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Last time on Gundam AGE Quest!: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Gundam+AGE+Quest

Check my twitter for updates and reschedules: https://twitter.com/Crosswire

Your name is Scarlet Crocker. Recently you bought weapons from a mysterious arms dealer only known as the “Merchant”. After making a copy of the Zeydra for research purposes you handed over the original whom the Merchant was going to sell to the son of the President of the Federation, Hunter Olfenoa.

In return you got:
1x xvm-dfc Wiegel
1x Genoace Kai +Specs
100x Anti MS Mines
100x Anti-Ship Mines
1x Prototype Miniature IUS unit

Everyone is quite busy. Your father is working on developing a new Anti-Beam Coating using the Zeydra’s weapons to assist in development. Dr. Halsey is working away in her refurnished lab on that G-Force Resistance Serum, Hogan and his Pirates are still away installing the Cyber Warfare system across Zarth, Fairdain, and Minsry, and even Grandpa and Arnold Blackmarsh are wrapped up training the troops.

That leaves you with lots to do but not a whole lot of people to help you do it. You need someone to examine the new suit and miniaturized Invisible Umbrella unit you got and you need someone to lay down a minefield for you.

On top of all that you’re still waiting for Travis to sober up.

So, what do you wish to do Scarlet?
4 Days, 12 Hours till the Vagans Attack Big Ring

Facility and Installation Projects
>HQ Reinforcement: 9 Hours (HQ will be able to withstand attacks from mobile suits)
>MS Training Course 10 Hours (Training will be more effective)

Equipment and Personnel Projects
>Dr. Halsey’s G-Force Resistance Serum Project- ? Hours (Now Ongoing)
>Anti-Beam Coating Enhancement Project- ? Hours (Now Ongoing)
>Asteroid Cover/Ship Busters- Complete
>Madorna Workshop Arrival- 6 hours
>Training Genoaces x40- 16 hours *Delayed due to Zeydra production*
>Travis Recovery Time- 5 Hours
>MS Training x100 Recruits/ Greenhorns/Paperpushers- 4 days 10 hours
>MS Engineering Training x20 MS Club/Recruits -4 days
>Ammunition Production- Ongoing. Armory is 12% stocked.
>Cyberwarfare/ECM System Array- 4 Days (Hogan and Pirate crew now occupied)
Aunt Rysis (Secretary)

Romary (Personal Assistant)

Hogan Blackmarsh (Pirate Captain, busy installation Electronic
Warfare systems)

Arnold Blackmarsh (Health and Fitness buff)

Dr. Halsey Heart (Researcher)

Grandma Rosa Crocker (Good Cook)

Grandpa Jack Crocker (Trainer)

Secretary Steve (Injured-1 month recovery)

Travis Touchdown (Drunk off his ass)

30 Vagan Orphans (Including Fram Frost)

30 Base Personnel

10 Members of the 101st Technical Evaluation and Testing Division

20 Paper-pushers/Accountants (Unable to work due to lack of furnishings in Sub-office)

15 Researchers (Unable to work due to no lab or equipment)

10 Doctors (Currently working in Infirmary)

120 untrained Recruits (Including the MS Club from the highschool and your pal Romary)

8 Zalam/Euba MS Pilots (Lead by Captain Walker)

1 Zalam/Euba Infantry Platoon (1 Man Dead)
Mellis Crocker (Your mother and leader of the Knights of the Round Test Team)

Jack Crocker (Your Father and Captain of the Camelot)
Knights of the Round Test Team

>Magic Schoolbus
Dorthy Ann (Captain of the Magic Schoolbus)

Veteran Bridge Crew: Wanda Li, Keesha Franklin and
Phoebe Terese

Janet Perlstein- (Doctor aboard the MSB)

Tim Black: (Ace Long Range Support Specialist and Artist)

Ralphie Tennelli: (Ace Melee Expert and cook)

Arnold Perlstein: (Ace Sniper and certified Geologist)

Arnold Blackmarsh (Fitness buff, Troop Training assistant)

Hogan Blackmarsh (Pirate Captain)

>Treasure Star
Captain Sirius (Former Time Traveler and Captain of the Treasure Star)

Daiki Ryuuzaki (Former Time Traveler and MS Pilot)

Kotetsu Sakai (Support MS Pilot, Aspiring Cook)

Lhuga (MS Pilot and aspiring Ace)
Let's throw the new tech over to the Camelot. This is their specialty, after all. Even if most of them are helping Dad they should be able to take a crack at it. As for the minefield, let's get Arnold's consultation on that, as he already did an analysis on the region for the geological survey. He'd know what bottlenecks there would be best to place them in. Not sure who should do the actual deployment. It might be worth it to throw it over to the trainees to get them familiar with moving in space. I assume there would be enough safeguards and action locks so that they couldn't trigger the mines by accident.
Fine by me.

We should also see if we can upgrade the Genoaces our guys are training with. The current ones have no armor and weapons, and our pilots should get used to fighting with some additional weight put on. Also, considering how we're making more suits, we should improve our training a bit - divide the trainees into teams, and have them practice both acting in groups (25 vs 25) and acting against a singular threat (say, 5 guys vs 1 Ace pilots) just so they get a taste of what's coming.
Actually, let's not send the grunts out without any protection. Let the trainees and the crew from the Magic Schoolbus go and set out the mines. Have Arnold point out the best locations to set them.

As for training, have Walker's men train our grunts on how to operate in groups, and have grandpa and the Aces from the MSB teach them how to fight dirty and on their own. The Vagan aren't really big on tactics, they mostly rely on their superior firepower instead of working together - something we should use against them.
You'll get the engineers working on upgrading the existing Genoace Trainers you have. It shouldn't take more then a few hours. This however will have to wait if you want to have the trainees go out the lay down the mines. Ten Trainees in the ten Training Genoaces with some supervision from Arnold, Tim and Ralphie should be enough to set up a minefield. Besides, Arnold probably knows the best placement for the mines.

You have the Mini-IUS and the strange Vagan suit sent over to the Camelot for Anylysis and get the engineers ready to modify the Genoaces when they come back.

After grabbing a cup of joe you ask Walker to take a bigger part in training the troops, since they need to know how to properly work together and use actual tactics since "The Vegans just tend to try and steam roll everything".

He agrees and leaves to work with the 90 so other troops still on base, being run through drills with Arnold until the 40 other Genoace Trainers are finished.

You don't have much else to do at the moment. You have a bit of free time if you want to rest or check into something.

What do you wish to do Scarlet?
Let's see Rysis if she has some jobs or news for us - she's our secretary, she should be informed on what do our guys need and the progress on the colony defense. And Travis mentioned Arthur - did he find out something about him or was he just drunk?

If there's nothing pressing at the moment, we could either try to create a new Genoace (or at least the blueprints for it) combining the Genoace Kai and the Genoace III specs, or try to figure out from where the Vagan will attack. Have Minsry and Fairdain sent us some news about the Anansi running around their colonies? Because we could figure out from where the Anansi came from if they found some of those broadcast towers lying around.
You go to Rysis to see if she has anything for you. After all she IS your secretary, she's supposed to keep you organized! Finding her is pretty easy, her and Romary are cleaning up Travis's puke in the 'drunk room'.

Rysis leaves Romary to deal with Travis alone for a little bit while she updates you.

"So did Minsry or Fairdain get back to us about the Anansi?" You ask.

"Yes. Apparently they haven't found any signs or had any issues indicating they are there. However they will keep us notified if anything does pop up." Rysis says, showing you some of the reports they sent over.

"Alright. Anything else?"

"Well at the moment things are progressing pretty smoothly, construction for the MS Training Course was sped up, cutting off a whole day thanks to some extra workers Bob picked up. Our current progress suggests we may very well be semi-ready for any Vagan attacks."

"So you don't have anything for me to do?" You ask, raising an eyebrow.

"I didn't say that. Remember when the Camelot detected those 'false' signals? Some of the people here on base aren't so sure they were false. It's possible that the Vagans could have infiltrated the colony despite Walker's checks. With Miniturized IUS units they could be anywhere. How does spy hunting sound to you?" Rysis asks.

Well Scarlet? Up for the challenge?
"Hell fucking yes. You going to teach me how to be as badass as you?"
"Vindication! It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you. Let's hunt some spies."
"Well I meant if YOU wanted to try hunting down any possible spies. I need to stay here and clean up Travis's barf. If I leave Romary with him, he might try to grope or seduce her or something." Rysis rolls her eyes and sighs. "Besides, I don't know a thing about hunting spies. I was a mobile suit pilot during the Colony Nations War, not an intelligence officer."

"So you're just going to leave me to do this by myself?" You ask.

"Well you can take Romary and anyone else you want, but I need to stay here with Travis. Besides it'll give you something to do." Rysis says with a shrug.

"Alright, but where do I start? I don't know anything about catching spies."

"Did you hear anything from Captain Walker that sounded suspicious when he went to check if there were any breaks in the colony's interior?" Rysis asks.

"No. Just a couple kids playing around in a open maintenance hanger. " You say.

"Don't you find that the least bit odd? That might be worth checking out." Rysis suggests.

Alright Scarlet, how do you wish to go about Spy Hunting?
Okay, let's get Romary and Fram to help us out. Maybe get Walker in case things get hairy.
Tell mom we're going spy hunting, and that she's now in charge until we get back.

Also, have MaG check out any suspicious activity that;s been going on in the colony walls.
So what happened to Desil's parents?
>With Miniturized IUS units they could be anywhere. How does spy hunting sound to you?" Rysis asks.
>Just a couple kids playing around in a open maintenance hanger.

No idea. We should check on Jake, maybe he has some ideas how to fix them.
Except calling in Dr Spriggan or getting some nanotech, I've no idea how to save them.
It would look bad on all of us if we just stood around doing nothing about it.
Yeah, but I really have no idea what to do. We should definitely try to do something - maybe those things in their heads are similar to the implants Mellis has in her head, and there's a way to save them.

We've got some doctors here - have them investigate that stuff.
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Desil's parents are effectively vegetables. They're bodies are being kept alive in the infirmary with life support equipment. Ezelcant's implants fried their higher brain functions shortly after they were taken from the "Garden of Eden." They're alive, but they're totally brain dead. Dad's pretty broken up about this and you're pretty pissed off.

Dad's been trying to think of ways to save them, but the damage is pretty intense and even if the damaged parts of their brains could be repaired, there memories wouldn't be...

Trying not to think of Desil's brain damaged parents you grab Romary, Fra and ask Walker to accompany you, leaving his men to train the troops. Telling your mother you're leaving to hunt spies you leave the base, having no clue where to start.

You bring up Ma-G on your G-Phone and ask her to report any suspicious activity in the last few days, particularly in the Colony Walls.

"No abnormal events have occurred within the colony walls. However the cameras in Maintenance Hanger B-3 were destroyed shortly after the camelot detected 'false signals.'

"Was that the hanger Walker reported those kids as being in?"


"Can you bring up any footage from it before it was destroyed?"

"Negative, the connection to the camera was damaged when it was destroyed. You will need to check it manually to do so." Ma-G explains.

"That means we should probably go to the hanger to search for clues." Romary states.

"Yeah, but I'm more worried about what those kids brought with them. Maybe we should look for possible hiding places first? I didn't really get a good glance at them but they were wearing regular space suits so I'm sure they know how to blend if they were with Vagans." Walker states.

"I might be able to help find any good hiding places." Fram adds.

What do you wish to do Scarlet?
>A) Go to the hanger and search for clues
>B) Look for possible hiding places
>C) Other
Fram, do your thing. Who knows what we might find.
Then we'll move in on that hangar.
You decide to try to find some possible hideouts and spend a good three hours doing so. Even with Fram's help there are still a lot of places they could be hiding. Destroyed industrial housing that was hit during the Vagans first attack, somewhere in the colony walls with all the blindspots, destroyed sensors, and hidden compartments, as well as the many warehouses that could hold suits.

Still, you don't find any concrete evidence, you merely get some ideas on where they could be hiding which is better then nothing.

You eventually take a lift to the hanger and grab a couple of space suits. Walker goes to check out the camera while Fram and Romary stay by the door. You check out the hanger for any clues...

(Roll 1d20 for a Preception Check. First three rolls will be accepted. 1 is a critical failure and 20 is a critical sucess)
Rolled 55, 57, 73 = 185

Rolled 18, 2, 18 = 38

Rolling again
Rolled 6, 17, 18 = 41

We rolling d20s now?
Rolled 17

Rolled 7


Wait, why is eveyone rolling 3d?
Rolled 4

Presumably because he said "First three rolls accepted", so people misread that as "roll three times".
(Yeah,we never stated the character's physical capabilities. So I thought a simple 1d20 roll to see if Scarlet sees anything would be appropriate since how well you can see things is less a skill and more of a attribute)

(Oops. My apologies, I'll be clearer from now on, that's not what I meant)
>7, 4

You don't notice any signs of a mobile suit and after glancing over the door controls they don't appear to have been tampered with. There are some scuffs on the floor that could be from a mobile suit, but considering how much this hanger has been used over the years that's not surprising.

You go to help Walker retrieve data from the Camera and find he's doing alright getting it himself. While you're watching him you notice that the case of the camera appears to have been melted a bit.

The shape of the burn is circular, like something was stuck on that generated a lot of heat or a high voltage that negated the shielding of the camera case.

"Well, I don't think we're getting anything from this camera. The insides are absolutely torched. Looks like enough voltage was passed through this thing to trash a mobile suits on-board computer." Walker states, holding up a warped and useless hard-drive.

"Great, that means we don't have any new information." Romary says below you.

"Not quite. The damage to the camera shows us someone DID intentionally destroy it, so we know there are in fact intruders in the colony. What we need to find out is how many intruders we're dealing with. Walker spotted three kids, but there could be more then that..." You state, your space helmet prevents you from stroking your chin in thought.

"If they entered this hanger, they probably left using the same lift we did. Someone had to at least seen them. Maybe we should check that next. Or do you have other ideas Scarlet?" Walker asks.

Well Scarlet? What do you wish to do?
Let's check that lift.

Are there cameras monitoring this lift on the other floors? If there are, have MaG analyze the footage, they must've come out somewhere.
About the damage on the camera - does it resemble something the Anansi did?
Or does it look like a device was planted on and then it run a current that fried the camera?
It's hard to tell, but you think it was probably a device that did it. If the Anansi could put out that kind of voltage, they would have used it to screw the up the Gawain more then they had. So unless it was a special model of Aanasi it was probably a separate device or weapon used by a person or perhaps even a mobile suit.

There aren't any cameras monitoring the lift to the older maintenance hangers B-1 through B-10. Individual cameras were installed in the hangers to compensate for that.

You exit the hanger and take the lift back down to street level where the four of you split up and begin asking local residents and workers about what they saw. You talk to everyone you can but can't find anything note worthy. Another 2 hours pass as you ask around and eventually the four of you meet by the lift to see what you found out.

"None of the locals I talked too saw anything suspicious." Romary reported with a frown.

"One of the workers I talked too berated a couple kids after he saw them get off the hanger. Apparently kids play in there all the time, but he didn't recognize these three. They were about 14, 16, and 17 but the guy couldn't remember what they looked like." Walker states.

"One of the women I talked too is a teacher. She had a sick day today and asked a couple of kids why they weren't in school. They said they were meeting their parents at the spacedocks." Fram says.

"The spacedocks? Ma-G, has any usual activity happened at the space docks?" You ask.

"Negative. Just the local cargo shipments and trans-colony shuttles." Ma-G states.

"I think we should check out the docks, maybe there's something there Ma-G didn't pick up." Walker suggests. "Or do you have other ideas?"

Well Scarlet? What do you wish to do?
"Might as well."
Let's call the police while we're on our way there. See if they received any reports or somebody reported something unusual going on near this hangar and the spacedocks.
Also, have the Gawain ready just in case those guys have some mobile suits in the spacedocks.
"It's not like we have a lot of leads. We just have to keep following the clues we do get I guess." You say as everyone files back into the car. "I'm kind of glad Dirk isn't here, he'd probably make a bunch of lame spy movie references and distract me. I love my brother, but even I get a little sick of him." You say to Walker as he climbs into the passenger seat.

"I'm afraid I can't related. I'm an only child, so any sibling issues go right over my head." Walker says with a grin.

"Me too, although Dirk and Asemu might as well be my brothers considering how often they come by my house to bum food off of me when they got kicked out of your house Scarlet." Romary says, crossing her arms as you begin to drive.

"Things are...a lot nicer here." Fram comments, looking out the window as you drive and like the bad driver you are, get on your phone and called up the police station.

"This is Zarth Police Headquarters how may I help you?" a friendly secretary asks.

"This is Commander Scarlet again, do you know of any strange reports that have happened recently? Barring the thefts caused by those robots spiders?"

"Hold on let me check..." The women leaves you on hold until you arrive at the lift to the space-docks. "No, nothing out of the ordinary. Noise complaints about loud music and construction down by the warehouse district, a rowdy party, kids stealing shopping carts and racing them in the parking lot of the Superstore, and a couple cases of assult that are all repeat offenders here."

"Alright, thanks." You hang up your phone and find a good parking spot before getting on the lift with everyone and riding up.
File: 1378252546876.png-(431 KB, 1280x720, Karels_in_construction.png)
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You know, it's times like this that having Anansi of our own would be nice. Well, not exactly those, but some robot helpers sure would help us deal with this kind of thing. Once we get the nanotech needed to mass-produce their quantum processors, we should make a bunch of Haros. And some Karels from Gundam 00 for them to dock with, too, for when they need bigger limbs. We'll have robots everywhere, that should prevent this sort of spy antics. Plus, it'll serve as a nice gestational program for new AI systems, for use in future advanced systems. Not to mention the fact that having Haros be a major part of our society will be ADORABLE.
You arrive at the spacedocks and find them busy as ever. Cargo ships, freighters, personal ships, and taxi shuttles come and go pretty quickly, loading and unloading goods and people by the hoard.

The four of you begin to ask the local dock workers about the kids and any unusual things that might of happened. After an hour of talking you're about to leave when you talk to an older worker who had seen them.

"Three kids? Yeah they were standing around waiting for friends of theirs. I didn't pay them all that much mind, probably would have forgotten about them if it hadn't been for the screwed up papers." The man explains, sipping his coffee.

"Papers?" Walker asks.

"Yeah, one of the supply shuttles came in later then it was supposed too. We were supposed to get it a shipment of metal and construction materials from Solon, but it never arrived. I assumed it got hit by the Vagans, but the shuttle arrived with 120 tons worth of materials on it. However the paperwork hadn't been filled out properly. It wasn't anything major, most of these new guys don't know how to wipe their ass properly. So I fixed the paperwork for the two and let them go on their way." The worker explains.

"Did you get their names?" You ask.

"Yeah, a male and a female. Mr. Biggs and Mrs. Wedge I believe, didn't catch their last names. They're shuttle is still docked here if you want to look at it. They haven't come back since they docked and unloaded the stuff." The worker offers.

Do you want to check out the Shuttle Scarlet?
Shuttle may be rigged with explosives or other traps, if we do investigate be-careful and maybe call EOD if we have them.
Yeah. Have Romary stand back and Walker in place to cover us. Then we knock on the door of the shuttle and say "Hey, open up. Luke sent me." I'm willing to bet on them having kept the naming scheme going. These guys are going to turn out to be called Rogue Squadron, aren't they?
Okay, Fram gets the job of being the second assistant. And little sister.

We could probably create some version of the kidnapper drones CDACE has, only that these carry around tools or something for more risky and hard jobs. They could communicate and operate the same way the Anansi do.

But yeah, having a bunch of Haros around would be pretty awesome.
It's either Luke or Piette.
Okay, get the Gawain nearby, have the security lock down the shuttle and get near with Walker.
Be prepared for potential traps, explosives or mobile suits popping out.

I think these two are the same Vagan who constantly eluded Jake back in Gen-1.
First when he blew up that guy Shiro, then when he blew up the Ambat research station, then when he blew up Ambat.
It could be Jessie too.
File: 1378254084705.jpg-(308 KB, 848x1452, LOL.jpg)
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308 KB JPG
You decide to check out the shuttle, but remain cautious. "This thing could be rigged with explosives or something." You say as you have Walker and the others stand back as you go over and knock on the shuttle door.

After waiting a couple of minutes of waiting and knocking repeatedly, you decide to open the shuttle door. You open it slowly, peering inside, checking for any tripwires or sensors. Your heart races as you open the door and find...nothing.

The cabin of the shuttle is empty and dark. Turning on the lights and looking around you find the cargo hold is empty as well.

"Looks like no one's home." You say, ushering everyone inside.

"It looks like the old guy was right, they haven't been here since they left." Romary states, looking around the cockpit of the shuttle while Walker wanders around the cargo hold.

"Huh, this is weird." Walker says, picking up a large tool.

"What's that?" Fram asks.

"It's a special multi-tool. It's used for a lot of things but it's mostly used in the construction of..."

"Mobile suits." You say, eyes widening. "130 tons, that's at least two mobile suits or something REALLY big. If they broke down the suits into components they could have easily transported them and got them by security!"

"So we have five Vagan spies running around the colony with parts for two mobile suits or something very nasty?" Walker asks with a frown.

"Unless you guys have any other theorys that's what I'm going to think." You say firmly.

"What are we going to do?" Romary asks.

>A) Continue the investigation, look for more leads
>B) Return to HQ and prep the defenses.
>C) Other.
> A) Continue the investigation, look for more leads
Notify mom about what's going on.
Balls. Okay, I still want to know what the kids were on about, but we need this dealt with. Let's head back to HQ, make sure we have people posted in case they attack. Then we can do more investigating. My guess is that they'd probably head for the barracks or armory, those are the best places to go to cripple us.
Yeah, let's fall back for now, we need to notify the HQ about what we found out. Pick up that multi-tool while we're at it.

Also, the guys probably made the suits / suit inside the shuttle, considering how they left the multi-tool behind, and then moved them somewhere else inside the colony. Is there a way to find out who came to pick up the stuff from the shuttle? Maybe the cameras inside the spaceport picked up something.
Let's get a copy of those papers while we're around, we'll probably learn something from them.

You decide to continue the investigation and look for more leads. Pulling out your phone you dial up your mother and inform her of what's going on.

"You do realize we have a hundred some recruits walking around, all quite young?" Mellis states worryingly. "Trying to spot spies of that age walking around is NOT going to be easy, but I'll keep everyone on high alert..."

"Alright Mom, I'll keep you updated. Just stay safe..." You hang up the phone and turn back to the others.

"OK, so they brought a mobile suit or mobile suits into the colony. There are the kids, Mr. Biggs, and Mr. Wedge. We need to figure out where they would take those parts." You say to the others.

"Well I'd have to be some place fairly large and concealed, but also a place a mobile suit wouldn't have issues busting out of." Walker states, nervously checking his side arm.

"Any of the places we looked into would work. The Warehouses, the factories, and the colony walls could easily serve as a place to put together a mobile suit in secret." Fram says with a frown.

"They've had about 10 hours or so to put it together too! It could be ready to go for all we know!" Romary says, horrified at the thought of another fight in the colony.

"Three places to check. I still don't get why they're doing all this. If they want the colony destroyed then why don't they just blow it up from the outside? Why all this cloak and dagger stuff?" You say, mulling things over.

First there was Zeheart's attack, which took out a couple of factories and killed off most of the Defense Forces. Then there was the Anansi who were there to primarily scout. Now there's Biggs and Wedge infiltrating things with three young kids tagging along. What were they after? If the Vagans were going to attack in a couple of days why did it matter? Ugh.

You pick up the multi-tool and leave to talk to the dock worker again.

"Excuse me. Do you know who unloaded the stuff from that shuttle?" You point over to the shuttle he suggested to you in the first place.

"The people flying the shuttle did. We rented them a trunk to do. Actually now that I think about it we rented them a couple of trucks..." The worker pauses for a moment. "They could fit most of the crates onto one trick, so why all the others? I didn't ask at the time because the money was good but..."

"Do you know where the trucks went?" You ask.

"No I don't. The trucks aren't due back for another couple of days."

"Grrr...Do you have any way of tracking them?"

"Not that I know of."

"Can I have a copy of those papers?" You ask.

"Sure. What's this all about?" The worker asks as he goes into the nearby office to print off a couple of copies.

"We believe that a couple of Vagan spies just snuck in two disassembled mobile suits" Walker explains as you look over the papers.

The papers don't tell you anything. They seem legitimate, just whoever filled them out didn't know what they were doing. The shuttle came from Solon, the cargo was 130 metric tons and was labeled as "Heavy construction equipment and materials".

It's been ten hours since the Vagans arrived, giving the plenty of time to get set up for whatever they have planned. You need to find them and fast. Ma-G is already searching for the trucks, but it's taking a while.

Where do you want to go to search for the spies?
>A) Warehouse District
>B) Destroyed Factory Area
>C) Colony Walls
>D) Other
Fucking Solon. We need to forward that information to Flit so he knows there are Vagan agents there. Right, let's check the destroyed factory area. That's the least likely to have other people in it, makes it a good place to assemble the suits.
What's the area with the least activity going on? That's where they are.

That sounds plausible, but if they started clearing the place, it's probably filled with workers.
The warehouse district is my guess - sounds of construction, kids and loud music? Too suspicious.
I had forgotten the report about the kids and loud music. Good point. Okay, let's head there. Along the way ask Romary if she's heard about any parties going on this week, just in case it turns out to just be a rave.
Warehouse district sounds most likely.

We should prepare in case they spring something nasty on us - not much we can do to a 130t heavy mobile armor while on foot.
The memory of the noise report comes to mind and you immediately ask Romary if she heard about any party's going on.

"No. I didn't hear anything about any party's. Why?" She asks and you immediately lead everyone to the lift and head towards the street level.

"When I talked with the police they reported a lot of noise disturbances down by the warehouse district. I'm guessing that's where we'll find the spies." You explain on the way down and may a bee line for the car, burning rubber as soon as everyone is inside.

It's late. The night cycle has already started, forcing you to turn on your headlights and wade through after work traffic as you make your way into the Warehouse District.

"Scarlet, shouldn't we call in the Calvary at this point? Last time I checked you can't take on a mobile suit with side arms and a little girl." Walker says, flinching as you push through traffic, cut people off and getting honked at like crazy.

"Good idea..." You take out your G-Phone and try to call HQ but you can't get a signal, which is weird since the G-Phone is kind of illegal in how it hijacks any available method to call the number you put into it. The fact it can't call mean it's being jammed...

You turn on the radio and turn through the stations, getting nothing but static. Before you can voice your concerns you see a light in the distance and feel the ground tremble.

A mile or so away you see a mobile suit burst out of a warehouse and stand to it's feet, the heart-pulse shaped sensor lights up and reveals it's of Vagan origin.

The suit is too far off to get any good details, but it sure as hell doesn't look like it's a 130 tons. Maybe the other suit is still being prepared?

>A) Quickly! Make your way to the base, you need to get to your suit!
>B) Rush to the warehouse, maybe the other Vagan suit is still being preped?

What will you do Scarlet?

Make your way to the base, we need to drop off Walker, Romary and Fram.
The Gawain is a high-speed unit - it can catch up to those things pretty fast. Keep trying to reach HQ.
I kind of want to jack the other suit. But I doubt it's viable. And we have too many civilians with us. Can't go into a fight with a seven year-old girl. Even if she is the most badass little girl ever. Let's head back to base, get the Gawain, and fly back over. We can fly in atmosphere, right? Canonically the first Federation suit to do that without transforming or equipping special gear was the AGE-3, but Gawain is built for mobility. Plus it uses lightwave thrusters like Vagan suits do, and those seem to be better designed for hovering.
File: 1378260233751.png-(404 KB, 1050x1200, Gundam Gawain.png)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
Pretty sure the Gawain can handle atmospheric combat. Though we should be careful not to damage the colony when we unload on the Vagans.
As for the most badass little girl ever, why do I have the feeling she's going to catch a ride with Scarlet in the Gawain?
Because Fram is bro-tier. Or sis-tier, I guess, because both characters are female? I don't know. Point is, she's awesome, and wanting to come along for the fight is entirely plausible. Though we should be careful not to give her too much encouragement about piloting. She wants to be an artist, and I say we let her keep that dream. Maybe she'll end up piloting despite it all, but her getting to be a civilian is a nice thought. Especially if we can get her some friends from the Federation to join her circle, instead of just Vagan orphans. We should introduce her to Seric if his dad brings him back up to Zarth with him when he returns. They're the same age group, it could work.
File: 1378261217464.jpg-(200 KB, 716x800, xvt-dgc Zarect.jpg)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
You begin heading towards the base, but apparently that's where the Vagan suit is heading too. Traffic has totally jammed up now, people are panicking and running everywhere. You're forced to cut across lanes, drive through alley ways, and make a more traffic violations then you'd know you'd never live down if this wasn't an emergency.

It looks like you're not going to reach the base in time when Fram shouts "Look up there!"

You look up to see six mobile suits, five Adeles and One Genoace III falling down from the 'sky'. It was the Round Table team! Looks like Mom called them in to help out! Immediately you see the Vagan suit rush into view to engage the suits, giving you a better look at it. It's a light weight model, heavily armed with odd pods on it's back and knees. It doesn't look like anything you've seen before.

The unknown Vagan suits attacks the Round Table Team while they're falling. It fires a chest cannon blasts and a flurry of missiles, cutting an Adele Cannon in half and blowing up two of the Stark Adeles as they fall. The other three suits manage to land in the smoke and scatter, the vicious Vagan suit chasing after them.

You have no idea how long the Round Table Team will last against the suit, but you know now you have enough time to reach the base! After a couple of minutes and several drives through peoples backyards you get to the base, only to find that it's already being attacked by another mobile suit, another unfamiliar model.

Grandpa and the Trainees are trying to fight the suit off, the remains of the Zalam/Euba suits litter the ground as burnt out, mutilated metal husks still hot from the Vagan suits attacks.

Well, Scarlet did apparently act in some school play, maybe she can give her some acting tips and they could mess around a bit. Or teach her how to draw or something. She probably always wanted a little sister.
...holy fuck they annihilated our forces.
Well, now I'm thinking about the school days montage in Memories of Eden. Which includes the school play. It's Peter Pan. Asemu is, of course, Captain Hook. Even back then he longed to be a pirate. But Peter Pan is played by Zeheart. I say next time Dirk runs into Zeheart he has MID broadcast image files from his memory of Zeheart in his tiny green tights. Hell, have Scarlet do it, too. The background image of every transmission we do to any Vagan forces will be tights-wearing Zeheart. Psychological warfare is the best warfare.
You pull into the hanger, only to find it's been turned into a small warzone all itself. Bodies of engineers litter the ground along with security personnel. A large crater is in the middle of the hanger, probably from some kind of explosive charge has destabilized the hanger and pulled rubble and metal beams down from the ceiling.

Rushing out of the car you see that the Prototype Adele and Proto Clanch have had their cockpits blown out. Hearing a grown you scan the area and see your father proped up against the wall, your mother tending to his wounds.

"Dad!" You shout and rush over and kneel beside your father.

"I'm fine! Bastards are wearing our uniforms. They tried to take my hostage and steal the Gawain. When Mellis caught them they started shooting up the place. I managed to get one of the bastards before he could hit the Gawain with a rocket, blew him sky-BLAG" Jake vomits blood and gasps for air, your mother screams for a medic.

"Get into the Gawain Scarlet! NOW! Your grandfather won't last much longer out there!" She yells, ushering you to leave your father's side as Romary and Fram comes to Mellis's aid. Walker boards his mobile suit and leaves shortly after you do.

The Gawain has been fully repaired, but you're not armed. All you have is the head railgun, your beam shields, the scatter cannons in the shoulder, and a pair of beam sabers. Your thrusters are rearing to go and there's no tight quarters stopping you from using them, that means you can take to the air if need be.

As you and Walker exit the hanger you see the Knight-like green mobile suit chop down the last of the training genoaces and skewer your Grandfather's mobile suit through the head with one of it's arm mounted blades, smashing the cockpit repeatedly with it's barehands and denting it like a soda can.

It throws down your grandfather's disabled J-Exes and it turns to you, blades ready.
"Try not to die too quickly..." A voice calls over the comms, laughing in a amused tone.

"Damn it! That other suit is here too!" Walker says over the comm as the suit that was fighting the Round Table Team marches forward, indicating it probably destroyed the last of them.

"I'll get the missile thrower, you handle Mr. Green Knight!" Walker says, readying his Zila-Kai's heat katana.

What is your plan Scarlet?
Motherfuckers. Is grandpa okay?
We fuck this bastard up. There're probably some weapons lying around, try to grab one.

Yeah, and considering how his men either don't trust him (because he's a traitor's brother) or they don't like him (because he's too young), anything that makes him look like a twat would be useful. He'll probably either go berserk and kill us all, or he won't give a shit and comment how it was all part of the job, but his men will react to it.
Thread 39 was titled "Spiders, Anime and Green Knights". Has he been here that long? Well, fuck us.

Open with a beamspray from the scatter guns to disorient him. Then we strafe him in melee. We're high-mobility, let's hoverskate around him and take swipes with the sabers. If we get in a sword clash scenario, fire some head railgun rounds. Close-range kinetic penetration weapons are never fun to be hit with, no matter how good your armor is.
Exactly. Zeheart probably wouldn't care, he's dead on the inside. But we're in a really amazing position, having over a year's worth of stupid photos of a Vagan commander. We can do such amazing propaganda. "Hey Vagans, look how dumb your leader looks" is an opportunity too good to pass up.
There are some scattered DODS Rifles but you're forced to go onto the move as the Green Knight fires it's chest beam at you, burning a crater where the Gawain was previously standing. Walker rushes in to engage the other enemy as you're left to duel with the Green Knight. You use the Gawain's hover ability to dash around and avoid the green knights shots, using your beam shield and readying your beam sabers as you circle around him and take swipes at him...

(Roll 1d100 vs Pilot Skill. 80 or below will pass. 81 or above will fail. 1 is a critical success and 100 is a critical failure)
True. We can screw with him and his men, especially if he becomes the commander of the Downes and later Ezelcant's successor. Or we get warned by Grodek not to humiliate Leviathan's secret agent and risk his mission.
Rolled 77

Rolled 16

Rolled 73

Zeheart being a double agent, with Yurika having genuinely turned him? Ooh. That's a neat idea. Probably not the case, but it would certainly be interesting if it was. Makes the information leak much more intriguing, that's for sure.
Rolled 72

Or considering how he wants to kill everyone so that nobody has to suffer like he has, he sees that as an opportunity to wreck more chaos. And he's been manipulating both the Feds and the Vagans into killing each other, probably feeding both sides important data, such as the attack on the colonies and the Luna base, when and where to strike and so on. And considering how Ezelcant's insane, he probably allows him to do so because it helps with creating the superior human race through more conflict.

>77, 16, 73, 72

Your attacks are marginally effective. The Green Knight manages to block or dodge most of them, but you manage to scrap up the suit a bit. The pilot is probably a X-Rounder from the suit's reaction time and he seems to anticipates a lot of your attacks.

"You're good...time to take off the kid gloves then!" The Green Knight deploys two cannon like weapons over the shoulders of his mobile suit and fires them. Hoping up and taking to the air you manage to narrowly avoid a powerful buster cannon blast that nearly punches through the ground and out the colony wall!

Walker seems to be handling his enemy alright, but your enemy just became a whole lot harder. Still, you have the advantage of flight, but he has that buster cannon and chest cannon to keep you from engaging him in the front. If you could attack him from behind then you might have a chance to deal some real damage.

What do you wish to do Scarlet?
Rolled 24

Yeah, that could work. Zeheart seems to have some genuine desire to enact the Eden plan, but there's no reason he can't have developed his own interpretation of it. Honestly, I really want to kill him off by the end of this generation. Letting him live to Gen 3 just seems like a risk we can't take. Plus it would open up the Gen 3 main villain role for Zera Gins, letting him actually have a personality.
Fire the shoulder cannons and the rail gun in a full frontal assault. It should disorient him a bit. He's an X-Rounder, not a miracle worker. While he's distracted, make a jump over him and try to get a sneak attack in.

I wouldn't mind Zeheart surviving, mostly because he's cool as fuck. Crazy, but still cool. Maybe he joins Leviathan or the Bisidian crew at the end of Gen-2, and we don't have to worry about him performing a colony drop on Earth. Hell, Grodek could worm his way into him - after all, Ezelcant did all this to him, and lied about Eden, so why doesn't he join the side that wants to see Ezelcant brought down?
Fuck it, just throw some mobile suit wreckage at him. I was reading Crossbone Gundam earlier, and I am now convinced that chucking shit at people is the best way to distract them long enough to get in close. Sure, he'll probably do some cool parry move and slash it out of the way, but having his attention on the lower torso flying his way instead of us could still work.
(I'm actually going to have to call it a night. It's late and I need my sleep. We'll pick this up when part 51 rolls around, so I'll keep in mind what your wrote down).

(I'll archive this. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/27006367/ )
Sure thing man. See you next time.
Later, Crosswire. See you next time.

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