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File: 1374872216630.png-(217 KB, 2776x2312, Halmorra Local Extended 4.png)
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After nearly a year hiatus, TEEGEE DRAGON QUEST IS BACK BABEH. I cannot apologise enough for my absence, but I was absolutely snowed under with stuff to do,and when I finally got back to /tg/ I had no real motivation to continue the quest, and there was no real interest from /tg/ in it.
Until now. So lets rock.

Greetings Fatguys and Catgirls, and welcome BACK to /tg/'s Dragon Quest!

Part 1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21105648/
Part 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21120178/
Part 3 :http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21139200/
Part 4: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21191520/
Part 5: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21310936/
Part 6: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22025314/ (This was the one Ieft on all the way back in December 2012)
So lets call this one Part 6.5

This is Halmorra, a continent home to all manner of creatures great and small, smart and dumb, peaceful and violent. And none are greater, smarter and capable of more violence than Dragons.

Capable of living for thousands of years, there are no more than a hundred or so of these creatures in existence. Titans of Nature, Primordial forces, Living Storms, Winged Death, Benevolent Healer, a Dragon can be all of these things.

Theres a lot to read, so next up is VERY brief summary of the entire quest so far.
we missed u bb
File: 1374872317669.jpg-(1.62 MB, 2304x3072, Metal Egg.jpg)
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1.62 MB JPG
>completely forgot my old trip, I think this one is right.

>you hatch as a Bronze Dragon on (the aptly named) Bronze beach
>the first thing you met was an old Hermit, who was injured from your violent hatching
>you heal him
>various shenanigans ensue, such as eating all his worldly possessions and nearly killing him in a gold-induced frenzy, then rescuing from the clutches of a mad-pissed Nature Dragon
> you become best friends
>you roll two Nat 20’s whilst forging a set of armour for the Hermit as a mark of your friendship, giving it magical properties and imbuing a peace of your soul in it
>you begin building your home
>Nature Dragon destroys it effortlessly
>fight it despite being greatly outmatched
>Hermit arrives wearing your armour
>together you destroy the Dragon by magnetically turning your entire home into an entire spear and throwing it threw it’s chest
>turn the Nature Dragon’s corpse into a balla’ statue
>return back to Hermit’s home and eat a shitload of gold
>slumber for half a year
>wake up
>you are now a Steel Dragon, the second stage of your life.
>Hermit is now a great deal healthier and stronger
>tells you his history and a dick named Farow
>you agree to help him
>fly to the local barbarian tribe
>kill the chief and most of the inhabitants
>rule over the rest in your new metallic settlement named Mirror Town
>Hermit doesn’t approve of this, but the Barbarians were dicks so he lets it slide
>fly to the local inn
>Went swimming
>fucked up a locket
>possessed your best friend
>scared some guards and people
>got punched by your best friend for possessing him
>got drunk off your ass with your best friend
>woke up with a hangover and vomited up a golem
>made a drunken promise to become a knight to your best friend
>this is now an oath
File: 1374872390723.jpg-(24 KB, 233x281, BronzeDragon.jpg)
24 KB

>Fucking A, I remembered it.

You currently have 38xp. You will reach the next stage of your life at 50xp

Your HP is currently 550

You abilities are:
Spew Molten Metal: Spit molten hot metal at your opponents
Forge: Forge weapons with your body
Glide: Do not expend any energy
Flight: Self-explanatory
Bite: Again, self-explanatory
Wingblade: Use your wings as an edged weapon
Tailblade: Use your tail as an edged weapon
Claw: Claw shit with your razor sharp talons
Steel Body: Temporarily become bigger, faster, stronger and gain more health.
Major Magnetic Manipulation: Control all ferrous metals, including your own bile.
Heal: Restore health and cure wounds
Possession: Anybody who wields a weapon or armour of your own creation can be controlled against their will.
Metal Detection: Detect Metal
Champion Creation: Impart a piece of your soul into an object of your creation. If it is a small object or weapon, and mortal creature that wields it will be granted your lifespan, greatly increased physical capabilities limited magnetic abilities. You can also create a Golem as your Champion, it will be sapient, and permanent as long as you live, with greater capabilities than its normal brethren.
Golem Creation: Create a creature from solid metal in any form you desire to perform a task. Very taxing and temporarily drains your health. The higher the roll, the longer it lasts. Nat 20’s are permanent.

Yes, Bromit is your Champion

Your current knowledge is:

Forging/Crafting: Masterwork
Speech: Very Advanced
Human social knowledge: Advanced
Biological/Healing knowledge: Advanced
Mining: Master
But you forgot to enter it in again it would seem...
For a moment I was excited. Then I noticed it's the wrong dragon quest I am waiting for.

Oh well, might as well read the archives and join in late.


>picking up from where we left off, we just created our first Golem.

"Name it Charles."

“Charles…?” You ask, leaning closer to your creation, observing it inquisitively. You note how the hollow hinges that allow it to move, the metal muscles that move its massive frame. You also note, that this is far form a perfect creation, and can be improved on.

“It’s classy, a good name for a Butler.” Bromit replies, slapping the leg of the Golem, causing a loud hollow thud to ring out across the mountainside. You turn your mammoth head to look at a Bromit. “A Butler?”
Bromit laughs slightly as he walks to your side and sits down on the grass. “I forget, you’re unfamiliar with human customs. A Butler is a servant, somebody who attends to most of your needs.”

You turn to look at Bromit, “But you already serve that purpose.”

Bromit turns to look at youin anger, before noticing the humour lined in your draconic face and bursts into laughter. “Please don’t do that Tyrannical Dragon shtick with me, you scared me shitless for a second.”

You both turn back to your creation, observing as it sways in place slightly, its smallest movements causing tremors in the ground, making wildlife scatter in the distance.

“But yeah, it’s something you might want to look into.” Bromit continues, "Try making it do something?"

What do you do /tg/?
"BUTLER! Dig me a trench large enough for me to bathe in and fill it with clean water!"
I take it you're a bit of a writefag, FirstTimer?

"Butler!" you roar, causing Bromit to jump in fright. "Dig me a trench large enough for me to bathe in!"

The Golem stands there dumbfounded for a few moments, before raising a huge arm and slamming it into the ground, forming a crater. Then it repeats the action. Then again. And again.

Roll to see how well it performs this task, or shout out your own task and roll


(I guess so?)


Rolled 24

Rolling to see how well our creation makes a trench!
(u wot m8? I'll assume its a D100)

(You're damn right it is.)

The Golem doesn't dig a trench, so much as pound the earth so hard that it literally gives way under the force, compacting it.

"Well it can hit hard, thats for sure, but it doesn't seem all that smart." Bromit whispered, not wanting to offend the hulking mass of metal.

You observe observe it continues to smack the ground, ignoring its now beaten and mangled arm, until most of the mountaintop is a crater.

"Now fetch water!" You order as it returns to its standing position, its job complete.

The Golem looks around, as if confused, before spotting Lake Kano at the base of the mountain. Without hesitation, it begins to walk directly towards the lake.

Directly, towards it.

Bromit turns to look at you, his face a mask of disbelief, as the Golem begins to march...right over the cliff face

What do you do /tg/?
Watch. Let's see how this goes.

If it takes too long, we pick it up and drop it off at the lake. See how it reacts.
File: 1374877324388.jpg-(110 KB, 900x608, Bromit and you.jpg)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

You watch in slight awe as the Golem stumbles and begins roll, its titanic form crushing everything in its path. Rocks and boulders explode in all directions, booms echo across the land as it picks up speed.

A sharp metallic clanging in your leg distracts you, and you look down, realizing that Bromit has been shouting for quite some time.

"Why are you just standing there?! Stop it before it breaks everything!"

You look back, confused, until you notice its path.

It is heading straight for the Inn that you and Bromit were drinking at the previous night.

What do you do /tg/? Remember to roll if it's a physical action.
Rolled 3

I dunno, that sounds really boring, and I wanna see how this ends an-

Fine. We'll save the stupid village.

You hurl yourself off the cliff in an attempt to catch the fifty ton humanoid-boulder, and tuck your wings in, diving as fast as you can. The wind whips past your head in a loud whistling sound as you begin to gain on it, it's rough shape getting large and larger as you get closer.

You reach out to grab it, and...


Your claws rake uselessly against its hide, not slowing it at all. You pull out of the dive as you begin to run out of space, and can only watch as the Golem finishes its descent.

"Perhaps the Inn is empty?" You think to yourself, it is early morning after all.

But the fates are not so kind. The sound of breaking wood, stone and bodies echoes around the valley, accompanied by screams of agony that are briefly silenced as the Golem plows directly through the Inn, detonating it and sending splinters of wood and pieces of stone in all directions. It tries to stand up, but only succeeds in crushing more underfoot.

What do you do /tg/?
Rolled 75

Order Charles to stop doing things then move him out of the way without hurting anyone and heal anyone hurt but not dead.
I keep forgetting I have those dice on...
Try to take a bite out of the Golem.
File: 1374879395109.jpg-(120 KB, 640x480, 1351497532517.jpg)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
"Cease!" You roar, landing with a thunderous boom. You rush over to the Golem, careful not to cause anymore damage with your even larger claws,you lunge forward and clamp your jaws round the Golem Golem. You swing your head round, sending it hurtling through the air and into the lake, where it will not cause any damage. A piece of it still remains in your mouth, which you spit out angrily.

You can hear cries and whimpering from beneath some of the wreckage, and you set about attempting to repair your mistake. You work quickly, your colossal strength making short work of the rubble, until you pull out three survivors, the Bartender, a Barmaid, and an incredibly intoxicated patron. All three are severely wounded.

Laying them down gently, you attempt to heal them

Roll for what you can do /tg/!
Rolled 14

Here comes the bad rolls some more.
File: 1374881073954.jpg-(57 KB, 640x442, Silver Dragon.jpg)
57 KB

You raise your front claw over the injured mortals, and cast Heal. This takes a good deal of effort, as you have never restored more than one person before. You succeed however, and before you know it, two of the people, whilst one remains behind, frozen in place.

The other two two are screaming as they run they will almost certainly alert and nearby guard patrols.

What do you do?
Well, time to leave before I get into even more trouble.
File: 1374882392069.jpg-(116 KB, 1016x786, 1351439390619.jpg)
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116 KB JPG

Deciding that nobod is going to listen to you anyway, you leap into the air and begin rapidly flapping your powerful wings. You ascend quickly, only to be greeted by Bromit's cold stare...


...right, since it seems to be quiet right now, I think I'll draw this one to a close, also because its been running for 3 hours.

In this part you managed to
>get drunk
>discover how to make Golems
>accidently murder a bunch of people
>save some of them
>run off

I'll give you 5 xp for discovering Golems methinks

You currently have 43xp. You will reach the next stage of your life at 50xp

Next one will be up soon, and will be part 7!

Until then, peace out lads.
Fly ahead and attempt to rally the guards to repel the hostile golem that we had absolutely no part in creating. No, we don't know where it came from either.
File: 1374895501620.jpg-(141 KB, 638x800, 1352419300603.jpg)
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141 KB JPG
Bumping in the quite-probably-vain hope of a revival later on.


What time can we expect to see you again OP?

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