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Links to previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=blacksmith+quest

You are Alaric Tyvin. Blacksmith extraordinaire, scourge of metal and razors everywhere.

In the last thread we heard the rumblings of war between a vast army of Orcs and the nearby villages. We forged some mighty items for Barbarian warriors, Gracian mercenaries and run-of-the-mill guards.

We also put forth our ideas to the other smiths, for a single workshop. The Belerin Foundry.
The pouding of metal against shields defended the country-side. The sea of green bodies, almost innumerable, swept across the rolling hills trampling everything in their path.

Vicious, barbed swords.
Hefty metal shields.
Grating teeth and tusks.

In the midst of it all a single Orc Chieftain swaggered in front of the vast armies. All manner of skulls adorned his body, on each side a standard bearer waving flags of human skin, painted with the likeness of the Chieftan.

Two sharpened, curved swords swung by his side and a battleaxe was slung behind his back. A few more days and they would be in sight of their first target.

He couldn't wait.
Forging - 2.70
Smithing - 5.30
Engraving - 4.20
Sharpening - 0.20
Polishing - 1.70
Finishing - 0.35

30 bronze rods
19 bronze ingots
30 iron rods
7 iron ingots
30 steel rods
27 steel ingots

These will be used up, if you don't have enough rods/ingots before a job starts, you will waste an action smelting them.

Balthazar, a powerful Warforged. Gives you a +5 to any primary smithing rolls on big orders (platebodies, warhammers, etc). But ONLY if you specific to use him.

Engraving - El'Galia has taught you some basics and you've used them to great effect.
Al'k'Zir Steel - Anamman has taught you the art of Al'k'Zir Steel (not-Damascus Steel). It is purely for decoration.
You are abruplty woken in the morning by a sharp rapping sound at your door.

Rubbing your eyes and hastily getting dress you head down stairs and open up. "What do you..."

You quickl stop yourself once you realise Feldane, Van Gan and a collection of Guards are standing outside. One of them has a very intricate set of armour, engraved with silver motifs and details.

"I believe you wanted to talk to someone in the Guards" Feldane asks you as you continue to rub your eyes and yawn at him. The man in silver armour stands forth and offers his hand.

"Good morning, young man. I've heard quite a bit about you."
dont leave him hanging, shake his hand, also, whatever liquid that will wake us up fast, we need to drink it, all of it
Standing in front of you is John Hessian, Captain of the Belerin Guards. Quite an imposing man, even next to the likes of Van Gan, his neatly trimmed moustache and hair indicates that he takes a lot of pride in his work.

You invite the company in and end up talking in the workshop, the only room in the house big enough to comfortably fit everyone in. Feldane and Van Gan find their usual places in the workshop, whilst the Guards stand by the front door, in perfect formation.

"No I understand that you wanted to speak to me about these recent...incursions." The Captain addresses you.

"Well, we've been hearing a lot of rumours," You motion towards the other two blacksmiths, "and I for one have also had a lot of orders from people fearing the worst. I want to know what's going on and how we can help."

Captain Hessian takes a few paces around the room, surveying the workshop, before speaking. "An Orc Chieftian, for reasons unknown, has managed to secure the alliance of a few tribes around the area. The thing is with Orcs, they will always defer leadership to whom they assume is the strongest among them. Which means that as time goes on, more and more Orcs will join his cause." He pauses a minute to appreciate a sword lying on the crafting table.

"Whatever his cause is, it can't be good." You interject.

"Exactly, and we'd like to stop that from ever happening." He turns back at you, Feldane is busy twiddling his thumbs, whilst Van Gan stands near the Guards, towering above them.

"So, what did you have in mind?" He asks you.

>Your turn.
outline the plan for the Foundry, impress on him how we could make more and better quality equipment with a setup like the one we have in mind, and ask for financial assistance in building
Rolled 12


I would like to join forces with the other smiths in this town, and create a large co-operated smithy, dedicated to helping out warriors end this threat.
We will need all info you got on orcish weapons, armor and tactics in order to create equipment to counter it, and put the edge in our hands, so to speak...
There is only this small question of finances...

Rolling for seduction
sound good, seconding, also, OP get a twitter you twat
>Your fumbling attempts at seduction are not needed in this scenario thank God.

"I'd like to set up a Foundry, where all the smiths in Belerin can work under one roof. However, there is the small question of financing the project." You take your hand and give your beard a long, luxurious stroke. It quivers in anticipation.

"If we could help out in the war efforts, say making armour and weapons specifically to counter this...Green Menace" One of the Guards smirks at your new nickname for the Orcs. "I think the King would be a little more sympathetic to our cause."

"But don't think we're just doing this for the money, we'd obviously help, we just want to be a little more involved." You quickly add.

Captain Hessian stands there and sizes you up once more. He looks around the shop before turning to Van Gan. "Are you in on this too, Van?" He asks the giant in the corner.

"Yes. He good smith." He raps his knuckles on the chestplate of a Guard standing next to him to drive home his point. The Guard almost gets knocked off his feet.

"Very well, we will appreciate all the manpower you could spare. I will have the scribes draw up a few maps out the outlying area, indicating the places we think will be attacked. If you want to help, you will have to send armour and weapons to those places that you think will need them the most." The Captain snaps his fingers and turns back around to the Guards at the door, the work together and open the workshop doors into the street and head out.

Captain Hessian turns around to face you, "Also, if you know anyone that would be able to help actually fight these things, it would be greatly appreciated too." He nods at you and heads out onto the street, the retinue of Guards following him back up to the Castle.

>Feldane and Van Gan are in the shop.
>Talk to them or do something else?
mention those 2 Not!Spartan mercs we made helmets for, they should be able to help inform and train the guards

Sit down, Bring out the good ale and get a discussion going
-Do they know of someone from their past/homeland whom could be interested in mercenary work?
-Do they know anything about orcs, or know anyone that do?
-Also toast, a lot. But make plans for getting all the smiths in for a meeting ASAP
lets ask Feldane and Van Gan if they know anyone that could help out, I'm sure the king would not skimp on paying for mercs in this time of need

thats a good point, we should tell the guards about them if those brothers are still in town
The close the workshop doors after the Guards have left and sit down with Van Gan and Feldane.

"Well it looks like we're gonna need some more bodies. Any ideas?" You pull up a few chairs around the crafting table and sit down.

"Me know mighty warriors. You drink with before." Van Gan eloquently adds. You do remember drinking with a lot of very tall giants, I'm sure they'd be pretty useful in a fight.

"I'm afraid most of my contacts aren't interested in fighting, only duels involving sportsmanship, and I doubt the Orcs will know what that is" Feldane adds. "But I will ask around and see who I can persuade to sell themselves."

"I did make a few helmets for a pair of twins yesterday who had come over here specifically for mercenary work, they said they'd fought something like Orcs before, so I think they're going to be very useful in the right situation."

"I think what we need to do is advertise, speak to every shop owner in town, our customers, put up flyers and things, just to see who we can get to fight."
-Quick War Discussion-

I've had a few ideas about how I'm going to run this war, and how we're going to help.

We're obviously going to send weapons and armour off to various villages and towns depending on who needs them the most.

Should we have our own small militia that we arm ourselves? Belerin 1st, or something like that? I plan on writefagging the shit out of this war, so I think if we establish a militia, we could probably send them over to where people need them most.

In fact, that's pretty much the first idea anyway. How do we feel about recruiting, armouring and then sending our militia off to the towns and villages, instead of sending over armour and weapons. It'd be much faster, allow for more writefagging and possibly be much more interesting.
sounds good, they could be our 'away team', we can send weapons and stuff to those our militia can't get to, or to further reinforce a town even when our militia gets there
We need "our own" troops yeah.

Rapid response units, to send wherever the orcs focuses their attacks.
-Light horsebowmen
-Light cavalry

And shocktroops, to break sieges
-Heavy cavalry
-Giant barbarians
-Heavy foot, w/ large shields and appropriate weapons

Maybe start researching sieg weapons to, if we got time for it
as long as they don't steal the focus away from Alaric and the smiths smithing, then I'd be cool with it, be a more 'personal' impact on the war effort
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>How do we feel about recruiting, armouring and then sending our militia off to the towns and villages,
Let's just give some street urchins and orphans weapons and training, should be the most coast effect course of action.
Plus, war ophans will probably seek revenge anyway.
I don't think it'd detract from that at all, we'd probably still be doing jobs in the mean time.

I'm thinking we have around 10-15 named fighters, who'd turn up at our door. We'd need to smith them something to help in the war effort, maybe they'd all be missing a piece of equipment and need a new one, and that's where we come in.

So a Knight Templar turns up with a full armourer horse, yet his holy Zweihander was destroyed during the last campaign and he needs a new one. Depending on the job quality, he'd obviously become better of worse (I'll need to come up with stats or something) and we can send him off to fight.

sounds good
Well I'll think about it and figure out the kinks before we go to war.

Feldane and Van Gan have now left the shop what do you want to do?
We will smith and engrave a gift for the King, Kings like asskissing
sounds about right, what do we know of this king, does he favour any certain weapon or motif, something to smith or engrave personally for him
You know very little about the King, you don't know what weapons or accessories he favours, nor do you know his personal motif.

And you don't have any gold or silver either, you're not sure how the King would react upon given something as lowly as steel or iron.
find out if he has a son, a young heir needing a practice weapon
You vaguely remember that the King has a single son, Prince Samuel, who must be in his late twenties now.

Again, you know nothing else of the King or his family. You will have to find out more about them at some point.

Time to do something.

>Start jobs
>Wander around town
>Read up in library
How do you want to go about it? Posting flyers up everywhere, or just visiting every tavern and seeing who's there?
-Visit a scribe, pay him to make copies and get the posted around the city
-Pay the town crier to spread the message(for those who are illiterate
-If there is more time, visit the taverns, start with the dodgy ones
>Get someone drunk
>Have them sign the entlistment papers
You manage to find a small printing office and get them to quickly write up a hundred or so flyers advertising for mercenaries.

-Mercenaries Wanted!-
All fighters, swordsmen, archers and warriors of all types needed.
Come to Urist's smithy to discuss.
Will pay!

After getting these flyers quickly done, you head out into the street and find a number of street orphans. Giving them each a handful of leaflets and a coin or two you send them out into the city, to post them under doors, stick them onto walls and just get the word out there.

Who knew orphans could be so useful?

You decide to head to one of the Taverns to see if there are any more suitable candidates.

>Deaths Door
>The Last Stop
>The Dented Shield
>Two Moons Tavern
>The Rising Sun
well we've got giants and those twin mercs, amamamamamanananan is not likely to have very many useful contacts seeing as they would be in a far away land, Feldane's guys are snobby elitists

maybe El'Galia knows some elven archers or sumesuch

>>The Last Stop
Rolled 1


Deaths Door, 1
The Last Stop, 2
The Dented Shield, 3
Two Moons Tavern, 4
The Rising Sun, 5
File: 1371992135478.jpg-(96 KB, 960x1280, Anamman1.jpg)
96 KB
Good point, Azza's long gone by now as well.

Bear in mind, they're not giants. Just really tall men.

I'll wait for a few more votes to see what the majority is.
here again, just had an idea

If we can't come to a decision, Alaric should just write the names of the pubs on small bits of paper, stuff those bits of paper into his beard, then shake his head like a wet dog, whichever piece of paper is left is the tavern our beard has declared victorious.
What if the paper never comes out, and we just end up with a paper mache beard?

We'll start with the Last Stop, post coming up now.
You head over to the Last Stop to try your hand at recruiting more people. You look around and notice a few groups of people sitting around the place.

You see a group of five Guards sitting around a table and quietly enjoying a pint, no doubt they will be fighting anyway, best leave them to it.

You see El'Galia in the corner, sipping a glass of water. This time she's sitting with two female Elves, who are also drinking water.

You quickly head over to try and join them.

"Hi El'Galia" You stand by the side of the table, the female Elves look at you, one of them whispers into her companions ear and they both giggle at you. You feel very embarrassed for some reason.

"Alaric!" She quickly stands up and gives you a little hug. "Come on and join us." You pull out a chair and sit between El'Galia and the other two Elves.

"Alaric, this is Ariel and Alwen, two of my childhood friends." She points to the Elf on the left first, and the right. You try to remember which one is which. "This is Alaric, a local blacksmith in Belerin" She leans over the table to tell them, they giggle a little bit. "Nice to meet you." They speak in unison, your heart melts a little bit.

>Wat do?
return the greeting, while resisting the spagetti

once we are capable of intelligent speech, ask for her thoughts on any possibly people she may know we could hire or incentivise to fight
here again, adding to this

since El'Galia does a lot of fancy jewelry work, she probably deals with nobles alot, maybe she knows something about the king or his son, something we could use to bribe them into helping our foundry get off the ground
You mutter a little bit and shuffle your feet under the table, "n..nice to meet you too". You quickly snap out of it once you remember what you were here to do.

"El'Galia, I'm trying to recruit a bunch of mercenaries to help out the villages, incase this Orc attack escalates. I've put out a load of flyers, I'm just trying to do some recruiting of my own now, you wouldn't happen to know anyone that could help do you?" You ask her, she takes a sip of her water.

"That's exactly what these two are here for." She says.

You stay at her for a little while, before looking over at the two Elves. They smile at you and tilt their heads slightly.

"And what it is...exactly...that you do?" You ask them. The Elves look at each other and then the one on the left speaks. "We're archers."

The one on the right then immediately pipes up. "Two of the best!"

"Would you be interested in helping out some of the towns nearby? I'm told the pay would be excellent." You ask the duo.

The girls look at each other once again.

"It's been a while since we've needed to."
"Not since the dragon attack back home."

"We'd love to!" They both speak in unison again.

"Excellent! Come down to Urist's smithy when you're ready and I'll make all the necessary arrangements!". You lean over and extend your hand, they both lean over and accept your handshake. Their skin feels like oiled velvet, you try not to melt all over the table.

"El'Galia, I'm trying to get a little more information about the King, and possibly his son, Prince Samuel. I want to try and make them a few 'gifts', I'm trying to further my plan of the Belerin Foundry." You turn towards El'Galia.

"Have you ever done anything for the royal family, or any of the nobility before?" El'Galia looks down into her glass, "I think so, I'll have to check through my books first. But i'll let you know what I find!" She looks back up at you and smiles.

"Sounds good. Right then, my work here is done, I better go to the other taverns and see who else I can recruit." You stand up and push the chair in. You get a few steps away from the table when El'Galia starts to speak again.

"A..Alaric..." You turn around and watch El'Galia stand from the table and walk towards you. "Ummm...do you want to get a drink sometime? You know, after this whole recruiting business is finished?"

>Wat do?
>What will Sarah think?
>Will they be able to clean the spaghetti out of the floorboards?
oh you bastard, making us choose

I'm going to say accept her offer, but let her know that we recently started seeing Sarah, we can have this drink as friends, and who knows, there are uncertain times ahead.
"Yeah, that'd be great." You reply, you're not entirely sure how you're going to tell her you're seeing Sarah, especially as you can see how excited El'Galia looks. "Once this whole Orc mess blows over we'll speak again, OK?"

El'Galia smiles and bashfully brushes her hair back behind her ears, "OK Alaric..." she heads back to the table and the two girls start giggling.

You feel a little light headed as you head onto the street. Next stop, Death's Door.
You head over to the dingy alleyway that houses Deaths Door, the scythe painted on the door pretty much gives it away.

You head inside and you can see a number of people sitting around, not the most educated bunch either.

>The group of Barbarians you were drinking with before.
>A man sitting at the bar, a suit of very heavy armour is in a pile on the floor next to him.
>A group of men pointing towards a map on a table and talking.

>Van Gan isn't here.
>Which group do you want to speak to?
Oh hey, BeardQuest

Talk to the guy with the armor, sounds like a knight or good mercenary too me.
>>A man sitting at the bar, a suit of very heavy armour is in a pile on the floor next to him.
maybe he has some work for us

The other group seem more organised, if they are not plotting their escape, we can talk to them later
You head over to the bar and ask for two drinks, one for you and one for the man next to you.

"Many thanks stranger, can I ask why I'm being bought a drink?" The man asks you. His grizzled features are dimly lit up by the various candles dotted around the room, he has a thick layer of stubble and a rather large cut running down his left eye.

"I've been asked by the Captain of the Town Guard to recruit some people for the upcoming Orc attacks. I've been assured that the pay will be sufficient. I noticed your suit of armour there, and it seems pretty clear to me that you're a fighting man, so would you be interested?" You hand him his drink whilst taking a big swig of yours.

"Sounds like it could be fun, so are you just recruiting anyone in a tavern?" He takes a gulp of his drink.

"That's pretty much what's happened so far." You reply.

>Do you want to ask him anything specifically?
ask what his previous fighting experience is, and mention we're a smith, if he has any work to be done on his arms or armor, now would be a good time
also, ask if he knows anything about the other group planning over the maps, he may have heard something useful
"What kind of fighting experience do you have?" You ask him.

He takes another gulp of his drink, "I used to be a Gladiator, but now I'm just a freelance warrior, so this sounds like it'll be right up my alley."

"What kinds of things did you fight as a Gladiator?"

"Oh all sorts, men mostly, but there was the occasional tiger, we did fight a few Orcs one, and one time we had to take down an Iron Drake. That was quite a battle..." He drifts off for a little while before snapping out of it.

"Well enjoy the drink, if you fancy fighting for us, come by Urist's smithy and we'll talk tactics."

if that other group is still here, lets talk to them
Yeah, talk to the planning guys
Caught the thread just intime today!
"By the way, the names Atropos." The Gladiator adds, and turns back towards the bar to finish his drink.

You head towards the group of men planning over a map, one of them spots you and immediately nudges the person to his left and right. The whole table is now looking at you, the map is quickly hidden from sight and one of them speaks up.

"What do you want?" He almost spits at you.

"I've been sent by the Captain of the Town Guard to try and recruit people for the war effort." You ask the men sitting down.

"Pah, John Hessian?" He adds with a haughty tone, "That stupid fool couldn't organise anything if his life depending on it." He starts to laugh and the other men join in, over the raucous laughter you hear the door close behind you.

One of the men opens his eyes, the others are still shut from laughing, and immediately stops. His eyes are focused on something behind you, something massive by the looks of things.

The other men sitting down at the table look at him and wonder why the laughter has stopped and they too stare in fear at something behind you.

You feel a heavy breathing down your neck.

"Hessian. Good man." The undying fury in those words can barely be contained.

The monster behind you turns out to be Van Gan, you guess he doesn't take criticism of his adoptive father too well.

The six armed men are all lying in a pile unconcious and bleeding after Van Gan has finished with them. A few wenches immediately get mops and buckets of water to clean up the ensuing mess.

Van Gan stands there, you can almost see steam rising off his body. His breathing has now become calmer and more uniform. You never want to see him like that again.

"Alaric, come drink." He walks straight past you and joins the group of Barbarians, who all raise their glass to Van Gan.

You end up sitting in between the giants of men, most of whom recognise you after last time.

>Or just recruit?
>>Or just recruit?
not like we would get much out of them
"Van Gan I'm here trying to recruit some people to fight the Orcs, would any of your friends join?" You almost have to shout over the men as they talk.

Van Gan holds out his hand and the group of people instantly become quiet.

"Alaric recruit for fight Orcs. Big battle. Fun. Who fight?" He asks the group. Four of the men raise their glasses whilst the others stay silent.

"Well that was easy." You think to yourself.

Van Gan starts to speak again, this time addressing the four Barbarians. "Go Dwarf shop later. Alaric plan." The four men nod and finish their drinks, banging the glasses down onto the table together.

No doubt the Barbarians will bring along some very nasty weaponry, you will probably have to give them some armour to help them survive a bit longer.
-Recruitment List-

>Dynaos & Dasteos
Two Gracian mercenaries looking for a bit of coin. They have some experience in fighting Orcs previously, so they will be a great asset.

>Ariel & Alwen
Two Elven archers, friends of El'Galia. No doubt they will provide some very useful attacking from afar.

A former Gladiator looking for a bit of extra coin.

>The Barbarian Horde
Four Barbarians, friends of Van Gan, that have offered their services.

So that's what we've got so far. Do you want to visit the other Taverns and see what's going on?
Sure, might as well.

What tavern's haven't we been to this night?
File: 1372000305876.jpg-(4 KB, 190x159, ohnoes.jpg)
4 KB
>I missed El'Galia flirting

Keep on recruiting! There's bound to be more sellswords around. Even if they already plan on fighting, it's worth it to get them to the forge to talk to.
keep on recruiting

my bed calls to me, so try to not burn down Urist's shop while I slumber fellow anon
We've got:

The Dented Shield
Two Moons
The Rising Sun

It's starting to get a little darker outside now, so the smiths will be in their respective taverns by now (except Urist).

All in favour of visiting them all?
>visiting them all
If you are not visiting them all I will smith you into a dildo
To the two moons!
You head over to the Dented Shield Tavern, you don't think you've been here before. A large shield picture is emblazoned on the front of the Tavern, a big chunk missing out of it.

You head into the Tavern and look around, compared to Deaths Door, this place is paradise. There is a roaring fire, with a few armchairs pulled up near it, all the silverware on the sides is highly polished, reflecting the light across the room even more.

"Ah Alaric! I was wondering if you'd turn up!" You hear a voice to your right, you quickly turn your head and see Feldane walking towards you. "I took the liberty of contacting a few old friends of mine, they're interested in signing up."

He leads you towards another room within the Tavern, he opens the door and allows you to enter first. A smaller fireplace is burning nice and brightly at the end of the room, a number of younger gentlemen, none older than their early 30's, are standing around. One or two are reading books, some are sipping fine whisky, the others are standing around and talking.

"Feldane, it's about time" One of the gentlemen speaks up. "We've been waiting here for ages!"

Pretty soon the collection of men are standing in front of you, each neatly groomed and clothed in very high quality pieces.

"Thankyou for your time gentlemen, as I'm sure you're aware we are trying to recruit for the upcoming war effort against the Orcs" You address the men in front of you.

"Vile things." One man speaks.
"Despicable" Another adds.

You raise your hand to silence them. "I understand Feldane has gathered you hear today, with each of you showing an interest in fighting these beasts. Can I ask what type of experience you have?"

"My dear boy, didn't Feldane tell you?" One of the men steps out from the ranks and puts his arm around your shoulder. "We're knights."

You stand stunned for a few seconds. "What, like horses and lances 'knights'?" The man next to you laughs, "Of course, what other knights are there?"

"Well..that's fantastic!" You almost shout a bit too loudly. "Stop by Urist's shop when you have a chance, we need to run through the plans and sort everything out."

>Any questions, or are we powering through the recruitment process like a boss?
I don't really have any questions other than, "Is there anything anyone needs smithed?" and that can wait 'till they're all gathered at the shop.

LIKE A BOSS. We're doing pretty good, all things considered.
These guys seem like a laugh.

Buy them a round of drinks and be on our way.
>Like they can't afford their own drinks.

I've got to go for about half an hour, we will continue recruiting later on.
Thanking the gentlemen, and also Feldane, you head out of the Tavern. A cavalry is going to be a massive help to the war effort.

You quickly arrive at the Two Moons Tavern, missing Urist's company however. You enter the pub and take a quick look around.

>The Dwarves, with whom you shared a 'few' drinks with previously.
>A few groups of town Guards.
>A robed figure propping up against the corner.
>A few other stragglers, mostly wearing normal clothes, although you can see a number of sheathed swords dotted around the place.

>Which will it be?
>>A robed figure propping up against the corner.
OMINOUS FIGURE? yes please
The Dwarves or the Robed Person, to start.
You head over to the Dwarves first of all, who immediately recognise you and pull you up a chair.

"Hey laddy, welcome back!" The older Dwarf starts to speak, "What brings you back here? Up for another round of drinking games?" The three Dwarves start to laugh.

"As much as I'd like to, I'm actually here on more important business" You address the 3 Dwarves in front of you. "Oh, and what business is that?" The reply comes.

"I have to recruit people to fight against the Orcs, I'd gotten a fair few so far, but we could always do with more. Do you know of anyone that could help?" The Dwarves look around at each other.

"I don't think so laddy, we're not fighters."
"You might have more luck asking someone else here."
"I saw a gleam of metal come from that person in the corner, could have been a sword, you might want to talk to them."

You look around the room and see the person in the corner. A long, crimson robe covers them and the hood is pulled over as to obscure their face. Oh well, it's worth a try.

You head over towards the table, the three Dwarves looking on, and approach the stranger. "Excuse me, may I sit here?" You address the robed figure.

The robes head bobs up and down. Yes.

"I'll introduce myself first, then move on to business, if that's acceptable. So, pleased to meet you, I'm Alaric."

"Now, to business. I'm assembling a group of combat-able people. If you're interested, come to the smithy."
Probably good to explain the situation and that we're assembling a team.
"I'll introduce myself first and then talk business." You start to talk towards the robe.

"I'm Alaric Tyvin, an apprentice blacksmith here in the city. Nice to meet you." You extend a hand, but withdraw it once you realise the robed figure isn't doing anything.

"Umm...I'm not sure if you've heard, but we've been having a lot of trouble with some Orcs lately, and I've been asked to recruit people to fight. I've been assured there's a hefty reward for anyone willing to help."

"A reward?" A sultry voice echoes from the blood red hood, "why didn't you say that earlier?" A pair of well manicured hands pull the hood behind the figures head. A bob of short black hair emerges and frames the face of the woman next to you, her green eyes have been darkened by mascara, sublty bringing out their tone even more.

"They call me Raven." She extends her hand and you quickly take it. "I'm part of a group of bounty hunters actually looking for some work around town, I'd be glad to help, I'm sure the rest will once they show up."

"How...how many of you are there exactly?" You ask her expectingly.

"Oh, about 10."

>Do you want to talk to Raven a little more, or timeskip to when the rest of the hunters enter the pub?
Let's ask her a little about her team so we know what to expect.

Then we go to the meeting.
>Sorry computers playing up

"And who exactly makes up your team?" You ask Raven, her robe now fully off, revealing her normal clothes.

"Well, let's see..." She holds up her hands and starts counting them off on her fingers.

"Me, obviously."
"Then there's Captain Jonas."
"Takawa, our cook. He's also pretty handy with those swords of his."
"James, the deckhand. Very good with knives."
"Bekios, we call her Becky, another fighter."
"Uo, our carpenter/repairman."
"Garos, he knows a bit of magic, and he's been around longer than anyone can remember"
"Thondan and Thorgal are two Dwarf brothers we've got, not the brightest, but very handy in a pinch.
"And last but not least, we've got our main financier. We call him Silver, he manages to get the money together if we're strapped for cash."
You hear the door close behind you and Raven stands up. "Captain," she says, "this man here has a proposition for us."

"Good, it's about time we found some work!" a voice booms from behind you. You turn around and see a large man, with a long red coat decorated with buttons and tassles of gold, following him is the rest of the crew.

"Well, let me introduce our motley crew first." The Captain bows, "I'm 'Captain' Jonas, not really a captain, but don't tell anyone!" He laughs heartily and points to each crew member and names them.

A small, thin man is second in, he has two very long scabbards on each side of his hip. He is wearing a thin, white bandana with a red dot in the middle.

A tall, skinny, red headed male. He is wearing a black coat but no shirt. His chest is covered in scars and you can see, and also hear, thathe has a large collection of metal objects inside the coat.

A very tall, muscular woman strides in after them. She is holding a large spear and is wearing very little bronze armour. You try not too get too much of an eye-full.

An overweight, tanned man. He has very intricate, black tattoos over his body and face. He is wearing a necklace adorned with teeth of various shapes and sizes.

Good to know.

Let's head to the meeting place.

An elderly man walks in, clutching a gnarled walking stick. His long white beard descends down his grey robes, he is clutching a book in his other hand.

A gruff looking Dwarf. He has large battleaxe on his back and a helmet in his other hand.

Exactly the same as his brother Thondal. It's going to be difficult to learn the difference between them.

A tall, swarthy man with semi-long blonde hair. He is sporting a very trim goatee and beard combo. His long black coat wafts gently in the breeze that the door is letting in, his gold rings glint around in the light and his earrings jingle as he walks.

"Right, I think that's the lot of them!" Captain Jonas says, walking to the back of the group. He looks out of the door to the left and then the right, turns back into the Tavern and closes the door behind him.

"Well then, let's pull up a few chairs and get comfortable!"

>Where do you want to start?
I would like to start by smithing something
"I think I'd better explain the situation. The Town Guard has tasked me with recruiting anyone capable of fighting, thanks to the impending Orc invasion. What do you say?"
You and the crew find yourself sitting at a large rectangular table, Captain Jonas at one end, Silver at the other, and the rest in between with you in the middle.

"I think it's best if I start off explaining what's happening. We've had a lot of rumours about an Orc Chieftain raising an army to attack us, the Captain of the Town Guard has asked me to recruit anyone who will fight. He's also told me there will be a hefty reward for anyone that does."

"I don't know where they're going to attack first, I'm expecting a map and some more details very soon, but I'd like to gather everyone together and then go over if the plans."

Captain Jonas and Silver look at each other over the long table. "I think it's a good idea." Jonas says, "It's been a while since we've done anything on this scale!"

Silver replies "And we are running a little low on cash at the moment..."
"Like that's ever a problem with you." Becky replies, poking Silver in the arm.
"It could be quite dangerous, if the plans aren't thought through." Uo speaks, his deep voice resonates across the room.
"We must plan ahead carefully." Takawa speaks, this is the first time you've seen or heard him speak, clearly a man of few words.

"Well then, all in favour?" Jonas bellows across the table.

"Aye" the response comes from everyone. Looks like you have your pirate crew.
We've got one last Tavern to visit for today.

Do you want to talk to the Pirates about anything else? Or just have a little downtime?
Let's just hit up the last tavern.

Pretty empty today. Tavern Quest was missing a lot of participants yesterday as well.
Im usually just lurking quests, but I guess im gonna participate when almost nobody
I have to say we are getting quite a...diverse crew together.

Hit up the last tavern.
is here.

hit up the last tavern

my fucking post got cut off
>I thought it was because it was a Sunday.

You shake everyone's hand and bid them farewell, your mercenary team is going to be the strangest bunch of rag-tag misfits anyone has ever seen!

You head over to the last Tavern for the night, the Rising Sun.

The place is barren. You can only see Anamman sitting at a table alone. You go over to him and sit down.

"Hello Alaric, please join me"
"Where is everyone Anamman?" You ask him, looking around the Tavern.

"A lot of people who visit here are farmers from around the nearby areas, they're probably gone to visit their families and secure their belongings, expecting the worst I fear." He takes a large gulp from a glass of water in front of him.

"Van Gan told me that you were going to recruit people today, how is that going?"

"Brilliantly, I've gotten archers, a cavalry, Gladiators, pirates, the lot!"

Anamman laughs whilst taking another mouthful of water. "I think you will have one more to add to your list, effendi." He chuckles slightly.

"And who's that?" You enquire, you look around the Tavern, thinking you've missed someone. When you're sure there's no one else there, except the barstaff, you turn towards Anamman.

"You can't be serious?"

"We happens if we need your smithing skills, and you're out fighting, or killed?"
You stare at him dumbfounded. "Y..you?"

"I know how difficult it is to be without a home, I don't want that to happen to anyone else. Anyway, I've had my fairshare of adventures, I'll have you know." He laughs again as you continue to stare at him.

"Well...if you're sure, come by the shop because we've got to go over the plans."

"Of course, effendi. I'll be there." He finishes the water and smiles at you.
It is time.

Time to go to the shop.
And with that, you head back to Urist's smithy. You've got a lot of work to prepare for, so you'd better get some sleep.

You head into the shop, Balthazar is standing quietly in the corner, probably asleep. You head upstairs and into your bed.

Your last thought, before you drift off into sleep, is of El'Galia.

>I think that's it for today /tg/.
>Possible war discussion coming up.
>not Sarah
> is of El'Galia
>not thinking about Sarah

Dangerous thoughts blacksmith.

Oh whatever, you agreed to go on a date.

Anyway, back to the war.

The next thread or two will be purely smithing. Each of your mercenaries will come in requesting a piece of armour or a weapon they need for the upcoming fights, so there's gonna be a lot of dice rolling.

I'm considering lowering the dice to a d80 due to our smithing skill. Because it's so low, and we're only meant to be an apprentice, it's got to be harder to make epic pieces of equipment, which we seem to be doing every other job.

Thoughts on that?
I'll also have to get a map drawn up of the nearby towns and villages, for realism.

I'm thinking of each village/town having a certain attack and defence rating. Each of our warriors will add to that slightly. An Orc attack strength will be generated randomly and attack a few random towns.

If the towns defence is higher than their attack, the defence will be relatively successful. If the towns attack is higher than the Orc's defence, they can counter-attack and lessen the horde.

Of course, if you end up with a town with no defence being beset by an Orc WAAAGH, you're going to lose the town, and potentially any allies you might have stationed there.

What's the verdict? I'm open to all kinds of ideas at the moment.
I'd be fine lowering it to d80. It does make more sense.
Sounds good.
For the smiting skill you could just raise the difficulty for getting unique and hall of fame level gear making it so you would have to be a master smith to even get a chance a making something of that level. Maybe even use the d80 as well.
I am okay with the game Orc generation and i'm guessing you will have a set Attack and defence rating for each settlement that's not completely random?
I'll have to revisit the quality levels and bump them up then.

Towns and villages will have a standard rating yes, it'll be pseudo-random, based on the size. For example a larger town might have an attack rating of a random value between 20-30, whilst a small village might only be 5-10.

Another idea that's occured to me.

You'd be aware of the attacks before they happened. The size and attack/defence ratings of the Orcs.

Would you want all of your milita to regroup in your shop, and send them out everytime? Or would want them to actively move from town to town? If we did the second option, there would be some delay in people moving, if they couldn't get to the town in time they wouldn't be able to help.
We should have them move from town to town since they might have a better idea of who needs help and who doesn't.

Also a thought came to me. Sarah is off visiting her family...and orc raids have happened...If something happens someone might be a very mad blacksmith.
Right, thread is archived. I'm gonna hang on for a little bit longer in case there's any Q+A needed.

Shame there wasn't many people tonight, only around 120 posts in 8 hours
File: 1372015740595.png-(139 KB, 251x200, Why floor.png)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
>an Orc WAAAGH
Oh come on man, really?
I actually love 40K, which is why its so painful to see something so shamelessly ripped from it and shoehorned into another setting.

It would be like seeing someone take the entire concept and execution of jedi out of Star Wars and plop them down in some other setting without even bothering to try and rename them or put an original spin on them, just straight up, wholesale Jedi chilling in your Original the Setting, Donut Steel.
It's not gonna be called a WAAAGH, I'm just using it as a placeholder for now. It's just to signify how big they'll be.
Why you gotta bork up the drawthreads like that, mang.
To be honest I didn't expect any of them to actually get done, I knew someone was going to say something.

But turns out the entirety of requestfags descended upon me and now the drawfag thread is in autosage.

Next time I'll have to split them up.
Or just not ask. Typically, if a drawfag wants to draw something from a quest, they actively participate in the quest and post their drawings there, like Ogre Civ Quest, Predator Quest or Red Sky Quest.
Maybe I should try giving it a shot myself. But I've definitely learnt my lesson now anyway.

Well I'm off for tonight. Next thread will be next Saturday.

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