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A magical maelstrom raged across the country, delaying NACL matches until midweek, but better late than never.

Forget Sunday Night NACL, this week it's all about Wednesday Afternoon Crawling!
>What is the NACL?

>Week One matches
>Week Two matches
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>Young Mountain Yetis @ Great Oak Watchers

Lineups -
YM: Jake Summers [fighter (S+B)] / Thom Freytag [wizard (evocation)] / Pete Olson [medic] / Laura Hoyster [rogue]
GO: Ella Hudson [ranger (TWF)] / Daniel Days [druid] / Dave Cantrell [cleric] / Marie Kristiansen [scout]

Summer is in full swing in Great Oak, and The Split, sodden with rain from recent thunderstorms, is a maze of lush plant life and crumbling elven ruins. And today it will host the Yetis as they go up against the as-of-yet undefeated Watchers in a Great White North divisional matchup!

The crawl started off quick, as shambling mounds accosted both teams almost immediately, striking from camouflaged positions within the dense greenery. While the Watchers handled the creatures thanks to the combined efforts of Hudson and Kristiansen, the Yetis were caught off-guard by the ferocity of the plant creatures, and Summers found himself tangled in binding tendrils while the rest of his party desperately tried to hack him free. It wasn’t just the shambling mounds giving teams trouble, as both parties struggled when faced with crossing a wide section of river. Great Oak’s Days attempted to create a bridge of summoned trees, but it proved unstable and Days and Cantrell both slipped and fell off, taking some nasty hits as they both went over a waterfall before they were able to make it to shore. Freytag attempted to get the Yetis across by creating a frozen bridge, but this too proved inadequate as, halfway across, the bridge melted and medic Pete Olson was also swept away and lost for the remainder of the crawl.

Both teams were in very rough shape before they even attempted to complete their objective, which was to enter a portal to the Feywild and successfully steal a piece of artwork from the Erl King’s gallery. Hoyster continued to prove her future Hall of Fame status by pulling this task off almost flawlessly, her escape aided by the distraction caused by the Watchers’ Hudson inadvertently running headlong into the Erl King’s guards.
Yetis - 9
Watchers - 8
Crawler of the Match - Laura Hoyster, rogue, Young Mountain Yetis
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>Lewis & Clark’s Last Chancers @ Soda Mine Barbarians

Lineups -
LC: Clark Bell [fighter (2H)] / Cecelia Hert [bard] / Mark Schiffer [alchemist] / Jaxon "Action" Tracy [rogue]
SODA - Neil Nordegraf [barbarian] / Dana Wisenhunt [warlock] / Tammy Becker [cleric] / Dennis "Rusty" Shaw [rogue]

Teams plunge into the frigid depths of Lunta’s Mine for the second week in a row as the Barbarians host the Last Chancers in an epic interdivisional rivalry showdown. Over the years, these two teams have kept one another from making it to a Big Crawl more times than any other, so to say there’s a little bad blood is a gross understatement.

Lunta’s Mine, perhaps sensing the tension between the teams, gave them an opportunity to leave it all in the dungeon. The objective was a 30 minute match of Capture the Flag, with both parties navigating the freezing flooded passageways, fending off the dire frostbats, and trying not to get overrun by oozes while trying to outscore their bitter rivals. While the creatures and traps of Lunta’s Mine failed to slow down either team (the Last Chancers’ duo of Bell and Schiffer were stunning, while Nordegraf gave Barbarians fans something to cheer for, slicing and cleaving as if his nearly career-ending injury last season didn’t even happen), the freezing water once again sapped both teams’ strength as the match wore on. The Last Chancers took an early lead, grabbing two flags in quick succession, but Hert found herself trapped in a rapidly flooding tunnel after the second score and was lost for the remainder of the crawl. After that, the Last Chancers only scored once more, while the Barbarians banged in four quick flag captures, thanks to the teamwork of Nordegraf and Wisenhunt.
Last Chancers - 10
Barbarians - 13
Crawler of the Match - Neil Nordegraf, barbarian, Soda Mine Barbarians
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>Yorkshire Giant Slayers @ Monument City Ravenguard

Lineups -
YORK: Tessa Sumerlin [fighter (S+B)] / Jazz Ashton [wizard (abjuration)] / Dalton Perretta [cleric] / Ian Pellow [rogue]
MON: Isaac Pickering [ranger (TWF)] / Mae Dubois [wizard (enchantment)] / Ray McKnight [cleric] / Nemo Bryant [scout]

Two undefeated teams from the Colonial division meet in Monument City today, both hoping to preserve their record for at least one more week. But one team is going to be disappointed at the end of the crawl. Will the Giant Slayers’ traditional tactics prevail, or can the Ravenguard keep the hopes of their city alive?

The Rookery is not an easy dungeon, but you’d never guess it after the showing these teams put on today. Even with a veritable army of skeletons patrolling the corridors and the Rookery’s infamous rotating room puzzles, both the Giant Slayers and the Ravenguard were as close to perfect as you can get. The only hint of weakness shown came when the Ravenguard were momentarily disoriented by a spinning room, and spent several minutes following Nemo Bryant down a hallway they had just cleared, but even that was the most minor of mistakes.
The aforementioned army of skeletons had risen from the catacombs that run beneath Monument City, and defaced several famous tombs in the process. The objective was to find the necromancer leader of the skeletons, defeat him, and return the gold armor he had stolen to its proper resting place. Yorkshire was the first to track him down, and his minions and wards were no match at all for fighter Tessa Sumerlin, who had cleared the room and struck him down within a matter of minutes. Ravenguard’s crawlers showed up seconds later, and attempted to recover the armor themselves, but the Giant Slayers’ Ian Pellow made his getaway with the gilded armor before Monument City could secure it, and netted the Giant Slayers an impressive win.
Giant Slayers - 15
Ravenguard - 13
Crawler of the Match - Ian Pellow, rogue, Yorkshire Giant Slayers
>New England Cultists @ The Pitt Steel Soldiers

Lineups -
NE: Rob Glennon [fighter (TFW)] / Daniel Schoenberger [summoner] / Evan Ward [alchemist] / Kim Janssens [rogue]
PITT: Jedd Kozlowski [fighter (S+B)] / Dominic Vie [spellsword] / Hannah Shore [cleric] / Suzy Arrington [artificer]

Both teams come into this crawl without a win this season, and both are looking to break the trend. The Cultists are still reeling from last week’s loss of starting warrior Toren Atkinson, possibly for a month as he recovers from the mind-bending depths of the Cultists’ home dungeon. The Steel Soldiers, on the other hand, have simply failed to put together a convincing crawl. Who’s going to turn it around, and who will continue to disappoint?

While other dungeons boast arcane hazards, horrible monsters, and devious traps, the hazards in The Foundry are horribly straightforward - molten iron, crushing walls, entangling chains - all things that immediately summon images of terrible burns and mangled limbs. While the golems that seem to repair the inscrutable machines can sometimes overpower unwary crawlers, the real dungeons are the traps, as the Cultists were quick to discover. After navigating a suspended walkway over a river of molten metal, Cultists’ rogue Kim Janssens found herself trapped alone in a room as the walls slowly closed in. While she ultimately disabled the trap before it became fatal, she suffered a broken arm and leg and was removed from the dungeon for the remainder of the crawl. Already relying on backup warrior Rob Glennon, the Cultists did their best, but were unable to keep up with the Steel Soldiers.
At the end of the dungeon, the Steel Soldiers encountered a sealed door. Whichever team could repair the mechanism controlling it first and exit would win the objective, and artificer Suzy Arrington set to work immediately. This slowed the Steel Soldiers enough that the Cultists’ Schoenberger was able to catch up, and while his grotesque summons slowed down Arrington’s work, the Steel Soldiers were soon able to leave The Foundry intact.
Cultists - 9
Steel Soldiers - 14
Crawler of the Match - Suzy Arrington, artificer, The Pitt Steel Soldiers
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1.98 MB JPG
>Outlander Gatekeepers @ Capitol Red Scars

Lineups -
OUT: Blanche Reid [fighter (S+B)] / Tina Gomez [summoner] / Lotto Dodger [cleric] / Suzie Cadwell [rogue]
CAP: Will Trettin [fighter (TWF)] / Sadie Swansea [sorcerer] / Danny "Blueboy" Sanders [medic] / Ray Soto [rogue]

Both teams come into the crawl today bruised and battered, with the Gatekeepers missing starting rogue Josh Woodward and the Red Scars without alchemist Clara Novak. Unfortunately, the Blood Bowl is not a gentle dungeon, and both teams will need every advantage they can get just to survive the crawl.

While the Blood Bowl usually throws crawlers up against one or two very large, very dangerous creatures, today the teams were faced with wave after wave of cinder wolves, simply tasked with surviving for 30 minutes as choking smoke and ash filled the arena. The Red Scars stood strong, led by the duo of Trettin and Soto, and soon the team was surrounded by rivers of burning blood as the beasts began to pile up. A brief lull in the fierce display by the Red Scars saw Soto almost dragged away by the beasts, but he was quickly recovered with only minor burns.

The Gatekeepers didn’t fare nearly as well, as Blanche Reid and Lotto Dodger attempted to mount a stable defense against the sweeping wave of fur, teeth, and fire, but were overpowered just as the clock began to count down the final minute. Reid escaped major injury thanks to the intervention of Dodger, but will still likely be out next week.
Gatekeepers - 7
Red Scars - 12
Crawler of the Match - Ray Soto, rogue, Capitol Red Scars
New Amsterdam Genasi @ New Cardon Flytraps

Lineups -
NAM: Melody Cortez [swashbuckler] / Ash Woodward [sorcerer] / Kathy Sloan [cleric] / Theo Abbey [scout]
NCAR: Ian Marsh [fighter (2H)] / Jan McClure [wizard (enchantment)] / Joe Gomez [medic] / Meri Stevenson [trapsmith]

A bitter interdivisional rivalry has emerged between these two teams in recent years, which always means good crawling, loud fans, and maybe a little scuffle in the dungeon. Combined, the teams listed five crawlers as either probable or questionable, and yet everyone showed up, ready to prove themselves in New Cardon’s Waiting Dark.

Both teams found themselves starting the crawl side-by-side, and almost immediately a scrum broke out, with the Genasi’s Cortez and Woodward squaring off against the Flytraps’ Ian Marsh and Gomez. But just as things were getting going, the dungeon’s trademark driders arrived and entered the fight, and before long, both teams were engaged in a three-way struggle that would ultimately end with four dead driders, the Flytraps’ Marsh out of the fight thanks to a paralyzing poison, and Genasi sorcerer Ash Woodward without the use of his left leg (though he chose to stay in the crawl).

After the fight, both teams chose to head in opposite directions rather than risk further injury (at least until they had a chance to heal up), and start pursuing the objective (search the Drow ruins for a tome containing a spell that would teleport the teams to safety and end the crawl) in earnest. The Waiting Dark threw vicious traps at the teams, and yet more poison, and the Flytraps suffered for it as Stevenson failed to disarm two poison gas traps in a row. On the other side of things, Theo Abbey was aptly dodging poison darts and hidden pits as he and Woodward searched for the tome.
Ultimately though, the Flytraps stumbled across the book by pure luck, and, rather than continuing the crawl without their warrior and with a trapfinder obviously suffering from poisoning herself, McClure activated the rune, ending the crawl.
Genasi - 12
Flytraps - 8
Crawler of the Match - Theo Abbey, scout, New Amsterdam Genasi
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>Tidewater Sahuagin @ Crescent River Martyrs

Lineups -
TIDE: Cat Singleton [ranger (bow)] / Jon Fraleigh [druid] / Randall McCullough [cleric] / Jenny Kelly [scout]
CR: Juin Caravane [swashbuckler] / Junior Barnes [wizard (abjuration)] / Freddie Thorton [cleric] / Trudy Puckett [rogue]

Historically, the Sahuagin have excelled in the Martyrs’ Cypress Gallows, and druid Jon Fraleigh substituting for the injured sorcerer Eric Davies may actually be a stroke of luck in the swampy dungeon. However, the Sahuagin come into the crawl 0-2, against a 2-0 Martyrs team that has been on fire these past weeks.

Cypress Gallows has always been a straightforward dungeon, and today’s crawl is little different. The teams were tasked with simply crossing the swamp in small boats, but of course the dungeon wasn’t going to make things quite that easy. Dire alligators assaulted the small crafts from below, attempting to tip them and launch the crawlers into the murky waters, and swamp chokers assailed the teams from above, their long claws dangling from the treetops. The Sahuagin relied on the teamwork of Singleton and Kelly, both deadeyes with the bow, while Caravane and Puckett kept the Martyrs safe with their dexterous bladework.

Ultimately, the teams didn’t falter against the deadly monsters, but against the environment of the swamp itself, as the twists and turns of navigating the swamplands slowly disoriented both teams. But as Caravane began to steer her party in circles, Tidewater second-stringer druid Fraleigh proved his worth as he and Kelly navigated the Sahuagin to the finish zone.
Sahuagin - 10
Martyrs - 9
Crawler of the Match - Jenny Kelly, scout, Tidewater Sahuagin
The Rookery may as well be a beanstalk.
Hey Commish, I'm genuinely offended there are no Jacks on our lineup
>Magnolia City Minotaurs @ Terminus Devils

Lineups -
MAG: JJ Evans [fighter (2H)] / Jordan Hu [spellsword] / Ellert Reynaldsson [alchemist] / Alice Campesino [rogue]
TERM: Chuck Vanderkar [fighter (TWF)] / Lily Button [warlock] / Louis Calgori [alchemist] / Dirk Andersen [rogue]

Two tough, physical teams facing off in one of the most punishing dungeons? Even with the Minotaurs relying on backup trapfinder Campesino, it’s going to be a crawl worth watching.

The Seventh Level didn’t earn its nickname (Hell on Earth) by being an easy crawl, but the objective for the day was to stop the other team from reaching the exit first, so the dungeon won’t be the only thing teams have to worry about. After a quick start, things slowed down as both the Minotaurs and the Devils struggled with a door sealed with an infernal puzzle. While the Devil’s Andersen eventually bypassed it, the Minotaurs chose to attempt to find away around the door, which put them face-to-face with the Devils for the first time. Evans and Vanderkar squared off, but Vanderkar quickly realized he was outmatched, and the Devils retreated down a side path. As the Minotaurs pursued, they found themselves in a summoning room, just as a greater devil emerged from the Infernal Plane. Evans once again proved why he’s one of the top fighters in the league, and the team set off in pursuit once again.

This time, the Devils were ready, and Calgori and Andersen launched an ambush on the Minotaurs, trapping Reynaldsson in the crossfire and taking him out of the crawl. The two Devils then rejoined their team, and, virtually unopposed, reached the exit.
Minotaurs - 10
Devils - 13
Crawler of the Match - JJ Evans, fighter, Magnolia City Minotaurs
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643 KB JPG
>West Mesa Coyotes @ Fort Worthington Jackalopes

Lineups -
WEST: Jevan Murray [ranger (bow)] / Randall "One Shoe" Dennis [sorcerer] / Tina Slowstone [bard] / Markus Spears [rogue]
FTW: Tom Justice [paladin (S+B)] / Zia Tallan [sorcerer] / Annette Furst [cleric] / Sam Lee [rogue]

It’s only week three, and the Coyotes already have an absolutely devastated roster, coming into this week’s crawl with three backups, Markus Spears being the only first-stringer making an appearance this week. The Coyotes’ job this week was simply to make it through the crawl without further injury.

The Fort, the Jackalopes’ dungeon, was actually a working fortress during the Elven-American Wars, and even today, ghosts still drift through the abandoned hallways, ready to suck the life from anyone they can find. The divine might of Tom Justice and Furst easily kept the Jackalopes safe from the ghosts’ death touch, but without any divine casters to drive them off, the Coyotes were assaulted again and again by the spectres. Also a reminder of the war are the Elven runic puzzles hidden throughout The Fort, puzzles that Tallan and Lee easily solved, but stopped the Coyotes dead in their tracks as Dennis and Slowstone attempted to work through them.

Unfortunately for the Coyotes, speed was an important part of the crawl today, the objective being to raise a flag over the fortress (a symbolic “reclaiming” on the anniversary of the Fall of Syndir Guos). While the Coyotes struggled with puzzles and traps, the Jackalopes easily raised their flag over the ramparts.
Coyotes - 7
Jackalopes - 14
Crawler of the Match - Annette Furst, cleric, Fort Worthington Jackalopes
>Lastwall Shields @ Monterrey Aztecs

Lineups -
LAST: Brent Haywood [fighter (S+B)] / Alice Tran [wizard (abjuration)] / Eldon Wells [medic] / Scott Hardkiss [scout]
MRY: Victor "Vic" Rivas [barbarian] / Alyssa Portillo [sorcerer] / Olivia Bates [blood mage] / Jonathan Kennison [rogue]

Last week, the Coyotes came into Mictlin and eventually had to forfeit the match after losing two crawlers in quick succession. Will the Shields’ strong defense stand up better than the Coyotes’ nimble strikers? Or will the Aztecs remain unstoppable at home?

Once again into the breach, the Shields face Mictlin, the dungeon that brought their championships to a heartbreaking end two seasons ago. Yet again, both teams were assaulted by obsidian dust storms, rivers of blood, elementals, and the fabled blood jaguars. Surprisingly, despite Tran’s defensive spells, the Shields seemed to struggle most with the obsidian winds, as both Wells and Hardkiss were slowed by eye injuries during the course of the crawl. When the blood jaguar that had been stalking the party did finally strike, Haywood and Hardkiss together quickly slayed the monster, a ferocious one-two punch of sword and bow.

The Aztecs didn’t encounter a blood jaguar of their own, but instead found themselves repeatedly assaulted by electrical elementals, creatures born of the lightning storm that rages eternally over Mictlin. Rivas and Kennison took on the energy creatures to moderate success, but Rivas, after one too many shocks, seemed to lose the use of his left hand for the remainder of the crawl.

The objective of the crawl was to escort a lost soul safely to the pillar at the end of Mictlin, where it could finally be at peace. And as has happened so many times in the past, the Shields’ formidable defense kept the team safe, but allowed the quicker, more nimble Aztecs to reach the obsidian pillar first.
Shields - 11
Aztecs - 12
Crawler of the Match - Brent Haywood, fighter, Lastwall Shields
>Sonora Desert Walkers @ Bunker City Defenders

Lineups -
SONO: Brendan Knapp [ranger (bow)] / Clair "Acorn" Tillman [druid] / Paul Slopes [cleric] / Zach Gibbs [bard]
BUNK: Jessica Cain [fighter (S+B)] / James Graham [wizard (evocation)] / Marissa Coplen [alchemist] / Mitchell Branch [trapsmith]

The Desert Walkers, never more at home than in the wide-open wastes of the Valley of the Sun, instead find themselves crawling in the heavily industrialized home of the Defenders, Lockdown. Will the cramped interiors stimmy the Desert Walkers’ style? Or is the team versatile enough to show that they’re not just a one-trick pony?

Today’s crawl showed us an arena-style Lockdown, and the objective - escort a flag to the opponent’s side to score, first to three points wins - fit perfectly with the layout. It was a crawling style that the Defenders are more than a little familiar with, and one that forced the Desert Walkers to adapt on the fly. And adapt they did. The Defenders scored first, as Mitchell Branch snuck across the dungeon right under Zach Gibbs’s nose, but the Desert Walkers quickly rallied, with Knapp scoring twice in quick succession, his excellent bow work keeping the Defenders at bay. On the third carry, Gibbs stumbled into a booby-trapped room, and the explosion rocked the dungeon and filled it with choking smoke. Gibbs survived with minor burns and wounds, but was out of the crawl and probably won’t see the dungeon next week either.

After that setback, it quickly turned into the Defenders’ match. Branch scored yet again, despite Tillman summoning swarms of scorpions to fill the Desert Walkers’ side, and Marissa Coplen racked up the final score, her reckless bomb-throwing sending the Desert Walkers scrambling for safety.
Desert Walkers - 11
Defenders - 14
Crawler of the Match - Mitchell Branch, trapsmith, Bunker City Defenders
>Lost Vegas Dust @ River City Kobolds

Lineups -
LV: Lyra Moon [spellsword] / Bennett Tsukino [bard] / Ian "Biscuit" Douglas [alchemist] / Katie Frost [artificer]
RVR: Zac Humm [fighter (S+B)] / Amily Sparks [sorcerer] / Rose Dougall [bard] / Ned Coates [rogue]

The drought continues in River City, and the Kobolds’ dungeon, the Greenbelt, is anything but green right now. Reduced to little more than a dusty riverbed stalked by hungry drakes, both teams are crawling in an unfamiliar environment today.

The objective today was to find a long-forgotten shrine hidden within the Greenbelt and complete the ritual to end the drought. Both teams set off to navigate the twisting riverbed, scrambling over the uneven terrain under the baking sun. The Dust, with Tsukino leading the way, quickly found themselves lost, repeatedly exploring the same branch of the river, or taking shortcuts and ending up back where they started. Eventually, they got back on track, but their stumbling had attracted the attention of the Greenbelt’s drakes. Moon and Tsukino put on a dazzling performance of bladework and magic, driving off the demi-dragons, who instead decided to give the Kobolds a try. Zach Humm and Amily Sparks stepped up to defend against the drakes, Sparks in particular putting on an impressive show as lightning bolt after lightning bolt drove the creatures back.

Ned Coates had little chance to show off his trapfinding acumen, but thanks to his sharp eyes, the Kobolds were the first to discover the shrine. After a few minutes of study, Dougall and Sparks performed the Song of Storms, and, with a mighty thundercrack, the skies above River City opened up, a fierce thunderstorm bringing much-needed rain to the parched land.
Dust - 11
Kobolds - 13
Crawler of the Match - Amily Sparks, sorcerer, River City Kobolds
God dammit Watchers get your shit together.
File: 1374098639832.jpg-(530 KB, 1300x836, dungeon.jpg)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
>St. Iago’s Thunderbolts @ Bay City Dwarves

Lineups -
IAGO: Benjamin Slater [fighter (TWF)] / Lia Brock [wizard (evocation)] / Mike Bass [bard] / Rhonda Little [rogue]
BAY: DeSean Levy [fighter (2H)] / Erin Lamplight [wizard (transmutation)] / Sarah Zhu [alchemist] / Ronald Gregory-Ericksen [rogue]

The Leading Dark is the most trap-heavy dungeons in the Pacific Rim division, and after losing Tim Tsai to retirement last season, the Dwarves have been making due with Erik Kearney as a temporary replacement. However, Kearney is out for the second week in a row, so once again (former third-stringer) Ronald Gregory-Ericksen is handling trapfinding for the Dwarves.

While the Drow ruins that dot the East Coast still show signs of their former inhabitants (for example, the giant spiders and driders that inhabit New Cardon’s Waiting Dark), the ruins on the West Coast have long since been expunged of their former inhabitants, the only legacy being the fearsome traps. Instead, shadows and shades have taken over the Leading Dark, creatures dwelling in the inky darkness just waiting for a crawler to step too far from the light, but neither team saw a member dragged into the dark today. Lia Brock summoned orbs of light to follow each crawler for the Thunderbolts, and Sarah Zhu kept the Dwarves in the light through the use of improvised fireworks.
It was the Leading Dark’s infamous traps that would decide the match today. Gregory-Ericksen, attempting to lead his party through a room strung with tripwires, inadvertently activated a hidden pressure plate, and narrowly avoided being skewered by the spikes that shot out of the wall. Later, while attempting to disable a poison dart trap, Gregory-Ericksen instead set the trap off, sending a dart straight into Zhu. Quick treatment of the poison kept her in the crawl, but the damage had been done. On the other side of the dungeon, the Thunderbolts were stunning everyone (including themselves) with an almost flawless crawl. At one point, Little even pulled off a double-disarm, a move usually only doable by top-tier trapfinders.

Both teams eventually reached the center of the dungeon, which had transformed into a giant court, and the teams were set to complete the objective: a four-on-four game of basketball (an ancient, obscure sport involving shooting a round ball through hoops for points). Mike Bass quickly proved himself to be a natural, and easily cinched a win for the Thunderbolts with his impressive shooting.
Thunderbolts - 15
Dwarves - 10
Crawler of the Match - Mike Bass, bard, St. Iago’s Thunderbolts
>Great Basin Crusaders @ Silent Bay Sharks

Lineups -
GB: Joseph Swan [paladin (2H)] / Jonah McIntyre [oracle] / Isabelle Fin [cleric] / Gordon Wolfe [inquisitor]
SLNT: Kahuna [barbarian] / Jenna Song [sorcerer] / May Kuza [alchemist] / Alex Kanagawa [rogue]

A monstrous thunderstorm hangs over Silent Bay, turning Mount Ka’ala, usually a dangerous dungeon, into something downright treacherous, as mudslides and flooding threaten to wash entire sections of the dungeon away.

The Sharks found the going rough, as May Kuza and Alex Kanagawa both found themselves repeatedly stuck in the sucking mud. The Crusaders seemed to have an easier time of it, with Swan steady as a rock, clearing a path for his team through the dense undergrowth and fast-moving water. But as the teams left the foothills and began to ascend the mountain in earnest, it wasn’t long before the team’s uniforms were indistinguishable as they became increasingly coated with mud and debris.

Halfway up the mountain, just below the treeline, the teams began their objective. They were given tasks and riddles by a spirit of the mountain, and whoever completed them first would be shown the way home by the spirit. Quick thinking by Song solved the spirit’s riddles, and Kuza was eventually able to locate the rare flower the spirit asked for, securing an easy win for the Sharks.
Crusaders - 10
Sharks - 13
Crawler of the Match - Joseph Swan, paladin, Great Basin Crusaders
>Taggenton Otters @ Emerald City Albatrosses

Lineups -
TAGG: Jeremy Fitzgerald [fighter (xbow)] / Alexis Heap [sorcerer] / Kyle Dake [cleric] / Daniel "Goro" Minami [scout]
EMLD: Tyson Baird [barbarian] / Kristopher Cunningham [summoner] / Audrey Marble [alchemist] / Ava Dodge [artificer]

The Gasworks is not the kind of dungeon most people expect to find in the center of Emerald City, and this often works to the Albatrosses’ advantage. But inter-division rivals like the Otters have been to The Gasworks enough to know what to expect. Usually.

Today’s crawl started with The Gasworks coming to a sudden, shuddering stop. The streams of fire, the pumping pistons, the spinning gears, even the golems that maintain the dungeon all suddenly shut down. The objective, then, was to get The Gasworks running again, activating various levers, re-lighting pilot lights, and so on. But as the dungeon slowly came back online, it would become increasingly dangerous.

At first, it was a quick footrace, with literally nothing to oppose the teams. Minami struck first for the Otters, finding a bank of valves and reactivating them, but to no noticeable effect. It wasn’t until Marble and Dodge reignited the main furnace did things start moving again, much to the Otters’ surprise as the inactive golems surrounding the team suddenly became quite active. Fitzgerald’s quick crossbow work gave the Otters time to escape, but by now The Gasworks was back in earnest. Second-string healer Kyle Dake was caught in a jet of flame and taken out of the crawl, and an unexpected crushing piston trap almost took Minami out of the crawl too. The Albatrosses, too, were struggling with the sudden activity, as Dodge fumbled disabling a trap that left the entire team slightly scorched. By this point, the Albatrosses had the dungeon back in operation in earnest, and secured a win at home.
Otters - 9
Albatrosses - 11
Crawler of the Match - Audrey Marble, alchemist, Emerald City Albatrosses
>Goldenport Marauders @ New Albion Navigators

Lineups -
GOLD: Tank Pryce [fighter (2H)] / Keeley "Keel" Reinowski [sorcerer] / Marcia Koch [cleric] / Doug Fetterman [trapsmith]
ALB: Tyrell Wonderly [fighter (S+B)] / Elizabeth Oshiro [wizard (illusion)] / Katie Tea [cleric] / Tybalt Black [rogue]

It’s hard to imagine two more different teams. The Marauders, led by one of the top-five warriors in the league, up against the Navigators, with one of the elite mages on their roster. Will the Marauders’ brute force do them any good in the City of Glass, a dungeon known for illusions and trickery? Or would the Navigators save face after an embarrassing loss at home to the Otters last week?

This week, the crawl began on the top floor of the City of Glass, teams tasked with simply finding the REAL exit (a surprisingly difficult objective). The Marauders faltered early, an illusory staircase sending Reinowski falling straight through the floor. This was quickly followed up by an embarrassing showing by Doug Fetterman, as he attempted to disarm a trap, only to activate a second one, a pitfall that almost slid him right out of the skyscraper.

The Navigators were making cracking progress until, for the second week in a row, they came face-to-face with a mirror golem. Prepared after last week, Wonderly and Black searched for the creature’s weak point while Oshiro and Tea distracted it with spells, but before they could destroy it, Tea suffered a nasty ricochet from Oshiro’s magic missile barrage.
As both teams neared the bottom floor, the illusions became more and more frequent. The Marauders twice walked into invisible wall, while Black slowed the Navigators down attempting to disable a trap that wasn’t there. But when both teams came face-to-face on the third floor, Oshiro proved why she’s one of the top mages in the league, casting a mirror image of her party to fight the Marauders, while the actual team descended the final floors. As Oshiro dispelled illusion after illusion, the real exit eventually became apparent, and the Navigators left while the Marauders were still fighting the illusory party.
Marauders - 9
Navigators - 13
Crawler of the Match - Elizabeth Oshiro, wizard, New Albion Navigators
This past week was way crazier than I ever could've expected, so I apologize for the delay. Still aiming to get Week Four posted on Sunday, but realistically it'll probably be sometime Monday.
Monday Night Dungeon Crawl is perfectly fine with me.
Finally! The Nackle is Backle! I was wondering where the league had gone. I figured something as tame and unexciting as a magical maelstrom wouldn't stop the games, but we didn't get hit that hard in my neck of the woods. Then again we New Englanders are used to unpredictable weather.
File: 1374100214918.png-(237 KB, 280x200, 1362696683100.png)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
Yes, finally! Go Steel Soldiers!
Also, can I jsut say Jesus Christ Cultists, you just can't stop fucking up. Have we gone a single crawl without serious mental or physical harm?
Hahah, you must be a new fan. Just wait until they start sprouting extra arms and speaking in tongues. Then you can talk about serious mental harm.
I like the new format of listing the rosters, but maybe add to that and list the dungeon's name too?

Maybe an astrick next to substitutions/second-stringers, too.
File: 1374101956545.png-(28 KB, 512x512, Lastwall Shields Logo.png)
28 KB
I can live with that. Lastwall aren't the fastest team, but we get the job done. Losing by one point in Mictlin is nothing to sneeze at.
File: 1374102180773.jpg-(92 KB, 848x480, depressed.jpg)
92 KB
>Taggenton Otters lose again

commissioner pls
I've got 50 sp that the Desert Walkers sweep this weeks match, anybody want to wager in on this action?
Not that new. I just never considered extra arms as a form of harm. that always seemed like a bonus.
File: 1374105119926.gif-(Spoiler Image, 982 KB, 420x315)
Spoiler Image, 982 KB
982 KB GIF


WHAAAAAAATTTTWell good game Saggies. It was a nail-biter from start to finish. Well deserved!
File: 1374105211424.jpg-(47 KB, 265x265, shiba.jpg)
47 KB
>There are people on this board RIGHT NOW that don't believe that Ray Soto isn't an elite rogue in the NACL
Damn blasted Yetis!! Hoyster has obviously been enchanted and a wizard not on the Yetis payroll needs to check her for enchants!

Watchers deserved to win this.
thats fucking bitchin as fuck. GO KOBOLDS!
Man i wish Reyna could just finish a crawl. He is such a good healer when he manages to stay out of trouble, he proved it last season.

Will he be out next week? He got hit pretty hard from what i saw.
>Almost got dragged away by Cinder Wolves
>Fucking cinder wolves

Scarfag pls
File: 1374117206992.jpg-(100 KB, 327x367, frog otter.jpg)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
The Coyotes have had the lowest score two weeks in a row now. Is it just because of the injuries and tough dungeons, or are they just unexpectedly awful?
who yetis here?
I don't think any team could put on an impressive performance with three backups playing
File: 1374126697351.jpg-(137 KB, 534x627, otter-feels.jpg)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
This is all made up, right?
Nah we filmed some guys doing this earlier.
Steel Soldiers win, Ravenguard lose? Now that's a good week of Crawl.

Also, anyone have rankings of the teams so far?
Told y'all Nordegraf'd make a comeback. It's been a good week and now it's getting better! GO SODA MINE! GO THUNDERBOLTS!
There's no easy way to export the current standings from the spreadsheet, so I'll do it in the morning.
Great matches this week. Looking good.
Dunno what you guys are crying about, Otters won last week didn't they? Coyotes have been on a 2-game losing streak and a mauled roster.
File: 1374157975098.gif-(1.99 MB, 400x300, 1373711855492.gif)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
But I wish the otters would streak it all
> steal
Dammit phone
I can't imagine a more dangerous sport for streakers
"Evans strikes at the dragon's underbelly and...oh, and what's this? A fan has jumped into the dungeon and...yes, yes, I think we have a streaker!"
"Look at him go, I haven't seen something like this since 2005. Match between the Watchers and Giant Slayers, if I recall correctly."
"I believe you're right, it took them a few days to recover all the limbs and...oh, yes, there we go. The streaker came face to face with the drake and..."
"I guess that's that, Al."
"Pity, he looked like he could've put on a good show. Anyway, Evans struck the dragon's underbelly, wounding it! What a swing Evans has, reminds me of Trey McNabb back in the early 80s."
>Great White North
GO: 2-1
YM: 2-1
LC: 1-2
SODA: 1-2
>The Colonies
YORK: 3-0
MON: 2-1
PITT: 1-2
NE: 0-3
>Atlantic Seaboard
NAM: 3-0
CAP: 2-1
OUT: 1-2
NCAR: 0-3
>Gulf Coast
CR: 2-1
TERM: 2-1
MAG: 1-2
TIDE: 1-2
>Rio Grande
FTW: 2-1
LAST: 2-1
MRY: 2-1
WEST: 0-3
>The Big Empty
BUNK: 2-1
RVR: 2-1
LV: 1-2
SONO: 1-2
>Pacific Rim
SLNT: 3-0
GB: 2-1
IAGO: 1-2
BAY: 0-3
>New Cascadia
EMLD: 2-1
GOLD: 2-1
ALB: 1-2
TAGG: 1-2
File: 1374178403062.gif-(497 KB, 349x240, 1372220236029.gif)
497 KB
497 KB GIF
>otters only 1GB

Euuugh; and our rivalry with the Genasi loses us another match. We really should be showing them up in the ring, not by getting our own freaking fighter taken out of the run. That's what lost us out on the style points (that and Stevenson eating those traps), I bet.

Now all those who became fans after we made it to the Final Crawl in 2008 know what it was like to be a New Cardon before Dayon Johnson.
Hay Commish, any news on Reynaldsson? Will he be able to play this weekend?
>running like a bitch from Evans

this shit why here is why Terminus won't win a Nackleb Owl.

>Terminus Devils dynasty
Furst is First~!
Man, my Desert Walkers just can't get hot outside of the Valley. Bah, this is gonna be another year like '07, isn't it?
Currently listed as doubtful.
As a possible suggestion, perhaps spoiler-ing the final scores of each match?

Maybe it's just me being picky but my eyes always jump down to the bottom and ruin your surprisingly exciting match overviews.

Keep up the fantastic work!

bugron li'heehlirgh
Go cultists! Defeat the heretics!
Hey Comish, would you post the weekly game roster one more time?df
I can't upload images from the mobile site for some reason, so I'll get it when I get home later
Genasi rule
File: 1374225353699.png-(224 KB, 820x4889, schedule - by week.png)
224 KB
224 KB PNG

This is what you were asking for, right?
Excited to finally see some out-of-divison games next week, but terrified at what the Aztecs are going to do to the Otters. Brutalized at home by the Marauders week 1, and now facing the Aztecs at home week 4. At least we're hosting the Coyotes week 5, that should be a fun one without having to worry about someone literally being murdered.

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