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nfo, Stats and Past Threads: http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master
Twitter: MaidRider

You are Hito Hijikatai, the current master of a mansion in Japan, and sometimes you become your alter ego Señor Jalapeño, a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler. He can randomly shifts into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is a magical girl from a different world and she fears male rapist.

The mansion also has four maids. Katherine, the delinquent maid; Sasha, the mini-gun wielding maid; Akari, the fortune teller and doctor maid and Rachelle, the sexy southern maid. Your mansion also happens to shelter a cute crocodile ninja girl. A newcomer, Melina from Germany has brought her impressive asse... spiked club....

You have your own steam robot, Garenn, a sunglassed hothead. Your own familiar Melphina is a small pixie who can unlock or manipulate electronic devices, she also is a little obsessed with incest anime. You also got yourself a black horse named Li. It seems that he can do martial arts despite being a horse.

Your Current Favor: 10 points
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Luckily Denardo never had chance to take control of the war-train. As you had Denardo and his men tied up, Sam Potton finally pop up.

"It seems that I come late... I'm starting to get old for this thing... Good job anyway." Sam said as he walk in.

"Why thank you. We are about to interrogate them..." You said.

"Sam...! Why are you..." Denardo are about to say something until he and his right hand Jorgen got bullet holes on their forehead...

"No need kid... They are... wanted for dead..." Sam said as he lower down his hat as he is holstering his smoking revolver.

You slowly feel uncomfortable because in this situation feel very off...

What will you do?
A: Demand Sam Potton for explanation about why he kill Denardo and his right hand!
B: Try to play along, despite the odd situations.
C: Something else.
>B: Try to play along, despite the odd situations.
Play along for now.

You decided to play along and keeping your head cold. You and other make sure that Denardo's men is securely tied and making sure everything is under control.

When dealing with the rest of the soldiers who had suffers "bowel storm", is not very pleased because of the smell and filth...

You had send away Scout for sending the message to the guardsmen for taking care of the the criminals.

What will you do while waiting for the guardsmen?
A: Talk with somebody.
B: Skip to evening where the guardsmen arrive.
C: Something else.
>C: Something else.
Search Denardo's office and personal chambers. There might be something of interest and that would explain Sam's behavior.

Also, sorry for the lateness, can't get here until after 2 on Saturdays now.
File: 1377370561124.jpg-(149 KB, 580x387, nautilus-steampunk1.jpg)
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149 KB JPG
>Also, sorry for the lateness, can't get here until after 2 on Saturdays now.
Ok, let see how far I can run the quest today.


You decided to head inside Denardo's room. You may find something interest thing and the reason to Sam's behavior.

>Roll 2d6 to notice any clues.
Rolled 5, 3 = 8

Come on, boxcars!

When you are in Denardo's room, you notice that his room is more flashy than other room. You took a look on the shelves and find some bookkeeping. It seems that Denardo's is pretty tidy with economy.

When you looked through the bookkeeping, you notice some pages are missing. You have some suspicious but you are not really sure.

What will you do next before the guardsman finally arrive?
Have Spy question the officers among the captured soldiers; at least one of them must have figured out what Denardo and his flunky were keeping secret.

Medic and Akari see to any wound we might have suffered.
Ask Rachelle and Sasha, if they could make us some tea and sandwiches from the kitchen. And avoid the stew.
And have Katherine and Melina check Denardo's flunky's room for anything useful, such as a journal or accounting books.
Oh, and have Demo check out Denardo's liquor cabinet and any stores of good alcohol.

We don't drink much, but we ARE a millionaire; we need to keep up appearances after all.
Also, kiss Katherine. For luck.
File: 1377373163245.jpg-(14 KB, 191x200, The Explorer HelloQuizzynet.jpg)
14 KB

You had Spy to interrogate the officers among the soldiers but sadly they don't give out much information despites that Spy threating them with help of Pyro.

Medic and Akari had already taking care of the wounded while Rachelle and Sasha are going to make tea and sandwiches.

Demoman are searching through the liquor cabinet and he becomes very disappointing when he looks through.
"Bloody hell! No whiskey here!" Demoman comment.

Katherine and Melina are looking through the Denardo's right hand's room until they find something.

"Let see here... I think I got the flunky's schedule... " Katherine said as she handing it to you.

"Good job Katherine!" You said and you kissed on her cheek.

Katherine blushed after you had kissed her and Melina just looking at her with a grin.

When you looking through the schedule, you don't find much interesting except that they are meeting sponsors who provide their funding and military hardwares.

Later the guardsman finally arrived and you finally facing the officer of the guardsmen.

"I'm Captain Vincent Haclaw of the Royal Guardsmen. It seems that you had caught the outlaw."

How will you interact with the officer?
"Yes Captain. Seeing as my party and I were not only accosted by these bandits, but had our means of transportation knocked out by them, I felt it only fair that I do the same to them.
"As for Denardo and his second in command, however, a Mr. Sam Potton killed them for their bounty.
"If you don't mind, I'd like to have my Engineer get the war-train ready for departure, as I do have a bit of a schedule to keep. You're welcome to station some of your men on it, of course."

We do have a timetable to keep, and a city to go to.

"Yes Captain. Seeing as my party and I were not only accosted by these bandits, but had our means of transportation knocked out by them, I felt it only fair that I do the same to them. "

"Hmm I see. Fair justice I say!" The officer said as he putting his hands behind his back.

"As for Denardo and his second in command, however, a Mr. Sam Potton killed them for their bounty."

"You said Sam Potton? Sam Potton the bounty hunter?!"

"Why yes, he is the one with mechanical arm."

"That is strange... He had retired his career as bounty hunter for five years ago because he is no longer in physical fit and he started to play Ma-Gi-Oh instead."

"Really? I didn't know about it..."

Suddenly Engineer came out with a great rush.

"Boss! The war-train just suddenly vanish" Engineer yell.

What will you do?
You can't just activate a war-train of that size without us hearing it.

Send Soldier, Scout, and Pyro to look for it, and get Sniper outside the base where the tracks are so that he can try to see where the train is going.
File: 1377375395383.jpg-(15 KB, 425x294, Blue_Solider_(TF2).jpg)
15 KB

That is strange! You can't activate a war-train with that size without making sound. You immediately send Soldier, Scout and Pyro to look for it whiles Sniper get outside.

After a half hour, they come back without any result.

"The enemy must be very skilled... They must be Nazi!!!" Soldier said.

"No signs on the railways mate." Sniper said.

Strange... how did somebody steal the war-train without somebody notice it.... Wait a minute... You didn't see Sam Potton since the guardsman had arrived...

What will you do?
Check on who Denardo's sponsors were, and have the BLU Team look for Sam.

Then talk with the Captain and arrange for transport to the city.
File: 1377376850385.jpg-(95 KB, 420x226, steampunk airship 2000x10(...).jpg)
95 KB

You had the team fortress to search for Sam while you checked on Denardo's sponsor.

When you are looking through the sponsors, you notice some pages are missing and it look like somebody goes so far concealing one of the sponsor.

After you had looking through, you gave it to the captain instead who have more use for it.

When your TF finally come back, the brought the bad news.

"Strange boss, we didn't find old guy anywhere." Scout said.

You become more concerned about Sam Potton but right now it is better arrange transport to the city.

The captain approuching with good mood and say, "You did splendid job! Sir..."

"Hijikatai, Hito Hijikatai." You answered.

"Yes Sir Hijikatai! We will provide you free transport, first classes!"

"Thank you Captain Haclaw."

"Nononon... THANK YOU! You did a fantastic job!"

After while, Captain Haclaw had provided you free luxury transport to the city as reward. Everybody are now boarding inside the airship and slowly flying to the city.

Now you are free time to do something in the airship. What will you do?
A: Talk with somebody.
B: Take a look on the view.
C: Go to the bar.
D: Eat in the restaurant.
G: Go to the gaming room.
H: Something else.
>A: Talk with somebody.
We should talk with Melina a bit.
Things were strange enough in Germany, but they've gotten a lot stranger since we took the portal to this world.
Ask her how she's handling the strangeness that's come her way ever since signing on with us.
File: 1377377770477.jpg-(125 KB, 984x1500, yande.re 179973 sample.jpg)
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125 KB JPG

You decided to talk with Melina a bit. You want to know how she handle it the strange situations. You found her on the hallway where she is looking at young boys who playing with each other.

"Hello Melina, how are you doing?" You asked her.

"I'm doing fine master!" She respond with bright smile.

"Say... how do you handle the strangeness even since I hired you?"

"Well... I pretty much expected this situations. That is why I got education how to handle alien invasion!"

"Wait what? Education on handling alien invasion... Ok that is new thing..."

What will you do now? Continue asking Melina or do something else?
"Alien Invasions? What type of invasions have you trained for?"
A little curious about the types of aliens she's trained for.
File: 1377378606764.jpg-(88 KB, 500x281, 3097695_1355021132990.64r(...).jpg)
88 KB

"Alien Invasions? What type of invasions have you trained for?" You asked her.

"Mostly against aliens who abducted womens and how we should act when we meet Duke Nukem."

"I see..."

Melina turned to the boys against and say, "You know... I miss my little brother... and they look pretty much alike him."

Suddenly she started to breath heavy and her nose start to bleed.

"I wished that I could touch his blondy hair"... his soft skins..." Melina said as she started to breath heavy while she creepily smile...

What will you do...?
Put a hand on her shoulder and lead her away.
The last thing we want is to have to deal with a scandal in a world away from our considerable resources.
"Really? You have a little brother? What's his name?"

You put her hand on the shoulder and leading her way from the boys. Because you don't want to deal with scandal in other world..

"Really? You have a little brother? What's his name?" You asked her as you leading her away

"Ja! His name is Eric and he is real adorable little brother..."

After a while, you left Melina in her bedroom and now you have freedom to do something else. When you looking outside, it slowly become darker.

What will you do?
A: Talk with somebody.
B: Take a look on the view.
C: Go to the bar.
D: Eat in the restaurant.
G: Go to the gaming room.
H: Something else.
>D: Eat in the restaurant.
Guess it's time for dinner.
We shouldn't ignore Akari and Sasha, and perhaps Sasha can pick up some new sandwich recipes.
So invite Akari and Sasha to dinner.

If there is time afterwards to enjoy the view, then we can take along Katherine and Rachelle.
File: 1377381588539.jpg-(38 KB, 848x480, Hakushakutoyousei1.jpg)
38 KB

It seems that it is time for dinner and you decided to invite along Akari and Sasha for dinner. Akari and Sasha changing their uniform into more suited dress, both of them look glamorous in their dress.

When arrived at the restaurant, you see that a young gentleman are playing chess against older man. The young man look very calm while his opponent look very desperation.

The waiter showing you to your table and all you sit down.

You, Akari and Sasha ate some appetizers until the young gentleman won the chess match.

The gentleman notice you and slowly approaching you.

"Excuse me sir! I can't ignore your presence and your companies. May I ask your name dear sir?"

"My name is Hito Hijikatai. Those two here are my servants, Akari and Sasha."

"It is my pleasure to meet you Sir Hijikatai! My name is.... Bernadu, Lenart Bernadu!"

Suddenly you remember the warning from the minstrel.... "Watch out for Bernadu."

End of part 67, Continue on part 68

Ok, I ended it tonight. I'm thinking about running an one-shot quest on weekend. But I will run the Maid Quest as normal on next week.

Good night and good day people!
See you the week after, since I won't be here next week, ML.

Ok, see you next two weeks.

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