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File: 1373060525936.png-(33 KB, 1575x779, magicsword054.png)
33 KB
YOU are the hundreds of ancient spirits that dwell within this MAGIC SWORD that has been found by the dread knight BONE-ICLES.

Your name is Lilarcor, and you have helped the Council of Evil destroy the Crystal of Terra, the Crystal of Aqua, and overtake the Wizard Academy as your new base of operations! This floating magical campus shall server as a fine headquarters.

You could seek out a third elemental crystal to destroy, which is the central goal of your team. However, it is worth noting that Bo-Sero, martial artist and leader of the 1000 Whispering Fist clan has recently announced that he was dethroned as their leader. This is a serious concern, as the 1000 Whispering Fists made up the bulk of your forces, it may be in your interest to work with him to take back control.

Bo-Sero is currently in the alchemy labs, mending his wounds.

What do?

>Previous Threads - http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Magic%20Sword%20Adventure
>Twitter - https://twitter.com/bizarroDF
Tell Skellybro that he has issues that need to be solved. You can't have an empire without an army.
File: 1373063177936.png-(33 KB, 2047x830, magicsword055.png)
33 KB
You tell him you need an army if you want to be a threat.

I'm all up for helping, but you really have to arrange the problem such that it can be solved by stabbing. Since, you know, that's what I'm good at.

Can we go and stab the new leader, or something?
File: 1373063982040.png-(48 KB, 2047x830, magicsword056.png)
48 KB
You track down Bo-Sero, and ask if this is one of those problems where you can solve the problem through stabs.

>"Ssssorta... but no, well... look: the 1000 Whispering Fists have like, a million rules. One of them is that to lead them I can fight the current leader in hand-to-hand combat, and upon victory become the leader again, which is how Kit Kirusen took the throne back from his father who I beat to death previously. If we stab Kit to death then that counts as a 'death under honorable conditions', and not an honorable death, meaning that the 1000 Whispering Fists will get to vote on the new leader. It'd probably be easier to punch the guy out... that being said, we will have to fight our way to the throne room and the rules are pretty much out the window for that bit."

"A hand is a weapon, I can transform into whatever strikes me. Punch me!"
If we get a fist on a stick...
What are the rules on hand weapons, like punch-daggers? That's still hand-to-hand...right?
File: 1373064582662.png-(32 KB, 1903x830, magicsword057.png)
32 KB
You try maybe having Bo-Sero punch you so you can transform into a fist.

From somewhere, you hear the voice of the man that forged you so many years ago... his wise words echo from beyond the grave...

>"Nice try smartass."

You ask about maybe punch-daggers or something? Bo-sero tells you that maybe a spiked gauntlet or something could be considered a gray area, there isn't really a precedent there... it would end up being voted on by the Council of Twelve, so maybe as a last resort that could work.
How about we just throw you past all the guards?
Or become the biggest sword ever so Bo-Sero can run over the guards.
File: 1373065670563.png-(42 KB, 1903x830, magicsword058.png)
42 KB
You propose maybe having Bone-icles just throwing him past the guards?

Bone-icles adds that yeah man, he could so do that, he wields giantess swords as his weapon of choice so he's certainly got the strength.

Bo-Sero says that's not a bad idea.

>"I mean, they're ninja, so a lot of them can jump like a hundred feet in the air, but then I can like kick them out of the air and it'll look totally fuckin' badass, though I have a bad feeling that just the two of us won't be able to make it."

Three of us, you correct.

>"Right, three of us, still not very good odds."
That kind of negative thinking doesn't make anyone a ninja leader. I suppose you don't want that leadership after all.
The 3 of us versus an army? It does seem unfair, they'll need more people to make it fair
File: 1373066424973.png-(18 KB, 1903x830, magicsword059.png)
18 KB
You tell him that does seem unfair, they're gonna need more dudes, HAHAHAHA

>"...real cute sword, but seriously, ask Bs'klil and/or Beliadara if they want to pitch in for this. I'm gonna be another minute, setting up a little somethin' somethin'."

Bone-icles tells you that probably means he's planning on cheating somehow.
Lets ask Bs'klil if he wants to get more target practise for magic nukes
Let's not nuke the ninja. Dead or undead ninja tend to be less effective as living ones.
File: 1373067271028.png-(42 KB, 1903x830, magicsword060.png)
42 KB
You ask if Bs'klil wants to tag along for this shindig.

>"My old magic instructor had a saying, 'if you want to get up early, set two alarms', which is why I want to be here to make sure our magic security stuff works, I've got some stuff floating around the tavern rumor-net that'll pull in a hero or two, so I can make sure everything works. Go ask Beliadara, it's about she did something."

Well. Looks like we're asking Beliadara.
File: 1373067905758.png-(41 KB, 1903x830, magicsword061.png)
41 KB
You ask Beliadara.

>"But I don't waaaaannnnnnnnaaaaaa."

Bs'klil says no, fuck that, she's doin' it, or else he's gonna make you banish the shit out of her.

>"Nah, sword-guy over wouldn't do that, right sword-guy?"
"HA! AHAHAHA! HAHA! HA!--I mean, of course not."
See, the thing about being a sword is that other things swing you.
also where is the undead army we created a while ago?
File: 1373068407674.png-(20 KB, 1903x830, magicsword062.png)
20 KB
You say of course not, nah, never, but see, your friend here, he don't exactly agree with you on all the same things.

Bone-icles here sort of a little more country and you're a little more rock and roll, you're a little more not-banishing people, and he's a little more banish people whenever.

army of undead where is it?
File: 1373068968220.png-(55 KB, 1903x830, magicsword063.png)
55 KB
You ask about your undead army, and Bs'klil shows you through a one-way scrying portal that it's coming along nicely.

>"I'll give it another couple of days, then I'll go pick them up."

Bo-Sero says it's about time we got goin'.
can we transform into skin?
Let's get going then.
File: 1373069388235.png-(37 KB, 1903x830, magicsword064.png)
37 KB
You arrive on the other side of the portal, and recall that no, it doesn't seem you're able to turn into skin, anything you turn into has to be made of metal or (in the case of the Spear) have a metal component.

You find your party at the front gate of the Temple of Whispers, headquarters of the 1000 Whispering Fists. The guard tells Bo-Sero he cannot enter.

>"Come on redcloth, I'm just here to get my things, you know, empty out my desk and all that."

The guard tells him that that is seriously the worst and most transparent assassination attempt he's ever seen.
"It's not assassination if he doesn't die!"
Wait, we only had to not kill the last guy, right? Everyone else doesn't matter?
We want to keep as many alive as possible though, it's no use killing everyone we want to lead.
Though, a few kills shouldn't matter...
Maybe we can knock them out.
File: 1373071204646.png-(40 KB, 1903x830, magicsword065.png)
40 KB
You say it's not an assassination if he doesn't die!

>"Really Bo-sero? You brought demons and a sword here? Come on man."

Bo-sero solves this problem with diplomacy.
File: 1373072339325.png-(30 KB, 1903x830, magicsword066.png)
30 KB
oh no suddenly a thing happened and i have to go

i'll update this again same time next friday, i'll host a tiny little drawthread tomorrow for y'all to make it up

seriously, shit's fucked for me right now
Good luck, man.

Also, you'll have more luck if you give a bit more direction in the OP.

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