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Well, our plan was a nice one in theory. Problem was we had no way to actually bring it to fruition. What we needed was a large public spectacle to draw the thief’s attention, and the kind of valuable artifacts or jewelry that the thief had gone after so far. This would mean that we would have to convince someone wealthy enough to own such pieces to put them in danger, knowing full well that it was our intention to allow a master thief access to them.

This was not as easy as we had originally thought.

We had gone from noble house to wealthy family, temple to trade hall pitching our plan. We tried to reason with them that they were already targets, and this would let us catch the thief before he came after them, but nobody listened. We tried to call upon their sense of civic service, but it seemed that their wealth was more important to them than helping to catch a thief. At one point Sloane tried to command assistance in the name of Pelor, and this got us thrown out onto the street.

Eventually, we found our way to the house of the Honorable Mrs. Bing.


Old threads here.


1d4chan page here



Tvtropes article here.


The tvtropes article is in dire need of more work, anyone wanting to make additions or edits is encouraged to do so,

The Bing family was a fairly wealthy one from what I had been told, though they had fallen upon bad times with the death of the honorable Mr. Bing. His widowed wife lacked her late husband’s head for business, leading to several bad decisions which lost the family a large sum of its wealth and prestige. She was still holding the family together though, and had done marginally well for herself, by noble standards. So it was that we were now looking up at the palatial home of the Bing family, me pulling my coat shut against the chill evening air.

The footmen at the gate look at us dubiously, their eyes lingering on me, but when they realize they are speaking to a paladin and a cleric of Pelor, they send word up to the house to inform the honorable Mrs. Bing as to our presence. Word comes back a few minutes later that we are allowed entry to discuss our plan with the lady, but to remain on our best behavior when speaking to her, lest we become acquainted again with the curb.

Following that we are escorted up to the manor itself, passing through a large entryway into an elegant, but altogether too chilly foyer. The rest of the party heads on up a flight of stairs, but I am distracted by a painting of a knight battling a dragon and get separated from the group, one of the footmen stopping to watch me, looking a bit annoyed. I examine the painting for a minute or two, and ask the footman what legend this is from, but get only a stern glare in response. I then remember why we are here and slither on after my companions, footman tromping along behind me.

Anybody here at this time?

Or am I talking to a wall.

I'm here.
I usually just sit quietly in the corner and read the story, since I don't want to fill up the thread to the point of auto-sage.

Just remember: If you write it, we will read.

As I ascend the staircase, I hear my friends talking up ahead of me.

“So you see my lady,” I hear Sloane say, “it really is in your best interest to help us apprehend this thief. Being a wealthy family of your stature, it is inevitable that the thief will target your house. Best to take the offensive against this menace and help us track down the culprits.”

A moment later I hear a female speaking.

“I appreciate your concern sir paladin, but I assure you that my home is quite secure against such invasion.”

“That’s what the other houses thought mam,” Buri says, “And now they are in a right sorry state.” Says Buri.

“I thank you for your input master dwarf,” The lady says, “But I simply cannot put the honor and remaining wealth of my family in danger, you shall have to look elsewhere.”

“Oh, but where’s your sense of adventure?” I ask, slithering into the room. I am glad to see there is a roaring fire in the fireplace, and head over to it to warm up.

“Excuse me?” The lady says.

“Think about it,” I say, “This is a unique chance for you. The city is plagued by a master criminal, whom no one has been able to catch. Now the one group of adventurers who are on the trail have come to you for your assistance. Think of it,” I say, sweeping my arms dramatically, “A grand ball meant to showcase your wealth and prestige, but secretly a trap to lure the dastardly criminal into our hands. On the dance floor the patrons wheel, people chat over glasses of wine, unknowing that somewhere in the room a master criminal stalks closer to his prize. Then, just when he thinks he has won, in swoop the dashing heroes to foil his plan.”

Finally warmed up, I shrug out of my coat and lay it over a chair, smiling at the honorable Mrs. Bing.

“You’re worried about losing honor, well think of the honor you would gain for helping to put this criminal to rest. This is the kind of thing stories are made of, think of the intrigue, the romance, there are people who would beg for a chance like this.”

I hold out my hand.

“What do you say?”

The lady looks taken aback for a moment, but slowly reaches out her hand, and I gently pull her to her feet.

“Now, would that not be a more noble, more exciting endeavor than simply sitting by and trying to play it safe. Chances like these can be once in a lifetime, should you not seize it?”

She thinks for a moment, and I put on my number one best charming smile, the firelight sending flickering reflections off my scales in the dim room.

“Perhaps, I have decided in haste,” Mrs. Bing says. “But I must be sure my family heirlooms will be safe, how can you be certain that you will stop the thief?”

I smile, “Nothing is certain milady, but we shall do all we can.” I indicate my friends with a sweep of my arm, “You have here a paladin and cleric of Pelor, a redoubtable dwarven warrior, an elven mage and, Blake.”

I bow dramatically. “And then of course you have me, Solaron, traveler, adventurer, and teller of tales. I assure you that I shall do all in my power to keep your family treasures safe.”

Mrs. Bing smiles at me. “Then I accept your proposal, please tell me more.”

She takes me by the arm and pulls me close, walking out of the room. I glance over my shoulder to see Blake leaning back in his chair, red in the face, and Sloane staring after me, mouth hanging open.
don't stop!

Just a sec.

We leave the rest of the party sitting there in the meeting room, going out into an empty corridor. It’s a bit chillier here now that we are away from the fire, and it would be rude to go back for my coat, so I’m grateful for the warmth I’m getting from Mrs. Bing, who is holding me close against her side.

“I imagine you have seen a number of amazing things in your time.” Mrs. Bing says.

“A fair few.” I say, thinking back.

“I would love to hear about some of your adventures.” She says as we enter a small room. Here there are a few chairs and a couch set up in front of a fireplace, which thankfully is crackling merrily.

Mrs. Bing produces a pair of wine glasses from somewhere and sits down on the couch, motioning me over. I slither over and sink onto my coils by the fire next to the couch, taking the proffered wine glass.

“Right,” I say “Where to begin…”

I tell her of my escape from the bandits, which in the retelling sounds much more thrilling than it actually was. I speak of rescuing the girl from the bandits and seeing her home safely, of rescuing Menthus and battling orcs. I end with telling her how I delved deep into the darkened tomb of a long dead necromancer, the grasping hands of skeletons reaching out from the dark to drag us down, but we valiantly fought on in the face of certain doom.

Lady Bing oohs and ahs appreciatively, handing me another glass of wine after I finish my first.

“Have you been traveling long?” She asks, sipping her wine.

“A few months,” I say, “ And I have been lucky enough to find good fellows to keep me company.”

Mrs. Bing nods, “Yes, company is important. I have been so terribly lonely since my husband died.”

“I am very sorry for your loss mam.” I say, nodding respectfully, then finishing my second glass.

“Oh, don’t be.” She says, handing me another, “I finished grieving for him years ago, but it is nice to have someone here to keep me company.”

“Well I’m sure you will have plenty when we throw the party, should be a good turnout if all goes well.” I say, sipping my drink.

“I’ve been terribly lonely these last few years.” She says, pouring herself another drink. I look at her, and she seems a bit tipsy, perhaps too much wine. She tops off my glass and puts the bottle down.

“Perhaps you could keep me company?”

“I like to think I already am.” I say, “Though I will be quite busy during the party catching a thief and all. Perhaps afterwards, we would have more time to spend together?”
File: 1373047165791.jpg-(714 KB, 1920x1080, Solaron Doesn't Know(...).jpg)
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Orcish guards are nothing compared to bored rich women...

Are you the wonderful person who drew that?

If you are, would you be interested in doing more?

Not to seem pushy, but that is truly magnificent.
No, it wasn't me. I'm not nearly talented enough. It is a magnificent picture though, eh?

“Gladly.” I say, taking another sip. “I think I owe you some company after the risk you are taking for us.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” She says, pulling herself shakily to her feet and finishing her glass.

“I think it’s time we, moved on.” She says.

I nod, and down the rest of my glass, setting it on the table. “Where to?” I ask.

She stumbles to the corridor, then leans heavily on me, wrapping her arm around me. “My bedchamber is that way.” She says.

I wrap my arm around her hip and help her down the corridor, finally coming to what seems to be her bedchamber. I open the door with a sweep of my arm and allow her in.

“Well milady, I guess I shall depart now.” I say, before she grabs my arm and pulls me in.

“Oh no,” She says, “I’m so terribly lonely, please keep me company a while longer.”

I think for a moment. “Okay, but my friends will be waiting on me.”

“Oh they’ll be quite comfortable,” She says with a wave of her hand, “Though not as comfortable as you, I suspect.”

I look around the bedchamber, nicely furnished with expensive furniture and a large puffy bed.

“I have to agree with you there.” I say.

Mrs. Bing steps behind a painted curtain. I attempt to follow but she laughs a little and pushes me back, so I wait patiently, examining a painting on the wall. She emerges a moment later having changed out of her ornate dress and heads over to the bed. She motions for me to follow, so I glide up onto the bed and curl up there.

“Now what?” I ask curiously.

“Now?” She asks, stretching on the covers, smelling of wine. “Now you should entertain the lady of the house.”

“Oh, right.” I say.

I reach down and unclip my book from my belt, flipping it open to an appropriate passage. Finding the right story, something about a fisherman who fought an evil mastermind in a world gone mad, I start to read. A look of confusion passes over her face, and she looks up at me.

“What are you doing?” She asks, confused.

“Entertaining you.” I say simply, “Now lie back and relax, and let it take you away.”

She frowns, seeming disappointed about something, but does as I ask. I resume my reading, trying to put as much feeling into the words as I can. Eventually she seems to enjoy the story, a slow grin forming on her face before she closes her eyes and simply listens. I carry on for a little while, but eventually notice that she has gone to sleep. I replace the book on my belt and pull the covers over her, before going back to see how my friends are doing.

I arrive to see my party in the room we left them, taking a small meal provided by the house staff. I slither over and don my coat, Sloane looking at me suspiciously.

“What did you do?” He asks.

“Oh, I had a few drinks with Mrs. Bing, then I took her to bed. I entertained her for a little bit, but I must have tired her out because she fell asleep before I could finish.”

Sloane gapes at me.

“Come along now,” I say, heading for the door, “Busy few days ahead of us.”
>post ends with Solaron inquiring if spending time after the party would be sufficient
>next post starts with Solaron agreeing


He's just helping her back to her room because she has trouble walking right now.

Spending more time with her is, to his understanding, spending a day keeping her company with his usual charms.
Gah, first greentext refers to >>25834629
and second to >>25834849

I cannot into proper referencing and wording
File: 1373049388518.jpg-(257 KB, 1199x795, Statler and Waldorf.jpg)
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257 KB JPG
I do question whether his parents bothered to inform him of how reproduction works.
>“I like to think I already am.” I say, “Though I will be quite busy during the party catching a thief and all. Perhaps afterwards, we would have more time to spend together?”
>“Gladly.” I say, taking another sip. “I think I owe you some company after the risk you are taking for us.”

No dialogue for Mrs. Bing in between. This confuses the man.

I answered this one before.

But I shall gladly do so again.

He knows what sex is, having had a comprehensive formal education. However, since he has never actually seen or had sex in his life, he does not expect to see it in his life. He knows that, intellectually people have sex, but on some instinctual level he does not associate that to the world he actually lives in.

tl;dr, he knows about sex, just doesn't recognize when people are after it.
That's what I thought. Thanks for Reclarifying.


This is a case of me writing something, going away for a minute, coming back, and then writing a second response to the same thing, forgetting I had already written one.

Sorry about that.

Right, I'm taking my dog for a walk.

Sorry, I don't have a discussion prompt for today, though you could suggest a few as well as chat until I come back.

And feel free to check the tvtropes article, link in OP, and make any additions you feel are needed.

>Solaron charms the lady of the house
>Entertains her in her chambers
>Is completely unabashed when he explains what kept him
>Innocent misunderstandings all around
That's the kind of stuff that makes reading this really worth it.

Thanks, I try to include this wherever it makes sense.

Back by the way.

The next couple days are spent in hurried activity, getting ready for our trap. We work with Mrs. Bing to organize a guest list that will put our party on the list of our potential target. It is two days before the planned time, and we are looking over the guest list.

“Lords, ladies, merchant families and religious figures.” Sloane is looking over the list, “Looks like quite a turnout.”

Blake grins, “Yes, the finest of the city will be out rubbing shoulders, their wealth on display.”

Sloane glares at him. “I will be checking your pockets after the banquet.”

I look down the list. “Yes, should be quite a spectacular party.” Then I feel a cold lump in my gut, a terrible realization occurring to me. “I don’t have anything to wear.”

The rest of the group looks at me, puzzled. “Hasn’t stopped you yet.” Blake says.

“What?” I look at the little rogue.

“He means lad,” Buri says, uncomfortably, “that you don’t ever seem to wear anything.”

“Course I don’t.” I say, “No reason to. But this is a formal event, with nobles attending, I can’t go to something like this naked, and my coat is in no way appropriate.”

Now accepting suggestions for improvised Yuan Ti formal wear.

because reader participation is fun.
SPIKY SHOULDERS. Flowing green bits interspersed with form fitting black bits. Gold brocade EVERYWHERE.
I would imagine that something that runs little risk of trailing on the floor would be a sensible idea. A robe, for instance, unless it stopped short of the floor, would be out. Something like a shirt cut off at the armpits with a couple of straps descending from the bottom edge and bearing tokens or symbols of great deads done might do it.

“I’m sorry.” Blake says, “But are you concerned about blending in? Because the ship has sailed on that one.”

“No, it’s a matter of being polite. Whether this is a trap or not I have been invited to a formal event by a noble lady, and I am going to observe the right protocol.”

The rest of the table looks like it wants to argue with me, but seem to think better of it.

“Right,” Sloane says, “What sorts of things do Yuan Ti usually wear to formal events?”

I think back to what I saw my father wear once to a formal banquet.

“Flowing green fabric, spikes or frills on the shoulders, black bands on the arms and body, and a vest across the chest, also some gold brocade. That varies by taste though.”

“And what do your women wear?” Blake says, leaning in.

“Jewelry.” I shrug.

Blake stares at me, smiling. “Where did you used to live again?”

Buri kicks him under the table.

“Is this really that important to you?” Blake asks.

“Yes it is.” I say, though he looks unconvinced.

“Imagine that you are going to this party in nothing but your musty old traveling clothes. That’s how I feel. In any case this is none of your business, I’ll get my own formal attire.”

Sloane shrugs, but seems to understand. Galen nods and pushes a small bag of coin across the table.

“Here, you have more need of this than I.”

I consider refusing, but the polite, yet firm expression on the cleric’s face makes me reconsider. So I say my goodbyes and head out to find a tailor. I find one after a little searching, and begin to lead the confused woman through the store, looking for the right fabric. Eventually I pick out a few rolls of Black, and some green to match my scales. Under my careful supervision, the skeptical tailor sets about creating the right gear. Finishing off by purchasing a fine belt for my sword, I take my new articles back to my room for the night.

The last days before the event pass quickly, hurried preparations for the carefully flawed security being put in place to herd the culprit into our hands. Finally the big day arrives, and I head up that morning to put on my formal attire. I am examining myself in front of a borrowed mirror when I hear a knock at the door. Calling for them to enter, I detect the familiar scent of the paladin as he enters the room. I turn to face him.

“So, how do I look?”

I admit, it is not quite what I had envisioned, but it is close enough. I could not replicate the spikes on the shoulders, but long strips of emerald fabric are flowing from my arms, and I have a simple vest over my chest. Small strips of black fabric are tied around my arms and lower body, in addition to my sword belt and a few other bits of jewelry, a pendant here, simple bracelet there, nothing over the top. Sloane seems impressed judging by the way he’s staring.

“It’s a bit slapdash, but I think it hits the major points.” I say, prodding for a reaction. Eventually the paladin recovers his wits and speaks.

“Merciful Pelor Sol, I thought you were going to put on clothes!”

I frown, looking down at myself. “I did.”

“Those aren’t clothes!” Sloane says, seemingly a little panicked, “Clothes cover your body, those… things just make it clear what you’re not covering, those are less concealing than your traveling coat!”

“Well of course I’m not covering anything!” I say, a little annoyed, “I don’t understand your obsession with wearing a circus tent everywhere you go, I’m not trying to hide myself. This is decoration, it’s supposed to draw attention.”

Sloane looks like he’s about to say something, but thinks better of it, simply shaking his head and rubbing his brow.

“Fine, whatever. Not like any of the partygoers will know what they’re looking at. Come on, it’s time to get moving.”

I check myself over one last time and follow the surly paladin out the door.
File: 1373056986242.jpg-(39 KB, 320x314, Solaron's Formal Wear.jpg)
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Is this for siamese twins
The top one's for his chest.
File: 1373057145769.jpg-(36 KB, 413x504, connery-zardoz.jpg)
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I like where this is going.

I was a bit amused by the connection, then I saw the filename...

Now that I have regained control of my sides, I must say that your comparison is more apt than I would like to think. While there is nothing sexualized about his getup, Yuan Ti formal wear is all about decoration rather than actually covering anything.

I have just had a vision of Sol encountering a scantily clad stripper and mistaking her garb for formal dress.

But that's for another time.

We form up in the pub and head out for the party. Galen is wearing a ceremonial robe, and Sal’vir seems to have added more ornaments to his wizard’s robe. Buri and Sloane are wearing their armor, though they have cleaned and polished the suits until they shined. Blake is wearing what amounts to his usual garb with no visible weapons, and a small feather in his ear. He assures us that this is traditional formal wear for his people. So, thus prepared, we finally make our way to the party for the big night.

The manor is moving with an energy I had not yet seen in it, numerous servants are running about making final preparations, and some of the guests have already started to arrive.

“Right then” Sloane says, “Everyone remember the plan?”

“Keep an eye of the valuables and don’t let anyone run off with the jewels.” Blake says.

“And when someone tries to, club them.” Buri says.

“And I mingle with the guests and try to sniff out our thief.” I say.

Sloane nods. “That’s the gist of it, and make sure no harm comes to the guests.”

“Of course.” Galen says.

With the bright manor hall ahead of us, we head on through the wide double doors and into the party.

I haven’t seen a gathering like this since I left my homeland. A dozen or so couples are wheeling on the dance floor to the tune of a band playing in the corner. Everywhere is the clink of glasses and the hum of conversation.

“Well. Let’s get to it.” Sloane says after a moment, and we break up and start moving through the crowd.

My impromptu getup appears to be successful, as I am attracting a lot of curious looks, which I usually take as invitations to come over and say hi. I slither up to a group, chat for a bit, surreptitiously scent the air and then slither off to search somewhere else. I am about to go and chat with another group when I suddenly feel an arm slip around mine. I turn to see the honorable Mrs. Bing at my side.

“Interesting idea of formal wear you have, do all your men dress like this when there are ladies about?”

“Especially when there are ladies about.” I say smoothly, scanning the dance floor. “How can I help you milady?”

“Just hoping for a dance.” She says. “Like you said, chances like this may only come once in a lifetime.”

I think about it. I can still smell while I’m dancing, and this will be as good an excuse to travel around the dance floor and continue searching, so it seems like a good idea.

“Sure.” I say, enjoying the smile on her face.

She pulls me out onto the dance floor as the next song starts. I try to start with one of my people’s usual dances, but she stops me and adjusts my grip before leading my across the floor. My lack of legs make some of the movements difficult, but we manage it fairly well, though she almost trips over me at one point.

“I’m sorry if I’m not very good at this.” I say, “I’m not exactly built to move like this.”

“At least you can’t step on my feet.” She laughs.

I shrug and concede the point before going back to dancing. All the while I am scenting the air and scanning the crowd, though I have not detected anything yet. Sloane seems to be heading around using his paladin ability to detect evil, but he seems to have no luck yet. He looks over to me wheeling on the dance floor, looking less than amused. I wave back to him before he turns away. We dance on for another few minutes, then every male on the dance floor tips over, holding onto their partners. I awkwardly do the same, and am about to bring Mrs. Bing back up when I freeze.

“Sol, you are supposed to pick me up now.” She says quietly.

I twist my head around, scenting the air with a flickering tongue.


“I smell the thief.” I say, pulling her up. “I have to go!”

I leave Mrs. Bing there on the dance floor, darting between dancing couples and shooting after the scent. I see Sloane and wave him down.

“Sloane!” I hiss, “The thief is here! I’m on the trail!”
Aah shiet!

“Where?” The paladin asks, reaching for his blade.

“Not sure.” I rapidly scent the air. “I think he’s heading for the jewels though.”

We start moving fast, rushing through the party, calling the other party members to us and explaining on the run.

“Who’s with the gems?” I ask.

“Buri’s there.” Sal’vir tells me.

We hurry out of the main hall and into the backrooms, rushing to the vault. On our way we pass one of the house guard, walking back towards the party.

“There a problem?” He asks.

“There’s a thief in the house!” Sloane exclaims, “Seal the building, but keep the guests calm.”

The man snaps the paladin a hasty salute and rushes off. We are almost there, just around the corner. We enter the display room to see Buri laying against the wall, a large welt on his head. Galen rushes over and begins to heal him, while we look about. The gems are obviously gone, their cases left laying open.

“Sol, anything?” Sloane asks, and I scent around. The scent is not here anymore, in fact it is trailing back out into the main hall… I do a double take and race back into the hall.

“The footman!” I cry as I chase the fleeing figure.

Seeming to hear us in pursuit, the footman picks up his pace, rushing out into the main hall. I round the corner behind him, only to see nothing but the crowds of guests. I race from footman to footman, scenting each in turn as Sloane rushes to secure the main doors, the rest of the party moving through the main hall or securing the other exits. No, not this one, next, next. I race between footmen, sniffing about, the strange scent of the thief seemingly everywhere. Then I feel a firm hand on my arm and turn to see a somewhat concerned looking Mrs. Bing.

“Solaron, what’s wrong?”

“I’m on the trail of the thief, I told you!” I say, trying to pull away though she holds on.”

“Right, I told the guards to lock the doors.” She says, looking about, seeming worried.

“The thief is in the uniform of one of your footmen, we can’t trust them!” I say, sniffing a passing guard.

“One of my guards!” She says, looking more worried than ever.

“Yes, so I really must go and apprehend him now.” I say, trying to pull out of her terrified grip.

“No!” She says, pulling me close. “Please, don’t leave me now, I’m scared.”

“Just go to your room and lock the door.” I say, sniffing frantically, the scent is all over the place now, I cannot track it.

“Okay.” She says, letting go and heading off.
“Wait!” I call, a sudden terrible thought occurring to me. “The thief could attack you on the way, and we cannot trust the house guard. Allow me to escort you to your chambers.”

“Should you not be here catching the thief?” She asks.

“No, I cannot allow you to walk the halls alone, no arguments, let’s get moving.”

I hold her close and head off to her room, scenting the air as we go.
I'm just holding the button down!

Sorry to keep you waiting!
Don't rush it, just... carry on.

We rush through the halls, the sound of the party fading behind us. We pass nobody on our way, the hallways being quite deserted as we go. I scent the air again, a little confused. I can still smell the strange scent of the thief.

“What is it?” Mrs. Bing asks.

“I can still smell the culprit.” I say, “He must have gone this way, come on!”

I press on ahead, but lose the scent, doubling back to her and then picking it up again, pressing forward. I scent the air again, looking this way and that. This isn’t making any sense, the smell is everywhere but there is no trail. Regardless we are almost to her room. I open the door for her, and push her towards it.

“Lock the door behind you, I’ll track down the thief.”

“Thank you Sol, you have my gratitude for protecting me.” She says holding out her hand. Not one to be rude, I take it, even sweeping low to give the back of her hand a little kiss. I rise up and smile, but the expression freezes on my face.

“Sol?” She asks, concerned.

I lean back down and put my mouth to her hand again, running my forked tongue across her skin.

“Um, this is hardly the time Sol.” She says.

I let her hand go like it’s poisonous, pulling up and staring at her wide eyed. I would recognize that scent anywhere, no doubt about it.

Against all logic, Mrs. Bing is the thief.
>Against all logic, Mrs. Bing is the thief.
So obviously the thief has recognised that yuan-ti can track by scent and went to her bedchamber first, used some of her perfume and then carried out the theft. Which means the thief has some knowledge of yuan-ti. Intriguing!
File: 1373063623996.png-(1.25 MB, 2100x2100, solaronandsloane.png)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Whipped this up yesterday, thought you might be interested. It's not finished yet, hence the lack of color, background, and any perspective issues. And in case you reverse search it, yes, I put it on my DA account last night.

Oh, and I may have gotten their images wrong. I was working from description when I started, but... well, you know how it goes.

Pretty good, but if you will accept my nitpicks these are they.

For one, the head. Sol should look basically exactly like this.


For two, his sword. Sol carries a saber, not a rapier, knowing the difference could save your life.

I feel absolutely terrible for nitpicking since I can barely imagine the amount of work that went into this, and if you don't want to change it that's fine.

But that's my two cents.

Still very grateful for this, more fanart warms my heart immensely.

And you even got the crocodile ridges down the back! That's just beautiful.

Also, Sloane's expression of long suffering exhaustion is perfect.

Ah, noted. I don't know why I kept thinking he had a rapier; Normally I know the difference, but that's what kept popping up on my brainpan. No worries on the criticism angle, though. If I didn't know how to receive it, I would have stopped drawing a long time ago. I'll work the modifications into it when I continue working on it.

Oh, and I'm glad I got the expression right. I thought it of particular importance that Sloane look suitably annoyed.

Also, while the pose works great for this pic, this is just for future reference if you do anything for this fic again.

Solaron does not use chairs, as he does not possess the relevant parts to sit on them, he just coils his body up underneath him and rests on it like a scaly beanbag chair.

Don't even think about changing that for this pic, just for future reference.

I need to pay more attention when I read things.


Getting food.
Considering the scent is the same in all the previous scenes of crime, it'd mean the thief knew they'd be tracked by a yuan-ti at some point (or just took the precaution against scent-based tracking), and would've used the perfume on all thefts.
I'm calling blake as the thief. We haven't actually seen him at all.
Whoever it is, I'm reasonably certain it's a shapeshifter of some sort.
that actually makes a lot of sense

We lock gazes for a long moment, then I reach for my saber. Moving faster than I could have anticipated, Mrs. Bing slams a fist into the side of my head, knocking me against the wall and leaping past me. I recover and turn after her, chasing her down, thought she is running very fast. I turn a corner to see a window hanging open, a trailing bit of dress whipping out of sight. I launch myself through the window after her, rushing out into the cool night air.

She’s hard to see in the darkness, but I can track her by scent easily enough, so I don’t have to slow down at all as I rush through the darkness after her. She climbs the wall and jumps over into the street on the other side, and I coil myself up and launch over after her, landing in a crumpled mass of scales. I recover as quick as I can, racing after her through the nighttime crowds. She is fast, dodging through the crowds, but I can slither through the tiniest gaps between people, so I can keep up easily enough. I smell her shoot into a side alley and follow, peering about in the darkness.

Along the side wall a young female is trying to get back to her feet, nursing a scraped arm. I look at her face, but it isn’t Mrs. Bing.

“Are you all right?” I ask, “Did you see a woman run through here a moment ago?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine.” She says, “And she just ran through here, knocked me over she did.” She points down the alley, and I dart off after her.

Then, turning a corner, I see a dead end. I stop for a moment, confused, and sniff around. No scent here, she was never here. I curse myself for a fool and dart back into the alley, following the scent back onto the street.

Last nitpick.

He should have a smooth neck, not bumpy.

That really is everything.

I track her around corners and down dark alleys, racing over bridges and through buildings. Finally I track her to one building, the scent definitely ending there. I look around for a way in that would not trigger any alarm, and see a lamp post nearby the house. I wind myself up the post easily, looking in through a window on the second floor. Inside I see the girl from the alley rushing hurriedly about, storing the Bing family jewels in a small chest before placing it in a hidden panel under the floor. I take my chance and leap over, grabbing onto the window sill. I throw the window open and pull myself into the room, drawing my saber as soon as I hit the floor.

“So it’s a whole pack of thieves is it!” I shout as I advance. “Well your days of running off with other’s riches are over.”

“I rather think not.” She says as she draws a short sword from a rack on the wall.

We square off against each other, swords at the ready. In the confined space the short sword may have a certain advantage, but if anyone tells you that being in close quarters with a Yuan Ti is a good thing then they have clearly never been there themselves, it’s a fast way to end up with your veins full of venom. I strike first, a testing thrust which she parries deftly before countering, her blow sliding off the side of my saber with a long metallic scrape. We center up again before flying together, the crash of steel echoing in the small room.

So noted. Keep up the good work, by the way.

And you.

She’s good, very good, and fast. Our blades dance across each other, and she nimbly jumps over a sweep of my tail, slashing down at it. I pull my tail out of her reach at the last moment, stabbing at her exposed flank. She parries with unnatural speed, and pushes me back. I see what seems to be an opening in her guard and stab, only for her to catch my blade on hers, and spin, sending my arm flying to the side. She leaps forward and bashes my arm with the butt of her sword and wrenches the blade from my grasp. Then she kicks me in the gut, sending me toppling over as the breath is driven from my lungs.

“Looks like I win.” She says, standing over me with my sword in her hand. “As always.”

I try to talk back, but I am still having trouble breathing. She rolls me onto my belly and ties my hands behind my back, before prodding my with the tip of my saber.

“Come on, up you get, just behave yourself and I won’t hurt you anymore than necessary.”

I go to rise, waiting for her to get in reach.

“Very brave of you, coming after me alone, not terribly wise though, still very brave. It almost makes me WOAH!”

She barely dodges my attack, fangs clamping shut bare inches from her neck.

I am about to attack again when she brings the hilt of one of the blades down and cracks me between the eyes.

“No sir!” She shouts as I crash again to the floor. I try to rise but she crashes down to tackle me, tying my snout shut with some more rope.

“There, that should fix you. Now get slithering.” She prods me again with the swords and, not feeling like being gutted tonight, I comply.

We go downstairs, and then into a basement. Finally she pushes me into a simple cell.

“Now I hate to do this, but believe me this is better than the alternative. Just wait here a sec.”

She locks the cage and leaves, returning a moment later with a tray in her hands. She sets it down in the corner of the cage, and I see what looks to be a large bowl of water and a plate of food.

“Well that should be enough until I get back.” She says.

I glower at her from my corner.

“Now, I have to know, just how did you track me?”

She walks over and grabs my head, and I feel a sudden strange sensation. It’s not pain really, more like being put inside a barrel and shaken. A moment later she leans back, leaving me to the task of refocusing my eyes.

“Scent.” She spits, “Should have known.”

Oh shit Doppelganger.

“Damn.” She says, “This complicates matters. You see, I can’t just let you slither out of here, I’ve put too much work into this to stop now. But I can’t leave your friends wondering where you’ve gone either. This puts a real kink in my plans as I’m sure you can imagine.”

I mumble through my bound mouth. Looking meaningfully at the food.

“Oh, right, you’ll need to be able to eat somehow. She reaches over with the point of my saber and cuts the rope on my mouth, closing the door to the cage before I can get out.

“Once my friends notice I’m gone they will come after me, they’re smart, they can figure it out.”

“You put a lot of faith in your friends.” She says coldly, “But perhaps they really are that good. In either case they won’t be missing you.”

I start to wonder what she means, then I see something that robs me of the ability to speak. She is, moving, her body seeming to shift where she stands. She starts to remove her garments, green scales starting to race across her skin. Her legs form together into a single tail, which stretches out behind her. Her face forms into a reptilian snout, golden eyes flashing in the dark. This, thing, has turned into a Yuan Ti. No, that’s not right, as she leans against the bars I can see her face in the lamplight. Or rather, I see my face, this strange creature has turned into me!

“So you see,” She, or rather he says, “Your friends won’t be missing you at all, I’ll be keeping them company while you are indisposed. I hope you understand the difficulty this puts on me, it won’t be easy to carry on my thefts while pretending to be you, but since you’re the only person in the city who can track me, this does have its benefits.”

It takes me a few minutes to recover my voice after seeing this.

“And, um, what happens to me after you are, ah, done?”

Not-me looks over to me curiously, considering for a long moment.

“Well, I was thinking I could force feed you some amnesia potions to make you forget all this, it wouldn’t do to have you blabbering away all my secrets.”

Not-me rears back and stretches luxuriantly, sending ripples cascading down his long body.

“Now though, I wonder.” He unlatches the cage and slithers in, looking me over.

“Don’t suppose I could convince you to come with me, money or glory perhaps.” He considers, looking as though he was trying to remember something, “No, that wouldn’t work on you. Shame though, you’re actually quite cute.”

Not-me reaches out and runs his hands over me.

“I could just keep giving you potions until you forget everything,” Not-me muses to himself, “I could tell you we were the best of friends and you would come with me, you’d be like a newborn, believe everything I say…”

Not-me shakes himself out of his thoughts and starts stripping off my gear and formal wear.

“But that’s for another time.” He says, securing my gear on himself before relocking the cage.

“Now you just wait there Solaron, I have work to do.”

He slithers out of sight, leaving me alone in the cage.
Ohohohoh. Clever doppleganger. But not, I think, clever enough.

BRB, have to go walk the dog again.

This evenings topic for discussion: Inhuman Mannerisms

I have tried to put as many strange, Yuan Ti mannerisms into the story as possible to reinforce that is not in any way human.

But I am always open to more suggestions!

So discuss and leave behind some interesting snake person traits to help flesh out Sol's personality.

Could be physical actions, or psychological things, like things that freak Sol out but not us, or things that we find bizarre or repulsive but don't phase him at all.

My favorite suggestions will probably find their way into the story!

Maybe he eats mice and other small animals?
Perhaps a fear of mongoose?

Oddly enough, those are both things I have been thinking of.

Strange minds think alike.

I will work these into the story somehow.

I can hear Not-me slithering around upstairs for a little while before he comes back downstairs and heads out. It is a strange feeling to see what appears to be myself slithering out the front door, pausing only to give me a little wave before closing it and leaving me alone again. Well then, I think to myself, time to see about escaping.

I look around, examining the cell I am in. The bars are iron, nailed into the wooden structure around me. I slither over, frustrated by my tied hands, and examine the cage. I find what seems to be a knick on one of the bars and start rubbing my bonds against them, hoping to cut through them. It’s terribly slow going, and I stop after a while to go drink some water before starting again. I feel like I’ve been at it for a few hours before the ropes finally start to come apart, and even then it takes a while for them to get to the point where I can wriggle my wrists free.

My hands now freed, it is time to start thinking about how to get out of this prison, hopefully before Not-me comes back and makes me forget my entire life. I examine the places where the cage connects to the wooden walls, seeing the large nails driven into the wood. Large they may be, but the wood looks old, so hopefully I can break them loose with enough force. I rear up and throw myself against the bars.

Once my head stops ringing I decide that was a terrible idea, and start thinking about other ways to break out.

I look around, all the walls are hard wood and the floor is stone. Then I look up, seeing the simple wooden planks that stand between me and the floor above. I coil up and launch towards the ceiling, digging clawed fingers into a support beam, and start to scrape away at the floorboards with fangs and claws.

I'm still taking suggestions by the way
Mention that he takes time once in a while to shed
Unless hes grown to full Yuan-Ti size?
My snakes have a natural urge to climb shit
Anything, they just love to climb over anything, me, the couch, the dog, everything
Some snakes have infrared senses?
And practically all are incredibly sensitive to vibrations from the ground
File: 1373073873691.jpg-(1.36 MB, 1912x1018, Cloacal spurs.jpg)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
>just doesn't recognize when people are after it
I'm not sure they'd recognize if they got it.
Fun fact, snake muscles only work in one direction
They're strong as hell when they coil, but if you grab them by the tail and unwind them backwards they're almost powerless
I.e. when Sol is "standing", he would perhaps be unable to stop someone lifting his tail up from the back to hold him
>Ways to grapple snakes
Dude nasty, you're basically showing us the main character's junk
I aint wanna see that

These are great suggestions, I will definitely try to make use of them.

And silly me for not realizing that Sol probably has thermal vision.


I'm not entirely sure what you are attempting to say.

Perhaps that human sex is so different from Yuan Ti that he wouldn't understand it if he was looking right at it?

In any case, I have decided that Yuan Ti and humans are at the very least physically compatible. After all, Sol is eventually going to figure out how sex works.

Don't ask me why I've thought that out...

Also, I think I'm done writing for the night.

Will stay around to take suggestions, or respond to comments if anyone wants to stick around, as per normal.

Also, if there are any tropers in the audience, I beg of you to check out the tvtropes page and help expand it, it is in dire need of some TLC.

Thanks for reading.
hes a bard

Yeah, he's going to figure it out eventually. I mean he could have had some, what maybe five times over the course of this story, if you count the orc rape or the doppelganger's admiration.

Though it's probably going to be less him figuring it out, and more one partner refusing to get stonewalled by his usual obliviousness.
Odds are at some point one of them is just gonna go
"Sol, I want to bang"
And he'll be unable to do his adorable oblivious read to them thing

Something along those lines.

It will be someone who isn't going to be put off, but whom he isn't fighting for his life against.

Not until I've finished having fun with his adorable obliviousness though.
And it will be incredibly awkward for everybody involved.

Probably. But Sol is nothing but a gentleman, so he will probably try to make it work.

Fail hilariously at first, but damn it he'll try.
the guy who made >>25834710 here
I'll gladly do more but I should warn you that im still a fledgling drawfag so quality will probably very

damn that looks good


You are more than that in my book, after drawing that.

I'm not sure what else you could draw, though I would gladly accept anything you come up with.

Were you thinking of any scene to try and draw?

"Visit the alchemist shop down the road. They have explosives."

Oops, forgot to put nametag back on.


File: 1373076992365.jpg-(306 KB, 1920x1080, Solaron lonely travels wip.jpg)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
Well Ive got pic related which Im chipping away at but mostly Just letting you know that if theres somthing you want made Im willing to give it ago

Yes. I mean, yes.

Polish it up a bit and this is basically how I envision Sol looking as he travels alone.

Just get the head more or less the same as the other one and it should be good.

Trying to find a pic of something like his saber, for reference.
File: 1373077364730.jpg-(101 KB, 1780x1252, A Saber.jpg)
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101 KB JPG
will do
File: 1373077586451.jpg-(23 KB, 580x454, calvalry saber.jpg)
23 KB

Yes, that's about it.

This one also works, for some inspiration.

I have thus far described it having a full handguard that wraps around more of the hand, rather than a smaller straight piece of metal like this.

sort of a stereotypical cutlas handle, but more elegant.

If that makes any sense.

Also, who's that peeking out from behind the sign?

Oh, and one little idea.

Maybe reverse the image.

Sol is right handed, so the saber should be on his left hip so he can draw it easily.
File: 1373078015195.png-(890 KB, 750x2003, boundman.png)
890 KB
890 KB PNG

Thank you.
its just ment to be a curious farmer

thats actually a really good idea, I had relised that i fucked up on his sword and was just going to redraw the arms but fliping it would work just as well

Work smarter, not harder.

You're just trying to make my job harder, aren't you?


Just trying to provide good reference material.

If you don't want to use it that is your prerogative, you'll get no complaints from me.

Joking. I'll definitely heed the advice.

Good to hear.

Contrary to what you may think, I actually can sometimes tell when people are joking, but I usually play along.

Either I carry on the joke, or I don't offend them if they were serious.

Hey there. Just dropping in to let you know that I've really been enjoying following the story of Solaron on suptg. The protagonist has a very well-defined personality while avoiding being flat and static. There is visible character growth in him compared to the first thread, yet he consistently acts according to his predefined personality traits even when presented with experiences that are completely foreign to him.

There are some style aspects I would question, but these may be largely a matter of personal preference and so aren't worth mentioning. Ultimately, thank you for an entertaining read. I will continue to follow this story for as long as you continue to write it.

Polite sage for off-topic.

Thank you very much.

I will try to keep him an interesting dynamic character moving forward, while also preserving what makes him unique. It's not an easy balancing act sometimes, but it is very worth it.

Please don't devolve into smut like so many other story threads with potential. It can be addressed, but handling it in a tasteful manner is key.
This is great.

Oh of course, I'm not going to make this into a porn fic.

That said, let's face it, romance and sex is a part of life, and it is something that he will experience.

On occasion.

Usually as a smaller part of a larger relationship.

I will try to keep the descriptions of said scenes as tasteful as possible, though I have already asked the readers what they wanted to see.

They seemed to agree that a moderate level of detail was acceptable, so long as dialogue and humor was not skimped on.



Bumping to keep alive until tomorrow.

one last bump before sleep
I question the integrity of Sloane's order. Surely they are not taught RACISM as a core virtue. Even Pelor's Burning Hate and the most strict Smite Radar Paladin wouldn't do that.
there's always a point in history before grossly non-human creatures are accepted as people.

Coincidentally, that time in history is one of the best to write stories in.
Ah, I see. I've only just come to this with this installment, but I'm an instant convert.

Suddenly, PLOT!

Helping to keep alive until OP gets here.
Bump for identity-stealing intrigue.

Well, I return. Also, check the archives to see the rest of the story.


It's not so much Sloane's order as it is Yuan TI's reputation. They're the guys whose culture is basically self centered sociopath, who have been known to destroy entire kingdoms to suit their own agendas. Also, Sloane is not very experienced as a paladin, and has a tendency to act before he thinks twice.
>"is that your...?"
>awkward pause
>"will it fit?"

It’s difficult, painstaking work. I am scratching away at the hard boards, taking away the smallest slivers with each pass. It’s hard to keep a hold of the beams while I’m working, trying to hold myself up by pressing against the sides of the beams with my body to free up a hand to work. I spit slivers out of my mouth as I grind against the wood with fangs, and scrape with claws. I fall down three times. As I lie there on my back the third time, looking up at the small progress I have made, I feel so very weary. I have made a few glorified scratches on my prison wall, the labor of what feels like hours. Meanwhile Not-me is out there right now. He’s probably back with my friends, in my bed, touching my book…

I leap back up to the ceiling and continue my work, scratching away at the wood with a desperate fury. Sudden burst of energy aside, I tire before I break through, though I have made some progress. Perhaps I should allow myself to rest for a little bit, no use chasing after Not-me when I’m tired out, perhaps a short rest will do me some good.

I awake sometime later to see daylight in the cracks between the boards above me. I had not meant to sleep, but I had. Well, at least I’m feeling marginally rested now, so I launch back up and continue my work on the boards. I have to stop to eat at some point, coming back down and gulping down the food and water on the tray before I continue. Eventually I wear the board thin, very thin, at least in the center.

I pull back my fist and prepare to punch the wood, then stop, remembering how much this hurt when I hit the bars. I drop back down and drink the last of the water, picking up the empty metal bowl. I get back up on the ceiling and start bashing away at the weakened board, little chips and splinters falling. I flicker my secondary eyelids to keep the debris from falling in my eyes as I repeatedly smash the bent bowl against the board. For the longest time I don’t think I’m doing anything, but then I see the tiniest hairline crack running along the grain of the wood.

I keep at it, the loud racket echoing around my little cell. Eventually the sound of clashing metal is accompanied by the sound of splintering wood, and with a loud crack the abused board finally folds in half. I quickly knock the bits of wood out of the way and examine the hole I’ve made. It’s not big enough for me to slither out through, not quite, but no I have a good position to lever against the boards next to it, so I throw my whole body into it as I push against the other boards. I eventually wrench the boards loose, just enough to allow me passage.

It’s a tight squeeze, and the wood is scraping uncomfortably against my scales. Once I get my shoulders through the hole though it’s smooth sailing, the rest of me sliding easily through the gap between the boards. Right then, I’m free, time to take stock of the situation. I search the house, first checking the upstairs room. It seems that my captor had planned on my being able to escape, as Not-me has already cleared out all of the weapons and valuables, at least from the compartments that I can find. Well, nothing else for it I guess, better head back and try to find the team again. So, with just the scales on my back, I head out the front door and start heading back to the inn.
I'm sure they can make it work.

It’s early afternoon, judging by the sun in the sky and the crowds on the street. The market stalls are open and hawking their wares, people are talking, an average afternoon in the city. I don’t waste time sightseeing though, I have a mission today, so I move through the crowds with a purposeful pace. Okay Solaron, time to think. I am unarmed, have absolutely no equipment, and must now defeat a doppelganger who has now taken over my entire life. Right, no problem, I’ve got this.

Plans and counterplans rush through my mind. Ambushes, cunning ploys, daring acts of bravery, all of these chase each other around my mind as I make my way through the afternoon crowds. Engaging Not-me in a standup fight seemed like a bad idea, considering he had beaten me the last time we fought, and he now had all my weapons and gear, but the idea of that creature lazing about in my room plotting his next theft made me angry enough to want to try. In the end, I ran out of time before I can out of ideas, the inn sitting before me, as if taunting my lack of a plan.

I am about to head through the door when I stop, a familiar sound wafting from inside the inn. I peek through a window, fists clenching at what I see. Inside, I see my friends sitting around a table sharing an evening meal. Sloane is discussing something with the rest of them, probably trying to plan out their next move. Sal’vir is leaning away from Blake, who seems to be telling a story, red in the face. And Not-me is curled up on his purloined coils, strumming my guitar with an expression of bemused interest.

BRB, going to get food.
Here's hoping he remembers what happened last time Sloane cast Smite Evil on him.

Then they realize Doppelaron is a fake because his guitar skills are good!
I have a feeling the doppleganger is going to regret impersonating Solaron

Well, I could go in the front door and confront Not-me. But, then I would be coming in the door with no gear, while Not-me had everything that was mine, thus making it look like I was the imposter. Then not-me would probably rile up my friends into attacking me while he thought of how to salvage the situation. Hmm, I shall have to be more careful about this. Oh, I have an idea. I slither around the back of the inn and start climbing, peering into the room I share with Sloane. It’s deserted right now, completely empty, perfect. I push open the window and slither in, a smile creeping over my face.

I know it seems rather silly, but after my long ordeal being back here felt quite good. It wasn’t just the sight of the room, it was the smell, the familiar bed, the faint hint of alcohol, even the scent of the paladin making me feel at home here. Then I heard the soft strains of the guitar coming from downstairs and snapped back to reality. Right, I needed a plan, how to prove Not-me is actually not me. I curl up in the corner and think to myself, resting my head on my hands. Perhaps I should just wait here until either Sloane or Not-me come back? If it’s the impostor I can attack and subdue him from surprise, if it’s the paladin then I can reason with him and explain the situation. My plan thus formed, I curl up by the door and wait.

Turns out, I would not have to wait long.

I hear the sound of someone coming up the stairs and brace myself by the door, ready to attack. I wonder if it’s Sloane coming back up to the room, but the familiar smell and the sound of scales sliding over the wooden floor make it clear that it is Not-me coming back up after a long hard evening of impersonation. I ready myself, fangs flexing, I may be immune to my own venom but having these fangs ripping through you has got to hurt. I see the doorknob turn.

“Sorry guys.” I hear someone say in my voice, “I’m dead tired, no more music tonight.”

Not-me turns towards the door and is about to slither in when he sees me standing there. For the longest moment he just stands there, dumbfounded, before he reaches for my saber on his belt. I reach out and grab him by the throat and pull him into the room, throwing him across the floor.

“Surprised?” I say, falling into a ready stance as Not-me tries to get back up.

“A little.” The thing with my voice says, “Perhaps I underestimated you.” Not me tries to draw my saber again, but I lash out at him, flashing fangs and reaching claws, blocking his attempt.

“A lot of people judge me poorly.” I say, “But most won’t pay as badly as you for the mistake!”

Not-me manages to draw my saber and lashes out at me, but I dodge and clamp my mouth around his arm. I miss with the main fangs, but my secondary set bites hard into his flesh and he grunts in pain, dropping the sword. I try to pick it up but he lashes at me with his own fangs and I have to move to dodge. Recovering swiftly, I leap at him again and we crash together, tumbling backwards onto the bed.
File: 1373122297004.gif-(500 KB, 500x281, 1329532023455.gif)
500 KB
500 KB GIF
If it weren't for 4chanX I'd be F5ing like mad.
Not-me lands belly down on the bed and I leap after, claws and fangs outstretched. I almost have him then, but he twists in the bed and grabs me, pulling me sideways and deflecting the blow. I slam into the covers and strike at him again, our arms locking onto each other. We twist and turn, each trying to gain the advantage. Eventually we end up almost entirely twined together like a corkscrew, hands clawing at each other, fangs flashing, hissing loudly.

“I told you it would not be as easy as you thought.” I say, hissing loudly.

“Easy?” he says, dodging a bite, “You’re one of the easiest jobs I’ve ever done, I’m almost insulted.”

“Really?” I ask, sinking my claws into the scales of his arm, “What makes you say that?”

He grunts in pain, twisting and turning on the bed, “All I have to do is sit in the corner with a vacant expression and strum a guitar, the others never suspect a thing.”

“They’ll figure it out eventually.” I say, “If I don’t finish you right here!”

“Ha!” Not-me shouts as he tries to constrict me, an utterly useless gesture, “Let’s take a tally here shall we? The paladin is blind to anything that does not fit his narrow view, the dwarf is not terribly bright, the cleric barely ever speaks, the quarterling is too busy trying to pick pockets than care about me, though I suspect the elf is attracted to me.”

“You give them too little credit!” I say, barely missing sinking my fangs into my opponents neck.

“Oh really? Maybe I’ve changed my mind. Maybe I won’t dump you and move on, maybe I’ll wipe your memory and stay here a while, it’s quite relaxing playing the fool, almost like a vacation. Still, I’d rather take you with me when I go.” Not-me says, voice dropping.

I am about to reply when I hear the door fly open and look to the door, seeing a very confused Sloane standing there, Buri peeking around his side. We both stop dead still on the bed, wrapped in each other’s coils and breathing hard, looking at the paladin with twin expressions of surprise on our faces.

Sloane looks from one of us to the other, his mouth hanging open. I’ve noticed he does that a lot.

“Sol,” He says, “what in the name of Pelor is going on?”

“He’s a doppelganger!” We both shout at the same time.

While he is still very confused, Sloane keeps his wits about him and draws his sword, advancing into the room. Me and Not-me wrestle on the bed for a moment more.

“Break it up!” the paladin shouts, blade whistling through the air, “Against the wall, both of you!”

We each hiss and spit at each other, but rough hands pry us apart and set us up. Not me slithers a bit closer to the paladin.

“I’m so glad you got here in time,” He says, “this thing just came through the window, and it turned into me! It was going to kill me and replace me on the team, it knows I can track it!”

“That’s a lie!” I say indignantly, “That’s the doppelganger, I followed him from the party last night, well it was a she at the time, and then it turned into me and locked me up!”

Sloane looks between the two of us, confused.

“No!” Not-me says, “Look, I’m wearing my belt, it couldn’t copy that, this proves I’m the one you were just with downstairs.”

My heart sinks as I see he’s telling the truth, he is wearing my gear, while I have nothing but my scales, which Not-me has already copied.

“Aye, that does seem to prove it lad.” Buri says, looking towards me and raising his axe.

“Wait, Buri, you know me.” I say desperately, backing towards the window. “You have to trust me, it’s really me!”

“Don’t listen to it!” Not-me says, “It can copy memories, it knows everything I do, don’t let it trick you.”

I only have to look into the eyes of the paladin to know I have lost, this copy has him convinced. I look around the room, judging the distance to the window, I can make it if I jump. Then I see a glint of light off of metal, my book sitting on the bedside table. The idea of Not-me running his hands over my book is more than I can bear, and I leap for the tome, Sloane rushing after me. I grab the book and launch back out the open window and into the dark street. I can hear the sounds of my friends and Not-me giving chase, but I lose them easily enough in the twisting maze of alleys.

Right then, I need a new plan…
>everyone forgets that the paladin can detect evil
The doppelganger was right. They really are morons.
It may just be neutral though it is most just out to rob not murder people.
Why didn't he just say his clothes were stolen?

In the end, I can’t really think of anything. I have already tried confronting my friends, and have only inadvertently convinced them that Not-me was the real me. So I’m going to chalk this night up as a complete failure on all accounts. Well, at least they know there’s a doppelganger about now, so hopefully they will be extra careful. I curl up in a quiet corner of an alleyway for the night and drift off to an uneasy sleep, knowing full well that Not-me is sleeping cozy and warm back in my bed. At least I have the comforting weight of my book to remind me that that he hasn’t stolen everything from me.

I awake the next morning and stretch, popping the kinks out of my coils from sleeping on the hard ground. My belly rumbles and I look around for something to eat. While I have no money to buy food there are enough rats and other small vermin in the alley for a small breakfast. After snapping down the last of the little creatures I slither back out into the morning sunlight, the barest hint of a plan forming in my mind.

The doppelganger’s plan has not changed, and neither has mine. He is still after the riches and wealth of the city, and I still plan on trapping him. My friends may not believe me now, but they will after I catch Not-me red handed in the act of theft. So I resolve to play it cautiously, following Not-me and my friends from a distance, waiting until my impostor makes a move, and then catch him in the act. Thus resolved, I slithered up onto a rooftop and watched the inn for the rest of the morning.

I sit up on the high rooftop for most of the morning, basking in the sunlight as I wait for something to happen. Eventually something does, and I see my friends coming out of the door, Not-me close on their heels. I drop down from the roof and scurry along in the shadows behind them, listening to their conversation.

“So why am I wearing these?” Not-me asks, looking down at his arms. I see that the black bands from my formal garb have been tied around his arms.

“To prove that you are the real Solaron.” Sloane says, “Those will be much harder for the doppelganger to get off in a fight, so it will prove you are the real you.”

“Oh, good idea.” Not me says.

“Right lad. So, where are we off to next?” Buri asks.

“Now we are going to try and stake out a likely location for the next heist, a trade hall up on the northern side of town, they have recently received a shipment of exotic pearls, just the kind of items that our thief is after.”

Not-me slithers closer and listens with extreme interest.

“So, same plan?” He asks.

“More or less, set up a stakeout and watch the building, you will be inside sniffing out the doppelganger while we watch the entrances and exits.”

“And when will we be able to begin?” Not-me asks.

“A few days.” Sloane shrugs, “We need to get permission from the trade hall and get this set up properly. Right now security is so tight the thief will have no chance of getting the pearls out, we need to place that one fatal flaw in the security to guide our thief where we want him to go.”

I continue to follow along as Sloane spills the details of his plan to the doppelganger, who grins widely as he speaks.

I follow them from the shadows for the rest of their trip, Not-me sometimes turning and looking behind himself. Maybe he’s smelling me on the breeze? I can certainly track them by scent from here, though it seems the doppelganger is not very used to his new senses, so he never does more than glance behind him for a moment before continuing on. When they get to the trade hall, Sloane goes inside, but leaves Not-me outside in the company of Buri, presumably to keep an eye out for me, or rather the doppelganger that he thought I was, but was actually right there, watching for me. This was confusing.

In any case, it seems that Not-me has chosen to bide his time for now, rather than attempting to steal the pearls today. I consider attacking him again, but with Buri there that would probably end badly for me. In any case, Sloane comes out a little while later and the party starts to head back down the road towards the inn.

“So, are we going to try it again?” Not-me asks Sloane.

“Yes, the traders have agreed to assist us in our trap, hopefully this one will be more effective than the previous one.” He says, fixing Not-me with a long look.

“I’ll do my best.” Not-me says cheerily.

I follow them the rest of the way back to the inn, watching as my double slithers into the cheery light of the bar while I skulk in the shadows of the evening sun.

I bet they know.

Because Solaron went out of his way to take his book back before fleeing?

Yeah, that's my thought.
Stealing someone's life is inarguably quite evil
That makes sense. Why would a doppelganger steal a personal belonging?

I sit and watch and listen, hearing the laughter and merriment from inside the bar. Overcome with curiosity I slither closer, looking through the glowing window pane into the inn. Inside I see my friends sitting around the table Not-me strumming my guitar and letting out the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, the rest of the party drinking and laughing appreciatively. Not-me finishes the song and tries to leave for the room, but Sloane claps him on the shoulder and pulls him back, the table calling for another song. Not-me smiles awkwardly as he starts to play again, Sal’vir conducting with a trembling hand, the elf having had too much to drink.

I turn away then, I can’t bear to look at this any longer. I slither back over to a quiet corner and catch a few rodents for dinner, sinking down onto my coils for another cold nights sleep.

The next few days are hard, but I endure them. I continue to sit and watch from a distance, learning the patterns of my impostor, waiting for the day when I will catch him in the act. I watch as he takes to the stage in the inn, singing and dancing for the enjoyment of the pub, a perfect copy of my happy grin on his face. I listen as he strums my guitar, as he laughs with my voice to one of Buri’s jests.

Yes, very hard to endure, but I hold out. Eventually my day comes at last, the party heading out to set the trap. Well, I shall play my part in this trap, and catch the real thief red handed. Thus resolved, I slither on after them as they head back up north to the trade hall.

Just a minute guys, eating lunch.

Will be back in a little bit.
I have this feeling that Murphy's law will come into effect, and everything is going to go wrong for Solaron
But everything will work out in the end, right? Right?
Solaron's life is supposed to be one of daring adventure and wily adverseries, not a dark tale of unintentional loss and betrayal.

I hope so

Night has fallen as I follow the party to the trade hall, the streets quiet and lit only by hanging lamps. Not-me is speaking to Sal’vir as they go, an easy smile on his face, the elf laughing a little, though they are too far away for me to hear what is being said. Sloane meanwhile is speaking with Buri, probably going over the plan one last time before they reach their destination. They finally arrive at the tall and dark trade hall, and Sloane has a few words with the guard at the front gate, before he allows them entrance.

I cannot follow them through the front door, so I scale the wall and look in through a skylight, slipping the window open and dropping down onto the floor below with a muffled thump. I am not familiar with the layout of this building, but judging from the elements of the plan I have overheard the pearls should be a few levels below me, so I slink through the shadows as quietly as I can and look for a stairwell to go down. All the while, I scent the air and feel the vibrations in the floor below me.

I feel faint movement on the floors below me, the tromp of armored feet upon wooden boards. Right, so probably my friends as they go to enact their plan. I move cautiously, scenting the air as I go, keeping alert for that one scent which will indicate the presence of Not-me. I skulk in the shadows for half an hour, waiting, until I scent that familiar smell.

Right then. Time to go to work.

I glide along the floor, chin just barely brushing against the boards as I move, slow and silent in the dark hall. Ahead of me I can sense movement, I smell Not-me on the still air, feel the vibration of his passage, sense his heat on the wall. Yes, he is close now. I hide beneath a table along the wall and watch as the duplicate Yuan Ti slithers across the hall, hand resting on the hilt of my saber. I am tempted to attack now, but that would only betray my hand. No, I must be patient if I am to make this count. I sense the presence of another in the hall, turning a corner to see Galen conversing with Not-me.

“Is all well Solaron?” The cleric asks.

“Yes Galen, no sight of the doppelganger yet tonight.” Not-me says. “I shall inform you if I smell anything. Right now I am going to check on the pearls.”

Galen nods, his gaze sweeping the hall, passing smoothly over the shadow where I hide.

“Yes, probably a good idea, best of luck Solaron.” He says, turning from my hiding place and heading back into the hall.

“Thanks.” Not-me says before continuing on to the treasure room.

I slowly creep from my hiding place and pursue.
Thank gods I got here in time for this, I missed the last thread.

You know it's archived right?

Not-me is heading down to the treasure room in earnest now, slithering swiftly across the floor, heedless of any pursuit. And why would he worry? He is the one who is supposed to be hunting down the intruder, not be the intruder. While he may have my body, he is not used to it, he did not grow up with it. He trusts his eyes too much and his nose and tongue too little. I am sure he could have detected me if he had scented the air, or felt the tremors in the floor, but his progress is too swift and careless for him to notice me slinking along behind him. Finally we reach the door to the treasure room.

Not-me starts working on the heavy lock to the door, the sound of the pick at work echoing in the silent corridor. I slither closer, slowly and carefully. Even unused to his new senses the doppelganger could detect me at this close a range. I prepare my fangs for the strike, waiting for him to get the door open, and catch him in the act. Finally I hear the lock click open, and decide it’s time to strike.

“And just what are you up to this late at night, creeping into somebody else’s rooms. You really need to kick this breaking and entering habit.” I say, pulling myself up and blocking his escape.

Not-me whirls around and draws my saber, backing up a bit.

“You again?” He asks, “You’re persistent I’ll give you that. But you’re not going to stop me tonight, you’re too late.”

“Actually, I am.” I say, “I think I’ve arrived just in time.”

Not-me considers for a moment. “Actually, you’re right, just in time. Here you are, ready to play the role of the doppelganger for me to fight off, but not before you ran off with the pearls. And then I can take my prize and go back to the inn to sing and drink with my friends. You’re right, your timing is perfect.”

He throws open the door to the treasure vault and starts to edge in.

“Aye lad, your timing couldn’t have been better.”

We both turn to see Buri standing in the empty treasure room, axe in hand.

“You did well lad, now I think I owe this imposter a lump on the noggin!”
I know, and I just finished catching up on the archive, but it's always nice to catch it as it's happening.
Everything worked out in the end. This pleases me.
Showdown tiem.

Not-me turns to face the charging dwarf, parrying his axe with my saber. In doing so he leaves his flank open and I pounce, grabbing his sword arm and twisting, sending the saber clattering to the ground. The doppelganger hisses and flails, lashing out with bared fangs and I lose my grip. The impostor goes for the dropped saber but a flashing axe sends him scurrying. Not-me darts past me and heads for a window, sending a small table crashing through the glass as he darts out into the night.

“How did you,” I start to ask before the dwarf interrupts me.

“After him lad!” he shouts.

“Right! Here hold this!” I push my book into his hands and snatch up my saber, the sword feeling good in my hand again. Rearmed, I leap out the window to follow my imposter as he flees into the night.

Once again, it is clear that while the doppelganger has copied my body, he is unused to it. He missed shortcuts, moved in wrong ways, didn’t trust his other senses, this allowed me to gain on him despite our physical match and his head start. I slither down darkened streets after him, around corners and through alleys, gaining on my adversary inch by inch. Finally, I reach another seemingly abandoned building, probably another safe house.

There is no way my friends could have kept up with us, and if I wait I could lose him in the night, so I throw the door open and proceed into the building.

I slither through the door, saber held in a ready guard. I hear scuffling in a back room, muttering and cursing. I creep over carefully, gently edging the cracked door open.

“All this work for nothing.” I hear Not-me ranting. “Months of planning, perfect execution, everything lost. Have to move fast, get out of here with what I’ve got, before they’re on me. Such a shame, was just starting to enjoy myself too.”

I edge through the only door into the back room, gently tapping the doorframe with a knuckle.

“It ends right here.” I say calmly. “You’re not going to get away with what you’ve stolen.” I look at his purloined scales, “Any of it.”

Not-me reaches for a knife on the table but I smack the back of his hand with the flat of my saber.

“No sir.” I say, pointing the tip of the blade at his throat as he skirts back to stay away from me.

“Face it, you’re done.”

Not-me backs up, shaking his head, eyes wide with disbelief.

“Why, how, how could you stop me, I’m so much better than you.”

“You’re nothing but a common thief!” I say indignantly.

“No, I am an exceptional thief!” He says in the exact same tone. “I can foil any security, pick any lock, practically walk through walls. I’ve never had to kill, barely ever had to hurt anyone, break in with brute force only on occasion, I am a master of the art.”

He fixes me with a glower.

“And then you came along.”

“Yep.” I say simply. “Just little old me, come to stop you.”

“How could you though!” he shouts indignantly. “How could you stop me? You’re a fool a naive oblivious fool. How could you stop me when so many others have failed? How could you of all people track me down? How come it’s you who sits around a table with friends, laughing and joking? Why should you be so happy singing on a little stage for a pittance each night while I skulk in shadows and work so hard for everything without joy?”

He looks at me, eyes wide and disbelieving.

“Why do you have this life and not me?”

His back bumps against the wall, and I stop gliding forward. I have an urge to speak up, but I remain quiet, and hear the doppelganger out.

“What have you done to me?” He asks, though I think he’s talking to himself more than me. “I was about to pull of the kind of heist that I would only have dreamt of a few months ago, and all I could think of was getting back to the inn to strum that guitar for a crowd of guffawing idiots. I danced, I sang, I told stories and they loved me for it, they called for more and handed me drinks, so foolish and pointless. But I could feel your memories in my mind, how you loved it so, the joy it gave you, I felt it myself. What have you done to me?”

I lower the tip of my saber, giving my imposter an appraising look.

“Why is this your life and not mine?”

He says sadly.
You gave me feels
Before this, I wanted to see the doppleganger defeated.

Now I want to see him redeemed, maybe even join the party. Could be useful.
...or her. Do dopplegangers even have genders on their own?

No. Not really.

Sol simply refers to whatever gender the dopple happens to be at the time, but they don't really have one on their own.

Even if they did, they change it often enough that it really doesn't matter anymore.
It's a doppelganger. It can inherently adopt the form of any being. Somehow, unless it has internalised genitalia, I doubt it has a sex of its own. Some may prefer to adopt the forms of males, some females, but that will be a personal preference rather than an actual sexual characteristic.

“Why don’t you tell me?” I say.

Not-me gives me a surprised look.


“You tell me.” I say firmly, “Why aren’t you living like this?”

He looks at me, surprised for a long moment.

“I can’t.” He says simply.

“Why not?” I ask.

“I’m, I’m a doppelganger, we’re hated, reviled. We care not for the actions or lives of others, we simply take what we want, we take over lives and identities, steal faces and fortunes, I could never live among these people.”

“I’m a Yuan Ti!” I say, somewhat annoyed. “My people are the bane of civilizations, you think I’ve met nothing but friendship and happiness since I left home? My life has not been easy, it’s been filled with pain and hardship, but I’ve made the best of this life, it’s the only one I have.”

“No, it can’t be done.” He says firmly, “I live in shadows and cloak myself in lies, that’s the only way I can live, the only way I know.”

I put down the saber and slither forward, Not-me flinching back against the wall as if terrified of me.

“When you took my face you copied my memories, at least some of them. But you obviously did not take a good enough look. So let’s look closer now shall we?”

I am right in front of him now, and I take his hands in mine. I press his hands to either side of my head and lean in until our foreheads touch, identical sets of eyes locking onto each other. We slowly slip down the wall as the room fades around us, and I pull the doppelganger down twisting paths of memory.
>The rest of the party walks in what looks like, for all the world, some strange Yuan-ti mating ritual.
>Rumours of Solaron's bardic prowess begin to grow wilder with each telling
>“Flowing green fabric, spikes or frills on the shoulders, black bands on the arms and body, and a vest across the chest, also some gold brocade. That varies by taste though.”

>“And what do your women wear?” Blake says, leaning in.

>“Jewelry.” I shrug.

Calling it now, Solaron is actually gay.

The scene around us fades into visibility, or at least the illusion of visibility. It’s a fairly large room in a broken building, cracked rafters creaking high above. All about is strewn the broken finery of a pretender king, the bandit lord’s lair. In a corner a crackling fire blazes. I look down, seeing that I appear to be floating in midair, and do a few experimental movements. I find that I can swim through the air, and so do a few loops, propelling myself through the air with flicks of my tail.

Not-me hovers a few feet away, looking curiously around the room. Down below us lounges a third Yuan Ti, also identical. Younger me lies on a pile of cushions by the fire, reading contentedly from his book, the firelight playing over his scales. We’re back in the library, on the very night that I decided to set out on my adventure.

“I’m sure you recognize this place.” I say, finally getting the attention of Not-me.

“Yes.” My double says, “This is the place you squatted for a while before starting to wander.”

“Do you remember what I thought at the time?” I ask.

“No.” Not-me says faintly, “I cannot copy every memory just like that, only enough to let me impersonate someone, major events, personality.” He trails off.

“Well, let’s take a listen then.” I say, pulling him down as we circle the lazing form of my younger self.

-I let the tales of adventure and heroism take me away from my beggar kingdom, to a place where life mattered, where brave men and women lead lives of meaning and purpose.-

“Foolish,” Not-me says, “Spending your days dreaming away without actually doing anything, wasteful.”

“Perhaps.” I say, “But then again those dreams gave me the strength to press on.”

We fall silent and listen again.

- Was this it? Was this all that my life was going to be now?-

“See?” I ask, “I was faced with a choice, it was not an easy one, but I had to make a decision.”

“You had no choice at all.” Not-me says from where he hovers a few feet away. “It was either sit here and rot or leave, of course you took your chances.”

“It wasn’t just about self-preservation.” I say, “Just listen.”

- It should be me battling dragons and rescuing maidens from towers. It should be me whom a desperate king comes to with a secret mission to save the kingdom.-

“And it will be me.” I say, “That life I dreamed of will be mine, I just need to seize it.”

“I can’t do that.” Not-me says. “Can’t be done.”

- Why, the only thing stopping me was…-

“What’s stopping you?” I ask.

Not-me opens his mouth to speak, then falls silent as he listens to my memory.

-The only thing stopping me was…-

A look of complete shock forms over his face, as a slow grin forms on the face of my younger self.

“What’s stopping you?” I ask again. “You have the head on your shoulders and the path before you, so what’s stopping you?”

Not-me gapes at me open mouthed, and I reach out a hand.

“You need only set out on the path, and seize your life for yourself.”

Slowly, cautiously, Not-me reaches out and takes my hand, as the memory dissolves around us.
why do you think hes gay?

Sexual indifference to the opposite sex doesn't imply homosexuality or even a lack of heterosexuality. Sometimes a person just doesn't have the inclination to care.
He's a bard. To hear /tg/ tell it they're almost universally omnisexual. Solaron just ditches the sexual stats in exchange for even more charm.
thing is, his charm is almost always sexual in nature, he just doesnt know it yet...
at least your getting it he has no interest in anyone that way yet, he just assumes what they say is exactly what they no reading between the lines.

My vision brightens and I open my eyes, my real eyes and look around. In our reverie me and Not-me have fallen down and are laying in a crumpled heap atop one another. I hear a sound and look over, my opposite number stirring as well.

“So you see,” I say, regaining my faculties, “the only thing stopping you, is you. The whole of the world lies ahead of you, you only have to go and seize it.”

“Maybe, maybe you’re right.” Not-me says. He looks around at our tangled coils and we start to rise and disentangle ourselves from each other.

“Course I’m right.” I say confidently, “Look at me, cast out from home, stranger in a strange land, and getting along just fine thank you very much.”

“You really think I can do it?” He asks, looking at me curiously.

“Why not?” I say simply, “You have skills and your wits, your life is your own to lead.”

“Yes.” He says quietly, then nods. “Yes.” More confident this time. “I’ll do that, at least give it a try.”

“Excellent.” I say, “Now I can’t let you walk off with all these riches, but I’m sure I can spare some from my own pocket to get you on your way.” I measure out a good number of coins from my purse and hand them to him.

“You’re sure?” He asks.

“Relax, I’ll make these back singing for a pittance in the inn.”

He smiles at that thought. “You’re sure I can’t convince you to come with me? It could get awfully lonely out there on the road.”

“Nah.” I say, “I think my place is here for now.”

“Okay then. Just one last thing.” He says.

“What’s tha-mmpfh!”

I look down, seeing Not-me’s mouth clamped down on my own. It’s, weird to say the least, not unpleasant, just weird. A few moments later the doppelganger breaks the kiss, leaning back.

“Just wanted to do that before I left.” He says, a perfect copy of my cheery smile on his face, though this time I had the feeling it was entirely genuine.

I’m not entirely sure how to respond to that, so I just nod.
That was his first kiss now wasn't it.
File: 1373142321768.png-(327 KB, 2499x2641, 1371618778236.png)
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I like where this is going
Oh you smarmy bugger. Did you just throw that in so you could have a bit of a wink at the discussion?

Maybe Not-Me is pregnant now, that's how babies work right?

No, I've been planning that for days.

And I am genuinely heartened by the discussion in the thread, I like to keep you guys guessing.
If it was, it'll make for an interesting anecdote on a drunken evening.
>"My first kiss? Oh, uh, well, that was with a doppleganger who'd stolen my identity a few days prior. It was interesting, to say the least."

You have a thing for male snakemen getting close that way? Eh? Eh? Sorry.
I won't speak for everyone, but I'm certainly enjoying reading. Keep up the good work!

>"Kissing a mirror doesn't count you narcissist."

tolerant ublmlo

Not-me keeps smiling. “You’re cute when you’re trying to be chivalrous. Anyway, I should probably get going before the paladin or the dwarf show up. They wouldn’t be as forgiving as you.”

“Probably a good idea.” I say awkwardly.

Not-me starts slithering for the door, but I pursue.

“Wait, are you going to stay as, me?”

The doppelganger looks down at his body.

“I think I will actually, the scales kind of grew on me.” He looks up at me, “They look better on you though.”

“We’re identical.” I say flatly, making him roll his eyes.

“Not the point.” He says.

“Before you go, can I at least know your name?” I ask.

He smiles. “Not something I usually tell people, but I think you’ve earned it. My name is Kalen Takari.”

“I’ll remember it.” I say. “See you around Kalen.”

“Count on it Solaron.” Kalen says, giving me one last grin before he sets out the door.

I smile to myself and begin recovering the loot. Yes, I think that worked out rather nicely in the end.
>"What's that supposed to mean? I've yet to encounter a mirror capable of clamping its jaws on mine and hopefully it'll stay that way."

>You have a thing for male snakemen getting close that way? Eh? Eh?

You shall just have to keep reading and find out now won't you.
>Never run into a mimic have you?
File: 1373143431830.jpg-(130 KB, 416x590, 1275786099663.jpg)
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That's as good as a tacit admission on the 4chans. I'll be keeping my eyes on you, boy.

I'm sorry, but that is classified above your pay grade.

I am unable to confirm or deny anything at this point.
File: 1373144150056.jpg-(25 KB, 334x347, 1323425594934.jpg)
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Just keep writing. I'll be watching. Solaron for memetic sex god pls. Think of the hijinks!

Now I'm wondering if Sol would be able to charm a mimic. They're not even sapient, are they?

It takes a little while but Sloane and the rest of the group eventually catch up with me, running down the streets until they see me waving from an upper window. The enter cautiously weapons drawn, looking at me suspiciously.

“How do we know it’s really you?” Sloane asks.

“Buri, do you have my book?” I ask politely.

“Aye it’s him lad.” Buri says as he hands me my book, which I clip onto my recovered belt.

“Where’s the doppelganger?” Sloane asks, looking around.

“Gone.” I say truthfully, “And I don’t think we’ll see him again for a long time.”

Sloan frowns and sheathes his bastard sword.

“I’ve got the stolen treasure here though.” I say, and that brightens his mood.

We recover and sort the loot, Buri watching Blake like a hawk to make sure none of it vanished into his pockets, and eventually we set back off down the road for home.

“So, how long did you know you were with the doppelganger?” I ask.

“We weren’t really sure.” Sloane said, “But since we knew it was impersonating you we kept you, I mean the copy, under close watch. Plus, you stopped to grab that book of yours before you left, so that was a clue.”

“Aye, and the guitar playing sounded kind of good.” Adds Buri.

“Oh.” I say quietly.

A little while later, Sal’vir walks up, speaking quietly.

“So, that was a copy the whole time?” He asks.

“Yeah, ever since the party at Mrs. Bings house.” I say, “Why?”

“It’s just, the other you was very friendly to me.” He says, acting like it was nothing.

“I’m very friendly to you.” I say, “He was just trying to be me. Though I suspect he was enjoying his role a little more than he thought he would.”

Sal’vir nods. “Perhaps so, I’m glad to hear you feel that way.”

I clap him on the shoulder. “Of course I do, you’re all fine friends. Now let’s get back to the inn, I need a good drink and a hot meal, a serpent can only live on water and rats for so long!”

So it was with high spirits that we returned home that night.

Huh. 4chan dun goofed on me.

It seemed to eat one of my posts, refused to bring it up, then only showed it after I reposted that section.


I just have to hit the checkbox next to that post and press delete to get rid of it right?
Yeah. It might want you to wait a bit, although it may still show up in the archives even if you do delete it.

All fixed.

Sadly, it is that time again.

I have been writing all day and am ready to rest.

I will still be in the thread for a long time after this though, as per usual.

Thanks for reading.

Again though, if there are any tropers in the audience, please take a look at the tvtropes page, it is in desperate need of more TLC.

Still here, just FYI in case anybody had anything to say.

I'm sorry, but I really don't know how to respond to that.

Thanks for saying it though, I guess.
It was posted in the wrong thread
Ive always got Solaron threads open when theyre up
Coz theyre fucking golden


I thought it was a joke, I said if anyone wants to say something.

And indeed something was said.

Bumping to keep it alive.

Bumping for still being here.
I'll give a bump, though I don't see why we're actually keeping this thread alive, since we can just make another

Yeah, go ahead and let it fall off I guess, I'm not going to do enough writing to make it worth while tomorrow.

I just try to have as few threads as possible cluttering up the archive.
Sol is such a ray of sunshine, it's gonna be heartbreaking when he meets someone who does't want to be redeemed.

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- futaba + yotsuba -
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