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File: 1372699800484.png-(145 KB, 472x463, Defenestrators Logo.png)
145 KB
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Link to first thread; http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/25733525/#p25740159

>OK, so I just checked out the archive. Holy fucking shit people loved this idea.

The Defenestrators are a Space Marine chapter solely based around the idea of throwing heretics through windows. They craft the mightiest and most beautiful windows in the entire Imperium, just to smash some Chaos Marines through them.

In the first thread, there was quite a lot of fluff, pics and crunch rules as well (a thousand thanks to those helpful anons).

And now I'm tripfagging so I can take the credit.
But seriously, you guys rock.

Today we're gonna carry on this idea, I'm going to trawl through the first thread and start re-posting all the good bits.
>Created in the 34th Millenium, 8th Founding
>Dark Angels successor
>Created as a counter threat to Chaos Marines.
>Due to a missing zygote, we have no Omophagea, which means we can't learn stuff from our food.
>The other Chapters don't trust us.
>Our figure of legend is the Chapter Master, Janus Zizkus, who led the Chapter on numerous campaigns and glorious battles, before being targeted by a Vindicare Assassin. He was assassinated because he threw a yet-as-unknown rogue Inquisitor through a window.
>Our homeworld is a Dead Feral World.
>We have a distant rule of the planet, preferring not to go anywhere near it.
>We are unique and don't follow the Codex at all.
>We field no psykers.
>All of the Chapter has symbols and icons of the Chapter Master on their armour or bodies somewhere, to remember his sacrifice.
>We have nominal strength, with 10 full companies.
>We have found an ally in the Sisters of Battle
>We specialise in siege warfare, and window-fu.

Gonna re-post all the good little bits as well, like the fact we have our own 'The Fallen' and all the writefagging that was posted.
So, did we come up with a more reasonable color scheme?
are rare instances where a Space Marine Chapter and a Sororitas order forge lasting alliances. Even rarer that the descendants of the Lion create such attachments with outsiders at all. Yet such an attachment has occurred between the Defenestrators and the Order of the Flattened Busom, who had been manning the defences of Hive City Orgunit against the besieging forces of a blasphemous alliance between Word Bearers and Iron Warriors. The latter had jumped in at the opportunity to utilize brand new siege devices against the city, touted as a "bastion of righteousness against the unclean hordes" by overzealous and utterly ignorant ecclesiarchs in matters of defence. The Iron Warriors were all too eager to disprove this statement, and obliterated each outer wall, each defensive bunker, each turret slowly and methodically, until only the inner walls remained. Canoness Armenia was in the process of commending the souls of the citizens, the PDF and her own women when an unlikely request was produced by her vox pearl.

"Move all your forces to the eastern wall." It was none other than Janus Zizkus, Chapter Master of the newly-formed Defenestrators. Having not a better plan aside from resisting to the last, she complied. What followed was counted as one of the greatest reversals of fortunes in the Imperium's history of siegecraft. In a daring, massive Thunderhawk deployment, the Defenestrators devastators occupied the ruined remains left behind by the heretics, in a way returning the defences to operational status. The assault and tactical marines created walls of ceramite, bolter and chainsword with which to repel the counterassaults, and soon enough, the flanked heretics created a circle of their own where Zizkus had predicted. It was then, when the besieging force found itself besieged within the shattered walls of the city, that the Chapter's Dreadnoughts, Veterans and Terminators were launched in a massive drop pod assault within their ranks.
The reinforcements took to destroying the most potent siege weapons of the enemy, for they were exacting a heavy toll on their battle brothers. Battered from without and eviscerated from within, the mortals amidst the ranks of the Ruinous Powers either fought to the last and were slaughtered, or threw themselves at the feet of the Defenestrators with false promises of redemption. It was a surprise for them, that their pleads were accepted, and they were disarmed while the Marines continued their purge. Zizkus himself lopped the hands and feet off of Warsmith Hinsei and Dark Apostle Memnoch, not yet giving them the Emperor's Mercy. Soon enough, a bloody victory was gained for the Emperor, and the survivors among the heretics were corraled and lead into the highest remaining wall portion. It was a strange event that the defenders witnessed: their saviors had arranged for scores of servitors holding down window glass in place, and one by one, the Defenestrators hurled the heretics at the glass. It was an even greater surprise when the executed ones came off the other side as mangled mush, for the glass had been fortified to ensure their body would be squeezed through the small gap created by the impact. Deaf to their pleas, the heretics were culled one by one in an hour-long mass execution, and Janus Zizkus himself threw the ringleaders through the Window of Penitence. The mangled remains were later torched by the Sisters, the very first act of union between the groups. It was the following deed that forever cemented their friendship, if such a thing can exist between so different a pair of organizations. For the convent of the Flattened Busom's windows had been shattered during the siege, on account of the blast waves of the Iron Warrior's siege weapons. It was obvious that the Defenestrators had a knack for strong glassware, and so Armenia made a daring request: that the Defenestrator's Master of the Forge oversee that portion of the repairs.
And so, without a single window to be found, it was left to the annealation squads to create their own.
Bursts of extreme heat reduced the very walls to their base elements. Silica and sand melted and melded together before being stretched and worked into magnificent, gleaming glass.
The Chief Glazier inspected the window keenly, running his hand over the fine surface, feeling the quality of the work.
--"I trust you take this much care in every aspect of your duty?" Came the sneering address from Inquisitor Kharalov.
It took all of Brother Kimax's resolve not to send Kharalov through the newly-wrought glasswork right then, but he stole himself and made do with a stare that answered the question well enough.

The true enemy were just beyong the fortress walls, though they would not be outside for long. Chapter Master Zizkus approached, armour-clad footsteps rattling through the narrow corridor. He nodded acknowledgement to the Glazier in appreciation of his craft.
--"Brothers! Defenestrators! The enemy is here. The combined forces of one hundred dead worlds descend up on us. The dread tide of vile heretics has once more vomited itself upon this sacred ground and it falls to us to intercede. Have faith in your brothers and yourselves and we will win the day. Take no prisoners save one. Find the sorcerer at the heart of them and shackle him. He will face the Window of Penitence before this day is out. Steel yourselves brothers! For Vidaugr and for victory! Show them the true meaning of Pane!
>Dunno, I saw a load of Windows-based marines later on in the thread. We'll see where that takes us.

The Fallen are Defenestrators who, in their adrenaline-fueled rage, have accidently thrown themselves out of their own windows. This is considered extremely shameful to the Defenestrators, and all Marines who have done this are grouped up into a group dubbed 'The Fallen'.

Naturally, the Defenestrators want nothing to do with the Fallen and even deny that they exist.
>Being renowned glass-makers, the Defenestrators make use of the vast array of multicolored ashes and sands of the dead, feral world they call home, crafting some of the most stunning and awe-inspiring glass intricacies ever seen in the hands of a Space Marine; some say these glassworks are blessed in the same way as a Chaplain's Rosarius, fueled by the passion and fervent respect for their long-lost Chapter Master, serving as nigh-unbreakable shields in battle
/13(Sun)14:29 No.25737166I suppose I ought to feel privileged; for the first time in my life, I have had the honour of fighting alongside space marines. However, the chapter that led the siege seemed... odd. I'd been led to believe that they were warriors through and through, their minds constantly on the fight and their bodies dedicated to training. The Defenestrators, though, seemed to spend all their time off the battlefield working glass, making their windows. Of course, everyone knows of their marvellous glasswork heraldry, but those are made by their Glaziers, and every one of them was making windows. I asked Corporal Bent about it, and she told me it was a sacred craft to them, because it would be unthinkable to throw a truly worthy enemy through anything less than a masterpiece.
Their calm at their work was especially unsettling after I had seen them in battle, breaking the beautiful things they made with nothing less than glee.

They were so beautiful, the windows. They caught the light like anything, and the colours weren't like any I'd seen before. I caught a glimpse of one the was being made specially for someone in particular – they wouldn't say who- and I cried all night. And they just broke them, like they were common panes.

I don't think I shall ever understand space marines.
Fuck yeah, it's back!
>Shard of the First Window
A legendary relic that was once part of a grand battle standard. The first chapter master broke the standard over a daemon prince, and the resulting shards seemed as if they were actively seeking other daemons to sink themselves into. Stories tell that the shard still seems to shatter further when used, but somehow does not lose any of its remaining mass.

Any daemon unit within 3' of a daemon model that suffers an unsaved wound from the shard (including the wounded daemon itself,) must take a demonic instability test.

>Grand Battle Standard
A glorious stained glass depiction of the current chapter master ninja-kicking a chaos marine out a tower window. Only the honour guards accompanying the chapter master himself may lay hands upon this chapter relic.

In addition to counting as a chapter standard, any member of the honour guard may, only once in a game, sacrifice his other melee attacks to use the standard as a melee weapon. If the attack hits, the target is killed outright, but the unit loses the effects of having a standard for the rest of the battle.
Pane-cleaner Jalouise Venetian glared at the heretic before him. The man, if you could call him that; was radiating the unholy power of the chaos gods.

Across the great Catedral, the dead laid scattered. Their blood now covering the glorious windowpanes of the hall.

"The arrogance" Jalousie thought to himself as he let his gaze rest upon the once immaculate windows of the halls.

The unholy man infront of Jalousie suddenly charged, apparently unfazed by the hulking space marine.

"Such arrogance" Jalouise mumbled too himself, while moving into his preferred fighting stance.

The heretic screamed, the panes of the halls vibrating as if in pain.

Jalouise raised his right hand above his head and uttered the holy words "By the will of Janus and the light of the God Emperor...".

The force of the two fingers as they entered the heretics skull through his eyes causes a shock wave that lifted the dust of the ground and shattered the tainted windows of the holy cathedral.

Jalousie watched the heretics body fell to pieces as if to match the state of the windows, then uttered the final words "...The windows to the impure soul shall shatter ".
>I apologise if I've left anything else out. Feel free to bring anything over from the first thread.

We've started to kind of name the Squads in the Chapter. Assault squads are Annealation Squads.

Shatter Squads are our Terminators.
We've got a few ranks bumping around; Forgers, Glaziers, etc (Glaziers are the top dogs).

I think we're going to have to name the companies, remember we've got 10 full ones. Should we name them after magnificient pieces of stained glass art work?
Framer can be a rank, maybe? Something towards the bottom.
I'd argue for black armour, with shoulder pads made in multi-colour stained glass with a (black?) DA symbol overlaid, a la the OP image.
I think that's what we were originally going to do.

A solid colour for the armour, but the higher your rank, the more ornate the artwork and symbols.
Naming the companies? I dunno.
To be honest, I'm not in favour of giving EVERYTHING custom names, because we'll end up with some really shitty ones if we do that.
Maybe only for the ones that we have good ideas for.
Yeah, that would look quite good.
Maybe those that perform particularly spectacular feats in battle get mural-like shoulder pads?
>873.M41: An entire squad of the Defenestrators' First Company is lost when they are posted to a transport shuttle to escort a Chaos Lord to an Inquisitorial facility; they are all killed when one of their members is filled with an unstoppable urge to throw the heretic through the shuttle's window, pulling them all through into the void.
Space marines can survive in vacuum for quite a while, so no.
But, any non-SM important people like inquisitors that might be with them at the time can't.
awwww yus super happy this is back
Maybe they drifted into the sun, or something.
Our squad survived, but we didn't make any new friends?

I'm at a loss as to what to call everything. There's only so many glass/window-related words that I know.

>Our squad survived, but we didn't make any new friends?
Okay, how about this.
The heretic somehow survived being thrown out of the window. To atone himself of the shame of not killing the heretic, the space marine grabbed the inquisitor's corpse and beat the heretic to death with it in a glorious 0-g fistfight. Or corpsefight, whatever.

While the squad retained their honor, the inquisition was no pleased.
What else do we need to fluff out for this Chapter?

Also, do our dead brothers get cremated and then turned into windows themselves? Windows depicting their mightiest victories?
Windows depicting their mightiest victories, which get placed in the Chapter's hall of heroes.
Naturally, they eventually get uprooted and used in battle when the Chapter is short on windows.
File: 1372702717869.jpg-(126 KB, 528x425, the defenestrator.jpg)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Instead of tactical armor, they should all have power leather jackets and shades.
Only for the heretic leaders.
We waste not a battle brothers glazed memoriam on lowly scum.
I've requested in the drawfag thread for this to be done for us, but with Space Marines.

I'm sure this is the greatest honour you could bestow upon them.
Should we figure out swapping names around for the ranks?

Our Chaplains are called Glaziers, they're responsible for making the most highly decorative pieces.

1st Company is the Terminators, our 'Shatter Squads'. Armed with Thunder Hammers and Glass Shields, they smash the enemies defences as well as their windows.

Assault Squads are Annealation Squads, lots of fire and melee here.

Do we have suitable names for our Dreadnoughts, vehicles and Scouts?
Forgenoughts maybe? Grand Furnaces. who knows.
each dreadnought acting as a mobile furnace as well ad a dreadnought able of producing heat hotter than any flamer.
>Ignatius, the Grand Crucible.

The oldest and most venerable Dreadnought in the service of the Defenestrators.

I'm assuming we're packing the Dreadnoughts with so much fire they make the Salamanders look like Eskimos?
everything must become as glass in the mighty presence of a Defenestrator Dreadnought.
File: 1372705188808.jpg-(380 KB, 739x1000, lion.jpg)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
>mfw scroling and see this image
>think I left Photoshop open
>realize an image I threw together is now the chapter heraldry

Give me time based anons, I will create for you a masterpiece worthy of this chapter
Tell me Anon, could you do Regimental Banners for IG as well? The Kandamii Crabhunters need a flag.
what a great pair of creation threads these/those were
most machinery should keep its original name
You grace us with your art, oh drawfag.

Whatever your working on now is going to be awesome.

We seem to have hit a plateau after last nights thread. We need something to get the creative juices flowing.
we need some more fluff
>Gonna post a writefag from the previous thread, with a few minor tweaks, just to give it a bit more detail. Anon, if you're here, this thing is awesome.
The Defenestrators lie in the thick of battle with the unholy Word Bearers. The heretics manage to summon a Bloodletter of Khorne and the battle seems lost for the Lords of Glass. From atop their great battle barge, the Glass Ceiling, Glazier Fenestrus convenes with the tribunal of Clerestory on how to turn the tides. After much collaboration, Lord Fenestrus knows what he must do.

Planetside, the Bloodletter has been cleaving its way through the battlefield, charging past all windows and shattering them with its pounding footsteps. As the battle seems all but lost, Glazier Fenestrus blasts in a glass drop pod, that blows into pieces as it lands, impaling dozens of heretics with the deadly shards. As the Glazier stands, the nearby Defenestrators fall to theirs knees in glory as they behold what their Lord has brought with him. From the crater of the drop pod, the Holy Screen Door of the Emperor stands tall.

Fenestrus, wielding dual power fists with combi-meltas, begins to fire at the Bloodletter to attract its attention. As the Bloodletter begins to charge the Glazier, Fenestrus toys with it surrounding the screen door, like a matador with a bull. Finally, as the Bloodletter begins to tire, Fenestrus, along with Brother Vitreus, grabs ahold of the Bloodletter and throws it with such force that nearby heretics are obliterated as the Bloodletter smashes through them, flying directly for the Emperors Holy Screen Door.
The Bloodletters body is nearly obliterated by the force of the throw, and is shredded by the glass of the Holy Screen Door. As the Bloodletter gives its last breaths on the matterium, the Defenestrators stop to revel in the daemons destruction, but the vile heretics take advantage of this pause, and began to flood the glass breakers. One by one even more daemons were summoned, and the Defenestrators believed the planet to be lost. The ground troops received an order for a full retreat by the Glass Ceiling, and the Glass Breakers slowly withdrew, for they knew what was to come.

As the remaining Defenestrators returned to their ship, the Glass Ceiling began to reposition itself above the planet. At this point in the battle, the solar systems star had been at the peak of the sky, only to be partially blocked by the Glass Ceiling moving into its center, and then as the heretics on the ground cheered at their assumed victory, the Glass Ceiling flipped its Venetian gates, revealing its method of Exterminatus - the Glassus Magnificus. A great fiery beam, concentrated from the nearby star, shot forth unto the planet, incinerating the heretics below and turning all sand below into molten glass. As the Glass Ceiling aimed its flaming pillar it released untold thousands of windows upon the remaining heretics, shredding any and all that survived the flames.
File: 1372707275818.png-(38 KB, 240x240, 1370061522949.png)
38 KB
I never liked the screen door its seems out of place and counter productive to our windows
To be honest it's a fucking brutal piece of writefagging.

Should we retcon the Screen Door as replace it with 'Mural' or something like that?

I'm thinking of just writing it up into a little more detail as well, trying to keep the perspectives the same.
yeah its not bad writing just the screen door breaks it.
They are not done yet, for the Emperah still shines his light upon them.

We should totally do a fluff story of the Defenstrators and Crabhunters working together to bring down Chaos/DEldar.
Gonna give this a bump, seems a shame that there's relatively little interest today...

I think we need to solidy the foundations of the Chapter, OP. Like you said, names of companies, etc.
I just had a picture of a Defenestrator, with wicked stained glass pauldrons, done by a friendly drawfriend.

But I can't post the damn thing because it's saying it's a duplicate image.
where is the dupe?
In the drawthread.
"Brothers, our time on this planet is short, we only have a small window of opportunity to turn the tide!"

The Defenestrators quickly leapt from their transport onto the harsh, arid ground of Staklo IV. Scores of cultists surrounded them, the sea of worshippers broken every so often by the hulking mass of the Word Bearers Marines.

"It's time to bring the pane." Brother Lucidus brought one of the holy windows down in an over-head arc onto a nearby cultist. The anointed glass smashed into countless pieces, embedding themselves into the unholy wretch and burning into it's skin.

Word Bearers and Defenestrators quickly clashed in ferocious one-on-one battles, each of them a grand duel, with shows of strength and awner. But it was Ignatius, the Grand Crucible, that sealed the fate of the Word Bearers that day.

>I'm running out of puns
The ground quaked as Ignatius made his way onto the battlefield. His eloquent, yet incredibly powerful voice boomed out to the hordes of Chaotic foes before him.

"It's curtains for you, I'm afraid."

Ignatius took a powerful stance and dug the metal feet into the ground. Gears whirred, pistons churned and steam billowed forth from the venerable Dreadnought. Ignatius brought his two arms in front of him, both of them armed with furiously burning Flamers.

The cultists stook in shock whilst the Word Bearer Marines started to make their way to Ingatius, wary of his reputation. A loud hiss filled the air and two sparks appeared just short of the barrels of the Flamers.

The air was quickly filled with the burning hatred of Ignatius. Cultists burned to a crisp instantly whilst the Word Bearers, obviously more durable, needed some extra persuasion.

The Flamers made an audible click as the raging inferno stopped. Battle Brothers quickly rushed to Ignatius' aid with windows of all shapes and sizes. The ancient Dreadnought, without a moment of hesistation, grasped two of the panes and slammed them into the Word Bearers, who were immediately shredded by the reflective servant of the Emperor.
File: 1372711394124.jpg-(435 KB, 1024x1024, Defenstrate_logo.jpg)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
Anyone have ideas for a color scheme? I already used some green to show the DA connection; but if ti looks bad I can change it
Chapter Master, care to work together? The Kandamii need something to shoot.
That's gorgeous.

But we haven't identified a solid colour scheme yet, I think we're a little hesitant because of all the god damn windows we're going to put on it.
You'll have to give me a link to an archived thread so I can read through it.

But inter-Chapter hijinks? It was prevalent in the first thread, so why not?
Pretty.... My have to take a whack at making a banner with some colored plastic.
Right guys I got to go, I think this thread was a little too soon after the initial glory of the Defenestrators, still we got some awesome drawfagging done.

I'll check on this thread in about an hour for 5 minutes or so, but apart from that I'm hoping that this thread picks up.

If it does, would someone be able to archive it?
I have been thinking why the chapter took on this theme. then it hit me. Maybe somewhere in a known Holy Text where the Emperor made a not a commonly remember quote "the Windows can bring light to even the dimmed of eyes. Our eyes can be the window into our souls. So let these windows be bright and grand!" when he was commenting on a cathedial he was in at the time. The Defenestrators picked it up and ran with it.

How about it?
well, yes and no. they still wear tactical armor and such, but wear leather jackets and shades over it.

heck, our proginators wear armored robes over their armor. why not us?
Doesn't explain why they throw people through windows.

But I see where you're getting at here.

Maybe it was a mis-translation at some point, and the Defenestrators took it literally?
yes, kinda like up in West Virginia there are a couple of churches that handle snakes.

Framer, Cutter, Fitter, Sander, Bezeliers.
Framers are tthose that make the framework of (traditionally) lead in stained glass windows, and would be a support role, I suppose? Maybe defensive?

Cutters are the people who cut the glass into the shape it needs to be.

Sanders then sand down the edges with diamond dust until the fit is juuuust right.

Fitters slot all of the glass pieces into the frameworks and get it all set up.

Melders solder the points of the framework together and ultimately consummate the window's completion.

Bezeliers are they that create edges with bevels to add depth and regality.

Stainers are they that stain the glass with special paints and then fire (Prometheum?) to make the art truly splendid.

And of course there's the people who polish and clean the glass.

These are all extrapolated of the steps taken to create a real stained glass window, for as much as I have gleaned from a schoolmate following the course for it. Not quite in order, but maybe it'll help?
File: 1372715520617.jpg-(556 KB, 1024x1024, Defenstrate_logo2.jpg)
556 KB
556 KB JPG

File: 1372718075025.jpg-(604 KB, 1024x1024, Defenstrate_logo_vibrant.jpg)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
One more with the colors made to pop more
Oh this was a character I made in the last thread as well:

++Assault Captain Sandius Pella++

WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 4 Ld 10 Sv 2+
Unit type: Infantry

Wargear: Artificer Armor, The Image of Purity, Master-Crafted Thunder Hammer, Glass Halo, Frag and Krak Grenades

Special Rules: ATSKNF, IC, Defenstration Demonstration

The Image of Purity: A relic of the chapter dating back to the Assault of Suspria II; this pane-stakingly crated Storm Shield is as much a work of art as a tool of War. Its dazzling beauty causes enemy models in base to base contact with Pella to take a -1 penalty to WS; in addition, any unit that attempts to charge Pella's unit treat terrain as one step more difficult (open terrain becomes difficult, difficult becomes dangerous, and dangerous becomes impassable).

Defenstarion Demonstration: Such is Captain Pella's skill at the art of defenstration, that if he kills an enemy character in a challenge, all friendly models in his unit gain +1 Attack in the following Assault Phase; as they attempt to emulate his prowess.
My dick is so goddamn hard right now, it could break glass.
File: 1372720702424.jpg-(159 KB, 846x477, icamesohard.jpg)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
I feel the chapter needs to find a fine line between silly and serious. Serious enough for people to play them yet silly enough to give them a laugh every now and then.
that is something I can stand by
I prefer this one.
I concur.
Guys. Glassblowing. This is relevant.
Dale Chihuly, one of the most well-known glass artists, survived defenestration...he was in a head-on collision and flew through his windshield, losing his left eye in the process. Check out some of his work.
The way I see it, he can be one of two things:
1) A member of the Fallen, perhaps even the first of the Fallen. Left physically and mentally scarred by his defenestration, Chihuly was never again able to create two-dimensional works venerating the Emperor and then hurl heretics and aliens through them. Instead, he creates three-dimensional tributes to the Emperor, which despite their notable warding effects against the dark powers, are considered antithetical to Defenestrator doctrine.
2) The leader of a chaos cult of Slaanesh, one who has survived defenestration by a captain of the Defenestrators and now mocks them with twisted, seemingly alive works of glass, working that most holy of materials into shapes and colours that should not be.

So, we can either have the Fallen taking up glassblowing, which is why none of the Defenestrators will acknowledge their existence, or as a Slaaneshi Chaos Space Marine who mocks their proud windows with eldritch glasswork abominations, which could be another reason they loathe Chaos above all others.
this is great

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