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LAST TIME ON GUNDAM AGE QUEST: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Gundam+AGE+Quest

Check my Twitter for updates and reschedules: https://twitter.com/Crosswire

Your name is Jake Crocker and you are currently on the Vagan Homeworld. After having Rena send one of your thrown together recon probes into one of the two military sectors of Vagan you discovered the terrible truth behind Green Eden, the cheap and nutritious food sold in the market places on Vagan.

Green Eden is actually made from people. Or part of people with fungus and algae but it still has some amount of human in it.

What is your reaction to this and what do you plan to do about it? You are currently in an alley dressed as Vagan commoners. Carlos and Desil are with you.
Okay, stay calm. Get the guys with us to the side and lets discuss this.

Those drones can do recordings, right? If we manage to spread the recording of this around or make it public, we could make an unrest big enough to act as a distraction for whatever shady activity we plan to do later on. That's assuming the Vagan people don't already know that they're eating people and the broadcast does nothing.

If we go with the plan of making a public disturbance and causing a riot, we need to find a safe place from which we can hack into the public announcement system and broadcast this thing.
Also, since we're probably going to break into Ezelcant's palace from the maintenance tunnels, we should map the quickest and safest route to the Treasure Star. We also could place some demo charges in certain locations (for example, in a tunnel beneath a landfill) that would cause some minor damage to the colony, but mostly serve to make the enemy unable to follow us through them.

Also, don't forget to update your twitter.
After taking a few deep breaths. You pull Desil and Carlos over to the side and discuss how you can use this to your advantage. With the probes you can easily take recordings of the 'production' of Green Eden and with some hacking you could broadcast them over the public announcement system.

Desil however brings up that the Vagan people might already know or won't care that they are eating people. "Everything has to be recycled or reused here Jake. It's a way of life. I don't think it will have that big of an effect..."

"Well what about our break in? I mean we already have a map of all if not most of the tunnel system here in the Civilian sector. Shouldn't we have the others start priming some explosives and traps in the tunnels to cover our get away? We're probably just going to enter the Palace from the Maintenance tunnels." Carlos leans up against one of the walls of the alley and keeps a look out for anything suspicious as he speaks.

"Yeah but we still don't know what's behind that wall. For all we know it could be a horrible infiltration spot. I think we should consider preparing a get away for the others in the tunnels, but I also think we should consider scoping out the Castle ourselves first." Desil points out.

Well Jake? What do you think?
Well, we definitely need to scoop out the castle ourselves before we decide to do anything. But so far, our only option to get in the higher circles is through that hole in the wall, and for that we need to wait another 9 or so hours. Which means that we either have to break our way inside through another hole, get invited inside, or get captured and not shot immediately.

Okay, first things first. Tell Rena to investigate if there are some maintenance hatches that would allow us to get to the other side of that wall without being noticed. Second, if we're going to emit that broadcast, our best bet would be to do it from inside Ezelcant's castle using his broadcasting equipment - besides, it'd do the most damage to his public image. Also, check out if the Vagan have a sewer system - if they do, we could probably use it to get through to the other side.

Just in case, ask Carlos and Desil for suggestions.
You call Rena and ask her to begin to look for some possible entrances into the High Class area of the Civilian Sector that won't get you spotted. You also have her check if there are any sewer systems you can start to abuse.

In the mean time you turn to Carlos and Desil for suggestions.

"Really think we should investigate the castle when we get the chance. It'll allow us to get an idea of the lay out, where to avoid and If anything goes wrong we can single for the others to blow in through the maintenance tunnels and come and get us." Carlos suggests.

"Alright, but what do we do in the mean time?" You ask.

"Well we could always sit and listen to chats going on. Just wonder around and start listening. I'm interested to figure out more about how things work here, I was only 7 when I was last here so things are pretty fuzzy. Besides,it might give us an idea of why of what people think of Ezelcant." Desil explains.

Learning more about the people's problems and what they think would be a good idea and since you can't exactly walk up and start chatting with people listening is the only option. Or is it?

Any ideas Jake? What do you want to do? You have 9 hours till nightfall.
Let's go listen to people talking.

Maybe start a conversation with some merchant selling Green Eden, ask him what he thinks the stuff's made off.
I mean, it tastes like crap, I wouldn't be surprised if they recycled the dead for that thing.
Even the most repressive regimes of Earth's history have had cultural release valves, I don't see why it would be different on Mars. There has to be somewhere where people can congregate and interact and just rest for a moment. The level of indoctrination the average Vagan soldier has indicates there must be some form of public theater or other officially sanctioned entertainment to spread the propaganda through. I'm sure if we look around we can find a place where people are able to let down their guard enough to have conversations in enough density that a person listening in on them wouldn't be noticed.
Probably. I guess that those are rarer here in the poorer district, though.
But there must be at least one of those things nearby, considering how this is a marketplace.
On a side note, we probably need to find a safe place for the Treasure Star.
The Invisible Umbrella System can't run forever, and they are going to need to turn it off in about 26 hours or the generators will overheat.

Also, getting Fram away from here would be a bit problematic because apparently she's from a prestigious noble family.
At least, that's what she used to be in the original timeline. Maybe they adopted her later on when they discovered she's a natural X-Rounder.
The Treasure Star is near the colony's excess heat release vents. They shouldn't show up on thermal scans and since they are so close to the colony they won't show up on radar. However they still can be seen visible and the IUS will have to be shut off to avoid overheating the generators. A safer place for the Treasure Star would be helpful. But where?

As you think on the hiding spot predicament you decide to listen to people's conversations, but after wandering around a bit you realize there aren't a whole lot of conversations to listen to. Not surprising considering the repressive atmosphere. However as you are walking along you come across a large structure you failed to notice before.

It's about the size of a football field and twice as high with the same plain, material saving design as everything else in the lower class section. However it's different in that it appears to be a public facility. There is some security, but people seem to go in out and as they please.

Going inside you find the building has the air of a sports stadium, with large open rooms, foof merchants scattered about, and lots of people. You soon discover a large screen displaying what can only be described as a gladiator fight, with two men dukeing it out in MS like armored suits.

This isn't a sports stadium, it's one big Arena!

As you go on you find there are hundreds of fights going on and lots of bets being made. Each fight is different in the fighters, number of fighters, terrain and weapons being used. Some fights are none-lethal others are fights to the death. Regardless, people seem to enjoy the free entertainment.

Most of the good seats appear to be reserved for paying viewers and possibly nobility like Ezelcant, but after sitting in the free ones you find they are pretty descent.

Camera's film the fights and many fights can be seen on screens scattered throughout the arena for those people who can't be bothered to sit in the crowd and don't want to risk getting sprayed with blood.

Sitting in the crowd during a large scale fire arms battle, a spray of gunfire comes at the crowd only to be blocked but some kind of beam barrier that deployed, activated and deactivated before you knew what had happened. Just looking around at the complexity of the arena and the ease at which the terrain is changed and shaped between fights gives you some incite on just how advanced Vagan technology is compared to Earths.

You hear a lot of interesting things during your walks and sit-ins. Mostly you figure out that mentality of the Vagan is "Survival of the fittest". Outside of family, friends and comradery most people ignore other's plea's for help. Genetic purity is a big deal and several arguments erupt after someone uses 'dirty gene' as an insult.

Most people think very highly of Ezelcant, almost in a messiah like fashion. Others, most likely criminals and poor people, see him as the best man for the job at striking out at Earth.

Everyone's opinions on the Earth and Earthlings are very, VERY negative. They obviously haven't forgotten or forgiven the attempted genocide the Earth Federation attempted to do some 100 years ago.

Most people blame the Earth for their current suffering, others merely want revenge for the loss of their friends and family members who have died during the war, others merely want a chance to go to Earth before they die.

It's very clear that these people no longer consider themselves Humans. They consider themselves Martians.

Outside of getting a better idea of the mentality of the Vagans you learn that there is a huge criminal underground, or at least believe there is. You witness discreet transactions and trades between men in crowded areas. You have no idea what is being traded, but they are obviously avoiding attention.

Rena contacts you and regrets to inform you that there are only a few entrances to the high class civilian sector that don't royally suck and most of them are pretty far away from the castle.

"I noticed some entrances were sealed shut. Maybe someone has tried getting into the rich sector using these things before?" Rena asks before hanging up to get back to work on the emitter.

3 hours have passed. 6 hours till nightfall.

What do you wish to do Jake?
I guess the arena is the perfect place for broadcasting that feed about the dead being turned into Green Eden.

As for what we could do, I guess we could try to get in contact with the underground.
We could offer the info on that hole in the wall, but how do we approach this without drawing too much attention to ourselves.
I guess we could begin talking about the hole, someone will notice us speaking about it and ask us more information.
We dead?
Since you don't know any direct contacts to the underground your best bet is catching their attention. Mentioning the Hole in conversation might do that, however it also might draw the wrong kind of attention.

You could try to find Fram and ask if she knows anyone in the underground. She said she would be back at the ruins between 8:00 and 11:00 but it's already past 11:00 AM.

What do you wish to do Jake? Go search for Fram or attempt to draw the attention of the Underground despite it's risks?
Let's go search for Fram. Let's see if we can steal something on our way there that'd get her to cooperate with us.
You decide it's better to just go hunting after Fram then risking getting caught by the guards or letting the secret of the Hole leak out.

As you leave you have Desil and Carlos pickpocket some money because you couldn't pickpocket to save your life.

They come back with the equivalent of a couple of bucks in the synthetic diamond currency the Vagans use.

Leaving the arena you find your way back to ruins only to find 5 men searching them, armed with lights and assult rifles. They appear to be guards and are definitely searching for someone.

They haven't spotted you yet and can't see you from the alley. You, Carlos and Desil are armed with silenced pistols and a few goo grenades.

It's unlikely the guards are patrolling this out of the way spot. They are definitely looking for someone, probably Fram.

What do you want to do Jake?
Let's investigate. Slowly approach them, stick to the shadows, and lets see what's going on.
You and the others creep in closer, sticking to cover and the shadows. After getting closer you know for a fact they are members of the city guard and are definitely looking for something and after listening in you learn what.

"Reports said the Orphans and the Noble girl were somewhere in this area." One of them states in frustration, kicking a stray rock.

"They have to be somewhere. Spread out! Check for tunnels, holes, anywhere they might be hiding!" The leader shouts.

"I assume Fram is one of those kids?" Desil whispers.

"Well shit and I was just starting to enjoy the sites. What do you want to do Jake? If these guys catch the kids who knows what will happen to them..."

"I know what will happen to them and we don't want that to happen..." Desil states, his eyes farrowing.

What do you want to do Jake?
Well, we have to help out. Leaving aside our innate desire to help children, it wouldn't be good if they interrogate Fram and in the process find out about us. Not to mention that we don't want the guards exploring the boltholes and tunnels too much.

Let's go Batman on these chumps. They're already spreading out, so we can isolate them and take them out pretty easily. We're using rail pistols from what I remember, which means they'll be pretty quiet. No gas discharge from the explosion and whatnot. Assuming we're using sub-sonic muzzle velocities, firing them will be completely silent. So even if we have to resort to using the silenced pistols we'll still be stealthy. We should still opt for choking them out if we can, though. Nothing like crushing a man's larynx to keep him from calling for help.
We need a diversion. Something that'd draw away the guards from the kids. Let's try not to kill anyone, merely find those guys who have been separated and knock them out. We could then pick up their uniforms and weapons and pass into the wealthy part of the city.

If there's nothing we can do, let's approach the guards and talk with them tell them how we'll take care of the kids if they'll give us some food or something.
Agreed on the Batman part and not killing. Also, a good whack on the head with a pistol is sure to knock them out.
Yeah, but knocking someone out with blunt trauma without killing them by accident is really hard. Anything that doesn't cause a concussion is only going to last a few minutes. Choke holds are a much better way to make someone pass out, plus it has the benefit of muffling their cries for help. Though either way it does raise the question of what we do with them after we take them out. We'll have to haul them away to a hiding spot. Let's take their weapons and communicators while we're at it, too, if we can manage. Hell, maybe even their uniforms if we have the time when we're done. Not only would it give us a potential disguise, it's also just hilarious to imagine this goon squad waking up naked spread throughout the neighborhood with no idea how they got there. If we had the time and really wanted to be dicks, we could grab some booze from that hole into the bar's storehouse and dump it over them to discredit them to their superiors when they return. We probably won't have time for that, though.
Fair point on the blunt trauma.

As for taking their gadgets, I'm all for that. I'm pretty sure this part of town is currently deserted - the people saw the guards come in and probably ran away. And I doubt the guards are really expecting trouble - they're expecting malnourished kids, not three elite soldiers. As for hiding and discrediting the guards, let the kids do that. We'll take the uniforms and gadgets so we can move freely about, they'll hide the bodies and dump alcohol on them. We're going to end up with our own gang if everything goes right. And we can use the guards' station to emit the broadcast.
Side note. If Fram is a noble, she maybe knows her way around Ezelcant's palace.
Doubtful, but worth a shot.
"Alright these guys probably aren't expecting any resistance so let's choke them out and find the kids." You say as you check your pistol, getting it ready just in case something goes wrong.

"Good idea, we don't want the attention." Carlos says as he checks his own pistol.

The three of you split up to take out the scattered men. Carlos and Desil may have more experience and training with this sort of stuff then you, but you've got the muscles and have played enough Hide & Seek to pull this off.

You manage to grab and choke out the first guy pretty easily as he wanders into a smashed building. After making sure he's actually out you go for the second nearest guy.

However you accidentally step on a broken bottle and cause the guy to whirl around, something similar to a camera flashes and blinds you for a moment. However you rush forward and kick blinding, getting a sharp grunt that could only come from a man who got nailed in the balls.

Your vision clears up very quickly and you put the guard in a firm choke hold, he goes down without much struggle probably due to the kick to the balls.

Carlos and Desil come over after choking out their own targets.

"A camera" Desil states, stomping and crushing it with his boot before kicking it into a pile of rocks.

"You OK Jake?" Carlos asks.

"Yeah, but it's been a while since I've had to kick someone in the crotch before." You say as you stand and take a breather.

Now it's time to find the kids, but where to start looking? It's obvious they aren't above ground, so maybe they are in some kind of forgotten basement or something?

What do you wish to do Jake?
Fuck, they probably got a picture of us now. Anyway, lets take the guards off the street - put them in that collapsed building.
As for the kids, are there any tunnels or basements around? Something we missed?
It just occurred to me that we're probably going to have to save all these kids now. We'll need an alternate plan to get them all aboard the Treasure Star.
Hmm...Well, if we got a cart we could just load them in and pull it with the Genoriders. That might work if we go about it quickly.

As for looking for the kids, start from where we found them last time, then work our way outward from there. The problem will be making sure they don't run from us like they did the soldiers. They don't know we're on their side. Maybe if we just drag the soldiers down into the tunnels to hide them the kids will see us doing it and we can explain what happened?
Well, dragging the soldiers around with us would probably lead to more trouble when someone spots us.

As for the kids - it's not the loading of them that's the problem, it's whether or not they can breathe in the maintenance tunnels. They might as well not have any life support systems, considering how they go all the way to the exterior of the colony.
You have the guys split up and search for any kind of tunnel or basement. After walking into a barely standing house you kick the ground in frustration only to hear a metallic 'thud'.

Calling the guys over you whip away the dirt and find that there is a hidden cellar door! Upon opening it however you are greeted with a handgun to the face.

One by one the three of you are led down into a dug out wine cellar where a dozen or so orphans await, armed with whatever they could find.

At the back, sitting on a barrel is Fram.

"Welcome to our home...Black Devil" she says with a glare.

(And this is where we will stop tonight. Sorry for the delays guys)
Mwahahaha. Our reputation precedes us. Which is actually kind of odd. How many Vagan soldiers would actually have seen us? I guess Zeheart and his fellow spies could have sent pictures of us back, but why would a little orphan girl know about that, huh Fram?
Ezelcant spreading propaganda about the hated enemies?
I wouldn't be surprised if they had a program in which they show the faces of every person that somehow foiled his plan as the antichrist.
Yeah, I guess. I just want to needle Fram during our inevitable interrogation by her. Though you'd think that if our face was common knowledge someone else would have spotted us by now. Maybe Jake shaved his beard before he left and is less recognizable. Carlos is beneath their radar, and Desil is so taboo as to not even be mentioned where the public can hear it, so I guess it makes sense we'd be the first to be ID'd.
Probably. Or it's maybe related to her being a noble from a military family - if her parents are preparing her for military duty, she probably got informed on the enemies of the state. But I think that Ezelcant having public announcements about the hated Earthlings and the villains is more likely.

As to why nobody else figured us out, I guess she's the one who came closest to us? We kept our nose low most of the time, it's possible that she's the only one who figured us out because she's the only one who saw us properly.

Fram's interrogation is going to be fun.
You shaved your beard and you are wearing a hood, so it's helped so far.


Night guys!
Night man. See ya for 42.2 next time.
Wait, 42.2?
FUCK I even labeled the thread wrong it was supposed to be 41! Oh well, at least I archived it correctly
Oh fuck you're right. It's supposed to be 41. Never mind, shit happens.

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