probably percieve reality in radically different ways thanks to the Silvertree, be a nation of Babycakes?

>You log'eadz have a lot of things to watch out for. Like honkeymuffs,spiriteduffers, fuck-up gloves and huge ancestral hammers
>Kwagos people run. Run like the wind. Even old modly Thelont, didn't wanna let 'em in
File: 1381124065774.png-(20 KB, 535x260, 1333063230992.png)
20 KB
For the sake of crunch later, I should explain how I imagined glundiform skeletons.
Some saw them as something like a second layer. In my mind, there were parts of the skeleton which were exposed, and grew like fingernails, except with layers which would break off over time. The segments of a glund's shell are the actual vertebrae, not a layer of mineralized tissue on top of the skin.
For ramels, apply the idea to their entire exoskeleton. Bones became platelike, became external, and replaced most of their skin. For burlies and ramel slashers, I would think that they have a different order of how tissues are layered than us. Skin, Bone, Muscle instead of Skin, Muscle, Bone.
File: 1381134788161.png-(125 KB, 800x600, jiaPm.png)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
Bump before bed
with the ramel, it was always plate, muscle/organs, bone when I made them so long ago. They really don't have skin, but some of their plates can pass as really thick leather, other plates are about as hard as bone. As a ramel's plates grow thicker, the outer layer simply sheds off, and they will often turn back and eat that now discarded plate.

So right now things we are working on are stats, and the google document. Once thats done, do we move towards a unified PDF?

Finally, items, how do we stat them?
No idea. I'll have abunch to add with my civ.
Maybe we should start with the less advanced and easilly identifiable like spears, swords... and then we'll progress towards rail guns, acid guns and such...
File: 1381150386118.png-(96 KB, 2864x1464, Central continent timeline.png)
96 KB

Bumping with the Central timeline.
BRP is a generic system. A lot of weapons already have stats.
File: 1381164042210.png-(105 KB, 1364x1246, East continent timeline.png)
105 KB
105 KB PNG

The East continent.
File: 1381165569169.png-(157 KB, 1890x1172, South continent timeline.png)
157 KB
157 KB PNG

And the south continent.
If anyone wants to ask any questions about the tribes in these charts, feel free to ask.

Anyways, what should we work on next? Just continue to flesh out he google doc?
File: 1381173368417.png-(61 KB, 600x500, Stalker Ngung mating disp(...).png)
61 KB
Are these the only spider like species in this world?
To my knowledge at least, only they, and few other ngung species produce silk like stuff.
File: 1381179778881.png-(4 KB, 149x480, baby hoppa.png)
4 KB

Hoppas also can make some sort of silk I think.
The tunneler hoppas excrete silk to reinforce their tunnels, and many larval hoppas attach themselves to their mothers via a silky thread.
Well, i don't wanna sound pressing but could you add the Hastun timeline (>>27601042) in central. So i can situate them in the whole thing.

That timeline charts the first central tribal game, during which some of the nations and tribes that were introduced later, like Hastun or the Nutera, weren't yet around, at least when the game was played.
I would estimate, that during that time, the Hastun were still nomads in the desert, as that timeline ends approximately hundred years before the start of the second central game.
Oh i thought you went through the whole thing.

The civ games of every continent haven't been charted up yet.
I haven't started doing it yet because I didn't feel that we had yet really put down the histories of the nations during the tribal stage.
The purpose of the player interaction charts was to establish when each tribe had contact with one another, so that we could use those points as reference for fleshing out, constructing the histories of each nation, and spot the stuff we might have to retcon in order for everything to flow together neatly.

Unfortunately, I don't really know how to do any of that, outside of writing up some sort of abridged histories for every nation.
That's actually a specialized tongue in that picture. The tip is sticky, allowing the larva of whatever species of hoppa that is to hold onto its mother.

I won't post it myself, but if you look for BRP threads archived on foolz, someone posted a link to a mediafire account with the core book and numerous supplements.

I guess that the tongue atrophies as the larvae grows?
In any case, at least the tunneling hoppas can make some sort of silk. I don't really remember if the trait was in other hoppas as well, or if it emerged only in the tunneling hoppas though.
Here's the ethnic groups of the Log'eadz

>Nag Ber'Ek: Contains two subgroups, the City-clans and the Tender-clans. The City-Clans dominate the the log'ead portions of the TA, exerting control everywhere but in the Watershed Swamp, and the deep portions of the Iosa Woods. The City-Clans have pre-eminent rights over those log'eadz and shwirms in Nag Ber'Ek lands that don't have honorary clanship, or the protection of Oamenii guilds. Tenders have split into two groups, one migrating across the Great Channel to Cruncholm and its surrounding. They possess a cultural heritage the City-Clans refuse to allow to die, and their Cathedrals are still capable of acting as war machines that far outstrip anything the Oamenii steam-smiths can make.

>Iosan: They are the smallest of the three ethnicities of the Tanacs Azseg. They live primarily in the Iosa Woods, and the Watershed Swamp. These two geographical areas existed around the Karzo Mountains, which are in actuality a long string of very large hills. Still, their size has affected the regional weather, preventing rains from making it all the way to the heart of the continent, instead sliding down the southern slopes of the Karzos to make a muddy mess known as Watershed Swamp, a large lub forest. Watershed holds only half the Iosan population, despite making up three-fourths of the Iosan Province. The Iosans originally stretched out onto the western plains, and a site to the north of Tledusua was the earliest known Log'ead strucutre, Earths Maw, so named for it being a castle built in the mouth of a massive cave that was collapsed during the Nag Ber'Ek conquest. Since that conquest, the Iosans have been pushed south, and onto the fringes of society. They avoid the northern areas, keeping to the Iosan Province where their legal rights remain strong despite lacking the clans that Nag Ber'ek have to back them up.
>Varosegian: The people of varoseg are a mix of all preceedign ethnicities. Some of them are Iosans who were disatissfied with being second fiddle to the Nag Ber'Ek in the TA. Others were plains folk who lost their towns to the encroach of the soundscape. Many were former raiders, descended from those plainsfolk who turned to brigandry and those tenders who lost all their cathedrals, who had preyed upon the edges of the TA and the Lufae alike. And only a few are born directly from tenders, with only a single clan of those nomads joining the Great Trek to the Urupuruu lands.
File: 1381212348174.png-(16 KB, 401x515, 1335282377015.png)
16 KB

STR: 4d6+1 Average: 15
Effort: 75%

CON: 2d6+8 Average 15

SIZ: 3d6+5 Average: 15-16

INT: 2d6+6 Average: 13
Idea: 65%

DEX: 2d6 Average: 7
Agility: 35%

POW: 3d6 Average: 10-11
Luck: 50-55%

APP: 3d6 Average 10-11
Charisma: 50-55%

HP: 15-16
db: +1d4

Natural Armor: +5 or 6 points of armor.
That electric grasp thing that I STILL need to figure out.
Page 27 of the quickstart pdf has most of what's relevant.
File: 1381228266170.png-(572 KB, 1100x1200, TA warrior vs Ifal Fa cus(...).png)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
The Ifal Fa themselves utilize their Cedya thralls as training opponents for their warriors.
These fights usually take place in arenas, where the warriors face against increasingly deadly cedyas.
These battles are also a rite of passage within the warrior choirs of the Ifal Fa, as well as entertainment for the masses.
In occasion, captives who intruded to Ifal Fa lands, are thrown to the arena as well, for more exiting matches. They are usually criminals or slavers, who utilize the inhospitable soundscape infested swath of land, between Lufae and Ifal Fa lands proper, to move discretely from Varoseg to TA lands.
The geist warhosts who patrol this swath of land on occasion, rarely care to interfere with these criminals, however should they transgress the lands the geists call their own, they will be quickly attacked and caught.

The gorrirogs are probably the heaviest, and physically strongest and toughest race after the Gantu.
Their natural armor probably lessens their need to wear metallic armors, and instead, the metal armors they use are mostly there to just ad a protective layer to their natural armor, so that it won't get broken as easily.
I would also think that engravings and general "bodymods", like embedded jewelry, and piercings to the natural armor, are common as well.
File: 1381252870920.png-(89 KB, 600x900, Lem.png)
89 KB
How strong are the Lem exactly?
I know that they have been stated to be quite strong, at least around the strength of the tundra frowgmen.
Their strength is probably derived from some sort of hydraulic fluid movements within their bodies, seeing how they don't posses any muscles to my understanding at least.
This would imply, that the lem probably have quite fearsome raw strength, but it's probably not as "explosive" as in the races with muscles and so on.

Basically, their strong suit would probably be ripping shit apart, and crushing things, instead of flinging rapid punches and so on, as their "musculature" operates more slowly than the one of races with actual muscles. In turn however, the Lem can probably exert far greater strength over time, and tear stuff apart with their strength.

These are all just ideas though.
The lem are one of the races with the most bizarre biology, so I am not really in the know of all of their quirks.
For example, how does their support structure work? Is is some sort of vicious fluid like system, that only maintains it's shape properly in cold climates?
Lem are pretty weird compared to the other races. Lets start off with their biology. They are fluid filled, but that fluid is very gel like in nature. Their support structure comes from both being cold enough to maintain shape and a cytoskeleton see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cytoskeleton , as well as their cell wall/ membrane. They have a distributed nucleus and high density of mitochondrial like structures, to include something reminiscent of chloroplasts.

Your summary of their strength is correct, they are likely freakishly strong for their size, and very elastic, but also comparatively slow and lacking any real "twitch." That carries over in the heavy armor and weapons they use, which for most races would be outside their ability to use. A lem functions best in a cold environment where most of their internal mass takes on a more semi-solid consistency and a smaller amount of their "cytoplasm" remains fluid to provide hydraulic movement through various internal channels. In a warmer temperature they begin to loose internal solidity and become less ridgid, though a novel increase in flexibility and elasticity is gained. This does not offset the fact that a lem in the tundra can get run through with a sword, and just sort of ooze shut, while a lem in the desert will bleed out, or suffer a large loss of internal volume before the injury seals itself.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_jump#Records looking at a hoppa's legs, length, etc, then take into account a lightweight body with airsack cushioned organs, an alun can probably jump insanely high, is the fastest race on the planet, and can again jump insanely long distances.
I just remembered an idea that I had for Lem strength. Maybe they're stronger in armor than when they're not. Being able to brace their movements against a rigid support. Yea or ney?
>Lem are constantly in their armor
>Walking 'round like living colossi
>They do not show their faces, only helm with faceguards that look like snarling vyrii
Hell yeah. It only makes them more frightening to the other races

>captcha: five lastner
Yesterday, five laster were killed yesterday when they tried to kill an Enclave Enforcer. Their families are now serving five years in the Crestlands as societal-punishment
yes please.
Historians look at the incorporation of the TA into the greater enclave as a mixed blessing. Some argue the technological and cultural benefits gained, to include an impressive standing land force. Others point out the increase in crime once the syndicates found a new haven amongst the losans.
File: 1381266098834.png-(233 KB, 700x1000, Race chart.png)
233 KB
233 KB PNG

The lem aren't that much bigger than the other races though?
I mean, at least in this chart, they seem only slightly taller than the Frowgmen.
Well, not Colossi in height, but Colossi in that they would look unstoppable, indomitable, and like moving beings of metal, encased in suits of armor that they never remove

Can Lem get parasites?

I think that some early vyrii organisms did infect lems.
File: 1381271904278.png-(43 KB, 969x461, 1333061478121.png)
43 KB
Early on, but that's before their origin was as just macroviruses, not self-replicating machines. They're able to infect everything. Except Ragas.

I have no doubts that there are parasites capable of infecting Lems. Bacteria, normal viruses, furry buttslugs, etc.
I still find it hilarious that the mammal-like creatures on Borgas IV evolved from intestinal parasites.
File: 1381274261430.png-(7.4 MB, 2826x1732, Borgas 4 nations map grid1.png)
7.4 MB
7.4 MB PNG
I finally decided to redo the grid on this map, so that it fits the oceanic map, and the calulations we made in the earlier threads.

Which means that the world is roughly 541 624 165 km2 in size.

The map is not finished yet though.
There might be some filler nation additions, and some refinements to the borders.

This world certainly has some nasty parasites.

All sorts of things that bore into your flesh, and do nasty businesses inside of you.
Some just lay eggs there while eating you alive, while others take over your mind.

Here is some stuff on the life cycle of a puppeteer cedya.

File: 1381279620685.png-(32 KB, 800x600, Puppeteer cedya.png)
32 KB

Picture of it would also be good.
I suppose that creatures of South have immune system well adapted to taking care of cedya spores. Now there's something to think about. First contact between continents, taking disease into account. I'm sure the Mohu'awane and Ca'rethill had some serious problems. Gantu would probably be a bit more susceptible from the amount of near-ramel glundiforms. More diseases able to easily cross the species barrier, relatively speaking.
Internally a lem is quite hostile to most organic structures that are not also more lem, as for skin parasites lem hate with a burning passion anything that siphons fluids. Considering their symbol of annihilation/death/war is a blood drinker ramel horn, one of the few creatures capable of quickly felling them, I think that gives a good idea of what bothers them. Skin born parasites likely do not find much nutrition in them.

A good list of things that naturally prey on a lem.
Bigger lem forms.
Blood drinker ramels.
Ragas. Ragas preys on everything.
Things like that.

Microbes aren't such a deal to them. Leading cause of lem death is war, or accident, which there is plently of considering their lax personal safety standards.
Parasites which infect lemuy-based live would obviously have adapted to their functions over the TENS OF MILLIONS OF YEARS that they've been on this world. Four last words: life finds a way.

Yeah, I would imagine that most creatures in south continent have adapted to Cedya spores.
In the case of the geists, one of the reasons for why their ancestors evolved the slime coating, was because of cedya spores of the caverns.
The slime helps to neutralize the acidic properties of the spores, and thus lessen their harmful impact on the geists.
I would imagine that the Eleni also have some sort of biological counter measures to the dream rot spores of the forests.
One thing that we could do is ad some more critters to the different territories of the continents.
There are still some regions, that didn't get as much development, like almost all mountain regions on every continent for example.
File: 1381348161219.png-(14 KB, 535x260, 1333064035529.png)
14 KB
Shield Glund, Ash Glund.
Will later adjust for Charge Glunds, Rage Glunds, and various Burrogs.

STR: 4D6+24 Average: 38
CON: 2D6+10 Average: 17
SIZ: 4D6+24 Average: 38
INT: 4
POW: 2d6 Average: 7
DEX: 2d4 Average: 5

HP: 28
db: +4d6
Armor: 12-point exoskeleton
Move: 8

Charge: 1d10+db
Trample: 8d6 to downed foes only
Tail club: 2d6+db

Glund meat is poisonous

I just tweaked the stats for Cattle a bit.
File: 1381352258483.png-(247 KB, 800x600, Cabal flag.png)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
Regarding the timeline, and history of this world, we could use some estimates on how long each nation has been in existence, in some form at least.
Not all nations are as old, and by estimating how long each has been around, and comparing that to the timeline chart, we can finally actually start making the proper history timeline of this world.

Also, for time keeping, didn't we agree to use the Vyrii outbreak as the "year zero"?

We will probably need to retcon some characters, seeing how for example, in the case of the Lufae, Khuna was around during the time the Lufae scouts spotted the Tra tribe in the plains, and he only "died" near the end of the first tribal game, when the TA had already been in existence for some time. That would imply that he had lived for multiple centuries.

In any case, here are rough estimates for the ages of the nations I made:

Somewhere around 500-700 years. Younger than the enclave, their first settlement was founded few decades before their contact with the Enclave.

Around 200-300 years. Have been in contact with Nad'lun traders for over a century.

600 years. Stayed pretty small and insignificant for about 200 years, but began booming and growing rapidly as the nation started using just ordinary sandworms for reproduction. Cabal of Worms alliance has been around for a century.

Perhaps somewhere around 400 years. First east game mostly took place under a century. Second one starts around hundred years after it.

Maybe around 500 hundred years. The time before the discovery of the Emils took probably around a half a century. The golden age of the Flesh singers lasted for around a century perhaps, during which Khuna "died" and was made into the thing he is now. The fall of the Flesh Singers was followed by the Century of Blood, after which the second south game kicks off.

These are all estimates of course, and stuff will be changed to fit the overall timeline of the world better.
I'll do some of the same.

Events in the first cycle were probably just decades for them, but the tribe has existed for many, many centuries.

Before first contact with the Hitangan, their history could extend for centuries. After that, 200-400 years, and then another 200-400 years in the second cycle. After dealing with the Hitangan is when the small collection of communities rapidly expanded into the empire.

500-700 years sounds right for them as well.

I actually have the numbers for them around. 402 years as of the beginning of south's second cycle.
I can put out some timelines for some civs

I'll do Nutera first, since it's the trickiest with its breaking and reforming

260 years ago- Civil War>200 years ago-Nuteran City-State Stabalize, Yakusha becomes ascendant in the Nuteran region>60 years ago Otavan (or Hu-raan, which might make more geographic sense) invasion of Yakusha occurs. Nuteran Kingdom is reformed in response, Yakusha falls>40 years ago Hastira civil war begins, not yet concluded>30 years- The Black Band controls all of Yakusha

600 years-Thelont leaves Silith lands, conquers the First Otavan, becomes the First Ota>300 Years ago-Last descendant of Thelont dies, Age of Hate begin>200 years-The Ota of Nulaaz conquers all of Riklun, convinces Carcin to join him, declares a reformed Otavan>180 years-Great Purge>150 years-Hokkoa joins the Otavan>100-20 years ago, invasion of Yakusha (unless we retcon that to Hu-raan, which I think might make more sense), and an additional war of conquest whose success is yet to be determined
I suspect that the Silith might be the oldest nation in the Eastern continent.
They built a large city, before they encountered either the Mohu'awane, or the Gwiliak, both of whom had far shorter timescale on their stories during the east tribal game.

Based on the interactions the Gwiliak and Mohu'awane did with the Silith, I would say that their city had been around for a century at least before the contact was made.
For the nations whose creators no longer participate in this, we'll have to estimate their age based on the interactions they did with other nations, and the stuff they did in the tribal games.

The nations who had a character focus in their gameplay, will probably need to have their timelines stretched pretty heavily.
Also, in the case of the Western continent's civ games, we will have to come up with general fluff for what occurred to the nations overall, as people played just sub factions within those nations in that game. The trend didn't stick to the later civ games though.
I agree, the silith are likely very, very old. That's even supported by my refluffing the First Ota being an exile from Silith, who won his empire because he had bronze weapons and better soldiers than the people of the Thelont Bay
What the fuck are you talking about?
Don't forget Coffee line. Neely is a man demented poetry, and is not for everyone. Those people he is not for, are not wizards.

>The water monster is right, cat-man. They are among us


Rolled 2, 4, 3, 3, 3, 6, 2, 5, 6, 3, 3, 5, 6, 1, 3, 3, 4, 6, 4, 2, 4, 3, 5, 3, 1 = 90

How does the intelligence of log'eadz compare to humans?

Rollin' up a mevola.

>captcha: hedgege served
Possible name.
File: 1381388662791.png-(14 KB, 406x452, mevola new.png)
14 KB
STR: 9
CON: 14
SIZ: 29
INT: 12
POW: 14
DEX: 9
APP: 9

Slightly lower than average strength and intelligence, but above average Power and Size. Large stature obviously.
Born into slavery. Parent or grandparent entered slavery to repay a massive debt. Its family's debt was recently absolved. Rather religious individual.
I'd come up with something better if I was rolling up a character for an actual campaign.
logeadz are not really "durr me smash small thing" but more...well, if you have ever seen conan the barbarian, they are probably around that smart on average. Truthfully their limiting factor is probably a slower then average learning, and just slow to "get it" whatever the concept is they are trying to get. This is not to say a logead cannot be literate, and educated, but on average, they probably are not, leading the life they were born into. Their natural aggressiveness does probably lead to some shrewd businessmen and politicians for those that learn those fields.

I like it. Your character was now sold again from a merchant to an abbot type character. He has partnered you a senior member of the local inquisition to find out if it is true some local farmers are worshiping the dirt, and not the sun.

Wait, don't the mevolas breed via spores?
If I recall correctly, they don't actually have parental relations or anything like that.
At which point, do you people think that Enclave arrived on the Central and the Eastern continent?
Probably some time after the beginning of the vyrii war, and the construction of their big ships, but how long after that?
Log'eadz compensate for their slower learning by leaving important matters to their superiors in their clan. This helps reinforce the importance of the clan, along with the legal superiority it grants log'eadz over those in Nag Ber'Ek cities without clans. In fact, entire clans tend to specalize in certain industries, with every clansmen in turn specializing in a specific area of that industry. This lack of flexibility is aided by Oamenii Guilds, groups of shwirm workers with a wide but shallow array of skills. They work with various clans to fill in any gaps in those clans production that cannot be immediately or easily filled.
So lower INT in the crunch, with this fluff explanation of what that means for them?
That's right. Log'eadz aren't too bright about things they haven't trained for/in. Only very talented log'eadz overcome this disability, like the chieftains of old, who combined the spoken word with martial skill and tactical prowess.
We kind of need to decide the age of the enclave, and when and how long the important stuff they did (construction of their capital, great ships and so on) took.
The Enclave are the main way we can tie the timelines of the Central and the East to the overall history of the world, as Enclave made landfall in both of those continents.

South stayed isolated for pretty long time, so how it's timeline ties to the rest of the world isn't as big concern right now.

For example, in the east continent, the Gwiliak have been in contact with the enclave for at least 300 years if we go by the interactions they had with the Enclave, and by the estimated age of the nation.
The Zu-nul also encountered the enclave around 100 years into their history, at most, and after that, they underwent over 500 years of development. (Though, we can retcon this out, as the zu-nul barely even interacted with Enclave forces.)

Also, in the main Enclave territories, the new member races, Tentouz, Joorods and Skulks were around at the beginning of the civ, in reasonable numbers, so Enclave must have been in contact with both Central and East continent at that point.
However, if I remember correctly, the timeskip between tribal west, and civ west was only a century or so, which creates some problems for the overall timeline.
We will need to figure this shit out.
File: 1381445289890.png-(26 KB, 800x600, Bouncing wirm.png)
26 KB
Bump before bed.
File: 1381450979317.png-(17 KB, 800x600, Angry bouncer.png)
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superior bouncer!
ng here, if the vyrii war's beginning is year zero, then the enclave is probably pretty old. They have the added benefit of lem endlessly working in the background. Its probably safe to say enclave is the oldest faction on the planet by about 400-600 years.

The lem often duplicate and improve on existing ideas. The great frowg hall was a direct inspiration for the enclave capital city. Something big enough to hold everyone. The nearby mountains were extensively exploited for natural resources to build a wall around the land which would form the city, and the ground beneath the land was mined as well. These artificial tunnels and caverns became the first inhabited living spaces of the capital and continue to grow to this day.

The wall around the city is in actuality more of the city itself, with the land in the middle being somewhat undeveloped. There is a degree of farming, as well small settlements along the waterways. The skulks have likely taken to the forested regions. This area was originally intended for both the hoppas and Mevolas, however not all things go according to lem plans.
The Captiol must've taken a century to build. I mean, it would've been like constructing several pyramaids, and then everyone picking up everything to live in them. Captiol City must be the oldest settlement in the whole of Primordial.

Lem know how to make things last. Their Enclave is the oldest nation in the world, their Capitol City is the oldest city in the world, and neither has fallen apart (too much). Are there any lems that haven't divided since the construction of Capitol City? If there are, they probably lead the council as permanent Consuls
>In the year of 150 AV, the positions of the Five Consuls was made permanent. They were already the oldest living Lems, save perhaps for a few silent leaders in the Onoleshkan, and their superiority was plain to see. They had fought in the Vyrii War as lowly footmen, led the construction of the outer ring of the northeastern quarter of the Capitol and crushed the Laborers Dissent of the inner southeast quarter.
>They are some of the few lems to be treated differently from other lems. The lem bow before them, and place their survival and safety above that of the rest of the council.
>Regal are their forms. They are clad in shining plates of steel, painted a deep cobalt blue, and emblazoned with the sigil of the Enclave. Great crests of ramel horn-snout adorn their heads, a bright azure, the sole phsyical difference in their armor from that of any other lem soldier
>While the Five Consuls command the armies of the Enclave, they only intervene in the affairs of the rest of the council to put it back on the course that the lem feel is proper, such as overcoming the initial hesitance at allowing the vicious Nag Ber'Ek and the overly inventive Oamenii of the Tanacs Azseg into the Enclave.
>Praise the Consuls. Their Wisdom Guides Us
Can't say that I care for them being immortal. When the do divide, the two daughter cells have the memories of the parent lem, so there's always that
that is a bit of very cool writing, but lem divide as >>27686816 said, lem divide, and with regularity. It ensures there are more of them, though your idea of a leading council is pretty spot on. The enclave has its council of people, but behind them pulling strings are the lem. The onolkeshan lem are likely to have superiors. There are many types of lem personalities, so those who led will likely continue to lead, and those who followed will follow. There are subtle cultures within this group. Just because a lem can share all its knowledge and experiences with another lem, down to why it feels as it does, does not mean the other lem will agree, it just now knows intrinsically why lem A does and thinks as it does. Division is a normal part of a lem's life

primary lem communication of little ideas: vocal.
bigger more complex ideas: claws of lem penetrate each others hands, biomass is exchanged. The knowledge transferred is processed quickly, but also depending on how much there is.

A small collection of thoughts is fairly instantly, while consuming the body of the fallen might lead to a days worth of "absorption"

when a lem divides, only "siblings" can experience shared memories as if first hand as if it were their own, otherwise it is something to understand and think about critically, analytically.

The Onolkeshan city, Geshud Deller, was established before the Capitol was built.
Also, the Enclave had encountered the Nad'lun before the construction of the capital began, at least in the tribal game.
We might have to retcon some of this though.
the onolkeshan city is probably the single most hardened structure on the planet, delving deep, deep into the planets crust. What is seen on the surface is likely a small amount of the whole. tip of the iceberg. Onol himself will have to come and weigh in on this though. That it fell from within is pretty brutal, and it is likely a nightmare inside now.

The enclave/ nadlun interactions could probably use a little work, but as you said, a small history retcon can work out. the road from the capital to the nearest nad'lun colony was completed, but has also long since been abandoned as most trade is done by sea, and as of the "end" of the vyrii war, with some limited "heavy lift" aircraft.

The "old road" is likely another cool area for a story. It was not just a road, but a very wide stone highway with checkpoints, small forts, and communities budding off it. A sort of route 66, now long abandoned, likely filled with criminals, and tribals.

To me, it would make most sense that the Enclave and Nad'lun made contact few decades or half a century after Nad'lun had already started spreading along the banks of the great river.
In hindsight, the food aid the Nad'lun received from the Enclave didn't make much sense, as the distance between the Enclave lands and Naun'as was so great.
Because of this, I think that it makes more sense if the Enclave explorers encountered the Nad'lun at the great lakes, where the Alun had already started settling.

At that point, the great city project could have already been underway for some time, so it could have completed in time for the N'olai and A'nua could have been alive to hear about it.
Does anyone remember how the Silith "rail guns" worked?
If I recall correctly, they worked kind of like the devices in this video, just in larger scale.
File: 1381510432491.jpg-(168 KB, 800x533, 800px-Mesa_Verde_National(...).jpg)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
This would be a bit of a departure, but maybe the capitol wasn't massive yet. At the time, it could just have been a large town/small city carved into a single cliff. Over time, it would expand into what is depicted in that old image.

That could also make sense.
The capitol had to start small after all.
that is correct, as it stands the silith rail guns are man portable, but quite heavy, and require reloading after each shot.
Either way sounds pretty good.

I kind of imagined the Silith "rail guns" to be more like magnetic cannons. Too heavy for one govkar to operate.
Basically, large siege weapons, that lob metallic balls at the target in the same way, as the magnetic launcher in the video I linked did.

Actually weaponized magnetic launcher, at least by my gut feelings, would be too heavy to be operable by one person, due to all the magnets, and metallic parts.

It's a shame that Solomon isn't here, because he would know best how his stuff worked.
>There was a time before war, when the The One were few and The One were all One, and The One waited for The End
>The One were happy. The one would hunt, The One would share, and all The One would know the same as all The One.
>And then came The Many
>The Many were not smart. The Many were not One. Not all The Many knew the same as all The Many. The Many would starve, some Many would fight other Many
>The One could not know the same as The Many. This was frightening, for it was new
>The One did not understand. The One would talk to the Many, and the Many would not speak as One
>This made The One angry and frightened, for they did not like the thought of not knowing the same as All. The Many would not be ready in time for The End
>The One waited. They talked with the Many, lead them to places, helped them build, tore down their creations, and bound them together
>One day, the some of The Many were Unity. This pleased the The One, who joined the Unity
>The Unity piled stone atop stone, and made a great camp that would never be taken down or left behind. This camp would be Home
>Then came the Doom, who brought death
>The Doom were from the Teeth of Ice. They slew the Many and The One could not stop them
>The Unity stood before the Doom and drove the Doom back into the Teeth of Ice
>Then the Unity brought in more of the Many, made friends with some of the Many, and built more Homes
>Then the Unity brought death to the Doom
>Now the Unity gains more of the The Many, and The One watch, and The Unity waits for The End

"The One" means the Lem, "The Many" means all other races, "Doom" is Vyrii, "The End" is the Tomorrow War"

A big question that remains about the enclave, is how much the other member races (who probably are the majority), besides the lem, care for the Tomorrow War prophecy, or the mission of the Enclave.
For many, there have been numerous generations of relative peace, and no other looming threats remain, at least in the Enclave heartlands. The scattered, feral vyrii are being contained in the north, and the Geshud Deller vyrii are content to stay in the lost city.

I would suspect, that the political spheres of the Enclave, made up from Frowgs, and various other member races, are more concerned about acquiring personal wealth, and power, than paying much heed to the ancient prophecies of the lem.
No doubt the syndicates, and various other criminal elements are tied to these political influences as well.
For example, some groups might try to exploit the ongoing TA membership process to lay claim to the resources of the southern continent. The plastic like emils materials of the Lufae, Galate, and plant technology, along with the Korobuskhan trains, would no doubt be of interest to all sorts of factions in the Enclave.

What I am saying is, that the Enclave might be pretty corrupt in it's vastness. While the Lem might have their plans, and well meaning intentions, based on their prophecy, a large sum of the people who make up the Enclave, are not Lem, and do not possess their memories. For these other groups, the Enclave could be a mean of supporting their agendas. Outside of the gaze of the Lems, these groups could be operating in the name of the Enclave, while pushing forth their own plans.
The previous post was just supposed to be a bit of lore, showing how a Lem might remember history in the unique way the Lem think. Does the name Lem have any meaning? If it doesn't "The One" as in, the one and unified race, might work. Everything ought to have origins. Nag Ber'Ek means Great Plainsfolk, Tanacs Azseg is Strongest Alliance, and Vukad means Chosen. All words have reasons for being, even the word "Ota."

Ota was actually a local title in the Thelont bay region, one that was equivalent to King. When Thelont arrived in the bay region after his exile from Silith, he conquered the whole area with diplomacy, charm and his more organized and bronze armored housecarls. He would take the title Ota, and as the only Ota in the entire region that even used that word, Ota came to mean an individual of even greater power than King, an Emperor. Naturally, the lands ruled by an Ota would carry the word Ota, like King and Kingdom, thus giving us Otavan. The end of the direct line of Thelont caused a massive schism that created no less than five initial claimants to the throne of the Ota. Eventually, the Riklun Otas win out, and there was finally one Ota once more. I hope this illustrates the importance of names. After all the English language is named after England, which is named after the Angles, who were named after a land in Schleswig-Holstein. So, the English language is named for a region in southern Denmark. Names go place, and names make people
very cool, I do like that alot. Either as an apocalyptic remnant of the enclave, as lem history, or as an outsiders view of the enclave.
You are extremely correct, but to add to that. The lem are fully aware that the vast majority views their belief as nothing more then superstition or simple religion, no different then any other. ((the fact that the enclave is a place that is increasingly secular further erodes into this.)) Lem are pretty much everywhere, but they take up a large chunk of the menial work involved in maintaining the infrastructure of the enclave, keeping it running, developing. They also have learned that the victor writes history, and other races have short lives and even shorter memories. Problems with one generation can be subtly weeded out over time, with little to no violence.

The Syndicate faction while criminal, is in a way was carefully groomed to be what it is. A functional, and productive distraction, by design. The council has to put up with them because they have a say now, even if it is a small and disrespected one. They have autonomy, and as long as they mostly respect the rules, they keep it. In this they even serve a purpose. New innovations, business and expansion have come from them. The syndicate factions police their own territory for the most part, and do not war with eachother as often as they had in the past, tending to use their own council, and then the council proper. There are many, many "Free gangs" who are beholden to none, existing between the territories. It is here the "police" aka enforcers patrol and clash with the lawless.

The syndicates are highly interested in the TA as the TA is pretty much organized and runs very similarly to them. One final thing to the syndicates, they are "corrupt" but still very military. The entire enclave has an undertone of it, even the civilians. This is very much a result of many generations under such a lifestyle.
more on syndicates

many factions, have their own form of government were a member from each serves on a council to represent their faction. From this group a single member represents the syndicates on the Enclave Council proper. Most syndicate activity is in the capital city, particularly in the lower, and under city. The mountain and wall tend to be the "city proper", and policed by enforcers, then the lem themselves.

You dont dust the lem (taking dried lem corpses and grinding them into dust to sell as a drug). its profitable, but will get you killed.

Syndicate factions rise and fall, their territory sometimes splinters or grows with the ebb and flow of business. Gangs will attempt to gain in strength and band together to form a new faction sometimes, pushing out an old one.

As a rule Enforcers do not like the syndicate members, and enforcers are the best equipped members of the enclave military, often fielding the latest and greatest. Primarily frowgs, though there is now an influx of Joorods and Logeadz. Judge Dreadds.

Syndicate members do not like "free gangs", as they have none of the discipline often shown in a proper and established faction, mostly being the dregs of society.

A syndicate is a business who happens to be very hostile to it's competition.

Certain elements of the syndicate seem to be very good at finding old "forgotten" stockpiles of military hardware. good connections.

Syndicates do not operate will with crimson slizers or other nad'lun pirates. or the Katumoiset. more to come.

Didn't the Crimson Slizers establish some sort of businesses in the Enclave capital?
They did kind of withdraw from the region, but I always thought that they still held power over these businesses, they themselves just weren't there in person.
Basically, local gangs, and various businesses, that receive support and orders from the Slizers.
I would imagine, that these businesses are big sources for Sandoni meat and amber, as the Slizers are deeply connected into the trade of those resources.
File: 1381596098487.png-(35 KB, 800x600, Hiroha.png)
35 KB
How should we handle the Hirohas?
Their technological development is kind of limited due to being underwater race, and they are also pretty small.

Most races might not even realize that they are even sapient. They probably live in shallow waters everywhere in the world, and especially around coral fields.

IG also had an even where bunch of them attacked a Lufae submarine, but the south game died before I managed to figure out how to respond to that.
Hiroha communties are probably everywhere. Underneath docks, in coral reefs, in the bellies of ships, up riverstreams, on the edge of Puruu towns, in Lub Forests. Just anywhere really. I imagine they're pests to the larger, "true" sentients, stealing their stuff, eating their food and being a nuisance, though I imagine Puruus could probably domesticate them to a degree
Here is some form of abridged history of the Nad'lun, based on the timelines, and the estimates of their age:

Most of that is subject to change of course.
It is just an estimated timeline of the important events that occurred to the Nad'lun.
I doubt that they could live in fresh water. Too much salt would probably be drawn out through their skin, killing them.
File: 1381603648755.png-(187 KB, 800x600, boost roha swarm.png)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
That sounds good.
I am now kind of imagining a whole community of Hirohas living on the underbellies of Enclave ships, moving from one place to the next with the giant vessel. If I remember correctly, they live in symbiosis with a coral like organism, that they use form making their nests, while the coral eats the scraps and waste of the hirohas.

Also, they possessed this, somewhat Geth like communal intelligence, that was dependent on the number of hirohas around. Alone, they are just cunning creatures, with semi animalistic intelligence around the par with apes, or toddlers, but in groups, they can form far more complex strategies and plans. The intelligence boost is due to the way they communicate, which is based on their light organs. I don't remember exactly how it worked, but it had something to do with the females using more and more of their bran capacity to think specific things, and communicate them near instantly via the rapid light signals to other females, and kind of becoming like "neurons" in a larger brain, formed from numerous hirohas.

I would imagine that the base mentality of a hiroha is extremely curious, and fiercely protective of their hive. They probably steal shit like bloody magpies. In their hives, one might find a whole chamber full of trinkets and other sorts of stuff the Hirohas have managed to scrounge up from sunken vessels of other races.
Also, as they evolved from boost rohas, the males attack things they perceive as threats by ramming into them, and using their tough, and sharp mandible like claws to rip into it. The claws are strong enough to bore into the shells of whale kafkas, so I would think that they can also break trough non metallic (and maybe even metallic) hulls of ships.

That makes sense. They aren't a fresh water species, so at most, they can probably live in the briny waters of the river deltas.
File: 1381614352952.png-(15 KB, 800x600, you are a pirate.png)
15 KB
Piratical activity is a major thing plaguing the seas of Borgas 4. Motley crews of pirates can be found on all the coasts of the planet, from the Tail Bay to the Narrow Seas. From continent to continent, the makeup of these crews differs, of course, but in desire, they are mostly the same. Whether the pirates are crafty Alun, or colossal Gantu, they all seek the same thing, blunder and riches.

Due to the reach the Nad'lun trader fleets possess, it's only natural for the Alun pirates to have a comparable reach in the world. An Alun who sails the seas in search of trade and new resources, is just as common as one who is seeking plunder and treasure. Because of this, piratical Alun are not unheard of even in the Narrow Seas, and the waters surrounding the South Continent. Because of this, in the lands beyond the western continent, the Alun are known to be merchants and pirates both.

Of course, other races practice piracy as well.
Fearsome Gorrirog and Koburrog pirates patrol the seas surrounding the south end of the Central continent, while savage Kwagos barbarians are known to prey upon seafarers that pass trough the northern waters.
The Narrow Seas are know for the mighty Gantu marauders, cruel plundering govkars, merciless skulk corsairs and cunning joorod pirates, who are just as likely to fight against one another, as they are to work together, to the misfortune of others.
Around the seas of the southern continent, there are horrifying tales of the sadistic and methodological raids of the Katumoiset slavers, and stories of lithe warriors who attack ships from under the waves.

No continent is exempt of pirates. Methods of protection against these criminals are many. The large enclave ships, are like sailing forts, full of angry warriors, and thus not a tempting target for pirates. Those Nad'lun traders with enough wealth, hire protection from Red Ships, enforcer vessels of the Crimson Slizers, and those who lack the wealth, travel in large fleets for protection
This makes me think. What if the large number of Nad'Lun colonies are actually pirate kingdoms? Pirates could take control of small, weak areas, and keep them with the support of the Nad'Lun, at least initialy, as part of a plan by the Ancient to turn the Nad'Lun into a world superpower. This plan backfired when the pirates began disobeying orders, and started demanding tribute and protection money. Their independence grew, and the former crews of the Nad'Lun ships mixed with the locals of the new Pirate Kingdoms, to make new nations that built themselves atop pillars of plunder, banditry and intimidation. Those kingdoms on the western coast of Central still show loyalty to the Nad'Lun, but those on Centrals East coast, and the western coast of East, have created a new era of naval warfare and battle. Even the Five Kingdoms, those ever battling nations in the northwest of East, have taken to the seas, gathering slaves and gold to fund their wars against each other.

Although that might be a bit much with the pirates. But indenpndent colonies that were formed by intimidating natives would still work. Maybe we could even retcon the Fall of Yakusha being caused by these rogue colonies, strangling Yakushin trade enough for an invasion by either the Hu-Raan or the Otavan to bring the Golden Isle low

Something like that, is indeed the case.
Those outposts and colonies were never really controlled by the Nad'lun nation, at least directly. They were always mostly independent trading outposts, owned by the various guilds, corporations and so on, that over time, due to trade and local resources, grew into colonies of sorts. The biggest ones on the central continent T'orak and Yunen, for example, are in the pockets of the Crimson Slizers, as they are the biggest amber harvesting outposts, that the Slizers themselves founded.

The Shaman Council, which is the closest thing to a ruling government in Nad'lun lands, has very little power outside of the nation itself. Members of the council do have ties to the numerous private groups who rule these even more numerous colonies, but the Laws of Nad'lun nation rarely apply in them. Though, as a rule, the closer the outpost/colony is to the western continent, the more tied it is to Nad'lun nation.
The colonies alongside the eastern coast of the western continent, are practically part of the Nad'lun.

Many corporations and guilds who in practice, own these colonies, dabble with piracy themselves, either directly, or indirectly trough mercenaries, as the rules of the Slizers do not apply outside of the Great Bay.
However, the wast majority of these outposts aren't openly housing pirates, because a large portion of their business comes from trading. Being notorious dens of pirates is bad for business, and the guilds and corporations of Nad'lun, are all about business.
Many of these colonies are shady, no doubt, but they aren't straight up pirate dens. Make no mistake, the pirates do visit the ports of these colonies, and make a significant portion of the residents who linger in them, but they aren't really open about it. In these ports, they are either mercenaries or sailors, seeking trade, jobs, or their next victim.

That makes me wonder how big the Enclave ships actually are.
It was never really clear to me at least.
Would a well armed pirate group be able to board one, and take it over, if they for some reason, desired to? That would of course, probably prompt a major response from the Enclave, but if the pirates were mad enough to go forth with the plan in the first place, they wouldn't probably care about any ramifications.

Sinking such ship would probably be pretty hard, but not impossible.
Primitive explosive charges already exist in the world, so punching a hole trough the ship's hull is not an impossibility.
There is one rule about the Iosan Swamp
>Do not go to the Iosan Swamp

That's it. You shouldn't be there. If you are there, then you aren't dead, and you know what your doing, which means your with the Black-Flags, and you don't need this book. Unless the Black-Flags need muscle they don't have, and you're the muscle, which means you don't know what you're doing. So, keep reading muscle-head, and maybe you won't die.The key to not dieing in the Swamp is the Black-Flags. Stay with them, and you'll be fine. But you're a Vagabond-Of-The-Sea, so you want to be free of a master, and do what you want when you're on land, even if "land" is a pile of weeds that sink if a feather falls on them. So, you need to know why you have to stay with the Black-Flags to not die.

Iosans are not friendly folk. You may have been to the Kwagos Chiefdoms, where every visitor is treated like a king, or Nad'Lun where you can take food without payment or need to ask for permission. Iosa is not like those places. The people in this place have been made hard, and when a log'ead is considered especially hard, you know you need to watch yourself. The first log'eadz to settle the swamp were huntsmen who decided fishing was easier than hunting, and that they preferred the company of Puruus to other log'eadz. Sadly, the Puruus in Iosa are all dead, and the Iosans say that it was the Nag Ber'Ek who killed the last of their "little brothers" who had been hurt badly by a hurricane. Either way, the Iosans blame the Nag Ber'Ek, which is most of their history.
When Grokuf Krom brought the tribes to the western plains, he conquered the Iosan Foothills for lumber and ore. A few decades later, the next Grokuf decided he wanted what was on the other side of the Ios mountains, and sent an army to take the swamp. Then the Nag Ber'Ek told the swampfolk to cut the roots of their lub-homes, and make more dirgibles for their shwirm friends. And then they were told to fight for the TA, so they rose up and kicked the Nag Ber'Ek out. Then Neloaw tried to conquer the Nag Ber'ek, and the Grokuf put the city down, and stormed into the Swamp, and killed a tenth of the swampfolk with mercenarise from the Narrow Seas. Ever since then, the Iosans have hated outsiders.

So how, does an outsider like you stay alive amongst people who hate you? The key is the Black-Flags. I don't know how or why, but the swampfolk like them. It seems they have a deal, the two of them do. Black-Flags give them weapons, intimidate the Taxmen, and the Iosans give the Black-Flags a place to hide their goods and their heavily wanted "agents." Do you live atop a lub? Then you are protecting something very illegal in the Enclave, maybe dreamspores, maybe shardrot, maybe something from the Narrow Seas. Do you live below a lub, in a damp and dark hovel with some grumpy companion? Then you are their protector, and your companion is wanted by the Enforcers. You might have to battle them sometimes, but don't do it in one of the lub-villages or the Black-Flags will abandon you to the swampfolk. And swampfolk adore strong muscles in their soups. You have strong muscles, don't you muscle-head?

Stay with the Black-Flags, and in twenty years you will be free of the damn swamp and wealthier than a Clan-Chief. Now be a good Vagabond-Of-The-Sea, and help another Vagabond by giving them this book. And if the Enforcers find you before you can pass this book, THROW IT IN THE DAMN SWAMP WITH THE BONES OF KOLLY VANGER
When once I was a small spawn, I heard tales from the elders of the Great Leader, Kiongozi Caesar. It was said that Caesar was ancient even by the standards of the Old Elders, in the time before the Coming of Arupa and the creation of the Small Sea. Caesar was the Elder of the village of Udongo, which is in now the rebel occupied Knowledge District in the massive city of Yetu Mahali.

Caesar was a firm believer in the Spirit of Arupa, and it is said that it was under the orders of Kiongozi Caesar that the Prophet Rupol managed to seal the Great Chasm by flooding it with the waters of the Calm Firil Sea. Many great things were accomplished during the time that Kiongozi Caesar ruled over the Urupuruu, including the foundation of the holy site of Yetu Aman, the discovery of Wrath Metal and the creation of the Wrath Guard, and the mysterious disappearance of the Last Kiongozi coincides with the Coming of Arupa in a most peculiar way. According to those who were once close with Caesar, there was definitely within the old puruu a will to live and rule forever, and many speculate that such a task was accomplished through the sorcery of the Witch Geist to the left of sunset. If such heretical conjecture is true, then the coming of Arupa to the kingdom of the Urupuruu was not, in fact, a divine blessing, but a ruse to maintain one puruu's insane desire to live and rule forever, a desire we feed by bowing to worship this false god.
Perhaps in the fevered mind of the aging Kiongozi, Caesar was the living embodiment of Arupa, and thus it was not heresy to take on the mantle of the god. Regardless, the fact that Arupa has been in withdrawl for the past seventy odd years should not be taken as a sign that our god has abandoned us, but rather as a sign that whatever unholy modifications the Witch Geist inflicted upon the delicate puruu structure is starting to deteriorate.

Common medicle theory holds that as a Puruu ages, the body becomes too much of a burdon to support itself, which is why the old often simply collapse into puddles of Runu if not tended to properly. With the massive size of Caesar/Arupa's body, it can be inferred that there is either a subskeletal structure keeping the body aloft in a manner akin to the bones found in a Geist's skeleton, though even bones made of pure purite would bend under the stress of a monster the height and mass of of twenty elder puruu. It can thus be concluded that after the first thrity years of the coming of Arupa, in the period in which the Living God made many petty decrees, advanced the theocracy to a position of absolute power, ended the colonization attempts in the Calm Firil Sea and all contact with Nod traders, that the structure of the godthing began to collapse.
My personal theory is that the essence of Arupa/Caesar is being maintained deep within the sealed fortress of Yetu Aman, probably floating around in a great Runu pool, tended to by the most devout followers of Arupa. How the conscience is being maintained is a mystery, and the truth may in fact be that the godthing has died and the priests are merely continuing to preach in order to maintain power. Whatever the case, I believe that this shows that it is time currently for a revolution within Yetu Mahali, if not all of the Urupuruan Nation.
Finally no IP/ISP blocks! Some stuff I wanna know:
How does a Lem react to Puruu or Suzumou toxins? Remember that they are basically one giant cell, and is non-native in origin.
Secondly, just watched Apocalyptica today, great movie. Makes me wonder what civilizations other than Katumoiset takes slaves?
-Enclave ships are built with extremely thick metallic hulls, and very over engineered. As a result they are slow as fuck and more akin to floating bricks. The biggest ones actually drift on oceanic currents more then they sail. All are self sufficient to a degree, and are multi-role, carrying ,mercantile cargo, government supplies, troops, and merchants as well as bristling with weapons.

-Fishing/ trader ships start at about 25 meters long on the small scale, and go up from there. These ships are the most independent, often having an armed civilian crew, and perhaps a mercenary force on board. They still would be considered a hard target by most.

-trade/ supply/ war ships. considerably bigger at around 75-200+ meters, one ship tends to fit all roles.

-Past that are the 12 original city ships that were planned to evacuate the majority of the continent or at least who could make it to the ships should the vyrii war go bad. They were never completed on time and were finished off by the onolkeshan who continue to be their primary "operators/ crew" though noways quite a few other races can be found aboard them with more reliable sails and understanding of the oceanic currents helping to cut down the duration of a journey. These "ships" are actually nothing more then massive floating thick hulled barges, coming in at around 4828 meters. Insane, but that's the story thus far. Contact with the TA and a new access to fuel/ technologies could change this in the future.

-Enclave ships tend to travel in convoys or packs, and in very predictable "shipping lanes" at regular intervals. This can be both to their detriment and benefit. A well prepared raiding party could likely take down a lone fisher or merchant if the opportunity presented itself. Though it would also not likely be an easy task without the element of surprise.
The recent absorption of the TA, as well as the ongoing existence of the syndicates provides ships that do not configure to the above standards.

TA ships have thick hulls, though not to the insane degree of "normal" ships. They also are bristling with weapons, but lack significant long range, or sustainable staying power, or ability to fulfill another roll. They do field engine technology and are not dependent on the wind or waves for their movement. The local alloy of the TA tends to resemble some sort of bronze, or copper in color.

the Syndicate ships vary quite a bit, but are often wooden, and shallow hulled in construction. Built for river and coastal operation, the largest ones will often follow an enclave convoy from continent to continent, traveling in their calm wake. Primarily for smuggling, they can be deceptively fast.

As long as a syndicate ship is following the rules, and is within visual range of a warship it can enjoy the protection of said ship. However they are also subject to search, confiscation, and possible execution. Thus they are not often near warships outside of a few situations.

-I suspect the warships and in particular the "city" ships are host to all sorts of stowaways, impromptu flotillas and people lurking near them.
I used't hate Enforcers, ruined me pa's business. Me pa's a slaver, notta slave catcher mind ya, jus a merch. Wasnt no lems either, jus a coupl'ah taggies. ((TA Enforcers)) Ting is, they're quite tha' subversive lot. 'ere you are, hungry, a tot, not a mulpak to yer nam cuz it got pulled tha' week before! Tailheads come and grab ya, school ya, teach ya whats tha best way to kill, how ta talk proper. Hates em at first. For ya know it, ya get yeh first armor. Feels sorta good. Real good....((a sudden change of speech and tone took over the scarred logead as he talked to some juvenile offenders)) Then you realize, its little things they ask you to change. How you talk. What you care about. What you fight fore. Things that never mattered before. What you gained, weigh it against what you loose. It wasn't much. Meals, weapons, and a fight every day, what more do you want?
The Sgt would sometimes wonder if his decision was voluntary or carefully crafted. If there was freedom here, or just an illusion. When he picked up his helmet at looked at it's empty eyes he saw no questions or loss, just potential. Perhaps it wasn't about real freedom, but about potential. It was time to start up another day.
The Legion of Ord. takes slaves, and uses them.

I dunno man, having ships almost 5 km long seems kind of absurd. I mean, current day humans have only built ships who at their longest, have been around 450 meters.
I just don't see anyone in borgas 4 building such xbawx hueg ships, made entirely out of metal. Not to mention that the Onokeshan, who built those ships, began building them after they traded boating knowledge from Nad'lun. Completing such massive ships would have taken at least as long as the construction of the capital.
I am ok with rule of cool, but 5 km long metallic ships kind of go beyond my limit. Perhaps the ships could be down scaled a bit? Somewhere around the 400-500 meters in length mark? They would still be bigger than any ship on Earth. Also, a ship of that size can house tons of stuff, thousands of people, massive amounts of cargo and so on. Making them kilometers in length just seems excessive, and pointless.
I know that they were intended to be means of evacuating the west continent should the vyrii war go bad, but even in that case, wouldn't making more ships, make more sense than making fewer, absolutely gigantic ones?

Dunno about puruu toxins, but the toxins of suzumou females at least, would probably be almost as dangerous to lems, as they are to everything else. The venom contains acids and enzymes, that rapidly break down protein chains, and in effect, "digest" the flesh it comes in contact with. Though a Lem might not suffer from the poison in the same way as other creatures, I doubt that having stuff breaking down protein chains within their bodies would be healthy for them.

Also, the Zu-nul do buy slaves, though only suzumou ones, from the Legion of Odrinnus. The slaves are freed, but forced to convert to the Zu-nul religion, and join the nation. Slavery does exist in Zu-nul nation, but nobody is born into it. Slavery is a form of punishment, for serious crimes.
I'm sure someone has already thought of this, but what if advanced humans used Borgas as a hunting ground, like predators?
Huh, maybe the size of the ships are a bit exaggerated, maybe what people saw as 5km behemoths are actually a flotilla of smaller ships. Think something like a train of Maersk freighters, that gets secured together while in port; common folk would think the ships as one long snaky ship.
the ships themselves are pretty simple, and started out as dirt molds that metal was poured into. For size, the original size was huge, because..fuck, it was huge. However yes, even with some of the now soon to be extinct kaiju sized ramels, the ships were a bit big. Perhaps that would be a future project. If you are willing to meet me in the middle and go for a really crude, metal, war like version of the below that would work out. It is big enough to be a city at sea, but not so big as to be totally insane.

One alternative to a pure metallic ship would be this.

The ships could remain quite huge, but instead be carved out of rock near the coast, then hollowed out, leaving an internal support structure. the cradles they would be in would then be flooded and with some work, and a lot of ramels and chain/ rope, a lot of sails, slowly pushed out to sea. Alternativly this rock ship idea could be added to another race's "tech tree" on a smaller scale.

In the end I think you guys are taking the game and it's setting where it needs to be, and that is a really good, and impressive thing to do. I'll be around to offer advice or knowledge where its needed, but do whatever you think is right.
addendum: Probably a little smaller then the freedom ship, but larger then then a seawise giant, probably sit it in at 800m and its large enough to fit the role of something almost mythical and rare, as well as be something that has been continuously upgraded and maintained throughout the millenia, becoming something of a "living" artifact.

These sound good to me.

I like the idea of the ships being partially made from stone and rock, like the concrete ships. They could be akin to moving hills, sailing on the seas, though, I doubt that the ships would be able to use sails as their method of locomotion, due to their weight. Perhaps they were pushed along via waterwheels operated by a large work force (imagine hundreds of frowgs and lems, working to move the ship in it's guts.)
In later time, the ships could have been refitted with primitive engines, and so on, to make them faster, and more efficient, and also allow more room for cargo and so on, as the need for hundreds of workers to just move the ship is no more.

Actually, nobody has really suggested that here at least.

Borgas system is probably situated in some far away rim region of the former great bord empires. Uncharted regions of space, where the bord colony ship traveled, and was lost in.

We haven't established where in the Milky way this world is though.
That would be an interesting use of the setting. It would depend on if sapient races were used for that spin on the setting. If not, hunting giant, poisonous monsters for sport.
If included, The Most Dangerous Game.

In some environments, a respirator would be needed.
Or even if it is in the Milky Way. Although there have been many 40k jokes.
Again, if I could write worth anything, I'd write the short story about the Imperium of Man and the Bord Empire trying to settle the same world, and both end up exterminatusing the planet at the same time.

For some reason, I am now imagining a Hiroha adoring the surface world and the hoards of neat things it has gathered from sunken ships in it's lair.
Adoring them, in a musical number, that is.
"You runts think that you have sailed the seas? You..khgh!...you think you have seen strange things?
You have seen nothing...let me tell you a tale..."

"Few hundred miles northeast, from the shores of K'nul, exists an unremarkable atoll. The waters of that place, are clear, and filled with kafkas ripe for the taking, but, as the waters surrounding the area are shallow, and the path to sail there is perilous. That, made the atoll, the perfect place for blundering crews of vagabonds to hide from pursuing ships. During my youth, I was part of such crew, and I visited that atoll, many times, we were part of those few, who knew how to approach the atoll at the middle of these shallows.

However, little did we know what the atoll itself was hiding, until one, moon lit night, did we notice a dark shape underneath the waves. A pitch black, towering structure, that stood out from the rest of the sea floor.
Though most of us paid no heed to it, our captain thought it to be a sunken ship of the Enclave, that could have been full of treasure for the taking.
Because of this, he contacted his old acquaintance, the pirate princess K'nia, who was rumored to possess a strange suit, that allowed one to dive deep underneath the waves. Within short order, our crew's task had become to loot this sunken ship for all it's worth, using these diving suits.
File: 1381704851733.png-(229 KB, 850x600, Bord attacks.png)
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The problem was...that the structure was no ship at all. It was a black tower, stuck to the seafloor itself. It looked like nothing we had ever seen before. We succeeded in finding an entrance, and to our immense surprise, the spacious room we discovered was only partially flooded. The air pocket within the room, allowed us to breath inside the structure. As we began exploring this strange place, we discovered more rooms and corridors, filled with strange devices of peculiar properties. These devices were imbued with strange magics, for some of them could shine like the sun when one touched them, others could cut trough almost anything, others floated in the air, as if they had no weight to themselves.

We took dozens of them to our ship, during the few weeks we explored this tower of the depths. There was however, a single door, that we could not breach. Not until, the Shaman from East, and the Old Pirate came. The two were granted access trough the door. That is when everything changed within the structure. With rumbling sounds, the corridors were illuminated by bright lights, and countless, before unseen doors opened.
Within one of these new rooms, were transparent cabinets, holding strange beings. As the rumbling of the tower continued, these cabinets opened, and the beings within were released. Their wrath for disturbing their slumber, was unspeakable. We were assaulted from all sides, by these ghosts of the depths, and one by one, we fell.
The Shaman from East, and the Old Pirate had disappeared, and from the room they went into, emerged a single Alun, bearing the glowing symbol.
As we fled with him out of the structure, water began flooding in, and most of us were trapped within the nightmarish tower."

The cloaked Alun takes a sip from his mug of rum, while the young sailors around him stay in silence. After a while, one of them speaks.

"Do you take us for fools, old man? I am of K'nia's lineage, and she died over 150 years ago! You would have us believe, that you are old enough to have been around during her reign? You are just retelling us stories you yourself heard! At least make the effort to change them as time passes!"

As the young sailors leave the shrouded Alun in his corner table, he takes another sip from his mug, and chuckles.

"Retelling old tales..." he mumbles, while rubbing the cold ring, embedded to his right tentacle. The ring is as cold to the touch as ever, and as his finger passes over it's smooth surface, he feels the same jolt of energy he felt the first time he touched the cursed object of the depths...
And then, the Archangel guided the Hermit to a vision, deep within the Archives of Yetu Mahali, past the blades of the rebels, past the guards of the Priesthood, past even the flooded corridors where hiroha lurk. And deep within a half sunk room, the Hermit found the vision. There, between the body of a wrathguard and an abandoned blade, the Hermitsaw his vision, given unto him by a the writings of Apo the Scribe. From the writings of The Scribe did the Prophet learn of the deception of the False Priests.

Great Arupa! Eternal Lord, Father of the World! His form had been laid low, so learned the Hermit. Laid low it had been, not by blade, not by poison, nor by physical accident or illness. No, it was the breaking of the Covenant that did harm Great Arupa. For when False Priests shirked their duty, they did let the Form of the Eternal Lord fester into a morass. For, as the Covenant says "So long as the Children give faith unto Arupa, so shall Arupa be their for the Children." The Priests had failed. They had not kept the faith, and they had given poor Heretics unto Arupa to feed him with faith. And the Heretic cannot feed the divine with their faith, and so did the Eternal Lord lose his form on this physical plane.
When Sevik Uryce left the Archives he was no longer a mere hermit. No, when he saw the light of the sun again, he was the Prophet! And he strode through the battle on the surface, and no blade nor arrow did touch him, for the Spirit of Arupa the Father was with him, and did shield him from harm. The Prophet walked and walked until he stood in the center of Varoseg. And the Prophet cried out "Sons and Daughters of Varoseg! Heare my voice! The Priesthood has broken the Covenant, and I have the words of a scribe to prove it so!" And from their chambers did come the Senate, which did meet with the Prophet. They heard of the deceptions of the False Priests, and they knew their course of action. They would march on Yetu Mahali, join with the rebels who were in fact The True Faith, and cast down the False Priests!
File: 1381716026602.png-(866 KB, 690x961, Notcomstock.png)
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What is the Empire of Arupa, if not another Eden for another time?
And then an Elenii objected, "ours is still better!"
This causes the Geists to smirk, for they have Rapture.
Forgot to post this this morning. Had it in a text document since the maintenance last night.

Is this written in the perspective of a Log'ead? If so, the errors in explaining puruu physiology are acceptable. Puruus would know that they don't fall apart in old age.
Also, are runu known about in setting? I believe that they are too small to see with the naked eye.

Purite is a stone, not a metal. It's an ore that contains tin and small amounts of lead. Pewter is the metal. Or alloy, if I must be precise.

I've been thinking about puruus and salt water again, after reading about freshwater fish. It is known that their skin has many of the same functions as our lungs and kidneys. Seeing how they are native to the rainforest, which is full of fresh water rivers and streams. They'd have to be adapted to retaining salt while in water. Layers in their skin could reabsorb it. In salt water, there could be a problem with absorbing too much salt over time, leading to Hypernatremia.

Could be used as a treatment for overhydration however.

From targeting nerves, they wouldn't have the intended effect. Their protein makeup could still have the potential to mess stuff up in them.
Okay. I found the crunch for knockout and stun attacks.

Out of Frowgmagnon, Gorriogs, Mevolites, and Shrohans, what is the order of strongest shock to weakest shock?
I guess Shrohan > Mevolite > Gorrirog = Frowgmanon
Maybe. I know that Shrohans and Mevolas have the highest resistance. Shrohans have developed to survive lightning strikes, although they may be a bit fazed after the fact. True Mevolas, the 30' tall dino-plants hold most of a few strikes as charge in the gel in their bodies. A mevolite could probably handle a strike.

So maybe normally its Shrohan > Mevola, but Mevola get a stronger shock after absorbing electricity.

I don't know if Gorriogs and Frowgs have any resistance.

Should the stronger two deal more damage, or knock out targets rather than just stun?

The Shrohans use their shock attack to stun and even kill prey. It pretty much depends on the size of the target.
A suzumou, or a puruu might die from the shock, while a frowg would probably be knocked out, and a gantu just temporarily stunned.
File: 1381752325694.png-(343 KB, 800x800, Djal, the burned shaman.png)
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343 KB PNG
I think any creature that generates electricity likely has some resistance to it. Gorrirogs and Frowg are probably on the least of this spectrum. I believe from the evo games Gorrirogs actually outdo frowgmagnons on the electric charge. It would likely be that each race has their own tolerance for being shocked, scaling by how powerful their own attack is. A Shrohan might actually absorb lower level charges from the other races instead of being hurt by them. Some sort of modification to the system involving a counter or charge saturation level could be useful for these races. Exceed the counter, get damaged. Dont exceed it, absorb the charge.

If you are low on a charge, an electrical attack would fill you up. If you are all full up, you simply ground out and negate the attack if the damage it does is below your own, or perhaps half below your own. From there perhaps it would be reduced on how potent it is. This would work well with the lore on how a Shrohan can survive a lightning strike.
on Lem and poison/ electricity.

A lem can get poisoned, but it is treated as any other foreign hostile body and expelled, the volume of poison will result in the severity of the "purge" where a lem throws up the effected parts of it's internal volume. More severe toxins sometimes result in an involuntary and violent purge. Biological things, no so much. However the syndicate forces long ago discovered one thing in the depths of the lower city. Mercury deposits. Originally called "Frowg splitters" it was found out that the lem do not much care for the silvery liquid either.

Electricity damages things by taking a path to ground and carbonizing everything along the way. In a person like you or me, or even a frowg, there are important organs, nerves, and tissues that get damaged. A lem probably can endure most electrical attacks without issue, however, damage may be incurred along the way, if at a reduced amount. On the flip side, if the current travels right through them, there is a point at which they might explode from the rapid boiling and heat. Lightning itself can be about 9x hotter then the surface of the sun. tl/dr: Lightning probably kills lem about as well as it splits trees.

The Shrohans are extremely resistant to high electrical currents.
Their skeleton works as a Faraday cage, that channels electricity away from their vital organs and tissues. The skeleton contains veins of iron, that channels the electricity far better than the carbon tissues surrounding it.
Basically, when a lightning bolt hits a shrohan, it passes trough the skeleton of the creature, and exits from the tip of it's tail, that houses a metal rich stinger. Their skeleton directs most of the energy of the lightning bolt out of the body of the shrohan, however, the experience is far from safe.
As the high amounts of electricity pass trough the metallic veins of their skeleton, the metal veins are superheated, and in many cases, burn portions of the skeleton. The skeleton insulates most of this heat away from the rest of the body, while taking the brunt of the trauma.

The reproductive dance of the shrohans involves the males attracting stray lightning bolts, however, usually these bolts are not the direct one. Instead, they are struck by one of the numerous smaller lightning bolts, that stray from the main bolt as it strikes. The shrohan biology has evolved to handle such high currents, that I would say that they are practically immune to any electric charges any of the sapient races can generate.

Not to mention that they themselves can generate potent electric charges too.
Probably the only thing in an electrical sense that could really hurt a shrohan outside of lightning would be a Fwog amp suit.

Amp suits are pretty much worn capacitors that are charged up, then discharged at once along with a frowgs natural attack. It can result in long distance arcing, but takes a while to charge up again after a few such attacks. Even at this, I suspect the only real way is to "hotwire" a series of suits up, which in itself is quite dangerous for the suit and the wearer. Frowgs will simply join up either hand to hand, or suit to hand and discharge their current at once, with the end user being the point of termination. Tends to ruin the primitive capacitors, and if they fail, well...frowgs know the risks.
File: 1381766042965.png-(119 KB, 1500x1000, Shrohan male & female.png)
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119 KB PNG

The Shrohans are however, very agile and fast fighters. Obviously, they are also very frail too. They excel at rapid reconnaissance, hit and run attacks, and so on. In straight up fight, they can't really get too close to their foe, unless the foe is significantly smaller than they themselves are.

A frowg for example, is stronger than a shrohan, and in a fight, the shrohan has to utilize his/hers superior speed and agility. The relationship between the Izileth shrohans and frowgs is born out of mutual respect. The frowgs might seem to be enslaved, but the social structure is one they themselves are willingly taking part in.

If we use rts game terms, Shrohans are definitely glass cannons regarding their strengths when compared to other races. They are fast, have powerful electric abilities, but can't really stand up in a direct fight.
Same goes for Suzumou, Puruus, and to a lesser extent, the Alun.
Suzumou and Puruus are both very small in size, and thus weaker, an frailer than most other races. They both also possess potent venoms. The suzumou can fly, while the puruus are resilient to damage that would kill other beings of their size.
The Alun are not nearly as frail as the Suzumou or the Puruus are, but they aren't as tough as other races of their size.

I think that the physically toughest, and "tankiest" races are the Gantu, Gorrirogs, and perhaps Log'eads, or Cruelbs. Gantu are giants, and Gorrirogs are heavily armored by nature. The Log'eads have their armor plating underneath their hides, and the Cruelbs are giant crab people.
File: 1381774353220.png-(601 KB, 705x540, CrabPeople.png)
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Frowg: 1d6 per level, nonlethal damage, stun
Gorriog: 1d6 per level, nonlethal damage, stun
Mevola: ?
Shrohan: ?

I know Mevolas and Shrohans are more likely to deal lethal damage with their attacks but should they be stronger at first level, or knock out targets on instead of just stunning?

I'm using modifications of the lightning spell for these. They'll be running off of power points, making them the only four races that POW does more than give the Luck attribute. 3pp per level of attack. Maybe after exhausting all PP, it can still be done, but will begin to drain 4-6 points of fatigue.
Relativelynewfag here.
If I understand corretcly, this thread is dedicated to creating a completely new fantasy setting, resembling our world's eocene... Right?
Will it eventually end up as a game book for some system (rather in a pdf than physical)?
File: 1381777113965.png-(8 KB, 836x518, Figured_it_out.png)
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It's taking the setting from an old evolution and civ game and using it to make a homebrew BRP ( Basic Roleplaying ) module.
It's an alien planet that's still in its middle ages. Anything resembling magic is linked to artifacts from a crashed colonization vessel from aliens from a different planet.
File: 1381778136271.png-(691 KB, 3480x1460, O9CtA.png)
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I guess I should provide some background. Evolution games are a thing where the OP give a few simple creatures, and players make small edits to adapt them to new ecological niches. This game, primordial evo, started with a worm, a slug, a jellyfish, and a couple odd plants. Now there are a few hundred different species.
When sapient species came into existence, things were shifted to what civilizations they would develop. With all of the lore created, the game developed into a rich, vibrant clusterfuck of a setting.

Some of the races do have stat templates for DnD 3.X.

I don't think that a Shrohan can deliver a killing electric charge to other sapient races (with the potential exception of suzumou and puruus, due to their small size?) without training, and sufficient experience in the usage of their powers.

Their shock should still be enough to stun most members of the other races.

Perhaps the race's resistance to electric attacks could be based in their size stat?
So only Shrohans and mevolas will need special treatment. Otherwise, the system itself already has the needed rules.
I like your ideas, I also thigh as a character grows it should be able to increase it's electrical attack a bit. To represent training etc. Gorrirogs probably have a stronger shock off the bat then a frowg, a Mevola can likely knock you out, and Shrohans probably do damage instead of stun, or damage with a stun, or have several "spells", to include a knockout.
also what the above said.
For me, the Toughest playable races from top to bottom. Silver Tree Gantu: Part Gantu, part machine, part...tree. Incredibly resistant, strong, really terrifying with their potential. Regular Gantu. Cruelbs, dear fuck cruelbs. Logeadz are actually quite durable and strong for their size and tied with Gorrirogs, as logeadz have two layers of muscle and internal armor, while gorrirogs are just bigger and have external armor.

Below this tier are Frowgs and Geists as tanks/ skirmishers.

Puruu and schwirm go here. A puruu can deal with getting chopped into pieces, and a schwirm will likely keep going after fatal injuries until it's body finally gets around to sending a signal, or lack of to it's brain that it is dead. I always imagined Schwirm as almost an analogue to lem. They are endlessly industrious in whatever it is they choose, they are also quick breeding and reckless with their own lives due to a natural durability.

I have no idea where to factor a Lem into the mix, in an environment conducive to them they are probably up there in terms of strength, and can deal with peircing damage all day. rending damage where they are loosing chunks is probably less favorable considering they have no natural armor
Lems are situational.
Lem have that hive-mind thing going on, so there's that to differentiate them.
File: 1381831886554.png-(231 KB, 2260x940, Furlong Chart.png)
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231 KB PNG
One thing that's been odd about aquatic furlong species is that they are warm blooded, give live birth, but still have temperature dependent fetal development.
When cold, the developing pups get an extra dose of the species testosterone equivalent. In the mid to late stages of the pregnancy, this doesn't mess things up too much. Unborn females still early enough in development go through some extreme changes, exhibiting exaggerated male traits at birth. Remarkably, they don't die from their messed up hormones, but rather grow up to be large, aggressive, sterile, and anatomically male. These furlongs are incredibly protective of their herd/pod/whatever the correct term would be. They fight off, or at least draw away predators from the rest of the group.

I'm thinking the cause of this could be a response to predation. Normally, seafurlongs, lake furlongs, narlongs, and the like would bask in the sunlight along the shore. This is also a requirement for normal fetal development. When there are more predators around than usual, they have to retreat into the water more frequently, which would cause a drop in body temperature, triggering the development of kamens. This all started from a joke from a typo stating that they seek out "good" instead of "food". Kamen Rider references were made, and then explanations for the phenomenon were made.

Also, furlong derivatives seem to have the most apparent sexual dimorphism of any other families of creatures.

That makes sense for the Furlongs.
It's funny how some of the most important pieces of fluff regarding the game started out as a joke.
Like the bords.

Brute male geists are probably as strong as log'eads, but not as tough, as they lack the armor layers underneath their skin.
They are probably faster and more agile though.

Female, and gaunt male geists are even faster, and more agile, but they are physically weaker than the brutes, and not as tough as they are.
File: 1381861648891.png-(160 KB, 1000x800, Cruelb redraw.png)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
L̬͖̼̥̲̅ͧ̃͐ͪͥ̒̕Ǐ͍̤͛̾ͧ̚͟F̡͒̔̆̓̎Ẹ̷̣̞ͫ͗ͤ ̬̻̞͎ͬ̐͊̅ͪ͌̽Í͕̱̪̥͑͊͟S̬̖͋ ̶͈ͫ̈̅͊ͩͩP̷̬̜̬̩̱̼̳̔ͥ̊ͭ̑̾ͮẠ̢̞̻͂͌͗ͩI̬̺̗͕͉̮͠N̫̪̓ͨ̉̒ͫͮ!̖͉͇ͯ͗͒ͣ͐͢
͍̞̞̼̹̪͗P̥̜̝̫̂ͨA͕̹͔͛ͮ̋͊ͬ͐I̯̎ͫ́ͧ̽̉N̜̱̯̭͚̎ ͋̈́͏̺I̋̂͂҉̞̤S̷͈̦̬̥̾͋̏̑̆ ̯̭̬̭̥͍̫T̴͓̗̟͓̖̔̑̐͌ͥͨH̻͚̰ͦE̮͓͍̬̹̼ͣͪ͐͑̄̏ͅ ̼̲̣̠̳ͯ̇͋̾̅͐͝T̪̹͓̬͎͔̞ͫ̇ͭR̦͠U̢͚̰͍̹̩̱͒ͮT̪̼̰̝̠̎̓̂ͅĤ̖̲̼͈̥̮!̴̲̻͍͚̹͌ͤͭ́
͇̱͚̖͚͂ͪͩ̚W̳̫̊́ͯE͗̅ ͇͈̺̰̱͈̙ͫ̾͜B̬̥̺ͭR̶̰̦̭̅ͩ̆̈́̎̇I̳̭͓̘͎̣̔͋͒̓͒̍̂͢NG̳̫͍̺͈̻͗ͫͩ̀̓ͯ̒ ̤̲͋L̦͟I̖̋̿͞F̭̫̗̲͚͊ͦ̓̿̍̂͠E͟ ̶͔̣͈̞ͣ̑T̡̃̏̐̆O̪̦ͅ ̙̻̼͙͎̰ͅT̻̱͉̝ͥ͌̆͝H̺͖̜͔̠̪Ë̫̥̗̰̖͑̀ ̰̠̖̠͉̈̓ͣͮͮS͈̮̘̜̘̣͈̉́͋̂ͬͫ̚̕U̸̞̦ͦ̓ͪͤ̾̂R̼̩͔̳̰͆̀F̹͍͙͎̤Ȃ͇͖̫ͨ͋C͕̹͚͂Ẹ͇͈͎͇͉ͨ͌̑͋͢!̴̼͔͐̍̊̊͌͋
̙͙͉͕̠̇͊ͤ̽ͫ̋̾Lͤͥ̉͟E̹͉͔͎̗̰̱̓̾̚͡T̶̯͚̀ ̟͌͌̊T̮ͥ̅̈H̭̹̰͎̳̟̤̀E̛͎̩̫͍̰͆ ̿͑U̱̬̦͙N͈̙͚͉̮͉̳͜B̝̦̬͔̺͇͑̉͊̚E̟͂͑͌͐̇͠L̵͉̭ͯI͂E͎̻̼͉̰̫V̰̠̑͗̊̐͆E̢̩͉͇̪͔̰Ŗ̘̦͖̙̺S̷̔ͫ̋ ̥ͣ̃ͫ͊͘B̢̜͍ͩ͂̃ͬ̆Ǎ̝̏͂̏S̛̪̱͖͔̞͉̽̾̈̅̑K̪̮̀ͦ́̅ ̵͉͔̜̟̏́͑̌Į̫͔͇̳̤͓ͨͩͨN͆̉ͭ̒̊ ͈͙͟Ț̱̬͚̰̲͠H͕̳̼͖̩̍̆Ȩ͓̥͉̮ͮ̀͂̽ ̱͚̬̗͍̲ͤ̄̈ͦ̉̆͗͡ͅR͖̟̎̓A͓̯̭ͥ̒̈̏́Ḍ̠̜̊̃̃ͩͪ͑̾I̖̟̫͈̦͌̑̐̽͐̈́͛ͅÂ̭͈͙̝N͊̐̍͗̓͏̫̙̫̭̭C͂Ẽ҉̣̥̮̪̲̤ ͖͡Ǒ̡͖͔́͂̾̓̆̾F̷ ͙͌ͨ̂ͫ͛͞O̖̬̥͈̮͉̹͗̔̇ͣ̽U̡̬̙͇̱͇͛ͦ͊ͩͅR̪̭͇̬͔̺̆ͅ ̘̰̫̖̔͌͆ͦͬͪͫM͓͇͑͌͐́E̷̖̐̋͐S̋̿̐Ş͉̗͕̫̫͙̬̊̊Ä̭̜̖̞̖͈́̎ͅG̬̳̋̂͂̋̈͜Ḙ͉͇̺́͂̏͆ͅ!͈̮̤
Cruelbs and Seek'Kres are the Lovecraftian denizens of the oceans. It's fitting some of them serve The Library
File: 1381862418966.png-(160 KB, 1000x800, Cruelb redraw.png)
160 KB
160 KB PNG

And of course, I notice some tiny flaw I just have to fix.

Fuck, I keep seeing more little errors in that god damn drawing.
Ah well.

Anyways, I hope you guys are ok with that redesign.
Basically, I made it's legs shorter, but also bulkier, to make look more capable of carrying the creature's weight. I also combined the slasher arm and club arm into claw like arms. Some cruelb tribes still can have the old configuration, by having either the upper, or lower "jaw" of their claws removed.
I also added small, finger like things to the tips of the tentacles, so that they would feasibly be able to handle and manipulate stuff. Finally, I put an extra arm pair on their chest, that I figured they use to handle what ever they are eating.

Something that I forgot to mention about the cruelbs.

I have an idea for how they could move from the depths to more shallow waters, and even to dry land. Basically, instead of relying on their internal pressure to keep the external pressure of the deep waters from crushing them, the Cruelbs rely on their extremely tough and rigid shell, to take the brunt of the pressure. Because of this, moving from one pressure zone to a different one, will not have any significant effect on the cruelb, as their shell itself maintains the internal pressure they need to survive.
They also probably have cavities in their shell, that allow some of the pressure differentials between their body itself, and the outside world to average out.

I imagine, that the Cruelbs are even capable of making brief ventures to dry land, without any technological assistance. They would be kind of slow, and cumbersome on the dry land, but their tough shells would make them very hard to kill.
With their "pain" ray (antennae that generate strong microwaves that cause pain in the victim) and crushing claws, the Cruelbs are fearsome opponents, in both water, and dry land.
Dude, you did an amazing redesign of the cruelb. I think this is the best one to date. Really well thought out.
I also like this idea, and think the shell having an internal "honeycomb" like structure that allows it to compartmentalize it's organs as well, while having blood vessels between them is pretty cool. This also gives me an idea that if they suffer enough damage to their support structure they explode on the surface, as their internal blood pressure and everything else is through the roof.

Cruelb for hybrid muscle/ hydraulic action?

The cruelbs have standard muscles to my knowledge at least.

While I like the idea of the cruelbs exploding if their shell is cracked on the surface, it kind of can't work, as the cruelbs already have portions of them that aren't covered by their exoskeleton.
Their tentacle arms are just muscular extensions of their guts. They probably have ways of lessening their internal pressure as they move to shallower waters.

Perhaps, violently exploding could be their last defense mechanism?
They amp up their internal pressure to the point, at which they explode like a giant frag grenade?
My idea for the pressure issue isn't that their insides are pressurized, but that they're built to equalize pressure, getting ideas from how the same happens with our middle ears.

The most important thing when they ascend to the surface is to not go fast. Gases dissolved in their bodies would come out of solution, same as what causes "The Bends". This would be the biggest danger.

That could also work.
In either case, the Cruelbs should be able to venture to shallow waters, and even to dry land.
In dry land of course, they will need to stay close to water as they still can't breathe very well in the air. I imagine that their gills resemble the ones of crabs and lobsters, and that they need to stay wet for the creature to be able to breathe properly.

Funny, the cruelbs are actually not that big at all.
I kind of imagined them to be far larger than the size chart shows.
File: 1381882449774.png-(59 KB, 800x1000, Seek'Kre 2.png)
59 KB
Seek're superior.
Cruelbs are faggots.

Did we ever decide on how psychic these things actually were, if at all?
I still vote for how they were in the threads. Not psychic, but immune. If anything other than that, anti-psychic. Nullifying presence.
I really like this map in this thread.

What is the Library? I wasn't really present for those threads.

Your re-design is god tier.
Cruelbs with manipulators, better limbs, and voluntary self destruct is a better cruelb. Nadcorp, working together to build a better cruelb. for tommrow.

File: 1381905773952.png-(35 KB, 800x600, Bord.png)
35 KB
I am glad that you guys are liking the redesign.

I would imagine that the Cruelbs could be a serious hazard to small and remote coastal communities. They are tough as fuck walking tanks, have natural terror weapon in the form of their "pain ray", have claws they can use to crush, rend and pummel shit to submission, and finally, have long, muscular tentacles for strangling and grabbing stuff.

The Cruelbs could easily raid a small village, and drag everybody to the depths during the night.

Didn't we also have some ideas about the Bord survivors utilizing Cruelbs to do their bidding?
I could see them using some sort of mind control nanites to command Cruelbs, and sending them out to raid supplies, and captives of other races the Bords could then study.
Depending on how they deal with pressure, the self-destruct may not actually be a thing.
What we need to remember for this is that liquid water, no matter how much pressure it may be under, will not change volume. Gases however, do change volume depending on pressure. They are the main concern.
Hmm, the lore continues to evolve and grow. I really do like controlled cruelbs, raiding, gathering, collecting. The bord could be studying captives in the dark. I imagine perhaps there are some "Free" Cruelb, who while still communicating with pain would be horribly misunderstood.

The Seakree are interesting in that we have not developed them overly much, other then some that are custodians of the library, though that in itself is an analogue to the controlled cruelbs.

I am curious as to what specifics we can come up with the seakree, I suspect they will move like a snake or naga on land. However despite their size I suspect they are not overly strong or dense in muscle. but very agile. Perhaps they a slime covering.
File: 1381912476175.png-(147 KB, 1125x531, 1333620588408.png)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
I see them as moving like how their ancestors did. Partial slither, partial crawl.

Could you post the version with their actual hands?

Well, it's late. I'll look up and explain the rules on stun attacks after I wake up.

The Seek're are probably less capable of moving on land than Cruelbs are. They can probably slither/crawl around, but they can't stay on dry land for long, before their bodies begin to suffer. They most likely need to remain wet for their respiratory system to work properly (I kind of imagine that the seaweed like plant "hide" they have works kind of like gills on them)

In water, a Seek're is no doubt a fearsome opponent, and even on land, their size and strength can make them dangerous. However, they are probably pretty cumbersome on land, without all the support the water gives to their body while they are in the sea.

They also have those poison spikes on their arms (they were poisonous, right?)
Don't think Seek're are poisonous, really. Their protection is their huge size, and the ability to use their mind (either via psychic shenanigans, midichlorians, or some hypnotic stuff) to deter predators, or maybe 'cloak' themselves by making their observers think they saw nothing.

I meant that the spikes on their arms were poisonous, if I remembered correctly.
Their "psychic" stuff can be explained away via the old "NANOMACHINES SON!" explanation, to a degree at least.
However, some of the stuff you said is giving me ideas. Perhaps they don't exactly cloak, but they can alter the texture, color and shape of their plant skin to a degree, that makes them naturally very good at camouflaging themselves.

Also, perhaps they are capable of mesmerizing foes, via confusing dance like process, involving bioluminicience and those shiny eyes of theirs. Basically, they stare down their prey, while their body and tentacles flicker to light, and move in smooth, and confusing patters, while the other Seek'res stealthily approach the victim.
Aw yee, cuttlefish tactics! Yeah, I suppose they could do that. Maybe their 'telepathy' is actually a kind of side-effect from their unique brain; They have a stronger electromagnetic brainwave than naturally possible (possibly due to nanomachines), and thus capable of inducing their thoughts to others. It's like enveloping the other creature's brainwaves and the Seek're automatically syncs its brainwave, thus acting as 'telepathy'. This is probably the principle behind the Bord crest that fell to the Nad'Lun shaman's forehead, only that in the case of the crest it acts as the receiver/sender, while the Seek're brain (un)naturally configures itself to be the receiver/sender.

What do you guys think of this?
Nah. They just use normal camouflage. Good luck spotting on in the seaweed.

Looking at the old picture, those aren't supposed to be spikes. They're the hooked tips of the leaves. And yes, they do contain a paralytic poison.


One could just assume, that the hooked leaf tips eventually became more hardened, and spike like as the Seek're evolved.
Also, regarding their camouflage, I kind of like the idea of them being able to alter the appearance of their seaweed skin, so that they can look like different species of sea weeds, and even dead seaweeds.
File: 1381955781548.png-(11 KB, 640x480, snakecrub.png)
11 KB
The first part makes sense. Drawing may need some adjustment to show that the spikes are leaf-tips instead of coming from the kreub. If any sort of appearance change, how about the musculature of the leaves will pull them into different shapes.

Here's a Snake Kreub. In eventually evolving into Seek'kres, the facial region become protrusive compared to the rest of their bodies. While drawing it, I realized something. How do Seek'kres moult?
By consuming the fears of the water-folk.

Beware the Snakekcrub. It is a wretched creature

I kind of suspect that the Seek'res molting is not very apparent. The plant matter growing atop of them probably consumes most of the dead shell structures, as new shell grows underneath it and replaces it. Because of this, there isn't as apparent molting in Seek'res than in other species related to it.
File: 1381965829930.png-(76 KB, 800x600, Sea Maiden.png)
76 KB
"In the Capitol did the Consuls,
A fortified council chamber decreed,
Where Phla the Great River Ran
Through streets measureless to man
Down to dark folk of greed

That's what the damn wyrm said. I tell you, I don't know what that "gye-est" was doing here, but I swear we have fewer ramel than we did yesterday, and wyrms quarters stink like a battlefield after some Reddies (vyrii) had ambushed a few gunners, and the bed had more of the same poetry carved on it. I hope I never see another wyrm again."

-Kensat, Blackcrest of Ramels Fall, Marshall of the Third Gunners Battalion

No one except Arupan fanatics like the Geists as people. No one. They're the most alien of the land-dwellers, and even then they give seek'kres a run for their money. Only Nod stands with them in friendship, and even that has to be maintained by not letting the citizens of either nation actually talk, lest they start questioning why they help each other
So, how do Oriases (those mechanical giant exo-suit things from the Oamenii) work? And how big are they? I know they were produced from a roll that produced two weapons that are extremely effective against Geist "Titans" but how do they work? Hydraulics? Do they use fuel? How effective are they against things that are not monstrous humanoid creations of mad-wyrms?
Rolled 4

Crap. I forgot about posting the stun rules.

1d6 nonlethal damage per level. Cost 3pp per level to use.

Example: A Frowg grabs onto an Alun, and uses its electrical attack at level 1 power. Rolling 1d6.
File: 1381994869806.gif-(12 KB, 476x354, restab.gif)
12 KB
Okay. 4 damage. This will be the active characteristic on the Resistance table.
Aluns have a constitution of 7-8 on average. This one will have 7. This will be the passive characteristic. (resistant on this chart that I found.)

Rolling d%. If the rolled number is below the target number, 35%, the attack will be successful, and the Alun will be stunned. for If it goes over, it will only take 1 point of nonlethal damage, and not be stunned for 1d3+1 rounds.

Actually testing this seems like it may not be powerful enough.
File: 1381994945033.png-(167 KB, 500x500, 1339734861619.png)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Rolled 91

sage+dice doesn't seem to work any more.
File: 1381995170281.png-(88 KB, 800x600, IWishToBeTheLittleGirl.png)
88 KB
And it seems that the Alun resisted the Frowg's attack. Only 1 hp lost, and unfazed.

The Korobuskhan monks and Lufae wyvern riders are on pretty friendly terms actually.
The Lufae have been on good terms with both the Korobuskha and the Urupuruu for generations. They are more neutral towards Nod, as they mostly interact in trade terms, but also do not have any conflicts or tensions brewing between them. They also share the dislike of the Katumoiset slavers.

Mechanical exo suits?
I must have missed them being developed.
I only remembered those "powered" armors that had the mechanical mulpacs and so on.
Nongent was eager to give the TA exo-suits. A roll of twenty was made for designing weapons to kill Lufae Titans, so the TA was given exploding ballistae bolts and Oriases

How big exactly are the oriases?
Some sort of heavy class armor suit seems more likely, than actually massive mech, as they are presumably made from metal, and thus quite heavy.
Rolled 1, 5, 3 = 9

Going with just 3d6 for POW, the average for most races is 10-11. Maximum power points for a creature is equal to it's POW. On average, this will allow for up to three uses of the shock within two hours.
Although, maximum POW that can be rolled is 18, which will allow for 6 lv1 attacks, to 1 lv 6 attack.

PP recovers at a rate of one per hour when resting/asleep, or at one per every two hours of normal activity.

I'm wondering if the shock is fine as is, or if I should increase the power or decrease the cost.

Testing a lv.3 against a Gantu. Consumes 9pp for the attack.
Rolled 85, 55 = 140

Ouch. I'll roll against both averages: 17 and 18. 5% or 10% for success. This is testing against two different Gantu which are both at the average.

Why did sage+dice have to be disabled?
Have any of the actual nations even encountered Seek'res or Cruelbs?
The Nad'lun encountered a single, dead Seek're in the second west game. I do not remember any other encounters happening to any other nation.
1d6 damage simply does diddly, but I think that increasing the base damage will be too much. I think PP cost reduction will be the way to go. I'll start with 2pp for now, and see if that works. To get any power out of the shocks, it will require using higher attack level.

As a reminder, each level of attack is basically just stacking cost and effect multiple times.
Lv.1 2pp 1d6
Lv.2 4pp 2d6
Lv.3 6pp 3d6
and so on.
File: 1382046739939.png-(47 KB, 1000x1200, Seek're redraw 2.png)
47 KB
Bumping with the uncolored version of the new Seek're design.
File: 1382053617330.png-(266 KB, 1000x1200, Seek're redraw 2.png)
266 KB
266 KB PNG

And here is the colored one.
Regarding if the various nations of the world are aware of the Seek're, I doubt it.
Like all other oceanic races, their technological development isn't as advanced, an as civilizations, they don't leave much traces of themselves the ground dwellers could notice. Their whereabouts, and movements are also much harder to observe for the land bound species, as the oceanic races can traverse waters much easier.

No doubt, Seek're have been seen, I mostly just think that the various nations, and races of the world are unaware of their intelligence.
Same goes for Hirohas.
The Cruelbs are much more active in their raids, so there is probably a suspicion about their intelligence, among those land races who have encountered them.

Final thing, the Seek're are recognized in Izileth culture, as semi mythical beasts, who guard secrets underneath the waves. It is also said that those who transgress against the gods, are taken by them to the deepest pits of the sea, where they will suffer until their sins are repaid.

Also, from what I can understand of those rules you have posted Notrip, they seem good to me at least.
File: 1382059700319.png-(Spoiler Image, 183 KB, 1000x1200)
Spoiler Image, 183 KB
183 KB PNG

extra fucking awesome. first awesome picture becomes most current awesome picture.

how far you have progressed. http:images/1381882449774.png

The old picture hands are still somewhat more communicative, implying some sort of intelligence. I don't know why.
In the City of Pillars, the Library stands above all, It's knowledge is great and unending. Thousands of its Children swarm through the city. They craft and build as those above do, but hidden from prying eyes. Immense fields of seekeed stretch from the City, guarded by the Denti from above, and patrolled by the Kavage from below. It is said by the Children that all things that sink beneath the waves make their way to the City of Pillars. One day, the seas will sweep up, and drown the Folk-From-Above, and carry their drowned bodies into the depths, so that the Children might feast upon them.

At the volcanic vents, great works take place. Channels are dug, and lava made to flow. Great hunks of black stone are formed, and rendered into things of use. From the great outcrops at the edge of the Near-Aboves, stones are quarried, and then brought by way of Simple-Eyes to the City.

Many a ship has met its doom at the hands of the Children. First, the waters churn as many lights, arrayed in trios, circle round and round the chosen prey. Then, claws scratch at the hull as moans issue from the depths, and sailors feel heat prickle their skin despite the cold air. At this time, all the Hirohas jump the ship, the holds no less noisy for their absence as the hull is worn thin. Now great tridents burst forth through the hull, and claws snatch men and pull them through the gaping holes. Finally, beasts of chitin and hate crawl their way aboard, and bring death as the Depths claim the works of the Folk-From-Above.

One day, the Children of the Deep will find their Gods, and make it so that Thuk, Cul and Lyerh will no longer dream in the sleep of death. And then the Tomorrow War shall begin.

Now get me another drink
File: 1382078964233.png-(318 KB, 800x600, 1338580865661.png)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
Got a couple hellish days at work coming up, so I won't have time to work on the crunch more until Sunday.

I recommend rolling up a few sample characters in order to become a bit familiar with the system. By now, I assume people have the BRP Quickstart PDF.
There's an idea for the to-do list. Look at the skill list and see if there's anything which should be removed or added for the setting.

Regarding the stats, suzumou wormborns probably need somewhat beefed up stats when compared to the normal suzumou.
Depending on the type of the wormborn, they might be physically stronger, faster or larger, or they might have superior social skills or intelligence.

They are superior in many ways to standard suzumou, however a big drawback for them is that they are pretty much indoctrinated to be fanatically loyal to their godworm. Disobeying the commands of the godworm is extremely hard for them, as they have been conditioned to follow the Worm's orders without question even before they were born.

A player who wishes to play as a wormborn, could play as some sort of enforcer of the Cabal of Worms, or as a religious warrior. A free wormborn character should receive some mental penalties, due to the mental breakdown that they must have suffered, in order to break free from the indoctrination.
In short, free wormborn are various degrees of insane.
I am gonna go visit some relatives for few days, so I might be somewhat less active.
I'll take my laptop with me though, so I will still be able to post stuff.

Anyways, other than rolling out some characters like notrip suggested, are there some other things we should also work on?
I might start charting out the player interaction stuff from the remaining threads next week.

Also, if anyone wishes, they could make similar, abridged histories as I did for the Nad'lun here:

I'll do the Zu-nul, Gwiliak, Lufae and Izileth too at some point.
Anyone here?
File: 1382126107893.png-(31 KB, 800x800, Fast pusmal.png)
31 KB
How would pusmals work as player characters?

The Pusmals, Glud, and to an extent, the Suzumou are kind of hard to portray as player characters.
The Pusmals and Glud are both hive like species, while most suzumou, at least in Zu-nul nation, live lives of servitude.

Though, in the case of suzumou, there is still room for merchant, explorer, adventurer and warrior characters.

For example, a suzumou paladin, fighting against the foes of his god.
bump before bed.
Don't let the thread die guys.
pusmals are another complicated race to stat. You have basic diggers (Drones), and warriors. Within that they are born with tools often in place of hands, and varying degrees of intelligence.

Your average diplomatic pusmal will be somewhat longer lived, possibly longer then a queen, likely male, and one of the most capable the hive has to offer. Dexterous hands, and intelligence. The downside is pusmals are all carved from a template that only deviates so much.

A pusmal as a whole is probably soft, pink, sturdy, and disposable. Deccently strong for their size, but with no natural armor. Excellent dark sight, smell, and digging. Did i mention they dig well? All pusmals probably have a set number of limbs, which is eight I think.

They eat a lot of fungi, but also meat, and many tribes are not above cannibalism, though that quality of meat is usually for the queen.
I'm thinking that Pusmals may be best handled with a point-buy chargen. And I do believe that they could have a lot of variance between generations.
hmmm that is actually a really good idea. it makes me want to do a few quick drawings of pusmal forms. What are some "Standards" that define a pusmal an will not change? They seem biologically like Blung-Lite.
File: 1382165062446.png-(24 KB, 500x500, 1335180443714.png)
24 KB
Centaur-like body structure is the only thing set in stone
The core rulebook has a chapter on mutations. I'll look at how it can be used after sunday. I hate double shifts.

The pusmals actually can modify their forms within the span of few generations.
The Blung evolved into their forms over thousands of generations.
Pusmals are more zerg like than the Blung are.
File: 1382203415735.png-(19 KB, 800x600, Ripper pusmal.png)
19 KB
Is there any ideas on what we should work on, or discuss?
This thread has slowed down pretty significantly, so unless there is actually still something you guys think that we should discuss in this thread, I won't bother keeping it alive any more.

I will probably make a new thread later during next week, if anyone still cares.
File: 1382214655514.png-(10 KB, 277x354, thefuckisthis.png)
10 KB
If there's nothing new, let the thread die. Next week. I'll have a little bit more crunch for discussion.
Alright then.
I will probably make the new thread around next wednesday, or thursday.
I have to flesh out few of my ideas until then.

I'll be checking the irc and the google doc too, if anyone has anything to say to me.
damn, forgot to sage.

Anyways, I might as well ask if anyone cares to archive this thread. I am currently unable to.

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