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Your name is Dirk Crocker and you’re currently in the hanger of the Diva working on a Beam Shield Module. You friend Yurika came down and is working on Funnels for you, despite the fact you aren’t really sure how you’re going to use them because of your X-Limiter. On top off that you’re worried she might be a spy. With Zeheart’s escape, information leaks, and Emily flat out telling you a spy was on your team you’re worried it might be her. Of course Obright, Max, and Arisa are also suspects since you don’t know much about them, outside of calling Arisa fat will get you kicked in the junk.

This is a complicated situation. What do you wish to do Dirk?
>A) Finish your beam shield module and worry about spy stuff after you have your fun.

>B) Ask Yurika to stop working on the funnels as polite as you can, she might be a spy.

>C) Confront Yurika directly about possibly being a spy.

>D) Other.
> A) Finish that beam shield module.

Try to make some small talk to her, ask her how's everything going on. We haven't had time to socialize properly since we got aboard, let's see what's up with her - and keep an eye out for anything suspicious.
Tell Yurika we've had a new idea about where to take the Merlin and ask her if we can work together with her, combining the beam shields with the funnels to make something like the fin funnel barrier. It will be effective, and give us the chance to look over her work for any back doors she might put in there if she were the spy.
The funnels are supposedly her big surprise - Dirk should ask her if she'd let him take a peek at them later on, purely for engineering purposes. Hey, she could help him with making the fin funnel barrier later on. And maybe mention that those things won't be of much use because he's an inexperienced X-Rounder, he could use a trainer that'd help him master those things.
Unsure if you want Yurika working on your stuff alone, you go over and tell her that you want to pool your two idea together to make some kind of beam shield funnel.

"Yeah that's a good idea! Besides we'll get more done if we work together!" Yurika says, taking to the idea quite quickly. The two of you work together on the rather difficult project, all the while you watch her for any suspicious activity.

(Roll 1d100 vs Engineering. 80 or below will pass. 81 or above will fail. 1 is a critical success and 100 is a critical failure)
File: 1378411851305.jpg-(193 KB, 941x1378, 1377113737387.jpg)
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193 KB JPG
Rolled 54

Rolling for the shield funnel.
Rolled 37

I've been lucky this week so far...
Rolled 11

54, 37, 11
The work is difficult at first, but with Yurika's help it gets easier and easier. The two of you spend 5 hours working on the funnels, all the while you keep a watch out for anything suspicious from Yurika. While you don't see anything suspicious, you make a mental note to have MID double check the funnels once you're finished. While you work you talk to Yurika and ask her what she had planned before.

"Oh well I was thinking of making some kind of reflector funnel. See your Dad sent my Dad some Anti-Beam Coating data a while ago and Dad sent me some of it. The AGE Builder is working on a new wear, so I thought I might apply it here. Still, I think your idea is better, since the Reflective Coating may or may not suck. Besides, Beam Shields are cool!" Yurika explains happily as she tunes up one of the funnels beam emitters.

As you work Obright, Arisa, and Max come to see what your up too, and Max expresses how happy he is with the wear you developed for his suit.

“Fuck yeah, I’m a Ninja~” He says, doing some ridiculous pose in front of his suit.

“For the last time Max, it’s Samurai themed, not Ninja themed! If you wanted something Ninja theme then you should have stuck with the Spallow” Obright says with an eyeroll.

"No way! The Spallow is laaaaaaaaaaaaame compared to my customized wear! Hey Dirk, you think you can install an escape pod or something in case I get blown up or shot down?" Max says, rushing over to you and immediately invading your personal space.

"Uh, sure I'll see what I can do. Why do you want one? Do you have a girlfriend back home or something?" You ask.

"What? No way! I saw it in a movie and it was so cooooooooooooool~" Max says, still oblivious to the fact that he's in your personal bubble.

Max wanders off with Obright following him while Arisa stays behind. "Don't mind Max, he's a bit immature when it comes to mobile suits, but he can be a real serious guy. I heard he has some kind of rivarly with Asmeu for some weird reason. Anyway, lunch is in a couple of minutes, you want me to bring back grub for the two of you?"

"Sure, no Pancakes though."

"Pancakes? But it's lunch..."

"Nevermind, I'll explain later." You wave her off and get back to work, managing to wrap up before she gets back with the food.

You have six beam shield funnels you might be able to control if you use MID to turn down the sensitivity on your X-Limiter. 10% lower should be fine, anything lower then that and your precognition will kick in and you'll start having seizure inducing pre-cog episodes.

The Beam Shield Funnels themselves have the same issues as the regular beam shield, they overheat after a certain amount of hits and the emitters will melt if they're pushed too much. Still, six funnels gives you a lot to work with and together they should be able to stop stronger blasts a single beam shield wouldn't be able to stop.

You sit down and have lunch with Yurika, what do you wish to talk about?
>A) Casual stuff, how her family is doing
>B) Engineering Stuff!
>C) Ask her about her feelings for Zeheart.
Casual stuff.
The last few days were insane, how's she holding up?
>A) Casual stuff, how her family is doing
Casual stuff. It's been a while since we've just talked with a friend about things not having to do with advanced technology or intrigue.

You decide to talk about casual stuff, you've been through some crazy stuff lately, you'd rather not get into any crazy conversations just yet.

"So how's your Dad and Mom holding up?" You ask, digging into your spaghetti and meatballs.

"Dad's pretty stressed out over Big Ring's defense. He's also really worried about internal affairs and all the talk of spies. I think he's going to Solon to check things out too, so maybe we'll see him. As for Mom she's doing OK back on Minsry. She's worried about Dad though, he tends to go overboard without someone to remind him when he's acting crazy." Yurika says between bites. "So what's your family up too?"

"Oh nothing much, Dad, Mom and Scarlet are back on Zarth preparing it for a possible Vagan attack. I'm sure they're doing fine. My family's used to handling crazy stuff, Dad says its in our genes by now." You explain, realizing you haven't called Mom in a while.

You chat with Yurika about other stuff, like how her brother is doing, what it's like to work in Leviathan, and how she was traumatized by a pot pie when she was 4.

"So Dirk, I heard you have a girlfriend!" Yurika says suddenly, causing you to choke on your food, prompting MID to smash your chest and you to choke it all up.

"W-what? Where did you hear something like that?" You ask after you recover from dealing choking.

"From Rena, you know the girl from the Magnificent 7? We're Pen Pals. She thinks your really cute! But she doesn't know what you think of her...so, what DO you think of Rena?" Yurika asks with a smile, bring her fact uncomfortably close to you to try to get you to talk.

"Uh, er..."

Quick! How will you respond to this Dirk?

"I really don't know, with all this insanity going on, I haven't given it much thought. I mean, besides getting shot, working on the Merlin, trying to stay alive and getting shot again, I didn't have time to think about such stuff. She seems nice. Smart, funny, likes the same crap I do."

"So wait, you two know each other? What have you two been talking about?"
"I really don't know, with all this insanity going on, I haven't given it much thought. I mean, besides getting shot, working on the Merlin, trying to stay alive and getting shot again, I didn't have time to think about such stuff. She seems nice. Smart, funny, likes the same stuff I do." You try to be as honest as you can before narrowing your eyes and asking "So how do you know Rena exactly? And what else have you two talked about?"

"Well I met her a couple years ago when I was visiting Dr. Spriggans Lab to do more X-Rounder tests. She was there along with a couple of other candidates. We talked for a bit and traded contact information. We've been trading emails ever since...but as for what we talk about, well that's a secret." Yurika says with a giggle.

Before you can press further into Yurika's and Rena's topics of discussion, alarms begin to blare and Captain Millais yelling over the comms.

"A federation ship nearby is being assaulted by a large number of Vagan mobile suits! All hands to battle stations, all MS Pilots launch immediately!"

You and Yurika ditch your food and go straight for your suits.

Your current loadout is:
>1x Customized Hy-DODS Rifle, 8 shots a clip with engaged range and damage at the cost of speed of fire.
>6x Beam Shield Funnels, Limited in range and durability.
>2x Beam Vulcans in head. Limited range, will overheat with abuse. Rapid fire and good for shooting down missiles/projectiles
>2x Beam Emitters in knees.
>Both Hardpoints on hips and forearms are free
>Room for 8 Spare Magazines total or 1 additional hand held weapon and 4 spare clips.

Other Available Weapons
>Beam Sabers
>Beam Javeline
>EM Bullpups
>Regular DODS Rifle
>Shiguru Blade
>Prototype 180mm Heavy EM Rifle
>Physical Shield
>Scissor Anchors
>2-Tubed Grenade launcher with magazine
>90mm EM Vulcan Cannon

Would you like to change this loadout?
"Oh god, Aunt Rysis somehow wore off on you. I was worried about her being an influence on Scarlet, but I never considered the possibility of THIS!

"Well, I do like Rena. She's pretty cool, though if you've known her for a while I guess I don't have to tell you that. I haven't really gotten a chance to spend that much time with her, separate missions and what not. But I'd like to get to know her better. Maybe I'll run into her when we get back to Big Ring."
Can we put the grenade launchers on the hip hardpoints, or can only the scissor anchors go on there?
"Oh, great, they're back."

For the hands - get the Grenade Launcher and the 90mm EM Vulcan Cannon.
For the legs - get the Scissor Anchors.
Get the Javelin and the regular shield.
Get some goo grenades and all the ammo we can carry.
You can attach any of the weapon modules you made to the Merlins hard points, or you could free them up for additional magazines.

Scissor Anchors on the Forearms, Grenade launchers on the hips, Vulcan Cannon on the hip, whatever you wish. You also have four of each module so you could go into combat with four scissor anchors if you wished.
We should create a custom shield for the Merlin eventually.
I don't think that we're capable of using the attached weapons on the arm that's carrying a shield.

Also, the Adeles don't have escape pods? We really should fix that.
Oh, neat. Okay, then, let's split the grenade launchers and scissor anchors on the arms and hips asymmetrically. Anchors on right arm and left hip, grenade launchers on left arm and right hip. I want some unexpected movements. Load up the rack with four spare E-Caps, two magazines of explosive grenade ammo, and two magazines of goo grenades.
>1x Customized Hy-DODS Rifle, 8 shots a clip with engaged range and damage at the cost of speed of fire.
>6x Beam Shield Funnels, Limited in range and durability.
>2x Beam Vulcans in head. Limited range, will overheat with abuse. Rapid fire and good for shooting down missiles/projectiles
>2x Beam Emitters in knees.
>1x Beam Javelin (stored in Beam Saber Rack)
>1x Physical Adele Shield
>2x Scissor Anchor on Right arm and Left Hip
>2x 2-tube Grenade launcher on left arm and right hip (10 shots per magazine)
>4 Spare E-Cap Magazines, 2 Spare Explosive Grenade Mags and 2 Goo Grenade Mags.

Is this load out satisfactory Dirk?
Looks okay to me. Maybe do as >>27047402 suggested and split those things asymmetrically - one scissor on one arm, the other on one hip.

Speaking of unexpected stuff, I was thinking we could install the heavy beam emitters on some rails and let them slide up and down the Merlin's legs.
Instead of having only dangerous knees, we could have the beam emitters move to the feet and unleash a helluva kick.
Looks great.
Works for me.

Speaking of unexpected beam blade attacks, we should reconfigure our head vulcans to work Vagan-style. No one is prepared for a beam saber headbutt. Especially considering that Vagan cockpits are in the head.
I like that. We really need to pimp the Merlin out with as many nasty surprises as possible.
Maybe make the hardpoints capable of rotating in various directions, so that the Merlin can attack even enemies behind it, or make the attack independent from the direction the limb's pointing at..
Once you're loaded up with your weapon loadout you begin launching with the others and soon everyone has been deployed.

"Alright everyone, a heavily Refitted Darwin-Kai Class ship is under attack from what we believe are the Magicians 8, however they have a large number of friends headed towards the Diva. Max, Arisa, Obright, you are with me. Akito, take Yurika, Asemu and Dirk with you to engage the Magicians 8, we'll be over there to support you as soon as possible." Woolf says as he leaves the Diva in his G-Bouncer.

"Any Questions?" He asks.

Well Dirk? Do you have any concerns or Questions?
"Are there any signs of Vagan reinforcements or ships around?"
File: 1378423648028.png-(26 KB, 2446x1114, Battle Over Darwin.png)
26 KB
"Are there any signs of Vagan reinforcements or ships around?" You ask.

"Not that we can detect at this time, although their mother ship is probably somewhere in the area, so be careful. As for reinforcements, it's very possible considering the Vagans now occupy Luna. Move fast and keep your eyes peeled!" Woolf says as the two teams move organize and move out.

You follow Akito's lead towards the Darwin Kai Class ship in the distance which is barely keeping the Magicians 8 at bay with it's DODS Gatling CIWS systems.

As if sensing your arrival, four of the Magicians 8 break off and begin heading towards you. Each launches a flurry of missiles, light propulsion based ones that zoom towards you and everyone else.

What will you do Dirk
Try to outmaneuver them. Use the head vulcans to destroy as much missiles as you can, and use the HDODS sniper to try to take out one of the 8. The blast should blow up some missiles in its path as well. Also, lower the X-Rounder inhibitors we're wearing by 10%.
File: 1378426317020.png-(24 KB, 2446x1114, Battle over Darwin 2.png)
24 KB
You and the others scatter with everyone firing their weapons into the missile swarm. A shot from your Custom Hyper DODS Rifle and Akito's DODS Cannons takes out the swarm pretty quickly, but in the ensuing explosions, the 4 Magicians 8 members managed to close the distance with you and the others. Now everyone is split up and pairing off against one of the Magicians 8.

Your enemy immediately goes into melee, attacking with it's beam rifle/beam saber, probably thinking you're some kind of ranged specialist with all your gear.

What will you do Dirk?
Get out the Javelin and the shield. Let him close in, then fire the Scissor from the hip and the head vulcans into him.
Also, try to feint the guy. Keep acting on the defensive, try to dodge his blows and then unload hell onto him.
And considering how we're dealing with an X-Rounder, we might want to turn on Dirk's X-Rounder powers as well - at least those 10%.
You device to keep on the defensive and do your best to keep your distance. The suit your fighting has greater acceleration then your Melrin, so it closes back in pretty quickly. You begin to fire off grenades and a few shots from your Custom Hyper DODS Rifle.

The Magicians 8 pilot swerves in and out of your gunfire, diving out of the way of your DODS Shots. As he closes in you tell MID to turn down the X-Limiter by 10% so you can use the Beam Shield Funnels. With the limiter slightly off you can feel your head start to hurt, but no seizure precog flashes just a minor headache.

Suddenly the Magicians 8 suit boosters forward and fires it's chest cannon forcing you to fly sideways and give him just enough time to get into melee range where he swings his beam saber and...

(Roll 1d100 vs Piloting. 50 or lower succeeds. 51 or higher fails. 1 is a critical success and 100 is a critical failure. )
Rolled 54

Rolling for killing the bastard with a heavy beam emitter to the face.
Fire the hip anchor at his legs, strafe about him so he gets tangled up. Then headshot him with the HY-DODS Custom.
Rolled 39

Rolled 36

Rolled 63

Shield funnels go! They're in our shoulders, we can deploy them quickly.
File: 1378430668794.png-(765 KB, 1440x810, Diva-class_(Amadeus).png)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
>54, 63
>39, 36

You pull back your shield and swing it at the Vagan suit mid swing, hitting the Magicians 8's arm and knocking it's beam saber slash off target and causing it to skim across your shield. You activate the beam emitters in your knees but the Magicians 8 pilot pulls away before you can stab him.

Firing your beam vulcans as he flies backwards, you manage to score some shots on the head, probably damaging his sensors. He retaliates by firing his beam rifle, chest cannon, and palm beam vulcan at you.

Seeing this as a chance to test your funnels, you deploy them and activate them. Controlling them is...an unusual sensation. It's almost like reaching out with a bunch of invisible arms and grabbing hold of the funnels individually. You move them in front of you and activate them, creating a large beam shield in front of you.

They stop the beam rifle and beam vulcan shots pretty easily, but the chest cannon blast is too much can causes one of the funnels to overheat and explode. You part the beam shield and fire your Hy-DODS back at the Magicians 8, glancing his beam rifle and forcing him to toss it before it explodes.

As if realizing he underestimated you, the Magicians 8 pilot flies up and begin zooming around at high speed, lurching and zig zagging around as he flies cricles around your suit. You fire a few more times until you reach the end of your magazine and have to replace it. This was when he choose to come down on you, but he stops and spins around to see what you now see. A large purple, Diva-Class like ship coming into combat range.

However what's more noticeable are the 8 mobile suits flying ahead of it...
File: 1378431337538.jpg-(138 KB, 470x700, AGE-1 Gundam Full Armor.jpg)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
7 Pioneer Alpha's lead by some variation of the AGE-1 fly ahead of the purple Diva and begin firing on the Magicians 8 members attacking the Darwin Kai Class.

Taking advantage of the sudden distraction you quickly reload your Hy-DODS and fire at the Magicians 8 member in front of you. He dodges at the last second but you blow off his arm and nail him again with your vulcans. You fire a Scissor Anchor as he flees but he swats it away and fires his chest cannon at you, destroying your physical shield.

You see that the Magicians 8 are regrouping to fight what you can assume are the Magnificent 7 and whoever is piloting the AGE-1 variant. Woolf and the others are still tied up with the Dorado's, so you decide to press forth and assist the Magnificent 7 in their attack.

Asemu, Akito, and Yurika apparently have no qualms with this plan and follow you, joining you as you fire on the Magicians 8 from afar.

One of the Magicians 8 members clashes with one of the Magnificent 7 and you hear voices over the comm.

"Filthy traitor, it's because of you and that war monger Jake that our parents are dead! How could you do this to your own family Desil!"

“Just because I’m your brother Vivi, doesn't mean I’ll let you carry out a madman’s work!" You see Desil's T-Funnels fly in from the sides and smash into Vivi's black suit, the drills burrowing into the chest, grinding and ripping through the metal.

"Death to the Earth Fed-" Desil fires his DODS rifle into the head of Vivi's suit before she can finish speaking and the drills fly out the other end of the suit before it explodes.

You can hear the angry cries and swearing of the other Magicians 8 members as one of their siblings bites the dust. With your constant bombardment and the loss of one of their members, the Magicians 8 turn and flee just as the last of the Dorado's are shot down.

"Is everyone OK?" Woolf asks, as he, Max, Arisa, and Obright fly over.

Well Dirk?
"I'm okay. What about you guys?"
"I'm fine. Thanks for the support, M-7. Who's that in the AGE-1?"
I just realized that Desil doesn't know about the cyborg arm situation. I wonder how he'll take to the knowledge that literally every time we've tried to reason with Zeheart he's shot us. Probably not very well.

I'm kind of pissed that the Vagans consider Jake a warmonger, too. It makes perfect sense given Ezelcant's propaganda, but come on. We're the ones trying to minimize deaths. Stop being such a prick, Ezelcant. Just because someone doesn't want to play your game doesn't mean you have to say mean things about them.
Speaking of getting shot, Mellis took the news surprisingly well. I expected some screaming at least.
Or did Dirk forgot to mention the cyborg arm?
He did. Only Scarlet knows. Dirk will keep it from getting back to the rest of his family as long as possible. If for no reason other than fear of what Rysis's response will be. Her living vicariously through him is creepy enough, no need for her cyborg fetish to kick in.
That's going to be one hell of a family reunion.
At the moment, considering the situation back on Zarth, I wouldn't be surprised if Rysis ended up turning Jake into a cyborg instead of Scarlet simply so she can have someone to mess around with. And because he's her friend, even though she'd never admit that.
File: 1378434818936.jpg-(35 KB, 500x362, Asshole Ezelcant.jpg)
35 KB
"I'm fine. Thanks for the support, M-7. Who's that in the AGE-1?" You ask as the Magnificent 7 fly over.

"I'll give you guys two guesses." Carlos says in an amused voice.

"This is Vice Admiral Flit Asuno." Flit says over the comm of the AGE-1 variant.

"OK that's one guess..." Carlos says with a sigh.

"Flit? What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be at Solon." Woolf questions rather casually.

"I was. Most of the supply ships that were supposed to arrive to carry the Adele wears never made it to Solon. I sent a message to Big Ring over secure channels asking for some Darwin's refitted for transport to come to Solon. This attack proves nothing in Solon is secure. I'll explain in full when we arrive at Solon." Flit turns and flies off with the rest of the Magnificent 7 before you return to the Diva.

You return to the Diva one by one, land, get repairs down and follow Flit's ship back to Solon along with the saved Darwin Kai Class.

Once the ships are docked at Solon, the Vice Admiral comes aboard and explains that Solon is next to Zarth in terms of manufacturing power. They make many important weapons and wears for the Earth Federation, despite being independent. Apparently there are a lot of Vagan Spies on Solon, explaining all the security leaks and acts of sabotage.

"I will he running my investigation while the wears are collected and loaded onto our ships. We should be here for about a day or so. May I ask where the Dagon is?" Flit says as he notes the absence of the Leviathan flagship.

"They had to drop off the survivors of the Luna Base at Big Ring. They should come here once they are finished." Captain Millais explains.

"Good, because we'll need the Dagon's storage space if we want to get all of these wears to Big Ring. Considering the defenses of the Colony, I would suggest giving your troops temporary shore leave. I doubt they'll get any once the final preparations for the defense of Big Ring are in place." Flit comments as he leaves.

"That's a good idea, we could all use a pinch of rest before all hell breaks loose." Woolf says as he leans against a nearby wall and grins at the captain.

"Alright, fine. But only for 12 hours. I don't want a bunch of drunk pilots getting us all killed." The Captain groans under her breath and the bridge crew cheers.

You have shore leave! There is a lot of rest and relaxation to be done. However there's also a lot to be seen and explored. You've heard some odd rumors from Obright about some crazy guy called the "Professor" living here on Solon who's old, very, very old and supposedly was woken up from Cryostatis a couple years ago. He could know more about the Colony Nations war.

At the same time there's Desil and the Magicians 8, along with Flit and that modified AGE-1 to look over. On top of all that you can hang with the other pilots and get your first proper taste of alcohol.

So what will it be Dirk?
Let's go see how Desil's holding up.

We can see this professor guy later on, take Asemu with us to discuss who could be the potential spy.
First things first: Acquire some flashbang grenades. We are no good with guns, but reasonably handy with explosives. Dirk is not getting shot again. We meet any threat with extreme prejudice. Likewise, get some plastique and wire a detonator to MID. Instruct him to activate it if we're sedated by any means other than a controlled dosage from a syringe. Emily showing up is about a fifty/fifty chance, and while we probably can't keep her from drugging us we can at least make her do it properly.

Second, report to Admiral Asuno on the status on the nanotech project. We've got promising results, so inform him of it and ask if there's any particular project he'd like us to build or if we should just keep tinkering. He's worked with the AGE Builder his entire life, he probably has a pretty good list of "things that would be awesome to have but I just don't have the tools for yet".

Next, go talk to Desil. He's our uncle in all respects but genes, we should ask him how he's holding up. And I do want to see how he responds to the whole "cyborg MID arm" thing that Zeheart's obligated us to have.

Then go do some drinking with the pilots. We need to socialize more. Both for our own personal psychological well-being, and the issue of potential spies. We'll have some fun, but keep the drinking light. We were shot in the abdomen recently, I don't want to put too much stress on our liver. Or bladder, now that I think about it. Oh god, Arisa is totally going to mock us about the pants-shitting, isn't she?

Finally, we should have a few hours left and not be too intoxicated. Let's ask Obright if he knows any particulars about the Professor's location, then go seek him out. The Colony Wars are a fascinating subject. Dirk grew up in the presence of AIs from that era that had their memories wiped. He'd be curious about it. Hell, we still don't know Arthur's full name.
Oh, and hang out with Rena. Forgot about her. Maybe she'd like to visit the Professor with us, she's got an interest in history too. At the very least have fun with her at the bar. Thank her for the nanotech data, too, it's amazing how far we've been able to advance the AGE Builder thanks to her help.
Sounds fine to me, though I'd rather give MID some advanced hacking tools and engineering devices instead of turning him into a bomb out of nowhere. The little guy can evolve and adapt - if we feed him high-tech gadgetry he'll turn into a prosthetic capable of doing anything. An omnitool capable of hacking, engineering, stealing data, whatever we want to do with him.

If we're going to get him some weaponry, better go with something like an integrated gun or a blade. Dirk will probably suck with it, but it's better than blowing us up out of nowhere. That bomb thing - while a smart idea - seems a bit like overkill.
(And we will pick up here the next time in part 52. All your suggestions will be noted and taken into account then. I'm going to archive this and hit the hay. Thanks for playing today guys!)

No, no, I don't want to actually use the bomb. I just want to threaten. It would just be fun for our first words to Emily to be "I am wired to explode unless you comply with safe standards of anesthesiology. You're a doctor. Use a syringe for God's sake."
Cool. See you next time, Crosswire. Have a nice night.
Oh, good, I was afraid of the MID bomb scenario.
We could maybe give him some tasers to chew on - imagine thousands of needles and wires shooting out of nowhere and giving the nastiest shock to some poor asshole. Preferably Zeheart. Still, if nothing else, considering how MID's still a kid, we should give him some simpler gadgets to adapt and evolve - maybe he becomes capable of working as a phone, a communications tapping tool, whatever.

Sure thing. See you next time.
Yeah, I suppose the bomb might be a bit drastic. Okay, let's do taser instead. That will have to wait for later, though we might be able to hand him one and have him chew on it while we're doing other things. Also, it's kind of odd that MID doesn't have a phone already. If I was a robot, building a phone into my speech circuitry would be the first thing I did. Did Ma G and CDACE just think MID was too young and irresponsible to have a phone of his own?
Well, he was pretty happy as a family pet, maybe he felt that he doesn't need a phone installed when he can easily hack into the one nearby and use it to constantly call everyone he knows. I think he didn't have a radio installed back in Gen-1, or that it was broken, so he probably was never far away from human company. Maybe that was his function - to keep near humans, act as a friend and pet, and in case of emergencies, act as a medical drone.

Though if he was a medical drone, he would've had some sort of communications system installed, just in case something happened to his owner. Maybe Arthur took that part out, with who knows what else.
That's another weird thing: MID doesn't seem to know much about Arthur. He knows he was Arthur's friend, he knows Arthur piloted the Gundam, but he's otherwise pretty vague on the matter. Sure, back then he was basically a talking robotic puppy, and he had received some damage and then been shut down for a century, but you'd think he'd have retained more information about the person he was literally made for being friends with. Maybe he'll remember more as he matures and has to use his neural pathways more effectively. Unless Arthur didn't want him to remember, of course.

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- futaba + yotsuba -
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