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LAST TIME ON GUNDAM AGE QUEST: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=Gundam+AGE+Quest

Check My Twitter for Updates: https://twitter.com/Crosswire

Your name is Scarlet Crocker. You are the Commander of the Colony Defense Forces at Zarth and you, and your Uncle Hogan are being attacked by a swarm of robotic spiders. It started out with you heading out in the Gawain with Hogan in the AGE-1 Dark Hawk and Arnold in the G-Xiphos along with three of his crewmates in Shaldoll Rogues to investigate an old looking ship that appeared to have come from Mars.

However upon getting near it, the ship seems to come apart revealing that thousands of robotic spiders made up its exterior save for a warped, ancient frame of a Darwin Class ship and a interplanetary booster engine.

As soon as the swarm spread you ordered everyone to try and keep the swarm from swarming which it promptly did. You have no ideas what kind of combat capabilities these spiders have, all you know for sure is that they’re small in terms of a mobile suit, only 7 feet long, 2 feet wide and 4 feet tall. There is probably a thousand or more of these things flying at you and your men

What do you wish them to do Scarlet?
Try to evade these things while opening fire. Throw in a grenade or two.
Are our weapons even having an effect on them?
synchronize grenade fuses among the whole squad and have our unit overlay a hex-grid on the viewscreens of our team mates. Each person throws 3 grenades at 3 different points in the hex grid so the explosions form a "wall" of fire directly in front of the retreating squad. Continue to retreat in close formation in order to draw the swarm into a funnel shape, and fire into the cone or point of the funnel while retreating. Have 2 members dedicated to picking off any spiderdrones that attempt to leave the swarm, everyone else mag dumps into the thickets concentration of drones like that scene in the matrix with the squid-bot things and the mechs. Maximum dakka,
What do we even have for weapons on us? I don't want to get in melee with these buggers.

As for dealing with them, I doubt that they're very sturdy, so keeping a constant stream of fire and grenades on them is our best bet.
Try to keep them grouped together so we can hit more than one, preferably while firing from multiple angles. Basically what >>25760288 said.
File: 1372712001111.png-(56 KB, 2536x1082, Drone Attack.png)
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You have a EM Bullpup with a couple of reloads, your Gawain's head mounted railgun and the diffusing beam cannons built into the shoulders as well as a couple of grenades. Everyone else is carrying DODS rifles, grenades and shields of some kind.

As the swarm rushes forward you attempt you give out orders for a complex and cunning plan until you realize you don't have the time to do that and end up yelling "Open fire with everything you have, don't let them get close to you!"

Everyone scatters and begins taking evasive maneuvers, firing wildly into the swarm with everything they have. Overall your weapons do an excellent job of destroying them, but there are just so damn many you barely noticed a drop in numbers.

The Baronche seems like it wants to help, but due to the swarm position and everyone else's position near the colony they can't use any of their weapons or else they could risk hitting the colony.

Everyone seems to be doing OK, but the drones seem determined to get close to you. They seems to have small missiles and beam weapons, but they only appear effective in mass attacks, individually they are mostly useless against mobile suits.

One of the Shaldoll pilots seems to be getting worn out, the Spiders are getting closer to him each time he moves away. All the while everyone's attacks seem to have only limited success at thinning the swarm.

"Rysis! Where the hell are those reinforcements Fairdain said they were sending!" You tell over the comms during all this.

"They should be here in 15 minutes or so, try to hold out till then!" Rysis

15 minutes seems like too long. You need a plan of action. Now. What will you do Scarlet?

(On another note, I found a draw thread. What are some characters you'd like me to request and what would be good physical descriptions of those characters?)
They are keen on following us? Why us, exactly? What did you do, Hogan, that has drawn the ire of another SID?
Try to lure them away using yourself as bait. As soon as we're far away from the colony, the Baronche should open fire.
Did we try just using an EMP on them? With the number of them, they're probably throwaway swarm units. Probably don't have protection for the electronics.

How close together are the things? Are they fighting like tiny individual units or packed together like the suicide drones in 00? Maybe we could use a goo grenade and make them crash into each other if they're close enough.
On a related note, would ECM spamming be useful for this? Mess up their communications, keep them from coordinating properly. Which might not actually be a big deal, if they're using programs based off of natural swarm patterns. Bees don't have radio communications and they can swarm without crashing. Still, it would prevent them from formulating tactics as easily if they can't do cloud processing, so it could have some benefit.
ECM might prove useful - they have to coordinate with each other somehow, otherwise they'll just end up crashing with one another.
Or, there's a central control unit somewhere that's doing that for them - but again, they need to coordinate, so ECM would be useful.

Goo bombs, ECM, and EMP. Probably while driving them away from the colony, so the Baronche can take most of them out.
Does Rysis still have the buster rifles for the Black Raven? I believe we destroyed them, but that was twenty-five years ago, and she could have replaced them by now. If so, send them out in one of the AGE Builder's little weapon deployment pods and sweep the swarm with them.

As for characters to draw, the Crocker family themselves would be fun. Maybe with their mecha, even. Which reminds me: what mobile suit is Mellis piloting these days? Is it just the Farsia remodeled to look less Vagan?
I think it's some unholy hybrid of the Farsia and Gundam, based on the Chimera wear.
As for the drawing, the Crockers would be fun, but I don't think that we're going to get something done in that drawthread - it's mostly Warhammer stuff. Better wait for Saturday and ask in the Quest Thread General, maybe someone's doing commissions. I think the QM for Strike Witches draws as well.
File: 1372714653124.jpg-(394 KB, 1034x1568, 1372651029110.jpg)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
...and we have what Asemu Enneacle's Gundam looks like in our timeline.
Minus the A symbol on the front, as it doesn't have the AGE System installed.
Well, yeah, besides that.
(Once again, EMP bolts need to connect with a target to damage their internal systems. They have little to no area effect. You don't have any EMP Bombs or the such because your father refused to allow EMPs to enter, or rather re-enter warfare.)

As you dance around just out of reach of the swarm you become worried that they have explosives and are some kind of suicide drone. However as you watch their movements you realize the drones are fairly close together in a fashion similar to a swarm of bees. Their ranged weapons may suck, but they seem pretty damn determined to get close. They may look like spiders but they act more like bees ,maybe their armaments reflect that?

Suddenly, an idea hits you. "Hogan! Does the Baroche have any ECM systems on it?"

"Only some of the best the Federation had to offer!" Hogans declares.
"Good. Fire them up. These things are probably sharing processing capabilities or coordinating with each other. If we can fuck up their ability to work with each other then we’ll have an easier time taking their asses down!”
"Alright. You heard her boys, activate the ECM!"

You have everyone fire off their goo grenades into the swarm to gum groups of the spiders up, allowing you to get a head start away from the colony before the swarm is back to speeding up your rear ends despite your constant attacks. You realize they were focusing on the seemingly greatest immediate threat when the ECM kicks in and at once they stop dead and turn in the direction of the ship before swarming towards it.

“Shit! They’re heading for the Baronche!” One of the men in one of the Shalldoll Rogues exclaims.

“It’s too late now, they’re screwed!” You say as the Baronche deploys its CIWS DODS Gatling Gun and begin to mow down the incoming swarm with AA Gunfire. With you and the others coming in from behind, you manage to annihilate the slowed swarm before they can even reach the Baronche.

(Awww, it's a shame about the draw thread but these things happen. I'll just have to try/search elsewhere, no big deal)

You sit in silence, worried something else might show up but nothing does. Save for reinforcements.

"We're here to he-Oh god damn it you guys already killed them didn't you?" The Captain of the Zalam/Euba MS Squad moans as he looks as the cloud of tiny spider-robot Debris.

"Yeah, sorry you guys are only about 5 minutes late." You say, tapping the Gawain's right wrist with it's other hand as if it had some kind of giant wristwatch.

"Well this is a sucky first impression isn't it? I'm Captain Gab Walker of this here MS Squad. We're here to help you out." The Zalam/Euba Squad is made up of 7 mobile suits. 3 Xino Kai, 3 Zila Kai and a custom mobile suit you are familiar with, it shares design features associated with the Zalam/Euba Alliance though.

The drones appear to be gone, leaving you with only the obliterated remains of the spider drones and the skeleton frame of that ship they were disguised as.

What do you wish to do now Scarlet?
"Name's Scarlet Crocker, I'm the newly appointed Commander of Zarth HQ. Don't ask, I don't have a clue why or how."
Introduce yourself to Gab, check out that shuttle that crashed on the colony with Hogan's men, and pick these things up for salvage and analysis.
I suppose we should search the ship frame to see if we can figure out anything about its origins. They probably cannibalized any electronics before sending it off, but there might be some forensic evidence left in the frame itself. Signs of repairs, weathering of the metal from age, that sort of thing. Likewise, pull in all the drone remains we can. We've probably vaporized the majority of the processors, but there might be some surviving systems to download data from. Best case scenario we figure out where these are from and get their distributed drone processing to enhance our future work in bit development. Worst case scenario, we get some scrap for the recyclers.

Also, get acquainted with Captain Walker. We'll be working closely with his men while they help us rebuild our own forces, so we should start on good terms. No hard feelings about him arriving after the battle, we understand that Fardain is the most distant of the colonies in this cluster.
True. We could also recycle the frame once we finish analyzing it. I have a feeling it's going to be some of the missing ships from one or the other asteroid field. Wonder why they came here, though. The only thing I can think of is either Hogan brought something with him, or that nanomachinery blueprint Rena activated served as a beacon for these things.
We dead?
After a quick introduction you go to investigate the shuttle that crashed into the side of the colony. The shuttle didn't explode, but the impact stuck the thing into one of the colony wall layers. All of the occupants are dead, ether because the impact killed them or the breaches to the cabin in their suits killed them.

That's seven men dead...

You need to assign men to look over the ship and through what's left of the robotic spiders floating around as derbis.

Almost all your men the colony are occupied, so you'll have to take men from the MSB or the Baronche. It's just a question of how many men and what kinds of men?

Magic Schoolbus- Crew of 80, Minimum people needed on board is 30

Baronche- Crew of 68, Minimum number of people needed on board is 20. 7 Men killed so far.
Let Hogan and his guys recuperate. We should send our condolences over, as well.
The MSB can handle retrieving the scrap - the Aces can keep watch, while the rookies can salvage the materials.
Works for me. At least we didn't suffer any casualties from the battle itself. Just from a giant robotic spider-fist punching a spaceship. Which, if we're being realistic, is probably how the Bisidian Pirates would have wanted to die. Well, they would have wanted to die from old age surrounded by their loved ones, but spider-fists are a good second.
It should've been on fire, though. And blazing Iron Maiden in the background.
Still a loss. I doubt that Hogan can bring in more men without attracting the wrong kind of attention or risking loosing control over his base of operations in the Graveyard.

...which probably got wasted if those things are coming from there.
You called up Dorthy and have her send some men to examine the frame and collect the debris. You also suggest she send out Ralphie, Tim and Arnold to make sure they're safe from any other 'surprises'.

After checking up on everyone you meet up with Hogan and offer him condolences over the loss of his men.

"Iron maiden should have totally been playing in the background when that happened." You say after a few moments of silence.

"Yeah or at the very least Metallica or some of that ancient metal music." Hogan sighs and shakes there head. "At least it was an interesting death, better then just getting stabbed or shot or dying in prison I guess..."

"You gonna be OK Hogan?"

"Yeah I'll be fine. In my line of work people die all the time, it's just you never get used to people dying so suddenly"

You comfort him a little more before returning to the colony. On the way to your office you see that the Sub-offices have been repaired and are being furnished with what little furniture they had lying around.

Rysis is looking through the mass of files recovered from the safe, shaking her head at the mass of budget information and other bureaucratic chaff.

What do you want to do Scarlet? You've only gotten 4 hours of sleep and you just fought robotic spiders.

>Sub-Office Cleanout and Reconstruction: COMPLETED

>Armory Clean out and Reconstruction: 3 Hours

>Lab Clean out and Reconstruction: 15 Hours

>HQ Reinforcement: 59 Hours

Equipment and Personnel Projects

>RGE-890T Genoace II Trainer x10 3 hours

>Shields, EM Bullpumps, DODS Rifles, Beam Sabers, training equipment est COMPLETED

>MS Training x10 Greenhorns/Paperpushers- 1 week
"Auntie? What's wrong? You look... well, more pissed off than usual."
Let's get a financial report. We need to know how we're standing with the money, and from whom we could order stuff for the facilities that are being rebuilt at the moment. Then let's go introduce ourselves to Fairdain forces, fill them in on the situation, find mom, give her a hug, tell her to watch the base while we're sleeping and then fall asleep while still hugging her.

Are the barracks operational at the moment? If not, Bob and his men should clean those next, our guys need to sleep somewhere.
We set up some temporary housing out of canvas and birdlime. Barracks are on the schedule for after the current construction. It's only three days, we can go without for now.
True. Forgot about those. Also, those guys Yurin sent over (accountants?) are supposed to arrive soon, as well as the scientists and supplies for the lab.
What else do we need, besides cleaning the armory and lab, and then ordering stuff for them?
File: 1372726580382.png-(21 KB, 2254x636, 1371752748076.png)
21 KB
> 2 Large Hangers capable of holding about 15 Mobile Suits each along with standby equipment and base vehicles.
> A Basic Barracks capable of providing sleeping quarters for about 50 people or so
> A Basic Mess Hall capable of feeding about 100 people at once. Food Stores are excellent.
> An Advanced Cell-block capable of holding about 12 to 30 people with very little chance of escape without outside help.
> A Basic Machine shop capable of producing simple parts, weapons, electronics and vehicles
> The Armory, Sub-Offices and Dr. Halsey’s Lab are destroyed and need to be rebuilt.
The sub-offices are done, so let's focus on getting the remaining stuff operational. We probably should make an obstacle course for the future pilots as well.

How would we improve the other structures, though? I've no idea on how to improve barracks or the mess hall, besides improving the living conditions and probably expanding them or something. Other upgrades are either getting or making new and improved stuff for them.
File: 1372727446467.png-(26 KB, 2514x922, Colony Defense HQ.png)
26 KB
You should be able to get Bob and his men to work on building an obstacle course after the armory is finished.

(Here the facilities you have at the moment)
The basic barracks in the HQ are basically full. The temporary housing made out of canvas and birdlime was set up while you were asleep. They should be able to hold 100 recruits temporarily. You have 29 recruits and counting.

Yurin and Zeek have left apology emails with Rysis that say they were delayed but that the researchers and accountants will be their in an hour or two.

"Auntie? What's wrong? You look... well, more pissed off than usual." You ask, approaching your aunt as she puts down some of the papers.

"It's the budget reports..." Rysis says with a frown.

"The budget reports? Oh great now I can figure out how much money I have to work with. I'll need money for desks, chairs, research equipment, a lot of stuff...

"Well that's gonna be a problem..." Rysis says with a significant frown.


"Because we're 500,000 credits over budget at the moment."


"Apparently someone was embezzling money before Commander Aldrick caught them..."

"What does this mean?"

"Well it means we can't pay the recruits or any of our current staff. It also means we can't purchase any equipment or anything really..."

"...Shit." You pause a moment to reflect on the situation.

Your thoughts Scarlet?
"Did Aldrick at least catch that stupid asshole who was stealing from us?"
Okay, this is bad. We need to get money, and fast. If we catch that guy, we still won't get our money back.
Can we begin upgrading the suits from the other colonies and selling Crocker tech for money?
On a side note, did Hogan find any of our stranded men?
Shit, indeed. The money's probably already been spent, so we can't even get it back. Great. Maybe we can get a loan from Euba-Zalam. Canonically Elfamel is sponsoring Bisidian, right? How does that relationship work in this timeline?
Didn't he also finance Flit's rise to power or something?
Yes he did. They're in the infirmary being looked over. Several of them are totally shitfaced and quite rowdy, they'll need to spend time in the brig to cool down. The other ten are OK but will need time to recover from the guilt of failing to defend the base and their comrades. He found 17 men in total and 1 intact Shaldoll along with enough scrap parts to fix it.


"Did Aldrick at least catch that stupid asshole who was stealing from us?"

"Yeah, he's in prison but the money was already spent..."

"SHIT..." You grab your hair and flail around a bit, trying to think of a way to solve this.

"Flit inherited a shitload of money when he married Yurin, but I'd rather not talk Yurin into handing money that's also her kids..." You tap your chin in thought. That idea won't work but it's a start.

"Wait a minute! Is the Euba/Zalam Alliance leader loaded? What's his name? Elfamel? Can't I just take out a loan from him?" You ask Rysis.

"Perhaps, by the Euba/Zalam Budget is pretty tight, they aren't like the Federation. They aren't stingy with money because their assholes, their stingy with money because they're basically on their own." Rysis reminds you.

"Well got any other ideas?" You ask, crossing your arms.

"Well...I DO have a way we could get a million bucks. It would pay off the debt and allow us to get things rolling." Rysis flicks a pencil on her desk and looking around the room in a coy manner.

"It's not robbery, or murder, or blackmail, or any of that crazy shit is it?"

"Oh nothing like that. It just involves you. It's quite simple really, there's an surgeon attempting to reverse engineer my cybernetic implants and he's just about got everything down. However he needs a test subject. Your a perfect match! He's willing to pay you a thousand bucks to let him fill you with experimental reverse engineered cybernetic implants" Rysis smiles as she suggests this, like there's absolutely nothing wrong or weird about this at all.

What do you think about this Scarlet?
"You said one million. Let's hear that plan first before we start putting things in me."
Nope. Nope, nope, nope nope nope.

We could link that guy with Dr. Halsey, they probably could work something out.
Both could get test subjects from Leviathan, and both could work on their experiments.
"How do you know I'm a 'perfect match'? Have you..have you been doing experiments on me and I just never noticed?"
That's a legit question. She probably did.
Though I don't like this augmentation deal. Not with Leviathan still around and them being interested in creating super soldiers who are probably brainwashed or worse.

"How do you know I'm a 'perfect match'? Have you..have you been doing experiments on me and I just never noticed?"

"Well not really why you haven't noticed. Remember all those shots and examinations the school nurse kept saying you had to have?" Rysis smiles sheepishly.

"Yeah I remember. I kept having to see this doctor with the really shitty mustache and a weird voic-Wait! That was you wasn't it!" You bend over the table and point accusingly at her.

"Yeah. I mean really? You didn't see me behind the fake mustache trick?

"...I was thinking about my D&D campaigns at the time! It was freshmen year! Besides I thought I could trust you not to do creepy stuff like this!"

"It's not creepy..." Rysis pauses for a moment. "OK it probably is. But I'm not doing it because I hate you or your father, it's because I love you like a daughter Scarlet and I want to make sure nothing happens to you." Rysis cups one of your hands in yours and smiles.

"The doctor is completely trustworthy and the operation is simple. He's just doing some simple implants, if you don't like them we can have them removed later on. Trust me, I'm a cyborg remember? It's a million bucks and your one shot at seeing what it's like to be me." Rysis says with a grin.

"So what do you say?"

Well Scarlet?
Screw it. Tech her up.
Nope. Fuck, Rysis, this is too much, even for you.
"I can't believe I'm even considering this, but...What sort of implants are we talking about? Neurological, structural reinforcement, artificial glands, what? And how long would I be out for recovery? I can't do this if it's too invasive and takes me out of commission for months while I adapt to them."
"Wait. Stop."

"You screw around with me, inject me with who knows what, steal my medical data and give it to some doctor friend of yours, admit this to my face and you expect me to go along with you?"
"And you expect me to believe that this guy is trustworthy because *you* say so? You who did all that shit to me, tried to kill dad on more than one occasion for shit and giggles, and now this?"

"No. Fuck you. You love me? Right, I'll probably end up dissected on some guy's table because you want to get a pot shot at dad."
"God, how stupid am I to expect something sane from you? And to actually trust you?"

"Fuck. You."
Rysis is more machine than human, so those implants are probably going to be quite invasive and would put us out of commission.
She lost her arm when she was working for the Vagan, and didn't even notice it. Hell, her implants are what keeps her alive.

Fuck this noise, nope. We'll think of something else.
"I can't believe I'm even considering this, but...What sort of implants are we talking about? Neurological, structural reinforcement, artificial glands, what? And how long would I be out for recovery? I can't do this if it's too invasive and takes me out of commission for months while I adapt to them." You aren't sure if Rysis is being legitimate here, it could just be her being insane/weird but she has been trustworthy and loyal so far...

"Just a simple set up. He's going to implant you with a cybernetic hub. It'll be connected to your brainstem and used to collect data on how it's handled and the limitations on what kind of Cybernetic implants you'll be able to handle. He'll have to shave a patch of skin on the back of your head, but outside of that you should wake up and feel fine." Rysis explains.

"Like I said, I only want to give you the opportunity to see how it feels like to be me and that I'm the one that's fucked up because of my own issues, not my implants. All you'll need to do is keep it in you for a couple of months to collect data and then you can do whatever you want, take it out, have more implants put in. Whatever you wish. If something goes wrong, we can keep the money, the doc can go to jail and we'll get that thing out of you. So how does that sound?" Rysis asks.

Despite the fact she's been stealing your medical data for years, she seems pretty legitimate about this.

What do you wish to do Scarlet?
"No, thank you, but I'm perfectly fine with who I am. I don't need anyone messing with my brain like a lab rat's for some money."
"Also, Rysis? After today, we're done. I'll do my job, you do yours, but we're done."
"Oh, Rysis, don't feel that way. I never thought of you as some cliche insane cyborg. I've always known that you were just inherently a crazy bitch. I think it sounds like it could be interesting. I will have to talk to Mom first, though. Despite having been given effective power over the life or death of three colonies, I'm still below the legal age of majority. I can order to have people killed, but I can't go and get elective surgery on my own. What's wrong with this scenario, huh?"
We're going to end up lobotomized or mind-controlled, so no.
"I'm gonna have to say...No"

"That's gr-Wait what?" Rysis's smile fades and she looks bewildered.

"As good or as fucked up as your intentions may be Rysis, I like myself how I am now. Besides I'm still a minor and I'm pretty sure Mom would murder your ass if she heard you tried talking me into this." You smile and shake your head.

"..." Rysis stays dead silent, appearing to be burying a lot of anger and disappointment at this. She takes a deep breath and releases it.

"Alright. I understand. I'm sorry for what I did and I'm sorry this has damaged our relationship. However your old enough to make your own decisions. I'll just have to accept them. However I'm afraid I can't think of any good ways to make money outside of my suggestion..."

"What about modifying and creating mobile suits for people in the colonies?"

"I doubt there's much of a market for that, but we'll have to do everything we can to make money now..."

>You have lost influence with Rysis

What would you like to do now Scarlet?
Let's introduce ourselves properly to the Fairdain captain and his men. Maybe he can talk with his boss for a upgrade of their forces - we offer them the finest suits and upgrades, if they're willing to pay. Maybe sell something to Madorna as well. Then, let's see if mom has any ideas.
You leave Rysis alone, disappointed that she was being all friendly just to try and rope you into something so sinister. You go out to the temporary barracks and visit the Zalam/Euba troops staying there.

The 80 infantrymen and the 7 mobile suit pilots, including Captain Walker himself have set up their tents and such alongside the temporary barracks of your ever growing number of recruits.

You walk in on Walker just as he and his team are sitting down for some food.

"Why Hello Commander Scarlet, it's a pleasure to see you here. How Can I help you?" He asks with a gracious smile.

"I was wondering if you know how I can contact your leader. I have some sensitive information I really need to discuss with him..." you decide not to come out an say YEAH I'M FLAT FUCKING BROKE AND I NEED MONEY, you don't want recruits walking out because they think they won't get paid.

"I don't have his number personally, but I'm sure you could just call the number here and they'll patch you through. Your the Commander here so I'm sure he'll give you time to talk." Captain Walker hands you over a card and you nod pleasantly.

"Care to stay for some lunch? It's from the cafeteria here..."

"Thanks but I really should be going..."

"It's shepherds pie~" Captain Walker says, waving the plate around with a musical hum to his voice.

You sigh and nod your head. "Fine. I'll stay. Besides I have a few question for you..."

You walk inside the tent and take a seat, all while Rysis watches from a nearby window, her hands clenched into fists, eyes narrowed in anger.

"You'll come around Scarlet...even if I have to MAKE you come around. Which shouldn't be too hard. All I have to do is put the right pressure on the people your afraid to lose the most..."

(And this is where we'll end things. Sorry for the slowness earlier I was having some difficulties.)
Well, that's what we get for forgetting that Rysis was, you know, one of the villains last arc. The "defeat means friendship" clause only extends so far. Let's hope this doesn't get too out of hand.

Actually, wait a minute. We're still in Scarlet's POV. We heard her say that. Damn it, Rysis, learn the art of subtlety! No, just kidding, I know the POV shift was implied in the narration. Though it is an amusing image for Rysis to be doing what she thinks are soliloquies only to have the other characters interrupt.

Anyway, see you next thread. Looking forward to the next curve ball you throw us as always, Crosswire.
>"I'll get you Scarlet..."

>"What was that Rysis?"

>"Er, ugh, Nothing! Just making more faxes and stuff..."


Glad to know that POV shift didn't fly over anyone's heads.

I hope to see everyone in the next threat. Night!
Seriously, this could have ended badly. Who knows, maybe she has data on the rest of the Crockers somewhere.
Hopefully she won't do something incredibly stupid or dangerous, like working for the Vagan all this time.

See you next time, Crosswire. Fun as always.

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