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Info, Stats and Past Threads: http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master
Twitter: MaidRider

You are Hito Hijikatai, the current master of a mansion in Japan, and sometimes you become your alter ego Señor Jalapeño, a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler. He can randomly shifts into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is a magical girl from a different world and she fears male rapist.

The mansion also has four maids. Katherine, the delinquent maid; Sasha, the mini-gun wielding maid; Akari, the fortune teller and doctor maid and Rachelle, the sexy southern maid. Your mansion also happens to shelter a cute crocodile ninja girl. A newcomer, Melina from Germany has brought her impressive asse... spiked club....

You have your own steam robot, Garenn, a sunglassed hothead. Your own familiar Melphina is a small pixie who can unlock or manipulate electronic devices, she also is a little obsessed with incest anime. You also got yourself a black horse named Li. It seems that he can do martial arts despite being a horse.

Your Current Favor: 10 points
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172 KB JPG
You decided to take out the guards. You let Spy and Croco-chan sneak in and taking out the guards.

After the guards had been taking care off, all of you sneaking in. As you get deeper part of the cave, you find yourself a door. You carefully open it and peeking in. You notice that room is actually a huge armory and with amount of weapons, you can possibly make invasion in an small country.

Then somebody are pressing pistol on your head!

"Don't move!" somebody threating you with a pistol on your head.

When you carefully moved your eyes... you see an elder man with mechanical arm who are pressing his revolver on your head...

What will you do?
A: Try to explain that you are not part of Denardo's band.
B: Try to disarm the old gunslinger.
C: Scream for help.
D: Something else.
>A: Try to explain that you are not part of Denardo's band.
Without wired reflexes or a move-by-wire system, we're not fast enough to disarm a gunslinger if he's already got a gun to our head.

"I'm not one of Denardo's men! I'm here to destroy his machine train and take down his band." You said.

The old man eyeing at you while he still pressing his revolver on your head until he says, "You are little too short for being soldier..."

He removed the revolver from your head as you take a breath out.

"My name is Sam Potton, a bounty hunter by trade! Sorry for pointing my gun at you but I don't like taking risk."

"My name is... Hito Hijikatai and those who are behind me are my servants."

What will you say/ask Sam Potton?
"Bounty Hunter? What bounty are you after right now?"

"Bounty Hunter? What bounty are you after right now?" You asked him.

""Denardo himself! Lately he started to become more cocky even since got that huge wartrain. After I get my bounty, I will retire my career as bounty hunter. "

Ask Sam any more questions or start searching for Denardo?
"Alright, how's this: you help us take out that wartrain, and we'll help you get your bounty.
"Now, do you know your way around this place?"

Seconding this >>26544295

"Alright, how's this: you help us take out that wartrain, and we'll help you get your bounty." You said.

"That is pretty good deal kid!" He answered.

"Now, do you know your way around this place?"

"Nope! Know pretty much as you... But we can split up and see if we can find him."

"But how will we...?"

"Contact each other? I will contact you instead. See you later kids!"

Before you can finish, he already vanish like a ghost or ninja.

What will you do now?
A: Continue examine the armory.
B: Continue following the railway.
C: Try to search for other rooms.
D: Something else.
>A: Continue examine the armory.
See if we can get a nice gun or two, maybe get a Gunslinger Outfit for the maids, Croco-chan, and ourselves.

A: Continue examine the armory.

See if we can get a gun or two, then we'll look around for some disguises so we'll blend in a little better.

Roll 3d6 to see if you find something.
File: 1376154514840.jpg-(13 KB, 334x445, RollingRedDice.jpg)
13 KB
Rolled 1, 3, 5 = 9

Just stopped by to say: holy shit your english has gotten better maidlover. I tried participating in the first few threads, but your english was just outright painful to read. You have made massive improvements over the last year. Keep it up!
Rolled 1, 3, 6 = 10

Here we go
Rolled 2, 5, 2 = 9


Agreed. Your English has gotten a lot better, ML. Kudos.

I hardly notice that my grammar is getting improvement. Maybe because I use a lot of spell checker and learning from mistakes.
File: 1376155229570.jpg-(525 KB, 1600x830, steampunk_rifle___outdoor(...).jpg)
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525 KB JPG

By searching through the armory, you only find uniforms that are suited for tall men. But you find a nice looking rifle and it look like it could make large hole on the door.

What will you do next?
What will you do now?
A: Continue following the railway.
B: Try to search for other rooms.
C: Something else.
Grab the rifle and ammo, then
B. Try to search for other rooms.
JRPG conventions demand that we explore the entire complex before moving the plot forward.

B. Look for other rooms

We'll give finding disguises one more shot then we'll follow the railway, trying to be stealthy of course.

You are gonna the follow the good ol' JRPG spirit! Explore everything! But first you decide to wear disguise.

You and other are now wearing uniforms as disguise.

As you explore the area, you find other rooms.

Which will you looking at first?
A: Mess hall.
B: Training room.
C: Shower room.
D: Dormitories.
E: Workshop.
>E: Workshop.
File: 1376156755599.jpg-(99 KB, 400x300, workshop1.jpg)
99 KB

You enter inside the workshop. You don't see anybody in the workshop so that you can safely examine the room.

>Roll 3d6 to discover something interesting.
Rolled 6, 5, 5 = 16


By pure luck, you find the schematic over the war-train. With help of Engineer, you discover the weakness points!

Not only that, your newfound rifle is actually designed for making holes on war-train's weak points!

What will you do now?
Have Spy cloak and check out the Dormitories.
If they're empty, we can go in and try to find better fitting disguises/uniforms.
File: 1376158386628.jpg-(26 KB, 428x400, 1306865-spy_tf2_428x400.jpg)
26 KB

You had Spy cloak himself and enter the dormitories. After a while, he come back.

"That are some peoples who are inside the room." Spy said.

What will you do? Try to sneak in the dormitories or continue exploring other rooms?
I think we should have Spy and Croco-chan sneak in, and knock them out.
If there's too many, the team will go in and pacify them.

The more troops we take out here, the less will show up as backup during the bossfight.

At least, that's what all of his gaming experience is telling Hito.

You checked with Spy and Croco-chan, they responded that they are too many to take down silently.

If you send in whole Team Fortress, they will properly cause loud ruckus and may attract other soldiers nearby.

What will you do?
A: Send Team Fortress in the dormitory anyway.
B: Try anyway with the plans that Spy and Croco-chan should take them out.
C: Look at other room instead.
D: Something else.
>C: Look at other room instead.
Come back later. Check the Mess Hall.

That reminds me, when was the last time we ate?
File: 1376160100141.jpg-(43 KB, 800x597, ML-hst-U1-m.jpg)
43 KB

You started to asked yourself when you last time ate. You think it was baked beans with some chess.

It never hurt to visit the mess hall. So you and other heading for the mess hall. The mess hall is pretty empty and it seems that somebody is working in the kitchen.

When you peek inside the kitchen, you see a cook is preparing the stew. On the nearest table, you see a bottle of pills that read: Laxative Pills.

What will you do?
>you see a bottle of pills that read: Laxative Pills.
Oh. I just had an idea.

Spy, cloak up, and drop those pills into the stew. ALL OF THEM.

When the soldiers eat the stew, they won't be able to stop us.
File: 1376161028011.png-(81 KB, 400x812, bottleofpills.png)
81 KB

When you whisper your plan to Spy, he simple giving you smile and say, "You are quit cruel person."

"I know." You answered as you smile evilly.

Spy turn invisible and sneaking inside the kitchen. Spy took the laxative pills and when the cook turn around, Spy pour ALL laxative pills in the stew.

After Spy had poured the pills in the stew, the cook look confused as he tried to search for something.

"Where did my pills go? Oh well, I had to buy the new one..." The cook said and he continues cooking the stew.

What will you do next?
A: Wait until the soldiers are eating the stew...
B: Go to Training room.
C: Go to Shower room.
D: Something else.
>C: Go to Shower room.
Shower rooms also tend to have the bathrooms connected to them, to simplify the plumbing. Therefore, we should check them out before the soldiers eat the stew and and the laxatives take effect.
File: 1376161782566.jpg-(36 KB, 704x693, steampunk-bathroom.jpg)
36 KB

You check inside the shower room and you only see one person who are in the shower. He doesn't seems notice your presence because he is busy with singing and showering.

You finally find the bathroom and their pipe system look pretty complicated.

What will you do now?
If there's nothing interesting here, and there's no lockers we can check, have Spy cloak and check out the Training Room. That's our last one before we wait for the septic carnage to commence.

Nothing interesting here but Engineer tried to sabotage the pipes system for the toilets.

You send out Spy for the Training room. A short while he come back and informing you that are group of soldiers who are doing their trainings.

What is your next plan?
Wait for the soldiers to eat the stew and become distracted before checking the dorms and the training room.

Then we progress the plot.
File: 1376163732422.jpg-(369 KB, 1299x1600, 92 Ignacio Bazan Lazcano (...).jpg)
369 KB
369 KB JPG

You waited for soldiers going to the mess hall. You took your chance to enter the dormitory while they are eating.

In dormitory, you don't find much useless except that you found some Ma-Gi-Oh cards. You then explore in the training room but sadly you don't find much interesting in the room so that you decided to find Denardo.

As you start following the railways, you could hear scream of soldiers with stomach problems.

When arrived, you see a big room that are filled with large boxes and gears. You and other hide behind the boxes as you spy over the room. You see the fearsome war-train and Denardo himself who are talking to his right hand.

What will you do?
Well, maybe we can take the wartrain for ourselves.

Have Sniper set up his rifle and get ready.
Demo will fire sticky bombs at the entrance to the wartrain to prevent Denardo or his lackey from getting inside.
Pyro will stop reinforcements from coming.
Engineer sets up a sentry.

Is the wartrain active? If so, Soldier, Heavy, and Garenn attack the Wartrain's weakpoints, while we use the rifle we picked up on the very same.

Sasha, Scout shoot at Denardo, while Melina, Kat, and Croco-chan stay on the defensive.

Spy cloaks and gets ready to backstab Denardo's flunky.
File: 1376165740258.jpg-(41 KB, 800x517, tf2_heavy-s800x517-163796.jpg)
41 KB

Before you start making plans, you could hear Denardo's conversation. The only thing you catch was that somebody with name Benado or Denardu are supporting Denardo with weapons.

You don't see any signs that wartrain is active and you take your chance to prepare for attack

Sniper moved to highest point of view while Demo are ready to set explosion on the entrance. Pyro are preparing for the reinforcement. Engineer are setting up the sentries.

After preparing, you and other are attacking! Denardo and his men took by surprise. Denardo tried to head to the entrance until Demo fire off the explosion so that he where forced to go back in.

Everything go chaos as both side is firing their weapons.

After the fight had calming down, you see that soldiers had already giving up.

What will you do now? It seems that you had won the battle right?
Make sure that Denardo and his lackey are tied up for Sam to find.

Have Engineer go over the wartrain.

Medic and Akari to tend to any injuries, and the rest of the maids to tie up the soldiers.

We can take Denardo's flunky and have him lead us to Denardo's office. Spy can interrogate him while search the office. If he doesn't talk; hand him over to Pyro.

>Roll 3d6 to see if Denardo already take control of war train or not.
Rolled 3, 5, 3 = 11

Rolled 3, 5, 2 = 10

File: 1376167812648.jpg-(37 KB, 480x300, 4408359-402006-bullets-an(...).jpg)
37 KB

Luckily Denardo never had chance to take control of the war-train. As you had Denardo and his men tied up, Sam Potton finally pop up.

"It seems that I come late... I'm starting to get old for this thing... Good job anyway." Sam said as he walk in.

"Why thank you. We are about to interrogate them..." You said.

"Sam...! Why are you..." Denardo are about to say something until he and his right hand Jorgen got bullet holes on their forehead...

"No need kid... They are... wanted for dead..." Sam said as he lower down his hat.

You slowly feel uncomfortable because in this situation feel very off...

End of Part 66, Continue on Part 67

Ok, I ended this quest tonight and I will continue as normal on next weekend.

Good night and good day peoples!

have a good night, ML, and see you next week!
See you next week!

I've got a feeling that Sam isn't JUST a bounty hunter. Maybe part of whatever group was supplying Denardo, and they got tired of him.

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