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> I searched "primordial" and got this picture. Also, it's apparently the name of a band.

What time is it? Not Adventure Time, that's for sure, faggots. It's time for more Primordial, so prepare your collective anus for more worldbuilding.

Previous thread: >>25250040
> http://fuuka.warosu.org/tg/thread/S25250040

Enough chit-chat. Let's get down to business (to defeat the Huns).
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I heard you liked evos

Here's our mibbit channel for irc chat. Come on in and bother us. It sure is quiet in here.
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How far we have come
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My post from the end of the last thread. Tell it to me GMs! I wanna know what those glorious rolls get me!
Bords show up. Wut do?
Rolled 12, 7, 18 = 37

>> http://fuuka.warosu.org/tg/thread/S25250040#p25357134
The group of Yapap that were discovered could not be allowed to return to their home village. Armed with nets and riding on the backs of Marsh Stridas, Nakytjawarem scouts gave chase.
I made mention that they'd ride on the backs of the creatures when they were wading through the mud before trying to actually tame them.

Rolling for catching the Yapap group, and if successful, discover their intentions, and if successful there, if peaceful or not.
It was a golden time for the korobushka, at least those that were willing to play along with the sweeping changes. The die hards...well...died hard, of labor. Glorious industry that would propel the people forward, to take their rightful place in society and the world. The Palace was no palace, no indeed. So grandly conceived was this work that it would encompass the whole city, so that all could dwell within the magnificence of the voice, though the inner sanctum of the voice eclipsed the grandiosity of the rest of the city palace by a great deal. ((you asked for Vatican, you get super Vatican. enjoy)) Sure, many would be...exhausted, during these great times, but their efforts would be immortalized in a glorious future. The korobushkan railroad was completed, and was a circuit that ran the distance of their territory, making stops at all major settlements. The Castigars have eliminated many low level assassins and even their supporters. The heavy wooden club of the castigar was well known. The even heavier metal club was less known because those who were hit with it tended to die. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
The yapap settlers were caught, and with a little beating, and the killing of their elder, discovered they were settlers. A great leader said the Yapap people must bud off like their children do so that they may be fruitful and spread. Not entirely sure if they buy it or not, but for now they are willing captives of the village, and all their supplies, skills, and manpower are at the disposal of the Nakytjawarem.
As the army splits up to settle into the abandoned towns, the remaining grinders ((taking into account Nads roll for utterly destroying my grinders)) are being recalled. The immediate area can be safely reclaimed under the gaze of Vukad and Oamenii. The motos however, will continue pushing further, with the goal of finding the maddeningly absent cities and towns the geists must surely live in. Its not as if they could actually live underground... could they? A few gangs continue chasing the bladeshwirms, trying to pick off the cedyas that congregate around the herds with what ranged weaponry they have.

The Oamenii Emperor and Prince take one third of the army each, the rest going with the Grokuf to push in behind the slaves and motogangs as the rest remain behind at the towns. Speaking of the slaves, mysterious circumstances have seen the drugs they were being given dissapeared, forcing the slaves to now fight with clearer minds as they screen the Grokuf, his citizen soldiers and the Vukad as they march to what will certainly be a great battle. Haulers trundle along, carrying warriors ready for blood and slaughter. Those that remain at the abandoned towns will fortify them with what materials they can, mostly scavanged buildings and the digging of a great many trenches. Some restless fellows at the towns who aren't on construction duty spend their time dismounting the flamers from salvaged grinders, and trying to use the detached mechanisms in teams, one log'ead carrying the nozzle, another the oil tanks, and another carrying the ludicrously heavy hose
Rolled 6, 7, 2, 9, 12, 13, 3, 10 = 62


Meanwhile, the Tender clans are arriving, their herds of mighty Cathedrals in tow. They will be a last resort in this war, so rare and valuable are the Cathedral herds even with their renewal. But how many have arrived? The herds are slim compared to their ancient glories, but even a few of the legendary beasts would be a great boon in this war

rolling for
Grinders grinding grindables in safely grindable grounds
Motogangs finding the Ifal Fa city
Motogangs harrassing the bladeshwirm herds
Entrenching around the towns
Slaves screening the advancing army section without the drugs
Grokuf slaughtering anything that gets near his portion of the army
Making portable flamers
How many Tender clans awnsered the summoons
You folks could have chosen a picture that was more recognizable as related to our little game. Had to search in the catalog for primordial to find this.

Anyways, good to have a thread again.
I could use results fro my rolls from the last thread.
Allright, lemme get the results for Nad's rolls at the end of last thread.

Ifal Fa:
The ambushers were discovered early by the motoriders; they then resort to all out brutal war. In the ensuing melee, the ambushers managed to get on some of the massive grinders, and sabotaged the machines- this resulted in the destruction of the frontal wave of grinders. Some geists were killed, though.
Meanwhile, heavy fighting occurs in the burrows. The defenders managed to push out the outlanders, and put emil acid traps deeper in. Toruz guns, mounted on concealable slits, were installed near the traps. The slits were designed to blend into the surrounding earth, so the outsiders won't know what hit them.
Aboveground, raiding parties harass the flanks of the songless, causing great distress. The soundscape is altered a bit; small pits linked cedya lairs to the surface, spore spitters are developed- but does not spread all that well. However, the soundscape now attracts plenty of wild blung, and became more damp and moist. In places, the flesh is soft, like the consistency of mud.
Meanwhile, the flying cedya development produces a winged cedya! ...but it can't fly. What is this, a cedya for ostriches?
The weapons research found out that metal are prone to corrosion, so for anti-armor they have developed a concentrated emil shell projectile. Regular, giant spike launchers were also made, punching through sheet metal easily. The Toruz-based weapons, however, did not manage to punch through armor, so it was abandoned in favor of the others.
Due to the war, the herds were relocated north; most of them survived the journey.
The nets turn out to be ill-fitted to the ship; their lines isn't long enough to make them catch fish. Derp.
Exploring the seafloor is quite a challenge; firstly, the currents here are much stronger than the waterways, and the open-ness of the ocean is rekindling some kind of agoraphobia in some sub operators.
Meanwhile, the servitors succeed, bringing back some equally foul-smelling pieces of cedya flesh in an airtight container.
Meanwhile, the guardian is partially awakened; the Kafalites only awaken select parts of him, fearing it would go out of control if they fully awaken him. And it turns out to be fine; the systems are working.
One of the Kafalites goes missing, but in his home the investigators found a note that indicates he was losing his mind. But the truth is, Khuna planted that note, and he has a bound and gagged Kafalite.
(I'm guessing they were fired on by the patrols, not the town guards themselves. They can roam quite far.)
Dahao Lu:
Thaka, in his meditation, remembers. The path he used to take was obscured by new bushes, and the journey could continue on as planned. The temporary huts are made, but they make too much noise when the wind blows; did I mention the wind also passes through the leaves? In any case, the burrow is remade in another patch of ground, with more soil than gravel this time. They also reinforced it with wood, so they get a good place to rest. While trying to send the scouts across the river, they noticed that the river's current is too strong, and the bottom is covered with razor-sharp rocks. They will have to find a natural bridge or make one themselves to cross. The wind is still not letting Alel to take off to the outer side, either.
Sima's meditation brings her a vision: although the path is beset by thorns, the group can still pass through unscathed- provided they do not stray from the path. Many things will tempt them to, though; stick to the path, however winding it must be.
But then, after that vision, she also gets another: this time, it seems like an ancient intelligence is contacting her. She sees a great bird, soaring far above the world; the sky is darker, and stars can be seen poking through the dark blue blanket above. Below, a vast shape, the center dry with thirst; but cultures thrive in it, making spires from the sands. She sees the bird is not alone; its inhabitants speak in sounds higher than the geists, and although small, possess the ability to fly. Who are these people?
Turns out the grinders doesn't have a lot to grind in safely grindable zones. The meatgrass is growing thin near the towns. Meanwhile, the motogangs were hindered by the boglike nature of the soundscape, and were harassed by cedya and geists. No city-like structures were found, it's hard to scout when your motos are breaking down in the fleshbogs. Furthermore, they find that the bladeshwirm herds just plain disappeared overnight: "I bet the Geists did this!"
Entrenching the town goes better, I suppose, but lack of materials are hindering them. Trenches are made, but the walls still have some ways to go.
The slaves, now with a clearer mind, were swayed by the promise to become full citizens, or to live free. They fight much, much better than when they were given drugs, even as far as taking down cedya hordes. Grokuf, meanwhile, battles like the champ he is; several legions of cedya were macerated and dismembered by his troops with no real casualties.
Turns out the portable flamers aren't all that portable; the teams find it hard to aim the hose, or all three holders running in the wrong directions.
Only about a quarter of the tender clans joined, but they do provide a morale boost to the troops.
File: 1371195120928.png-(26 KB, 800x600, 1340640806514.png)
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Bump before bed.
Rolled 9, 16, 18, 10, 6, 16, 4, 6 = 85

The ship that was built was very accommodating, but rushed in construction, they had not come so far to die here. They would scrap half of their remaining minisubs to make their ship safer, and perhaps expanded to hold more of their people. They would leave this land, and venture out into the void the Lufae spoke of. If the Lufae could not see into the void, then they could not find the Ohkoku, and they would be truly free. Invisible as a geist could ever hope to be.

rolling for:
Stripping half of their remaining minisub fleet.
further expanding the ship's size
further expanding the ship's safety
further expanding the ship's ability to submerge?
Guards guarding while this process goes on.
Hunters collecting food
Scouts collecting resources and checking out the area around them for anything useful or dangerous.
Singing a sea chanty.
Btw, I would still like to know how far into the soundscape the TA army has intruded.
The subs' numbers were halved; plenty of their owners expressing a bit of dismay. But, their materials do make the ship safer, and with some extra room to accommodate the ones that lost their subs. The ship can even partially submerge, making it look like the hump of a great ocean beast, but no further than that. Again, since there's not enough guards, only lookouts were posted; they did spot some slaver scouts though. Hunters finally found enough food, and just in time- with slavers knowing what's up, they will have to set sail soon. For the last time, the scouts were dispatched to see how much time they have got; bad news: a slaver camp is near. They have to go quick.
Some who built the boat tried to sing for the sea to take the boat safely; but it had to be cut short due to the threat of slavers. The exodus must be kickstarted, else they will have no future left.
Rolled 5, 18, 17 = 40

It was time to set sail, and that is what they would do. The women, children, and younger males were loaded onto the boat. The scouts, and warriors would attempt to either raid the slaver camp, and see what could be had or liberated, or kill slavers if they are napping and then take their stuff.

rolling for:
Early (dark) morning final preperations
setting sail
Raiding the slaver camp for fun and profit.
File: 1371217254437.png-(10 KB, 394x294, keepcalm,andpunchon.png)
10 KB
Morning bumb
The call was sudden, and the passengers had barely woken up. Hastily they board the ark, taking only their necessities; whatever comfortable personal belongings was left at the hands of the warriors who stayed, desperate to protect the ark. They come up with a daring raid on the camp, maybe as a last bang- well, it turns out to be more successful than they thought. The slavers were caught off-guard, and were slain. Plenty of slaves were liberated. Some offered to stay and help their liberators, a couple dozen of them.
Meanwhile, the ark has set sail without a hitch, the women, children and younglings safe in its belly. They did not know that their warriors have managed to drive the slaver camp to the ground...
Rolled 7, 10, 3, 11 = 31

Despite the failure of the alchemists and shapers in creating cheaper means for making the ent-suits, they endeavor to make up for lack of numbers with greater quality. More refined delivery of the stimulants and relaxants will investigated, mainly through the use of a serious of tubes. Making tubes fine and thin while still being durable is a difficult prospect though. If only they had a non biodegradable material instead of bahnel tubes that become rotten from all the water-diluted chemicals coursing through them. A few odd plants from the northern marshes might just hold the key, or perhaps the influx of strangers from beyond the seas holds the answer. Usage of great metal blades and plates from the Tanacs Azseg is also an area of interest, as the ent-suits are mighty, but clad in metal they might become truly unstoppable. A few stubborn shapers continue to try to increase the growth of the suit shamblers, as they are easily the most costly part of the whole suit.

So great is the quantity of marble from the new quarry that the palaces of the Royal House and the other Great Houses go up with a great deal left over. A few of the higher Lower Houses have small palaces, but most of the remaning marble that is already quarried will be used to construct the docks, show how much great Lusiet has to spare. Anyone who step onto the shining, smooth marble, carved with the emblems of the Houses, will know instantly that the Houses are masters of Siemas. Above all of it will stand a gleaming lighthouse to guide in ships through the mist that rolls off the banks of the Channel, the Lusietry Wieza, Glory of Lusiety

((Fortune, you never responded to my request for a railroad from Lusiet to Korobushka))

Rolling for
Developing rubber/plastic
Armoring/Arming Ents with metal
Shambler growth increasing
Building the Lusietry Wieza
File: 1371231262147.png-(77 KB, 1912x1676, Working together.png)
77 KB
have a bump in the form of the drawing that were the start of what would become the Tanacs Azseg
File: 1371232839571.png-(747 KB, 3100x1248, Ifal Fa military forces.png)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
Rolled 9, 3, 11, 15, 10, 3, 16, 11, 16 = 94


With the successful destruction of the forward grinders, the Ifal Fa are quick to do their best to salvage and loot as much as they can from these cursed machines, even going as far to utilize strong cedya constructs to drag the grinders to their own lands for study. These operations are screened by cedya hordes, and warrior troupes. In addition, forward defensive points are established near the altered soundscape, so that the Ifal Fa can easily attack the enemy forces as they get slowed down or even stuck in the flesh bogs.

The raiding parties do their best to quickly relocate, and move unseen in the soundscape, eluding any potential pursuers, so that they can keep up their nightly attacks. Among them are few flesh singers who are experts at soundscape shaping, in order to allow the raiders to quickly make hidden shelters for themselves.

Development of the flying cedya continues. Efforts are put in making the emils skeleton of the construct as light as possible, so that the thing could lift itself into the air.

The new anti armor weapons are put into full production, so that the armies could quickly be equipped with these new weapons.

The Ifal Fa also keep producing new, advanced cedya warriors to further build up their strength. The cedyas that are faulty, will join the shambling meat shield hordes that the Ifal Fa utilize to screen their more advanced forces.

Rolling for: (9 rolls)
Looting the grinders.
Studying the grinders.
Screening the looting operations.
Establishing outward defensive points to watch over the altered soundscape.
Raiding parties evading any pursuers.
The successes of the continued night raids.
Flying cedya development.
Anti armor weapon production..
How many faulty cedyas can be added to the meatshield hordes.

>Also made this Ifal Fa army info picture thingy. For the pleasure of all.

The fishers of Tamar Kat set to work on improving the nets, mostly by just making them longer. After this task has been done, they set sail again to the sea, in hopes of succeeding this time. (I assume that refitting the nets into the ships is simple enough task that I don't need to roll for it.)

While this is going on, others are working on improving the submarines, by adding stronger fins to it so that it can maneuver against the currents better. Work is also put in improving the resonance layers of the main hull of the sub, which is responsible for allowing the operators of the sub to utilize their sonar. (Basically, the sub is equipped with devices that allow the geists to increase the potency of their sonar, while it's hull is made in a way that catches the soundwaves that bounce back, and resonate them so that the geists can hear them.) The workers hope that this will make the sub capable of "seeing" more accurately, and thus reduce the illusion of vastness somewhat.

The Kafalites begin to study the smelly cedyas, in order to figure out if there is any use in them and how to best get rid of them all.
Rolled 9, 16, 1, 6, 19, 11 = 62

Meanwhile, the higher echelons of the Kafalites begin to prepare further tests on the 3 guardians, to ensure that they can all be safely fully activated.
>Ka Ethal Fa activation, personal diary of Sister Lyta.

Khuna takes the kidnapped Kafalite to one of the secret tunnels he build while he still was a king, for interrogation. He wants to know the true motives and projects of the Kafalites.

Under the King's orders, the Wyvern Riders have been tasked with making aerial supply runs to the Ifal Fa, both to showcase the King's good will and assistance, and in order to ensure that the Ifal Fa are not entirely crushed under the might of the TA, before some sort of peace agreement can be formed. The King is confident in his ability to sway the Ifal Fa back into the fold of the Lufae, if he is given enough time.

Rolling for: (6 rolls)
New fishing attempts.
Improving the submarines.
Studying the smelly cedyas.
Further activation tests on the 3 guardians.
Khuna interrogating the Kafalite.
Establishing an aerial supply route to Ifal Fa.
Rolled 10, 6, 6, 6, 3 = 31


Thaka is relieved when he recalls the proper route to the eastern woods, however, he still lacks up to date maps. Unfortunately, the presence of the wyvern has forced him to make this camp far away from the usual river crossing area. Because of this, he sends out scouts to locate new suitable river crossing place, that is not too far from the meadow and the camp.

While the scouts head off, some of the members of the pack also decide to try building a bridge themselves, in case the scouts return with nothing.

As Alel's steed is kept grounded by the wind, she decides to go out hunting with few other hunters, in order to catch food both for the pack, and for the wyvern, food which the mighty beast would have caught itself, if it could take off.

Sima is concerned of her strange visions, but takes comfort in the advice the Oracle of Fate told her. These divine visions of future might be of great importance. She beings to write them down on her spare time, as the pack rests in their makeshift camp.

Rolling for:
Planning the route based on memory.
Scouting the surroundings for a proper river crossing.
Building a bridge.
Hunting food for the pack and the wyvern.
Sima writing down her visions.
File: 1371241592063.jpg-(68 KB, 1163x816, worker_peasant_statue.jpg)
68 KB
Yeah, sorry about that, that was my doing.

The Holy City... I like it. Amid the mass of towering apartments (built to ensure more room for the palace) are monuments to past Voices, all 76 of them, with spaces left for more, for future Voices. A great granite statue stands at the entrance, one of Chovit, the first Voice.
A monument is erected to honor the names of all that died in the construction of this most holy task, their names emblazoned on a great rock of black stone, there to stand witness to the ages.
Really, the town is a marvel, and many races use the railroad to come and see this marvel of art and architecture. No small part of this structure are its massive libraries. Texts of scripture, war, science, exploration, and other literature line the walls of this place, a tribute to Korobushka's high literacy rate, quite possibly the envy of the world.
bumb before bed
ill be back later. prepare for weekend overtime.
>Envy of the world
But your people are isolated. To the south you have the Lufae blocking an major interactions with the Tanacs Azseg, mountains girding you from contact with the urupuruu, and a great distance between you and Lusiet. Your holy city is the envy of none but yourself
The Grokuf and his portion of the army are advancing into the Ifal Fa lands proper now. What strange place these Blasted Lands are. Towering spikes of chitin stand like macabre forests, strange, soupy bogs lie between hills, and the blungs show a hostility and coordination unknown since they were broken by the Nag Ber'Ek. Truly the geists have created a hellish place from the wild beauty of the plains. Even the stern Vukad are upset over the changes, but channel their emotions into rage, inciting the lesser warriors and the slaves to acts of ferocity. The motos return to the army now, like flies around the protective shell of the slaves, striking out against any cedyas or geists that gather to hinder the army, or worse yet, the strange holes that shoot searing beams of light. The army will sweep forward for a time driving as far into this unearthly place as it can before turning back to make another trail of death on its way to the abandoned towns. Only a few motos search now for the settlements of the geists, running wide circles 'round cedya packs and hiding from ravenous geists

At those same towns, the Emperor and the Prince work tirelessly to ensure adquate supplies for what they expect will be a long an brutal campaign. Soldiers march along the convoys that bring supplies to the army's pieces, guarding against sure retalation from the demon-geists. As for the haphazard flamer teams, a bit of training and some extra blung oil from the grinders is arranged, which mainly involves the teams burning blungs and cedyas stuck in the cellars of some of the half collapsed houses. Fortifcations continue, with long, snaking walls encircling the towns. The work securing them is even bringing them back to life. A few foolhardy families of log'eadz are even tryign to claim land in the towns, insisting that its not too early to begin settling even if there's a war not far away. The families plant seeds just outside the towns. With luck, the land isn't too drained by the soundscape to give new life.
Rolled 14, 18, 17, 10, 19, 14, 7, 8, 10 = 117

While war rages in the northeast of the plains, the grinders continue their long, hard work of reclaiming the plains, now scattering siwari seeds behind them regularly, mixed in with excess mushed soundscape. Little villages, barely on the edge of life are now springing back with an influx of clans and families returning, filling in old houses, bringing sound and excitement to once deathly quite market-squares. As the people return, maintaining law and order is something of a problem. The local authorities in the remaning towns and villages can't handle all the crime being brought with the Returners as the flood of immigrants is called. Greater law enforcement is neccesary to prevent the plains from becoming a wild, wild place even as they're reclaimed

rolling for
Continuing the Grokufs slaughter
Finding the Ifal fa city
Harassing the toruz emplacements
Continued screening of the army with slaves
Fortifying the towns
Flamer teams traning
Guarding supply routes
Families fixing up the towns
Enforcing law and order (chung chung!)
Rate at which the plains are resettled
Rolled 7

oh my that's ten rolls I need, not nine.

IF they knew about it. The Korobushka have a pretty stellar literacy rate, man, with mandatory public education. If other races were aware of such statistics, they would envy them.

Does that make sense?

Clan Sergei's assassins are almost wiped out, only the few that lived within the walls of Zarhatebushk remain... hidden among the peaceful monks. The resistance is weakening, it might not recover from the loss of such a valuable resource, though it has certainly made Sergei turn on Babakushy even more, as the nobles did not take kindly to the slaughter of their most useful servants.

I'm not sure what to roll so for now I'm just giving updates to let you all know I'm still alive.
Why not make a series of updates about opening the Korobushka up to the world? That would keep you busy for a while. Dealing with traditionalists and conservatives who despise the new ideas and practices you bring in. Or go full isolationist and become a mountainous bastion, cut off from the rest of the world.

Make your people live man. Think about what they want, what would anger them, make them happy, and what would scare them, and all their actions and reactions to all that. That's what this is all about.
True, true, but how to balance it out with my studies/homework?
Don't. Or just save up for big posts on the weekends with more rolls than even nad makes.

Also, answer the Lusiet request for a railroad man. It'll help us both to be connected by a giant trunk of railroad
File: 1371266180560.jpg-(26 KB, 480x360, japanese_bullet_train[1].jpg)
26 KB
Rolled 11, 5, 20 = 36

Ah! That's something I can roll! It can go either way, either Babakushya sees the avenue for profit, or she dismisses the idea in a huff, her xenophobia taking charge. That is her weakness, and her danger, for it drives all that she does.

The Sergei begin sending supplies to the monks in Zarhatebushk, a small rebellion against the monarch that they have grown to hate. Not out of any love for the monks, but more out of spite.

> Rolling for:
1. The new railroad to Lusiet. Which way does the VotM go on this decision?

2. Creating some fast travel Chovaitedushya models, speedy ones. (like steampunk bullet trains)

3. supplies sent to Zarhatebushk from Sergei. do they get through, and do the gifts remain anonymous (that is, they can't be traced back to the clan?)
the attempts at rubber are gooey and break down quickly, however the Luafe can easily export items that are required for a reasonable cost. Time spent in research and development is looked at skeptically. The metal clad ents are slower,but certainly more armored. Shamblers seem to be...a little shrimpy. The light house creation has begun It will be grand.
Thaka's memory is a bit hazy, but he can recall where to head to after a bit of meditation. The river was a bit rough, and the bridge was a little shoddy when built, the wyvern had to eat a meal smaller then it would have preferred. The crossing was dangerous but all made it across, and the bridge promptly broke apart. Well. that was a bit dangerous. Sima wrote down her visions sporadically, often hallucinating for longer periods then desired, leaving her exhausted.
A modified net setup works, it was not such a big deal to correct. One geist got caught up in a net and learly thrown into the water, but was fine otherwise. The kafalites work extensively with the "dwellers" to create a new generation of submarines, applying the recovered knowledge from the past to make better technology now. It works pretty damn well.The smelly cedyas escape! They begin rapidly spreading about and stinking up large sections of tunnels. Oh how it smells badly! The Guardians move sluggishly without pilots proper, seemingly drunk. Khuna learns much from his interrogation, how the Kafalites have come to be, how they work for the good of the tribe, but fear a repeat of the past, their excitement over the "great re-discovery", and their loyalties. Khuna is satisfied for now. The air drops to the ifal fa are conducted nightly in the cloak of darkness.
A few grinders were pulled back, enough for study, but not enough to be noticed. Their construction is so foreign they are incomprehensible, other then that they are metal. The looting efforts were hidden well enough. An early defensive force was positioned that would provide benefit against oncoming forces. The raiding parties are nearly caught several times, but escape by the skin of a lub. which is quite a thin margin. The TA quickly smarted up after the destruction of their grinder fleet, and began night guarding which was quite effective. With a horrid flapping, and spores everywhere, the flying cedyas took to the air in their test. The anti armor weapons are distriubted one per "squad" it is safe to say the TA will become quite familiar with them as the war grinds on. The meatshield cedyas grow rapidly in number, outdated models, those too defective, or beyond proper repair are herded towards the front lines. also. nice picture. enjoyable indeed.
Grokuf meets with a legion of cedya and carves his way through the center, the creatures seemed to just keep on marching past his forces. The army is narrowing down on their search for the Ifal fa stronghold, they know it is somewhere in middle of a great ring of early defensive emplacements. By using the quickest motos they are able to frustrate the torruz emplacements to a point where some of the poor bords die of over exertion. and the emplacements are now operating at reduced capability on that weapon. The slaves continue to protect the army well, as the army has had few real casualties, however they are beginning to become fewer in number, and it is noticeable. Each town reclaimed becomes a fortress with strong earthwork walls, ditches, and volunteer militia. The flamer teams are well trained, and ready to rock. The lufae quit raiding camps, and start raiding supplies, something much harder to guard. the new towns while fortified, are somewhat lawless. pains effort will run for generations.
derp derp. messe up a bit on the end there. anyway the families fix up the towns well enough. The influence of the practical, and ramshackle motogang's is evident enough. Everywhere a name is found "Drozzi." who the hell is Drozzi?
The railroad to a new area is built, after a bit of going back and fourth the VOTM decides this is a good idea, as her people will be shown to be superior. The early attempts at quicker trains turns out like the monorail episode of the Simpsons. More work is needed. The Sergei give well and deeply, their remaining assassins killing off workers who ask questions and then posing as the worker for a few shifts until they can disappear out of public light properly. There is a new movement growing between the monks, assassins, and cossiks. They may not like, trust, or agree with each other, but in secret they will cooperate.
Well, its getting down to crunch time. Here is how this will now play out. Remember the wrestling match from the last game? Its now back as war. I would appreciate one offensive, and one defensive roll in addition to all incoming posts from nad and bronze, in addition to whatever else you roll on. This will dictate the disposition of your forces, and how well i can apply the roll results to your situation.

for example: Nad rolls high for defense, but low on offense. Then he rolls for sabotage, development of stuff, and emplacements. Well, the sabotage roll is high, so while that particular effort might have been successful, perhaps it is not as sweeping as desired, or only focuses on on aspect of the enemy instead of the entirety of it. Then we assume bronze rolled well on offense but poor on defense, well, the same applies. I'm tired of typing for now.
Thanks for the results Nongent. You and IG are the wheels that make Primordial turn
Morning bumb

>The need to understand our enemy part 1.

Studies on the grinders are continued. The most important focus of the studies are figuring out from where these devices draw their strength and animation. Clearly, they are not alive, but still they move. Unholy, unliving constructs, devoid of divinity and Kaafa. However, dangerous in their potential. Understanding them is the key in turning them against their masters.

The partial depletion of the toruz guns in the forward weapon emplacements raises the need for acquiring more toruz creatures. The breeding program itself can't supply adequate numbers as fast as it is desired. Because this, the Ifal Fa send few animal handlers to capture more toruz critters from the lacorra fields.

The Ifal Fa continue sending meatshield armies against the approaching forces, however, now they are also bringing their actual cedya warriors to the battle too. The forward defensive lines just beyond the altered soundscape are reinforced, so that the enemies will not have time to recover from the drain that crossing the altered plains has caused. The altered plains themselves, should slow the enemies down considerably, with both the wild cedyas, blung, the ones born from the blood of Ligean and the soundscape itself, being actively hostile towards those who cross it.

The Raiders also continue to harass the advancing army. They utilize the supplies they receive from the Riders to keep up their momentum. Instead of making blatant attacks at the camps of the enemies, they instead seek to wreak terror in the ranks of the songless. Using the crosbow like launcher devices, the geist warriors sneak near the camps in the dark of the night, and launch both broods of hunter lacorras, puppeteer clutches and simple spore and acid bombs to the camps, and during the confusion, either launch lighting strikes at the foes, or retreat back to the night, depending on the situation.
File: 1371285663850.png-(83 KB, 800x1000, Ifal Fa cedya flier.png)
83 KB
Rolled 6, 7, 6, 5, 3, 5, 16, 5 = 53

The Flying cedyas show great promise, and section 2 begins their production immediately. Their strong wings allow them to soar in the air at very high speeds, and their two acid spitters make them capable of bombarding the foes with deadly spore filled globs of caustic goo. In addition, they can also carry smaller cedyas in their arms, or drop pods. The drop pods are fragile shell containers, that can be filled with puppeteers, lacorras, acid or just spores.

The Ifal Fa begin bracing themselves for the soon to come clash with the approaching army. Their legions of advanced cedyas begin to mobilize in opportune positions to block the advance of the army, while the geist warriors prepare their weaponry to hunt down and annihilate the most dangerous targets, such as the fast moving motos. Their new anti armor weaponry should do the trick.

Rolling for: (8 rolls)
Studying the grinders.
Capturing more toruz critters to make up for the temporary shortage.
Reinforcing the forward defensive line.
Seeing how much the altered soundscape slows the enemies down.
Terror attacks of the raiders.
Producing more flying cedyas.
Final preparations. (Defensive and offensive rolls)
The grinders are still a mystery. They know it's metallic, just... How the hell does it move? It does not eat, it does not move- yet the songless can!
Meanwhile, toruz bords are getting hard to catch, it seems they have wisened up to the Ifal Fa method. Now they run and hide whenever the bio suits enter the lacorra fields.
Reinforcements always come up too slow to be of importance. The moto riders are fast in their hit and run tactics, making reinforcements moot. It seems that they have found a way to bypass the flesh bogs.
The terror attackers were found out before they could get close; it seems the schwirms of the enemy make good scouts. The terror attacks had to be aborted as the assailants fled for their lives.
More flying cedyas are hard to produce; it seems that they need a specific mineral mix, one that has been depleting during the war. It needs the blood of Ligean, mixed with certain kinds of Emil secretions; they are hard to make quickly.
Overall, the Ifal Fa had strengthened their defenses, the ring fortified with spike launchers and walls of chitin, bone and flesh. This comes at the cost of their attacks being detected early by the moto-riders; the anti-armor weapons users turning out to be lousy shots. Only a few bike motos are taken down, but at a heavy price.
"Our mastery over the cedya organism is a high art, and divine gift. I saw one of our new flying cedyas taken down, but not slain by the songless. It is my grim job to record and document the efforts of the war that we may study and learn from them in the future. Imagine my surprise when the now hobbled cedya began excreting acid from it's launchers, drooling it really. It immediatly crawled up ontop of a damaged and inoperative custodian. The acids disolved the plating where the creature had come to rest, and shortly later, fused itself to the inactive construct. Fascinating."
"I had come to this war as a ganger, under Drozzi. We...all of us, planned to turn on the council army as soon as this war was over, steal what we could, smash the rest, and escape back into the badlands. Maybe that is still the plan. It seems less and less important now. I marched with cityborn, farmers, the Oamenii with their strange inventions. I was eventually put under the command of a Cityborn Sergeant who I planned to kill. He was arrogant, in his full suit of armor, with it's thunderous engine giving aid to his movements. Well, the Geists solved that problem for me. Dead. Some big spike took his head right off. I claimed the armor as right of taking, and ended up killing his subordinate for it. I took his stuff too. Makes me think of Gred before he split off from us...Fuck, so we have been marching for weeks now, and yet to see too many of these fucking geists, lots of their pets though. Killed a lot of them, but they are without number, which is fine, because i am without punches. no that doesn't sound right. I can punch forever. Yeah. Especially with this big punching glove." *he flexes the mechanized fist, then uses it to pry the top off of a cask of beer and guzzle it* "We've been seeing weird stuff. real weird. The meatgrass out here *burp* its gettin...spikey and sticky. nasty. I can tell you this much, The Geists have a million different plans, shapes, monsters, weapons, ideas. We got only a handful of em. But they are good, big, and strong. Well. I hope this letter gets you. Take care Ma." The schwirm stopped writing as dictated, because everyone knows most gangers cant read or write. It was a small service the GAC offered.
Anyone here.
The chat has been empty the whole day.

As the new fishing industry of the Lufae starts to slowly chug along, wealth and resources start pouring into Tamar Kat. These fishing vessels are also used to chart the coastlines of the continent and the great rift that splits it in half.
In addition, the improved submarines are also put in use, as the Lufae are interested in exploiting the resources of the sea floor, seaweed for example, makes for excellent fodder for the emils and the dusya. As the fishing ships chart the coastlines, the submarines chart the sea floor of the shallow seas surrounding the continental bed.

The Kafalites researching the smelly cedyas send out puruu servitors to eradicate the growing infestations, before they run completely loose.
They also try to study the fungus in order to figure out how to best fight against the scent.

The Kafalites, realizing that the constructs need proper pilots, begin quickly screening out potential pilots from their younger members, whose mind is believed to be flexible enough to withstand the touch of the guardians long enough to pilot them.
Rolled 16, 16, 6, 12, 9, 20, 14, 7, 7, 12 = 119


Khuna is quite pleased about the results of the interrogation. It seems that these Kafalites have learned a lesson from the deeds of their ancestors. He still has his suspicions, but now, he considers the possibility of aiding the Kafalites in their great re-discovery, so that he himself could steer them in the right direction. The great Guardians, if activated once more, will need to be in the hands of the right people. He also needs to pay a visit to the current King once more, as his investigation on the Kafalites has placed him under the radar for a while now.

The King is pleased with the news of the established air supply routes. However, he still needs to gain some intel on the overall span of the war. Wyvern Riders are sent to observe the advance of the army from the sky, high enough that the weaponry of either participants can't hit them.

Rolling for: (10 rolls)
Seeing how much the fishing industry boosts Tamar Kat.
Charting the coastlines.
Charting the sea floor.
Using puruus to eradicate the cedya infestation.
Studying the cedyas further.
Finding pilots for the 3 constructs. (3 rolls)
Khuna providing assistance to the Kafalites.
Observing the ongoing war.
Rolled 9, 8, 1, 1, 16, 8 = 43


After about a week spent in the temporary camp, Thaka leads his pack onward. Final preparations are made, supplies gathered, and the traces of their camp hidden, though the temporary burrow is just lightly concealed, so that any other travelers can utilize in their time of need.
As they cross the hastily built bridge, he sends Alel to scout ahead once more.

It should take about two months for his pack to reach their destination, the eastern woods. Hopefully, they will be able to avoid the blooms.
Sima continues her meditations and writing down her visions each time the tribe rests. When they return to Neta Daan, she would have to show her writings to the Oracle.

Rolling for:
Final preparations before departure.
Scouting ahead.
How well the travel goes.
How well they can avoid fungal blooms.
Sima's meditations and visions.
Random event.
Fishery has made Tamar Kat rolling in wealth. Plenty of kafkas pass by here, and this is exploited by the fishermen. The coastlines were mapped up to the deepest end of the Firil Sea, a worrying amount of the slavers' fort ships were sighted in the area. The sea floor, however, present a challenge; it is quite hard to navigate, as the sonar sometimes fail near schools of fish. It is noted that the area is a bit barren, though.
Meanwhile, the puruu servitors manage to clear out most of the stink-cedya infestation, but there still remains the possibility of isolated pockets of stink-cedya spores hiding in the nooks and crannies. Some insight into the stink-cedyas are found; currently, it's the conditions under which they excrete their smell, which is when agitated or when it is their sporing season.
Three candidates were found; one is so strongly attuned to the guardians, but suffered from amnesia; the other is the son of a missing Kafalite, who can interface with the guardians; and a hot-blooded, foul mouthed youth from the slummy part of the city who can somehow hear the thoughts of a guardian.
Sadly, Khuna can only give the know how of maintaining and repairing the guardians; so long he have slept that he forgot some information. The king, though, appreciates the gesture.
Meanwhile, the warm-riders manage to get info on the battles; after an initial victory from Ifal Fa, the GAC pushes on, now encountering the outer defenses of the Ifal Fa.

The researchers of section 10 responsible for studying the grinders continue their work. It clearly has individual moving parts, but what animates these parts? There are no muscles or tendons pulling on these, strange objects, instead metallic tubes, curious flat, circular objects with fangs, and various other mechanisms inhabit the bowels of this construction. In their desperation, the singers try to activate the device, by fiddling with the sticks and buttons inside the pod where the dead songless were residing.

The Toruz catchers decide to set up baited traps instead, in hopes of catching more toruz bords. In addition, they also fan out to more distant areas, up north, where they have not yet captured these critters.

While the motos may have found their way trough the flesh bogs, the main army of the enemies still seems to be slowed down by it. The Ifal Fa send defenders to locate, and seal these breaches, so that the moto riders could no longer harass their defenses as easily.
File: 1371303965033.png-(24 KB, 800x600, Ifal Fa cedya augmented shwirm.png)
24 KB
Rolled 18, 2, 12, 17, 16, 3, 13, 13, 1 = 95

The Raiders retreat from the main army, and instead begin harassing the grinders that move in the backs and flanks of the GAC forces, tarnishing the soundscape. They will utilize their toruz guns and anti armor weapons to devastate these cursed devices tarnishing the Kafasha.

Meanwhile, in Hikir Nu, the council has authorizised the usage of the needed resources in production of the flying cedyas, as they recognize the immense utility that an aerial advantage brings.

The defenses continue to be bolstered even further. Globber cedya troupes are deployed in these areas, ready to bombard the enemies with their acidulous globs of spores. They are are protected by the main lines of defenses, allowing them to lay devastation upon the enemies from safety.

The raiders are not used to the heavier anti armor weaponry, and thus emergency shooting exercises are held while the forces wait for the approach of the enemies.

Rolling for: (9 rolls)
Continued grinder research.
Activating one of the grinders.
Deploying traps for the toruz.
Hunting toruz critters from farther away.
Sealing the breaches the motos use to cross the flesh bogs swiftly.
Harassing the grinders.
Producing a fleet of flying cedyas.
Reinforcing the defenses further.
Anti armor weaponry training.

Also, have this abomination picture.
Barely enough food were gathered, and the path ahead were quickly scouted; seems like it is clear. They cross the bridge, and narrowly pass when it broke down; another time they hid from slavers. It seems like one misfortune after another happens, but they stayed their path. As they approached the eastern woods, they encountered a lost slaver gang, which they must fight- but in the middle of fighting, the woods is starting the bloom. Both sides are enveloped in the spores, dazed and paralyzed. Sima reflexively enters a trance state, having visions of a high mountain, guarded by a spirit that demands pride from those who climb it. Then the world shifts, and she is underwater, in a great library made of coral, the vaults brimming with information. And... Bord bord bord? What is that noise?
While the two sides are high and mellowed out, from the blooming forest a gesh strode out, it's horns curled in strange ways. It spoke to Sima. "What is the matter?"
Sima replied, "I fear my group is lost, I do not know which way to go."
"We'll, some go this way; some go that way; but I prefer the shortcut! Now follow me into this hole in the log..."
Sima and Thaka followed the beast, and the Dahao Lu and the slavers follow heedlessly, into the hole...
...and emerged in the local hamlet of Dahao Lu.

Damn, nat 1 for shooting training.

I take that there was no time for any training, as even the geists can't be that bad shots. They may be blind, but they still can use their sonar to spot targets relatively well. They just need to learn to take into the account the lag of their own "sight" especially for fast moving targets, and shift their aim accordingly, I guess.
Tamar Kat becomes a small city, a thriving center of biomass distribution. The coastlines become well known, though rumors of a phantom ship keep surfacing. The seafloor is murky and confusing, the loss of half the original "dwellers" those who lived in the flooded tunnels slows the process more. The puruus can only eat so much, and grow full. an unexpected boon comes from the "pesky" cave schwar who are now becoming a problem in their own right. They are eating the smelly fungus in great numbers, and multiplying equally fast. It is hard to take a step and not crush one under foot. There is not much more to know about these cedyas. They smell bad, are small, and things that eat cedya seem to love them. ((they reek of fermented cheese, like blue cheese or feta)) The pilots are of varying quality. The first pilot, there is no doubt there could be no better; strong, determined, intelligent. The second pilot was of above average quality with excellent speed. The last pilot was often out of sync with the construct, and would periodically find the mech going into a semi-controlled berserking session when in combat, but otherwise was mediocre as everything. Khuna was no scientist but was able to show the Kafalites where he had stored much knowledge, in hidden caches and elsewhere, as well as offer guidance, though it was little for now. The Wyverns showed that both sides had inflicted considerable damage to their auxiliary forces, but little damage to the main fighting forces.
Preparations were spartan, they would travel light and make due with things they found along the way. Scouting ahead they found out an out of season bloom was happening, and stopped the travel dead in it's tracks for a few weeks, as well as having to deal with wild and hostile cedya besieging their camps. Let alone the wyvern being high on spores. That is not a good time. Sima sees visions of the blooms, of scouts and a wyvern, and decides to request aid to act on it.
File: 1371305070898.png-(8 KB, 163x193, 1371303965033.png)
8 KB

They would be tormented, if they could feel or really think clearly anymore. They are beyond salvation. A suitable fate, for dirty slavers.
the grinders are operated by the fuel within them somehow, but attempts to activate a damaged grinder result in a violent explosion that kills those nearby. Bad times indeed. Toruz traps catch the dimwitted creatures, and by hunting Toruz in a migratory pattern they are able to avoid over hunting and depletion of local wildlife stocks. the flesh bogs become more inhospitable, with more muck, poorer air quality, and spines. Welcome to the shit. Welcome to hamburger hill. The grinders are now quite far to the rear of the army, and the harassing teams are found out and attacked, suffering losses before returning home, their mission a failure. The flying cedyas take to the air, and the defenses of the immediate ifal fa territory grow stronger. An accident during anti armor weapon training set off a cascade effect resulting in the destruction, damage, and death of part of the anti armor forces. There are fewer of them now, this is the consequence of rapid wartime development and test. a bummer.

Are metals the same on primordial as on earth? Or are even the basic laws of atomic structures that dictate the properities of substances different here?
File: 1371315279930.png-(10 KB, 275x354, hmm.png)
10 KB
File: 1371315448837.png-(11 KB, 211x127, 1370652667062.png)
11 KB
>Vyrii Vs Geists

A match to shatter the world of Borgas IV if there ever was one
Unless stated otherwise, the laws of nature as present on Earth still apply.
Since the lacorra batteries seem to be more volatile they previously thought, the surveyors start constructing a platfrom to harvest the power directly from the lacorra fields. They then string the Galate conduits into the abandoned gabai processing building. They wrap the wires in tubeface snout material to protect themselves and the building. In the center room they set up the Galateid arc-horns to light the whole room. The surveyors make two arc-horns headgear to sit on the Eleni horns. Perhaps this will make a nice portable light source.

Larien's pilgrims suffered the hardships better than anyone thought. The Kirunna wagon train were attacked by Yapap natives of the delta. There were no Rangers anywhere near. The trainmaster whipped the creatures onward, but they couldn't outrun the dusya mounted puruu. They lost a wagon and a family to the natives. Larien reminded the pilgrims that no change was easy. The dreamtime is rich for the stirring of life, and the end of it. Grim though it may be. We will see them again.

From the Book of Vylona, 'Secrets whispered in darkness, remain so. In the end these Harvesters have come to take us away. They are grim knowing they take you from your waking world. Others laugh hysterically knowing the world you will be born into.'

After another similar episode, they make it to Korobushac territory. The trainmaster speaks with border patrols, the passing 'fee' cuts deeply into their remaining stores. But finally they make the Lufae territory. There Larien seeks a sympathetic Kafalite priest.
Rolled 5, 20, 14, 9, 19, 14, 9, 18 = 108

It was discovered that Lewne was fraternizing with the radical Larien. His betrayal was punished with total destruction. He was excommunicated from the Dream Priesthood. Lewne's terrible gamble had cost the Hamlet of Ismer had its population and wealth. Storefronts and homestead were abandoned, rot and fungus taking its windows and gaping thresholds, no door to close off the occasional tubeface from the local locarro field.

Outside Ismer, Eden's nobles had wised up to his manipulations. The failure of Ismer fell on Lewne's shoulders. He was forced south to the cities of Gormal and Duramal to remake himself. His only traveling companion was his cruncha, such a faithful friend. Ultimately he was a penniless parish pariah. Yet still, he had a few contacts in the Cochon Minerals company. Before becoming a priest, his education included some rock science.

The crew of the 'Manien and Cilion' cheered and screamed. They stung up the sea monster. They ran into the stores and popped open the Tancas Azseq rum. Well they would have if Teison hadn't locked it away. Teison fired up after winning his first encounter on the sea, began barking orders, first the carcass would be butchered to bolster their own stores. Second, the head would be kept as a trophy. Third, Teison set the ship to half-speed keeping his heading straight south. He shouted, "First man that finds land, pops the first keg. But not before!"

Rolls (8 rolls)
1) The lacorra platform
2) The head lights
3) Stringing the gabai building with lights
4) Larien finding a sympathetic Kafalite priest
5) Lewne finding employment in Cochon Minerals
6) The DawnTrader keeping to its course
7) Sighting Land
8) The yield from the Sea-Monster
One of the original members of the expedition to the lacorran badlands is at it again. His name is Osuzak and he has recruited a dozen lesciny (Apoes rangers), brought along several pack-kirunnas, and a score of servants and guards. A shaman is even present, as well as a few curious naturalists who want to document the amazing things they expect Osuzak to find on his ill-advised journey He intends to outdo his fellows, by making his way across the badlands, taking as many mementos as he can. More than a bit of rope and paralysis poison is present to capture some of the beautiful rainbowbacks, to bring them back to his plantation on lake Reka and begin breeding them. If his little expedition turns out better than the last one that is. Of Osuzak sets, a jolly look on his face as he heads into the second closest thing the whole continent has to a living hell.

On a more cultural note, the Lusietry Wazeia, the great lighthouse being built on the edge of the docks, continues to rise from the waters. Its marbled flanks shine with golden light of the sun in the day, and the silver of the moon at night. Its completion is assured, but just how high can it be built? The architects in charge of its construction are given free reign by their patrons to build the Wazeia as tall as they can, using new construction methods from the Tanacs Azseg.

As the great railroad stretches north from the lands of the Korobushkans, workers are sent to speed its construction. They steer its course slightly eastward, to lake Reka, beyond the hinterland hills that surround Lusiet. By having this great stretch of rails end at the lesser city of Mniej, the railroad will also connect with the rest of Siemas through the waterways of the hinterlands, and the roads that stretch like a web from Mniej.
Rolled 5, 1, 18, 2, 10 = 36

While the Rysar suits (entsuits) are now mightier than ever before, they can still be made frightening. The pilots are now decorating their charges with carved fists, animal heads and the like. A fist on a large suit can be carved into the shape of a crunchas head when held closed. The tops of the suits sprout great horns, painted red to seem as if covered with blood. A few more flashy pilots take to even mounting great racks that sport colored feathers to give the rysar suits an even more outlandish appearance. Work of course continues on refining chemical creation, using the industrial practices of the Tanacs Azseg and now the Korobushkans. Shambler shapers now do their best to simply ensure that, while they cannot grow the shamblers faster, they do try to make them grow larger, with great supplies of food and water.

Rolling for
Osuzaks Amazing Journey (if he lives he'll write a best selling book about this)
Making the Lusietry Wazeia huge
Helping the korobushkans finish the railroad
Rysar suit chemical manufacturing refinement
Making shamblers for rysars huge
File: 1371333537526.png-(556 KB, 1350x1000, Titan chamber.png)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
Rolled 12, 2, 3, 17, 17, 12, 7, 10, 7, 7 = 94


Another council session

The council discusses the general status of the nation. Some plans are announced and general developments are reported. Speaker 11 also makes a grand suggestion.

Rolling for: (10 rolls, sorry these tend to get pretty big as I pour out text.)
Seeing how fast the new geist warriors can be trained.
Improving the flying cedyas so that they are no longer dependent on materials that are in short supply, so that they can be produced faster.
Storing dried kafasha.
Training anti armor forces.
Continued raiding operations at the flanks of the enemy. (Quick, hit and run attacks at weakly defended targets scouted beforehand.)
How quickly the anti armor weaponry can be resupplied.
Producing parts and equipment for storage.
Improving the song command system of the cedya forces.
Studying the engine of the grinder.
The Ligean project.

In addition, the Ifal Fa finally agreed to send an envoy to the Lufae.

Gonna do a combined post on these next morning.
Blood for the Blood god would be echoing on the winds if the log'eadz worshiped actual gods. Instead, they content themselves with collecting the skulls of fallen geists, keeping them as morbid trophies as their people do. Now however, the Emperor of the Oamenii will bring his portion of the army forth. A great host, with a core formed from the Oamenii Legion, its disciplined, well trained and organized army. In addition the flamer teams, Cathedrals, and some of the common citzenry that have come to fight, will support the mighty Legion as it makes to join the Grokuf and his Vukad. And with the Emperors forces coming to aid the mighty mayor-chief, the slaves are being allowed to head back to the fortified towns, to help with their security now that they are all but spent. What is more, once their charged duties at the towns over the next few months are complete, they will be free. Offers will be made of course to allow those that wish to continue to fight to do so, but hopefully most will go and settle the plains.

While Grokuf Hecer slows his forces down so that the slow but steady Legion may catch up with him, he starts the process of attacking the tunnels the geists spill forth from. If they can be prevented from leaving their underground lairs at all, they won't be able to hamper the army as it marches towards their city. With axe and hammer, mighty Vukad warriors descend into the tunnels of the geists that have been found, ready for a brutal fight. The rest of the advance force will hunker down and try to clear away as much of the transformed meatgrass as they can.
Rolled 10, 8, 10, 7, 6, 17, 19, 6, 1, 4 = 88

As the geists close in on both the Grokuf and the Emperors soldiers, the motos are rallied once more, this time to intercept the geists before they can wreak havoc on either group.

Those three airships that are filled with conscripted Iosans from Endaskie are now being told to bring extra warriors from Neloaw. Predictably their being told to bring Anyadee clansmen that have volunteered to fight only now. Will the Iosan crewed airships carry out their charged duties, or will animosity between the two feuding groups break out beyond control?

Rolling for
Advance of the Legion and Auxiliaries
Slaves that stay and fight
Slaves that settle the reclaimed portions of the plains
Attacking the tunnels
Clearing away soundscape defences
The Grokuf holding his position
Intercepting geist attacks
Iosans obeying their orders
And the offensive and defensive rolls that Nongent wanted here >>25443858
I don't know how to reconcile the 4 for defence and the motos intercepting and the grokuf holding his ground. I just don't know how. Also, fuck that one
Rolled 11, 11, 20 = 42

Since I don't want to make an unproductive bump, I think I'll make a roll for a random event in the Tanacs Azseg, and another for Varoseg, and yet another for Lusiet
Has any player ever actually gone to war with another player before?
The platform was built poorly; it cannot handle the Galate power and caught fire. But, the arc-horn design turns out to be relatively safe, and it caught on as a fad. Galatean horns, arcing light, for everyone! The old Gabai factory was all strung up, but with no Galate from the platform, it just... Sits there.
Larien finds one Kafalite who is more curious than sympathetic; he is willing to travel to learn more. Meanwhile, Lewne is greeted with open arms at Cochon; a friend turns out to be the head overseer. He knew Lewne's skill would help improve the company.
Dawn Trader moves on, following the charted path; yet they find only small sand islands and a few rocks. No land sighted yet. But at least they have enough food to last a couple months at sea, thanks to the monster.
The platform was a bit lopsided and fell over, becoming quite broken, but no one was hurt. The "head lights" are excellent, and soon become a basis for all future lighting, and export around the region, becoming a massive money maker. In particular the Korobushka and TA find use for them allowing their factories to run 24/7 now. The building is now well illuminated. Larine finds no one, and journeys onward for now. Lewne became a foreman and manager at Cochon minerals, far better then anything he could have hoped for. The dawntrader presses onward through calm seas, catching some fish in drag nets as well. No land yet though. The sea monster carcass kept the crew so very busy. They stripped it of the chitin plate, then teeth, then meat. Days were spent smoking and salting the meat to prevent spoilage, and the chitin was used to repair the ship where it had done damage. The head was cleaned and mounted on the bow of the ship.
Osuzak had a hearty attitude and a stiff upper lip, like the adventurous English gentleman of ages past on earth. They walked into the badlands over five years ago, and when they came out, there were not as many. Only Osuzak, A ranger, and one of the naturalists return to tell the tale. Oh he did manage to capture a clutch of young rainbow horns after killing their parents in a mistaken effort. Such is life. Damn shame. Damn good book to write now. Come along Tuktuk. The lighthouse snaps off in the middle, all that hard work lost. At least the middle and bottom are still there, time to keep on keeping on. The railroad is built in quick order, and now supplies and manpower begin to flow freely. with taxes. The suit chemicals become a bit more toxic causing some plants to wither and die. The shamblers grow larger still. its go time.
File: 1371357946910.png-(27 KB, 847x599, Osukaz and Tuktuk.png)
27 KB
The new warriors fill in the gaps left by the fallen in an acceptable manner, though they do not have the experience of their predecessors. Flying cedyas are an exotic offshoot of normal cedya breeding, and as such more complicated and less understood, there is no progress in advancing them thus far. the dried kafasha gets eaten by tunnel schwars, bouncing along acting like they own the joint, where did they even come from?! The anti armor forces are smaller due to setbacks, but well trained and disciplined. The raiding continues to be a source of harassment for the GAC, they are fighting a conventional war against guerrilla tactics. The anti armor weaponry will come in and begin to be more noticeable the longer the war goes on. The new projects result in a lack of spare parts, with things being crafted on demand instead. The next batch of cedyas will be more responsive to auditory stimuli. The grinder continues to be alien, as it is without life, what is further learned is that it operates off controlled explosions as an engine briefly surges to life before flaming out due to a lack of fuel. A heart of fire. The two titans are partially dissembled and repositioned, great chunks of the third rising out of the pool below. Already the flesh re-knits and is guided appropriately, the necessary emils support structures inside are reinforced or made anew. The armor is a ways off, and the titan is not yet even done healing or fusing entirely.
The Legion and Auxiliaries march on, eradicating any cedya pockets they find; so far, progress is slow due to many small pockets of cedyas in the flesh bogs. Only some slaves stay and fight; some settle, but the majority seeks the safety of the cities, and went there instead. The tunnels still prove to be a hard thing to capture, since the Geists have redoubled their defenses. This, coupled with a dearth of siege weaponry, makes it hard to assail the defenses of the soundscape. Grokuf holds his position, making the defense of his camp good; while his riders intercepted several combined Geist and Cedya raiders. Meanwhile, the animosity became too much, and an open fight ensues in the ship. The dispute settles with broken bones, and the airship not departing from Neloaw until the problem is fixed.
Overall, what few attacks the GAC did is still not enough to crack the defenses of the Ifal Fa, only to deter the attackers; and whilst Grokuf's camp is well-defended, that's about the only camp that is relatively safe. The rest of the GAC still has cedyas and geists that harass them periodically and makes them always on alert; this is not good for the morale and nerves of the army.
The legion and auxiliaries are now pushing into the true territory of the accursed geists, it is a hellish biological wasteland. the air is stale and thick here, and the ground mushy and vile. Those who have lived their lives on the badlands know it is time to doff headwraps and protective filters where possible. The blung cough is not something you wish to get. Of the surviving slaves, 60% leave, to settle the plains their work is done and they take their offer. The Slaves that stay and fight seem to love the war, and all those who left did not take their equipment, arms or armor with them, thus bolstering the remaining slaves gear. The tunnels that are attacked are full of cedyas and often lead no where, just little short runs through and under the soundscape. still, one less place to hide. The Ifal Fa seem to be on their homefront, and are fighting harder now, new equipment and enemies show themselves, and the fighting slows further. Grokuf holds the line, it is a saga that has played out many times on this planet, but each time, it is the line to hold, the only one that matters, and he will not falter. Troops and slaves alike rally around his position preparing for the next mighty push. It is from this position that the geist again meet the GAC where they fight at their best, as a unified slow, overwhelming steamroller. The corpses of the dead were used as shields against the acidic blasts of the cedyas who shot at them from afar. The Losans are a bit of a problem, they do not take well to their situation and outright desert in the dead of night, falling back on foot and a few stolen supply haulers. ((the defensive and offensive can be ignored.))
you win this round IG. double results for you bronze. you win most of all.
heh, no prob man, our results can always be mixed & matched anyways, right?
File: 1371366752484.png-(34 KB, 600x820, lufae mech gen 2.png)
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Rolled 6, 8, 3, 11, 4, 3 = 35


The mapped coast allows the fishers of Tamar Kat to better navigate their vessels, and provide the riches of the seas to the Lufae people. While the mapping of the ocean floor is slow, the submarine forces continue to toil at this project, while seeking potential resources from the ocean floor. (Edible stuff, or otherwise interesting things.)

With the combined efforts of the puruu servitors, and the wild tunnel scwars, the cedya infestation is contained to some degree, and the fungus is understood slightly better. Efforts are put into exploring the new tunnels, when the cedyas are no longer sporing.

With the new pilots found, the guardians are reactivated fully now. It was time, to showcase the might of the ancestors to the world.

(I'll do the arrival of the Ifal Fa envoy later)

Rolling for: (6 rolls)
Continued mapping of the ocean floor.
Finding resources form the seabed.
Exploring the caverns when the cedyas are not sporing.
The performance of the three guardians in their showcase tests. (3 rolls)

(What sort of slavers are in the dream forest of the dahao lu?)

The bloom haze still dazing their mind, Thaka and his pack mindlessly follow the dreamers, finally entering some sort of small meadow. The last thing he sees before falling to the dreams, is some of his pack members besides him, and geist like figures approaching him.

When he wakes up, he finds himself resting in a hammock, in an unfamiliar place. Besides him, he notices few of his pack members, and a lone geist watching over them all.

"Ah, you are awake. I am Dai, the healer of this village."

"..what? Where am I?"

"In Amay Jata. We are just a small hamlet located east from Lake Matai, to which river Lamaj flows. Your pack has been here for about 2 days now. We have tended you to the best of our abilities. Your seer informed us of your mission."
Rolled 9, 3, 9, 20, 9, 1 = 51

"Everyone is safe?"

"I think so, yes. However, the outlander you had with you seems to be in distress. We found her lying in the woods near where you too were found. She has broken one of her legs. She tells us that she fell of her steed when it inhaled too much of luta and went berserk. The beast's departure seems to be causing her even greater pains than her broken limb, which we have tended to the best of our abilities.
Our chief, Kafar has taken a troupe of hunters to try to locate the beast, but they have not returned yet."

"This is bad news...I must see to Alel, and the rest of my pack, while we figure out how to continue our journey."

"We receive visitors very rarely, your pack is free to stay here as long as you like."

"I appreciate your hospitality. With Lupai's blessing, we will not burden you for long. I will go to see to my flock now, I thank you for tending me, healer Dai."

With that Thaka departs the chamber, first to find Alel and console her, and then find the rest of the pack members who are awake, so that they can plan out how to endure this setback.

Rolling for: (6 rolls)
Figuring out how far away Amay Jata is from the planned route of the pack.
How fast the rest of the pack members recover.
Tending Alel's broken leg.
Finding the wyvern.
Consoling Alel.
Planning out the next move.
the ocean floor is mostly muck, sand, and grit. oddly, the emils are able to filter out some of this and gain nutrition, though they do not like salt so well. The cedya kept away the worst creatures in the caverns, crawling up from the depths are geists of the deep levels, feral and predatory, some are armored, some are clad in shed skin with multiple limbs. The lead pilot does the best, but the most junior pilot has to be restrained while the second pilot does that. there is not much show for them, and a few murmurs about the suitability of the guardian for such an erratic youth.
amay jata is about two days from their present location, the pack will take about a week to recover though. Alel's leg will take over a month to set properly, and the better part of a few months to heal. the wyvern came back immediatly, with another two riders following it. They apparently were drawn to this location at the beckon of the wyvern without a rider. Alel is a bit shooken up, and hurt that her beast had left her, but the news Thaka brought that it had returned with help is consoling. Katumoiset...schwirm slavers had swift boats and almost no centralized leadership, they pillaged and raided wherever they wanted, and apparently today was the dream forest. Damn them!
During the war, a band of moto-raiders find a strange creature; tall and beaked, it fought off cedyas with only its feathered fists and yellow legs. It decimated cedyas just by punching. What should the scouts do with this avian-like warrior?
Varoseg, for now, is relatively untouched by war, but their puruu neighbor says that a group of big blue giants with a horn has been sighted further north, heading south. What could this mean for Varoseg?
In Lusiet, a particularly brilliant scientist brought forth his own work. He was dismissed as an eccentric before; but his ent suit-like prototype is worth noting: he used lacorras embedded in the ent suit's wooden notches to stimulate the movement of the shambler skeleton. With an intricate pattern of these lacorra-shambler network, he has managed to make a bigger kind of ent suit, and a normal-sized one that is much lighter, yet as strong as the normal ent suits. What will the Lusiet populace think of this eccentric's designs?

(the slavers are Katumoiset, a pack of three 'junior' slavers with two puruu slaves)
Amay Jata is not really far from the route, but Dai warns that recently hostile outlanders have been prowling these parts and kidnapped quite a few geists. The rest of Thaka's pack needs to recover a bit, they had severe spore overdose. They're lucky it was not a bad spore infection; they would be dead yesterday if it is. Alel's leg seem to be recovering, but she can't move yet; her steed's disappearance only serve to slow her recovery. But not for long! It seems like the wyvern also felt likewise; instead of Kafar finding the beast, the beast found Alel; somehow, it came and landed just outside her hut. This consoles Alel somewhat, but she can't help but feel sad that she can't ride the wyvern, or give proper care for it, in her current state.
Thaka sees that given the current situation, his pack must wait out a bit in Amay Jata.
File: 1371371400524.png-(310 KB, 800x600, Cedya assault.png)
310 KB
310 KB PNG

As the songless army finally begins to push trough the altered soundscape, the Ifal Fa begin to truly bring their cedya forces to bear. What remains of the meatshield hordes are sent to face the songless when they walk out of the altered soundscape, giving them no time for respite from enduring the excruciating trials of the land they just pushed trough. The degenerate hordes will be the first wave. After them, the warrior cedyas will charge to the ranks of the enemies. The trashers, custodians, fast moving leapers and swarmers, supported by the thralls and scudlers. They will a tide that will force the enemies to stand their ground, or fall back. Acidulous bombardment from the globbers and fire-support from the striders shall fill the air with flesh eating spores and acids.
The flying cedyas shall rain death from above to the ranks and encampments of the enemies, bombarding them with both acid and drop pods filled with hunter lacorras, spores, acids and puppeteer parasites, which shall all wreak havoc in the ranks of the enemy.
Finally, the geist warriors will move like shadows, behind the ranks of the cedyas, emerging only to eliminate specific targets, like the fast moving motos, or strong warriors, using their anti armor and anti personnel weaponry. The toruz gun emplacements will rain lightning upon the approaching foes, scorching their flesh and spirits alike.
Rolled 4, 6, 15, 19, 8, 8, 17, 18, 1, 10, 6, 16, 16, 16 = 160

While the true war starts to unfold, the war efforts in Hikir Nu continue.
Members of section 2 are still experimenting with the designs of the flying cedyas, hoping to develop methods that would make constructing them easier. In addition, some of their cedya grafters are busy overseeing the regeneration and reconstruction process of the Ligean.

Section 3 is busy with emils production, but they still attempt to provide enough emils to start the construction of the armor of the Ligean.

Section 4 realizes the potential the tunnel scwars have as a food source, and do their best to "domesticate" them.

Researchers of section 10 try to understand how this strange liquid the fire heart of the grinders can give them life.

Rolling for: (14 rolls)
The effectiveness of the first wave of meatshield cedyas.
The second wave of actual cedya warriors. (Melee focused. The Leapers and swarmers will quickly cross the distance between the foes and the main army, screening the approach of the heavy hitters.)
Thrall and scudler fire-support.
Heavy fire-support from Globbers and striders.
Flying cedyas bombarding the ranks of the enemies.
How effective the terror weapons are. (Puppeteers and lacorras.)
The geist warriors eliminating priority targets. (Motos and strong warriors)
Fire support from the gun emplacements.
Improving the flying cedya manufacturing.
How quickly the Ligean regenerates.
Constructing the armor of the Ligean.
Domesticating the tunnel schwars.
Studying the fuel of the engine.
The speartip of the GAC forces met with the cedya castoffs and warriors, they stood no chance against the thick personal armor, chainsaws, axes, mulpacs, and raw ferocity of the Logeadz and Schwirms in close combat. However they bought time for the thrall and scudler's to start spraying acid globs which hindered the forces greatly, and then the heavy support cedyas began a deluge of acidic spores upon the enemy, cutting down all those at the front of the fight, and breaking the ranks. The flying cedyas were less then effective, some being shot down, while others caused light damage. The Terror weapons were stomped under foot, the thick armor of the GAC rendered them a nuisance more so then a true threat. this however served as a distraction which allowed the geist warriors to slip through the cedyas and assassinate warriors who work marks of leadership, and sabotage motos that were parked. The gun emplacements were overrun by the GAC warriors and those inside were slaughtered, their weapons turned around and used against them, the triumphant soldiers rallied around this point, with no immediate leaders at the front lines it was more akin to a violent riot that threatened to sweep forward if not for the wall of death the "spitters" were putting out.

The flying cedyas were sped up with a bit more research and a dedicated sub section to their creation. Ligean will take days more still, though while it regenerated, the armor was constructed and fitted. The tunnel schwars are quickly becoming a food source for the Ifal fa in a similiar manner to the lufae. The children play with them, they eat scraps, and when a geist is hungry, you look for a fat one that can bounce away fast. The fuel of the engines is a flammable substance that smells of the sound scape, but more distilled.
It had been several decades since the "soft" conquest of the Staatgreich tribe, and absorption of their people. Addictive drugs, influencing the youth, displays of power, bribery of families, and a little assassination courtesy of clan Sergei of the Korobushka go a long way. Large campaigns against the mainlanders was a waste. Why fight them on their level? Ten thousand grains of sand could wear down an enemy just as well as a thrown stone. The katumoiset were decentralized, raiding where opportune, selling where it would benefit them, operating under a hundred different names, selling their wares, raiding small villages, outposts and settlements, and in turn gaining new skills and resources. The foolish war between the so called GAC and Ifal Fa would finally see them able to seize a major chunk of the mainland for themselves once both opponents were worn down.
Rolled 1, 7, 20, 12, 18, 1, 16, 5 = 80


*ng had a slight fuckup here, messed which roll was for what. The 18 roll was for the support fire from the forward gun emplacements. So that he wouldn't need to redo the post, we decided that those positions were just run over, and that I could get +4 bonus to some thing I roll for.

The purpose of this strike, was to ensure that the songless would not gain any time for respite after crossing the altered soundscape. The Ifal Fa generals, seeing that their forward gun batteries being over run by the violent rabble, begin coordinating a steady retreat, using their ranged supremacy to keep the foes pinned, and the melee warriors to shield these forces from any pursuers. As the forces retreat back towards their proper defensive burrow and tunnel networks, they seed the land with spare puppeteers and lacorras, so that they would be bane in the ranks of the approaching army.

To ensure that the enemies receive no time to rest, the flying cedyas continue to fly high over their ranks and camps, dropping their "bombs" over these areas.

The main defensive lines, are reinforced further, and the gun batteries and bunkers are stocked with ammunition and other supplies.

The work on restoring the Ligean continues. Flesh of the second Ligean is used to patch the wounds of the third one, and the blood is used to catalyze the regeneration process. As the creature continues to take it's shape, the armor plates are applied over it, to both protect it, and to direct it's growth.

Meanwhile, the researchers of section 10 continue their studies on the fuel. They suspect that it is somehow related to Kafasha, but in what way?

Rolling for: (8 rolls)
Steady retreat (+4 bonus)
Pinning the foes down with ranged fire
Screening the retreat with remaining melee forces
Seeding the land with puppeteers and lacorras
Continued bombing runs of the flying cedyas
Reinforcing the main defensive network by stocking up ammo and supplies.
Continued Ligean restoration
Studying the fuel
>double rolls in one day
A fighting retreat sees the geists narrowly escape death at the marauding horde of the GAC. The smaller "spitters", and flying cedyas are sacrified in a slower fighting retreat to cover the geists who are running like hell. The ranged fire of the combined forces also helps in the retreat and establishment of the next defensive fighting positions. The remenants of the cast offs and melee horde cedyas would have been described as fighting valiantly, the moment the leaderless army turned to chase the lufae they used a form of low cunning to violently take advantage of this. Many of the Oamenii schwirm and their crossbows were laid low, and of all the irony, some of the "cast offs" and twin blade cedyas doggedly made a fighting retreat back with the geists to survive for another battle. The land surrounding the Ifal Fa stronghold city becomes a total wasteland, suitable only for those in heavy biosuits, or full armor, the infestation of puppeteers and lacorras ensures that. Periodic arcs of electricty work their way around and through the chitin spikes and bogs of the soundscape. The flying cedyas continue to do boming runs that are very effective in harassment and slowing down the vanguard of haulers returning from the GAC's rearguard. There are no supplies to give to the front lines, everything is going into cedya production, and the restoration of the Legean. the Legean took it's first step in over 100 years today, it is time. The fuel burns, though heat and fire are a new concept to the ifal fa in terms of actual study.
File: 1371396880917.jpg-(100 KB, 800x555, 1905-russian-revolution-poster.jpg)
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100 KB JPG
Rolled 8, 15, 13, 2 = 38

I guess I didn't see that episode of the Simpsons. What happened?

The Kossiks decide that now is the time to start fermenting rebellion among the clans. Sergei is on their side, due to the slaying of their assassins, but perhaps more clan can be brought into the fold of the revolution. Nikolai is of course right out, as they have grown fat and happy under Babakushya's rule.

Agents are sent to all other clans, to see what forces they can muster to the cause.

1. Support from the proud farmers of Zartik
2. Support from the noble dusya riders of Ruhaj
3. Support from the hardy miners of Mikhail
4. Support from the brave explorers of Lovish
It seems Lovish is content to stick to its own affairs. All holed up in the border town.
Rolled 12

Oh fudge, I forgot,
5. Support from the wandering merchants of Klezmer
As the geists retreat, Emperor Stapan bring his Legion and the Auxiliaries to the fore, joining with Grokuf Hecer to drive all the way into the heartlands of these outcast geists. Even as two leaders discuss their plans for moving forward, both can tell that this war will only get harder. And if the Lufae were to enter the fray, well, things might just become impossible. Yet the Lufae are bound by pact and treaty, and will not dare aid the wyrms the Grand Army of the Council will crush.

The Legion will take the lead in this next advance, its soldiers fresh and ready for battle, as opposed to the weary Vukad and the citizen soldiers who have been fighting since the start of this war. Yet before the army lies a twisted landscape, changed horribly by the geists. The few grinders left will be brought up, and they, along with a third of flamer teams will do their best to clear a path through this horrid mess of spikes and bogs. The rest of the flamer teams will try and burn the geists out of their sneaky little tunnels. All the while the Army shall advance relentlessly, the feet of a great Cathedral stomping these vermin into the dust.

Speaking of Cathderals, those mighty beasts, so sacred to the log'eadz, are being used as living shields for the flanks of the army, their great carapaces protecting them from harm. From atop their backs, the Tenders hurl javelin, shoot arrow, and jab with spear at those geists foolish enough to try and close the distance with them. Such beasts cannot keep watch as sentries though, but the expanded numbers of the forward portion of the army fix that easily. Larger patrols should keep the camps safe at night. Guards are posted around the motos, much to the pleasure of the gangers who love their vehicles almost as much as life itself.
Rolled 2, 16, 12, 10, 14, 2, 16, 2 = 74


Meanwhile, in Neloaw, an Aynadee clan leader tries to difuse the situation with the airship. The ships are meant to carry a great number of soldiers, but if this dispute of ethnic animosity cannot be resolved in time, those soldiers may never see the frontlines, or worse, be too late to help at all.

As for Prince Aleta, he is working hard to ensure additional supplies reach his father and the Grokuf. At the risk of weakening the defences of the fortified towns, he begins sending guards along with the supply haulers. However, since defending supply convoys isn't something he can do anything for other than plan, he begins to draw up grand plans for the settling of the rest of the plains. When he's not organizing supplies, marshalling troops, disciplning idiots or any of his other many duties, he sits down and draws more of his grand plan for the plains. A great city at the center of them, to rival, nay, to outshine any other present in the world is Aletas current focus

rolling for
Moving forward, to the Ifal fa city
Crushing/Burning the soundscape defences
Burning the the tunnels
Cathderals guarding the flanks
Increased patrols
Getting the Airships with reinforcements moving
Guarding the supply routes
Aletas planning of the great city
The motogangers approach the strange warrior cautiously. They try ber'ekit, oamenii and even a little of the sing song language of the elenii. They motion for the warrior to follow them back to their camp, to meet their superior. Anyone who can fight cedyas just by punching them must surely be a mighty warrior, a champion of their people. Perhaps..... another nations Ferok Kranos, an Eternal Champion? The Ferok Kranos of the Nag Ber'Ek has been missing for decades, through their are rumors that Gred Maret of Varoseg is in possesion of the Brun Zahmah,

When Josnak was told the little brothers had found giants even greater than their big brothers (puruu and elder puruu respectively for the "brothers"), he was sure they were simply exagerating again. Yet he is amazed to see before him a true giant. Its face ends in a huge blade, its eyes red, and its fingers are claws. But it is not hostile, it is not a beast, and it is quite friendly. When it speaks Josnak, he's surprised to hear it speaking almost like a little brother. Only confirmation from a big brother makes him believe that they understand little of what the giant says. After a few days, Josnak has learned, through the aid of the little brothers, that the giant comes from a peaceful land, the Mohoo awawnawne or some such nonsense. To think there is a nation of people such as the giant is incredible. With no time to spare, the young log'ead tells the giant the wishes greatly to see more of his people.
Rolled 3, 20, 7, 6 = 36

The new laccoran Rysars are a huge hit with the Houses. All of them wish to replace the old, expensive system of chemical stimulants with the laccoras. The only problem is getting enough from the badlands. Osuzak, Explorer extrodinaire, is asked to lead the hunting parties that will try to bring back as many laccoras as they can. Despite the recent passing of his beloved Tuktuk in a tragic accident, the old man agrees to show the way through the badlands, for tuktuks sake. Some foolish huntetrs hatch a plan to keep a few lacorras for themselves, to try and breed them, so they need not hunt in the dangerous badlands again after this.

rolling for
Getting the strange warrior to come back to the camp
Josnak going to the Mohu'Awane
Hunting lacorras
Hunters stealing lacorras to start lacorra farming laccoras for lacorras. lacorra lacorra lacorra
bump. Where is everyone today?

How about a question. What nations have proper currency, and has anyone devloped astronomy?
Zartik has few farmers to offer, but they still exist, as indentured farmers to the government. Ruhaj has existed in exile, though ranchers still provide much of the meat to the city. They will join in this alliance, as will the Mikhail, who have their own assassins. "and my shovel!" Clan lovish seems to have been annihilated during the pograms, their peasantry still exists, but the elders and leaders are all gone. Klezmer doesn't like the lack of business and is willing to join in.
The push forward is absolutely delayed by the soundscape emplacements which are slowly ground down and burned. The tunnels in the immediate area are burned out, again full of accursed cedya who make it not small task. The great cathedrals manage to protect the army's flanks well enough, though this is at the cost of their own health, which is getting worse in this horrible land. An increase in patrols ensures that sneak attacks to the rear of the army will be harder, and the emperor better protected. The airships will not be coming, riot has broken out and men kill men. One of them descended flaming into the ground, illuminating the night sky. High in the sky, there is a very personal war being waged. The supply routes benefit from the patrols and increased guard presence, food, armor, drink, and other badly needed supplies begin to make their way to those who need it. This is welcome relief for the troops. Aletas has no time to plan, other then one world written on a sheet of parchment. "BIG."
The warrior bounds off, too quick to catch, his mission not yet done apparently. Josnak has spent several years amongst the Mohu'Awane, and learned all there is to know. He comes back with Gantu tattoos and a fresh out look on life, as well as a delegation of Gantu, numbering in 30, to see the land of these small, but strong folk. Many shocks are had, but a handfull of smaller lacorra are grabbed. TUKTUK! WHAT BECAME OF YOU?! YOUR SWEET SMILE AND TIGHT MOUTH!
Rolled 11

As tension brews in the cold lands of the Korbushka, an offer is extended from the Royal House of Lusiet. Should the mighty Babakushya ever find the fools who oppose her regime to pestilent, the Great Houses would be honored to give their mighty Rysars for a time at her use.

With the airship conscripts committing mutiny, word of their struggle reaches their families in Endaskie, who decide to follow the example of their brave sons and fathers, and drive out the Nag Ber'Ek. The floating city now belongs to the Iosans, but will the shwirms of Endaskie aid them this time? Or must they too be dealt with by fist and fire? Should they gain the aid of the Oamenii of Endaskie, they will surely be able to start a second uprising in the Iosan Provinces. And this time it shall not fail, and the treacherous Aynadee and the cruel Nag Ber'Ek will be cast out, back onto the plains where they belong.

rolling for Endaskie shwirms aiding the new uprising
It begins...not all logeadz are kicked out, but in an night many are beaten, bound and thrown onto transport ships, kicked from their homes. Opressors gone from Endaskie, wheels set in motion.
Zartik is unfortunately under heavy Babakushya surveillance, being the country's top food producer. Lavish is also too far out to declare revolution, they are still too dependent on the capital for resources.
However, Ruhaj has seen the injustice and corruption, and is displeased by it, outraged even. Mikhail's miners also express discontent, because they were oppressed as much as Zartik; but they were more willing to take up arms. Klezmer also lends their sympathy by willing to smuggle resources and weapons to the discontented groups.
Double results again. Silly gms
Rolled 19

A glorious beginning to the revolution. The floating city, the greatest source of airships on the continent, is now in the hands of the Iosans. These log'eadz, once the denizens of the Provinces, the forested lands south of Nag Palka, have been oppressed by the Nag Ber'ek, those log'eadz that came from the plains to found the Tanacs Azseg with the Oamenii. Their conquest was carried out by mighty Spack Jarrew, scout, interpeter, and chieftain. Some of the Iosans turned to their new masters, and became the Aynadee, Traitors in the tongue of the Iosans. When the great city of Endaskie emerged from the collection of floating lubs that dotted the skies of Iosan Provinces, many Iosans fled their homeland to be free of their oppressors in the sky. Yet, the Nag Ber'Ek followed them there as well, and kept the floating city from leaving the Tanacs Azseg. But now they are free. Free to create a great fleet of airships with which to support their brothers in the coming revolution. That fleet shall be built as the foolish Nag Ber'ek fight their war, draining themselves and their allies. Then the floating city shall strike. Za svobodo en slavo

Rolling for beginning construction of a great fleet

Well, the Iosans, free from their oppressors, got busy. Soon enough, a dozen airships were built, a dozen more in the coming couple of weeks. They shall make their own paradise, in this floating island!

And an event, just for you and Korobushka:
The rebellion of the Iosans was not unheard of in the assassin circles and the seedy underbelly of cities. Eventually, the word reaches the ear of a Korobushkan Klezmer merchant, one that is in support of the rebellion. Now the Kossiks have received word that rebellion is fomenting in the floating city of the Tanacs Azseg; what will they do? Will they see this as the time to rebel? Will they lend a hand to their brothers of revolution? Will the Iosan brothers support the uprising in Korobushka?
I hope I'm not too late to get back into this...

I hope I haven't run things to contrary to what you'd like. I've been handling the whole of the Tanacs Azseg. You now have an Emperor and a Prince. We're fighting a war with the geists

Yes, I'm back! I'm fine with the Emperor/Prince thing, and nor do I mind the war. Just give me some time to read the archives, I'm still on the first of these three threads...
Sure thing. See ya later. I'm off to the dentist. The guys in IRC might be able to help ya

...The Kindle never seems to like trying to use the IRC, but I'll try. See ya.

The retreating forces reinforce the Ifal Fa defensive network of tunnels and burrows. The alterations to the soundscape ensure the forces at least a momentary respite, before the inevedable second clash with the GAC forces. Last moment soundscape alterations are made, in forms of ditches and trenches of altered soundscape, that, theoretically, would funnel the approaching forces into bottle necks, where the melee cedyas could block their advancement, while the ranged forces continue to pummel them with acid.
In addition, the remaining flying cedyas continue their harassment attacks against the enemy, flying high over their camps and formations, spraying acids and dropping all kinds of vile things to their ranks.

The Raider forces continue to do what they can to continue to harass the flanks of the enemy, though the added patrols make this increasingly difficult. They attempt to learn the patrol schedules and routes of the enemy, so that they can attack just in the opportune moments. In addition, they also do their best to set up traps and ambushes for any patrols or supply convoys, so that they could be eliminated.

Section 2 is focusing all of its efforts on cedya production now, in order to make up for the losses from the last fight. Based on the reports from the field, few basic improvements are put into the newly made melee cedya forces, so that they could be more effective in their role. Sub dermal shell plating is added, along with more numerous lacorra cysts and the number of close combat spore glands are increased. The first upgrade aims to improve their resilience against the weaponry of the enemy, while the last two hopefully will make them more deadly in combat.
File: 1371485735888.png-(904 KB, 1600x2000, Ligean reborn.png)
904 KB
904 KB PNG
Rolled 2, 4, 1, 1, 4, 16, 19, 2, 4, 12 = 65


Researchers of section 10 continue their efforts to understand the fuel and the fire itself. (Heat isn't actually a new concept for the Ifal Fa, they have records of the glass forges and so on. However, they haven't had a change to encounter fire or any other significant source of heat in a long time.)

>The Ligean walks!

Rolling for: (10 rolls)
Reinforcing the defensive lines.
Altering the soundscape to form bottlenecks where the enemy would be vulnerable.
Continued bombarding runs of the flying cedyas.
The efforts of the raiders.
How quickly the cedya losses can be replaced.
Adding improvements to the next patches of melee cedyas. (3 rolls, sub dermal plating, additional lacorra cysts, and additional spore glands.)
Researching fuel and fire.
The Deployment of the Ligean.

>Dem rolls.

Aw shit! Well, hopefully, the Ligean will be able to turn this shit around, fast.
Some thematic music.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kE-gh1lEus
oh god, the titan lives, we are so fucked
Woaah, welcome back! Haven't seen you around! Feel free to run Oamenii if you'd like. Currently, there's a rebellion in TA and Korobushka, and also the war between TA and the Lufae splinter, Ifal Fa.
The smell of burning meatgrass is a delicious thing in the crisp morning air. Oh how the Grokuf loves it. Not the least because it means he can finally move his soldiers forward, and destroy the infernal city of the demon-geists. He hefts his hammer. It has not tasted the blood of a geist in a fortnight, so busy has Hecer been leading his men in this war. Before these geists die, they will wet his hammer once more, if the Grokuf can get away from the annoying Emperor. If the old fool as much experience in leading an actual battle as he does in planning a war.

As the mayor-chief of Nag Palka tries to slip into a fight now and then, the GAC moves through the now cleared lands, laid to waste by the remaining grinders and flamer teams. The Legion leads the way still, its fresh soldiers ready to face battle, cruncha hounds at the fore, a phalanx of steady spearmen behind them.

Any sickness of the Cathedrals is an immediate concern for their Tender caretakers. The clans that have brought the mighty beasts take a hint from the rest of the army, using their cloaks as impromptu masks to keep out the spores of the meatgrass. Their size and armor makes them very useful for protecting the flanks, and of course their mighty jaws can crush even the largest of the cedyas the geists send at them. And if the stories of a few motogangers are to be believed, the the might of the great beasts will be needed, for a giant monster heads towards the army. Those same motogangers are told to go kill the monster themselves, for everyone else is sure they are exagerrating as the raiders are wont to do. Taking the jeers to heart, the raiders ride on ahead of the army, their great bows taut, and savage lances ready, and hefty axes shaprened for battle. Whoever gets first blood has claim to the skull of the monster, if it even has one, and if the warrior who makes first blood lives the fight.
Rolled 15, 6, 8, 5, 19 = 53

With the defences cleared, the grinders return to the rear, tearing it up as they follow the army. A shipment of siwari grass has even come in, and the grinder drivers reluctantly start spreading it behind them, sure that, this far into the soundscape, nothing can grow. A bet from an Elenii serving with the army has one grinder desperately hoping that is true, lest he lose his next beer ration.
rolling fer
Advancing on the ifal fa city
Slaying any of the conventional geist forces
Keep the cathedral healthy
Motos hitting the Liegan (just a test of how strong it is)
Grindng stuff behind the army
This is the end game. The war is drawing to a close. My offer for your people to flee in safety still stands nad. If your Ifal Fa run, not a single portion of my army will pursue them

The encounter with the violent cave dwelling ferals causes the Lufae to send troupes of warriors to subdue and pacify these natives, so that they may eventually join the fold as Lupai's children.

The Kafalites are shamed by the showcase of the guardians, fearing that they may have been over anxious to display them openly. The pilots will be trained further, before the next display will be had.

During these weeks, the envoy of the Ifal Fa finally arrive to the lands of the Lufae.
They are escorted to meet the king, so that the relationship between the two nations could be settled.

An call is sent to both the Eleni, and the Tanag'azeg, to inform them that the Lufae have formed a diplomatic connection to the Ifal Fa, and that there may still be an option for peace.

>The Deal.

Rolling for:
Subduing the feral cave dwellers.
Further training of the pilots (3 rolls)
Seeing how quickly the Lufae forces advance to the Ifal Fa borders.

Oh, this is far from over.
Rolled 9, 1, 6, 2, 13 = 31


Forgot muh rolls.
Rolled 13, 12, 4, 7, 10 = 46


While the pack waits for Alel, and the other members of the pack to prepare, Thaka decides to aid the locals in hunting down the outsider slavers. He sees it as a payment for the care the denizens of Amay Jata showed to his flock.

He also sends scouts to map out the local areas, so that the maps of Neta Daan could be kept up to date. Of course, they also question the locals for any information of the surrounding lands.

Alel's leg is being tended to the best of the ability of Dai, the local healer. She tries to use the ancestral healing methods her mother taught her, in tending these sorts of internal injuries.

Meanwhile, Sima continues to meditate, and write down her visions, so that the Oracle could see them when the time comes.

Rolling for:
Hunting down slavers.
Mapping the local area.
Continued treatment of Alel.
Sima writing down her visions.
Overall, seeing how long the pack has to remain in Amay Jata.
File: 1371494763862.png-(798 KB, 800x600, Lufae and the exiles terr(...).png)
798 KB
798 KB PNG

Also, just a reminder, the first proper fight, from which the Geists retreated, wasn't even their actual defensive line yet. It was the outward defensive positions just beyond the yellow line here (The altered soundscape).
Their strongest defenses in their lands proper, the tunnel networks and burrows and so on. They still have their forces there, their gun emplacements etc. Though the rolls to reinforce them weren't so good, they didn't just disappear.

As I said, this is far from over. Your doods won't march to Hikir Nu, (Not that they even know where it is) before fighting trough hordes of cedyas and geist warchoirs before that.
The defensive lines are on their own, their own supply lines being harassed by motogangers, albeit, more slowly. The soundscape alters no further, but does begin to emit more spores. The soundscape of this area has become infused with the cedya organisms, a new and horrible hybrid. the GAC defends themselves well against the flying cedya bombing runs, and even manages to shoot down more of the pests. The raiders were slain to a warrior, and no further raiding will be undertaken. The cedya's lost will not be easily replaced, and soon the cheaper "abominations" are fielded en mass, while salvageable cedyas are repaired. The new melee cedyas are much more armored, and arc violently with bio electric lacorra cysts, but the additional material prevents new spore glands. The lufae understand that the fuel burns, and is useful, but beyond that there is not much else. the Ligean is first sighted by the motogangs, but many of them are cut down as it casually makes it's way towards the battlefront.
Both the Ifal Fa and GAC have taken heavy losses, but the army has managed to push forward despite hunger, and increasingly poor health due to the soundscape in this area. Those who attempted to eat it outright threw up and a few died. Otherwise, the commanders are confident this war will be over, one way or another in the coming days. The Geist forces continue to be evasive, with only those who were brave or foolish enough to raid too deeply into the GAC lines taken down. the Cathedrals will not be able to push further into the territory without further illness and possible death, it is simply becoming too hostile to life. Those motos who attempted to attack the Titan are killed, and do not return. The swampy ground of the Ifal fa home territory slows them down too much to flee easily, and very few return home. The grinders are managing to grind quite well, and the territory around the TA homelands is slowly begining to return to normalcy. There is hope.
The cave dwellers are savage and wild, they are predators, and their songs are one of hunger and struggle. The armored geists, strange though they are, are subdued easier, perhaps due to a higher degree of reason. The "Ghouls" those who wear sheded flesh and have long arms and legs seem to be without mind. Driven by a cannibalistic hunger. Behind them are hounds that half crawl and half slither along the ground leaving trails of drool, a parody of their own beasts. The Pilots all struggle to prepare, with the leader apparently going into a coma and being unmovable from the pod without a fear for loss of life or mind. The guardian speaks with one mixed voice for now, and it is confused. The Lufae coup force advances into ifal fa territory quickly and without too much issue, not being detected.
Slavers are found, and slain in quick order. They had with them several geists from an unknown land, claiming to be exiles of the Ifal Fa, those who would wander the soundscape and meditate upon the messages it would have. Captured and dragged half way across the "world", they are now free and in the service of their rescuer. The rest were schwrims and a few puruu. A crude but effective map is made on wood tablets. Alel's leg is still quite broken, but nothing has gotten worse at least, though she was irritated by being poked at. Sima's visions are documented in fragments. It may be time to for the pack to move on in the coming days. Alel will have to make due.
Rolled 2, 8 = 10

Should I roleplay the Gantu?

Much of the metal that Mikhail mines is instead granted to Klezmer, who donate it to the resistance. The army of Korobushka is bigger than ever, and the revolutionaries must be prepared for an open conflict. Chovaitedushyas are armed, becoming weapon platforms for archers, rock and spear throwers, all kinds of crazy crap. They are then protected with the finest armour, and the real dusya are kitted out as well. Armoured for the coming war.

In the meantime, Babakushya puts more of her plans into motion, at all the railroad stops that stop in foreign lands, she posts a guard of Castigars (for defense of course, can't have any problems with the Klezmer bazaars).
Also, a map of the railroad? I don't want to make it too big and step on any toes, so any general outline of the thing would be appreciated, unless that will be left up to me. Though if I do that, I will need some idea as to the borders of each nations.

Rolling for:
1. resistance efforts to create war wagons
2. how is the troops in the bazaars and train stations viewed by the korobushka trade partners, as a hostile act or an understandable security measure?
Roleplay the gantu if you want man. And I have a surprise for you

As the Korobushkans prepare to overthrow their masters, the Iosans hear of the brewing conflict, and feel a kinship. The sneak two dozen large haulers through to the reistance. Mighty grinders are they, a new pattern that was made for the wear. Covered in armor, mounted with a pair of flamers atop, and a fearsome array of blades and rollers in front, they are a gift from brothers in revolt.
File: 1371502853269.gif-(827 KB, 290x199, MFW+firefighters.+Any+oth(...).gif)
827 KB
827 KB GIF
The resistance doesn't know how these outsiders heard of their plight, but they are most thankful for the gifts. Perhaps now will be the time to finally wage war on Babakushya.
File: 1371503160862.jpg-(307 KB, 835x1200, adrian_smith_khorne_marine.jpg)
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307 KB JPG
Defences? Hostile territory? According to our measurments of the continent, it can't be more than a day or twos march from the edge of your lands to your precious Hikir Nu. I don't care how much you have, because I have more. Where you have advanced biotechnology, you also possess a woefully inefficient agricultural process, and woeful numbers. I command a host of cities, a mighty nation with great industrial output. I outnumber you. I can outlast you. Even if by some miracle I cannot breach your defences, I will not allow you to leave the confines of your precious city. And I'm getting closer to Hikir Nu. Not even your precious titan will save you, blind little wyrm

Oh boy, here we go...

I will say this, Bronze. Don't underestimate the Ifal Fa in their homefront. They are sneaky and clever. Dangerous and vicious. This will not be so clean cut. It will be like removing a tick from soft flesh. They will not go quietly.
File: 1371503610864.jpg-(179 KB, 1024x641, Flame-thrower3.jpg)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
You know how you can safely remove a tick? You use fire.
File: 1371503749170.png-(522 KB, 1000x1000, Darkest hour.png)
522 KB
522 KB PNG

This is the moment of truth.
The War Singers sing their choirs of war, commanding the remaining cedya hordes to defensive positions. Within the burrows, the geist warriors sing their prayers to Lupai, and the ancestors, so that they may endure this coming trial. The weapons are readied, and the warriors lie in wait for the hated enemies.
Above the hordes, the massive Ligean stands, a towering testament to the Divine will of Lupai. The massive flute fins on it's shoulders are used to amplify the command song, so that it may reach the whole battlefield.
Today, the Kafasha shall be bathed in blood.

This time, the Ifal Fa will allow the foes to come to them. As the first hated machines of the GAC reach the horizon, the anti armor warriors prepare. The vehicles will be coaxed to approach the fire-lines, and when they do, they will be blasted with acid filled spines, and electric arcs.
The melee hordes of the enemy, will be bombarded with both the flying cedyas, as well as the globber artillery, until they reach the range of the gun emplacements, upon which they bodies of the foes shall be sundered with lightning, spikes and even more acid. Only when the foes are within few dozen meters, shall the charge of the abominations, and other disposable cedyas begin, imedeatly followed by the improved melee warriors. The Ligean itself, shall become a god of death, it's 3 massive acid cannons launching globs of caustic slime at the ranks of the enemy, while the numerous tentacles from it's mouth will snatch any enemy coming too close to a gruesome death. It's talons shall shred the vehicles and warriors alike. It will hold the line.
And in the chaos, as always, the geists shall move, striking at the most important targets with acid and thunder, and disappearing to the shadows as fast as they struck.
Rolled 13, 14, 5, 16, 5, 18, 17, 14, 14, 9, 18, 11, 1, 11 = 166

In Hikir Nu, all resources are put to producing more cedya warriors, and supplies for the warriors. Nothing is of equal importance.

However, now is the moment for the Coven of Striking Claw to make their move.
The Covert Lufae warhost is granted an entrance to the city, and they are led by a team of elite operators of section 5. Like shadows, they move swiftly trough the labyrinthine tunnels of Hikir Nu, seizing every vital installation, ranging from the cedya growing facilities, to the emils pools. Before the other covens even know it, the coup is already in motion.

At the same time, as agreed with the King, the riders of the Lufae begin hauling supplies and cargo to the Ifal Fa lands. Flying high, out of sight of the songless of their lost kin alike, they will bring food, weaponry, equipment and even few precious biosuits, to ensure that their lost siblings shall endure long enough for the King to succeed in his plans.

Rolling for: (14 rolls)
Final moment's preparations.
Destroying any forward moving vehicles.
Air bombardment.
Globber bombardment.
Support fire from the gun burrows.
Meatshield wave.
Melee warrior wave.
The effectiveness of the Ligean's shooting.
Ligean's melee.
The Geist warriors eliminating priority targets.
Producing reinforcements and supplies. (2 rolls)
The coup.
How quickly the supply drops reach the Ifal Fa.

>nat 1 for the coup.

Aw shit. It seems that the plan of the Striking Claw is gonna implode to their face.

Perfect for my plans actually.
I have a grand story to tell. A story, of reunification, and history repeating itself.
The forward scouts are dead. Whatever is brewing in the heart of these strange lands must be the pitiful army the geists have put together. The Grokuf returns to the Emperor, to plan their course of attack. The steely Legion will be anvil of the Grand Army of the Council. A wall of spears and shields, backed by citizen soldiers from the various cities of the Tanacs Azseg. Behind them, archers ready their great bows, bolts ready to tear the sky asunder with their numbers. The Vukad stand on the flanks, hammers held high and war chants on their lips, a great bloodbath is coming and today is a good day to die. When the enemy hits the Legion, they will sweep around and pin them to their shwirm friends. The few motos left are ready to die, their engines burning hot and their bloods just as heated. Flamer teams ready their fuel tanks, check their hoses, and march to their places. A risk stategy, courtesy of the Grokuf, is to have them stand behind the Legion, and angle their nozzles into the air, to create a rain of fire.

A small force, forty Vukad, sixty legionaries, and thirty motogangers, is readying itself to slay the Titan. If they fail, the only things that can stop the monster will be the flamers and the cathedrals.
Rolled 1, 7, 4, 6, 13, 19, 19, 15 = 84

Despite the risk, the cathedrals are being brought up. Every scrap of available cloth is being used to make giant masks to encompass the whole of their faces. Their bulk, their indomitable wills, and their impervious shells could very well turn the tide of this battle.

A message from the Emperor orders Prince Aletas to send the rest of his forces. Only the convoy guards and the town guards will remain behind. And Aletas himself, lest the Emperor and Prince both die if things turn for the worst

May these warriors show the brutal cunning of Krom, and the cunning brutality of Krog, and the unbending will of Old One Eye


The Legions shield wall
Vukad flanking
Archers volleys
Motos attacks
Flamer tactic
Slaying the Titan
The Cathedrals
File: 1371509286826.jpg-(11 KB, 300x151, jeje____the_pig_is_dead_b(...).jpg)
11 KB
Just as when I first fought the blung, tis not the might of the masses, but the bravery of a few, the strength of the cathderals, and fiery courage that shall see this day through

Also, THE TITAN IS DEAD (please?)
How about a little something besides war now, eh?

Though the Lusietry Wazeias top has cracked, this only inspires the architects in charge of its construction to reach higher. However, an edict from the King requires the currently severed top of the Wazeia to remain in the water, a monument to humble the people. Fortunately, the new marble quarry seems endless, and work continues to raise the lighthouse higher and higher. In fact, work has so far postponed construction on various palaces, the king wishes his own palace to encompass the Lusietry Wazeia. The various houses grumble at this arrogance though.

The success in hunting laccoras has produced only a few of the new Laccoran Rysars. To truly acheive the numbers needed to refit every Rysar in Siemas, or indeed in all of Nod, many hundreds more of the electric worms must be aquirred. The few currently in stock that are not already power Rysars are being put in large, muddy pens, with great quantities of raw meat, and plenty of farmhands to keep them from escaping through the fences. Hopefully they can't start fires... can they?

Rolling for
Building the Lusietyr Wazeia part three: money never sleeps
Building the Royal palace around the Lusietry Wazeia
Laccorra farming
Rolled 1, 10, 14 = 25

aaaand I forgot my rolls
A cold breeze from across the world rolls off the mountain of ill fortune; Kanuba. The accursed wind wraps around the proud yet broken Lusietyr Wazeia and whispers it's death. From the sky comes a great flaming chunk of space debris. It impacts solidly into the base of the spire and sends the rest toppling over. The engineers feel a sense of absolute defeat until they realize there is something within the smouldering crater. ((roll a 1d20 to see if the heavens have anything as a consolation prize))
The base of the royal palace survives the impact, and no one is hurt. Lacorra farms breed many new little critters, and there is power...glorious power.
im going to wait for nad on this one to see what the titan does then give you two something between them both. I like your style, but you two have no communicated too well between each other.
Rolled 9

I was mostly just acting out the rage of the log'eadz. To be honest, I've become fairly confused on how far I've gotten into the lands of the Ifal Fa. Given the size of the lands they hold, and the nature of medieval warfare, I'm just having a bit of trouble imagining that a large army won't have already begun to close on a city at the center of what looks, to the map measurments, to be a 120 km long nation. A few days march. Of course, we've also been unclear on just how close the "abandoned towns" are to the ifal fa border. My original understanding was that they were right on the border, but now I'm learning that nad considers them to be quite a bit father away. I'd appreciate it if we both got a real sense of how far my army has gotten, and where my fortified towns are.

Of course, this huge ass battle just might make all that irrelevant. Or the lufae might just offer a generous enough peace treaty to make all that irrelevant too.
The titan already made a move here >>25493101. I'd think it's safe to say it tore up the Legion shieldwall before subcumming to the strike-force, and the overwhelming numbers around it.
Rolled 12, 9, 2, 10, 11, 1, 12, 3 = 60

From the glass porthole of the cramped cabin, the Ent pilot saw the motos zoomed pass towards the sea of fungal warriors. Filius, pumped the petals and cracked the two control columns. The mechanical armored flora laboriously walked. The heavy front armor would soak the damage from the cedya soliders, but one smart hit would crack the Ent wide open. Above Filius, Calolas mixed and stuck the chemical tubes into the right funnels. Glass piped into lead and tin, and the mech continued rolling.

From across the battlefield, an acid spray slashed the window blinding the pilot. "I get see them, I can't see THEM," Filius yelled at his co-pilot. Calolas reached into the off panel and brought out a cedya neutralizer. Lifting the hatch from the vehicle's head, Calolas threw the vial against the window. The acid slid harmlessly down the vehicle but the damage had already been done. The window was cracked in a hundred splinters. In an angry groan, Filius let go of the controls and punched the porthole clear.

They kept advancing into the cedya, a foolhardy drive. The first Thrall the pilots meet sprayed the Ent in noxious spores. Filius brought up the great arm of the Ent before the noxious death could touch his cockpit. The arm came down on the Thrall's head ending the melee. After the combat Filius labored breathing in the cedya air. Hearing the ragged breathing Calolas said, "Put on the mask, stop looking for fights. We have to turn back now."
"I can sleep when I'm dead," he said cocking his thumb, "You're talking to Brownie Filius, baddest pilot in Gormal. As long as I'm vertical and ventilating, we go on." Another Thrall beat on the Ent, and Filius sent it flying to the ground. That's when they heard it, the roar of a hucking monster. The roaring Thrasher charged at the log'head infantry. Filius spitting insults and threats, drove the vehicle into overdrive and charged the monster. The Ent crashed into the Thrasher halting it in its tracks. Bringing its fore legs against the chest of the Ent, The Thrasher toppled the Ent.

Inside the cockpit, the cedya spores covered Filius, his body horribly scared within seconds. Single-mindedly he drove the head of the Ent into the head of the Thrasher. Calolas threw open the hatch again, tranquilizer in one hand, cedya neutralizer in the other. He threw both against the monster's head. With the death screams of a thousand shwrims, it shrieked in irritation. Confused it wandered away.

Calolas looked down at his co-pilot saying, "Filius, you're going to be fine." The burns on his body would never heal, and without attention the flesh would turn gangrene. Worst, Filius was going into shook. "Filius you're not allowed to die. Just mix the chems I tell you, I'll pilot the Ent." Filius groaned his response. Calolas dragged Filius into his seat, and then sat at the controls resting his boots and the petals. Calolas got the Ent on its belly and began crawling back to their allied forces. Calolas could only operate the arms grabbing the wild meatgrass in the vehicle's hook hands.
"Just a bit more, just one last hurdle before relative safety," Calolas said. And then, they heard the monstrous roar of the Thrasher. Its head was quickly recovering from the irritation. The Thrasher stomped the vehicle's back. Calolas paniced, "I can't see THEM!"

Filius croaked, "Roll." Calolas pulled the control sticks hard and the Ent flipped. The Thrasher brought his fore leg on the vehicles arms. The shamble muscles stained against the overwhelming Thrasher weight. Filius coughed and croaked into the cockpit, "Calolas, you did good. But this Ent doesn't have the strength anymore. It's getting too hard to breath."

"I'll never find as good a friend as you," Calolas told him, "Until we meet again in the dreamtime."

"Until then..." The Thrasher crushed the vehicle's cockpit underfoot, and charged against the Tancas Azseq forces.
The war wagons are hard to make, because Babakushya has upped the surveillance all around the country. Meanwhile, the rising number of Castigar guards is seen as a comparatively normal act- but it does not alleviate the foreigners' worry.

The war singers' preparation was more than adequate, with emergency measures thought up and rationed. With Ligean's help, scores of the songless' vehicles were destroyed. The flying cedyas did little against the hardy foe, but globs of acid broke their ranks. The gun burrows were too quickly made, and was overrun; but the wave of meat quickly retook them. Then, melee Geists opened up on the outsider ranks, coming from the meat shields; surprise is their weapon, and many were felled. Ligean smashed and tore its way into the enemy forces, while the Geist warriors strike into dangerous targets. Reinforcements and supplies come from Hikir Nu, eager for battle.
Meanwhile, what was supposed to be a covert mission by the Striking Claws turned overt; sabotage turned into an all-out battle within the tunnels. Although many structures were damaged, almost all the war host is dead.
The supplies were delivered just before the sabotage attacks, and were delivered into the front lines; this throws off suspicion of who did the attacks, but doubts still linger in the mind of the paranoid Ifal Fa.
The shield wall succumbs to the meat wall and the might of Ligean; Vukad tries to flank, but were intercepted by melee geists. The archers' volleys did not do enough damage to the wave of cedya and geists; much less so against the hulking form that is Ligean. The motos valiantly charge forward, many doing kamikaze runs against the biggest cedya troopers; but ultimately, their numbers were too small to do justice to the masses. It was at this critical moment when the strike force saw a break in the titan's defenses; they rushed forward, while Ligean crushes their comrades underfoot. Flamers were ignited, and scores of cedya lit up; the motoriders' kamikaze attacks left more than just scrap metal and bodies. The titan is now encircled in flames, still striking against the dwindling numbers of the strike force that tries to fell the great beast. From behind the wall of flames, several large forms burst through; it was the Cathedral riders, charging at Ligean's feet. The mighty charge was followed by Prince Aletas' reinforcements, and they manage to make the titan fall. The remaining strike force then struck hard, making Ligean eat several motos loaded with explosives. The detonation is seen by both sides, and heard as far as Korobushkan lands (thanks to the soundscape's properties).

The titan Ligean seems to be in its death throes...
The arc-horns seems to be big a big hit to foreign investors. Galate power could be the next big advancement in production and engineering. If they had enough of it. At the moment, there is no greater production of power then what the lacorra give by themselves. The platform must be engineered to soak the Galate energy gradually, so that it does not overload. The lacorra are not the best means of portable sources of Galate power either. So the new platform design will incorporate a battery sink to create a charging station, and to avoid overloading the system. While this is being done, Nod has commissioned the Galate Power Association, to start threading the Galate conduits around and between Nod's major cities.

Larien trys convincing the curious Kafalite priest, that they wish to be converted into their worship. So that they may be taught Lupei's song and shaping of the Kafalite, her divine manifestation. Elsewhere Lewne gets acquitted with his new position as assistant-overseer to the Cochen Mine in Durial. He must thank his friend for his reference. For now he looks over Cochen's annual raw mineral report.

After buthering and stripping the sea-monster, Teison relents and opens the stores. The crew drank their troubles, while the ship anchored in a shallow sand trap. Grish looked into the eyes of the seamonster more than once since the attack. It had almost shallowed him whole in the first few seconds of the battle. He had not forgotten. Covered in that many blades, dead or not the head of the creature was still scary.

As the DreamTrader traveled further south the temperature dropped. The crew started wearing the thicker cloaks and staying inside more often than not while off duty. The Log'head Rum helped numb the cold out, but not that much. Soon enough, a rain storm turned into hail, dropping small pellets of ice on their heads.
Rolled 13, 18, 5, 8, 7, 1, 16, 19 = 87


Rolling (8 rolls)
1) the improved lacorra platform
2) new lacorra batteries
3) creating an Galate Power Infrastructure
4) Larien convincing the priest of her good intentions
5) Cochen Minerals yield of raw ore
6) Cochen Minerals variety of minerals
7) The DawnTrader discovering new creatures
8) The DawnTrader discovering new land
Rolled 20, 1 = 21


Cedyas aren't easy things to kill.
Rolling to see if the Ligean recovers and if it goes berserk.


The divine form of the Ligean cannot be sundered by mortal blows!
The new lacorra platform is made; it is more structurally sound, and coated in fireproof wax. Now it can start funneling power from the lacorra fields! Using gold, copper and carbon, and some lacorra juice, a kind of battery is made. It stores electricity by utilizing the metals' affinity to Galate, which was only found recently; but somehow, they did not think about using them to transport Galate energy in wires.
Meanwhile, the priest is more interested in learning Larien's religion and ideology, so he refused to teach his religion until he learns Larien's culture more.
Cochen turns out to be of moderate yield, but only of one metal: iron.
Meanwhile, the Dawn Trader sees plenty of new creatures, from jelly-like things that swim, and some cedya-like creatures thriving on the few icebergs that float by. Soon, it encounters a very solid coast of ice; they have reached the southern ice cap. There they noted of a great form encased deep in the ice; what it is is beyond their grasp.
(it's the third cedya titan that floats to the south pole currents; it had become the point where the ice cap gained hold. Without the titan, there would be a smaller ice cap)

>dat nat 20 and nat 1 in one post
Ligean's 'death throes' were anything but; it was the emergency measures starting to fire up in the titan's body. Flesh Singer observers noted that it went into an emergency 'coma', where it still lives, but will form a protective shell out of cedya-material around its body, until it self-repairs. They will have to quickly move in the melee and retake the sleeping Titan before it is damaged, which they fear will activate its berserk mode.
(dun dun dunnn!)
I figured the war started at your capital and you worked your way north west, grinding and slaying. Sort of like streets of rage, the enemies and territory became progressively more difficult. When you hit the altered soundscape you hit Ifal Fa territory proper, and have been in the thick of it now, fighting something resembling ww1 meets medieval war. Trenches, bunkers, and charges.
-_- all my manly tears for the steadfast warriors of unnamed ent, in unnamed battle.
damn fine GMing
Could you elaborate a bit on these results.
Do you mean that the titan cocooned itself or something?

Cause that doesn't really make sense to me, given that the roll it got for recovering was nat 20, the best possible result. The berserking roll was to see if the natural instincts of the titan would overcome the control the Ifal Fa had over it, due to the damage it sustained. The nat 1 would imply that they didn't.

I was leaving for work when I made those rolls, so I couldn't be as elaborate with the descriptions as I liked.

In any case I just guess that the cocooning thing came kinda out of nowhere for me, seeing that the rolls I got were pretty much the best possible outcome. I appreciate the results regardless.
File: 1371535322115.png-(15 KB, 648x392, building scribble.png)
15 KB
Rolled 19, 16 = 35

News that that the interrogators killed the Yapap settlers' elder wasn't such a big deal in the small village, but there was a bit of a feeling that this was part of the thing that they tried to leave. Perhaps this sort of thing should be punished.

The settlers are told that the Nakytjawarem had come out here to escape what the Yapap have become, and if they could accept their laws, they'd be able to join them.

Rolling for judgement on the severity of punishment for killing the captive elder, and for absorbing the Yapap fragment.

Picture is an example of their architecture, if you could call it that. Just timber frames filled with hammocks, nets, and nests. I didn't feel like filling the inside.
Semi-cocooning happened, basically it went into a hyper-regenerative state that didn't respond to Ifal Fa control. It could go into the berserk trance if it is damaged, so the singers thought.

So what's happening now is, the titan's starting to form protective tendrils around its fallen body in order to initiate repair. It didn't go berserk, yet it is still cut off from the control of the Ifal Fa.

Ok. I have a question though. What would the result have been if the rolls had been, for example, 14 and 7?

I am just really wondering the scope of these rolls.

One thing I just noticed.
The Lufae forces the striking claw coven led, weren't there to sabotage anything. Their goal was to seize critical facilities, and prevent a potential mutiny against the military leaders of the Ifal Fa.
Ah, I see, then change sabotage to seizing.
If it's that, the Titan would be dead, but some samples could be salvaged. The 7 makes it controllable, just before its death.

Thanks. Things are much clearer now.
I will make an update with relevant rolls once I get home from work.
The killers were apprehended, and some even came by their own accord out of guilt; and thus they were decapitated, their bodies thrown into the spawning pool while their heads are kept alive and stored in a 'jail' for some time, so they can atone for what they've done. This is supported by almost all of the villagers, and the Yapap fragment even respects the Nakytjawarem now that they have a good solid kind of law. They are now in full cooperation with the Nakytjawarem, and wishes to join the tribe.

The fall of the Ligean leaves the geist warriors in a momentary, shock, but fortunately, the War signers are quick to act. Witnessing the regeneration process of the Ligean starting, they immediately direct cedya warriors to secure the titan, along with elite geist troopers, equipped with biosuits and heavy weaponry. Heavy globber bombardment will be directed just beyond the site where the titan fell, in order to prevent the foes from trying to assault the being.
The fresh cedya reinforcements are sent into the fray, to keep the foes tied in the deadly melee, while the support fire from ranged forces will continue to thin the ranks of the songles.
With most of the motos destroyed, the anti armor forces begin targeting the heavily armored cathedrals, launching acid filled spikes to their thick hides. In addition, small swarmers also target these mighty beasts, using their size, and agility to strike their poison stingers to eyes, and exposed joints.
The geist warriors press their advantage of surprise against the Vukad. Using short range acid, spore and toruz weaponry, they will incapacitate and confuse their foes, before attacking them in melee, using their heavy tipped spears, and claw gauntlets to push trough and rip apart the armors of the enemy.
File: 1371564694777.png-(99 KB, 1000x800, Ifal Fa warrior.png)
99 KB
Rolled 7, 7, 19, 15, 19, 6, 11, 9, 7, 6 = 106

The Ligean itself, will regenerate in time, but time is a valued resource. Even as the Ligean itself is being secured, the flying cedyas are used to carry containers full of blood of ligean, which will be used to speed up the regeneration process.

In Hikir Nu, the coup attempt of Striking Claw has come to a grinding standstill. The Lufae forces, not accustomed to tunnel fighting, took heavy losses while seizing the critical facilities, mostly from guards loyal to other covens, and the occasional cedya thrall. However, the situation is still quite confused, and the Striking Claw may still have one change left to act. The other covens do not know what is going on, which is the advantage the leading coven of section 5 is going to utilize. The critical facilities will be guarded as well as they can be, while the remaining, elite warriors, along with the Elite guard of section 5 itself, will capture the other members of the Witch Coven.

Rolling for: (10 rolls)
Cedya warriors seizing the Ligean.
Biosuit raiders defending the Ligean.
Continued globber bombardment.
Tieing up the enemy ranks with the fresh reinforcements.
Continued supporting fire.
Killing the Cathedrals.
Slaying the Vukad.
How quickly the Ligean heals.
Boosting the Ligean's regeneration with the blood.
Continued coup attempt.
Rolled 6, 10, 11, 7, 10, 3, 16, 14 = 77

With the titan down, the rest of the army has a moment to breathe. The strike force will try their best to dismember the titan, and the cathedrals are being regrouped for another charge. As for Aletas's reinforcements, they will form a new shield wall, one that can hopefully stand against the onlsaught this time. Four flamer teams move up to help the strike force end the threat of the titan once and for all, for where blade and hammer cannot destroy the titan, perhaps cleansing flame shall work. Continued volleys from the archers rain down, now focusing on the area around the titan, to buy enough time for the strike force to kill it. All the other flamer teams remain in position, unleashing torrents of flame over the heads of the broken shield wall.

As the battle rages, the Emperor makes a risky decision. The citizen soldiers have been held back, their discipline untested, their valor questionable. Yet now is a desperate time. They are ordered to move and push on the left flank. A great, broad fist to put pressure on the cedyas and geists.

Motos are being regrouped as well, for a second charge, on the right flank. Behind them will come the cathedrals once again, and behind the cathedrals will be the Vukad. Just like the first Battle of the Blung, when a charge cathedrals, followed by the chieftains and their guards, smashed the blung horde for victory. The Grokuf hopes that same tactic will win the day here, lest this battle drag on longer. The day stretches on, and blood pools on the meatgrass. Warriors swing, jab and hurl their weapons. All the while, the meatgrass drinks and eats like never before.

rolling for
Dismembering the titan
Burning the titan (limited effect)
Keeping the strikeforce safe with arrows
Reforming the shield wall
Pushing on the left flank
The Charge of the Right Flank(three parts, first motos, then cathedrals, then Vukad)
Rolled 9, 4, 5, 8 = 26

The mighty city of Lusiet has been humbled. Their Wazeia is not meant to be. Several of the great houses abandon their projects for palaces in Lusiet, opting to move out Mnjieg on lake Reka, or Sadzawka to the north. They are now afraid for the fortunes of Lusiet, the spirits seeming to now condem the city The Royal palace will be built around the fallen chunks of the Wazeia, little gardens sprouting around them, testaments to the capricious will of fate. Workers investigate the base of the Wazeia, to examine the great rock that has shattered it. ( I rolled for getting something good from the meteor here>>25498547)

With the great houses moving out to the lesser cities of Siemas, the royal house tries to raise up the lower houses to replace them, to ensure that the fall of Lusiets fortunes do not become a self-fulfilling prophecy. To help restore its wealth, mine shafts are being sunk, to find the "black gold" that the log'eadz of distant Varoseg seem to value so much. Finding valuable ores wouldn't be too bad either. The Great Houses in turn try to make their new homes able to compete with great Lusiet, buying land for large plantations around Mnjieg, and creating rival fishing and shipping in Sadzawka

Rolling for
Raising the lower Houses
Digging for oil
Making Mnjieg a rival to Lusiet
Making Sadzawka a rival to Lusiet
Rolled 4, 13, 18, 8, 10, 6, 7, 5 = 71


The Lufae warriors are ordered to investigate the now pacified cave people further, in order to decipher how civilized they even are, and if they could be educated in the Lufae ways.
The more bestial dwellers of these new caverns will be hunted as the beasts they are, until they no longer present a threat to the Lufae explorers. Few of them will also be captured for study, so that the Lufae might understand these beings better. (The Lufae haven't encountered these geist species? They have lived in the tunnels for some time now. One would imagine that they at least had myths about them.)

The Kafalites are in panic regarding what to do with the pilots and the guardians. They are not responding to commands! The minds inside them had clearly taken over! They do their best, trying to commune with the Guardians, get them to back down, and release the pilots they hold within themselves.

The Wyvern riders continue to both monitor the ongoing conflict, and also deliver supplies to the Ifal Fa, mostly in the form of food, and general equipment. The weaponry and ammunition, are only brought to areas where it seems that the Ifal Fa might be losing ground.

>King's plan.

Meanwhile, the submarine crews of Tamar Kat continue their work to map the seafloor. The massive tunnel network, spanning the continent intrigues them too. They wonder, if these tunnels are connected to the sea, (they are, this has been established.) and if they are, they wonder if they can locate one of these entrances. Mapping these waterways fully, would allow a massive increase in the mobility of the Lufae vessels, at least their underwater ones.

Rolling for: (8 rolls)
Investigating the cave folks
Neutralizing the threat of the feral critters
Capturing feral critters for study
Dealing with the problems the Guardians are having
Continued observation of the conflict
Supply drops
King's plan (How quickly the guardians will be able to get into the destination)
Rolled 19, 17, 15, 4, 14 = 69


Thaka will not risk Alel's life, by taking her with the pack while her leg is broken. Instead, he formulates a plan.
Both he, and she possess a communication horn. His pack will start advancing towards the Eastern woods, while she will stay and recover in Amay Jata. She and her steed will follow the pack once she has recovered. The two discuss the planned route in detail, so that she would have an approximate idea of where the pack was headed. They could also utilize the horns, to call for each other, to better help the reunification. Though the plan is not without it's risks, Thaka can't postpone the departure any longer.
The pack begins to make their final preparations, supply hunts, equipment repairs and so on. Thaka himself makes copies of the maps so he could spare some for Alel.

The foreign geists decide to stay in Amay Jata for now at least. Some of them apparently possess great medical expertise, which they are willing to utilize to aid Alel as payment for their rescue.

In any case, once Alel has recovered, she will depart with her steed, and search out Thaka's pack.

Rolling for:
Thaka's plan.
Final preparations.
Making spare maps.
The Ifal Fa exiles tending Alel.
How long it takes for Alel to recover.
File: 1371580420585.png-(15 KB, 130x130, skorne[1].png)
15 KB
Rolled 16, 15, 7 = 38

With the warriors garrisoned in the other lands, the first part of Babakushya's designs are realized.
She tries another. The horse lords of Ruhaj could be turned to other uses... first of which would be a reliable mailing system, a pony express really. But she has another idea, one that could change the face of her military might. No, Korobushka's might, forever.
Ruhaj is skilled at taming dusya, could they perhaps be persuaded to tame other beasts towards war. (What other critters are there? I'll have to check the Southern Bestiary).

In the meantime, Bronze has told me that one of the cities has offered me Rusya, those crack-ent pilots in order to cement an alliance. Now this could go either way, either Babakushya could refuse them out of xenophobia, or she could be more pragmatic about it and accept the troops.

>Rolling for:
1. pony express
2. pitching the idea of other beast handling (remember, Ruhaj is funding the resistance, so they won't be real keen on her orders)
3. accepting the Rusya
It's Rysars, not Rusya. And it looks like Babkushya doesn't accept them. A shame
bump. How do the brains of the various sentients of primordial function?
No idea. Because most of us are fucking lazy, probably similar to the way terrestrial brains work. I think there are exceptions, mostly being the puruu and perhaps the geist (as they cannot see), and actually, the lem are kind of different too, but you'll have to ask nongent about that.
Cedya troops and biosuited warriors charge into he melee, hoping to secure Ligean; but a sudden valley of arrows from the enemy had stalled them. The globbers, however, have excellent marksmanship, and managed to nail the enemy bowmen. It was then the reinforcements rush in, and under some well-placed covering fire managed to secure the Titan. Trying to kill the Cathedrals is a hard task; they have been equipped with armor and safety 'masks', ones that repel the swarms and deflect the acid spikes. Those spikes who do find purchase on the outer armor did not pierce into the real, thick hide of the beast.
Meanwhile, the battle with the Vukad goes viciously, both sides fighting for their lives. It seems like the Vukad is getting a fighting retreat.
It seems like Ligean's wounds were quite severe, they have to wait and defend at least a half-day before it is healed. Ligean blood boosts only does so much, and they still have to wait.
Meanwhile, the Striking Claws have managed to regain cover, but the general alert has been sounded. They switch to plan B: kidnap key members of the Witch Coven. Not so easy in the middle of raised alerts. In the end they managed to capture only ten Witches, rather risky for their current size.
The titan's skin is too tough for normal weapons, but the flamers manage to do some damage before they were forced to abscond from the advancing enemy reinforcements. The bowmen manage to stall some reinforcements, but some of them were killed in the retaliation. The shield wall has come under attack, this time from enemy fire and reinforcements; some soldiers hold the one until their bitter end. The citizen soldiers did their flank; they were spirited, and managed to distract the forces near the fallen Titan. Meanwhile, the right flank attack has seen scores of motoraiders and their steeds obliterated from globber fire; but the cathedrals and the regrouped Vukad made sure their sacrifice is not in vain. The cathedrals and the Vukad wiped the Geist 'roadblock' that was harassing the Vukad earlier, and they're coming for the Titan!
I'll lay my ideas on the brains of the sentients of primordial then

In humans, the frontal lobes are associated with higher thought processes, for example, morality. Log'eadz have notably enlarged foreheads. One could conclude they thus have large frontal cortexes. Log'eadz are also known for being bound by honor, or wildly outside of traditional law. One can unify the seemingly incompatible honor/morality driven instinct of the log'ead with their equally likely tendency to be wild and disobedient to laws quite easily. A log'ead creates in their mind a set of social rules that cannot be broken. These rules vary, sometimes taking the form of more civilized laws used by other nations, or the ancient might makes right codes of the log'eadz time as plainsmen, or their current incarnations, the motogangs. A motogang seems like it does not obey any sense of law or honor, but it in fact does obey the primtive might makes right code, one that's very deeply ingrained in their minds. Only a young motoganger might be able to abandon their "might makes right" sense of morality, while an old log'ead would have difficulty letting go, as shown in Old Drozzi refusing to join Gred, and the motogangers that joined gred easily establishing new, non combatant lives. TL:DR you can't change an old log'eadz concept of what is moral and right.

Now, how did log'eadz evolve to be sentient, if their such an agressive species? Well, they came to the same point of sentience as humans by starting with one feature we did not have: being omnivorous. Log'eadz ancestors were punchas, a primarily predatorial species that supplemented its diet with berries, nuts and roots. Increased consumption of plantlife, perhaps caused by a decrease in prey during some point in their evolution, would be why they, unlike other species descended from predators, they can consume a plant heavy diet. That decrease in prey could've also caused a new behavior to occur, one that, in addition the omnivorous diet and another, as yet unmentioned behavior, allowed log'eadz to become sentient: Standing upright. By adopting a surprise tactic of standing upright before proceeding to pummel a foe to death with fists and mulpacs, a puncha became more likely to spend more time standing upright when not hunting, thus freeing the hands for the important behavior of tool usage. The next behavior that allowed log'eadz to become sentient is directly linked to their morality: their sociability. Log'eadz, like humans, are innately social creatures. Their ancestors were pack hunters, a predatorial parallel to the troops our monkey ancestors lived in, requiring them to be very sociable. This in turn meant they needed to understand the social rules of the pack very well, requiring a large frontal cortex. When you combine the high sociability, upright walking and an omnivorous diet, we find the log'eadz have adopted some identical behaviors to humans, only taking a different path to reach those behaviors.

TLL:DR Log'eadz are predator versions of monkeys on the plains
The lower houses did at least as much as the great houses, but not as well-known. Oil is an elusive substance in Elenii lands. Mnjieg grows, but Sadzawka is the city that became closer to Lusiet's glory.
As for the rock... I'll leave that to NG.
> By adopting a surprise tactic of standing upright before proceeding to pummel a foe to death with fists and mulpacs

Bears and small foxes do something similar, rearing up and bringing their front feet down. You don't see them standing upright (well, bears do, but not for long).
You're going to have to do better than that.
The cave people are very simple, it seems like years living isolated has not advanced their minds. Meanwhile the other creatures were hunted down and captured, they remind some elders of folk tales about the long-limb monster. The Guardians have been pacified, and the children have reawakened; they dreamt of a memory, that they are fighting against a gigantic cedya. But they are ordered back in again, for the King has a plan.
Sudden changes in the weather has caused decreased surveillance of the conflict, but it was noted that the Ifal Fa deployed some kind of gigantic cedya in the war, and this is an alarming news. The supply drops are decreased due to the wind and weather.
The Guardians move, but it would take them a few days to reach their designated spot. After the coma fiasco, not much maintenance were given, and the Guardians seem to be a bit sluggish.
Mapping the tunnels is as hard as mapping the sea floor; plenty of these tunnels are accessible only from time to time, while some have very strong currents that threaten to grind their subs into dust against the tunnel walls.
Thaka's plan is so precise, that a few weeks later Alel can find him right where the rendezvous point is, just as Thaka walks into view. Thaka's preparation is very adequate, enough food were hunted. Thanks to Thaka's map, Alel can find her way, so meticulous was Thaka's notes. The foreign Geists offered to help her, but they did not possess the tools they needed for surgery, so they learned traditional healing from the local shaman instead. Turns out the herbs work well, and Alel goes off to find Thaka just a few weeks later.
The dusya express is a widely-accepted idea, on both sides of the rebellion; it could carry coded letters to other revolutionaries, and at a speedy pace.
Ruhaj agrees, after seeing that they could subvert some for the use of the rebellion. I'll let you decide what beast they tamed.
Meanwhile, the Rysars were demonstrated... And Babakushya was somewhat horrified. Moving trees? Arcing lightning? Can schwirms even ride that... Thing?? Babakushya ends up politely shooing the Rysars out.
Rolled 5, 9, 11, 15, 16, 15, 16, 16 = 103

"ONWARD BRAVE SOULS! Now is the time to leave our line and break the enemies own!

Shieldwall! Advance! Crush the enemy under your boots! Pierce them with your spears! Push them back! We can't hold them back, so we can only hope to PUSH them back!

You there! You few, the last motogangers. Go and tell the Cathedrals and my Vukad to keep pushing, past the titan. I want them to make for the rear of the enemy. And tell the citizen soldiers to meet them there, at the rear. We will surround the enemy, we will overwhelm them, we will leave none alive! The old tales call this maneuvor the Steel Jaws.

And bring those flamers back! I want them marching right behind the shield wall, burning anything before it reaches the wall.

ARCHERS! Split your fire! forward host, aim for the flying beasts that hover over the center of the enemy! rear host, I want those globbers dying now!

Now Emperor, I bid you farewell. This shall be the last push in this battle. If these actions do not win us the day, we must retreat. I shall personally take to the fight, with my honorguard atop old Krog the Cathedral here. Tanacs Azseg ke stronk, Emperor!"

Rolling for
Shieldwall advance
Right flank (cathedrals and Vukad) sweep
Left flank (citizen soldiers) sweep
Flamers burning stuff in front of the shieldwall advance
Killing flying cedyas
Killing globbers
The Grokufs Charge
The retreat (if neccesary)
I invite you to come and do more. While it is an "evo" game, there is an element of fantasy to this. Also bears can be trained to pretty much perpetually walk on two feet. If we assume there is an external factor that caused this behavior, those best built for two feet walking would go on to breed more frequently. There you go. Prarie dog behavoir involving danger spotting, coupled with aggressive upright combat for breeding resulted in those best......done typing. you get the idea.
The huge ass rock is nothing more then a huge ass...thing. A thing unlike anything the people have ever seen before. It is a big metal...thing. It does nothing, and is impenetrable to any attempts to damage it, or open it. After a day or so, a shaft of light shoots into the sky, It flickers now and then, but mostly seems to stay on...all the time. No amount of investigation will reveal it's secrets in this era. However, it does serve as a very useful "light house."
Both sides fought gloriously, and in time, poems and songs would be written about this short but influential war. At the same time, they failed to realize at both their homes, dramatic changes were underway, currents of revolution threatened to sweep away the life they fought to preserve. That did not matter in this moment, there was war, and two ideologies that would seek to prove supreme by strength of arms.
---- ((results effected by your strategy and sequence of events))
Grokuf was a brilliant leader, and no one would question his abilities that day. The shield wall and right flank crumbled under the weight of the Geist warriors themselves, and some cathedral riders took their beasts away from the falling defense to regroup, while the Vukad fought to a bitter end buying time to bind up the enemy so they could not assist the left flank. The citizen soldiers suffered heavy losses, but managed to keep the enemy from pressing forward, even starting to gain ground themselves. The flamers had no shield wall to protect them, and inflicted heavy damage to the oncoming cedya hordes, with sustained fire, creating a wall of flame, that grew into a burning lake. This stoped their forward advance but also stopped any travel through the fire. The lines would hold, but not move. Furious howls and unearthly noises emanated from behind the flame wall, of enemies unable to do anything other then sit and wait. Archers unleashed a deluge of arrows, the schwirm utilizing a new rapid firing crossbow. For a moment the sky was darkened with arrows, this strategy born here and now, called "the mad minute." The flyers had no where to escape or evade, and well over half the swarm was decimated, unable to fly and those within enemy lines were crushed under the feet of the cathedrals. The Globbers were powerful units in their own right, but now heavily damaged. Acidic slime poured from punctured storage sacks, and their ragged frames exhibiting heavy damage. Still they stood.
Well, the large forheads of Log'eadz actually came from having a really thick, flat face that their ancestors would use to headbutt attackers into submission. However, as they became less dependent on it, the skull could have thinned out from the inner surface.
Many globbers could no longer fire, and some were fallen, but a majority now operated in a back up melee capability that was not their primary design. The Grokuf charged, a final desperate run, headlong into the enemy lines, his mount bore heavy armor, and so did he. His chainsaw bit deeply into many things, it mattered not. Eventually his chainsaw failed, and he resorted to axe and mechanized mulpac...all the while the battle raged on around him, and slowly the Titan moved, just a little, almost imperceptibly.
The wild soundscape was being slowly pushed back, and new life being seeded in it's place. the war was a thing far from the minds of most, their home on the brink of civil war due to the rebellion of endaskie.
the Home city of the Ifal fa was about to undergo a major change in policy within the next few moments and hours, perhaps something that can end the war, if a few visionaries and the lufae strike force could move quickly.
There was now a clear boarder of the soundscape, what could be, and what could not be so easily reclaimed, or perhaps at all. The Ifal Fa territory was inhospitable to the extreme, and where the modified soundscape met normal, great "bleeding" fissures and rifts grew, so septic was it to life. The flesh was not edible, and the air choked with vile particles and spores. The grinders below, and the wyvern riders high above would laugh if they knew they thought so similarly at the state of things.
As it turns out the lacorra platform is fantastic at generating energy. But terrible at transporting energy over long distances. The limited range prompts other cities in Nod to cultivate their own lacorra fields locally, until each city could be spotted by the industrial size platforms suspended over yards of worm coral.

As a consequence, the Gehenna station commissioned its own Galate-Lacorra platform. At the moment the large Galate components are cumbersome to include in current designs. There is also the question of what else could Galate be used for. The researchers start experimenting by coiling Galate wires around different metals and materials. They also try to miniaturizing the current components.


Back in Lufae territory, the pilgrims have sacrificed too much of themselves. At this point Larien's persistence is the only thing keeping the pilgrims together. At the insistence of the Kalafate priest, Larien testifies to the silent inexpressive face.

"Truthfully, the first two teachers of the dreaming focused on very different aspects. The first, named Hulys, promoted our earliest explorations and invention. Every life was precious and wonderful, an adventure for the Eleni living it. He believed what we know call the personal narrative or consciousness. Your memories and personalities were held in a single vessel.

"The second, named Durani, stared into the grim reality of death. He recognized that the waking world was full of dangers that required the sacrifice of the brave to protect the whole tribe. He pledged the tribe his body and soul to protect them. Going so far as to swear they would see their family again. Their souls would meet eachother in the place out of time and space, the dreamtime."
"In one teacher, we gained the desire to live. In the other, we found the courage to die. When we codified our beliefs, wrote down something inherently mutable and fluid. The dreaming manipulates the waking world. As the waking world manipulates it. When we sleep, we walk the dreaming. There are as many dreamings as there are dreamers. The one dreamtime binds us together.

"There are more things in the dreamtime then any one of us could understand. Powerful static beings, and fluid oceans of souls. Ever expanding with new dreamings."


Across the continent, Lewne looked worryingly over the annual reports. According to these papers, Cochen had specialized in a single metal, iron. The tread is disturbing for any business man. It demands action. Lewne work began by finding new prospects for mines, and discovering new veins in dry mines.


Grish, the shwirm engineer, watched the away team take a closer look at the frozen creature. The large giant's torso easily dwarfed the DawnTrader. He drew the the visible portions paying special attention to the size proportions. The giant was covered in ice, and small land scrimps scurried over it. Only the upper torso, an arm, and even some fleshy sacks from its back were visible. In the last few minutes of twilight, which seemed to drag on in this icy land, he finished the drawing and put it in the ship's journal.

Teison walked on the ice, his feet crunching on ice and snow, the wind biting at his face. The ice-giant before him was an enigma. More than that, it was an abomination alien from his world. There was no way this icy landscape supported this monster. He felt foreboding fear thinking about the unexplained origin of the creature. The light of the sun fell out of the world. In a far dark corner of the Naatyine, horrible behemoths once walked and may walk again.
Rolled 19, 5, 19, 11, 15, 7, 5, 19, 4 = 104

When he returned to the 'Manien and Cilion,' he started charting a return trip to Gormal. It would take the DawnTrader around the ice shelf. They would chart the waters for return visits that would come. Then in the spring they would return to Gormal. By that time, they would have enough new scientific and mapping data to the make the trip worthwhile. Included with the data would be the designs of many different creatures, as well as the unexplainable ice giant.


1) cultivating lacorra fields in major cities
2) Gehenna's experiments with Galate energy
3) Gehenna miniaturizing the Galate components
4) Lewne's prospecting new mines
5) Lewne finding new veins in old mines
6) Larien's words to the priest
7) charting the arctic waters
8) cataloging the arctic creatures
9) return trip to Gormal
File: 1371659448699.png-(54 KB, 800x600, Brute Cedya.png)
54 KB
The protection, and reactivation of the titan is the top priority for the Ifal Fa commanders. The flesh singers operate furiously, under the cover of the cedya and geist warriors, in order to awaken the titan from it's healing coma. Tissue from fallen cedyas is crudely grafted to the most grievous wounds, and melded together with the blood in order to speed up the healing.
The lethal custodian cedyas protect the titan, by forming a ring of blades to cut down any advancing forces. They are supported by ranged thrall and scudders, and heavy raiders, who suppress the enemies approaching the site.

In order to stop the advancing charge of the Cathedrals, the thrall cedyas are rallied. They are based on a species of Cedyas, whose main diet was cathedrals, in the times before the plains were consumed by the Kafasha. The Ifal Fa know this, and seek to utilize their natural affinity at killing cathedrals to their advantage. The thralls shall charge the beasts, and use their own size and agility to hop on the backs of the cathedrals, and begin ripping them apart. (picture related)
In addition, the anti armor forces continue to focus down the cathedrals, aiming for joints and parts where their armor had been torn off.

Knowing that the infantry masses of the foe can't cross the firewall they themselves created, the cedya warriors are regrouped, for another attack. The remaining flying cedyas take it high into the air, and begin conducting fast, deep striking attacks against the ranks of the songless. Diving from the skies, spewing acid and dropping pods, while avoiding any follow up fire. The remaining operational Globbers also continue to bombard the enemy ranks over the wall of fire.
Rolled 4, 8, 2, 17, 2, 19, 2, 13, 17, 13, 20, 17, 14, 19, 4, 3, 7 = 181


The moment the fires tone down well enough, the hordes shall charge against their enemies.
In order to aid the melee cedya hordes, the striders charge towards the enemy ranks, using their size to trample the enemy infantry, while carrying shock troops of cedya hounds straight into the middle of the enemy ranks. In addition, the wounded globbers will be put to use, as they too join this charge. They may no longer be able to bombard the enemies with acid, but they can still spray it to the enemy ranks, as a twisted imitation of the flame throwers of the enemy.

The geist warriors continue to stalk any important targets, using the chaos of the battle to hide themselves. With no significant number of motos left, they focus their toruz and spike and acid weaponry on the melee warriors charging with the Cathedrals.

>The Coup.

Section 5 explains themselves to the captured members of the Witch Coven.
Zatai tries to hunt down members of section 11.
Section 11 prepares to flee.

Rolling for: (17 rolls. I apologize for this Gms.)
The Titan healing.
The Singers reactivating the Titan.
Protecting the titan.
Shooting foes approaching the titan.
Killing the Cathedrals. (2 rolls, the Thrashers and the anti armor forces.)
Remaining flying cedyas harassing the enemy ranks.
Continued globber fire.
Melee charge.
Striders trampling the enemy infantry.
Cedya hound shock troopers.
Wounded Globbers spraying acid everywhere.
Geist warriors eliminating dangerous foes from range.

>Coup rolls
Hunting down members of section 11
Section 11 preparing to flee. (3 rolls, how many followers they gather, how much supplies and knowledge they manage to steal, and how successfully, they manage to flee to the north.)
The cities start tending to their lacorra farms, growing ever bigger to accommodate the growing fad of Galate energy. Specialized buildings were erected, inside each is a lacorra reef.
Gehenna's forays into utilizing Galate power with water power gets a shocking turn. Too much Galate energy combined with water or wet surfaces can be fatal, as an unfortunate intern discovered. On the other hand, making things smaller and packing more into smaller spaces work; now a small battery is possible. Well, at least now it's the size of a clay pot, instead of half a house.
Lewne got busy. New mines were dug, and old mines revisited for overlooked wealth. Sure enough, the new mines found tin and lead, and the old mines turn out to have copper in abundance.
The priest is a bit taken aback, trying to digest the information; he had never thought it that way. The world-song ideology he knows, but reconciling that with dreams? Strange. He must get Larien to talk about her beliefs more before he can start dispensing his own knowledge.
The arctic waters are hard to chart, plenty of 'landmarks' other than the Titan is temporary at best. Plenty of wildlife samples were caught, though, and what's important, the giant's picture. Heading back home is harder than coming to the ice barrens; a southern squall kept them afloat helplessly on the waves for days. Just as rations were starting to thin, the squall ends, and only by very fastidious rationing they managed to limp into Gormal.
File: 1371667188485.jpg-(69 KB, 639x681, titanBB.jpg)
69 KB
Rolled 17, 2, 6, 12, 4, 11 = 52

1. Crunchas
> http://0-media-cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/tg/image/1341/68/1341686985631.png

2. River Smashas
> http://1-media-cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/tg/image/1342/07/1342074037833.png

3. Plains Schwar
> http://0-media-cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/tg/image/1342/38/1342386078418.png

4. Toruz Climber
> http://0-media-cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/tg/image/1342/38/1342386078418.png

5. Thunder Horn (The big T-Rex one)
> http://1-media-cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/tg/image/1343/32/1343324487877.png

6. Pumesh
> http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/19887569/#19984371

We're talking some nasty ass critters here, either grouchy herbivores (like the Smashas) or deadly predators (everything else).
Soon I shall have an army of beasts to drown my enemies in their own blood! Bwahahahha!
the titan continues it slow healing process, it will still be precious hours before it is mobile again. the enemy manages to do superficial damage to the titan at first but then it catches a balista bolt to the knee. Those who made their daring charge on the titan are now being pushed back and shot at savagely, even the leader of of the army driven back to his lines. A heroic death was not in the cards this time. The thrashers are torched by flamethrowers and nearly killed to the cedya, while the anti armor forces kill all the cathedrals within their range, proving their superiority compared to their fungal counterparts. The remaining flying cedyas are shot down with massed fire once more. The diminished globbers attack well, their acid spray diminished from a proper attack, but still working well, meeting with the flamethrower troops to push the encroaching line back away from the titan. A wave of melee and striders rush forward, chopping and stomping, while cedya hounds run about the feet of the striders snapping and biting. The wounded globbers continue to press their attack, and the geist warriors support the attacks from a range. All in all it was a furious attack that engulfed the attackers and gave as good as they got, many of the citizen soldiers and lightly armed gangers, and schwirms met with death.
The coup resulted with section 11 being hunted down very quickly and to the member, or damn near. Many were captured, but many were killed. Section 11 gathered few followers from the escapees, less then a dozen, the rest seeking to turn themselves in, and they gained no real knowledge to steal, those who fled to the north did not even have a male with them, and were hunted down by the wyvern riders as they fled. Section 11, is no more.
The two sides took a reprieve from the war, the casualties on both sides were extensive, and from the GAC, new soliders were making a long march to the front, while the Ifal Fa bought time for their titan.

I will do a follow up post tonight.
Hey Bronze, handling the cease fire to the war here: Another summit much like the last.

Rolled 3, 3, 5 = 11

The Third Battle of the Blung, as the GAC calls the battle, is over. The army has retreated to its fortified towns on edge of Ifal Fa territory, from which they began this war. Mighty Grokuf Hecer survived the battle, and his was the only Cathedral that came out unscathed. Only three other cathedrals still live, the tender clans that had brought them and their herd are all dead. The motogangers are all but dead as well, their numbers too few to be useful in battle, they are now messengers for the army. To replace the lost motos and their riders, a message is sent to the Feloshaz of Varoseg, asking for the kin of that city to send its great host of former motogangers to aid the Grand Army of the Council. The reward for doing so is recognition of their authority over the Burning Lands, and an alliance between Varoseg and the Tanacs Azseg.

When the Grokuf hears of the rebellion, he's horrified. They've taken Endaskie, and they've slain the Mayor-Chief of Neloaw, a Nag Ber'Ek. They can't afford to fight a rebellion now, not with the war against these outcast geists unfinished. With agreement from the Emperor, the Grokuf makes offer that he knows he and the Emperor can force on the Grand Council, The Tanacs Azseg for which the union of shwirms and log'eadz is named for. The offer states that the Iosan Provinces will be granted full authority to govern themselves, Lazado of the Felekel clan being recognized as the new Mayor-Chief of Neloaw. In addition, the Nag Ber'Ek and Aynadee clans in the Iosan Provinces will leave, to settle the plains being reclaimed from the meatgrass. In return, the Provicnes will stay within the Tanacs Azseg, as a third member of the union, and the airship fleet at Endaskie will be sent to aid the GAC.

Rolling for
Quantity of reinforcements marching to the front
Aid from Varoseg
Convincing the Iosans to accept the offer
The war is over. The pititful reinforcements the army has recieved see to that. The Iosans refuse to lend their airfleet, stating that it is the only thing keeping them secure right now. Why should they trust the Nag Ber'ek? They will take the rest of the deal, but Neloaw, and the regular forest and the lub forest south of it, shall be a new Iosan nation, within the Tanacs Azseg. Now the Nag Ber'ek have only Nag Palka, Tledusua, Cruncholm and the plains. They are a much weaker member of the Tanacs Azseg now, and the Oamenii can go over their heads to the Iosans if they so wish.

Gred is dead, but his successors in the Feloshaz of Varoseg hold true to his ideals. They remain steadfastly independent and neutral in the conflict between the TA and the geists. As for the offer of recognizing their control of the Burning Lands, that would change nothing. They already control the whole area, and no one can match them in its dangerous terrain. Varoseg will hear nothing more on this matter

And the reinforcements are pitiful. Weak, low on morale and ill equipped, the war simply cannot continue with these dregs. Many cathedrals are dead, the motogangers devastated, and the vukad now a quarter of their former numbers. With no Ferok Kranos, the Vukad cannot recover, and so it is with a heavy heart the Grokuf orders them disbanded. They will return to their former clans, which they had to forsake as part of joining the Vukad. The clan chiefs welcome them with open arms, and form new paramillitary forces under these veterans, calling them Clanguards. They will enforce the will of each clan chief upon his clan, as Log'ead law dictates.

All that remains is the peace treaty
Osuzak the Mad can't take care of himself anymore. He jibbers and jabbers, can't cook, can't manage his plantation, and he can't even write. His cousin, Yaksun, is being sent by their House, one of the Lesser Houses, to take care of Osuzak. As time passes, Yaksun takes a growing interest in the notes and souveniers of Osuzak. He starts tinkering with the laccoras, try oils and ointments, salves and potions on them, and them on the potions and such things. He uses the small herd of rainbow backs that Osuzak has to fund these experiments. Is this just a hobby for Yaksun, or is he becoming an amateur scientists?

House Probask has moved to Mniej, and its manors now dominate the eastern side of town. However, they're presence has so far done little to change the town into a rival for Lusiet. Partially becuase Mniej is dependant on Lusiet for goods, which it then ships down the rails to the Korobushkans. A small community of those bugman lives on south side of town right now, a few dozen at most, all of them laborers. Hose Probask knows those dullards are no representatives of the Korobushkans. They have mastered fine arts, speech and writing. Their achitcture is amazing and astounding, reaching higher than the Lusietry Wazeia ever could have. The dull laborers are asked if they have any relatives skilled in such things back in the home-country. If they do, they will be handsomely rewarded for the information, given their own houses on the southside of Mniej.
Rolled 7, 16, 10, 8 = 41

Sadzawka turns to mining. It sits on the north end of the hinterlands, the giant hills that surround Lusiet. Selling farm made goods isn't profitable when it has to compete with Lusiet itself, so House Gornikil has its serfs go into mines, to dig up coal, iron, and the newly more valuable copper and tin. Investments are made in small factories, large workshops along a small, nearby river, to produce small amounts of high quality goods to compete with the mass produced but low quality goods from the Tanacs Azseg

rolling for
Yaksuns experiments
Attracting Korobushkan artists, scholars, architects to Mniej
Sadzawkan mines
Sadzawkan high quality goods
File: 1371696987674.png-(14 KB, 422x397, YAPAPCOMPOUNDBOW.png)
14 KB
Rolled 10, 19, 7, 16 = 52


An eye would be kept on the camp in case they tried to make another move on the city.

While after the attack for most, life just went on as normal. Dig up clay, make pots, harvest food, cooking up lasbord fillets, and so on. The village's warriors were sparring as training in case of another attack. Local elder Tfca was inspecting the perimeter of the village. A large chunk was still just filled with leaves and twigs. Water pipes were leaking more than usual (pewter. Horrible for pipes). In hindsight, it was fortunate that the raiders were only attacking from the ground, and not using lubs to drop firebombs from. More importantly, they were ill prepared for such an attack.
Later that day, there wouldd be orders made to clear out the forest several yards out from the outer walls so that raiding parties could be spotted. The Hexis and Sapsis trees cleared would be used in patching up the walls, producing piston-bows, and rigging up traps to deter invaders.
Some villagers proposed trying to make contact with the homeland villages to the east. Trying to get a joint effort going to clear the roads of raiders and getting trade going again would be a major benefit, as well as just knowing how they've been holding up, since the last contact with them was years ago.

Rolling for bow training, trap making, reinforcing the city walls, making contact with the homeland villages.
File: 1371702532209.png-(28 KB, 285x247, Chompas.png)
28 KB
Oh, hi there. Don't mind me. Just spawning half the species of south here.
Well! they've managed to somewhat domesticate crunchas, tamed some toruz climbers and pumesh as well.

Yaksun's experiments reconfirms some basic theories, but not much more; he might need to look at Osuzak's notes more.
Meanwhile, due to the unrest in Korobushkan mainland, many artists, scholars and architects came to Minej. Some think of it as just a secondary home to their primary ones in Korobushka, but most settled down in favor of the more relaxed atmosphere, where Babakushya does not dictate what you do.
Meanwhile, Sadzawka's mines bring back boons of coal and iron in moderate amounts. High quality goods were produced, but currently their number and production speed is still rivaled by the mass-production of Tanacs Azseg.

The bowmen turn out to be kinda good shots, and their training in massed arrow volleys should help. But, it is their trappers that took the show: they made plenty of designs that ranges from simple to complicated, but all of them are easily concealable. Their effects also vary: from the non-threatening ones like sounding an alarm, to bloody death by spikes and other gruesome devices. Soon, plenty of them were deployed in the village's perimeter.
Reinforcing the city walls prove to be hard, because most of the resources are already used up in the traps; some even view the wall-reinforcing as unnecessary, since they got all the traps.
Meanwhile, the messenger had safely arrived at the homeland villages. They've been holding out relatively well, and managed to at least fend off the slavers that were encroaching on Yapap territory.
In the following months the gangers who chose to remain free met up with the remnants of those who survived the war. The Veterans quickly become leaders of these gangs by means of the old ways. these leaders have strong ties to each other, and use haulers to recover all manner of salvage, from motos to armor and weapons. They would use these to rebuild their moto fleets, reclaiming scrapped equipment was second nature anyway. There was still raiding from time to time, but not like the old days, the war vets saw to that. More often then not they rode the open plains, watching season after seasons as the swari grass took root and let them see the beginning of a brighter future. The surviving cathedrals and their tenders, including those who did not take part in the war do their part to bring fertility and life back to the plains. The great beasts drag plows and till the land, all the while munching on the fresh swari. The numerous fortress towns begin to mellow out, and soon a plethora of small rural and semi industrial towns. The Nag Ber'Ek will not be remembered for the brutality of the war or their untold fury. No. The GAC will be remembered for liberating the plains, for giving the lives of the next generation a better future. Where the TA once controlled a small section of the land and claimed much, they now truly controlled a large swath of the plains.
The elements that "broke free" were now able to grow freely, and develop new ideas, new ways. While not realized by the Nag ber'ek, the control and strength they lost would be returned to the TA as a whole several times over, making for a stronger, more united nation in the future.
Rolled 7, 14, 19, 18 = 58

The Shwirm quarter is a vibrant part of Mniej now. Musicians practice their music on newly paved streets, artists decorate homes erected by well paid architects. A few lesser members of House Probas are jealous of the shwirms. A new type of music is sweeping the small city, called Partura. It's a jaunty, energetic thing, that gets one in the mood for dancing and celebrating. The Patriarch of House Probas wants a a grand hall to be set up, for the playing and enjoyment of music, the display of art, and lectures from scholars, all done by Korobushkans. His cousins, the other leaders of the House, want a library, in the southeast of town, between the Shwirm and House quarters. The library will also be a school, to educate the children of the upper class of Mniej, so that they will not always need the shwirms for high thoughts and culture. For now though, they are an accepted and appreciated addition to the city

Osuzak is being called upon for one last adventure. He's being asked to make diplomatic contact with the puruus of the delta. Once there, his next task is to convince some to come to Mniej, for Probas is beginning to see the attraction of having members of the other races in its city. The only jobs currently lined up for the little creatures is as dock workers in the freshwater lake. To get the mad adventruer going, he's been told that there is an entire nation of Tuktuks to the east. He sets off with wild abandon, only stopping to gather his expedition in Lusiet before departing by boat to sail through the river delta

rolling for
Building the Hall of Arts
Building the Library
Educating a new generation of leaders
Osuzaks Last Journey (finding the Yapap)
What would come for the Ifal fa? Those who survived the purge of section 11 but held onto old grudges claimed they lost much. The soundscape was all but gone, now a lone patch of the highly modified soundscape grew around their great city in a ring of several dozen kilometers. It was theirs, their land, no one would fight them for it. No one would want to. It was a blasted place where even the Geists needed biosuits to make jaunts to the surface. This was the cost of war, but some found it acceptable. Their land was secure in a manner. The lost territory was never really utilized, and while not as comforting as an expanse of inhospitable land, the upcoming peace agreements were something that would have to do. It was a step towards coexisting, something that would have to be accepted now, in this new alliance with the lufae as an autonomous but vassal state. The shamans and riders saw this as hope towards unity and a balance of song.
The Blung were attracted to the Ifal fa soundscape, but the hardened vetrans of war stood fast, and the surviving constructs went onto become lovingly repaired, upgraded and sustained. These went onto become known as venerable "relics". The titan had shown it's worth and was repaired and it's quick wartime grafts repaired to a standard of quality. More often then not it was sent to the surface to guard the Ifal Fa lands against any blung, which it did with a great degree of ease.
there would be new challenges, the Lufae could not hide so easily as they used to, an entire continent was curious about their existence, and updated accords mandated oversight on the soundscape to prevent any further incursions into now established territories.
It was ultimately revealed that little is gained from the expenses and heavy loss of life involved in a large scale, long term conflict. By the nations as a whole it was unanimously agreed that they would need neutral ground, and a new method of conflict resolution. A page would be taken from the old ways of the Log'eadz; Champions of each side of a conflict would meet in combat, and might would make right. An option if negotiations could not reconcile such issues. How this would play out, and what shape the neutral ground took would be up to the Accords members.

I would say that the at least areas north of the Ifal fa territorie still remain covered with the un altered soundscape. The Ta never pushed there, nor did the Ifa Fa alter the soundscape in those areas.

Where the borders will be dranw, shall be decided at the summit thing, though no doubt, the spread of the soundscape shall have effect on the new borders.
could we get a map on the current state of the soundscape?
Agreed. It will be up to Poe, Bronze, Nad, and fortune to do a follow up summit. I will stand in for the absent Urupuruu tribe player.
File: 1371716863805.png-(115 KB, 800x650, TeUFz.png)
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115 KB PNG
Bump before bed.
Rolled 17, 5, 5, 3, 14, 17, 8 = 69

The people had been at sea for a while, fishing, cultivating their emils slime, and in general living a quiet life. It was really all they wanted. However the times had been rough on the arc and renovations were required, new equipment was needed to service their minisub fleet, and a new area for food was required. The Captain of the ship examined the various requests and decided to put those who best matched the problem to work. He had his own project involving mapping the currents, and ocean floor so they would not get so lost. There was no "Void" only the unknown, and once they understood it, they were that much better off.
Rolling for: upkeep of the ship, upkeep of the minisubs, finding more food, Building a docking port for the mini subs to be serviced at, mapping the ocean floor, mapping the currents, and an artificial sonar.
Does anyone have a map with all the settlements and so on in it?
right now there are several small maps that contain each tribes settlements, but no unified map. If the game manages to go on for another thread or two ill try and make one.
File: 1371732326606.png-(706 KB, 800x600, Lufae and the exiles terr(...).png)
706 KB
706 KB PNG

Good to hear.
I made this map to showcase (my estimates) of the current spread of the soundscape, based on the stuff that went on during the war.

One thing I must state is however, that despite being pushed back, the land still may need centuries to fully recover from the soundscape.
Did the soundscape move humgongus amounts of nutrients around? Did it utterly drain the soil of minerals and somehow deposit them eslewhere? Because if if not, with proper care when removing the soundscape to prevent the land turning into a dustbowl, why should it take centuries to recover? No plant or living thing can do that

The soundscape, and the life living on it, (mostly blungs) do actually move biomass around. A large portion of the nutrients of those lands are now in the massive amounts of blungs that bred and lived in the wild soundscape. The blungs also spread the soundscape around (that is how it ended up covering the plains in the first place.)
The soundscape is basically extremely invasive ecosystem, to which most of the life of southern continent haven't adapted to, at least in the massive scale the soundscape operates. It is like a massive freaking blung placenta field. It drains the land of nutrients, and turns the stuff into flesh like organic growths, that the blung use to lay their "eggs" on.
In addition, it produces organic waste, that only few plants can really utilize, though certain siwari breeds do belong to this group.
Also, massive amounts of the biomass the soundscape had have already been turned into the fuel the TA utilize.

I am not saying that restoring the plains to some degree is impossible, however, a total return to their former glory? Will take a long ass time.
So much of the biomatter is simply elsewhere. The wild soundscape is not some massive layer of flesh that is 10 feet thick everywhere. It's thickness varies from thin, slime like membranes growing over nearly dead lands, decent, maybe few feet thick growths of fleshy and leathery shit. Only in areas where it has a steady access to new biomass, either due to nearby ecosystems it leeches on, or blung activity, does it maintain really impressive size. (One of the reasons the Ifal Fa even hunted the blung, was to keep the soundscape of their territories sustained, and thus their bladeshwirm herds fed.)

So in short, it will take time for the plains to recover from all the strain the soundscape put to it. So much of the biomass simply isn't there anymore, or has been turned into forms that only few plants can really utilize.
File: 1371751791321.png-(38 KB, 800x900, Lufae brute warrior.png)
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Anyone here.

Have this Lufae melee warrior.
how does it breath or see?

And other science facts?
File: 1371754660877.png-(80 KB, 800x800, Lufae dart gunner.png)
80 KB

Breathing slits in the helmet. As for seeing, they utilize echolocation.
Geists are blind. The faceplate of the helmet is made in a way, that resonates with the geist sonar, and allows them to "see" trough it.


In the Lufae military, the larger brute males serve along side the more lithe females and gaunt males. However, their increased physical size and strength makes them more apt at using heavier equipment than the females or the gaunt males.
Because of this, the brutes often don heavier armor, and are equipped with heavier melee and ranged weaponry, like the stone mace in the picture, acid blasters of spike launchers.
(The Lufae "guns" operate by "sneezing" out their ammunition, ranging poisoned darts, to longer spikes and acidic emils slime. The lung like sacks contract violently, forcing the air to pass trough the gun and carry the ammunition with it.)

Here is a standard Lufae warrior, and various equipment.
Geist see using soundwaves. I don't know how they breathe.
[not same guy]
Through the oral and nasal orifices of course.

Are you the guy that does Freak Quest by any chance? The art style is very similar.
File: 1371755612272.gif-(Spoiler Image, 163 KB, 800x600)
Spoiler Image, 163 KB
163 KB GIF

I am.

You know what would be cool? A Gigerworld civ quest. Players would control different factions of Freaks and fight for territory and resources.
That's actually a really cool idea.
Hey, hop in here so that this thread doesn't get cluttered up.
File: 1371755893956.png-(130 KB, 800x1000, freak concept roster 3.png)
130 KB
130 KB PNG

Pretty neat idea.
The setting is pretty open for that sort of thing.
So many freaks which one could use as stock warriors.
What?! Why me? I wasn't involved in this war, I just built the bloody railroad!
The ship is maintained meticulously, but at the cost of some minisubs; they had to cannibalize some for their parts. Food is also diminished, since fishing is reduced along with the number of minisubs. The plan for the minisub bay is also delayed, at least until they can make more minisubs. On the other hand, they manage to map most of the Firil Sea's sea floor, and gauged the currents up to the inner ring of the Southern Cyclic Currents. The sonar is still crude, but good enough to guess depth, although the resolution leave something to be desired.

Yep, this is about right. Some plants have adapted, like Siwaris, but overall the plains ain't what it used to be.
You're a member of this trade pact. You can also resolve any outstanding issues you might have with the geists at the summit, like getting clearly defined borders with them
Need a results-dispenser here!
The conductivity of water was discovered too late, or more accurately discovered at the worst time possible. That time being walking the platforms around the lacorra housing. The poor sod was splashed by an errant wave, and was shocked by a Galate transfer. The death was quick and prompted the construction of better housing, as well as trading for more rubber from their allies. The smaller batteries were used between departments experimenting on different aspects of Galate power. They wondered how the power flowed inside the wires, and through other metals. They also worked at getting the power to interact with other objects without shocking them.

Elsewhere in the facility, the director was glad for the new power source, but felt that pure Galate research was a waste. They had alchemical and apothecary secrets yet to be discovered. Galate would be ran through certain solutions, oils, ointments, slaves, as well as run through small creatures, such as the chirping grabbers. Hell they might be able to restart Warth ore research.

Larien takes a long pause before continuing. She takes in the rural settlement of Lupai Kaath anew. From their perspective they could see the Grand shrine against the mountain side. In the distance, she could see the platform. On that platfrom she could bearly make out the Eleni forms standing, around them were bigger sleeker Giest figures, as well as the stout Log'head warriors. 'Where to begin again?', she thought. If Lewne were in her place, he would have all the right testimonals and responses. Without the Eleni emotional cues, she was completely lost staring at the inexpressive face!
"We believe that parts of the dreamtime are sentient. From the chaotic and noisy environment of a hundred dreamer giving hundreds of experiences, comes a voice. A century ago we believe that the fungus rot of the forest had the ability to transport our perception to the dreamtime, much like sleeping but more intense. Long term exposure to the rot caused deterioration of the senses, but an eerie certainty to their words as well. From that rot and that delirium, we believe the hopes and prayers of our people took shape and walked. Our oldest teachers sought that creature, and took its word back to the people.

"The first directive that sacred creature gave us was to protect and nurture its garden and the surrounding forest. We have as a civilization taken that directive to heart. We were given dominion of the all that grows under the sun. Our greatest wonders were the grand trees that grew our three grandest settlements. But with that dominion came the nightmares. The cedya invaded our pleasant forests.

"When they attacked we fought them and drew a line, Durani crossed that line and disappeared into the nightmare land. Hulys wandered far from our people. We were desperate and decimated, fighting off the nightmares from the north, and just recovering our loses. And then suddenly after a generation's time, Huly found us after having discovered a far off tribe of people. They called the Altume, lead us deep into the nightmare land to find Durani, wrestling the darkest dreams so that we won't have to.

"We learned many lessons from that. For our people to survive we must learn to sacrifice ourselves and reach out to others, so that their strength could bolster ours." Larien pointed behind them to the platform where Nod discussed with their Lufae and Tanas Azseq. "There will always be nightmares to face, but we must be like Durani and wrestle it away from our people. Like Hulys we must reach out to our neighbors to give us strength when we need it."
Rolled 3, 11, 4, 17, 3, 14, 15, 3 = 70

When Teison returned to Gormal, he had lots of ideas. The ice giant still vexed him. More than that, he was surprised at the news of a war between the Giest and Log'headz. Crutchley, normally a demure presence when not fighting sea-monsters, threw himself into a rage! His clanmates had warred without him. He had killed nothing for his clan but an overgrown worm. Grish tried to console him, it was a terrible creature that would have surely destroyed the ship and devoured the entire crew without his mulpacs. Through the Omaneii peppered with obscenities, Crutchley lifted his fist away from the gabai wall, leaving a Cruthchley sized hole.

Teison said goodbye to his mates, he was going to Eden to give his report of the DawnTrader's first voyage, as well as to urge a second trip to the far south. There he would try to find experts in creatures and especially large giants.

1) study of the flow of Galate
2) study of Galate interaction with metals
3) study of Galate through solutions
4) study of Galate response to chripping grabbers
5) Teison raising more funds for a repeat trip
6) Teison reaching out to experts of 'ice giants'
7) Crutchley getting in touch with his clanmates
8) Larien's words
Though few patrons were found by the research team, patrons found them. A log'ead clan, from Neloaw, wishes to fund the expedition. They are a small clan, and make their wealth through selling their knowledge of biology and chemistry. Their only condition for funding is that members of their clan be part of the research team
What plants grow fruits, flowers or seeds on primordial?
File: 1371783194529.png-(27 KB, 695x613, Bugfruit Raga.png)
27 KB
Where on Borgas IV are we talking about?

South Continent has mainly three families of plants: Hexises, siwaris, and ragas.

Most hexis derived plants asexually reproduce by spores formed on the undersides of their leaves. At least one actually has a flower of sorts though.

Siwaris seem to actually pollinate. Mainly by wind however. There are a couple species that produce grains, as well as a tree that produces large, red fruits.

Ragas are an odd one. They all bear fruit of some sort. One species has fruits filled with a lighter-than-air gas for spreading seeds. Another has fruit that acts like a bug. They pollinate each other, and then inject their fertilized seeds into a carcass. Another species that is found in caves launches its fruit at creatures with deadly force. Giving it some thought, their fruits may be more like nuts.
The hall of arts is commissioned to a new architect; but he suddenly died to natural causes, leaving the hall incomplete. The library, commissioned to another architect, is completed; the spacing evokes grandeur. Rigorous, and sometimes even fun, education for the upper class is top notch. Plenty of knowledge is dealt to the children in an interesting way.
Meanwhile, osuzak is thrilled to find lots and lots of tuktuk! His tales of tuktuk has convinced plenty of curious Yapap to try life in Mniej.
File: 1371785810259.jpg-(37 KB, 500x393, 1470806469_98df344a5a[1].jpg)
37 KB
Well, then... Soon I shall have devious plans involving these beasts of war. But not yet.

For now, there is the matter of the Korobushka quarter in Mniej...
Artists, architects, musicians, writers, and philosophers come to see the Logedz city.
If they did not have writing before, they are taught the Bushkit (boosh-keet) alphabet, and if they did, well, it begins to become a second language to many, especially among scholars who wish to study foreign tomes.
The philosophy traditions of Hashlimevish come to Mniej. The ideals of sacred communism and the worker's paradise. Of the worship of the mountain and all it provides (and even a few bootlegged texts from Zarhatebushk that make mention of Lupai and a bastardized version of Lufae metaphysics).
Strange buildings crop up, made of twisted wood, shining gold, and chovite (purple-tinged iron). For an idea of what these buildings look like, I include some reference images.
> http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/mycteria/mycteria1001/mycteria100100133/6315748-the-cathedral-of-peter-and-paul-in-the-peterhof-russia-the-orthodox-church.jpg
> http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/andreyst/andreyst1106/andreyst110601742/9802482-kazan-cathedral-is-a-russian-orthodox-church-located-on-the-northeast-corner-of-red-square-in-moscow.jpg

When the Hell was this? I was not told!
File: 1371787194385.jpg-(44 KB, 683x476, Just_as_planned_tzeentch[1].jpg)
44 KB
Rolled 9, 1 = 10

Ah! I've got it!

Babakushya begins contemplating to herself. She has lost some of the Children of the Mountain to those brutes, the Logedz. Filthy foreigners, yet... useful. She had heard rumours of a far away war that these creatures had fought. Perhaps they would make useful allies as well as trading partners. She sends an envoy, contacting the leaders of the TA. To see if they would be interested in such a pact.
Yes, even these aliens could have their uses, she thought, and she took another draught of aquavit. Ah, this was a particularly good vintage, she'd have to find out more about this particular brewer...

She pushes such thoughts from her mind. These Logedz have strength, vast military might. She did not want to leave the Holy City undefended. Perhaps the Iron Dusyas could be configured for war... powerful machines they were, perhaps deadly if given the right modifications.
This was why she was put in power. This is why the Mountain chose her to be Chovit's heir. Only one of such vision could make sure the legacy of the Korobushka endure amidst the savages of the land.

The cogs of her mind spin, ever spinning... One day her designs would come to fruition, and the heavens would tremble at the might of her people.

> Rolling for:
1. the messenger to the TA. how is he recieved? (do I need to roll for this, or should Bronze & I roleplay it?)
2. The outfitting of Chovaitedushya for war.

Once an alliance with the Logedz is cemented, I plan to expand the railroad throughout the TA.
Well... fuck.
For the TA messenger, roleplay it; I thought I've made it clear that diplomatic stuff requires no rolls, just roleplaying. I'll take that 9 as the messenger getting harassed by slavers, but managed to run away and into TA territory.
Meanwhile, Babakushya's attempts at modifying chovaitedushyas for war is even more pitiful than the rebels' attempts; it gets loaded with too much armor and weaponry that it can only crawl along at a snail's pace. "What's this? A chovaitedushya for snails??"
While the mayor-chief of Tledusua negotiates on behalf of the Tanacs Azseg at the summit, the Grokuf remains behind, content to oversee the new Nag Ber'Ek nation within the Tanacs Azseg, now that it has split from the Iosans. He will entertain the envoys of the Korobushkans.

The request to build a railroad, or a system of them, throughout the Tanacs Azseg is an appealing one. The Reclamation is opening up vast lands, with distances growing greater every day. Having haulers and cathedrals transport goods in armored convoys is no longer neccesary, as the motogangs are now obedient, in Varoseg, or dead, and the soundscape no longer is present with its many dangers. And what better way to link the whole of the Tanacs Azseg than with the speedy machines of the Korobushkans? They've progressed far, for once being simple farmers. They even rival the factories of the Tanacs Azseg. However, they do not directly compete with the products made by the TA, and linking the two nations would allow them to sell to the other what one has but the other does not.

However, there is the issue of getting a railroad through Lufae lands. Only once the summit is over will it be certain whether this economic cooperation of industrial nations will be possible. For now though, the Nag Ber'Ek and Aynadee forced out of the new Iosan Republic of Clans to settle the plains, and many former refugees returning to the plains, the amount of available cheap labor is dipping extremely low, increasing the price of manufactured goods. Various Mayor-Chiefs reach out to the Katumoiset, who're allowed in TA ports as part of the deal that gained the Grand Army of the Council large numbers of slaves on the cheap. Now they seek to purchase enough slaves to replace the lost workers heading to the wild, wild plains.
Rolled 2, 7, 10, 20, 19, 14 = 72

Riots in both Nag Ber'Ek and Iosan cities, caused by the seperation of the Nag Ber'Ek and Iosans into two separate nations within the Tanacs Azseg are not making these times any easier. Both factions need new means for dealing with dissedents. The armories are tasked with creating new, refined versions of their powered armors, and creating smaller, more effective hauler motos that can transport soldiers in tight streets, or even into the undercities that the northern cities have. Similarly, heavy versions are desired, in case the peace the new summit brokers turns out to be fragile. And of course, tales of the Liegan spark widespread interest in weapons that could properly down a titan, should the need ever arise again. Such monstrous creatures, even five or six, could surely overrun entire armies. Thus, weapons to kill them are needed, should the geists wish to reclaim the plains. Some ideas include mounting enormous ballistaes on airships, or on swift motos

Settlers on the plains require greater protection from both the spores of the soundscape and its predators and bandits if the Reclamation is to be successful. The fractured remains of the GAC are slowly being reogranized to more effectively deal with these problems, or at least the portion of the army that remained is. The rest of the soldiers have returned to their cities, where the mayor-chiefs take them in, and begin organizing them into small armies for their own cities. These "City Legions" are meant to ensure the safety of each of the very independently minded cities in these trying times. A civil war has been averted, but it doesn't hurt to play safe

rolling for
Aquiring slaves to replace the lost labor force
Further adapting the riot motos
Creating heavier vehicles
Making Titan Killers
Creating cheap, effective sporemasks for the plains settlers
Establishing the City Legions
tl/dr on trade pact. Korobushka, TA, Lufae, Nod and Urupuruu. Its why you folks trade so freely. It was agreed to a while ago so you may have forgotten the story about it, as it was a little short.

Everyone has a trade hub, at least one. Everyone maintains "safe" trade routes through their territory. If anyone attacks anyone within the pact, the other three factions will descend on the attacker. This keeps costly ventures like war on a back burner, and encourages development, and methods of attacking your enemies with dickery.

This war between the renegade faction "Ifal Fa" and the TA not only stretched the rules of the trade pact to the breaking point between the TA and Lufae as well, but also highlighted a major point of the economic powers in this region. What was gained, and what was lost, was not cost effective, and also impacted the trade of the Korobushka, Nod, and Righteye. Some individuals gained much, and some lost much with the radical shift in materials and equipment being purchased.

Any other tribe not listed is a non pact member, and exempt from both the rules, and any protection from exploitation or conquest.

A summit will be had to go over what is going on in the world, what will be done, etc.

-and for keeping you folks in the know, righteye had started off an unrest within his tribe before he disappeared. The urupuruu have been dealing with the growing threat of a schism between the traditionalists, and the worshippers of Arupa, with the traditionalists being a minority. To their immediate north the Arupa faithfuls are also dealing with minor encroachment from the Yapap tribes. The traditionalists have settled closer to the korobushkan regions.

-There is still a large puruu of mixed heritage gathering it's strength in the Yapap region, though it's influence is quite small for now.
Nad: Review their posts, a railway is wished to be built directly to the TA lands from the korobushkan territory.
Bronze/ Fortune: If the geists refuse, it will have to be routed in a roundabout fashion. Keep in mind your zepplins also have an airborn trade route as well.
The katumoiset slavers see a weakness and turn on it at some ports, and some people begin to disapear, while at other ports the katumoiset attempt to drive a hard bargin and ask too much. The riot motos are a bit..awkward, and a new idea springs fourth. Moto feet and heavier armor. Part warrior, part moto. It was mobile and small enough to get around in the city, but big enough to smash the fuck out of whatever it was going after. This was a radical and new idea that would require much new development. The new vehicles are quite large and heavily armored, rugged and durable, but crude in construction and appearance. Ugly but honest. The Titan left a burning memory in the minds of those who fought the final battle, and their stories resonated with the populace. Radical and powerful new weapons sprung up, and will be described more later. Experience from the third war was used well, many homemade spore masks were examined, from simple rag wraps, to more complex particle filters and even a few elenii "dream walker" masks. The best ideas from them all came together, and a simple mask with a washable canister filter is developed. The city legions pop up quickly, becoming an accepted fact of life. You either became a guard, a ganger, a worker, or a member of the city Legions if you were a city logead.
Titan killers...the engineers looked upon their great work with awe.
you have your choice on what the weapon will be, and it's description, I will attempt to draw whatever it is you describe....lets go super upsized power armor...or anything else.
File: 1371794896496.jpg-(17 KB, 400x428, 1323844673004.jpg)
17 KB
Rolled 20

"Damn, looks like they're shooting for peace now."
"Che, a bit early, but they still won't be able to fall back in time I reckon"
Chief Zep rolled up the report parchment from the scouting Shwirm, clicking his mandibles together softly in thought.

The plan had been to make a move on the back of Lufae territory while they were embroiled in combat and cherry pick some towns for good slaves, but it looked like the golden chance has been lost while they stood around clicking their claws.
But still, it would take some time for the Lufae to get back to full operational capacity and the Tanacs Azseg were good customers...

It's a risk that could pay off well.

"Alright,"Zep shouted "Lets not waste any more time. Gather the men, tonight we head towards Tamar Kat and capture anyone we see. We're playing this safe, get in get out and head back to base."

Zep watches the lackeys go deliver the messages and steels his nerves to the coming event. He grips his club tightly in one hand, his blade in the other, taking strength from their presence.
Time to see if his first choice as chief pays off.

Rollan for Slaving raids
Rolled 2, 10, 13, 16 = 41

The mongrel king was the third to bear this title, his predecessors killed by Yapap warriors. In reality he was just the largest of the puruu who lived in Yapap territory that were not "pure". Some of his kin had no tails, some did. Some had graspers on them, some did not. None of them were blue, sometimes pale pink, or mottled purple, reddish, or touches of brown. They were the mongrel breed, the castoffs. They had grown in these years, and learned some too. All the while they stayed mobile and alive because of it.He had no name, the king, he had no real future either. the swamp parted beneath his chopping blade and he lead the foremost group of his people. He heard of lands to the south, where the brown ones would take all, but of recently they fought one another. There was much work to be done.
rolling for: the journey south, do they stay in the right direction, who they bump into, how sympathetic the faction they bump into is towards their situation. Population is roughly 10,000 nomads.
Rolled 2, 1, 14, 6, 5, 2 = 30

Captain Legek surveyed his ship. It was a good one, but there was always more work to be done, and there were dangers not yet accounted for, on top of a hungry population. It was time to move on.
rolling for: building a mini sub production section/ dock by cannibalizing the remaining subs and likly upsetting their owners. greater good and all, expanding the living quarters, fishing for more food, sending hunting parties ashore to hunt for food, improving the sonar, and improving the dive capability of the ship.
File: 1371797072875.png-(114 KB, 640x480, can it be.png)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Rolled 5, 9, 13 = 27

To say the Raid was a success would be an understatement.

The men are in good spirits and Zep almost doesn't have to urge them for the double time trek to base camp, their joy and desire for wealth pushing them forward. But that isn't the only thing pushing Zep.
The raid was indeed a success, he can't say it enough, but on the other hand it may have been TOO MUCH of a success. The number of Geist they are pulling with them is far more than he expected to handle, it may put a strain on supplies keeping them alive till sale time, that and of course. A third of a city missing will probably get some serious retaliation from the Lufae.
It's almost enough to make him curse his good fortune.

"Gishik!" he shouts, and his second in command is by his side in moments, pulling his mount up to Zeps.
"We aren't staying at the base tonight, get them ready to tear it down and move out. Send a dozen of the men back to foul our trail. Send Gypsie ahead to the Tanacs Azseg contact, tell him I have a huge load for him. We head south to the river crossing and then to the Tanacs Azseg."
He clicks his mandibles together, signalling he is finished and Gishiki pulls away to excecute his orders.

This will not stop the Lufae, not buy a longshot, but with a bit of luck it will slow them down.

Rollan for travel, trail fouling, river safety
>inb4 1
((apparently i failed at GMing)) The raiders capture over 30 fishermen out on the lake, considering the secretive nature of the Lufae, and that this is the first time a geist settlement has ever been successfully raided it is a major accomplishment. Status and benefactors will be gained back in Kaalimaa if you survive!

The Kafalite priest, Ktai listens to the words of the horned one, before speaking herself.

"I do not know of this dreamtime you speak of. We believe in the goddess Lupai, and her Divine World Song, that encompasses each aspect of the world. It is in the rhythm of the beating hearts of living things, the windy valleys of the mountains, and even in the wast plains. By studying aspects of this song, we believe that we may reach towards divinity, and achieve enlightenment. The Kafalite order, to which I belong, hold the Song of Life, Kaafa, as the most potent aspect of Her Divine song. It is trough study of Kaafa, our ancestors were able to construct the servant golems of our people, and even conjure the Kafasha, the manifestation of Her song, to our mortal plane. Grooming and maintaining the Kafasha, is our holy duty, for without our guiding hand, the void will take root into it, and twist it into a perversion of it's true divine form."

"Do you seek to understand our ways, or is your quest here to just claim knowledge of the Kafasha to your own uses? For if it is the former, I will gladly guide you to higher understanding of the Divine Song, but if it is the later, I can offer you nothing."
Rolled 1, 16, 20, 7, 3, 7 = 54

While the peace summit is still ongoing, the Ifal Fa are busy recovering from the war.
The current rule in Hikir Nu is in the paws of Striking Claw coven, section 5, as they still consider that the war is not yet over, and thus they should retain the power. Under their, sometimes heavy handed, direction the government of the Ifal Fa is undergoing some changes. The ideological purges continue, as the Section 5 attempts to ensure that there is no internal strife regarding their new alliance with the Lufae. The dissenters are captured and convinced to change their ways. The very methods section 11 utilized to "convince" kidnapped geists from Lufae to join the fold of Ifal Fa, are now turned against them. Section 11 is an useful asset for the Ifal Fa government, due to their archives and religious swaying of the population, however, they must be loyal to the Ifal Fa cause as a whole. Because of this, section 11 is being reformed, however, most of the former key members are nowhere to be found. Only those who aligned themselves with Section 5, were allowed to retain their positions.

Section 9 is also undergoing similar reformations, though they were long underway. The construction and maintenance wing of Ifal Fa government, could not be handled so sloppily. Because of this, radical reformations are being made to the section's structure.

Section 0 and section 7 are also doing their best to both support the wounded veterans of the war, and also encourage population growth, to make up for the losses of the war.

A large portion of the southern parts of the Ifal Fa lands have been rendered inhospitable due to the radical soundscape modifications. Section 1 is tasked with finding ways of how to lessen these modifications at least in the immediate vicinity of the Ifal Fa borders.

Rolling for:
Continuing the ideological purges ( mindwashing)
Reforming section 11
Reforming section 9
Supporting the veterans of the war
Supporting population growth
Restoring soundscape
Galate energy flows so very differently from water, but exactly how it does that still eludes the researchers. It does flow between iron and gold well, and salt solutions. Further liquid-related experiments ground to a halt as another assistant got shocked, non-fatally this time. Instead, using chirping grabbers instead of assistants and interns, the effects of Galate energy on a living being is tested. After many shocked chirping grabbers, it is deduced that living things can make Galate flow, just like some metals.
Meanwhile, though he is hailed as a great explorer, nobody seems interested to fund another expedition, seeing that only ice and harsh cold await them. However, a passing Geist merchant passed on his discovery of a great ice giant, and soon Teison received many foreign Geist flesh singers and other biologists. Crutch levy found his clan alive and well, with only about a third that died in the war. Another third fought and survived, while the other third are younglings or females. Those who survived told Crutchley that he got the better fate; most of the survivors had been disfigured in a way.
Meanwhile, the priest said to Larien, "my old mind understand bits and pieces, but it seemed that I am too old to fully translate my religion to you. But, in my absence, I will send my best pupil to walk with you, so she can understand your religion better than I do." He turns to the side, and called.
"Sarassi! I have a task for you!"
Nice doubles, but ng, I have something to discuss with you. Problem is, we're never on the chat at the same time, so I was wondering if perhaps I could email you or something. I have some sneaky shit planned and need your help in facilitating it.

Email in Email field.
A slaver convoy ambushed them while they were headed south; the slavers took most of the scouts and warriors. A bloody battle ensued, but the slavers had already taken their toll; the mongrel king swears he would free his brethren one day. Maybe those Geists they got as well. In any case, their now 9,900 strong group is now advancing roughly south... And they came across a group of Geists, in a seaside village that seems to be abandoned. The Geists eagerly welcomed the puruu, after both traded stories on how the slavers caused them grief. In the Geists' case, they were left behind by their kin while fending off a slaver raid.

Even looking at the state of the remaining mini-subs and their owners was too much for captain Legek, and he decided to postpone the plan yet again. The people will mutiny if they did not get enough food and enough space; the innards of the sub is becoming cramped the more they live in it. So instead, the captain ordered the minisubs to go fish more; to their luck, it is the season where fish is abundant. Crisis narrowly averted... For now. Some even tried to land ashore and hunt, but they quickly retreated once they find out they beached a little too close for comfort near a slaver camp. In the meantime, sonar research still goes slowly, and trying to improve the dive capacity turns out to need them beaching on a safe coast for some time.
The travel soon becomes slow as the pack, and their Geist cargo, pass through a forest. They tried masking their trails, but thirty set of Geist footprints are quite hard to mask correctly. It was only after they reach the other side of the river that they can breathe safely, for now.

I'm gonna call this event Grand Theft Citizen.
File: 1371829595972.jpg-(1.2 MB, 1024x768, 1332972307901.jpg)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Sorry Nongent, no supersized armor. Just explosions and burning. (Maybe a little bit of armor)

Great ballistaes are the order of the day. Sturdy, strong ballistaes. But what makes them special is their ammunition: Foffys and Toffys


The great bolts they fire are equipped with simple canisters, that hold flaming, burning doom within them. They contain blung-oil, and mechanisms to set it alight when it impacts a target. These bolts have two settings: Tongues of Fire, or Toffys, and Fists of Fire, or Foffys. A toffy works by opening up its canister when it impacts, allowing the oil to drool down the side of whatever has had the misfortune of being hit by it. After a few seconds, the target is slathered in the oil, and a timer sets off the ignition device, setting the oil alight, burning the target. Foffys work similarily, except instead of drooling their oil, they keep it in, simple igniting the oil to create an explosion. All that seperates the two is how the firing team activates the bolts canister before firing. A few twists disables the timing mechanism, and the the activation that opens holes in the canister, setting it to explode on impact. Leaving it untouched creates toffy, and will set the target aflame. Death by burning or death by explosion. Such silly names, such wonderful artillery.

The ballistaes can be mounted on any vehicle large enough to carry them, be it a moto, an airship or a cathedral.

Huge armor is also made, combining the new walking riot motos with wearers to create huge suits that can fight in the new arena system that has been developed to settle things diplomatically. These giant suits, called Oriases, come equipped with huge, mechanical mulpacs that take up the right arm, and a left arm with a crude fist and a flamer. The Oriases are huge, but nowhere near as large as a titan. The biggest are only slightly taller than a Cathedral, but they are still mighty, though expensive, creations.

Should the Tanacs Azseg ever need to fight titans again, it will be more than ready.
Rolled 12, 19 = 31

Pursuit was light.
It was practically non existent from what Zep's occasional checks in the looking glass revealed.
He had been worried when they hit the forest, how they could have missed it's placement was beyond him, Gishiki apologized many times for omitting it but it seemed that fortune favored Zeps little band once again.

At last the Tanacs Azseg territory loomed in sight, it would be good to get this load off his claws.
It would only be a quick trip down to that nice little port town, Cruncholm he thinks, and down to that trader he knew.
He was always reasonable. Would probably flip his lid with these valuable specimens.

Zep roamed among the slaves as they continued their march, trying to find one he liked, he'd shoot up in status with a geist slave of his own, he'd probably have to pry the mates off with a crowbar.
He could get some new mounts, new tech for the boys, maybe a snazzy new set of armour for himself, some of those masks that allowed you to venture into the soundscape maybe, and most importantly food.

Life was going to be good.
Everything was going to be ok right?

Rolling for personal slave quality and slave sales.
Rolled 10, 14 = 24

I think it's time for a little something for Varoseg, don't you?

Varoseg sits at the center of the small, new nation of Sezdept. It has small, modest industry to support its fleet of motos, and its burgeoning manufacturing capabilities. Much of what it does is process metals mined in the Burning Lands, like creating high quality steel that is not available in the Tanacs Azseg, or copper and tin that are now being valued more highly by the Eleni, and even metal weapons and armor for the Urupuruu, whose god, Arupa, nearly all of Sezdept worships now.

However, the success of this new nation is now creating growing pains. The land it holds is not enough to support its current population, and taking any land to the west only risks antagonizing the Urupuruu allies, while extensive fishing is far too dangerous with the Katumoiset still ranging the Firil Sea unchecked. The only place that no one can challenge the people of Sezdept is in the Burning Lands, a hostile, volcanic place that, while rich in metals, is hostile to all but the hardiest life. Some farmerowners, looking to provide for their people out of the goodness of their hearts, and profit in the process, try growing some of the few plants that live in the Burning Lands on small plots to supplement the diets of the miners, and the soldiers that keep the Burning Lands safe, known as the Firebrands, riding motos and wearing thick masks to keep the ash out of their lungs.

The Feloshaz of Varoseg is skeptical of such an idea, and instead try a diplomatic way to secure more food for the people. They urge the Urupuruu to enter into a small military campaign to secure the areas of the Firil sea that border both them and Sezdept, and perhaps push the Katumoiset off a few islands (No hard feelings falconis. Varoseg and Sezdept are completely independent of the Tanacs Azseg, and have a bad history with slavers).

Rolling for
Ash farms
Launching a campaign to secure the southern Firil Sea
Rolled 2

Eresked certainly did flip his lid when he saw what his old friend had to sell to him. He'd expected strong workers from what Zep told him on the way to his ship, but this is amazing. GEISTS. No one had ever taken geist slaves before! And now, here they were, dropped into Ereskeds lap! When Zep began stating prices like armor, motos and soundscape masks, the old merchant hushes him, and tells him he'll be back in a few days time.

Sure enough, Eresked shows up, this time with the Mayor-Chief of Cruncholm in tow, Chief of Ereskeds Clan. The Mayor-Chief assures the slaver that he will have all he asks for. Five large motos, twenty smaller ones, fifteen suits of partially mechanized armor, fitted for shwirms, fifty soundscape masks, and a large discount on any supplies he wishes to purchase in the marketsquare.

The slaves will be kept in secluded part of the small jail cruncholm possesses. There, they will be interrogated, and forced to tell everything they know of their homeland, the soundscape, the cedyas, and the Liegan.

As for the rest of the slaves, they will be put to work as well paid guards for the geists. They cannot be allowed to leave and blabber about how they were on the same boat as geist slaves.

All of this is recieves funds by discreet donations from the other Mayor-Chiefs when they are informed of this development. It is a matter of importance to the entire Tanacs Azseg

rolling for interrogating the geists
Rolled 14, 4, 20, 8, 3, 4 = 53

The recent raid to Tamar Kat, has alarmed the Lufae people to the threat of the slavers attacking from the sea. Because of this, the fishing ships of the Lufae are being armed with standard acid blasters for improved self defense. In addition, some of the subs are being refitted with strong, clawed arms, and crushing maws, that would allow them to rip open the underbellies of slaver ships.
Work is also put in developing ranged weaponry that could work underwater, perhaps some sort of pressurized launcher that shoots harpoons at targets?
Some of the remaining subs not being armed try to tail the slaver ship, so that vengeance could be brought upon them, while others continue their attempts at charting the tunnels that lead to the sea.

The Guardians have returned to Lufae lands, as in the end, they weren't needed after to ensure the peace of Ifal Fa. Further training of the pilots continues, as the guardians are used to hunt down and eliminate bigger blung forms that have started moving to Lufae borders from the lands that the songless have claimed from Kafasha.

Rolling for: (6 rolls)
Arming the fishing ships.
Arming the submarines.
Developing underwater ranged weaponry.
Tailing the slaver ship.
Continued mapping of the sea tunnels.
Training the guardian pilots.
It seems we must rely on the beasts and riders of Ruhaj for war. No matter. It's time to employ the spies and assassins of Sergei...
Babakushya sends out dozens of the stealthy masters throughout the land, learning all there is to know about the surrounding areas, and bribing informants to fill them in on various things and goings on.

(This marks the beginning of me now reading others' posts. However, a great deal is unknown to me, because many of these name drops are completely new, and I don't know what any of them.)

Especially you Bronze. You've got so many different names and factions, or regions, I have no fucking idea as to what's going on.
Rolled 19, 1 = 20

News from the homeland seemed to be mix of good an bad. The seem to have help up well against the raids, and even seemed to have pull in a couple warrior factions under the rule of the various village elders. The position of Head Elder of the Yapap has been passed on to Elder Kaetemittemjyn of the clay pits, for whatever that's worth nowadays.
A couple years ago, it seems that Elder Retti, along with a large number of followers, have left the Yapap to start anew. It is unfortunate that this happened. One of the few who were born long before the civil wars leaving, and someone actually level-headed at that. Without his wisdom, it'd be difficult to bring the Yapap back together in a somewhat orderly fashion.

In order to made trade and communication possible, the roads going between the towns would need to be guarded. A few weeks since the first messengers made contact between the communities, there was a request from the homeland for supplying warriors to help defend the roadways so trade and further communication could be made possible. Whoever could be spared, within reasonable manner, would be patrolling the roadways, keeping an eye open for warrior raiders.

Rolling for the actions of the nearby war camp (attacking, doing nothing, moving on, etc.), working between the Fortress City and the Homeland to keep the roads clear.
File: 1371863522652.png-(770 KB, 3400x1364, Lufae military forces.png)
770 KB
770 KB PNG
Finally got this done.
Feel free to ask questions about this, if you have them. I will answer them once I wake up.

I will state this though:

The Lufae tech, while seemingly advanced, is just a result of the clever usage of the peculiar properties of certain organisms (primarily the emils slime, and the countless breeds of it they have developed for different purposes) they have had a long access to, a deep understanding of biolocial, and physiological structures and systems, and a cultural imperative, that values emulating living things as holy service.
Because of these factors, the Lufae and Ifal Fa tech and engineering is heavily based on living things. If they want to make something move, they give it legs, because that is what they know how to do, and it makes sense to them, far more than just developing an engine and a set of wheels. They have hard time understanding "non living" tech, such as the TA stuff, as it lacks the obvious inspiration from living things, the Lufae and Ifal Fa utilize as a guideline in their tech and creations.

The Lufae walkers for example, are built around an emils shell "skeleton" and if it's armor plates were removed, a strange, artificial musculature would be revealed underneath them. Their weapons work by basically "sneezing" out ammunition, and so on. In general, their tech is just different, it is not really that much more advanced, beyond certain fields. In many cases, their tech might even be pretty inefficient, but so are living systems too.
Don't forget: due the nature of the geist diet, and Lufae agriculture, the population of the Lufae is much more limited than other nations. They depend entirely on meat, and have few to no small outlying settlements to increase the population or provide raw materials, am I correct?
Rolled 9, 9, 13, 19, 14, 14, 8, 17 = 103

With the Emperor and Prince now having returned to their positions as governors, it quickly became apparant to them that they had a lot of things that they needed to address.

First of all, there was the all too apparant shortage of legionnaires and other military personal from the war with the Ifal Fa, and the infighting between the Log'Eads in the cities certainly weren't exactly helping them keep the peace. They needed more soldiers, and they needed them now. Recruiters went on a metaphorical campaign in the Oamenii cities, intent on recruiting as many new soldiers as they could. Conscription wasn't considered quite yet, as the Prince felt that shwirms tended to do their jobs better when they actually wanted to do it. Then there was actually arming these new soldiers, a task that was given to every blacksmith worth his sausage.

Which brought up another point; The conscription for new soldiers had taxed the many industries that the Oamenii relied on, and there wasn't enough fresh blood to return them to normal. So it was with a heavy heart that the Emperor turned towards the slavers that had come to their 'aid' at the beginning of the war, searching for hard labor that came cheap.

And then there was the matter of the new armor developed by the Log'Eads that they were calling 'Oriases'. Many engineers and mechanics amongst the shwirm were excited to get a hold of the blueprints so that they might make improvements, or possibly even create new weapons suitable for the metal behemoths. The majority of these ideas were approved for development, though it was anyone's guess as to which ones would prove successful.

Rolling for:
>Recruiting new legionnaires and other military personal
>Producing equipment for the new recruits to use
>Acquiring Slaves to replace lost labor force
>Improving Orias power armor
>Developing new arms/weapons for Orias power armor (Four rolls; tower shields, spears/pikes, short swords, crossbows/ballistae)
File: 1371869450390.png-(3.85 MB, 1464x1523, territory east.png)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB PNG
Rolled 6, 20, 1, 15, 3, 4, 9 = 58


On the northern shores of South Continent, a fleet of long ships sets anchor. Explorers of the joorod nation Ca'rethill gaze upon the new land. As far as they knew, they were the first to set foot there. Before them was the edge of a great jungle, bringing thoughts of that covering the western archipelago of their home lands. It wasn't long until they were unpacking food, water, tools, and personal belongings from the ships.
Shovels struck the ground, excavating stone with which to build a village.

Scouting parties would be sent to the east and west, near the shore line, and slightly into the jungles to the south. They'd all be careful, not knowing what sorts of beasts could be found in these strange lands.

Rolling for scouting the area (East, south-east, south, south-west, and west), taking notes on the wildlife, and beginning construction of turf buildings.
File: 1371869615586.png-(6 KB, 290x260, Yapap home improvement.png)
6 KB
Welp, looks like I've garnered the attention of hostile natives. More fighting between my own civilizations.
Upon a time in Primordial Eternia there lived a Hobgoblin's helper who wielded a mighty sword (bastard sword) he called Barghest-Xedocon Requiem. One day when he was outside with Tue Hobgoblin he found a runebook. He opened the book and looked inside it. There was a rune that was labelled: Roe of the wolf pack. He cast the teleportation spell using a scroll and was transported to a new place alongside the hobgoblin thanks to a dweomer that had been inputted into his armor (the hobgoblin and her helper would be inseparable). When they appeared in the new spot (their old spot being worlds away by now) the Hobgoblin's helper was bewildered to see they were smack-dab in the middle of a marsh standing on a toadstool. There was a crocodile in the water basking in some of the reflected rays of moonlight coming from the opal white moon glowing warmly in the night sky so starry and mantled in darkness. The Hobgoblin's helper could tell the crocodile was pretty much harmless as long as it wasn't disturbed (he used detect evil and found no hostiles). Looking around from atop the toadstool he saw through the underbrush and vegetation of the swamp a house with a light on a little ways off into the distance. Using a magical device he leviatated with the hobgoblin over to the houses door. Checking to see if it was open he grabbed the doorknob and pushed forward a little. It was unlocked. The door opened inward and the two stepped inside. No one ever saw them again.
Yaldabaldaboth? Is that you?
Section 11, being the maker of said mind washing techniques, had trained their members in resisting their own techniques. They are still unbreakable, and even worse, some faked being mind washed.
In the meantime, section 11 and section 9's reforms went well, with the new command structure being transparent and effective.
The war-wounded were plenty, and only so much personnel can be tasked; recovery goes very slowly. There was a minor outbreak of STD among the citizens, it does little physically, but it does halt birth rates by way of paranoia.
The soundscape, hellish and hostile, is slowly being transformed into a less dangerous one; but for now, progress is slow, with each square kilometer taking about a quarter of a year to fix.
The slaves were of course kinda tired from all those marching, but overall they look okay. The rarity of Geists as slaves soon made their stall the focus of some... shady aristocrats and even shadier non-aristocrats, all of which paid a good sum of cash for them.

Eresked's interrogation turns on deaf ears; understandable since he's been asking in his dialect of Tanacs Aszeg, and the Geists captured were from a fishing town who rarely receive foreigners, if at all.

Some ash farms were established, they produce barely enough for the miners. Meanwhile, talks with the urupuruu were had, and some warrior-clans manage to take it to the higher-ups; soon, an 'okay' is had for those warrior-clans to coordinate with Varoseg's warriors to free the Firil Sea of some slavers.
The fishing ships are now armed in one way or another; plenty of Q-ships with hidden weaponry as well. However, due to the ineffectiveness of the 'sneeze'-guns in water, only some subs were equipped with weapons. But those who do, gets a newly-developed weapon; it is a modified water-puruu launcher. The water-puruu is modified with a hard emil shell on its front region, which can excrete acid; the water-puruu themselves are trained to seek out their targets like the servitor-puruu does, and then bore through the hull of the enemy. Or the carapace if they're attacking sea monsters. They are also reusable; they can always return back to their 'pods', hibernating until the order to fire is given. Some variants have been developed, one with backup melee weapons equipped and the other can carry a servitor-puruu inside for quick attacks.
Tailing the slaver ship is kinda hard; the massive fortresses generate much noise from all the creaking. But the tailers manage to pick up the trail again from the same creaking sound.
Only a little more of these tunnels are mapped; some require more thought put into mapping them, for they are multileveled. Not to mention it is hard to gauge which way is up in these dark, waterlogged tunnels.
The guardian pilot's training is still ongoing, but it looks like the pilots are getting kinda bored by the training. They are younglings, after all.
The warcamp was found to have been mostly stripped of materials, the inhabitants have moved on but set up shop once more between the major settlements of the region and "tax" the roads. Taxation often involves being murdered and having your things taken. The remains of the old warcamp had crude clay tablets that were clearly instructions on how to build log structures.
A fair number of the population turns over some of their middle children to the military, but it was not enough. Thankfully the schwirm slaves who survived the Ifal Fa war had little in the way of technical skills, or skills at all, and knew how to fight well enough though. They were not locals, but these Island schwirms became a common sight in the legions.

There was a shortage of new equipment with so many projects going on at once. Ingenuity saved the day, the Ifal Fa war provides once more. Battlefield salvage operators sell armor and weapons at a hefty discount. The equipment is often battered, broken, with more then a few reminders of how their previous user died, however the smiths are able to repair the equipment to a serviceable, if unsightly condition.

The slavers were more then delighted to offer up a workforce of cheap slaves. A majority of them are schwirms, which is useful. A few logeadz can be sold to the Nag'Ber'Ek people for a slight mark up.

The new power armor is improved drastically. The shciwrms are learning much from this new effort in the way of "Hydraulics" and "switches". This is not electrical, but heavily based off the concept of "logic machines". Purely mechanical, but specific results based on situations. The long story short is that the Orais armor is surprisingly well put together. The Shield is a massive slab of metal, the spears are enlarged schwirm spring/piston spears, TA has few swords so they fail and become "daggers", and the Crossbow is a downsized version of the anti titan weapons.
The Settlers find themselves ambushed by Faunus Geists, however they were few in number and cut down by the powerful Ca'rethill bows. The settlers had no idea they had just contributed towards the extinction of an already endangered species. They did taste pretty good though, and the joorod's keen vision spotted them easily enough. To the southeast they found Ma'uma herds. Plentiful soft bodied creatures with a hard shell. There was also a fresh water spring and a lot of bamboo like plants. To the south there was only death. A particularly hostile tribe of Yapap just mudered all but one of the expedition team, and he returned with no wings/arms, escaping death narrowly. The southwest saw the intrepid explorers find the begining of a large footpath, where it lead was unknown. To the west were more Yapap, though they seemed occupied with attacking another smaller trip of yapap who did not have the same exact cultural values. There might have also been theft of laserbord "cattle" a few times. The explorers do not know, they do run away quickly. The wildlife here is unlike anything they have seen before, and hardly know where to start. Simple sketches are made of plants and some bug like creatures. The ground here is swampy and poor for turf building construction, and they ultimatly have to settle for "thatch" huts made of large leaves and sticks bound together with rope. Hardly a real home.
File: 1371883749649.jpg-(57 KB, 792x480, ibetthelemdidthis.jpg)
57 KB
Thread is sinking. This one actually got archived, unlike parts one and two.

Should we just wait until morning to start part 4?

The Lufae have pretty large farmlands on the western portions of their nation, where the soundscape doesn't grow. These farms feed their emils "farms" and bladeshwirm herds, however, bladeswhirms are not the only things they eat. A large portion of their diet is formed from the omnipresent tunnel scwars, that are pretty much everywhere. The underground tunnels also provide them some food, as does their fishing industry. The Lufae possess a healthy food base which they can use to support their numbers.
Also, they do have minor "settlements" outside of their main cities, however, they are usually little more than outward burrows and inhabited sections of the tunnel network. For example, the Farmlands are full of these sorts of minor settlements, as a centralized city has not had time to develop yet.
In addition, the large cities of the Lufae are pretty dang big. With the exception of few cities like Lupai Kaath, most of them are built as much underground, as they are built above it. The geists are at home in these cramped tunnels, as it is in their hypersocial nature to like nearly constant contact with other geists.

As for raw materials, the thing is that the Lufae simply don't need much raw materials, other than organic stuff to feed to their emils farms. Almost everything they make, is made out of emils derived stuff. They also have ready access to some necessary materials they need, like lub skin from Fa Kaath, that is built within a lub forest, and has farms of these things. The Lufae get glass from their volcanic heat utilizing glass factories, the largest ones which are located in Ne Keth, and they have massive amounts of salt from the salt "farms" of Kun Kaath. The water in the tunnel networks, and the large cracks in the ground, is oceanic water after all. They just need to evaporate the water away to get salt.

Also, we need a new thread.
Pre-emptive new thread here:

in case this one is sinking too fast.

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