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In the grim darkness of the 41st millenium there is only war. Imperium of Man, once strong and proud, now is slowly crumbling, whole regions of space are lost to the horrors that lurk in the darkness of the void. Sector Deus is just one of thousands of Imperial provinces that form the frontline in the war to defend Humanity itself. Corruption from within and aggression from without threaten it. But Emperor sends us hope. High Lords of Terra commisioned a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes, finest warriors Humanity has ever seen, to defend this region of space. They are the last line of defence that hold Age of Ruin at bay. They are the Ghosts of Retribution and this is their tale.

Longest running still living quest on /tg/ returns.

+Wiki+ http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Chapter_Quest_Wiki

+Soundtrack+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xuv2A0AZ-c

Last posts from previous thread will be resolved in a few minutes.
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As your agent attempts to bribe rebelling prisoners on Kruun, you have to roll d100 to see how successful was he.

Roll (82/100) to gain information on Pax Nomadica:
>All we know is that it was last seen 6 months ago in the orbit of Vitalitas. Is it still there or what it was doing is unknown to us.
Roll (23/100) to get information about whereabouts of Inquisitor Hesten, also known as Faceless:
>Inquisitorial Interrogator by the name of Radern Gram was once part of Hesten's crew, however while on one of the missions he caught a bullet to the lower spine and even augmentations couldn't heal him properly. Helpless cripple, nowdays he spends his days filling Inquisitorial documents. He said that Faceless mentioned that he is going to Subsector Tyranus, bent on seeking out some 'guardians' that are related to a lead he was following recently. Apparently Faceless has put all of his other cases on hold because of how important he perceived this situation to be. His ship, 'Arcadia Magna' left just before strong warpstorm erupted in the area, so he is assumed by the Inquisition to be MIA, however Radern thinks it might be something more sinister.

Chapter spends on bribes:
total of -36 Wealth.
Rolled 1


Sing, singer-2, sing.

Good to have you back, Skargan
Oh wow Havent seen Chapter Quest in a while should be fun... anyway ONWARD FOR THE EMPEROR
File: 1373666664878.gif-(2.6 MB, 448x298, Success.gif)
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2.6 MB GIF
File: 1373667017219.jpg-(71 KB, 544x545, war.jpg)
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Our agent on Kruun has sent us a huge data-pack, full of various information on enemy activities and he included some additional information that is of highest value to our cause.

First of all it seems that mysterious off-world 'supporters' are not bitter Iron Monks or some heretical organisation, but an outside force that seems to be lurking just beyong the Imperial borders in the unclaimed worlds. They call themselves the Styrian Triarchy, a union of worlds that seceded from Imperium several centuries ago. Their existence has always been known to the Imperial government, but the worth of their worlds(which back then were undeveloped frontier colonies) wasn't considered to be high enough to warrant a real effort to get them back. Since the times of Belisarian dynasty those worlds have been viewed by Sector Governors as buffer zone against the things that lurk in the darkness of the void, however it seems that recently their power started growing and now they are even trying to meddle in the Imperial affairs. It is unknown how big is their stellar empire, but it's core are three worlds called Styria, Loxomod and Neveron. Their attempt to arm rebel prisoners is clear sign that their ambitions are growing. Singer-2 claims that there are very few Triarchy soldiers on Kruun, only a few thousands of military advisors and some pilots for the planes and war machines that they brought to support prisoners. He also has managed to hack into the main data base, granting us access to all of the codes, maps, military plans and details up to this date. If we act quickly, we could use this information to our advantage...
File: 1373667511337.jpg-(971 KB, 1280x1772, 1340880288166.jpg)
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971 KB JPG
Some critical data that you have:
>starship codes to appear for pirates as if you are sent by the Triarchy
>locations of their formations and main bases
>locations of their commanders and HQs
>their numbers and level of readiness
>their WMD locations(they have 60 nuclear warheads)
File: 1373667580174.png-(66 KB, 250x250, 1293310854145.png)
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Our chat for those who don't remember the address:

Where are their 60 Atomics located? Are any in forward bases we could make a lightning raid upon?

Atomics + battle barge with teleportarium = instant kills upon any ship once the void shields are brought down.

What sort of craft do they make use of and do we have the locations of their forward supply bases (off world?)
File: 1373667956869.png-(173 KB, 831x623, Brother-Captain Brannigan(...).png)
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173 KB PNG
I think we should inform Sector Governer Larion Ursus of the Styrian Triarchy's aggression towards the Imperium, and tell him we are willing to smash the Triarchy's planets with the help of his Imperial Guard and Navy.
Belay that, Venat has another idea
File: 1373669527097.jpg-(25 KB, 450x300, 1282647034380.jpg)
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They are located in 5 different bases, each one holds 12 warheads. They are located quite far away from all the population or military centres and are held there as a precaution against any possible Imperial invasion(which they expect to come at some point as the Imperial forces have been pushed out of Kruun). It could be possible to raid those bases, however if something would go wrong, other bases would have the time to launch their payload.

>Atomics + battle barge with teleportarium = instant kills upon any ship once the void shields are brought down.
Success of teleportation depends on the mass of the object that is being teleported and nuclear warheads are damn heavy. If something would go wrong, it could explode while being teleported(destroying you). Also this trick is very old, so there are various interference fields, that quite often scatter members of the squad across the ship or make their weapons defunct or even kill them outright. These interference fields could deactivate or destroy the bomb. However there is a small chance, that your plan could succeed.

They are mostly using landers and orbital shuttles, but mostly Triarchy unloads it's cargo via discreet transports while their ships hide behind Kruuns' moons.
File: 1373669648211.jpg-(84 KB, 601x800, Suitcase nuke.jpg)
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>nuclear warheads and damn heavy
Depends how large the payload is.
And considering 40k levels of power, they'd have to be a lot larger than our ones.
We can just re-purpose the materials into smaller payloads.

It's not like you need a big nuke to destroy a ship from the inside.
We contact Alexander Kerr if possible, and inform him we may have a business proposal for him. If that fails, we order Xyptus to head to Tartarus, and keep his eyes open if Kerr should come by. No deep infiltration is needed, we just need to know where he is so we can get to him.
File: 1373670207324.png-(413 KB, 600x373, 1283235718700.png)
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413 KB PNG
As soon as you find yourself a nuclear physicist, you are welcome to do that. However as ships are quite big, small nukes(such as the one pictured) would damage the ship, but wouldn't put it out of action.
Please roll d100 to contact Rogue Trader Kerr.
Rolled 16

Nat 1 inc
errrrrrr a suitcase nuke detonated inside even an emperor class battleship would snap it in half.
I mean, the explosion radius of a suitcase nuke is something like 200m.
You can't just atomise 3 million cubic metres of a ship and not have it die......
File: 1373671359139.jpg-(1.09 MB, 1055x800, 1256947699089.jpg)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
It just happens so, that Alexander Kerr is en route to Templos when your soulword reaches him.
>It would be my pleasure to meet with you there, honoured Astartes.

You forget that ships are built to withstand battles where they are expected to lose portions of their hull and different sections have armoured inside walls. While a proper WMD would destroy the ship, smaller nukes could be too weak to destroy those walls. A higher danger would be(if the shielding was down) radiation that could fry the electronics. 200 metre radius - that's in an open area and it's made to destroy building made of stone or wood, not adamantium walls.
I am away to update wiki. If someone can, please archive this and last sessions to 'Previous sessions' page, thank you!
We take the Aspera to Templos, where we put before Kerr this proposal.
>Honoured Rogue Trader, I apologise for the sour note we left on last time, the mind of a Chapter Master is burdened heavy indeed.
What I wish to speak to you about though, is some incredibly disturbing news we have received from reliable sources. You're familiar with the uprising on Kruun? As it turns out, the Imperium has dangerous meddlers. They call themselves the Styrian Triarchy, and are a conglomerate that separated from His Imperium. And now clearly seek to cause ill to it. Now, I come to you because you did me a service at St. Evangelions' Cathedral, and I find myself in dire need of allies in these black times. As a space marine, you may think me oblivious to the workings of the shadier parts of the Imperium, but I do know several things in regards to stellar empires that exist outside of the Imperium. I know that they are dependant on smugglers to acquire their specialised warfare materials, which they definitely possess among other things, if my reports are to be believed. I also don't doubt that there are men in this sector that know about this conglomerate, and know about it very well. And finally, I believe that you might be the man to find people.
Warding off their presence on Kruun will serve no purpose, aside from informing them we know of their existence and intent, so we seek to analyse this threat beforehand.
This information has not yet been shared with anyone but you, Rogue Trader Kerr, because we cannot yet assess the threat they may pose to us, and I hope you could aid us in this.
You would not only do the Imperium and this sector an incredible favour, but also win our gratitude and sincere friendship.
File: 1373673351252.jpg-(49 KB, 694x352, OberonClassBattleship.jpg)
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>It would be my pleasure to help you out, dear Astartes lord. However I have to think about my own interests too, and this mission is dangerous to say the least. I know about Styrian Triarchy and my star charts mark the boundaries of their so called 'empire', but I never ventured there. I heard that they are quite well advanced and they control about a dozen or maybe two dozen worlds, but I cannot say for sure - I am merely retelling what I heard. I could definitely try travelling there and offering them to buy some precious Imperial technology or something, but let me ask you this - will I get anything solid in return for my risk? I am sorry if I sound straightforward here, but I am putting my life and my ship at risk here.
>lurking from my phone. Keep going, you magnificent bastard
See: >>25978631
Sessions over already.
Damn, I missed you Blastwave.
Yes, I guess it's over now. I hope i'll get more days off next week.
Well, now I'm sad. I hope I'll catch next one!
Shorter threads, and nearly no threads at all.
How I curse the curse of quest.
We start too late.

I remember the session where we blew ourselves up ran for like 8 hours, from late afternoon right into early next morning.
I feel sad about this, but now I am a working man, 40hrs a week, gotta pay the rent, for the internet and shit, so only 2 days off, and I still have some obligations to my other projects. I am damn sad that I cannot dedicate as much time as I want for Chapter Quest, but I always remember it and I am not going to abandon. I guess from this point it can only get better, right? Also, once uni starts, I'll work less, so I hope i'll have more time for you guys!
File: 1373674141844.jpg-(152 KB, 1280x667, Rhz4TRBOmT4.jpg)
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152 KB JPG
Also, I'll give more attention to our delicious wiki, I started reading it today and got an immediate nostalgia boner from all those memories of the games we had.
It's dead jim.

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