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Am I ever going to get back on schedule? Maybe! I'll start posting games within a half-hour, just a few last-minute things to take care of.
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>New Amsterdam Genasi @ Great Oak Watchers

Dungeon: The Split
NAM - Melody Cortez [swashbuckler] / Ash Woodward [sorcerer] / Kathy Sloan [cleric] / Theo Abbey [scout]
GO - Ella Hudson [ranger (TWF)] / Daniel Days [druid] / Dave Cantrell [cleric] / Marie Kristiansen [scout]

Nobody expected the Genasi to be undefeated after four weeks of crawling, and yet here they sit with a perfect 4-0 record one month into the season. The Watchers, too, have surprised, as many expected this to be a rebuilding year as the team transitions to its new primal-focused identity, but the team comes into this crawl 2-2, with some definitive wins and very close losses. Now the Watchers look to put that first blemish on the Genasi’s record in front of a home crowd.

The Split’s configuration today was much more compact than its usual sprawling layout, appropriate for the objective: a solid stone ball (weighing almost 20 lbs) sat in the center of the arena, with teams attempting to carry it into a zone on the opponent’s side of the field. The first team to score three times would end the crawl and win the objective.

Of course, the teams also had to deal with all of the dungeon’s normal threats, as well as the opposing team. As the crawl began and both parties began to feel out the dungeon, The Split quickly started to make trouble. While the Genasi sent Abbey and Sloan towards the center to attempt to deliver the ball, the two became entangled in the vines of a green choker, struggling to release themselves as the Watchers’ Kristiansen (backed up by Hudson) collected the ball and sprinted towards the Genasi’s side. With only Woodward between them and the goal, Kristiansen tossed the ball too Hudson, who then hurled it at Woodward, catching him full in the stomach and knocking him and the ball back into the goal, putting the Watchers on the board.
The Genasi quickly answered, as Abbey snagged the ball and managed to sneak right into the Watchers’ side unopposed. Hudson completely failed to notice him until he had already managed to score and tie things up.

As the ball once again appeared in the middle of the dungeon, both teams arrived at the same time, and a fight broke out between the Genasi’s Abbey and Woodward and the Watchers’ Kristiansen and Cantrell. But before things could turn truly nasty, The Split’s stone golem guardians appeared, attacking both teams. Woodward, who had had his bell rung by Kristiansen earlier, caught a brutal blow from one of the golems and was laid out for several minutes, and the Watchers took advantage of this to score once again.

Knowing they could win it with one more score, the Watchers rushed everyone, the ball alternating between Hudson and Kristiansen while Days and Cantrell used their magic to keep the three remaining Genasi at bay. While Cortez and Sloan slowed them down, it was ultimately futile and the Watchers banged in the third and final goal.
Genasi - 9
Watchers - 14
Crawler of the Match - Marie Kristiansen, scout, Great Oak Watchers
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>Yorkshire Giant Slayers @ Lewis & Clark’s Last Chancers

Dungeon: Big Sky
YORK - Tessa Sumerlin [fighter (S+B)] / Jazz Ashton [wizard (abjuration)] / Dalton Perretta [cleric] / Ian Pellow [rogue]
LC - Clark Bell [fighter (2H)] / Cecelia Hert [bard] / Mark Schiffer [alchemist] / Jaxon "Action" Tracy [rogue]

The Giant Slayers, always strong contenders, are unbeaten on the year so far, and after a few sloppy showings, the Last Chancers don’t look like the team that’s going to be able to stop them from continuing that streak. While it’s still early in the season, Yorkshire’s fast 4-0 start has many declaring them the favorite to go to the Big Crawl this year, wherever it might be hosted.

While the last few crawls at Big Sky have focused on the red dragon Del’Roth, the Ruby King was nowhere to be seen today, only Big Sky’s native mountain trolls and natural hazards present to keep the parties from completing their objective: be the first to grab the golden dragon idol at the summit of Big Sky, a classic speed crawl.

The teams got right down to business, Sumerlin leading the Giant Slayers and Bell taking point for the Last Chancers. While both parties tried to keep up a good pace, Big Sky is not an easy mountain to climb. Trolls were a constant thorn in the side for the Giant Slayers, despite Sumerlin and Perretta’s best efforts, the team found itself tied up in combat more often than they’d like. And while the Last Chancers navigated around the monsters, constant rockslides and treacherous terrain kept them from speeding past the Giant Slayers.
Both teams stopped for a break just above the treeline, preparing for the last mad-dash to the summit. Mark Schiffer brewed up a potion to help his team deal with the high altitude (one of his signature mixes, and part of the reason the Last Chancers lured him away from Young Mountain), and Perretta treating the Giant Slayers’ bumps and bruises, while Ian Pellow and “Action” Tracy kept an eye on the opposing teams, ready to signal their parties to spring into action should the other start moving.

Finally, it was time, as both teams literally sprinted the last few hundred feet, tripping, stumbling, and falling up the challenging terrain. As they neared the idol, Pellow and Tracy split off from their respective parties, showing off their impressive natural speed as they scrambled the last few feet. Unfortunately for the Last Chancers, Pellow arrived seconds before Tracy, snatching the idol just as Tracy closed his fist around empty air.
Giant Slayers - 14
Last Chancers - 13
Crawler of the Match - Ian Pellow, rogue, Yorkshire Giant Slayers
It couldn't last forever...
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>Capitol Red Scars @ Monument City Ravenguard

Dungeon: The Rookery
CAP - Will Trettin [fighter (TWF)] / Sadie Swansea [sorcerer] / Clara Novak [alchemist] / Lautrice Nickson [rogue]
MON - Isaac Pickering [ranger (TWF)] / Pasco Smith [bard] / Ray McKnight [cleric] / Nemo Bryant [scout]

Four weeks in, and teams are starting to feel the strain from weekly crawls. Both teams are rolling with backups for this crawl, with Lautrice Nickson replacing the Red Scars’ Ray Soto, and Pasco Smith filling in at mage in place of the Ravenguard’s usual starter, Mae Dubois. The Ravenguard also weren’t sure if they’d have Bryant for the crawl; after a rough week last week, he was listed as questionable coming in, but showed up ready to suit up and crawl today.

The Rookery is not a cheery dungeon. The wind makes a haunting moaning noise as it blows through, and hundreds of ravens watch from the upper levels as teams make their way through the dungeon. Crawlers usually leave feeling emotionally and physically drained, and that was compounded today by three negative energy wells opening in the dungeon, casting an even heavier pall over the arena. The objective was to shut down these portals before they could grow even stronger, but they were clearly already affecting the teams, as the normally dynamic Red Scars got off to a practically sluggish start, while the Ravenguard simply began their familiar, somber march.
Thanks to a misstep by second-stringer Lautrice Nickson, things started poorly for the Red Scars. When the trapfinder missed a trigger mechanism for a pit trap, the entire party was dropped right into the middle of a room full of skeletons. Trettin, his twin blades buzzing through the air, carved a path out, but the crush of bony bodies left him slightly worse for the wear. Unfortunately, after leaving the skeletons behind, the Red Scars were now face-to-face with The Rookery’s trademark rotating rooms. Sadie Swansea and Nickson did their best, but after a few more missteps, Swansea stepped through the wrong door and found herself face-to-face with another mob of skeletons. Before Trettin could save her, she was battered by the undead, and knocked out of the crawl.

Things weren’t going great for the Ravenguard, either. While disarming an iron cage trap, scout Nemo Bryant accidentally activated the trigger mechanism, and the cage slammed shut, crushing his arm between the bars and shattering it badly. While he attempted to carry on after being treated by McKnight, the injury proved to be too severe and he was out for the remainder of the crawl. Every cloud has a silver lining though, and the Ravenguard soon stumbled across the first of the negative energy wells, McKnight quickly shutting it down.

Moods slightly lifted despite the loss of a teammate, the Ravenguard descended into the catacombs beneath The Rookery, an area overrun by skeletons, and, after some sloppy combat that left Pickering badly bleeding, shut down the second portal. At roughly the same time, the Red Scars discovered the third energy well, and after some investigation, Nickson managed to close it off from the world.
Red Scars - 8
Ravenguard - 10
Crawler of the Match - Ray McKnight, cleric, Monument City Ravenguard
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>New England Cultists @ New Cardon Flytraps

Dungeon: The Waiting Dark
NE - Rob Glennon [fighter (TWF)] / Evi Wusk [sorcerer] / Evan Ward [alchemist] / Kim Janssens [rogue]
NCAR - Ian Marsh [fighter (2H)] / Jan McClure [wizard (enchantment)] / Joe Gomez [medic] / Meri Stevenson [trapsmith]

Both teams, usually strong contenders, have gotten off to exceedingly rough starts. The Cultists arrive at the Waiting Dark with two backups today, still waiting for barbarian Toren Atkinson to recover from the trauma he suffered in week 2, and summoner Daniel Schoenberger to heal up from last week’s beating. The Flytraps, on the other hand, are relatively healthy, but have yet to put together a winning performance this season.

Just because teams are hurting doesn’t mean the dungeon is going to go easy on them, especially a predatory dungeon like the Waiting Dark. Despite a fairly simple objective (locate a valuable Drow sword lost somewhere in the dungeon), the dungeon threw obstacle after obstacle at the teams. First came the giant spiders, scuttling along the ceiling and dropping onto unsuspecting crawlers. Rob Glennon and Evi Wusk bashed and blasted the overgrown arachnids, but as the assault continued, both suffered numerous bites. Evan Ward’s antivenom kept the two from succumbing to the poison, but both Glennon and Wusk were nauseated and disoriented for the rest of the crawl. The Cultists might consider themselves lucky, though, as while they dealt with spiders, two driders attacked the Flytraps. Ian Marsh and Jan McClure did their best to stand against the powerful creatures, but both crawlers sustained significant wounds before the fight was over.
Nevertheless, both teams pressed on, searching dark rooms and gloomy hallways for the lost sword. As they descended deeper into the Waiting Dark, the spiders and driders gave way to insidious traps left by the former Drow residents. Meri Stevenson had her work cut out for her, as the Flytraps came upon a pressure plate filled hallway. After ten minutes of work, she’d managed to get her team halfway across, only to make a critical error and set off the traps, peppering the Flytraps with poison darts. Gomez sprung into action treating the injuries, but most of the team was left with minor paralysis in various limbs. The Cultists, on the other hand, walked straight into a tripwire that Janssens missed, filling the room with poison gas. Janssens quickly sprung the door open and held it for her team to escape, but succumbed to the gas herself, knocking her out of the crawl.

Luckily for both teams, it was about this time that Stevenson discovered a hidden door and, within it, the sword the parties had been searching for, ending the crawl before the Waiting Dark could claim more victims.
Cultists - 7
Flytraps - 9
Crawler of the Match - Joe Gomez, medic, New Cardon Flytraps
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Come on Otters!
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Crescent River Martyrs @ Outlander Gatekeepers

Dungeon: The Edge
CR - Juin Caravane [swashbuckler] / Junior Barnes [wizard (abjuration)] / Freddie Thorton [cleric] / Trudy Puckett [rogue]
OUT - Blanche Reid [fighter (S+B)] / Tina Gomez [summoner] / Lotto Dodger [cleric] / Suzie Cadwell [rogue]

After a hot start, the Martyrs come into this crawl suddenly finding themselves sitting at .500, right alongside the Gatekeepers. The question is now: can the Martyrs find a way to start winning again, or is this season going to end for them like so many before? This week, it’s up to the Gatekeepers.

After last week’s absurd layout, The Edge is back to a more conventional setup today, a sprawling dungeon with mysterious portals scattered about, and nightshades and shadows lurking everywhere. To leave the dungeon, the teams would have to find and activate the correct portal that would transport them out of The Edge. Easier said than done, of course.

While normal navigation of The Edge’s scattered rooms requires at least a basic understanding of arcane devices, reactivating a portal successfully would be something only a mage could pull off, so both teams did their best to keep their casters safe during the crawl. When nightshades cornered the Martyrs, Caravane stepped up to fight them herself, while Thorton and Puckett took on defensive roles, and as the Gatekeepers fought off the shadows seeping from nearby portals, it was Reid and Dodger on offense, rather than Gomez.
Even a healthy mage doesn’t guarantee success, though. The Martyrs found what they thought was the correct portal, and Barnes set to work to get it up and running, while Caravane and Puckett kept watch. After a few minutes, the portal came to life with a crackle of energy, and tentatively, Barnes stepped through. As Barnes disappeared, a sound like a thundercrack reverberated through the entire dungeon, and a blast of energy knocked the Martyrs across the room as the portal collapsed on itself. Puckett had been knocked unconscious by the burst, and Barnes was nowhere to be found.

The Gatekeepers, more familiar with The Edge’s portals, had avoided several trapped gateways and set to work activating the one they had determined would lead them to the exit. After almost 20 minutes, Gomez had the portal stabilized, and the team departed, leaving the Martyrs to stumble upon the exit portal almost a half hour later.

Junior Barnes was found lying naked just outside of Shineville, and was soon transported back to his team.
Martyrs - 7
Gatekeepers - 12
Crawler of the Match - Tina Gomez, summoner, Outlander Gatekeepers
>Soda Mine Barbarians @ Magnolia City Minotaurs

Dungeon: The Labyrinth
SODA - Neil Nordegraf [barbarian] / Dana Wisenhunt [warlock] / Tammy Becker [cleric] / Dennis "Rusty" Shaw [rogue]
MAG - JJ Evans [fighter (2H)] / Jordan Hu [spellsword] / Mic Rowl [cleric] / Daisy Canon [rogue]

The season hasn’t gotten off to a hot start for either of these teams. The Barbarians suffered through their first few games with a clearly still-recovering Nordegraf, and the Minotaurs have been plagued with close losses and injuries (including missing alchemist Ellert Reynaldsson this week). Both teams can easily be contenders, but first they have to get healthy and start winning.

The Labyrinth is one of the few remaining maze-type dungeons in the NACL (though the European Dungeon Crawler’s Association still has several active), and it is a treacherous one. Today, speed will be key for both teams, as the objective is to find the exit, but the longer the teams spend in the dungeon, the more dangerous it will become. At first, the dungeon was practically empty, and besides the occasional trap, the teams just had to focus on navigating the maze. But an hour in, The Labyrinth’s electric elementals appeared, ready to make life miserable for any crawlers they could catch.
However, both these teams boast top-5 talent in their warriors, and neither Nordegraf nor Evans had any trouble at all battering the small elementals. In fact, the only real physical challenge the warriors faced was when the two teams abruptly came face-to-face after rounding a corner. The two immediately clashed, battleaxe against greatsword, while the rest of the crawlers simply stopped and watched the dazzling display of martial skill. The fight continued for several minutes, but was interrupted when, while maneuvering, one of the warriors set off an electrical trap, sending bolts of lightning arcing through the whole room. Both Nordegraf and Evans dodged the bolts, but the Barbarians’ Becker and Minotaurs’ Hu were struck and almost immediately incapacitated. At the urging of Canon, the Minotaurs retreated during the confusion, not wanting to risk losing more crawlers.

By now, two hours into the crawl, The Labyrinth was practically crackling with energy. Both teams had to endure almost constant shocks as their respective trapfinders struggled to deal with the sheer volume of traps, and the electrical elementals simply threw themselves at the teams, hoping to electrocute whoever they could reach. Both Rowl and Canon had recieved nasty shocks, and Wisenhunt was struggling to stay upright. As yet another wave of elementals beared down on the Minotaurs, Canon led her party down a side route and, in an amazing stroke of luck, smack-dab into the exit.
Barbarians - 8
Minotaurs - 9
Crawler of the Match - Neil Nordegraf, barbarian, Soda Mine Barbarians
>The Pitt Steel Soldiers @ Terminus Devils

Dungeon: The Seventh Level
PITT - Jedd Kozlowski [fighter (S+B)] / Dominic Vie [spellsword] / Hannah Shore [cleric] / Suzy Arrington [artificer]
TERM - Chuck Vanderkar [fighter (TWF)] / Lily Button [warlock] / Louis Calgori [alchemist] / Dirk Andersen [rogue]

One of the oldest rivalries in the league, no two teams have met in win-or-go-home crawls than the Steel Soldiers and the Devils (twice at the Lone Star Classic, once at the Half-Moon Showdown, and once at the Four Winds Conclave). With the Steel Soldiers currently leading 3-1 in these encounters, the Devils are always eager to bring down the hammer on their bitter rivals.

With such a wide variety of threats, the Seventh Level is a tough dungeon to strategize for, and thus has left a trail of bodies in its long history. Things started off today with a rift opening up almost immediately, flooding the dungeon with fiends. The two teams were challenged with a king-of-the-hill style crawl, attempting to hold one location both against the other team and the infernal creatures now running rampant through the dungeon.

Both teams set off to claim the hill, fighting through hordes of demons to get there. The Steel Soldiers found their path blocked by a chain devil, but Kozlowski demonstrated his excellent shield work and soon the team was free to continue on. The Devils, on the other hand, had been set upon by a swarm of imps, Vanderkar doing his best to fend off the flying fiends, eventually driving them off, but leaving his team covered in tiny scratches and bites. Despite this, the Devils were the first to take the hill, and the team set up in defensive positions, waiting for the Steel Soldiers to arrive.
As the wall of armor that is the Steel Soldiers approached the hill, the Devils struck, popping out of various hiding places to lay into the Steel Soldiers. Lily Button let off a blast of energy that dropped healer Hannah Shore almost immediately, and Vanderkar leapt atop Kozlowski, both desperately trying to bring their weapons to bear. Vie and Arrington rushed towards the hill, coming upon the still-entrenched Calgori and Anderson. Calgori, caught completely by surprise, was slashed horrifically by spellsword Vie’s fiery blade (an injury that may very well be season-ending), while Arrington and Anderson squared off. But before either could strike, Vanderkar was taken out of the crawl bleeding heavily from a stomach wound inflicted by Kozlowski, and the match was called due to player safety concerns.
Steel Soldiers - 8
Devils - 5
Crawler of the Match - N/A
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424 KB JPG
>Young Mountain Yetis @ Tidewater Sahuagin

Dungeon: Tidewater Rock
YM - Jake Summers [fighter (S+B)] / Thom Freytag [wizard (evocation)] / Pete Olson [medic] / Laura Hoyster [rogue]
TIDE - Cat Singleton [ranger (bow)] / Eric Davies [sorcerer] / Randall McCullough [cleric] / Jenny Kelly [scout]

The Yetis endure one of the longest commutes in the NACL this week to visit the Sahuagin at home. Will the jetlag be enough to give the Sahuagin the boost they need to snag a win? Or will the Yetis’ hot streak continue, unperturbed by the long journey?

Once again the teams had to descend to the depths of Tidewater Rock, this week with the goal of stealing a ceremonial trident from the Sodden King’s trophy room, and successfully returning to the surface before the sahuagin notice the theft. Both teams took a few minutes as Freytag and Davies cast various spells to allow their teams to breathe underwater, and then the parties set off.

Of course, the crawlers wouldn’t be able to simply walk into the trophy room. Between them were dozens of sahuagin guards and traps, the difficulty of both compounded by the fact that the entire lower half of the dungeon was completely underwater. While the Sahuagin had planned ahead and enchanted Cat Singleton and Jenny Kelly’s bows to allow them to function normally, the Yetis had to improvise, Laura Hoyster forgoing her trademark hand crossbow in favor of a pair of small daggers, and Jake Summers abandoning his shield entirely. Surprisingly, this changeup didn’t seem to hinder the Yetis’ offense at all, Summers and Hoyster absolutely decimating the first group of sahuagin they came across. The Sahuagin didn’t fare poorly either, Singleton’s enchanted bow just as effective underwater as it is on land, and Kelly’s additional firepower helping deal with the guard sharks from a comfortable distance.
The few traps that the teams came across were also easily dealt with. Kelly continues to show good development in her third year in the league, and Hoyster just keeps living up to her reputation. In fact, if Randall McCullough hadn’t accidentally set off a tripwire while Kelly was busy with another trap, both teams would’ve had close to perfect crawls.

The Yetis reached the trophy room first, the twin sahuagin soldiers quickly dispatched by Summers while Hoyster snuck in. The rest of the Yetis stood guard and, a few minutes later, Hoyster emerged victorious, only to find the Sahuagin ready to try and steal the trident from her. Rather than try and fight, -- and risk being peppered by Singleton and Kelly -- wizard Thom Freytag created a cloud of supernatural darkness and the Yetis made their escape.
Yetis - 14
Sahuagin - 12
Crawler of the Match - Cat Singleton, ranger, Tidewater Sahuagin
File: 1375314408319.jpg-(1.98 MB, 3270x1360, ancient arena.jpg)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
>Great Basin Crusaders @ Fort Worthington Jackalopes

Dungeon: The Fort
GB - Joseph Swan [paladin (2H)] / Jonah McIntyre [oracle] / Isabelle Fin [cleric] / Gordon Wolfe [inquisitor]
FTW - Tom Justice [paladin (S+B)] / Zia Tallan [sorcerer] / Annette Furst [cleric] / Sam Lee [rogue]

It’s the old versus the new in this week’s crawl. The contrast between the two paladins taking the dungeon today -- the Crusaders’ rookie Joseph Swan and the Jackalopes’ seasoned veteran in Tom Justice -- embodies many of the evolving trends in the NACL. While teams used to focus on a warrior that could balance offense and defensive abilities, now more teams have chosen to adhere to the adage that “the best defense is a good offense”, grabbing warriors that focus on fighting with one large weapon held in both hands, or a matched pair of blades for maximum damage output. Justice, with his sword-and-board style, represents the balanced approach, and Swan, wielding his massive greatsword, embodies the offense-minded approach.

Today these two styles will play out side-by-side, as the teams venture into The Fort looking to banish the Ghost Lord that has taken over the historical site. Navigating the maze-like interior, the teams faced ghosts and wraiths, along with the dungeon’s usual spinning blade traps and elven rune-based puzzles. With the Crusaders an entirely divine team, the restless spirits didn’t even slow them down, but the Jackalopes, fronted by Justice and Zia Tallan, didn’t seem bothered by the minor ghosts either. Neither did the traps give either team problems, -- despite Gordon Wolfe historically struggling with his role as a trapfinder -- and after just 20 minutes, the Crusaders had tracked down the Ghost Lord. As it attempted to summon spirits to aid it in combat, McIntyre finished the ritual he started preparing earlier in the dungeon, shackling the spirit to the material plane, and Swan had soon destroyed the corrupted soul.
Crusaders - 14
Jackalopes - 13
Crawler of the Match - Jonah McIntyre, oracle, Great Basin Crusaders
File: 1375314541036.jpg-(1 MB, 1395x983, city on a hill.jpg)
1 MB
>Sonora Desert Walkers @ Lastwall Shields

Dungeon: Sanctum
SONO - Brendan Knapp [ranger (bow)] / Clair "Acorn" Tillman [druid] / Ethan Bodnar [cleric] / Zach Gibbs [bard]
LAST - Brent Haywood [fighter (S+B)] / Alice Tran [wizard (abjuration)] / Eldon Wells [medic] / Scott Hardkiss [scout]

Many Desert Walker fans were surprised this week when cleric Paul Slopes, who had been injured last week but was listed as probable (and practiced with his team all week) wasn’t on the starting roster, with cleric Ethan Bodnar taking the healer slot instead. It’s unknown at this time if Slopes suffered a setback in his recovery, or if he was pulled for some other reason.

Sanctum is one of the first lines of defense against the Long Night, and therefore the dungeon is under almost constant assault from the creatures of darkness. As the crawl began today, three portals to the Night Realm had opened within Sanctum, and it was up to the teams to get them shut down.

The Desert Walkers started strong, Brendan Knapp using the floating will-o-wisps throughout the dungeon as target practice, easily knocking them out of the air before they got anywhere close to his team. “Acorn” Tillman and Ethan Bodnar also made a strong team working through Sanctum’s scattered (but very tricky) illusion-based puzzles. Everything seemed to be going well until bard Zach Gibbs came up against the first trap of the dungeon, what appeared at first glance to be a simple pitfall trap, only to find that it was a misdirection, and disabling it activated a collapsing ceiling. This set off a chain reaction, as walls and ceilings throughout the dungeon began to slowly squeeze together, sending the Desert Walkers sprinting through the hallway. Gibbs, unfortunately, was bringing up the rear and had his leg crushed in one of the traps, probably taking him out of the game for a week or two.

The Flytraps get a win in the same week the Genasi get their first loss?! Am I in heaven?!
This isn’t to say that the Shields were without their troubles, either. Where the Desert Walkers were fairly strong against Sanctum’s puzzles, the Shields stumbled badly, and the price of their failure saw Eldon Wells partially blinded by a prismatic spray. Wells chose to stay in the crawl, though, and the Shields quickly made up for this failure, coming across all three of the portals in quick succession. Alice Tran (an offseason acquisition who’s already proved her worth many times over) set to work, and after a few minutes, all three portals were sealed off, the denizens of the Long Night kept at bay for another day.
Desert Walkers - 10
Shields - 12
Crawler of the Match - Alice Tran, wizard, Lastwall Shields
File: 1375314626801.jpg-(193 KB, 1024x682, underground structure.jpg)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
>Bay City Dwarves @ Bunker City Defenders

Dungeon: Lockdown
BAY - DeSean Levy [fighter (2H)] / Erin Lamplight [wizard (transmutation)] / Sarah Zhu [alchemist] / Erik Kearney [rogue]
BUNK - Jessica Cain [fighter (S+B)] / James Graham [wizard (evocation)] / Marissa Coplen [alchemist] / Mitchell Branch [trapsmith]

To say the Bay City Dwarves have gotten off to a disappointing start is the understatement of the century. A team led by DeSean Levy, one of the best warriors in the league, and with a solid roster behind him, the Dwarves were many people’s pick to come out on top of what’s been a fairly weak Pacific Rim division in the past. Yet four weeks into the season, they’ve yet to record a win, or even put together a convincing crawl. Bunker City’s Lockdown might be just the place for them to start winning though: a big dungeon that encourages exactly the sort of physical crawling that the Dwarves excel at.

At the center of Lockdown today was a time bomb, with a one hour countdown timer that started when the teams entered the dungeon. The bomb was large enough to destroy not only the dungeon, but threaten nearby Bunker City, unless one of the teams could reach it and disarm it before the clock hit zero. Both parties set off at a frantic pace, bulldozing their way through Lockdown’s automatons, sealed bulkheads, and explosive traps. While Levy was able to handle the clockwork creatures just fine, the team repeatedly slowed to a crawl when faced with massive locked door after massive locked door. Throughout his career, Erik Kearney has not been a terrific locksmith, and with the pressure mounting, the rogue began to fold.
The Defenders, on the other hand, are a team built to deal with traps, either through the skill of Mitchell Branch, or the explosives of Marissa Coplen. It was, in fact, the automatons that gave the Defenders their struggles, with Jessica Cain and James Graham looking rusty against an opponent they should be more than familiar with. Despite the difficulties, they were the first to reach the bomb, and Branch set to work once again. The minutes ticked by as he disassembled the massive explosive, trying to identify the trigger device, while the rest of his team attempted to hold off the clockwork beetles scurrying into the room. With only a few minutes left, Branch, drenched in sweat, nervously cut a single wire.

It was the right one.
Dwarves - 9
Defenders - 12
Crawler of the Match - Mitchell Branch, trapsmith, Bunker City Defenders
>Lost Vegas Dust @ Silent Bay Sharks

Dungeon: Mount Ka’ala
LV - Lyra Moon [spellsword] / Bennett Tsukino [bard] / Ian "Biscuit" Douglas [alchemist] / Katie Frost [artificer]
SLNT - Kahuna [barbarian] / Jenna Song [sorcerer] / Cory Turner [alchemist] / Alex Kanagawa [rogue]

It was a rainy day in Silent Bay today, but the crawl would actually take the teams out of the weather and into the heart of Mount Ka’ala, navigating empty magma tubes and vents, looking to recover a dwarven Device thought to be somewhere within the volcano.

The Sharks were without starting alchemist May Kuza, and instead relied on second-stringer Cory Turner in the healer slot. It was a daunting task, as the inside of Mount Ka’ala is an extremely hazardous environment for crawlers, dealing with toxic gases, extreme heat, and the occasional unexpected magma flow. Sorcerer Jenna Song was forced to pick up some of Turner’s slack, and between them the team endured the choking smoke and sweltering heat, though clearly severely uncomfortable.

The Dust also were unprepared for the conditions they faced within the dungeon, with Bennett Tsukino and “Biscuit” Douglas doing their best, but the entire team struggled with the smoke and ash, especially bard Tsukino. Things only got worse when the team found their path blocked by a river of magma, with only small floating stone platforms as they way across. Tsukino and Frost directed the Dust, but as the team reached the halfway point, as salamanders rose from the magma and attacked the team. Fortunately, Lyra Moon reacted quickly, unleashing spell and sword against the creatures until one laid slain, and the other retreated back beneath the molten rock.
By now, the Sharks had reached the main magma chamber, the speculated location of the Device. Alex Kanagawa set about searching for any signs of the artifact just as the Dust reached the magma chamber themselves. Kahuna and Song (perhaps the best offensive duo in the league) stepped up to give Kanagawa time to complete his search, as the Dust sent Moon and Douglas into the fight while Tsukino snuck off, with the aid of several well-cast illusions, to try and stop Kanagawa.

Unfortunately, Kanagawa had located the device before Tsukino could intervene, but it was floating in the center of the lake of magma. Turner quickly produced a vial of liquid ice and hurled it into the magma, cooling a large section into a temporary platform for Kanagawa, with Tsukino in hot pursuit. As the stone began to heat and melt, both crawlers raced for the Device, Kanagawa reaching it mere seconds before Tsukino, but both now finding themselves stranded in the center of the molten lake. After a few minutes of negotiation, Kanagawa turned the Device over to Tsukino, and the bard proceeded to create a floating platform of force so both could return to the shore unharmed.
Dust - 7
Sharks - 9
Crawler of the Match - Bennett Tsukino, bard, Lost Vegas Dust
File: 1375314825997.jpg-(56 KB, 500x333, torrey pines.jpg)
56 KB
>Emerald City Albatrosses @ St. Iago’s Thunderbolts

Dungeon: Torrey Pines
EMLD - Tyson Baird [barbarian] / Kristopher Cunningham [summoner] / Audrey Marble [alchemist] / Ava Dodge [artificer]
IAGO - Benjamin Slater [fighter (TWF)] / Lia Brock [wizard (evocation)] / Mike Bass [bard] / Rhonda Little [rogue]

After last week’s bizarre departure from the norm, Torrey Pines finds itself in a more traditional layout for this week’s crawl, though reports came in during the week that Mike Bass has been working on his golf swing, “just in case”. Today, the team’s objective was to dive beneath the waves from Torrey Pines’ beach, and search the ocean floor for a lost treasure chest, all the while battling both the strong current and the occasional giant crab.

The crawlers got to work right away, Kristopher Cunningham summoning a group of ethereal dolphins to provide speed for the Albatrosses underwater, while Lia Brock summoned bubbles over the heads of the Thunderbolts, providing them with breathable air while underwater. Both parties waded into the strong waves and then dove beneath the surface, beginning their search for the treasure.

Torrey Pines is usually a fairly docile dungeon, as far as monsters go, and today was no different, with both teams having plenty of time to enjoy the natural beauty as they swam. Though the Albatrosses did run into one of the dungeon’s giant crabs, Tyson Baird and Ava Dodge soon sent it scuttling for cover. Long strands of kelp and seaweed also threatened to entangle the parties, but Cunningham’s dolphins navigated the natural maze without problem, and Brock’s withering spell cleared the path for the Thunderbolts.
Thirty relatively peaceful minutes later, the Thunderbolts spotted a wreck on the ocean floor below them, and dove down deeper to investigate. As they poked around, a giant octopus emerged to defend its home. Benjamin Slater and Rhonda Little wrestled with the beast’s many arms, keeping it occupied while Brock and Bass explored further into the wreck. However, the octopus wasn’t the only thing the Thunderbolts had to worry about, as in the distance the Albatrosses were swiftly approaching, hoping to snag the treasure while the Thunderbolts were distracted. Unfortunately, they arrived seconds too late, as Bass emerged from the wooden hull with fistfuls of gold coins, soon followed by Brock and the treasure chest.
Albatrosses - 13
Thunderbolts - 15
Crawler of the Match - Mike Bass, bard, St. Iago’s Thunderbolts
Why do you always have to do the Otter's games last, OP? Why? I can't stand this anticipation. This is horrible.
>Monterrey Aztecs @ Goldenport Marauders

Dungeon: Oakport
MRY - Victor "Vic" Rivas [barbarian] / Alyssa Portillo [sorcerer] / Olivia Bates [blood mage] / Jonathan Kennison [rogue]
GOLD - Tank Pryce [fighter (2H)] / Keeley "Keel" Reinowski [sorcerer] / Marcia Koch [cleric] / Doug Fetterman [trapsmith]

Two teams that fans love to hate, teams that don’t mind a little sparring, unleashed in a wide-open dungeon, with an objective that encourages combat. This promises to be a brutal crawl.

The Aztecs and Marauders found themselves with their dream crawl today: a capture the flag scenario, best of three rounds. Oakport, a dungeon normally cramped with abandoned warehouses and drydocked ships, reformed into a massive arena with a no-man’s land patrolled by Oakport’s signature mutants, with a small home base for the parties at each end of the dungeon.

The crawl got off to a fast start, with both “Vic” Rivas and Tank Pryce bolting for the other team’s flag, while Olivia Bates hung back as the final line of defense for the Aztecs, and Doug Fetterman set about booby trapping the Marauder’s flag. Alyssa Portillo and Jonathan Kennison both took up positions midfield on the Aztec’s side, as “Keel” Reinowski and Marcia Koch did the same for the Marauders.

Rivas was in a full-flung rage when he reached the Marauders’ side of the dungeon, and absolutely flew past Koch, making a beeline for the flag. In his wild state, he failed to see the tripwires set up by Fetterman, and soon found himself dangling above the dungeon in a net, watching helplessly as Pryce returned from the Aztec’s side of Oakport, flag in hand.
After the Marauders’ first score, the Aztecs adopted a different strategy, sending Kennison in to attempt to sneak past Goldport’s defenses. The Marauders were apparently struck by the same inspiration, as Fetterman carefully made his way towards the Aztecs’ flag, leaving Pryce on defense. Kennison was the first to reach the opponent’s side, after leaving two of Oakport’s mutants bleeding in the middle of the dungeon. As he neared the Marauders’ flag, Pryce suddenly rounded a corner, but before he could react, Kennison had hamstrung the warrior, leaving him writhing on the ground as he snagged the flag and made his escape.

Fetterman had also successfully infiltrated the Aztecs’ side of the field and snagged the flag, but Rivas was hot on his heels. The trapsmith ducked around a corner and quickly scattered poisoned caltrops behind him, just as Rivas arrived. The caltrops worked perfectly, Rivas falling to the ground screaming, but by the time Portillo and Bates had arrived, Fetterman was long gone.

The two trapfinders met at the midpoint of the dungeon, both wanting to incapacitate the other and retrieve their team’s flag. Before either could make a move, reinforcements arrived for Goldport, as Reinowski appeared suddenly and unleashed a bolt of lightning, striking Kennison and forcing him to drop the Marauders’ flag. Fetterman retrieved it and, with Reinowski covering his escape, scored a second time for the Marauders, securing the win.
Aztecs - 9
Marauders - 12
Crawler of the Match - Doug Fetterman, trapsmith, Goldenport Marauders
File: 1375314970966.jpg-(580 KB, 605x920, shard skyscraper.jpg)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
>River City Kobolds @ New Albion Navigators

Dungeon: City of Glass
RVR - Zac Humm [fighter (S+B)] / Amily Sparks [sorcerer] / Rose Dougall [bard] / Ned Coates [rogue]
ALB - Tyrell Wonderly [fighter (S+B)] / Elizabeth Oshiro [wizard (illusion)] / Katie Tea [cleric] / Tybalt Black [rogue]

The City of Glass is a dungeon that relies heavily on illusion-based traps and puzzles to confound crawlers. So the Kobolds have to be happy that today’s crawl will take place in the basement of the skyscraper, where the threats are more focused on monsters and mechanical traps. Specifically, the teams are to descend into the lower levels of the City of Glass and eradicate the mynocks that were wreaking havoc on the dungeon’s electrical systems.

The extent of the problem quickly became obvious, as the entire basement was without power and thus pitch-black. Amily Sparks summoned orbs of light for the Kobolds, while the Navigators instead relied on a nightvision spell cast by Katie Tea. While the lights may have been out, mechanical and electrical systems were still running, creating a hazardous environment for the crawlers as gears and cables whirled through the darkness, unseen until the last second. Locked doors were also a constant irritant, but both Ned Coates and Tybalt Black had the lockpicking skills to bypass the obstacles.
Besides the mynocks, glass golems also dwelled in the City of Glass’s basement, keeping both teams on guard, listening for the distinctive tinkling footsteps. When the Kobolds did encounter one, the fight was over surprisingly quickly, when Rose Dougall cast a shattering spell that exploded the golem into shards of glass. The Kobolds also dealt with the mynocks as easily as they handled the golem, as Ned Coates scrambled over the generators, causing the skittish creatures to take flight, and Sparks and Dougall blasted them out of the air with various spells. While the Navigators also exterminated a handful, the Kobolds cleaned up more than their fair share of the parasites.
Kobolds - 14
Navigators - 13
Crawler of the Match - Rose Dougall, bard, River City Kobolds
File: 1375315016223.jpg-(1.29 MB, 3264x1836, IMG_20130730_064323_698.jpg)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
God I love these threads... Go Ravensguard!
>West Mesa Coyotes @ Taggenton Otters

Dungeon: Willamette River
WEST - Johnnie "Horns" Henderson [ranger (bow)] / Shauna Hernandez [druid] / Tina Slowstone [bard] / Markus Spears [rogue]
TAGG - Jeremy Fitzgerald [fighter (xbow)] / Alexis Heap [sorcerer] / Kyle Dake [cleric] / Daniel "Goro" Minami [scout]

With a combined record of 1-7, these are two teams hoping they can turn things around, and fast. But both teams can’t come out of the crawl happy today, so both the Coyotes and the Otters are ready to give it their all.

On the banks of the Willamette River, giant leeches have begun to emerge, threatening the ecosystem surrounding the dungeon. The team’s task is to kill as many of these leeches as possible in 30 minutes, while also avoiding the sucking mud, algae pits, and drowning pools along the riverbank.

The Coyotes are a team of hunters, and while their prey is much slower than what they’re used to encountering, they approached the leeches in the same way they would anything else, dividing the party up, letting each crawler take a section of river, and just getting to work. Particularly impressive was “Horns” Henderson, sending arrow after deadly arrow raining down on the wave of leeches from high atop a tree, though druid Shauna Hernandez and rogue Markus Spears were no slouches either, the latter quickly finding himself covered in goo and gore after just five minutes of work.
The Otters, slightly less experienced in this type of crawl, decided to stick together and focus on where the leeches seemed to be the most concentrated. Jeremy Fitzgerald and “Goro” Minami peppered the creatures from a distance, while Alexis Heap and backup cleric Kyle Dake blasted any that got too close for comfort. The strategy was effective, but as the Otters advanced down the riverbank, they failed to notice a section of sucking mud which Heap inadvertently stepped into. While Dake and Fitzgerald struggled to pull her free, she was swarmed by the leeches, and, in desperation, Heap told her team to stand back and set off a fireball centered on herself, cooking the overgrown parasites but severely injuring Heap in the process.

As the final few minutes counted down, both teams were a flurry of activity, hoping to get that last kill that would secure them precious objective points and possibly a narrow win over the other team. The final kill before the timer hit zero came as Henderson leapt from his tree, squashing a particularly large leech and squirting innards all over himself.
Coyotes - 14
Otters - 9
Crawler of the Match - Johnnie Henderson, ranger, West Mesa Coyotes
File: 1375315410853.png-(206 KB, 446x539, 1360822292145.png)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
We'll never have a winning season.
>The Great White North
YM 4-1
GO 3-2
SODA 2-3
LC 2-3
>The Colonies
YORK 5-0
MON 3-2
PITT 3-2
NE 1-4
>Atlantic Seaboard
NAM 4-1
OUT 3-2
CAP 2-3
NCAR 1-4
>Gulf Coast
CR 2-3
TERM 2-3
MAG 2-3
TIDE 1-4
>Rio Grande
LAST 3-2
MRY 3-2
FTW 2-3
WEST 1-4
>The Big Empty
BUNK 4-1
RVR 4-1
LV 2-3
SONO 2-3
>Pacific Rim
SLNT 4-1
GB 3-2
IAGO 2-3
BAY 0-5
>New Cascadia
GOLD 4-1
EMLD 3-2
ALB 2-3
TAGG 1-4
File: 1375315668318.jpg-(60 KB, 606x280, embarassing.jpg)
60 KB
>no gulf coast division team has a winning record

Confirmed for worst division in the league?

Alright Kobolds! Doing good this season. Ned Coates is, and always will be the man.
This upcoming weekend is looking to be particularly busy, so in the interest of getting things back on schedule, I'm considering writing pretty succinct summaries (a few sentences, maybe one short paragraph) of Week 6's matches, and then having the entire week to get Week 7 banged out.
File: 1375316617682.jpg-(100 KB, 327x367, frog otter.jpg)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
commish plz
Woo, go Flytraps!
You got off to a bad start, but this will be your year!
What the fuck? Devils totally had that! If it weren't for the TIN Soldiers being such pussies. Goddamn. Season needs some more blood anyway. Whats the current missing and mortality list this year?
File: 1375330891871.png-(329 KB, 500x600, i am so done.png)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
>Crawler of the Match - Mike Bass
I've said it before, but Bass is probably the most talented crawler on your roster.

Haters can suck it! The Rymester of Disaster will sing your team's requiem before the season comes to a close.

Thunderbolts are Go!
File: 1375341286302.png-(23 KB, 150x150, NACL_GreatOakWatchers_Logo.png)
23 KB
The one game I did not expect them to win they win, and by five points? Hell yes!

Who watches the watchers? This mother fucker!
Would you kindly explain what this is?
It's the Watcher's...logo? Mascot? Something. I'm not entirely sure.

All I know is that it haunts my dreams.
not the picture the whole thing, it rather confuses me
You mean the NACL?

Rolled 8, 4, 11, 11, 17, 25, 25, 1 = 102

Finally another Ravensguard fan.
Curious how playoffs are going to work. Divisions seem to be setup like NFL, but without an AFC/NFC-like split.

Either way, I'm calling the big crawl now: Giant Slayers VS Sharks
Where do I go to see the current teams?
http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/25162265/ though the rosters aren't up-to-date this far into the season because of injuries and etc
>Post game interview

Reporter: The Bolts have ended today's spectacular display against Em City at the Pines with a flawless run ending at 15-13. Here with me now is CoTG Mike Bass, arguably one of the best support/median player in the league today.
That was a spectacular performance you have shown us today, Mike. Iago, despite going off to a slow start, has executed a pristine run that has you dolling out the game highlight at the end of the match. Despite numerous criticisms about your no-show performance for the last few games, you have really shown the fans why you deserve to be All-Star material. Care to give us on why you guys clicked so well today?

Bass: Game's like life, I guess. We just went in, not knowing what's out there for us, and then, like, we all suddenly knew what had to be done, and my team did it very well today. Some days, we end up running flat, but this ain't like them some days. It was a good day. A good day.
File: 1375347664554.jpg-(178 KB, 640x480, ym.jpg)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
who yetis here?

Reporter: What made this crawl different from your previous crawls, where in some fans say you "choked" the team's chances of what was believed to be a shoo-in?

Bass: Thunderbolts prolly has one of the best fans in the League, nay, the world! I love my fans. The haters, I love them as well. I know they meant well when they point out my flaws, on what i hafta do to improve my game. All them close fights done previously, I admit i lacked the conviction to really give more than a hundred percent of myself. I am not there yet. Despite having a great roster in St. Iago, I fell short of expectations. That's why i keep on training my physical body as well as improving my spell lists and songs, all day, err day. I am dedicating to keep on improving myself as time goes by, so that I would keep on giving Iago's fans reasons to celebrate. Bolts are gonna make it big this year, guys, so keep on cheering for us. T-Bolts are Go!
I'm can't decide which team to cheer for, I'm thinking either the Genesai, or Lost Vegas. Anyone want to convince me which team I should/should not barrack for?

Most of /tg/ root for their home teams, as these teams correspond to real life locations in North America. Or, you can always pick any team that suits your taste. Personally, I advise you to stay away from the Otters. The team itself is solid and workable, but their fans are a bit rabid IMO.
Rolled 1

I see, well, I'll roll to determine my team then.
1: The Genesai
2: The Lost Vegas
Genesai it is
Supposedly the Dust are "innovative" and "flexible" but we've barely seen evidence of that. Plus, the Genasi are doing pretty well right now, so why not root for winners?
How often do these threads happen anyway?
Once a week, Commish is running this solo, so churning out results of his game rolls on a weekly basis is but impressive as it is.
For a while they were every Sunday but the schedule has been a little wacky these last two weeks
Hahah the Otters lost against objectively the worst team in the league
Ah Yiss, finally we manage to win a close crawl. Nice instincts by Canon, she really saved us this time.

Dang. Good on you guys, though. Hopefully we'll see a rematch between Evans and Nordegraf.
Just you wait...you all wait...

The cultists are putting in their blood sacrifices now. But the Dark Ones will soon heed our calls! Then, and only then, will we sing the song that splits the veil between worlds!

Bug ron sll'ha shogg!
Geez, Martyrs by name...
Tran really is earning her keep!
Fucking hell, Kearney...
File: 1375386204624.jpg-(136 KB, 500x587, s.jpg)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Getting within 2 points of the Yetis is pretty good, r-r-right guys?
Last week I listed the top 5 crawlers at each position, I guess this week I'll list the bottom three first-stringers. This isn't to say that these crawlers are particularly "bad", it's just that the team is much stronger in other areas of the crawl. And also they're not very good.
3. Ian Marsh [fighter (2H)], New Cardon Flytraps
2. Benjamin Slater [fighter (TWF)], St. Iago's Thunderbolts
1. Tyrell Wonderly [fighter (S+B)], New Albion Navigators
3. Zia Tallan [sorcerer], Fort Worthington Jackalopes
2. Eric Davies [sorcerer], Tidewater Sahuagin
1. Sadie Swansea [sorcerer], Capitol Red Scars
3. Hannah Shore [cleric], The Pitt Steel Soldiers
2. Marcia Koch [cleric], Goldenport Marauders
1. Pete Olson [medic], Young Mountain Yetis
3. Kim Janssens [rogue], New England Cultists
2. Zach Gibbs [bard], Sonora Desert Walkers
1. Gordon Wolfe [inquisitor], Great Basin Crusaders
And in case it wasn't obvious, 3 is the least bad and 1 is the worst.
top lel at the only inquisitor being last.
Actually it's interesting that of the bottom 3, two aren't traditional trapfinder classes. I wonder if it's just a bad fit?

Also interesting that the bottom three mages are all sorcerers. No bards, druids, etc.
Rely on the Steel Soldiers and the Devils to spend more time trying to murder each other than actually winning the match.
As a T-bolts fan, I can't make head nor tail of Bass.

Either he fucks up the crawl for the entire team, or he wins big.

Of all our big names, I'd say he's least likely to make the hall of fame, but his name will be remembered.
I know what you mean. I ran into a guy wearing a Bass jersey downtown last week and I wasn't sure if I should punch him or give him a high-five.
he is just inconsistency in person. you are right, he won't win anything big, but he sure will produce highlights every season.
File: 1375392923076.jpg-(34 KB, 400x296, alb.jpg)
34 KB
Just got bumped up to first-string trapfinder on my university crawl team, guys. Super-pumped, and just ordered this to celebrate: the exact same model of short sword that Ava Dodge uses.

Go Albatrosses!
File: 1375396362131.jpg-(13 KB, 196x152, coyote_otter.jpg)
13 KB
Lol what now otter fags?!? Last week, you guys were talking smack about how you was gonna run us over? Newsflash chumps, you got served, in your house none the less.
File: 1375397997102.jpg-(27 KB, 620x348, worlds greatest sorcerer.jpg)
27 KB
>tfw the worst 3 in the mage group are all sorcerors.
Guys I think they're trying to tell us something.

Oh, I guess that explains a lot.

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