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Tell me stories, /tg/.
Stories of adventure, mystery, romance, and betrayal.
Only then will I let you go.
Here's a story called GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP
File: 1375414582317.jpg-(35 KB, 440x440, 1369968619623.jpg)
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But, Ms. Harpy, what if I don't want to go?
well one time i went outside to just walk to the jiffy mart...

I had no idea what i was going for, but my friend told me to meet him there...

When i arrived, the most beautiful woman happened to be just walking out. We met eyes for a moment, before drawing away...

Then that bitches boyfriend walked out after her
>Cold hard betrayal
I recite the portfolio of George Lucas
File: 1375414721902.png-(588 KB, 918x4643, Best Wizard.png)
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588 KB PNG
That isn't betrayal at all.
I went on an adventure to cure my boredom, going to /b/ for no reason
But there, in a thread, a mysterious figure, but little to no show of her treason
She was beautiful in form, and I liked was I saw, and moved my mouse and then clicked-
And then I was startled and god, I felt sickened, because I now saw she had a dick.
Then we'll be making our own story, you and me.
I'm interested in that harpy art, really like it

Meanwhile on /d/, we squealed with glee
For a futa meant fun for you and me.
It may be sickening, but the plot is thickening
Of all the ways we could give her a dickening.
Anon speaks of dicks/
A poem that rhymed quite well/
A man with no shame/
Sure it is. As /a/ has taught us all, any woman who looks at any man but you is a cold hearted slut.
File: 1375415597465.jpg-(156 KB, 863x752, bones.jpg)
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156 KB JPG
>implying any of us can sleep
But, OP.
I don't WISH to go.
One of the best things I have ever read on 4chan.

Rhyming is my business, my friend.
A barrel of fun that won't end.
But for futas I must say
I'd fuck 'em today
As long as their dicks don't bend!
Haikus are so patently easy
To see one leaves me feeling queasy
But one about dicks
And internet tricks
Somehow avoids ending up cheezy
These Rhymes you have spoke/
Clever lines of such baroque/
Mayhaps I try too?/

A Haiku can suck/
Often people can get stuck/
One tries to construe/
Once upon a time an old man entered into a cupboard to find himself within a book that ever wrote itself by the actions of the writer who controled the fate of the book.

The old man, writing the greatest fantasy ever is cut short as the book takes on a darker tone of a villanous victory and much find the dragon hermit to find out what happened to the sorcerer prince and find a way to retake control of the stories flow.

Admist it all, he remembers somberly of his wife who was a writer, whose only yearning was to write children novels of great fantasy, but due to failure of her immune system became deathly ill and passed away. Her dreams being ever present in his heart, which is why he took the journey in the first place.

The sorcerer prince who the old man has guided to save the world turns out to have taken the villans place as to defy the old man's wishes yearning to be free from the fate a single man put upon him to fufill his selfish desires.
So like this one time me and my bros decided to go kill this wizard, but he was actually hiding beneath the castle the whole time. I thought the princess was totally into me but it turns out that she was totally into the evil wizard. We killed them both and took their stuff.
That is because, pleb
Haiku are supposed to be
More than three lines long

Average Haikus
are supposed to flow prop'ly
but I kind of suck

This is supposed to
Continue for a whole page
or more, but I can't

Bitch don't knock on things
before you've properly tried
to do them yourself
An honest attempt/
Defending the based haiku/
However, bad try.../
I write a haiku
As I wake from my slumber
To practice vocab

It helps me improv
When I GM my campaigns
Something quite useful

The perfect haiku
Re-count all the syllables
Fuck me, nevermind
File: 1375416896960.jpg-(1.95 MB, 2816x2112, P1000503.jpg)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
What was incorrect?
In my attempt to haiku.
Could you show me, friend?
One time while really bored on the job, I spoke in Haikus to my supervisor about all the situations we were discovering on deck.

You would be surprised how often people speak a Haiku in normal conversation on accident. Happens all the time

>Hey im leaving now
>I left dinner in the fridge
>I love you darling.

Gotcha bitch!

>...why did i marry you?
Man, once someone accidentally haiku'd me in a text conversation, cue an hour back and forth in nothing but haiku.
File: 1375417182526.jpg-(169 KB, 800x586, Tenacious-D.jpg)
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169 KB JPG
This harpy's divided us
I know that it's bad
Demandin' all of these stupid stories
And drivin' us mad
We've got to band together
And slaaaay the evil beast!
Quarter her body
For the chicken wing feast
Light all the torches!
Raise hell with your blades!
And we will smite the fear
And deal justice in spaaaaaaades!
the most simply put/
It was just full of slang words/
Not bad, but... often, Haikus are an expression of vocabulary knowledge. To write a page of them only using actual full words is an excellent exercise to help stretch out the old grey matter. You got the format correct..... but things like "prop'ly" are considered cheating technically lol /
haha been there. Good stuff

And to further clarify, Because a Haiku is so easy to write, its not so much a poem as it is a puzzle to practice.
I am aware, but couldn't think of a way to quickly phrase it otherwise, also most haiku are for allusions nature and stuff, and don't need to be 5-7-5, just 17 syllables over 3 lines
And I just realized we derailed a story thread with poetry. What is wrong with me.
How wicked was that? Those beetz, dawg, be phat!

Its like possible, you are the funkiest cat.

That Harpy bitch doomed; Plucked feathers from plume.

Within these sick threads will forever be tombed
File: 1375417943668.jpg-(35 KB, 391x391, LcFYK0NnJHQ.jpg)
35 KB
Never change, /tg/, never change.
Well if we have to have this thread every fucking day, we may as well make it good.
god dammit harpy we did this already
Are you not entertained?
There is nothing wrong with any poetry, my good man/and or lady!
Why, for the OP asked for a story, and are not poems like Beowulf and the Illiad both stories?
While we lack a flow, we surely make it up in character.
I started the rhyming spree, sorry if you're disappointed, OP
True enough I suppose, If I had the Tain bo Cuilange I'd type it out for you guys, but I haven't found a place that sells it.
File: 1375418466088.jpg-(210 KB, 800x533, Loki-Avengers-loki-thor-2(...).jpg)
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210 KB JPG

Down from Asgard, where I'm considered notorious
Burdened by purpose I label as glorious
Your pathetic resistance I merely allow
Tell me, where are your Avengers now?
File: 1375419110120.png-(1.76 MB, 1276x717, 1375407500966.png)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
Oh bird lady,
What would you have me say,
For no story of mine awes more,
Than you.
But that's poetry
that image is both adorable and horrifying.
File: 1375420510650.png-(189 KB, 710x2428, tg rhymes.png)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
I love this thread

This...actually is one of the best things I've read on 4chan
Do we have to do this every time we pass by?

Can't we get an offer on multiple passes? It's really cutting into our time.
It's too bad it's unreadable thanks to that cumgutter color scheme.
File: 1375443017298.png-(1013 KB, 849x893, 1339480467707.png)
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1013 KB PNG
>some time later
File: 1375443239568.jpg-(1.09 MB, 2000x2000, TG List.jpg)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
We used to have story threads.

They were called roll dice image threads.
File: 1375443414644.jpg-(126 KB, 700x800, 614018b2cd6881b4747d3dbdf(...).jpg)
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126 KB JPG
>some intermediate time in the middle
File: 1375443765563.jpg-(188 KB, 707x1000, 1372814272954.jpg)
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188 KB JPG
Harpy thread?
Or do you want my notsocreepy pasta?
File: 1375443867150.jpg-(153 KB, 611x841, 1374473302025.jpg)
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153 KB JPG
God damn it captcha, your not a subject, your a jumble of words!
Papi best butt
File: 1375444272289.jpg-(218 KB, 900x887, 1374473468230.jpg)
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218 KB JPG
The best butts.

I think OP wants storytime. But Harpies is fine as well!
But... they're both female...
You know, it really looks like she has sewn her teeth together.
Which is pretty horrifying when you think how that process went.
File: 1375445079438.png-(880 KB, 1000x1600, 1374471889174.png)
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880 KB PNG
Well, you can have centaur swimsuit.
Have my copy pasta too.

>Sitting at home, playing some vidya.
>Phone rings, I look at the caller ID.
>Unavailable. Well, so am I.
>Few moment later the ringing stops, and the answering machine starts up.
>Dead silent for a few brief seconds.
>Then unearthly babbling blares over the answering machine's speakers.
>Baffled, I sit there.
>Then the eldritch noise turns into more of a tune.
>It sounds like "Happy Birthday".
>Then a voice, in broken English says:
>"Hello, Lucy, its your long lost Brazilian family wishing you a happy birthday".

Lucy will never get this message.
I prefer Herzog's rendition.
File: 1375445646870.jpg-(202 KB, 1440x810, Varying_Degrees_Of_Lesbianism.jpg)
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202 KB JPG
God damn magic science babies, I tell ya.

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