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Last Time On AGE QUEST!: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Gundam+AGE+Quest
Check my twitter for when the next game is and possible delays: https://twitter.com/Crosswire

Your name is Scarlet Crocker and things have not been going very well. Your family was recently attacked by Vagan spies while Vagan mobile suits attacked the base. Your father is pretty badly injured and in the infirmary along with your Grandfather whose suit was pulverized by the “Green Knight”.

It’s been a few hours since the attack and you’re sitting in your office after comforting your rather depressed mother. It’s late, you haven’t slept and there is a LOT to do.
The engineers have finished everything you gave them to do and the recruits are going to need proper mobile suits to fight in. Madorna has also arrived and you should probably talk to him soon.

Dr. Halsey has been making very good progress on her serum; it might be ready for testing within a day or so. The enhanced Anti-Beam Coating has been disrupted by Dad’s hospitalization. Dad and Daiki have gotten a lot done, but Daiki admits it’ll be tough for him to wrap up the project by himself with only 3 days left.
All the construction is finished and the workers are taking a deserving break, though Bob doesn’t have a problem with accepting any more work. You have for him and his men.
Arnie and Travis have taken over training the troops, with Walker assisting when he can. He’s requested permission for a couple of the engineering recruits (particularly the guys from the MS Club) to work on upgrading his mobile suit.

So, what are you going to do Scarlet? It’s 11:00 PM Currently

(Information coming up, wait one moment till I can post it all up)
>HQ Reinforcement: Completed (HQ will be able to withstand direct attacks from mobile suits. A perfect shelter)

>MS Training Course: Completed Training will be more effective and faster)
>Dr. Halsey’s G-Force Resistance Serum Project- ? Hours (Still Ongoing)
>Anti-Beam Coating Enhancement Project- ? Hours (Still Ongoing)
>Asteroid Cover/Ship Busters- Complete
>Madorna Workshop Arrival- Complete (Madorna has arrived)
>Training Genoaces x40- Completed
>Travis Recovery Time- Complete
>MS Training x98 Recruits/ Greenhorns/Paperpushers- 2 Days 23 Hours
>MS Engineering Training x20 MS Club/Recruits -2 days
>Ammunition Production- Ongoing. Armory is 32% stocked.
>Cyberwarfare/ECM System Array- 3 Days (Hogan and Pirate crew now occupied)
Aunt Rysis (Secretary)

Romary (Personal Assistant)

Hogan Blackmarsh (Pirate Captain, busy installation Electronic
Warfare systems)

Arnold Blackmarsh (Health and Fitness buff)

Dr. Halsey Heart (Researcher)

Grandma Rosa Crocker (Good Cook)

Grandpa Jack Crocker (Trainer. Injured 3 month recovery)

Secretary Steve (Injured-1 month recovery)

Travis Touchdown (Sober, assisting in the troop training)

30 Vagan Orphans (Including Fram Frost)

30 Base Personnel

10 Members of the 101st Technical Evaluation and Testing Division

20 Paper-pushers/Accountants (Unable to work due to lack of furnishings in Sub-office)

15 Researchers (Unable to work due to no lab or equipment)

10 Doctors (Currently working in Infirmary)

98 Semi-trained Recruits (Capable of piloting mobile suits)
20 Semi-Trained Engineers (Capable of Moderate repairs on mobile suits)

4 Zalam/Euba MS Pilots (Including and lead by Captain Walker) (6 Dead)

1 Zalam/Euba Infantry Platoon (1 Man Dead)

Mellis Crocker (Your mother and leader of the Knights of the Round Test Team)

Jack Crocker (Injured. 9 Month Recovery Time)

Knights of the Round Test Team (All deceased)

>Magic Schoolbus
Dorthy Ann (Captain of the Magic Schoolbus)

Veteran Bridge Crew: Wanda Li, Keesha Franklin and
Phoebe Terese

Janet Perlstein- (Doctor aboard the MSB)

Tim Black: (Ace Long Range Support Specialist and Artist)

Ralphie Tennelli: (Ace Melee Expert and cook)

Arnold Perlstein: (Ace Sniper and certified Geologist)

Arnold Blackmarsh (Fitness buff, Troop Training assistant)

Hogan Blackmarsh (Pirate Captain)

>Treasure Star
Captain Sirius (Former Time Traveler and Captain of the Treasure Star)

Daiki Ryuuzaki (Former Time Traveler and MS Pilot)

Kotetsu Sakai (Support MS Pilot, Aspiring Cook)

Lhuga (MS Pilot and aspiring Ace)
AGE-X2 Gawain Gundam (Piloted by you)
AGE-X Crusader Gundam (Dad’s Personal Suit. Unable to pilot due to injuries)
CMS-223GF Gala Kai (Piloted by Captain Walker himself)
CMS-223ZF Zila Kai x2 (Piloted by two of Walker’s Men)
CMS-574XF Xeno Kai x2 (Piloted by two of Walkers Men)
MMS-01XR Gwenvere (Mom’s Personal Suit, piloted by her)
RGE-790C Genoace Kai x1 (Refit Schematics included, unassigned)
RGE-790T Genoace Trainers x48 (Being used by recruits for training purposes)
RGE-1100X Proto Adele (Unassigned)
RGE-2000X (Unassigned, and deem unreliable)
Travis Touchdown’s Custom Shaldoll (Being used by him of course)

xvm-dfc Wiegel (Unassigned)

>Pirate Mobile Suits
BMS-001 AGE-1 Dark Hawk x1 (Hogan’s Personal Mobile Suit)
BMS-003 Shaldoll Rogue x5
BMS-004 G-Exes Jackedge x1 (Hogan’s Second in Command Personal Suit)
BMS-005 G-Xiphos x1 (Arnold Blackmarsh’s personal Suit)
>Magic School Bus Mobile Suits
AMS-002 G-Bouncer Sniper Custom (Arnold’s Custom Mobile Suit)
RMS-002 G-Bouncer Melee Custom (Ralphie’s Custom Mobile Suit)
TMS-002 Shaldoll Support Custom (Tim’s Custom Mobile Suit)

>Treasure Star Mobile Suits
AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal (Daiki Version)
WMS-GEX1C G-Exes Custom (Lhuga’s Personal Mobile Suit)
RGE-B790CK Kotetsu Genoace Custom (Kotetsu’s Personal Mobile Suit)

>Available Ships
Darwin Kai Class- “Magic School Bus”
Prototype Diva Class Variant- “Baronche”
Unknown Class- “Treasure Star”
>4 Days, 1 Hours till the Vagans Attack Big Ring

What will you do Scarlet?
Okay, grab some coffee and get cracking.

First of all, we need new suits for our troops. We should see Madorna and see if it's possible to create some new Genoaces for our guys. Preferably, they should combine the new Genoace IV and the Genoace Kai for increased performances. If possible, see if it's possible to combine them with the hardpoints from the Merlin so the suits can exchange their equipment.

Second, we need to improve our training. See if the guys from the Magic Schoolbus are willing to assist in the training. We need to teach our guys both to act as a group as well on their own - our best bet against the Vagans are superior tactics.

Third, give Walker the guys from the MS club to help him upgrade his suit. See if anyone else needs upgrades, and have Madorna and Daiki start working on that.

Last, see if there's anything else we can improve around the base. If Bob's willing, we should see if we can build some sort of defensive positions and gun placements around the base, just in case something bad happens. Maybe someone has some ideas what we can improve / build around here.
Man, we've built up quite a lot of resources. That's kind of nice, even if that last attack caught us unaware. We might just be able to meet a straightforward assault, at least. Neat.

Let's talk to Madorna. With his facilities we can speed up the building of Genoaces and their refitting to Genoace Kais. That should help a lot.
I think we need some upgrades, personally. Scarlet's lagging behind Dirk in that regard, and I want something more powerful if we have to face the Green Knight again. Something tells me he won't wait the year the myth demands. What would be good for augmenting the Gawain's abilities?
I would like to combine the Phoenix with the Gawain. Get those wing cannons (improve them with Rysis' buster cannons), maybe combine them with some blades so that it pulls double duty as the Razor and the Phoenix. Dirk's focusing on dealing ranged damage, Scarlet is more close-combat oriented.

We have Jack's old suit nearby, we could steal some dirty tricks from his suit - like integrated flash system or something similar.
Sounds good. We could put flash emitters at the joints that automatically activate when they move fast enough, so we're constantly blinding the opponent. And Phoenix Gawain would work really well. We don't even have to add blades to it, the Phoenix Wear already has them for when the wings combine with the shield.
We could use the Vagan beam vulcans in the wings, just modify them a bit. Those could then work as either cannons or beam sabers with variable length. Kinda like the shoulder blades from the Double Bullet.
Rysis fetches you some fresh coffee and one of grandma's fresh donuts and you get to cracking.

The first thing you do is call up Tim, Arnold, and Ralphie from the Schoolbus and ask the if they can assist in the training. They agree to it, but with them helping with the training there won't be many people outside the colony for patrols and immediate deployment. Still, considering the Vagans have the Miniaturized Invisible Umbrella System it's not like patrols will help all that much at the moment. Besides, better training for your troops is the more immediate concern. Tim, Arnold, and Ralphie have been working together for a while and they'll help reinforce how working as a team is important and they'll probably pass along a couple of tricks.

Second thing you do is give the MS Club the OK to upgrade Walker's suit. It'll take a few hours but you make a note to check up on them when they're finished.

You check up on Bob and he agrees to build defensive structures and fortifications, you just need to decide what kind and how many you want.

While you think on that you head over to Madorna and ask him about combining the Genoace III and the Genoace Kai designs to make a Genoace IV for your troops. The high performance, sensors, and design of the Genoace III with the hard points, more effective armor placing, and enhanced thruster set up of the Genoace Kai.

It'll cost Madorna a pretty penny to produce enough for your troops, even if he owes you a favor he can't do this for free. Still, he knows your short on cash and offers you a deal. He'll make and produce enough Genoace IVs for your men, if you allow him to keep the data from them and allow him to take credit for the design, since he's going to after to figure out how to put the two together after all.

What do you say Scarlet?
Anyway, we should upgrade our Genoaces into something new. Let's see.

> Genoace ZDF (Zarth Defense Force) Variant
Combines the Genoace Kai with the Genoace IV. Uses the improved sensors and mobility (from the IV) with the improved armor and generator (from the Kai). Integrated are two light vulcans (mounted on the head), the flash system, as well as 2 hardpoints on the shoulders of the suit. The suit uses a DODS rifle equipped with a heat-blade bayonet, two beam sabers, and an improved shield based on Jack's shield (carries additional ammo, grenades, and can be booby-trapped).

The hardpoints can be fitted with a heavy beam Gatling (for the Anansi and other light units), a grenade launcher (for tactical purposes as well as offense) and a heavy DODS (for heavy Vagan units).

So, basically, each suit specializes in taking down one type of enemy, while still having good performance overall.
Sure. That's more than fair. Go ahead, Madorna.

I wonder how this will influence our Gen 3 mobile suits, if the O-Custom isn't limited to just Obright. It could be a viable competitor for the Adele Mk. 2. Of course, by Gen 3 we'll have nanotech construction as commonplace. So our Gen 3 suits are probably going to be very different from the canon ones. Maybe we can even get the Clanche cheap enough to produce and easy enough to pilot that it becomes the main mobile suit of our forces. That would be cool.
He can keep the data, sure.

As for the credit, let's split it - he and Jake take credit, and Madorna gets data for all the Vagan suits we acquired so far (the Zeydra, Farsia and all that) as well as the pirate blueprints, and everything we come up in the meantime.

Side note, we should see if it's possible to upgrade mom's suit. We have the Zeydra blueprints, we should see if we can use them somehow on the Gwenvere.
You convince him to split the credit with your father and in return you give him all the data and blueprints for the Vagan suits you've ran into recently, the Zeydra, Wiegel, and such.

At first Madorna not all the Ok with splitting the credit with Jake since he's going to be the one doing all the work, but when you mention the youngesters aboard the Treasure Star have some suits that Madorna supposedly made and doesn't remember, it peaks his interest enough to agree to the deal.

Genoace III+Genoace Kai = Genoace IV

Genoace IV x100 (2 Days till completion)

You leave Madorna to get to work and return to Zarth. Before you can get around to working on ideas for defense emplacements you get a call. Not a regular call, but an encrypted one...

“Scarlet, this is Vice Admiral Flit Asuno. I’ve finally received your request and have sent you some reinforcements. I’m afraid it’s not a lot, I only have the spare forces on Solon to work with and I had to split them between Zarth and Minsry. However I’m also sending a package with them. Some equipment for the Gawain.”

"Some equipment?” You ask curiously. Anything would help, but the tone the Admiral used was odd. As if it was more important then some parts or a gun or two.

“The first thing is an upgrade pack for the Gawain. It was originally intended to be a transformable mobile suit, but…”

“But the transformation function proved to be too stressful and complex, the Gawain pulled itself apart twice trying to do it midair. That was not a fun summer.” You say, remembering the hours you had to spend putting it back together. "I eventually decided to leave it out all together and promised to work on an upgrade package later on. How did you get it to work?"

“Well thanks to some special ‘manufacturing’ techniques developed by Liz and your brother created, that should no longer be an issue. The upgrade pack includes a special coating that should minimize and repair any damage to the joints, plus a dumb A.I module to help ensure the transformation works. This is fresh prototype tech so there’s bound to be some bugs. Normally I wouldn't send you equipment in this condition, but due to the time constraints it’s better to give you buggy equipment then to leave you with nothing.” Flit sighs, obviously frustrated for the situation he’s been cast in.

“It’s fine, I was worried you were going to send me an IOU and an candybar like your son did my 17th Birthday.” You say with a laugh, managing to get a smile out of the usually stiff Flit.

“The second form of the Gawain is jet like, and maximizes it’s thrusters for greater speed. It’s far more aerodynamic then the AGE-2’s Strider mode, so it should allow greater atmospheric flight under gravity. You won’t be able to use the Gawain’s melee weapons, but the transformation function will add some armament hardpoints. You’ll be able to mount missiles on the Gawain’s back, which will come up on the wings during its other mode. You’ll also be able to use the scatter cannons, railgun and you can also use a DODS or HY-DODS rifle like a gunpod.”

“I like the sound of that. So what’s the other stuff your sending me?”

“A prototype high performance radar module that functions by analyzing fluctuations in the movement of cosmic dust, a type of interstellar medium, to indirectly determine the position of an object . Setting it up in space near the colonies should alert you to Invisible Umbrella cloaked ships on approach. It’s sensitive and like the upgrade modules, quite experimental so there’s no guarantee it’ll work the way it should, but it at the very least should give you an idea of where the Vagans are heading from. You’ll need to know that much to use the PDM”

“PDM?” You ask, raising an eyebrow.

“The last piece of equipment is a special weapon to attack the fleet preemptively. It’s a missile with a special, highly destructive plasma warhead. It’s known as a Plasma Diver Missile, and was once used during the Colony Nation wars to destroy entire colonies, fleets, and fortresses.”

“Wait a minute? Are you sending me a WMD?” You ask, not sure if he's being serious or not

“Technically, yes. The one you’ll be using is a downsized version meant to be fired from a aircraft or a mobile suit. It doesn’t have the full destructive yield of a regular sized PDM but it should leave a tremendous dent in the Vagan fleet that approaches you, provided you can find the fleet and hit it before they get too close to the colonies.”

“Is this really OK? I mean you’re handing over a weapon of mass destruction to a 18 year old girl…”

“You’re a Commander now Scarlet. I don’t know what the previous commander was thinking when he put you in charge, but you’re the only one I can trust with protecting Zarth, Minsry…and my wife. Solon is infested with spies; it’s only a matter of time before they try something. I’d rather hand over a WMD to you then allow it to sit here for a spy or Vagan terrorist to use it. I trust whatever decision you make in regards with the weapons use. Due to the nature of the weapon and it’s relatively short range, the Gawain’s upgrade package will also include enhanced shielding for the hull, as well as a special pilot suit, to protect you from the shockwave of the weapon. Whether or not you use the weapon will be up to you and you will have to be the one to fire it.”

What do you think of all this Scarlet? How will you respond?
"Thanks for everything, uncle Flit. I'll see what happens - if I absolutely must use that thing, I'll do it."
"Are you sure this thing won't end up blowing me up as well? I mean, if it does, I'll come back and haunt you."
How big is the Plasma Diver Missile, exactly? The one Flit uses in the anime comes with a huge launcher. It's been downsized, but it could still be pretty massive. I don't want us to lose our melee capabilities while we're moving into position.

Other than that, I'm fine with it. WMDs aren't really something we've lacked access to. Fusion explosives are not hard to build with the AGE Builder. We've just always showed proper restraint. I see no reason we can't, now. Scarlet will deploy it as she sees fit.

Besides, we've got Artimes Gawain, now. That's awesome. Enhanced sensors, speed, and armor that can take a near miss from a nuclear weapon. What more could we want? Well, blueprints for the PDM. It would be kind of awesome if we had the schematics so that our Gen 3 Gundam can use miniaturized PDMs for its standard missile system. A missile the size of the Double Bullet's leg rockets with the explosive yield of the Zefuld Launcher would be so very useful on a heavy assault wear.
>How big is the Plasma Diver Missile, exactly?
Probably scaled down to GP02 size.
"How big is this thing? I'd rather not lose my melee capabilities while wielding it." You ask.

"It's pretty big, the launcher itself is 17 meters long but it's a lot smaller compared to the regular sized warheads so it should be manageable. Besides, if your in melee range with the enemy your too close to use it, even with the armor. On another note, don't tell anyone where you got his from. PDM's haven't been authorized, so if this gets back to you or I we could both serve jail time. If anyone asks just say it's something you cooked up or found." Flit explains.

"Alright, alright. Will I have to worry about radiation or anything like that?" You ask.

"If you don't wear the suit and install the shielding in the upgrade package, then you may risk exposing yourself to harmful particles released by the PDM. As long as your wear the suit and install the shielding you should be fine. Good luck Scarlet, and remember, you have a limited window of opportunity to use the PDM, detected the fleet before it gets to close to the colonies is imperative."

"Got it, thank you Vice Admiral." You hang up the phone and breath a sigh of relief.

>Genoace IV x100 (2 Days till completion)
>Reinforcement and Equipment Arrival- 6 Hours

What would you like to do know Scarlet? It's only been an hour. It's 12:00 PM and you're starting to feel tired. There is still the defense emplacements to talk to Bob about.

What do you wish to do?
Let's see Bob. We need to see about those defensive installations - some automated turrets and bunkers would be nice to have.
Have him and Arnold (from the MSB) see where are the best places to build those things.
Sounds good. A bunch of auto-turrets distributed throughout the asteroid field should make things a lot messier for the Vagans. They avoid the minefields we've planted only to get caught in a crossfire from DODS Sentries.
Or they try to avoid those things and end up in the minefield. Or the line of fire of our photon cannons.
Exactly. We give no avenue of approach that doesn't involve being shot.
You go to Bob and wake him up. You tell him about the idea of building defensive fortifications around the city and base as well as setting up turrets in and around the asteroid field.

Bob says his men can work in space with modified Desperado's but they don't know anything about building guns. They'll help put them together but you'll need to supply the engineers.

That should be pretty easy, with Madorna making the Genoace IV's your engineers are free. You agree to send 10 engineers to work with Bob's men in setting up the defense turrets.

They should be able to finish up the defensive fortifications around the base and city as well as the turrets outside in about a day or so. You call up Arnold and ask him to help place the turrets. With the minefield and the hollowed out asteroids you have for shooting nests and re-supply havens, automated turrets will make the field a nightmare to navigate. Arnold's placement of the turrets should be able to force any approaching Vagans into a rather nasty spot.

>Genoace IV x100 (2 Days till completion)
>Reinforcement and Equipment Arrival- 6 Hours
>Defense Fortification and Turret Emplacement- 1 Day

It is now 1 PM. What do you wish to do Scarlet?
Sleep. There's a limit to how much we can push it. We'll do something again around 7:30.
Let's get some sleep.
There's something about Uther's story that doesn't fit.

If Arthur really wanted to rule the world from the shadows, he wouldn't have left behind the most advanced suit in the entire Federation space and wiped MaG's memory clean. He could've used that thing to coerce or manipulate the sharing of information, technology, everything, but he just abandoned it somewhere in Zarth's colony walls.

My guess? Uther doesn't know what happened to Arthur, and he just assumed that Arthur is behind everything. That, and his "caretakers" (the Feds? Leviathan?) probably fed him some false info because they wanted to get back at him for working for both sides during the war.
You decide to get some sleep. Pushing yourself too far will just end up causing problems for everyone. After taking a quick shower and a quick snack you head to your office and hit the hay. You only sleep till 7:30 but for ONCE your're not woken up because all hell is breaking loose.

Instead you wake up and get to have a nice breakfast while filling out shitty paperwork that you've been putting off doing and out a dent in before Rysis comes in informs you that the modifications have been finished to Walker's mobile suit and the reinforcements and equipment Admiral Asuno sent have arrived.

What do you wish to do Scarlet?
Okay, let's see those modifications. Time to test the new wear.
And since we're upgrading stuff, have our engineers work on upgrading the aces' suits while we're waiting for Madorna to finish the new Genoace.
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I have but one question before I foray into the archives. How does this stack up to Zeon Quest?
You go to the dock and see that 10 Adeles have arrived with pilots for each of them. The transport is just unloading the upgrade package as you arrive. After taking the suits back to the hanger along with the upgrade package you realize it's not a wear, it's a complete overhaul for the Gawain. This thing isn't going to be something you can pop on or off, it'll take a few hours to install and a few hours to uninstall.

The Upgrade Package includes:
-A Transformation Mode that puts the Gawain into a jet like form for greater speed and acceleration with a special coating said to help make the joints more resistant to strain and even repair damage to them over time.
-A prototype dumb A.I designed specifically for handling the transformation of the Gawain
-Armor and shielding for use with the Miniaturized Plasma Diver Missile.
-A large 17 meter long bazooka like launcher for firing the Miniaturized Plasma Diver Missile
-A specialized pilot suit that offers resistance against g-force strain and enhanced ballistic and radiation protection.

Do you wish to install the upgrade package yourself or will you have the other engineers do it for you? Or do you wish to install this upgrade package on the Gawain at another time?
We'd only fuck it up. Have the engineers from the Camelot install the package, but keep a close eye on them in case somebody tries something funny.
(Personally, I think Zeon Quest is a more tactical and coherent narrative. Mine is a bit more freelance in terms of progression and I will admit there are some kind-of obnoxious Gurren Laggan references in the first few Parts. I started Gundam AGE Quest because I was inspired by Zeon Quest. I tried to do something different then Zeon Quest that and this is my first quest, so things kind of happened in the beginning with out a whole lot of planning. It's been a wild ride and things are going to get more interesting so I guess it's all up to what you enjoy in a quest I guess. If you're looking for screwing over canon and ridiculous bravdo, that is something this quest shares in common with Zeon Quest)
As invigorating as installing the package yourself would be, you'd probably screw it up and since you'd be working with a WMD, you'd rather not fuck up and risk doing the Vagans job for them. You watch over the installation and upgrade progress which is going to take a good 10 hours. You watch them for about 2 hours and then ask Romary to keep a watch on things for anything strange, you can't afford to await around for too long doing nothing.

So what do you wish to do? Want to see Walker's upgraded mobile suit or do you want to do something else?
Let's see Rysis. She can give us a status report while we check out Walker's new suit.
Anything new happen while we were asleep? Did they catch that Vagan spy?
Interesting. Most interesting. I shall endeavor to come to my final verdict after I read the archives. Do not await with bated breath. You'll be dead by that point.
File: 1380154158924.gif-(882 KB, 500x243, Rocking.gif)
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882 KB GIF
(Yeah it'll take a while. I hope you at the very least kind this an amusing/entertaining Quest to read up on).

You go over to the hanger with Walker's Mobile suit and have Rysis update you along the way.

>Genoace IV x100 (1 Days till completion)
>Reinforcement and Equipment Arrival- Completed
>Defense Fortification and Turret Emplacement- 12 hours

The surviving Vagan spy hasn't been caught yet, she's been nowhere to be found. It's likely she's ether hiding or has left the colony.

On a better note, the training is going very well, Travis, Hogan, Arnold, Tim, and Ralphie along with the Genoace Trainers and the training course has greatly helped improve the trainees abilities and their sense of teamwork.

Overall things are going very well, you haven't received any requests for anything or any problems as of late. For once things are running without any issues.

Arriving at the hanger you see that Walker's suit has been painted a darker brown color color and received some upgrades.

The guys from the MS Club are still pretty dirty from working on it but tell you that the Gala Kai has become the CMS-223G3 Gala Custom.

The armor quality has been improved and the frame of the suit has been reinforced, increasing the suits overall durability. The shoulder shield was reforged with stronger, more heat resistant alloys, allowing it to take more of a beating from enemy attacks. The thruster system was completely replaced with a much stronger one, allowing for greater overall speed in space. To top it all off the servomotors in the armors and legs were replaced with those used by the Brocka wear, allowing for greater melee capabilities and land speed.

Arthur's stuck in a cryopod in some abandoned part of Zarth, isn't he.

The Feds want him because he knows where the EXA-DB is, and Zeheart and the Anansi were looking for him for the exact same reason. Uther was lied to so he can give whoever was taking care of him at the time all the info on where the old labs and weapons are being hidden. And the guys who probably are after him are the Olfenoas who are possibly the only ones who know about the EXA-DB and its administrator, considering how they ruled the Federation since its founding.
Weapon wise the Gala Custom is still sporting Walker's heat katana, only this one has been modified for greater strength and more intense heat, allowing for better armor penetration and a better cutting edge. It also sports smoke-chaff grenades that interfere with enemy sensors and allow for surprise attacks or quick get-aways, rocket propelled heat knives that are excellent for attacking the cockpits of Vagan mobile suits, and a kind of electrified grappling hook/whip for screwing up the internals of enemy mobile suits. Ranged weapon wise it appears to still be using a standard DODS Rifle, which makes sense since Walker prefers close quarters combat.

"So what do you think of it?" the two of them ask Walker eagerly as he exits the suit.

"It's nice, needs some fine tuning but it's a lot more responsive then it was before. I'll be able to get a lot more done with this." Walker states.

What do you think of this suit Scarlet?
"Wow, that's pretty badass. Great job, guys. Did you also make a custom shield for this thing?"
"You wanna mess with some more suits? See if the other pilots need some upgrades."

This suit seems familiar, almost as if something Dirk would come up with.
"We'd like too, but none of the other Aces were interested." One of the members of the MS Club explains.

"Yeah, Tim, Ralphie, and Arnold all have pretty heavily customized mobile suits. We tried talking to that Travis about upgrading his suit but he wouldn't have it." Another stated.

"I wouldn't mind having a suit." Rysis stated. "I don't really have the Black Raven anymore and with the upcoming fight you can't expect me to just stand around and do paperwork. I'd rather not use a stock suit..."

What do you say Scarlet? Do will you allow the MS team to build Rysis a mobile suit?
Wait, what happened to the Raven?
"As long as you promise not to get in a fight with dad, sure, you can have the best suit for the best aunt."
"What happened to the Raven?" You ask.

"That kind of got trashed when your father fought me at Ambat. I never got around to rebuilding it, but it's been so long I don't see a reason to going back to it. I'm sure I can get something better for me made now that I have the chance." Rysis explains with a shrug.

"Ah, alright, as long as you promise not to get in a fight with dad, then sure you can have these guys make a suit for you!" You say, liking the idea of having someone else to rely on in a fight.

"Good. I'll be staying here to instruct these guys on what I want. Will you be OK without me for a few hours?"

"I'll be fine." You wave Rysis off and leave the hanger.

>Genoace IV x100 (1 Days till completion)
>Reinforcement and Equipment Arrival- Completed
>Defense Fortification and Turret Emplacement- 10 hours

You don't have anything that needs your attention, maybe some more planning and building might be in order? Or do you have something else in mind?
"Oh, did it finally break down after all these years? That sucks. Well, we can make you a custom suit, sure. What do you think of the name 'Morrigan' for your new unit? Seems like the logical successor to the Black Raven."
Let's meet with the guys Flit sent over, introduce ourselves properly and fill them in on the situation. Have them stationed aboard the Camelot.
After that, let's install that new radar system we just received.

Also, we need to get the Vagan orphans away from the base, in case something bad happens again.
>Vagan orphans
I wonder if they can point out the spy.
I doubt that, but it's possible. Maybe they provided the description for the spies in the first place.
Or they found that secret shelter everyone hid during the attack.
You decide to visit the men Flit sent over. You go to the hanger where they are and tell them they're be stationed aboard the Camelot. They're fairly good men and already plenty of experience in battle. After a bit of chatting you leave knowing they'll be pretty reliable in the upcoming fight.

Now it's time to install that new radar system. The system is, from what Flit told you, experimental. Proper installation and handling is vital. It can be installed on a ship, or a colony. Installing it on the colony will give it greater range, but will make it difficult to pick up smaller units until they're quite close. Installing it on the ship will allow detection of both large and small units with ease, but till decrease it's range.

Considering you need to detect and attack the fleet with the PDM before they get to close to the colonies it might be best to install the system on the colony. However the desision is up to you. What do you wish to do Scarlet?
Install it on the colony, and have MaG scan for anything suspicious going on.
Colony. Anything that gets in close is going to have to deal with the ECM and mine fields, so that will slow them long enough to respond to them.
How's MaG holding up, considering all that's going on and Jake getting shot?
Does she have any advice on what we could do?
You decide to have the experimental radar system installed on the colony, that way you'll be able to spot the ships long before they arrive. Besides, any smaller targets will have to deal with the asteroid field, the mines and the turrets which is bound to slow them down. You've got some stuff going on now, you feel more confident in your ability to protect Zarth.

Ma G is fine physically. Without having to be in the Crusader she can devote all her functions to monitoring the colony and it's defenses and will be able to inform you if any Vagan ships enter within Radar range. As for emotionally she's worried about Jake and him dying, which is understandable.

"Do you have any advice for me Ma G?" You ask, speaking to her via your G-Phone.

"Any advice on what?"

"I don't know, in general. Anything I should do or focus on?"

"Your defenses and forces appear to be adequate but additional defenses and backup plans in case the Vagans overwhelm should also be considered. You should also consider vulnerable civilians within your custody." Ma G states.

You quickly realize she's talking about all the Vagan orphans. The base is the safest place for them to be, it's the strongest, most reinforced place in the whole damn colony. However it's also the one most likely to be attacked.

Sending them away might be a good idea, but where? There's the Vagan Scientists on Minsry, maybe they might be safer there. Or maybe they might be safer away from Zarth all together.

Do you want to try and find a place to send the Orphans? Or keep them on base where you know they won't get abducted?

>Genoace IV x100 (1 Days till completion)
>Reinforcement and Equipment Arrival- Completed
>Defense Fortification and Turret Emplacement- 9 hours
>Experimental Radar System Installation 10 hours
>Gawain Refit- 8 hours
Send them to Minsry. If it's safe for the scientists, it's safe for the children. And besides, Yurin deserves to meet her new nieces and nephews. Because we all know Desil's going to wind up adopting them all. Well, the ones we don't at least. I would not object to Fram winding up as our Gen 3 protagonist's cool aunt.
Backup plans, huh? How many people can CDACE hold, total? He might need to evacuate more than just Minsry. He can't leave a colony without destroying it, but he might be able to dock with one from the outside and deploy the kidnappers inside it to retrieve the citizens.

Speaking of CDACE, did we ever reverse-engineer his Neutron Collapser Cannon, or is that still on Jake's back burner? I can think of some neat things to do with manipulation of the nuclear interaction forces, completely unrelated to projecting it as a weapon. Could be fun for some Gen 3 shenanigans. Really, we have so many things available to research for Gen 3 that the main limit to our ultimate Gundam will be one of time, not tech. We have: laser weapons, advanced beam shields, nanotechnology, psycoframes, psycojammers, living crystal hypercomputers, custom AI assistants, nuclear force manipulation, and space-time warping. We are going to be just ridiculous by the final battle, even if we only get a tenth of the potential tech available to us.
Yeah, we'll send them to Minsry, they'll be safer there, considering how CDACE is over there, as well as Yurin. Plus, it's a more child-friendly colony compared to Zarth. Gather them around, fill them in on what's happening, and get someone to at least provide some protection for the local shuttle or something.

As for additional defenses, what else is there?

I guess we could put some armor and guns on that colony escape vessel (that thing in the middle of the colony that pulls double duty as the sun), maybe build some bunkers and defensive installations (turrets) on the outside of the colony. We also should warn the civilians that they should be prepared in case things go wrong. And we could call in some cops to help us guard the Zarth HQ, considering how our security is pretty shitty at the moment.

We also could use some additional heavy guns for our suits. Pretty sure there're DODS bazookas or that thing Madorna used during the battle for Ambat we could make. And some artillery wouldn't hurt.

I wouldn't mind Fram staying behind and helping us. We still haven't explored that old shelter where the civilians hid during the recent attack, and she could be useful in exploring those things.
Also, forgot to mention, we still have the blueprints for the King Arthur laying around. We should build a couple Mobile Armors for our guys.
Flit sent us the HY-DODS schematics. We can always use those for the heavy guns. And we have the rail bazookas for the Genoace Kais, the Genoace IV will probably have something descended from that, too.
File: 1380165850104.jpg-(137 KB, 1440x810, 63768765RS32.jpg)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
I was thinking of this thing, it would be awesome if our suits could at least deal some damage to the Vagan ships. And we should see if we can upgrade our weapons (as in, all of them - suits, ships, everything) to their HY-DODS variants, just in case we face some ridiculous shit.
CDACE has about room for 50,000 people and considering the size of Minsry that's just about enough room to get everyone there since it's still a pretty small colony. CDACE's kidnappers don't work in space though, they only work under gravity.

As for the Neutron Collapser Cannon, you don't believe so. Dad's been pretty busy and distracted. That and CDACE is kind of big and complex, and still thinks Dad is some guy called Arthur for some reason.

You decide to send the kids over to Minsry. It's safer and has a sure fire evacuation plan with CDACE's kidnappers. Besides, the colony is like a little slice of Earth, the fresh air, the trees, the mountains, it'll be great for them to go there.

You go back to the Base and tell the kids they are going to stay with your Aunt Yurin.

Everyone seems OK with it, save for Fram. "Can I stay with you?" She asks.

"Sure, why not?" You don't really want to argue with Fram as it's obvious she's kind of attached to you, and is probably worried about your Father considering he saved her.

You put the rest of the engineers and Bob's men to work by having them build additional defenses on the outside of Zarth. You also put your remaining engineers on bolstering your armory with Hy-DODS rifles, DODS Bazookas, and some of those Recoilless Cannons the Genoace Kai had.

>Genoace IV x100 (1 Days till completion)
>Reinforcement and Equipment Arrival- Completed
>Inside Defense Fortification and Turret Emplacement- 9 hours
>Experimental Radar System Installation 10 hours
>Gawain Refit- 8 hours
>Armory Bolstering. 8 Hours
>Outside Colony Defenses- 10 Hours

You also decide to make a call to the radio station and that asshole DJ to put a warning out to all the citizens of Zarth, explaining that the colony will probably come under attack and they should take shelter, leave for a safety colony, or merely keep in mind all hell could break loose.

You also make a phone call to the police station and have a discussion with the man in charge, explaining that you need help protecting the base and the fact the Vagan's are probably going to attack within the next three days.

He agrees to help and puts the police of Zarth at your full disposal.
>+Police Protection gained for the base
>Civilian Population has been advised of the upcoming Vagan attack.

Now things are looking up.

What do you want to do Scarlet?
Can we start up production on some mobile armors?

And see what's up with that detachable shelter. Pretty sure nobody knew about that thing before.
Check out the detachable shelter. I want to know how easy it would be to tow with one of our capital ships. Which we actually have four of. That's cool. We might not have the most firepower total, but I think we have the greatest relative density of super-cannons in the entire Earth Sphere. Well, barring the Photon Ring Ray, I suppose.

So how does the timeline fall in for meeting Dr. Uther and the Green Knight's attack?
>Personally, I think Zeon Quest is a more tactical and coherent narrative

Nope! Yours has gotten itself more together than Zeon Quest's halfpast-point.

that bastard who wrote The Editors writefagging
I hope we find something good down there.

Uther said that Zarth had a lot of hidden labs, maybe we stumble upon some good piece of old tech we can salvage, because even with all the stuff we improved, the Vagans are still going to kick our ass. Maybe we find out what the hell Zeheart and the Anansi were looking for all the time, and we can use that to turn things around.

Like MaG's memories or a way to restore the SENTINEL system to its full power.
Speaking of Dr. Uther, does anyone think that when we get back to playing Dirk we need to take his corpse with us? I know that sounds kind of insane, but it makes sense. He has pre-AG nanotech in him, specialized for medical use. It could be worth analyzing his tissues for research. And honestly, it would probably be what he'd want. As long as his nanosystem is intact, there's a possibility that Arthur could revive him to continue his torment. But if we dismantle him on a cellular level it would end for good. Kind of monstrous, but it makes sense.
That assumes the corpse is still lying there instead of degenerating into silicon and carbon.

It also assumes Arthur isn't sharing that body with him.
(Oh, why thank you! I appreciate the compliment. Or I appreciate you telling me the truth, or what you think is the truth. Whatever, thanks!)

(The Green Knight Attacked a few hours before Dirk met Professo. Uther)

Mobile Armors are difficult to produce, difficult to pilot, and take a while to resupply. The King Arthur isn't a suitable design for use by anyone under your command, if you want to make mobile armors you'll have to have a new one designed.

While you think about mobile armors you decide to go and check out the detachable shelter inside of the Colony Walls. You bring Fram along since she and the other kids were the ones who helped find it.

You go into the old, dark insides of the colony and navigate your way through till you come to a hidden door serving as the entrance to the shelter.

"I have to warn you, there is some creepy stuff inside this shelter." Fram says with a frown.

"Oh come on, I mean a couple thousand people stayed inside of the shelter, I mean it can't be that bad." You say with a confident grin.

After having to manually prime and open the door yourself, you pull it open and shine your light into the inside of the shelter.

You see skeletons...lots and lots of skeletons.

(Well this is a good place to stop for tonight! I think Part 54 will be on Sunday depending on my schedule. Well I'm gonna archive this and hit the hay. Thanks for playing today everyone!)
I don't think either of those are viable. Ma G would probably not want her memories, she'd probably be horrified by what she once was. The Sentinel System is dependent on her being focused towards hacking, so it probably can't be used to its full extent now that she's respecced herself into a general adviser program. And even if it was, it wouldn't do much good. There are three other known AIs: MID, CDACE, and SIN. MID and CDACE don't need the Sentinel System to get them to do what we want, and SIN's immune. And I can't imagine any AI Arthur (or whoever has taken up his mantle) has developed in the time since the Colony Wars is susceptible to hacking via the Reverse Algernon Process. It's a very powerful technology, but very situational.
Or we use the nanotech to restore Desil's parents, which could get Zeheart and the remaining Galettes to our side. I don't know how we'll manage that thing, though - Uther was probably under close watch by whoever is in charge of Solon, and dragging his body around would get us into serious trouble. We should call Flit, fill him in, and maybe he can pull some strings so that Uther ends up on the Diva as "evidence of Vagan attacks".

Or that Arthur is even behind what happened to him.

Night guys!
Well, yes, it would be pointless if the nanites are set to decompose Uther and then self-destruct. It really depends on if he died because he was being punished for revealing too much, or if he poisoned himself with those pills he was taking before he started his story. We'll have to see on Sunday.
Night. See you Sunday, Crosswire.
Night Crosswire, see you next time.

Don't all the Vagan ships and suits have some dumb AIs inside them to help them work better? Jake's probably a decent enough pilot not to need MaG's advice and assistance, and turning the enemy's weapons and engines off or overheating them would be nice.
Well, if we're really willing to go monstrous for the sake of practicality, we could always just fill a garbage bag with organs and take it back to the Diva. I'd go for the liver, heart, and of course the brain and spine. We've got a super-strong robot arm, we can dismember a corpse pretty quickly. Provided we can convince MID that chopping up his grandpa is what he would have wanted. That might be hard.
Pretty sure MID would object to that. And he's probably going to be wondering what the hell grandpa's talking about, Arthur wasn't like that at all.

Also, Uther claimed he was a cyborg, right? Shouldn't he then be in his fifties or something, instead of being in his hundreds? He and Rysis mentioned that their nanotech implants slow down aging. Maybe he had brain damage after all those years spent in the cryopod, and his memories are all fucked up.

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