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Previous thread deleted.

I'm going to drop the story from the previous thread in here and archive it. Thankfully the images are saved.
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Skip the briefing, those of us still awake are on board.
Last I remember, we rolled a 12 (which is a 14) to animate the crabs exoskeleton while we sent the animated mermaids to our main "camp" thing as collateral.
File: 1377747523076.png-(31 KB, 600x800, 7.png)
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File: 1377747566990.png-(45 KB, 600x800, 44.png)
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This is for archival purposes.

Here is the last image.
Last chapter was archived, chill OP. Go on with the adventure.
File: 1377747600289.png-(36 KB, 600x800, 8.png)
36 KB
Oh shit it was? Thank fucking god I love you guys

I am totally exhausted and taking ages to type.

The last post is >>26889062

Thanks guys! Lot of fun.
We love you too Mr OP.
Rolled 20

Telekinetic-fly-the-fuck out of it's path and Katya too if you can.
This will be valid next thread right?
The one fucking time we roll a 20...

I cannot say no to this. It is too good.

Valid next thread.
When we need it most.
I'd rather not end up a bloody smear under a whale thank you.
Someone can archive this too, if nothing else than the nat 20.
Foolzarchive is our friend.
Where OP panic dumps, is told the last thread got archived, posts a chapter end and gets a late natural 20 for throwing a whale.
Damned skippy.
>Checked out last thread
Cripes, that was the most passively railraoded thing I've ever seen.

You had a stubborn group wanting to get into the castle, and an equally stubborn OP delaying them until the sheer boredom has them give. A simple "it takes a month but you get in" wasn't enough?

We didn't have to live through the boring details of healing for a month after everytime we fucked up making a golem.
With a name like "Mr. Bones" are you expecting anything but a Wild Ride on tracks?
Or Jester reinforced the maze/ labyrinth whatever because trap god and we die of old age before we can get through
Even still OP still could've just said "It takes a month, but the magic is too strong so you're forced to give up"

That was unnecessarily long no matter how you slice it.
OP just wanted to personally stick it to people who try subvert his dungeons.
Nothing you can do about it.
I still think that was the better option. There was never anything of value in there, except pain and probably death.
Bump, so maybe we can use this thread later.
Doesn't even look like you guys were actually failing. You just got bored cause he wouldn't get to the point.
Why did we have to get so in detail and lengthy about knocking down a wall? We didn't bother with the details of how to build a megabrothel, we let the engineer's do their thing and they did it "and it only took two weeks"
I'm not going to be surprised if it turns out our Brothel Mansion collapses from improper building, or if the alliance comes and sacks the place again.

It's not as if ever project we've ever tried hasn't catastrophically failed.
We ought to consider making peace with the alliance. We have even more to gain from dropping that pointless feud, and they're less deserving of our hate than that clown
Sorry for the delay in the siege.

Someone mentioned going over, and I tried to give multiple opportunities for them to get their say, since it was a sensible, supported ideas.

Because the decision making was still luck based, it was hard and I kept it going far too long before the intelligent suggestions got through.

As a result of that, I changed to a consensus decision making process.

Shouldn't happen again.
By the way there might be one more thread later tonight, but that will be the last until Monday
No problem.
It would've been nice if you gave hints though like "those ladders you made the first day are gathering dust" or have Katya suggest it. But now that things are consensus based I'm expecting a huge surge in intellect from Mr. Bones' actions now that we can sit and do some planning (I hope I'm not being too optomistic though).

I'd still like it Katya keeps to her word about giving smart advice. That is, assuming our lovely nat20 saves her fur.
Please. You think the Alliance "makes peace"

They'll be back in a few weeks to try to annex us.
Hey, they have necromancers in their employ. And necromancer and necromancer accessories. We'll make them a deal they can't refuse. Surely after our last bout, they'll pay some heed to us.

Besides we should avoid an all out conflict since we're awful commanders who shouldn't be anywhere near and army, we'd get steamrolled in an actual war. We couldn't even take an ungarded castle without giving up.
That's the same kind of talk that got us into the Jester mess. We've promised to be diplomatic about things remember?
Except the Alliance enslaves monster girls. They annexed our town the first time. Remember what happened to Elyria?

The Jester removed our organs. That Alliance hurt our girls.

Also, they don't employ necromancers, they enslave them to resurrect their soldiers.
File: 1377807688965.jpg-(86 KB, 1013x421, beckett.jpg)
86 KB
>Except the Alliance enslaves monster girls.
So did we to start with. It's just good business
>That Alliance hurt our girls.
Which at the time consisted of Elryie, some alrunes, and centaurs (who weren't even ours at the time).

Sure we're more humane, relatively speaking, but you forget our first catch was against her will after slaughtering her family, while the alrune was little better. The Jester was more of an enemy to us than they were, and they had the decency to let us go instead of burning us at the stake.

It's petty squables for revenge and power that make the quest oh so boring. I'm not saying we become a permanent servant, but we shouldn't ignore another potential employer with much to offer to just go on an all out rampage against them like we did earlier. That was stupid, pointless, and rewardless. We burn a town, they build a new one. We kill and army, they have three to replace them. Take Katya's advice, and don't waste our resources on stupidity.
agreed. lets not have a repeat of "151 ways to waste money"
The necromancer rooms could be useful too. We could even try to make a golem
I'm not saying we need to go to war with them, but I'll be damned if I'm going to make nice with them.

All the Jester did was set a trap. The Alliance are fucking fascists.
> but I'll be damned if I'm going to make nice with them
Like we said, have an air of professionalism and negotiation. Facists? Just another government with coin to pay. Business is business.

We're in no position to fight them, and have lots of opportunity to lose from useless hostility.
Just because we've switched our decision making doesn't mean I get to stop being petty and hateful.

I don't think there are many opportunities coming from them, I got a real big "Join us or die" vibe from them.
>Just because we've switched our decision making doesn't mean I get to stop being petty and hateful.
No, it doesn't, but I'll be damned if I'll let someone like you in charge making idiotic decisions again.
>I don't think there are many opportunities coming from them
And Empire is a big place, with lot's of issues to be dealt with, territories to manage, an even greater prospects of rewards. Why limit ourselves to these little villages when there are entire cities to discover? We can make a name for ourself.
>I got a real big "Join us or die" vibe from them.
We'll be sure tell them the feeling is mutual, and be able to back it up.

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