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This setting is weird and different and in order to keep barriers to entry low I have summarized all of the weird daemon society and metaphysics and stuff here:


These next two pastes are, first of all, unnecessary. You don't have to read them, and you can understand what's going on without them. But they'll help you making dangerous decisions, which is good because dangerous decisions are omnipresent in this quest. First one on war:


And the second one on diplomacy:


Tallorn of the Fiery Peaks
Rank: Common
Talents: Pyromancy+, Celerity, Majesty, Clarity-, Fleshshaping-
Powers: Fireball (Pyromancy), Burning Hands (Pyromancy), Radiance (Pyromancy), Catalyst (Pyromancy), Fireproof (Pyromancy), Dragon's Breath (Pyromancy), Too Fast By Half (Celerity), Lightning Precision (Celerity), Marathon Runner (Celerity), Charm (Majesty), Suggestion (Majesty), Extraordinarily Persuasive (Majesty), Piercing Gaze (Clarity), Chimera (Fleshshaping)
You feel sore

After being imprisoned in an oubliette for hundreds of years you have emerged to reclaim your land from the invaders from the Court of Dominion and their mortal pawns, the Golgothan Empire. To that end, you have come to Margell, a kingdom split by war of succession, seeking both to find more oubliettes to unseal and also to repel the Golgothan invasion of Margell. You've already defeated a massive Golgothan army attempting to seize the city of Menteraki, albeit at steep cost to the forces defending the city.

Golgoth still has a large army in the Margellian lowlands, and worse, powerful daemons in the area. Razag, a daemon so powerful that you could not hope to challenge him with your current forces, is pursuing you and your allies and will likely show up within a week or two (word travels slow in this area, fortunately, but he'll be coming fast once he hears of the battle).

>wat do?
File: 1374432657474.png-(216 KB, 1553x872, Trickster Daemon Quest Ma(...).png)
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216 KB PNG
And here is the world map.
Last thread mentioned Vigoth, sounding like the battle there was pretty critical to the war effort. If we can, it would be neat to make our way there and see if we can turn the battle around (I'm not even going to ask if our guys are losing, they always are) before Razag catches up. So, how quickly can we get to that place?

If you take the roads, it'll be about five or six days to Vigoth (a few days extra if you decide to bring even one mortal with you, since they need to sleep).
So basically exactly enough time that we'd be seriously pushing our luck with regard to evading Razag, making it effectively a 50/50 gamble on getting murdered or not seeing as we don't know his speed for sure. Great. How long would it take us to get there by not-roads?

Through mountainous terrain it'd be a much harder trip, especially since you haven't got Wayart anymore. It would be about three weeks. You'd be harder to track, but there's no hope of staying ahead of Razag if he does find your tracks. He can fly, so roads and wilderness are all the same to him.
Three weeks is too much if we want to do anything at Vigoth. It's already uncertain if anything will be left a week from now, let alone three. Plus, even if we evade him, and if Vigoth still wasn't decided at the time, we'd be close to Razag and he could hear about the battle at Vigoth so soon we won't have a chance to escape. So if we want to do anything there, we'll be going by road, stealth be damned.

The only alternative I see that involves progress is simply wandering the mountains hoping to stumble over oubliettes, but that's just a vague hope of finding something that may not even be there to begin with, I don't like that at all.

So, I'd say we make our way to Vigoth as quickly as we can, after reminding Menteraki that it was Tallorn of the Fiery Peaks and Goralin the Wise (at least I think that was the title he was most known by? Otherwise correct me) who came to their aid. I'm thinking that since these mountains are part of their domain and the Gigans live here, it would make sense to eventually have Tallorn and Goralin become patron deities for them. Our intervention at the battle of Menteraki makes for a good first impression. Further smiting at Vigoth would help as well I think.
Agreed. Make sure to have Goralin carry Tethys and Beskir if he can, we will need them back on their feet and in our presence ASAP.

Isrameth raises a point in response: "We have two high value targets. Razag will want to catch both yourself and Goralin. If we split the group, each headed to separate destinations, Razag can't hope to catch both of us."
Just to remind me, who do we have with us at the moment? As far as I recall, our party was already thinned significantly by this battle, even more may be dangerous...

Yourself, Goralin, Sierra, and Isrameth are the only ones on their feet. Tethys and Beskir are down for about three weeks, the twins are down for a week or two longer than that, and Wayart is either completely missing or burnt to ash and not coming back for about year.
Hmm. I'd hate to divide the party further, but... It would kind of make sense to have Goralin and Sierra (because Goralin still doesn't stoneshape as far as I recall) hide the wounded in the mountains and perhaps also search for stray oubliettes if they feel safe. That would leave Tally and Issy to head to Vigoth. That's not much of a crew, but both are pretty combat capable so as long as they don't have to take on a peer or a large group of hedges and commons, it may be okay. We'll just have to be careful not to overcommit at Vigoth. Sounds good to me.

You agree to split the party up, Goralin and Sierra taking the wounded into a freshly-made cavern to recuperate while you and Isrameth head up north.

After two days, you see a large plume of dust approaching; a thousand Gigan cavalry headed towards Menteraki from Untos, presumably to reinforce them.

>wat do?
They're going the wrong way then, that battle is already over. A thousand horses probably wouldn't have turned that battle around anyway, so at least our efforts weren't wasted. I guess we should inform them of the misunderstanding, if we're confident that they're Gigan that is.

Step into the middle of the road, stay there and wait until they're in hearing range, then shout out with our presumably mighty voice: "Soldiers of Gigan, hear my words! I am Tallorn of the Fiery Peaks, and if Menteraki is your destination you arrive too late. By my will, the Golgothan offense has been driven away with fire and steel, the same fate awaiting all that seek to defile these mountains! Return now to your masters and tell them what I tell you. The gods of the mountains have come to your aid, and they demand nothing less than your victory over the Golgothan invaders!"

Also silently pray to Sun they're not so stupid that they'll attack us outright, that'd suck.

The baron in charge of the reinforcements glances aside at his marshalled forces a moment, then back towards Menteraki, considering. "Tallorn of the fiery peaks, I must beg your indulgence," he says after a while, "we do not know you, and by the orders of my king I cannot return to whence I came until I know that Menteraki is safe from the Golgothans."

>wat do?
Turn on Radiance for a moment and breathe very heavily to indicate BURNING RAGE, then turn it back off and calm our breath again. Don't want to give him the impression that Tallorn is too forgiving.

"Very well, mortal. This once, I will tolerate your disbelief. See my works for yourself if you must, then relay my message. I would be... sorely disappointed if I do not see you ready to prove your worth on the battlefields in Ommos very soon."

Then casually continue on our way, fully expecting the mortals to move aside for us.

The army parts around you, horses moving aside to the left and right as they continue on towards Menteraki.

The next day you can see Untos in the distance, a sizable city built around the mountains. The rugged approach is defended by a half-dozen fortresses and chokepoints. Seizing this place would be a nightmare for a mortal army.

Do you plan to stop in and announce your presence? Just pass straight through the city? Or remain incognito and head around through the wilderness? Ducking around the city would take an extra six or seven hours, but it wouldn't set you back by an entire day, and it might help throw Razag off your trail if no one in Untos has seen you.
Bounce around, word will reach Untos of our presence when that convoy returns either way.
We already left a message and that amount of time isn't too bad compared to the bother of explaining your most supernatural form strolling through a populated city.

I can't tell if the first one is supposed to be a yes or a no.

But I'm also out of time for today. Which is sooner than normal. Oh, well. Quest will be on tomorrow at 14:00 server time (ish), follow @MCJohnnyQuest on twitter and I will tweet when the quest goes up.

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