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I'm searching for inspiration /tg/ tell me about favourite Black Crusade characters that you've made.

Also any scans of "tome of excess" so far ?
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>tfw my group knows nothing about 40k and is set upon playing pathfinder or DnD.
Don't worry anon you could try finding a game online.
Tell me more......
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It could be worse... My group is like: "You want to play dark crusade? No problem. Good old Conan d20? No problem. Old WoD? no problem. L5R? No problem ... You can choose what you want DM this week mate..."

Forever a DM....
Any of you guys interested in playing a BC campaign? I'd be willing to GM it.
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No one ever fucking plays Black Crusade.
My Black Crusade character is a former Sororitas turned sorcerer because when it came down to it, she panicked and couldn't die with her Sisters and was secreted away by an Inquisitor with a grudge against the Ecclesiarchy as a bargaining tool if he ever needed it. She's repentant, but cannot let the two Chaos Marines in the group know that she still worships the Emperor. Also her witchery is pushing her into Tzeentch's influence, should they survive the icy rock of the prison world and the C'tan that was recently released.
Do tell.
PDF's out. Still no one floating around that you don't have to pay thought. And no money on my bank account to do so myself.
Black Crusade sounds amazing.

Never played it before, Own 0 books, Wouldn't know what to do, though.
I played a blastmaster-wielding Noise Marine in black crusade a while back. My ultimate goal was to create a band of Noise Marines and deamonettes and do a tour of destruction around the whole calixis sector.

Lemme tell you the Blastmaster packs a considerable punch. The only character that did more raw damage than me was the deamonic Lightning Claw + Powerfist dualwielding raptor.

He never did get around to putting the bad together though... mostly because the GM was a asshat and denied me enough corruption to be able to summon a Deamonette as a greater minion even though my noise marine drank anything that could conceivably contain alcohol, snorted shit that would make Fulgrim shrivel up and cry for his momma, blasted psycotropic blastmaster riffs tuned to the raw frequency of the warp through a hive's PA system and carved a coat of faces from people i had tortured crazy with sound and then skinned alive.
So a long time ago, in a scan begging thread like this, I told the story of the Exile. The Exile was king of butt hurt and met a hilarious end because another player Starscreamd/SIIINDRI'D at the worse possible time. Now that story was prefaced with; what happens when plans go awry. I never did tell the story of when shit went right.

I need to hit the store, but I'll be back in like 30 mins and I can tell the story of "The Death of Hive Sebullus" which is all about masterful manipulation, sowing corruption everywhere, playing cat and mouse with several inquisitors only to then flip the tables on them like a pissed off kid losing at monopoly.

Shit was cash. Revenge was great. Scintilla burned.

So if you guys want to hear that just be sure to tell me and I'll use your cries of lust as fuel for my journey in this masturbatory tale of mine.
Yes. although I've never done an online game before.
Fuck you. I wanted to go to sleep. It's past midnight here. But now I'm waiting for your return and your story and will propably be in such a terrible mood tommorow, that Khornes strength will double. But I still want to hear it.
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115 KB PNG
One kind drawfag even drew up this for me. It would be the picture for my greater minion deamonette... Never got around to use it.
Is Black Crusade just about being chaos marines and tearing shit up across space?

Can people play as Orkz, Necron, or Tau?
I didn't even know something like Black Crusade existed 'till last night. It sounds so amazing.
only renegade humans or chaos marines

you can play Orks an Kroots in Rogue Trader though

Orks, Kroot, and Dark Eldar are officially available for Rogue Trader.

There's an Eldar class by Ignatius floating around /tg/, as well as a packet by the Shas'o somewhere with three unfinished Tau classes.
>still secretly worships the Emperor
Eh, kinda gay. If you're gonna fall to Chaos, go all the way.
Still sounds amazing. Getting the pdf now.
Can't wait to check this stuff out.
Rolled 2

Go to bed Henry
Well buckle in cowboy because you're gonna be disappointed!

Also there was a fucking deer just standing around in the parking lot of the store I went to.

So there are a few things I am going to need to say for those of you who didn't read my last story: I played a Word Bearers Champion who went by the name of the Exile. My companions where Coggles(heretek) and Shredder (renegade). Now Shredder and I got into a lot of arguments after my character got his ass handed to him in some arena because the faggot they were fighting had a Force Field rating of fucking 75 with no overload, and ever since then this fucker has been looking to stab me in the back. He did after we "aquired" a ship from a "business partner" by blowing up the astropath's seat my character was on, while in the warp, while he was acting as a gellar field keeping Daemons at bay.

Just keep that in mind as I begin.

So our funtastic "everyone has a lascannon" GM caved into our (read: my) demands to play another game of Black Crusade. You see he wasn't to fond of BC. He liked Dark Heresy, but felt that BC was 2crazy4me in that the numbers that were tossed around were hard for him to "balance" for (read: 75 force field). So we said we weren't going to play CSM this time. So what did we all chose?

Coggles played another Heretek that I'm going to call Coggles.
Shredder played a melee renegade instead of the ranged one he had last time, called Ripper.
And I played a human Psyker which is totally different from the Exile who had Sorcerer from Radical's Handbook, called Credast.

Credast was Tzeentchian.
Now we had this joke at my table that Tzeentch was the god of trolling, mind you that the guys I played with were pretty surface level internet kind of guys but I loved them regardless, so when I stated my intention to play a Tzeentch Psyker they were understandably a little worried. After the massive ass blasting that resulted from our last venture of BC they were afraid I was going to get them back... hard. And they were right.

So how does a liar get someone to believe him? Well you lie better. "Oh no don't worry I promise I won't betray the party in the campaign." and you gotta remember those are the words I said, because I didn't betray them. I got revenge, but they are the same.

So we start off chartering a vessel from the Koronus Expanse to the Calixis sector via Rogue Trader that hired us on for support. Coggles did his tek thing, Ripper was running security, but me? I get stuck with an asshole.

I can only imagine that this was pay back for some piercived slight I did to the GM during our last BC campaign because Credast was working in a choir for this Black Legion Sorcerer who acted like a galavanting holier-than-thou "you should be thankful you get to clean my shoe now fetch me something to eat slave" type of guy... which was exactly the same way I played the Exile, but no I learned my lesson last time. You piss of the GM you either get a Lascannon every 5 people or the enemies all wear force fields that is unless your slap his shit.

Anyways we get to port just after getting past the Maw and are now getting ready to head to the Calixis sector when who should decide to join us? The Inquisition? Fucking awesome! See it seems that this Rogue Trader was on the =][= shit list because he did a crap ton of almost-heresy and they decided that now was a great time for penis inspection day.
So the party is hiding from the Inquisitor, and the Sorc I'm with? Fuck isn't this just cathartic for the GM. "A fool I've been!" he begins "I should've treated my servants... no... my partners better." God damn GM laying it on a bit thick aren't you?

The GM looked at me searching my face for anger because this was the closest to an insult he has given me... today, and yeah I was pissed off at this petty shit. Fuck him man I WAS GOING TO BE THE PETTY ASSHOLE! But no. I collected myself. I needed to play it cool and everything will go my way.

I grabbed some green robes, a helmet with a blast shield, and posed as the Astropath when the Inquisitor came by. She must've been blind or the Sorc had some sort of invisibility bullshit because she didn't even notice him. Instead she came up to me and started asking me questions that were difficult for my character to know. Like really grilling me here.

Tried to keep up with her as much as possible, but I let one thing slip: I've never been to Terra. Shit did she flip her shit at that, and all hell broke loose. She grabbed her inferno pistol (GM decided melta was the soup of the day) and was about to shoot it at me when I slapped her in the head with a shock maul. She failed the save, and then I had to debate if we kill her or not.

If we do we got a dead inquisitor on board, and unless she didn't tell anyone where she was going our Trader is shit out of luck. If we don't then we got a live inquisitor that knows our faces. So we had to think of something.

I asked the trader how far the Astropath's choir was from here. He said it was few KM away and I demanded the weirds and witches we had to start adding their voice to my own, and I did some thought sending to one of the Astropaths at the port. See my discussion with her didn't just get us fucked, it also gave Credast an idea of how Astropathics work, and so I sent the image of an inquisitor (black figure with =][= on it) getting onto a ship and leaving.
After we leave port with a captured Inquisitor we get to talking with her. See I wanted to know where she was from, why she came here, and all that. She didn't want to answer, but mind butt-probe doesn't care what you say. It's what you know, and oh the secrets she knew. The GM expected me to hoard this knowledge for myself and try to convince the party to help me out without telling them why so I could get all the good stuff for myself, but I didn't.

I told them that I have in my brain a map to a cache of daemonic artifacts that could extremely useful for us, and how to get past the automated defenses when we get on foot, but the a problem surfaced when they asked me where this cache of artifacts was. "Some place called the Tricorn Palace, in Hive Sebellus, on Scintilla."

The look on their face was ghostly. See my character wasn't a heretic per se as he was never an imperial citizen, but Coggles and Ripper where. They knew what Tricorn meant. It meant the Inquisition. Some Xanithite on Scintilla must've had some artifacts as it was standard operating procedure to destroy that shit when you got.

So it was like telling a midget there is some nuttella he can have, but it is on the top shelf. They were sad that they couldn't get all those toys, but me? Oh no. I saw a challenge and a prize at the finish line. We still needed something that could help us get past all the human defenses at the Palace, but what?

After mind-raping the inquisitor again seriously that shit must hurt I discovered that she intended to go to a certain planet that, if rumors to be believed, held a tome penned by a long lost seer of great renown that was filled to the brim with daemonic lore and rituals.

And that is when the seeds of destruction where planted. That is when the fate of Scintilla, and the whole Calixis Sector took a turn for the worse.
Bro, that's not me
So after the group, not I, convinced the Rogue Trader to void the Sorc for being a pussy shit coward I got myself a new force staff and became the go-to Psyker on board the ship.

We set off on our journey sure to be filled with fun adventure it wasn't and a bunch of neat team building exercises it wasn't. During transit the group talked to themselves about what they were going to do and more importantly how they were going to do it. A kind of useless endeavor because we didn't yet have the crux of our ambitions yet. Still I guess it helped assuage their fears.

We get to the planet, and it is something right out of Apocolypse Now. Fucking Guard everywhere fighting guerrilla warfare with the warped natives, and we need to get in somewhere and find the probable cause for the natives corruption and then take it for ourselves.

Now getting onto the planet was actually pretty easy. The Rogue Trader just hailed the Admiral of the Navy there and just asked if he could help out. The Admiral must've liked the idea of some of his own men not getting gun downed because he agreed surprisingly quick. We touch down and set off looking for this book.

Now we had to disguise ourselves for obvious reasons. Coggles ditched some of his more outlandish augs and posed as an Explorator. Ripper just started wearing skin tight leathers and suddenly was a Death Cultist, and I had to keep the blast shield down stumbling around everywhere pretending to be the Trader's Astropath. Yeah the Trader joined us for our little adventure. He was interested in power just like we were, but he wanted money from it whereas we wanted domination.

So we start talking to people around the imperial camps trying to find out some information about possible head quarters and so on. We got jack shit in terms of useful information, but we did see a lot of them running fevers and flesh eating viruses were abound which makes sense given the jungle setting.
Quick show of hand to those who are still reading.

But remember we are looking for a daemonic artifact. So our first thought is "I don't wanna touch them" and our second one is that we are pretty sure Nurgle is up to something here.

During a feverish dream my character receives a vision that reminded him of a tumorous growth pulsating and some sort of other growth in it that was even more virulent than the tumor it occupied. And when I woke up that morning I had a strange sense of direction. So we followed it.

Jungles fucking suck. Seriously they do. It is fucking humid, and it stinks, and there is no stable footing, and you have natives pretending we are Indiana Jones over here with how often they attack us. But still we continue as we must.

I ditched the helmet a long time ago as it was proving to be way to dangerous to be walking around blind, but man did the party love it while I still had it on. The GM making all sorts of jokes about how I "trip here" and "fall over there" man it must've been a giggle they had when I promised not to betray the party because they were sure as shit milking it for it's worth.

Everyone except Coggles.

But I promised I wouldn't betray the group, and the GM seemed to wanted to test my conviction with all this ridicule, but the line was crossed when we finally got to the growth.

It was a giant satalite dish mounted on top of a tower filled to the brim with sick militia and traitor guards, and before a word could be said about it I took a long-las to the face.
Now I probably didn't let on to how serious the fighting was up until this point. We were being hit hard by guerrilla fighters the entire trip. Fucking lasguns out the ass, and trip wire fucking everywhere. You might as well have flipped a coin every time you took a step to see if you stepped on a mine. This shit was fucking South East Asian levels of jungle fighting.

But this tower. Holy fuck this tower. Long-las everywhere. Reaper Autocannon turrets. Heavy Bolters. Fucking Plasma guns. I don't what fucking regiment came to this planet but they were packing some serious fucking heat holy shit. So the Trader wanted to bail, and Ripper wanted to live up to his name and just charge in there, but me? No I had an idea.

Coggles had with himself a plasma gun, and I had a hunting rifle outfitted with telescopic sights and a silencer, and brother we were going to use them. Coggles started making some explosives with what he had and had salvaged from the guerrillas whereas I started sniping priority targets. Other snipers, guys on turrets, that sort of thing. Mind you while we were doing this we had already retreated into the forest line were circling the building popping out every so often to take a shot at them. Siege warfare by 4 people on a tower filled with a thousand.

So of course they sent guys after us, and they got blown up by the traps we left for them. They sent some guys ahead of our path to try to ambush us, but we just avoided them, and when they heard the sound of plasma coming from the other direction they tried to get us and got blown up like the others. You can see the trend right? Well something happened that tossed a wrench into our plans.
It's also technically ignoring the fluff which says that only one sister has ever fallen to Chaos. I know he says that she technically hasn't, but it's still dodgy.
From the opposite tree line, the one we came originally from, we saw a horde of people start storming the tower. At first we were worried it was the guard because if they got the tower then they would find, and destroy the book before we got it. Instead it was horde of cultists and traitor guard. We were confused to say the least, but it was getting dark out and I don't want to think of the kind of night time predators that haunt the woods so under the cover of the cultist's assault we snuck up to the base.

Problem was we didn't have a door where we were. What we did have was a melta charge strapped to Ripper's ass, and after a quick survey of the other two sides of the base (trying to avoid detection) we guessed that the only entrance was the one being swarmed. So we blew a hole into the tower and made our way in. We saw a shit ton of defenders on the other side of the hallway just stare back at us with sheer horror etched onto their faces. They looked at us and then at the hole in the wall and fucking shrieked "They got in! They got in!"

We turned around and the explosion obviously got the attention of the swarm and they started to barge their way in. Some of them thought we were helping them as they ran right past us, but a few didn't smell the stink of sickness on us and tried to give us a big ol' hug to show their appreciation with the help we have them. After we tried not to catch herpies they must've got offended and started to attack us as well.

So we are fighting back to back here getting whipped by sticks and stones, and their words did hurt. "Clean flesh! For the Plague God! Despoil them!" Fucking nasty bastards man, but in the back of my head I began to wonder why Nurglites were fighting other sick peopel. Can't really spoil the flesh of the already rotten. Shit must've been a really interesting thought as a club decided to join it in the back of my head, and I went down.
>Quick show of hand to those who are still reading.
I am.
Well that is good. I forgot how long this story is. Either I could start skipping details or I can just continue on.

As soon as I go down we are able to break the swarm back to the door way and call to the defenders for help. They decide to help us out by murdering their attackers, and when they see my unconscious ass get dragged up they flip their shit. So it seems, as I'm told when I finally wake up with a swelling blot the size of a baseball on the back of my head, that their seer saw our coming and deliverance in us. We would cure them of their sickness and free them from the ire of the swarm. Trying to feign a holy stature while nursing the back of my head I ask the leader of this group "And what shape did my herald take?"

"Why a black bird of course, my lord." Fuck now it all makes sense. Before the GM can explain it to us I say that a bunch of people got sick and turned to the worship of Nurgle to deliver them from it, but when he didn't do that some got pissed and decided to find a new god one known for being a changer of ways and being a god of hope... GM just gave me a really upset frown and continued.

So we start climbing up the tower to get to the daughter of the deceased prophet that showed these people Nurgle, and then Tzeentch. She was a very powerful Psyker, who like me, had never been to Terra making her a weird. We shoot the shit with her, but she is like 13 so she has no idea what the fuck she is doing. The group feigns interest in helping them, and tells them that we need a book to help. "My father's book?" and she hold up the tome. Fucking thing is huge and weighed like 4kgs. "That is the one." we snatch the book and I begin to read it. I flip to a page with the picture of a man eclipsed by a bird and everything gets intense.

Time seemingly stops and we are no longer where we thought we were. Floating around in some weird ass ball we see an egg in the center.
Still reading...
Come on, type faster!
Ripper summoned up all the retard strength he had and despite words of caution from Coggles he breaks the egg with his hands. It starts bleeding tar or something and like it was in water it starts swirling around in this ball we are in before eventually forming into a black bird. It looks at us for a second before I starts screaming and it's legs break and start elongation. It's feathers fall out save it's wings, it's neck extends, and grows arms and after a bit the form of a Lord of Change is before us. It tells us that it has had claim on this world for a long time until sickness came here, and the once disciple of Tzeentch, the old seer, turned to Nurgle for answers. After he didn't get them he came crawling back to Tzeentch and Tzeentch wasn't happy. He murdered him with warp fire and set his eyes on the seer's daughter.

And that is why we are here. See none of the fuckers here can read, and the guardsmen can't read the book, but we can. So he tells us the ritual that will summon him into reality and he tells us that he will reward us if we do. To prove this he gives Coggles and Ripper a gift of Tzeentch. Coggles gets Massive Intellect and Ripper gets Flaming Arm. Both of which is a massive boon to them, but me? Nothing. Not a thing.

I think maybe it is a test. See Credast's past is one of suffering under expansion. He was some feral worlder until he had a dream of a two headed gold eagle coming to destroy his life, and it was under the wings of a black bird that he found deliverance. When he found out that this was Tzeentch he devoted himself to him out of thanks for saving his life via prophecy, although it was actually the pilgrim ship that got him off planet before it was to late.

So the ball popped and we fell. We fell far. When we landed we cracked the ground, but the sky was still outlandish and from the crack sickness boiled forth. Like a tide of cancer and pus it congealed and finally a Greater Unclean One appeared.
Woah it only uses d10s? This game sounds nice and easy to run.
Good to know people are reading

The Unclean One laughed a hearty chuckle and greeted us with a "fine day isn't it?" We were kind of stunned, and Credast was having some serious religious problems given that he was completely ignored by the Lord of Change.

The Greater Unclean One wasn't so cruel. "So I see that old bird gave you some incentive to help him? That tired old thing needs to know when he lost his chance. But I am not foolish; I know that the interest of mortals is in the material, and so I bestow upon you these gifts in exchange for your help. Take the book and leave, or summon me instead!"

A blasphemous touch on Coggles forehead and he vomited up pure rot. He tried to keep it in, and found he could control it. His now advanced intellect told him that he possessed Nurgle's Rot and Ripper got himself a Sword with a bound Herald of Nurgle that dripped a poison so potent that it could slay anything (had toxic 5 or something). And Credast?

Nothing. Again. He was a tool in this relationship. He wasn't allowed rewards as he wasn't deserving of them, but they would need him to complete their deals. The GM knew I said I wouldn't betray the party, and he really wanted to test me.

He was, but how does a liar get revenge? He swears allegiance, and oh how they will pay.

Yeah. It is pretty easy to break so exercise good sense while playing.
The gift that the Greater Unclean One and Lord of Change gave Credast was the same thing, and it wasn't tangible like what Coggles and Ripper got.

The group was freed from their delusions and found themselves once more in the tower infront of the seer's daughter. Both Coggles and Ripper had recieved two gifts. Both extremely powerful, and had to decide which they would want to keep. Credast seemingly hadn't received any, and he would need to complete the ritual regardless so they asked him what to do.

While they were talking to each other Credast was reading the book. He came across a very specific spell, and began to scribe runes into the floor of the large room they were in. His power blade able to easily scratch the steel of the building. When they were done talking to each other, and before they asked me who they should pick, they gathered up the Rogue Trader who wasn't with us when we went to the ball and cancer room as we called it.

They told him what happened and told him that they had a choice to make. It was then they came to me after I had finished the runes and asked who they were for. "The runes are there to entice the warp and keep us safe. Who they are for doesn't matter. What matters is the sacrifice." and the group turned to the girl.

She looked terrified, and the Tzeentchians near us were outraged that they would hurt her. She was their hope for so long that if that icon of hope were to be tarnished they would be lost, and even though we were supposed to be the heralds of their deliverance they still couldn't stomach the idea.

Ripper decided to try out his new toys. A gout of warp flame engulfed them and their last cries were for their hope to live. He used the Blade of Nurgle on those who survived, while Cog kept the remaining cultists at bay with his Rot.

Credast walked over to the girl and, with a surprising amount of tenderness, picked her up and carried her to the circle. She was scared , but she knew this was for the best.
He laid her down in the circle, and the Rogue Trader got a call on his Vox. The inquisitor we captured escaped, and the Guard were storming his ship finding all sorts of twisted shit. There was no way we were getting it back, and that didn't change Credast's decision in the slightest.

He presented the blade to her and she swallowed her fear when she saw it. The tip of the blade pressed against her chest, right above the heart when Credast closed her eyes and told her "Freedom demands Sacrifice" and plunged the blade in.

The GM asked me who I was summoning. I told him neither. The party was furious, and the GM flashed me that shit eating grin like he had won. When he did ask me what ritual I had completed I asked him for clarification that the book held the ritual to sunder the warp. He nodded. When Coggles and Ripper were talking to each other I had a private conversation with the GM about which ritual to use, and he told me about one that would open a portal to the warp itself. That is the one I used.

The girl was ripped apart as the portal opened and continued to grow until the grove the tower was in was engulfed with it. From above hordes of Screamers descended. From the tower Horrors and Flamers crawled from the corners. From outside Plague Bearers and those Mounts of Nurgle slithered from the cracks in the earth.

As I told the group we needed to leave we heard a massive caw like that from a bird as the Lord of Change descended from the sundered sky. The Greater Unclean One burst from the tree line and the fighting began. Where the girl was a hole appeared. Different from the purple smoke that the daemons came from, but more like a usual portal. I held the tome tight and jumped through. The Trader joined me, and after their agreements that I betrayed them they did as well.

Who the fuck knows where we popped up, but it was some arid place like the American South West.
Now to save some time I'm going to skip over this next part as it was really just filler.

We were on a frontier world (get it?) and we found escape on a pilgrim ship that the ecclesiarchy used. We had corrupted the port town, and the most important thing is that I got some power armor from a Evangelist that had tried to spread the word of the God Emperor to this planet, and that since this was Black Crusade the armor was given a special ability attached to it. I'm not going to tell you yet, but just keep that in mind.

So adopting the identity of the Evangelist, and using biomancy powers to alter his face and form (although this was before the supplements for BC came out so we just used Dark Heresy) he would come to Scintilla a conquering hero of the faith, and thanks to Mind Probe he wouldn't have to worry about revealing himself to the Evangelist's peers.

It was now that Credast took his name. See before this he was simply Bird Man. Silly I know, but he called himself that in respect to Tzeentch for in essence saving him from probable death at the hands of the inquisition back on his home world. You see Credast was the name of the Evangelist. Antony Credast.

And that was the name on the lips of every noble on Scintilla when he returned.
The Rogue Trader had to have been changed like I was. His face altered he was given the name of Markus and played the part of my aide. Ripper became guardian, and Coggles was my liaison with the Mechanicus. Or at least that is what everyone thought. Hive Sebullus's nobles were elated that I had returned. Seems that Credast was a good man in the name of the nobility, and that put me in prime position for what was to happen next.

I was still very much Tzeentchian. Granted I had lost the faith on that jungle world, but since Tzeentch is allied with Slaanesh I picked up a few things with my left over experience and because of that I became the party face a while ago.

I offered my sermons with even more fury than Credast did before his departure. I sprinkled in a few seeds of doubt here and there. Slowly poisoning the nobility with my words.

Speaking of poison. The group demanded some answers for my actions with the girl back on the jungle world. I told them that they received gifts from both gods and to summon one would make them lose one set, but if we summoned both they would be bound by word to honor their deal. See that is how a really good liar works; he twists the truth to suit him and I had promised I wouldn't betray the party.

They were suspicious, but so far Credast hasn't done anything to arise their suspicion. So I told them they needed to stop. So far all the nervousness they have given Credast was because of my old character who was actually betrayed, and didn't betray. After saying it wasn't fair to Credast to hold him accountable for another characters actions; they agreed. I haven't betrayed them. In fact I was the one they could depend on. They needed to know something? Credast would know. He was worldly, and yet he also knew a lot about the warp and daemons and psykers and all that. He saved them so many times, and they knew they could trust him now.

That is the mark of a good traitor. When they trust you.
It was true I didn't betray them, but I remembered. I remembered every time they mocked me or joked about that. Every time the GM punished me for something I hadn't done, and after all the times I helped them. Soon... soon.

So while I worked my way into the good graces of nobles Markus began looking for a base of operations to set us up in. He found one in the under hive and I was still surprised the GM didn't remember, but more on that later.

So while I infiltrated the nobility during the day I would go into the lower hives at night and start to stir up the populace. It was important for my plan. The ultimate goal was to get those artifacts in Tricorn, and the portal I used last time was effective at causing a shit ton of chaos, but I had the benefit of centuries of worship to Tzeentch to draw from. No such luck here.

But Hive Sibellus itself was much, much more populated than that back water jungle world, and if I could get all of them to worship the idea? Yes... things were coming along nicely.

The nobility bit the hook hard, the impoverished loved me seeing me as a symbol of the true Imperium not the corrupt one that exploited them. The mutants in the under-hive found themselves a safe place to sleep so long as they served me, and being free from rival gangs and being appreciated was all the honey needed to get them devoted to me. Me, me, me. It was all me.

The PDF wasn't hard either. After the nobility that pays them were converted and the low hive that made up their number were praising my name it was only a matter of time until they came around to my side as well. My occasional visit to bless them helped, and my ceassation of the typical riots they had to deal with only furthered my cause. And the riots? I was in control of them as well. They saw me as god and soon they would get the chance to be free from oppression, and that demanded sacrifice. Yes they would have to live under these hellish conditions, but soon they wouldn't.
The most faithful I sent down to the under-hive to lead the mutants there. They loved me to much to doubt my holiness even when working with the mutants in my keep. The GM asked me for a map of the keep I had made, and I pulled out a familiar looking map, and then he remembered.

See the GM is bad at coming up with names, and with how often we get off the rails we typically help him come up with stuff. So when I decided to pursue the Evangelist angle during the previous adventure and he asked for a name I said Antony Credast. He liked the sound of it, but he had forgotten. The other players didn't.

The first adventure we did with the system was back when Dark Heresy first came out. I was the GM then, and our acolytes were trying to stop a fallen cleric from doing the unspeakable. "Antony Credast was once beloved of the Imperium," that was the first thing I told them that very first game "but he has fallen to the sway of the great enemy. He is command of considerable resources and it is up to you to stop him before all of the world is lost."

When he saw that map. It clicked. He knew what I was doing. He remembered when it happened. It happened on Emperor's Day. And that was tomorrow. He remembered how the acolytes failed. He remembered how Scintilla was lost. He remembered that grin on my face when I told them of their failure, because he just saw it again.

And he remembered I said I wouldn't betray the party, and I'm sure he'll remember what happened next.
That fateful day came.

Credast woke up that morning and put on his armor. It was Light Power Armor so his frame wasn't to bulky, but today was the day that special ability would come into play. He set off to the lower hive where his followers waited.

They gathered in a truly massive crowd. Thousands, perhaps millions were there. They saw me adorned in my armor, and they saw the line of PDF that had set themselves up to take care of the riot that was sure to come.

The PDF saw me in my armor, and they saw the millions of angry hivers and were glad I was there to help them.

I stood between the two great parties, eying both of them. Months had passed since I had come here, and I knew that the hiver we truly devoted to me, and the PDF would be to with a few honeyed words, but where were we? Where had the populace and PDF decided to stand off?

Infront of the Arbites center in Hive Sibellus. I had no influence in there and thus had no way to corrupt them, and so I would have to destroy them. The ritual in the under-hive was underway and I felt the touch of chaos work its way upon my soul. I threw up my hands between the two parties and spoke.

"My children! Long have you languished under the oppressive grip of Imperial Tyranny! They exploit your works," I said as I turned to the civilians "and your sense of duty!" and turned my gaze to the PDF. "No longer! On this day we take what we are owed! We take our freedom! And let the Emperor on Holy Terra give us a sign if this is the true path forward!"

So you might be wondering what that power was that my armor had. Well it was remnants of mutation. In particular wings. I was still a devotee of Tzeentch by means of advancements even if I had lost the faith.

The ritual reached fruition, and I felt my back ache. Soon it began to bulge, and finally the armor gave way.

Great and magnificent black wings were mine. I took to the air. I turned my gaze towards the Arbites line that had formed.
The crowd and PDF surged forward. Absolutely and blindingly faithful to me. Seeing me as some sort of saint. The ritual finished and the veil was weak. Only one thing was needed before it was gone, but we had other matters to contend with.

While the border-line entirety of Hive Sibellus turned on anything resembling Imperial reign the inquisition left the Palace seeking my head. They were far better armed than any of my follower, but my powers had only increased since last I met an inquisitor in battle, and with the veil weakened I was truly terror incarnate with my psychic powers.

Coggles and Ripper tore off their disguises as they joined me in battle, and it was intense. My force staff spelt the doom of many chosen acolytes and few inquisitors that were foolish enough to get close. The blade of Nurgle and flames of Tzeentch served Ripper well as he became a whirling dervish of absolute death. Coggles incredible intellegence along with my teachings allowed him to forge a daemon weapon of his own. Binding a flamer of Tzeentch into his plasma gun it spat out destruction on a scale none of us seen before. Those that got close were devoured by Nurgles Rot.
Fucking system keeps thinking my posts are spam. God damn it.

So because of Warp Time I was untouchable, and after quelling any resistance that we had on the lower levels of the hive we made our way up.

The Tricorn Palace was already under siege by the time we got there. It was hilarious to think that for so long these nobles feared the inquisition would take from them everything, and yet here they are trying to break in and murder them.

The closer I got to the Palace I felt the eb of the warp speak, and soon I knew what level it was on. My wings taking me a loft I flew to the thick wall and began firing barrage after barrage of psychic attacks to bring it down. I saw the governor of Scintilla get dragged down to the palace, and knew my flock did well. I berated him for this mistreatment of the people to keep the flames of their hate alive, and grabbed and flew up with him. He struggled against me as best he could, but I was beyond a normal man at this point. After I flew up high enough I let go and he fell.

And fell.

And fell.

There were only two obstacles left. One was the Palace, and I wanted my prize.
We broke down the doors and I broke down the walls to the Palace. I was met with a hail of fire, but thankfully my own bound item, a signet of Chaos with a bound Juggernaut granting impervious, made the majority of attacks fail.

I saw the look on the GM's face. He wasn't happy. It was really annoying for him I'm sure, that he had to suffer through someone with a force field. The players might've expressed some dissatisfaction that they weren't doing as much as I was, but then again they had their toys. They've had them for a while. I had just gotten mine.

So while I was flying about launching a belligerent assault of psychic attacks the gunmen hiding behind the destroyed wall were swarmed by my followers inside. Seems the resistance they met were not enough to stop them, and as we searched the room we found that the inquisitor who had collected the artifacts had run. I gave the GM a glare, and asked him why I couldn't detect that? Fuck my Per was like a 55 at this point with psyscience at +30. He said that there was to much warp shenanigans for me to track him by witch sight, but I figured he couldn't escape from my cult for long.

I did have an idea of where he was headed to however. If I were in his position I would call for back up from other inquisitors and that would mean the astropaths. As I took off in that direction Coggles and Ripper decided to join me. Seeking closure in this goal they had gained so long ago.

I had a different goal in mind. One that I had hatched even before I probed the mind of that inquisitor.
It's funny on recollection that we had the means to by pass the automated defenses when we didn't even need to worry about them. I think the GM maybe wanted us to sneak in and try to take them by stealth. Oh well.

So the tower to the Astropathic Choir is fucking huge. Like the tip is in orbit huge. Ripper said we could just blow it up and have it fall, but I lied and said I didn't want the artifacts to be damaged. Honestly I didn't even care about the artifacts anymore. I had so long passed that concern. Instead I needed something else, something not from the inquisitor, but that I couldn't get until he died.

And so we climbed the tower. The long spiraling stair case seemed to go on forever, but the promise of reward kept us going. When we finally did reach the top the lesser Astropaths of the choir frothed at the mouth at my approach, but the head of the choir remained resolute. The Inquistor looked at us, and we could tell he was old as fuck. In fact he was an inquisitor we would work with on other characters, but that is a different story. Old as fuck told us it's to late, and that he has already summoned an exterminatus to take this world out.

"Why?" Ripper demanded. "Because" I began "we are but one step away to sunder the veil completely and let this world become washed with the cleansing tides of Chaos." The Astropath responded violently when I said Chaos, but he was put down pathetically easily by Coggles.

Old as fuck was Ordo Malleus, but more importantly he was Xanithite. He knew the allure of Chaos. He saw it's boon first hand, right in front of him, and as I probed his mind I saw his betrayal in his past, and knew he was declared traitor before, and so I broke him a deal. Give me the artifacts and you can join us.

He agreed immediately, and Coggles and Ripper were not impressed, but I knew better. I knew the moral and spiritual struggle that had taken place.

With that we set off to the under hive to our stronghold.
Someone put this shit on 1d4chan and post links.
Oh name was off for some reason

I think if I had to come up with one word to describe what happened in there it would be cathartic.

We were hailed by twisted mutants, new and old, as the touch of chaos was very present here. So thin the veil that you could almost see the daemons on the other side. The Inquisitor reached into his cloak and, thanks to warp speed, I was able to stop him from activating the series of melta charges he had on him. The GM described the look on his face to be that of a man who knows he is going to die. He isn't panicking. He isn't angry. He isn't afraid. He looked tired.

Ripper screeched at me that I knew about the Melta charges, but that I didn't do anything at the tower. "If they went off then you and Coggles would've plummeted to your deaths. I was not close enough to prevent him from activating them."

Ripper bought it. Of course he would. I promised I wouldn't betray the party.

We took old as fuck to the altar. It was adorned with so many rune it was insane. As I laid him down I placed the blade against his chest, above his heart. He wasn't afraid.

"Freedom demands Sacrifice."

The veil was gone. My plan almost complete.
Daemons poured forth from everywhere. The slaughter was immense. As most ran from the keep seeking new murder some stayed back, and grabbed Coggles and Ripper.

The look of betrayal on their face was priceless. They struggled against the horde of furies holding them down, but couldn't escape. "Why!?" Ripper howled. "Why now!? After all we've done! After all the times you could've betray us why now!?"
"Betrayal?" I began pouring every ounce of malice I could into my voice. "This is no Betrayal. I made a pact with the Gods that I would not betray the compact, but it is complete is it not?" I pointed down to the pile of artifacts that lie at my feet. The surged with power and the laugh of demons filled Coggle and Ripper's ears.
"No." I continued "This is no betrayal. This is sacrifice."

I placed the knife against Coggles. He was afraid. "Freedom demands Sacrifice." Freedom from them. I plunged the blade in and drained him of his infamy.

I walked to Ripper. My form changing before him, becoming more bird like. "Freedom demands Sacrifice." I said as I pressed the blade against his chest.

"Freedom from what!?"

"From mortality."

And then I plunged it in, and my ascension was complete.
And that is that. I can post the screen caps of Nicodemis if you guys are interested in that. I can also take any questions if you want as well.
How does it feel to be so gangsta?
Thug life chose me. I didn't choose it.
Oh fuck right I forgot. Anyone have a scan for Tome of Excess yet?
Absolutely glorious. There is no reaction image sufficient for this.
File: 1372648196575.jpg-(51 KB, 340x478, Scan it for Russia.jpg)
51 KB
Is Tome of Excess scanned yet
I want to play
no full scans but I have bits and pieces of shit I picked up in other threads if you guys are interested?
Fuck yeah me too. Especially after that epic story I just read.

I was there for the bits and pieces.

I'm waiting for someone to be a hero to their country and post the book. They will earn the Medal of Honor for their actions.
File: 1372649545056.jpg-(86 KB, 291x871, dark apostle.jpg)
86 KB
Yeah. God I would love to play a Dark Apostle, and sweet meats? Jesus so Slaanesh.
File: 1372649578566.jpg-(97 KB, 367x855, Noise Marine.jpg)
97 KB
I also love the new minion rules.
File: 1372649643762.jpg-(101 KB, 291x928, Pirate Prince.jpg)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
So do you guys use the ship rules in Rogue Trader for BC? Because I think that would open a whole shit ton of new options for the players.
File: 1372649692238.jpg-(85 KB, 262x810, Flesh Shaper.jpg)
85 KB
Oh I forgot to ask; do you happen to have the rules for DE as PCs?

Since the David Bowie starts with one, reading the core book says "U rike ship? Buy Rogue Trader books!"
File: 1372649759340.pdf-(6.13 MB, PDF, BC06 Tome of Excess–Minions.pdf)
6.13 MB
6.13 MB PDF
New minion rules

Dark Eldar can be found as official PCs in Soul Reaver and the free online supplement Dark Kin.
Oh well awesome then. Thanks, and yeah it is kind of BS that they don't include rules for the free Voidship or at least some ship rules for chaos reavers outside of the ones in Battlefleet Koronus.
File: 1372650025276.jpg-(74 KB, 629x341, news-borderlands2-claptrap.jpg)
74 KB

Also it is assumed that black crusade characters start off at 100 insanity, so it really doesn't fit all that well, plus what that other guy said.
Colour me interested.

Eh, I'd play in a Rogue Trader game where I can test my Tau classes before I GM my next game for everyone.

I'd be down, only got to play BC for one session before the group died. Like every other group I've been in.
I hear you, it happened to me while trying to get into a Deathwatch game
I know this feel. Everytime someone else steps up to DM it falls through before the first session. I have like 10 different characters for all systems because of this.
File: 1372653709353.jpg-(33 KB, 416x300, Ahmadinejad Shrug.jpg)
33 KB

I've never had this problem. Every time I've put out the Call to Homies, I've gotten EXACTLY the amount of people I asked for, and they always stuck around.

Perhaps I've just been lucky.

Anyone who skipped past the "stupid spamming writefag" deserves to be cremated. That was fucking awesome.
Agreed and archived.

I was hoping someone would archive that, good job.
Do you have more art like this?
bumpin for scans
Looking through the Excessive Armoury chapter, and I must say that the new drugs are really impressive. I definately see a lot of Psyker players packing Manic, and pretty much anyone will want a couple of doses of Satrophine.

What, exactly, do those drugs do?
Get you high.
Manic users ignore Fatigue, can't be stunned or pinned, add +30 to all Willpower tests for 3d10 minutes, but have to pass a (-20) Toughness Test or fall unconcious for 1d5 hours.
Satrophine gives users +30 to Agility, Perception, Strength, and Toughness tests for 1 hour, at the potential risk of gaining 1d5 Corruption instead of Fatigue from withdrawal if you become addicted to it.

Jesus fuck, those are some really nice drugs.

Whelp, guess it's time to do some motherfucking drugs!
>And that is that. I can post the screen caps of Nicodemis if you guys are interested in that. I can also take any questions if you want as well.

Who is Nicodemis?

... Anyway. So, how did the GM and the party react to all this? They must've been pissed of course, but how did you explain/justify to them?

And what kind of ascension was it? Ascension to Daemonprince-hood perhaps?

And where can we read your story of the previous character, the Exile?
File: 1372721791639.png-(410 KB, 1516x4960, Nicodemis 1of3.png)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
So I didn't actually save the story time I did of the Exile, which is a shame, and I'm far to sleep deprived to tell it again, but I'll post the story of Nicodemis. Just a fair warning as it is long as fuck.

Anways. The GM was actually the one that gave my Coggles and Ripper's infamy during the sacrifice seeing it as appropriate for the situation. Coggles and Ripper were pretty alright with it actually. Seeing it as an appropriate end to the campaign, and yes it was Ascension to a Prince of Tzeentch.

Maybe later I can summon up the effort for the Exile, until then enjoy the story of heroism and loss that is Nicodemis; Hero of the Imperium.
File: 1372721827070.png-(291 KB, 1516x3700, Nicodemis 2of3.png)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
File: 1372721875494.png-(216 KB, 1516x2963, Nicodemis 3of3.png)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
>YFW this is the last game I had with these guys
I luv black crusade. Gimme more.
Just imagine in the Imperium tried being a democracy. It would collapse over night.

I am of the opinion that no species can ever been hope to form a galactic empire without complete totalitarian domination.
Well you could always have a hivemind type deal like the Culture. They are a democracy and they are doing fine.
It doesn't really count when you can't think for yourself.

The best democracy the Imperium could have would be elections every 500 years.
Well the problem is sheer logistsics. How do they know the candidates? Is there an electoral college? How do they collect the votes and how do they keep track of them? It would be a nightmare.
Just so you know bro I've never played online before and I'm really excited about this. Can some one walk me through what I need?
>>25763136 >>25763142 >>25763154

Huh... A powerful narrative.

Though, I felt that there were parts of the story missing, or weren't quite explained.

How did Nicodemis survive fighting the Keeper of Secrets?

Why didn't his friends look for him on that planet?? Didn't they feel guilty about just walking away?

And I still don't get why he then became so brutal and killed so many...?

And I'm a bit confused as to why the Malleus group, which apparently believed in redemption a lot, were apparently unwilling to try to give NIC the chance to improve/redeem??

It sounds like the sort of heroic/goody-two-shoes that believe in 2nd chances for villains... but not for the sort of people who would KILL those villains. Strange... to feel more empathy for your opponents than your allies, like that.
So the thunder hammer, after felling two greater Daemons at this point had ascended to a holy weapon of the God-Emperor; becoming a Daemon Hammer.

Now for the more muddled answers.

Drake and Gloria didn't like Nic that much. They butted heads on a whole lot of issues and that built up some serious resentment down the road. After so many times of disagreeing and almost coming to blows that when Nic was basically announcing he was commiting suicide by going into the pit to fight the Keeper of Secrets they didn't want to argue anymore. They knew that Nic wouldn't budge on his stance. He never does, and they never did either. So they didn't feel guilty. Hell at this point it must've been guinine hatred Drake and Gloria felt to Nic despite the times he helped them and saved them.

Now what is funny that for a group that believes so firmly in redemption they couldn't let their history with Nic go, but it wasn't just about forgiveness for past deeds. It was for what he was doing.

He grew up a under-hive ganger who got lucky on day when he helped out some Arbites find a criminal and they decided to see if he could get shipped off to the Schola. He did and he became an Arbites for all that entails.

There is no grey area for him, or at least he wishes there wasn't. There is the law, and before he became a hero he only knew the world through that filter of against or in service of the law.

But that changed when he tasted heroism, a concept he had chased since his youth dodging bullets and mutants that are part of Under-hive life. He didn't have any role models growing up so instead legends of Imperial Saints filled his heart with hope, and ultimately that is what caused him to become so brutal. He lost his innocence far before he should've in that hive, but he had his hope. He could be a hero someday...

He did, and it was taken away from him.

That crushed him.
After so long lying to himself about this false black/white morality based around the law he instead saw the objective black, daemons. It is funny that as a Knight he was Nicodemis the Black, because he had so long pursed being the white knight, and the brutal life of an Arbites officer prevented him from that.

He couldn't be the hero because that wasn't his job. He couldn't help people directly because he couldn't get involved. He couldn't live out his hopes and dreams while wearing the badge because he wasn't allowed, but in that crater? In shattered armor and missing an arm with so much lost blood and mental scars and crippling damage to his body he didn't have that holding him back.

He could be that hero finally. He saw the black, the evil, and he knew he was the white, the good, and he smote evil. He lead men in a spirited charge representitive of all humanity strugling against fate because he had finally shaken off that fate that constricted him so. He was free to be a hero.

And then it was stripped from him. He got the badge back even though it wasn't what he wanted, and so as a man with a broken hope he saught the trappings of his heroic life. The hammer, the killing of daemons, Drake and Gloria.

But that wasn't what made him a hero. It was his willingness to do what needed to be done. Not the hero of the people, but the hero of the Imperium.

Being a hero of the Imperium means you can't be a good guy. You need to sacrifice that desire.

Nic did, and it killed him.
God damn it why are all my characters depressing? I think I need to learn how to have fun for once.

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