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File: 1377250758883.jpg-(714 KB, 1600x1257, red_dragon_hoard_by_photoshopjedi-d(...).jpg)
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Hello, /tg/
I'm GMing a DnD 3.5 campaign and my players want to kill a dragon and loot his hoard. What kind of strange and wondrous items could be in it?
File: 1377251039017.png-(452 KB, 755x600, dragorossogo2.png)
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Some gold and stuff. That would be pretty cool.
Cursed items mixed in with enchanted weapons, bejeweled skulls, tons of gold. maybe a princess or two locked in a nearby room.
The best treasure of all is the body of the dragon itself, out of which you can make dragonscale armor, dragontooth daggers and spears, and powerful draughts of dragon's blood. Also dragon tongue soup. Mmm... dragon tongue soup.
make them kill a copper dragon, he only hoard copper coins.
Oh, and you don't forget the fire glands.
the adventurers are counting their eggs before they hatch. Killing a dragon should be an amazing feat of skill (and luck) worthy of legends. You should be focusing on how the dragon is going to rip them limb from limb. Not whats in its treasure.
Put a coin with a lich's phylactery between the rest of the gold.
The dragon was actually protecting that coin so the lich couldn't be resurrected
I was thinking not about magic items and coins, but about some strange personal items of the dragon. Maybe some weird art, extremely complex board or card games invented by dragons and such stuff.
There was a whole thing about this in one of the 3.5 splats. Complete Adventurer maybe. It basically talked about how to make getting the dragon's hoard an adventure hook. Other dragons try to collect it, all the coins and jewels are melted into a giant slab, the fortune was in blasphemous artwork etc.

I've never run a game with super aggressive dragons though, so I've never gotten to bust out some of the ideas.
The crown of the fallen empire, which theoretically makes whoever claims it emperor of all the land. Of course, it's not like the rulers of the various kingdoms and principalities would pay this any heed, but the common folk on the other hand...
shamelessly stolen

Dragon dildos, which in this case would just serve as regular dildos
Glad I could help.
Fuck... taxes. What corrupt local government wouldn't want a piece of that pie.

The dragon is a collector of something in particular: ornate braziers, silvered mirrors, ceremonial armor, sculptures, priceless vases, etc. His entire cave is lined with whatever it is.
I already have dragon's full stats. It's an adult blue dragon with 5 extra sorcerer levels. Lots of feats and spells from Draconomicon, Dragon Magic and Races of the Dragon. Some custom magic items that mitigate his weakness against ranged touch attacks.
And he lives in a lair which once belonged to his mother, a much larger dragon. His mother was slain by adventurers many decades ago. The lair is heavily warded, of course.
And my players perfectly understand that the dragon will destroy them in a straight fight, so they have to be creative and probably get some anti-dragon magic at first.
Have you used the Three Dragon Ante card game yet? You could have it be some rare, forgotten game, maybe relevant to the setting's/kingdom's/country's/whatever history.
I try to acknowledge which ideas I get from anons at the end of a campaign.
Or maybe the lich made a pact with him. Or magically forced the dragon to guard it.
I actually had that in my game. A powerful lich had a pact with a red dragon. Golden cup that was the phylactery, was included into dragon's hoard and was to be protected - as a reward, the dragon received gold and jewels from the lich yearly.

The players were researching about the lich, and found that the dragon was connected to him. After they managed to slay him and loot his hoard, they didn't realise they had their hands on a phylactery. Lich decided to try subterfuge as frontal assault would be dangerous: he hired mercenaries that pretended the cup was their family heirloom.
Good-doers players, of course, gave the cup away. Ha ha. Lich then hid it in the worst hellhole on the plane and proceeded to plan murdering the players who had proven dangerous to him.
In which case you could make it a metallic dragon and have it trying to go for death by cop.


Maybe not, now that I think about it. It has the air of trying too hard.
Googled it, looks interesting.
>Good-doers players, of course, gave the cup away.

Serves them right. Never trust anyone. It's one of the most important murderhobo rules.
That, or at least ask for a proof or something. The players gave the cup away, then after a few days were like "Well, there's still the problem of phy-... oh wait... OH FUCKING WAIT...".
>not storing phylactery on a personal demiplane
The Draconomicon has a huge set of tables for rolling a dragon's hoard.
>A golden owl with emerald eyes.
>A massive bronze statue with feet made out of clay.
>A mirror which reflects what was in front of it five minutes ago.
>A pair of broken clay tablets, the writing on them has been worn away by time.
>A wooden box. When it is opened a clockwork ballerina will stand up and perform a dance while strange, tinny music plays.
>An incredibly detailed map of the world as it was sixty two million years ago.
>The gold plated skeleton of a dwarf.
>A fine dwarven drinking stein with the words "Worlds Greatest Dad" etched into it.
>A silver writing quill.
>An amulet in the shape of a heart containing a lock of hair.
>A stone box containing 31 pieces of silver.
>A beating elven heart.
Some of this items could be future adventure hooks.
>A smooth, round pebble.
>A copper broach in the shape of an eye.
>A solid gold fiddle, plays terribly.
>A mummified lizard of an unrecognizable species.
>nine hundred and ninety nine paper cranes.
>A figurine of a spider carved from solid jet.
>An obsidian dagger, it gives off a palpable aura of menace and detects as evil.
>An ornate throne of gold, on closer inspection the throne is revealed to be made of rotted wood plated in gold.
>A twenty sided dice carved of basalt.
>An amulet carved of slate depicting a dwarf striking down an elephant. It menaces with spikes of jade.
>A model dirigible made of lead.
>A legacy weapon (if using the supplement)
>A sword which when pressed against someone's throat forces them to tell the truth.
>A severed head which predicts the future
>A library full of old books of arcane power.
>A small wooden cup
>A pearl the size of someones head.
>A book detailing a time in the future when gods of steal and war will fall from the sky to fight a war against the greenskinned beasts
>A mindflayer preserved in stasis
>a robot cat in a desk drawer
>A re-enactment of a great military event from the past, with actual people who've been stasised as the actors
Damn it your making me want to identify all those references.
Four of mine aren't references to my knowledge.
>A detailed model of a ship within a glass bottle. If you put your ear against the glass you can hear the sound of the ocean.
>A hollow wooden tube with strange ochre paintings running down its length, a bard may identify it as an instrument of some sort and even learn how to play it.
>A small chainmail vest, each link is made from a different metal or alloy.
>A clay figurine of a very fat human female, barbarians may find themselves inexplicably aroused by it.
>A small statue. Anyone looking at it sees it as a statue of themselves.
>Hundreds of 28mm tall pewter figurines. Half of them have been painted.
>An intricately painted wooden mask. Those who wear it inexplicably feel the urge to dance.
>A massive stone chest filled with the teeth of infants of various races.
>A silver plated kobold skull with lapis lazuli in it's eye sockets.
>A crystal orb. Strange patterns move across it's surface and dark shapes writhe within.
Stealing many of this.
>A dire wasp preserved in amber.
>A red and green accordion. If played, it produces bagpipe music.
>A 12 by 12 Rubik's Cube, heavily scrambled.
>A Painting of a man holding a painting of a man holding a painting of a man holding...
>A black iron gauntlet. Blood drips from it continually.
>A preserved fish attached to a wooden board. It starts singing whenever someone gets close to it.
>A stone turd, well polished.
>A skull which floats 4 inches from any nearby surface. It doesn't seem physically possible.
>A singing sword forged of black iron. It only does rap.
>A tin acorn.
>An ornate chest made of solid gold, banded with silver, filigreed with platinum and encrusted with precious stones. Inside it is a stone tablet engraved with the words "The real treasure is friendship."
>12 diamonds.
>A ornate dagger constantly dripping with blood
>A cannon with the word "Poldarn" etched on the side
>A skeleton wearing a beat up suit
>A 6" long stick, perfectly straight that tapers to a point, has a moderate aura of transmutation
>A 4" long glass tube, which when a certain phrase is uttered, turns it into a sword.
>A deck of playing cards 6'x2.5', they grow arms, legs and weapos to fight the party.
>A white trench coat, that has condiments in all the pockets
>An ornate brass orrery with planets represented by gems. The solar system it represents is entirely unknown.
>A compass that points to your one true love.
>A book bound in red velvet, every page is just the word "Ook" written over and over.
>A hollow doll containing a hollow doll containing a hollow doll containing a solid doll.
>A golden tiara with a red gem set in its centre. It bestows the power of the moon upon its wearer.
>A fossilised lizard of considerable size.
>A lifelike sculpture of a whale. it is permanently covered in a sheen of salt water.
>A large hourglass labelled "The World Entire." There isn't much sand left in the top bulb.
>A small silver orb with the word "McGuffin" acid etched into its surface. It is coveted by all who look upon it.
Does anyone else think this is worthy of archiving?
I think a simple screencap would be more appropriate, there's not a whole lot in here.
>A bronze horn, when blown it causes rain.
>A preserved rabbits foot with six toes.
>A book containing all manner of unspeakable horrors and perversions. It comes From Another Time, Another Land.
>A shrunken head with a luscious moustache.
>A detailed golden death mask. You are able to recognize the face because it is your own.
>A taxedermised bird. A small plaque attached to its standing base labels it a "Lewt." It is very fat.
>An immortal cat which adopts the first person it sees and follows them from then on. Despite being immortal it still expects to be fed.
>A ragdoll with pins stuck in it. It has a lock of hair tied around its neck.
>A wisecracking talking sword which treats its wielder like a partner in a buddy cop movie.
>A 40lb box of turnips.
>Inordinately vast quantities of confetti.
>A golem that thinks it's a chicken.
>A singing sword forged of black iron. It only does rap.

Make it only DMX songs that he raps.
>A singing sword forged of black iron. It only does rap.

>A diorama sphere depicting a island, there are two warring tribes, one of which has a large monster
>A mechanical eye, with zoom capabilities.
>The head of a gorgon, wearing a blindfold in a burlap sack
>A black rock, roughly the size of a fist, when handled it absorbs into the weilder, introducing itself as Ka'kari, and offering sardonic advice
>A black sphere floating 2' above the ground, amplifies gravity around it, has the word Balor carved on it.
>A animated skeletal horse, held together with wire. Falls apart when ridden
>A hot ice-cube
literally anything.

Roll random treasure as per the rules, make sure to include items from whatever supplements you may be allowing. Don't forget the 15% chance for cursed items and 1% chance for intelligent items.

Also artifacts, those could be fun, if its a sufficiently tough dragon
>A simple pewter cup. An aura of holiness pervades it.
>A skeleton wearing a chainmail bikini. It has a sword caught in its ribcage.
>A clay pipe. The name "Underhill" is inscribed on the side.
>A series of tubes. You are unable to decipher their purpose.
>A standing stone off to the side of the cavern with silhouettes of knights, princesses, and various types of adventurer painted on it. You count 18 Princesses 213 Knights and 437 miscellaneous adventurers painted onto it.
>A well used dagger with well over a hundred tiny notches carved into its hilt.
>A round metal shield with bands of red and white surrounding a blue circle containing a white star in the centre. Holding it causes you t develop a deep desire for freedom and justice.
>A yellow gauntlet with slots for six gems.
>A bent piece of wood. If thrown properly it will return to the thrower.
>A can of fossilised worms.
>A large collection of pins.
>A stash of "Playdrake" magazines.
It's difficult to throw cursed items at my party.
One of the PCs is a level 9 artificer with constant Arcane Sight and Identify at-will.
He'll effortlessly find every item's properties and will just drain XP from the ones that are useless to the party with his Retain Essense ability.
>A flying construct made from reanimated skeletons.
>A golden flute. It glows with an inner light.
>A bag of pixie dust. Grants the power of flight to anyone it is sprinkled on.
>A giants finger bone. It has various names scrimshawed into it.
>A glowing ruby. Its glow fluctuates in time with the heartbeat of whoever holds it.
>A pastry with a soft, fluffy crust filled with goodliness. Clearly it is of dwarven make.
>Crystallised orphan tears.
>A pair of silver hand mirrors. each reflects what the other is facing.
>A dragon sized false moustache.
>A vandalised statue, it's face damaged beyond recognition. The plaque at the bottom reads "Stefan the beautiful."
>A talking sword cane made of silvered steel. It's manner is very refined and sophisticated. If it ever comes within 10 feet of the black iron rapping sword the two will argue and insult one another loudly.
>Three magic beans.
so make the curse a 'give/take' thing: a sword that only becme magical when anointed with the user's blood, a ring that ups one stat but lowers another, a suit of magical armour that can't be removed (but is really good).
make them flaws, rather than just dumb shit.
>A small, unassuming butter knife. Its edge is so sharp that it will cut through armor like a knife through warm butter.
>A small, hollow stone pyramid. Objects kept in it will not age, blunt blades kept in it will sharpen overnight.
>A gold timepiece. It smells faintly unpleasant.
>A pink gemstone which is always slightly cooler than its surroundings.
>An ingot of an exotic metal that rapidly heats up when exposed to sunlight. A skilful enough blacksmith may be able to work it into a blade.
>Technical diagrams for a weapon of unspeakable power. The diagrams are hundreds of years old and show how to make a catapult.
>A large metal rod. It gives off faint traces of divine power, as if it were once carried by a paladin. Like the timepiece, it smells faintly unpleasant.
>A suit of armor consisting entirely of pauldrons.
>A brass lamp. When rubbed a genie appears. The genie grants no wishes but likes to sing and will take requests.
>A beatboxing sword. Who makes these things?
>An urn filled with ashes and ground bones. the silhouettes of five kenders are painted on the side of it.
>An engraving of an engraving of cheese.
File: 1377269787350.jpg-(330 KB, 1920x1080, treasure_mortal_online_19(...).jpg)
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330 KB JPG
All the dildos.
File: 1377271253163.jpg-(11 KB, 139x104, image.jpg)
11 KB
I'm getting that engraving of an engraving of a cheese.
How on earth would a suit of armour consisting entirely of pauldrons work?
>...the dragon’s hoard, which while fantastical, is often just treated as a great bloody pile of gold. The idea that dragons guard is quite old, going all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome. Now, sometimes the dragon guards magical treasures, like the Golden Fleece in Greek legend, or the helm of terror from Scandinavian, but more often then not it’s just presented as mundane wealth, with not much special about it other than that people want it.

>However, in folklore and legend dragon hoards sometimes have a more metaphysical element. In northern legends, dragon hoards are often cursed. For example, in the epic poem Beowulf, a slave steals a golden cup from a dragon’s hoard, enraging the dragon and bringing ruin on the local populace, ultimately ending in the death of the hero Beowulf and the implied doom of his people. Even more obvious is the treasure of the dragon Fafnir, which is cursed outright, causing anyone who owns it to suffer misfortune after misfortune and eventually die unpleasantly. Fafnir is a particularly interesting case, as he was originally a dwarf or a giant (depending on the version of the legend) who stole the treasure, and slept on it. Sleeping on gold, thinking greedy thoughts, transformed him into a dragon, a plot element famously reused by CS Lewis in his Narnia books. So, “killing a dragon curses the treasure” and “sleeping on an ill-gotten dragon hoard turns you into a dragon” are two good options right there.

Curse the shit out of that treasure.

Where is this lair located? In a desert, I presume?
File: 1377278454281.jpg-(34 KB, 283x328, Duude.jpg)
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>black iron
There are 2 entrances in his lair - one is from a mountain near a desert and another is from Elemental Plane of Air. The party entered his lair from the latter one, and no plans to visit dragon's material plane to learn more about him.
File: 1377291260091.jpg-(38 KB, 501x223, 27022013_84848_0.jpg)
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