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File: 1374267910498.jpg-(655 KB, 1200x1200, Ghosts of Retribution.jpg)
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In the grim darkness of the 41st millenium there is only war. Imperium of Man, once strong and proud, now is slowly crumbling, whole regions of space are lost to the horrors that lurk in the darkness of the void. Sector Deus is just one of thousands of Imperial provinces that form the frontline in the war to defend Humanity itself. Corruption from within and aggression from without threaten it. But Emperor sends us hope. High Lords of Terra commisioned a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes, finest warriors Humanity has ever seen, to defend this region of space. They are the last line of defence that hold Age of Ruin at bay. They are the Ghosts of Retribution and this is their tale. Lead them to glory or to oblivion, choice is yours.

561 brother
4 ships
176 million thrones

What do you do?

More information: http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Chapter_Quest_Wiki
File: 1374268370920.jpg-(162 KB, 1152x864, templos.jpg)
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162 KB JPG
Currently you are in Aspera Dominus, the Torment of God, your magnificent flagship, drifting in the space near Templos, merchant world.

Dossier on templos:
File: 1374268565527.png-(173 KB, 831x623, Brother-Captain Brannigan(...).png)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
I think (THINK) we should message Governor Ursus with the information we've learned about the Triarchy and their meddling in Sector Deus, we can let him provide Kerr with the necessary funds to do his spy thing, then once Kerr returns and reports, we recommend to Ursus a full exterminatus of Kruun because their nuclear missiles would destroy Imperial Forces sent to liberate it as well as making the planet uninhabitable anyway.

Then we go shitkick (hopefully) the Triarchy with the IG and IN.

New to the quest. What is the most dangerous problem to Sector Deus at the moment? What can we buy for 176 million thrones?
Also moar investment options.

Also ask one of the Mormarkian mining conglomerates if they'd like to set up a Gold Mine on Varda, they can exploit our resources in return for a percentage of their profits.
Assign Void Squad a new training assessment with the best marksman we currently have. (I believe it's brother airon, but correct me if I'm wrong.)
Void squad is to be split up into groups of 2s, each pair should be able to match Brother Airon's (Or the better Tactical Marine's) score in training.
They're also to be kept under watch of their normal protector.
are there any possible deployment opportunities for oir marines?
File: 1374269415568.jpg-(496 KB, 500x714, 1282616485300.jpg)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
Unfortunately Alexander Kerr is about to leave Sector Deus for Corgus Sector, so he won't be able to help you out, but instead he suggested his friend - Kaynos Belladon, who is known for his daring attitude and talent for exploration beyond Imperial borders.

Dossier entry:

Triarchy is a stellar empire, and it is quite big, your strategic mind tells you, that if you are preparing for an open war against it, you should first make sure that you'll win it.

1 million thrones = 1 wealth, it is worth enough to prepare 1 scout marine.

regarding threats - they are many, but you can take a look at wiki.
>Triarchy is a stellar empire, and it is quite big, your strategic mind tells you, that if you are preparing for an open war against it, you should first make sure that you'll win it.

That's why we need the support of the IG and IN of the sector. I'm sure they have people far more experienced at waging total war than us.

Some little group of former imperial fringe worlds has been found to be instigating and supplying a rebellion upon an Imperial world (Kruun).

A faction of the Ministorum is planning some kind of massive move. Suspected to be against the Chapter.

Oh, and a possible nurgle cult upon an agri world was ignored years ago because the agri world is now the primary one of the sector. [after the chapter allowed the near-destruction of the formerly primary one, Prothera]
File: 1374269922317.png-(1.4 MB, 1055x800, 1280090497804.png)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
+Imperium recently lost a prison world of Kruun to rebelling prisoners.

+You suspect that there is a Tau colony on Sabria.

+Olympia - devastated world that once belonged to Iron Warrios is still unexplored.

+Dark Sister Space Hulk - suspected base of Red Giants Renegade marines.

Whom do you send to negotiate? Please roll d100 once you do.

What are you telling Brother Airon about Void Squad? Training will be happening on Varda.
We should patrol the fringes of space where the triarchy empire is, early warning system if they try anything...
>What are you telling Brother Airon about Void Squad? Training will be happening on Varda.


>+Olympia - devastated world that once belonged to Iron Warrios is still unexplored.

and forbidden.

We also have a certain author to deal with.
Do we have the numbers and the gumption to do it?
Further, I do not feel the Astartes should be spending time doing things that are the navy's job.
I personally feel that investigating the Dark Sister is a valued use of our time and resources. Securing the hulk itself is a boon all it's own, as is scrubbing out vile traitors to all that is Good and Holy.
Rolled 31

I think both Kvei Lohar (or a representative of him if he wishes to remain on Varda) and Captain Macedon, the level-headed commander of the Space Marines garrisoning Varda, would be best.

Kvei Lohar (or representative) can broker the deal whilst Macedon can draw the line at what is acceptable or not when it comes to security of the mine and destroying stujff that;s in the way.
Did we not let Kruun fall? or am i getting confused?

we already got in trouble for olympia lets not do that again without good reason

See if the space hulk is in the sector at the moment

we could have void squad scout the planet for recon.
>What are you telling Brother Airon about Void Squad?
Nothing much at all, telling them they're anonymous prospects for the Shadow Guard.
They should also be fully equipped with power armor, no revealing bodies or faces to Airon.
Also just checked the wiki, when did our revenants go MIA?
Damn you skargan I am busy right now!
I did want to mention that we may want to use some of our cash for a new cruiaer. We are low on ships I believe
File: 1374270979238.jpg-(1.18 MB, 1270x1600, Copernicon.jpg)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
It is indeed possible. However bear in mind that there is no open war between Styrian Triarchy and Imperium at the moment - neither is sure of who would bleed more if the fight would break out. Regarding Dark Sister - hulk appears in real space every couple of years, you should check whether it's there at the moment. Alternatively, you could try to 'fish' it out of the warp with a few powerful psykers.

Fidorius Pax, author of 'Monstrum: Adeptus Astartes' is rumoured to be in hiding, but you think your Spymaster Xyptus could find him easily.

Mormarkian magnates would be pleased to help you establish gold mines on Varda, but they would take a cut, so you'd be earning only 2d10 Wealth a year. Does this proposition suit you?

You withdrew from Kruun and it fell to the rebels who were supported by then unknown(Triarchy) off-world powers.


Also, Copernicon, your Fleet Master approaches you with a request:
>Milord, I've been training as you requested to command our fleet for a few years now, however I feel that I lack some real experience. I would like to offer you to initiate pirate hunting operation around Tartarus space station - they are our enemies after all.

(thanks for anon drawfag who submitted a portrait for Copernicon)

A ship Captain was hired to deliver a decoy box to a station. Revenents infiltrated the ship, hoping to then infiltrate the target station.

The Captain was told nothing of the plan, other than 'deliver this box that isn't from this Chapter to Station X' by a representative of the Chapter. (instead of say, someone else)

Turns out the Captain chosen was a pirate, as well.

No word on the Revenants or the Captain for a while.
File: 1374271229999.png-(84 KB, 224x254, YES.png)
84 KB
Rolled 21

>Mormarkian magnates would be pleased to help you establish gold mines on Varda, but they would take a cut, so you'd be earning only 2d10 Wealth a year. Does this proposition suit you?

I'd be very happy with that, Varda would bring in 3d10W every year.
File: 1374271576230.jpg-(156 KB, 486x800, quarantine.jpg)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
I hope you'll make it sometime, Trip. No worries, we are back on air, so you'll see me about once a week from now on.

Dark Sister is expected to show up in real space in about 7 months.


You receive an encoded message from Kvei Lohar:
>Deal looks spendid. Everything is agreed and discussed, our special relationship with Mormark works to our favour once more. However there is a small problem. In order for Mormarkians to reach Varda, we'll have to breach Mormarkian Quarantine. They need us to transport about 8000 workers and at least one or two runs of supplies and materials from Mormark so that they could work in Varda. It doesn't seem like a problem from the first glance, but on the other hand if we are caught - we'll be guilty of breaking a decree that was issued by High Lords of Terra. I need your confirmation on this.
File: 1374271699788.jpg-(82 KB, 500x793, 199099_460559120633904_89(...).jpg)
82 KB
Also, these two are mine, I've been posting in other, more heretical boards.
>You receive an encoded message from Kvei Lohar:
It isn't that bad. All of the messages you send and receive are encoded by default, it's just that I noted it because of secrecy of the message. Youn can roll for you counter-intel if you want.
Rolled 43

Sure, may as well.
File: 1374272778442.jpg-(158 KB, 850x446, 119.jpg)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
=Imperial Year 337.M41=
+You lose 1d3% Heresy
+You gain 1d10+1d3 from your holdings on Varda
+Because of rigorous training 4 of our brothers are now Veterans.
+Nestorium has gained STC to build personal Teleportarium, they sent us a message that they would be willing to install it on our ships for 30 wealth.
+Pirates have been detected in Freya system
+Riots on Templos threaten stability of the planet after a major stock crash
Rolled 2

How is training?
File: 1374273055920.jpg-(652 KB, 1300x813, spacehulk.jpg)
652 KB
652 KB JPG
This one is mine.
You are quite sure that your communications have not been intercepted.
Void Squad is doing great, but it will take more time for them to perfect their marksmanship

+Dark Sister is about to appear in 23 days+(if you want to go there, you should say so in next three posts)
File: 1374273319125.jpg-(155 KB, 1024x766, space_marine_progenids_by(...).jpg)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Also it is time for you to harvest geneseed from your brothers - please roll d100 to see how successful is your harvest this time.
File: 1374273348688.jpg-(1.23 MB, 3000x1268, Battle Barge - The Lord I(...).jpg)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
Send a couple of Tactical squads under Lieutenant Kronos to help police Templos, make it abundantly clear lethal force is authorised ONLY if their lives of the lives of Imperial Authority are at risk, and if it comes to that it should be only the perpetrators eliminated, no wanton blasting into crowds. Issue them with stun mauls.

Send Copernicon with the Morbid, Vanguard and the 2nd company, along with a pair of thunderhawks, to combat the piracy.

We head to Dark Sister with the Aspera Dominus and everything else with us at the moment:
(if approved will move forces around appropriately)
Rolled 71

Also what about them investment opportunities? Ask Averon.
Rolled 7 + 1

>+You gain 1d10+1d3 from your holdings on Varda
Rolled 2

gotta do different dice values separately or second one always comes out as 1
Also regarding the gold mine, I think the decision was to stick with the 1d3 per year permanently sustainable option, and let the mining conglomeration move in as soon as the quarantine is lifted.
File: 1374274429159.jpg-(128 KB, 559x700, Frater_Lucius_by_Aerion_t(...).jpg)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Your marines descend into the very thickness of Templos' riots. Lieutenant Kronos decides to take decisive actions and leads his brothers, indomitable Deathwishers, through the crowd, clubbing rioters with their bolters, roaring on them with his amplified voice and spreading fear of the Emperor left and right. By the end of the day riots in the Capital were over with less than 30 casualties and a few thousand wounded. When rioters in other cities heard that Space Marines supported planetary governor, gradually rioting ceased. Imperial beaurocrats are giving you thanks from Eliam Belisarius, planetary governor of Templos, who is too old and sick to thank you himself. You can either accept their gift of 10 wealth or better have their gratitude for a time when you'll need it.
>Somewhere close to Freyan System
Copernicon is now on the hunt, trying to track down elusive pirates that were seen around these coordinates. Roll d100 for him.
>Dark Sister
Aspera Dominus reaches the lonely space hulk within a few weeks and you still have a couple of days to prepare yourselves to board it. Brethorius comes to you smiling:
>We are back to the bitch, right, milord? Shame that last time we hadn't had the time to penetrate her properly, but this time we'll take from her all she has...

Please give me details of how will you begin your exploration of the hulk. At the moment you have explored 5% of it.
I get the feeling we could use some gratitude...
Rolled 73

>>Somewhere close to Freyan System
>>Dark Sister
Can we reach the bridge?
File: 1374275017349.jpg-(623 KB, 875x650, 1288656815492.jpg)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
You earn a total of 8 Wealth this year.
From 541 marine that serves under your command you successfully harvest 71% percent, that is 384 units of geneseed. The rest are either not mature enough, corrupted or not fit for transplantation.

Klementhos claims, that our geneseed is PURE and UNTAINTED.

Requesting information on the explored portions. Any areas of interest such as new additions since we last saw it?
Rolled 3

And we also have the 7 Geneseed from the Iron Warrior marines, do we not?
Rolled 53

I'd rather go for Templos' gratitude, can never have too many favours.

Rolling for Copernicon's efforts.

Dark Sister Assault Plan, scan the hulk for a viabley undefended section, we board there with Brethorius, 4 Terminators and 20 Veterans via Thunderhawk, and once we establish a defend-able beachhead move in the rest of the 1st Company, along with the 7th company (their jump packs will help with moving around larger spaces (cargo bays and such-like), leave the 5th company in reserve aboard the Aspera, ready to deploy if needed.

As for special characters, I reckon we should move in both our Librarians (Trianon and Damokleon), Chaplain Tempestos, our forgemasster Seran for looking at shiny archeotech, and Master Apothecary Klementhos for shiny medical archeotech + specialist healing.

Once a nice open beachhead has been established, turn it into a basecamp, with available space for thunderhawks to shuttle reinforcements and supplies, good defensive barricades set up around all openings to it. We will move out in squads and search forth from the basecamp, sweeping the surrounding areas meticulously before moving furher on, I don't want any squad more than 5 minutes away from another at any point. Klementhos and Seran will remain at the basecamp, along with a defensive contingent of Veterans, tending to wounded and looking at archeotech we return respectively, or, if required, ready to go out and assist a squad who have discovered something of interest unable to be return to the basecamp.

Thoughts on the plan, everyone?

I don't think they're mature yet.
After this session/end of immediate Dark Sister action, I will expand our chapter numbers.
hey, guys, I'm kind of new here. I was wondering if there are any particular rules and such I should probably be familiar with before messing about any further.
File: 1374275739744.jpg-(69 KB, 522x423, 1288205299722.jpg)
69 KB
Yes, forgot that, total earnings: 9 wealth.
Mormarkian conglomerate agrees that this is probably the best solution, however you feel that they are interested to use the demand created by the quarantine for more than just mining business... Xyptus thinks you should watch them.
Your Chapter is now known in Templos is known as 'Riotcrushers', you earned good reputation among Arbites in the Sector and Templos government will look favourably on you next time. Lieutenant Kronos gains an upgrade - he now carries a 'Crowdbreaker' Riot Shield that he customised during his stay on Templos.
Hardly. Dark Sister is composed of about half a dozen ships, so it's only a minor space hulk, but there is no 'bridge' as such.
>new additions
+1 xp for this anon for good thinking. There has indeed been a change to Dark Sister since you last seen it. It seems that it has lost a part of it's outer shell, as if from an explosion, opening a wide gap through which you could get into it's inner parts without the need to break in through the outer shell.

Your brothers and officers are impressed by your detailed plan, you get +10 to your first roll once you are inside the hulk. If you proceed with it, roll d100 to board.

Not yet, only with the next harvest. You still have 90 Iron Warriors geneseed units if you need them for something.

Also there is a new rule - newly created space marines will become fully initiated into the Chapter only with the next Geneseed Harvest. This will give them a decade to train and to mature.

probably just catching up in the wiki also maybe joining the irc? not sure if that's mandatory
File: 1374275986359.jpg-(512 KB, 800x765, space_marine_2_by_jutami-(...).jpg)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
Welcome to Chapter Quest, Wrenloft. You can join our chat, we will explain everything to you in detail, but in general there are only two rules:
1. Be sensible, talk with other players
2. Have fun, put your own ideas forward

Chat: http://client01.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23RisingSons&server=irc.Rizon.net

Game is happening in a player-created Sector Deus(you can create planets for it too, on the wiki, but they have to be approved by me and comply with the rest of the 40k universe) and all of the players are controlling nameless hero Chapter Master and his officers/friends.
File: 1374276513593.jpg-(130 KB, 600x436, Kacii_by_kanartist.jpg)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Please roll for boarding the Space Hulk.
Rolled 60

Also I want the Dermont brothers included in this operation.
Rolled 19

Okay, if you feel that strongly about it.
File: 1374277426214.jpg-(66 KB, 900x424, invictus.jpg)
66 KB
It is good to feel the rumble of Thunderhawk under your feet after almost two years of inactivity again. Brethorius stands by your side as you open the vox channel:
>Heavy and ready, milord. Ready to breach. Chaplain Tempestos out.
>Squad Alpha?
>Trianon here. Squad Alpha is prepared to show their best.
>Good. Squad Beta?
>Damokleon reporting in. Squad Beta is on standby.
>Ave Imperator then. Pilots, initiate boarding action.
One by one your craft birds fly past the hangar gates and approach massive pile of astro-trash and broken ships that have landed on it over the ages, carried by the mysterious winds of the warp. Dark Sister looks as intimidating as the last time you've seen it. That was a good day, you've met Adriel. But that was a bad day too - you've lost Wrath of Corax, relic blade that has been passed down from your Progenitors, Raven Guard, to you. You clench your teeth at the memory, but then pilot-servitor reports:
>Landing in 5, 4, 3, 2...
His last words are drowned by metalic clang when the landing gates open and your brothers spill out into the belly of the old space hulk.
>Alpha Squad here, our sector is clear.
>Beta Squad, nothing in our sights either. Damokleon is doing psychic scanning.
Brethorius turns to you:
>It seems we have our beach head. What next. milord?
File: 1374277677110.jpg-(967 KB, 1200x792, Imperial Fists 1st Company.jpg)
967 KB
967 KB JPG

>I am the master of my fate:
>I am the captain of my soul.

Land more troops and fan out, have Trianon and Dmokleon concentrate on diving when the Dark Sister will warp away.
File: 1374278141003.jpg-(52 KB, 720x508, 179959_448894298476401_66(...).jpg)
52 KB
Please roll d100 for exploration and d100 for dangers.

Also please give me more details, they could save you from some things.
Rolled 100

First roll for Explore, Second roll for dangers
Rolled 91

Rolled 91

is this a bad thing....

Tactical squads break down into Combat squads of 5. All forces maintain tight general coherency until beach head is secured.

Initial objective: determine primary paths out/in from our beach head.

Secondary objective: Secure major junctions with improvised fortifications.

We've landed our beach head, now we secure it as we identify further inroads. We don't rush into a maze blind.

Secondary objective: Map
sounds excellent
File: 1374279284399.jpg-(84 KB, 600x857, free shrugs.jpg)
84 KB
Byebye fate points.
Never liked you anyway.
File: 1374279358945.jpg-(96 KB, 473x685, Paz_Tau-Imperio.jpg)
96 KB
By common agreement, you burn one Fate Point and these rolls are passed without any critical effects.
How many marines do you want to land on the space hulk? There are four entrances/exits from the beach head which you have established in a millenia-old abandoned hangar.

Some details:
+Comms are poor/very poor
+Confined/urban environment
+Plenty of crawlspaces and maze-like corridors

Your first phase of exploration seems to be quiet and safe.
+Squad Beta found a cashe of holo-pictures from M37, they are worth 4 wealth.
+Trianon reports that there are living things on this ship, but further to the east.
+Seran claims that the part of the hulk in which you are at the moment once was an Imperial Cruiser. He thinks it was built sometime in M34, but will confirm once he has more details.
+Terminators have found frozen greenskin near the entrance to the void. He seems to have died from a boltshell to the chest. It is unclear when did he die. Klementhos is running tests.

You've spent 2 hours inside the hulk. 10% explored.

Are we in what would be an Imperial Cruiser's lighter bay or a broadside landing bay?

We should be able to instantly tell due to size/things in it, and it very much determines how we act from here.

And in addition, can the augers of the battle barge get any sort of reading on how much is left of this particular ship or at least tell what directions are just going to put us into space hulk rock?
Have Seran guide us to where he thinks anything important may be.
File: 1374280518394.jpg-(34 KB, 975x540, dark sister.jpg)
34 KB
You are in one of the smaller hangars, probably once used for landers and shuttles.
It's hard to say, but you believe that rocky formation is all warped with tunnels and passages, so you'll probably be able to reach other ships without going through the void. If you would choose to go through the surface of the hulk, please bear in mind, that it's very dangerous because of the flying debris, unstable surfaces, etc.
Seran believes, that it is very likely that Dark Sister is jumping in and out of the warp because of something that holds it here, possibly an ancient malfunctioning warp drive. He thinks we should check all of the ships in turn. Also he claims that his readings detect fresh energy waves from inside the hulk.
alright, let's go for the warp drive inside the hulk
File: 1374280843062.jpg-(208 KB, 510x720, 1346683965157.jpg)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
If you want to continue gradual exploration, roll 2d100 for exploration and dangers, if you prefer to go for a task-oriented mission:
+search for the living things
+search for the energy source
+search for the warp-drive
then roll just 1d100, but please name who goes to this mission(please bear in mind that the more people you'll send the slower, louder, more prone to accidents and less maneouvrable you will be)
Rolled 64, 59 = 123

Rolled 13, 33 = 46

Rolled 22

And Seran and the Chapter Master (+2 marines) will scout ahead, while the rest proceed in three divided groups.
Rolled 2

You know what? I change my mind. I want to go for the warp drive
Rolled 55


Rolling for Aspera's augers to scan for energy signatures, specifically those typical of plasma drives, reactors, warp drives, secondary reactors, gellar fields, and active heat radiation being bled into the void.

We'll find those drives...
File: 1374281843030.jpg-(212 KB, 1280x937, sorcerer.jpg)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
I'll give this to Wrenloft, because he's our newest player.
As you delve deeper into the ancient formation of rock and metal, Aspera Dominus sends data from it's scanner to Seran's auspex, giving him best available maps and possible locations of energy sources.
>Emperor thrice-damned magnetic fields, these energy waves are bouncing around here like mad... Well, but I think I know where we are going. My data shows energy spikes from and area about 0.3km from here, we should be there within an hour if everything is alright.
You follow Seran, going with him through the ancient tunnels. As disturbing as it might seem to you, only a few of them seem to be of natural origin, the rest were either mined or caved in with explosives. Suddenly, your psychic senses come alive. As if through smoke, you feel dark presence somewhere nearby. But you know that you are safe, because you have not yet been detected. Maybe it's luck, or maybe Emperor truly watches over you. but it seems you'll have your chance for revenge. You turn to Seran and spit out an order:
>Warn all units. We have a sorcerer to deal with. Ashkenor the Wrathbringer is here.

Who wants me to continue session, or shall we leave it for some other time?
Rolled 33

Leave the ship and Cyclonic torpedo it.
belay that for a moment
File: 1374282534698.jpg-(24 KB, 287x500, art-20.jpg)
24 KB
Ok then, we are finishing for today because it's 2 am in UK and next time we'll have a chance to see whether Chapter Master will manage to hunt down his nemesis - Sorcerer Ashkenor. Thank you for playing and bye!
File: 1374282692286.png-(269 KB, 500x436, Fukken Xenos!.png)
269 KB
269 KB PNG

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