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Here's the last thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/25364646/

>>DATE: ??/??/????
>>TIME: Sometime in the early evening

You are one of the few (poor) souls left on Earth after an event called the Reset, where over 7 billion souls were lost across the world, and electricity-powered devices have been rendered unfunctional. You were one of the few who were given a second chance by some supernatural entity that only represented itself in colored glowing mists and simple symbols in an endless void, brought back to life, given a new body and form, and entrusted with the mission to rebuild the world.

And currently you are dozing in a locked car, a day's walk from your home, getting some rest after being on your feet in the balmy summer heat. Currently it is raining, drops of water drumming against the glass and metal of the inactive sedan you're hiding out in.

[Flashlight] x1
[Plastic Water Bottle (full)] x1
[Soda Can (full)] x2
[Pair of women's jeans] x1 - currently equipped
[Women's t-shirt, white] x1 - currently equipped
[Pair of sneakers] x1 - currently equipped
[Gasoline can (half-full)] x1
[Messenger bag] x1 - currently equipped

While you're dreaming and dozing, an idle thought comes to mind - with your new form as a male, you could potentially give yourself a new identity - especially a new name and backstory now. In this newly-made world, rising in the wake of humanity's technological advancement rendered moot, you could potentially be anyone.

What will you name yourself?

[please provide an answer, and roll 1d100 - after 8 posts, the highest roll name will be applied]
Bump for potential interest.

Iinnnteresting. Browsing first thread now!
Rolled 74


Browsing completed! Woman got her dream bod and into the lonely apocalypse, check!

I didn't see we had an original name - lets go with Andrew, andy for short - because we're used to Andrea, our original name.
Rolled 1

>[please provide an answer, and roll 1d100 - after 8 posts, the highest roll name will be applied]

Hunk S(for stud) Mcluchadora!
Rolled 55


Yup, glad to see the dice recognize a joke when they see it. The emperor is not amused.

Corey, because thats another neutral name!

Can we give ourselves a sexy foreign accent? Bitches love that! how can we not!

I hope our form is somewhat mutable, after our.... experience!
Rolled 19


Otto Zander, world manliest man! After all, SOMEONE's gotta figure out what the SHIT happened to our beautiful world!
So far, Andrew's in the lead with a score of 74. I'll wait for 4 more potential name posts before we come to a verdict however.

Most certainly you can ahve an accent. However, your form being mutable... well, as of currently, there is no skill that you know of that can allow you to do so. Maybe with some exploration of this changed world, secrets of the body can be unlocked...?

Am I the only one submitting stuff?

We are now Johnny Depp, after all, he's the man women everywhere WANT, and want to be.
After all, in the apocalypse, who's to know we're NOT the real thing?
Anything to keep us sane, even if it is a lie....
Rolled 48

Forgot mah Roll
>if all five rolls have been from you, then it seems like it. Though I won't let that dissuade this quest from continuing, don't worry!

Imma stop rolling then, because every idea since Andy has been a joke one.

Can we get ze show on da road?
cool I am watching but cant post much
>I don't see why not. If we were to wait any longer, we'd probably get nowhere. Also hello second participant!

After some dazed pondering, you come upon the name Andrew - it's a homage to your previous moniker of Andrea, and the lack of marked difference in names reassures you that despite your body changing in composition and gender, you're still /you/.

You come to a groggy waking state, leaning up against the door on the interior of the sedan. It's still raining steadily, and looking out over the road of disabled cars, it's both strangely beautiful, and somewhat unsettling.

Then you hear what is certainly not a drop of rain hitting the window next to your head. It startles you immensely - it sounds like someone harshly tapped the window with a fingernail, though it was certainly sharper than if you were to make that same noise. A slow turn towards the window, and you actually see....

Someone standing next to your makeshift shelter, wearing a bright blue raincoat and peering into the window. You can't make out much about the features of the person, but you can tell it's a male, and he is of slightly larger than average height and build.

>What would you like to do?
[same rules as before, action and 1d100, highest roll within 3 to 5 turns wins]
Rolled 84


See if we can open the window a bit
Rolled 42


Roll down the window - hopefully its an older car with handcrank - and get ready to open the door in his nuts if he's hostile.

Seconding these two
>>What would you like to do?
>[same rules as before, action and 1d100, highest roll within 3 to 5 turns wins]

Iiiii thiiinkk you're gonna need to adjust your target window until more people show up
File: 1371600458018.jpg-(113 KB, 268x400, CaseOfThePleb.jpg)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
was interested, then read further and realized this was a poorly masked tranny fantasy story.

I'll have none of your degeneracy here, pleb. Off with you.

That was due to assholes in the first thread who were arguing over whether they wanted to play a guy or now, and happened to have a majority when an option was presented.
File: 1371600884245.jpg-(90 KB, 500x705, Rhaegar's mistake.jpg)
90 KB

Why not play as a guy and play now?
>Why not play as a guy and play now?

I am.

New guy ( >> 25515307) seems to be blaming the OP for decisions of the audience, tho.

We're not the same.
You look around for something to roll the window up, and as luck would have it, it still has hand cranks for the windows. Rolling the window down, you are able to get a better glimpse of him. At first glance, you wouldn't have placed him as any special face in the crowd.

Blonde, buzz-cut hair, hazel eyes, and a beak-like nose immediately call to mind a neighbor of yours. He was a former Coast Guard member, but had quit shortly after you moved into your house on the outside of town. HIs name was Brad, a good old Scottish lad, and while you saw him once in a while while in the city, even talked a couple times, you didn't really get to know him that well.

Now, with what looked to be a beginning of a beard lining his jawline, he looked about ten years older, and he looked extremely worse for the wear. His eyes show a sign of relief when he sees you alive and well.

>"Oi, there. Didn't think you were alive for a moment. Are you okay?"

I am trying to get some sleep, but hey , come In and get out the rain chat a bit.

"Y-yeah. I think" (trying to get used to our new voice).
"Where is everyone? Was it... Brad? What happened?"
File: 1371602899786.jpg-(15 KB, 320x240, Iemitsu_sawada.jpg)
15 KB
He looks taken aback at how easily the offer comes from you to join the small room that the sedan offers for shelter, but after a moment he smiles and opens the door, sitting in the backseat of the car, while you sit in the front passenger seat.

>"Where is everyone? Was it... Brad? What happened?"
you ask, and he looks at a little bit of a loss.

>"Not really sure... one day, ah woke up, and all the lights were off and all that. If you're alive and awake, you probably noticed it."
he answers back.
>"For once, coast guard training paid off. Found a few people, set up a little camp within the week. Behind those cars over there and everything."
He points to the pushed-aside cars at the side of the road, where you can see even through the rain that they seem to be arranged as some form of rudimentary wall.

>"Other than that, I got nothin' new. Radio doesn't work, though I kinna expected that."


"You make it seem like it's been a while. I... just got back. its the electricity, isn't it? Its out everywhere. That's why the car won't start."

Smile at him, weakly. "How many survivors?"
>"Yeah, it seems like its the electricity. Not even a crank-powered flashlight'll turn on. 'm thinkin' some kind of EMP burst, but that kinda thing woulda been somethin' that left... well... people."

>"As for survivors, the camp we got has five currently, including me. We're makin' alright with what Danny had managed to scrounge up from his cellar, among other things, but we're runnin' low. Not sayin' you aren't welcome, but if you do join, we're gonna have to figure some kinda way to get food."


"Got to start rebuilding sometime, right?"
"should probably find a grocery store. Canned goods, batteries. Crap, make CITRUS batteries if we have to - we need electricity"

"Danny. I knew a danny, threw a nice block party last year. He had a wife, didn't he? "
>"Canned goods are definitely on the list, but we've got batteries as it is. This ain't one of those apocalypses where missiles rain down and shit - we still got our stuff. The issue is that they just don't work."

At the mention of Danny, he nods.

>"Yeah, key word being did. When I woke up, Danny ran over down the road right to my place. Told me that he wasn't able to find Molly. We found her car in the road, and she was completely gone - no clothes, shoes, or anything left behind, keys in the dash still."

"She was.... oh no? Oh, that poor man. " Look ahead to the windshield, away from brad. "Say" Pause, as if broaching a touch subject." do you remember anything from... what happened? Before, and then the After?"
He blinks for a second, unsure of what you're talking about it seems.

>"Before... and then after...? Whaddya mean?"
>>"Before... and then after...? Whaddya mean?"

Gesture about us, clarify. "The apocalypse. Something happened. And then it was like this.. But what happened between? I... also get the feeling you've been here a bit? Days? Weeks? You were younger when i saw you last..."
He runs a hand through his disheveled hair.
>"Fuckin' hell, I think it's been about a... um... I'm guessin over 3 weeks. Since I woke up."

>"As for somethin' happening before... dude all I rem-- WAIT HOLD UP."

A huge realization hits Brad as he scrambles to sit up, his gaze scrutinizing you.

>"I ain't seen you in my life, and yet you know Danny and Molly? And me? Who the hell're you?"

Look at our hands.
Look at him, back down.

Smile wryly as we're addressed as 'dude. Eyes water, because this shit is real heavy. Verge of breakdown kind of real.

"Three weeks? I just got back from.... wherever it was. The inbetween. This isn't my body. I - I'm..."

See how he reacts. Emotionally tense moment and all that.
All he manages to do is stare, horribly horribly confused. The loss of electricity across the city was shocking enough for the man's heart - now that apparently someone that knows him and Danny and Molly... came back from death?

He pokes you a couple times to make sure you aren't an apparition, still bewildered.
>"Isn't... your body? THe fuck, who are you then?"

"I don't think you would believe me. I.. I was a woman. I -just- woke up today. Enough to wander out and get rained on. Please. That's why its SO Important. I HAVE to know what happened when this all started. I have to know if I'm the only one... "
>"I... what... um..."
Brad sumps back against the seat, clearly bewildered. He looks uncertain as to believe you - but a very faint glimpse of recognition does help reinforce that you're telling the truth.

>"Um... when I woke up... all I remmeber was that I saw... like, symbols. Never seen e'm, and... I think they were talkin' to me..."

Pull our knees up.
"Yeah. Me too. Did they say anything?"
Think after a moment, decide to trust him.
Pull out our wallet, and show him the id.
>"From what I remember... somethin' 'bout a second chance..."

He takes the wallet and id, and checks it over, looking between you and the piece of plastic multiple times. Sufficiently convinced, he hands them back to you, sighing.

>"The resemblance is more than passing... I suppose if most everyone can disappear from the world, stranger things can happen..." he states quietly.

>"Anyway, enough sitting around. It's getting really dark, and I can guarantee you, it's better to be around some form of light in the darkness. I'll show you to the camp, see if we can't get you set up with some place to reliably sleep tonight."

Looking out the window, the rain seems to have stopped, though the foul scent of rain evaporating off of dirty pavement is starting to leak through the door and window. As the last rays of the sun start to wane in the coming night, the sound of frogs and other nocturnal animals begins to echo across the parkway.

And you get that same sense that you got after you woke up from your nap - strangely beautiful, but even more unsettling. No sounds of cars whizzing down the asphalt, or trains in the distance.

It's like the planet is dead, except for you, Brad and the animals.


"I was just thinking that. Thanks for talking. I was worried I was the only one left. I think I'd really like to meet everyone else, if that's alright"

(thank s for running this! i need to get some dinner, but this was rather fascinating, and I hope you get more interest next time!"
>It's like the planet is dead, except for you, Brad and the animals.
well, time to get fucking
[[ OOC: Not a problem, thank you for participating! If you're free after your dinner, the thread should still be up, so feel free to jump in! ]]

The two of you climb out of the sedan, and you note the low-lying fog that is starting to collect under your feet. The fog seems to spread most everywhere on the road - you chalk it up to the recently-ended rain.

Nodding to Brad, the two of you navigate around the makeshift wall of cars, traveling down a little hill that is showing signs of a worn trail forming. Brad decides to take off his raincoat at this point, revealing that he's still wearing one half of a set of spare BDUs - more specifically his pants and boots - and is wearing a simple band t-shirt underneath. You make a mental note to yourself that out of the needs you know of that humans need to survive, clothing and shelter seem to already be available for use - it's the food and water that's going to become a major issue soon, if there isn't some way to re-ignite electricity soon.

Soon enough, as you and Brad pick your way across a tangle of trees and bushes, you see an amber light glow through the trees softly, and immediately an indescribable emotion that you don't quite place washes over you - a mix of exhaustion, relief and even homesickness. Visions of your family states away, your friends in the city and abroad, even your coworkers, flash through your head, as the realization hits you that there might be no seeing them again....

Whoops forgot options.

>[ ] Explore the camp and any inhabitants
>[ ] Ask Brad more questions about his experiences since he's woken up
>[ ] Other [write in your choice]
Rolled 46

Explore. In this world, We need friends.
>Explore. In this world, We need friends.

Especially friends who wished to be sought out.

We seem to have the freshest memory of the voices. We should follow our instincts
File: 1371615158061.jpg-(217 KB, 500x612, tumblr_ml93o3bUAS1s1twv8o1_500.jpg)
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217 KB JPG
[[ Welcome back, Black Rabbit. ]]

You arrive, after what seems like forever walking, at the makeshift encampment in the forest. A healthy-looking large campfire burns in the centre of a ring of tents and other makeshift shelters, like a couple tarps strung up between trees. There's an area near the campfire that has been set aside for cooking, with a mess kit and assorted plates of varying quality (you spot a plate that looks precious enough to belong in the Smithsonian).

Currently, aside from Brad, it seems that there's a younger woman awake, sitting on a large piece of wood and poking at the fire with a stick. She looks no older than 17, or perhaps 18 - you can't really tell. What's interesting is the combat knife that seems to be strapped to her right upper thigh, as well as a holster with a pretty hefty-looking pistol in it on her right hip.

Hearing the two of you step on leaves and assorted twigs while you enter the camp, she immediately whips her vision around, smoothly drawing her pistol and pointing it at the source of the sound - specifically, you. The fluidity of the motion of drawing the gun suggests experience...

She doesn't lower the gun, however, as she looks between you and Brad, speaking in quiet but biting tones.

>"Who is he, and why did you bring him here?" she asks, clearly on edge.

>"Oi, oi. Cool it. I found her--- him, I mean, sleeping in one of the cars. Sh-- god damnit, he - he's a neighbor of mine, from down the road."

Apparently he's struggling to come to terms with the fact you've switched genders with your reincarnation.

>____________ [free response]
Have your hands out and open palmed
Uh....Hello....Can you not point that at me?
[[Whoops, clicked too soon]]

[[Hello Again]]
She actually ignores your plea, still pointing the gun directly at you, yet staring at Brad for an explanation. Brad, on the other hand, is at a little bit of a loss as to why the young woman reacted the way she did.

>"Hey, um... Marley, the hell? Did something happen while--"

The woman doesn't even bother answering, reholstering the pistol and returning her gaze to the fire.

>"We're pretty much out of food, dumbass, and you thought it was a good idea to bring another mouth that would plead for as much food as he could get his hands on? Are you some kind of soft idiot?"

The Scottish blonde next to you isn't taking too well to this sudden outburst, but he's finding it hard to come up with words to retaliate with.

>"Look, the more survivors we can find, the more likely we can safely go to San Fran and actually manage to find some food. Maybe even a safe place to settle down in, instead of having to camp out fucking here." The frustration leaks through every point in Brad's voice, clearly struggling to keep his voice down - the zipped tents on the other side of the small clearing signifying that others were getting rest while they could.

"I have a well-stocked pantry" we offer. "Canned goods, pastas.. Its yours if you want it! The gas stove might even work. Though I think I have a camping stove in the garage..."
"Hi! i'm andy!"
Brad looks over, a bit surprised, and the woman named Marley does look over her shoulder at you with an appraising eye, trying to judge if you're being serious or just pulling her chain. After a couple of seconds, she turns back to the fire, remaining quiet.

>"Well," Brad begins, "I don't particularly think we'll need the gas stove for cooking... but that is a good option for a quick source of food. Canned goods especially."

He smiles good-naturedly and lets out a little laugh, trying to ease the tense silence that sprung up, but neither you nor Marly see fit to continue that line of conversation for a good few seconds. Finally, after considering the offer, she nods, turning around so you can get a good glimpse of her in less hostile posture.

Sighing, she remains seated, but a lot of the tension seems to go out of her shoulders and back. She offers a hand somewhat slowly.

>"I apologize. I'm just... probably overthinking. I'm Marley, if you haven't figured it out yet." she simply says, shaking your hand.

You take a moment to look her over, more specifically at her outfit. She's wearing a black blouse that used to be long-sleeved and ironed regularly, but has now become sleeveless and is half-open, showing that she is wearing a dark-red v-neck t-shirt with foreign writing that is unintelligible. She is also wearing a pair of BDU pants, except with a woven belt that cinches the clearly far too big waist of the pants to an appropriate size, with rolled-up pant cuffs, along with a pair of formerly white tennis shoes and socks. What catches your eye the most above all, is that where her v-neck would be revealing cleavage for a standard shirt, she instead has a multitude of makeshift gauze bandages wrapped around her upper chest, underneath her t-shirt.
Nevertheless, she nods to you, albeit somewhat hesitantly.

>Nevertheless, she nods to you, albeit somewhat hesitantly.

Give her a small smile, and sit down.
"I just woke up. Today. I mean. Its nice to see someone. I thought i was the last one alive. Are you okay? Out here, i mean. I heard its been a few weeks since It Happened."
You sit down on the grass a decent distance away from her, giving her her personal bubble of space and some, but still around the fire - which drags your curiosity, as even though it's the middle of summer, being near this fire actually doesn't make you hotter or more exhausted - rather, it seems to just calm and relax you being near it. It reminds you of sitting next to the fireplace in winter, when you were younger and visiting your grandfather's cabin up in Seattle - the feeling of coming in from playing in the snow, taking off your wet clothes and warming up with a soft blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and sitting next to the fire....

...where are all these memories coming from, you wonder? It's just a fire.

Marley continues, not noticing the look of reminiscience on your face.

>"So you saw the symbols then when you died?" she asks quietly, her tone much smoother and placid, as she stares into the fire, not willing to look you in the eye quite yet.

You nod, not having to think about the information you know already, however little it is.

>"That makes 20 I have come across so far in this area. 6 of them are here in this camp. The rest, well... I can't say what's happened to them. They've come and gone." She rests her head on her knees, pulling them to her chest.

>"Andy, was it?" she asks. Again, you nod. "I can tell you this - I've been awake for 4 months, and even before I awoke, the signs of the Reset were everywhere."

>>"Andy, was it?" she asks. Again, you nod. "I can tell you this - I've been awake for 4 months, and even before I awoke, the signs of the Reset were everywhere."

"Like what?" we inquire. "I didn't just see the symbols. I spoke to them. Seven million of the Lost. Lost humans. Could they be slowly coming back? Its so fresh in my mind, I can't help it. Please tell me - what signs?"

"Seven billion," she corrects you. "Over seven billion. If they are Lost, I don't know if they're coming back, slowly or not. Most everyone I've seen that's living and healthy is in various stages of coping with the change to lifestyles, from straight-out denial to easy acceptance. Signs of the Reset are pretty evident - electronics of all kinds, are non-functional, no exceptions. Many houses have been ditched, stripped bare of most every salvageable material possible and marked as such."

"And as for speaking with the symbols... well that's new. When I saw them, they never gave me a way to speak. It was like they ordered me to come back here. For what purpose, though, I don't know."

Brad is sitting down a little ways away, around the fire, making a triangle of the three of you. He lets out a bear-like yawn, stretching his arms as he does so.

"I'll go see if I can scrounge up somewhere for Andy to sleep for the night, and probably crash as well. Wake me up at sunrise, and we'll get everyone together to discuss the plan of action." With that, Brad slowly gets to his feet, rubbing his eyes and looking at the strung-up tents, making his way over to them.

Marly pokes at the fire a couple times, making sure the strange source of light and heat burns brightly and comfortingly - probably one of the few points of light in the darkness the world's been seemingly plunged into.

What would you like to do next?

>[ ]Help Brad set up your sleeping quarters
>[ ] Continue talking to Marly
>[ ] Custom option
>>[X]Help Brad set up your sleeping quarters
You wave a good night to Marley, and she waves back. Interestingly, the fingertips on her right hand seem to catch the light of the fire and glow very softly and slightly, but the unnatural appearnace fades at the fire shifting and moving as it normally does.

Brad manages to find a blanket for you and is able to clear a space on the ground, underneath the strung-up tarps for you to sleep under. Using your former workbag as a makeshift (if somewhat unconventionally comfortable) headrest, you curl up under the blanket, and within moments you can feel your consciousness drift off into dreamland.

The last thing you hear before you go to bed, however, is Marly mentioning something to herself of preserving the fire, reminding herself that it is a sacred duty of some kind to "preserve the flames of the hearth", as she worded it.

>With that, I'm wrapping up the quest for the night - it's past 2 in the morning, and I need to get some sleep. Thank you guys for participating, see you guys around next thread!

>Here's the archive link: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/25513208/

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