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You tap the airship blueprints spread out before you.
The descision is clear. A Sword-class frigate will be the first vessel produced for your personal use. As a swift raider that can defend itself easily, it's a solid ship all-around. The foreman seems to approve of it, at least.

Now, the accounting. Do you want to build any more ships this week, and how will you be paying for the ship you're building- with real coin, or imagined?
You are Isabella Katarina Markova, twelfth of the line of Carmilla, thirteen generations from Dracula, the First. This places you with enough blood and power to make you a minor noble in Shadescast, the city of vampires, and possess your own castle- which does not necessarily have normal geometry, and which is not always in the same place. Though your physical appearance is that of a young girl, you are actually three and a half centuries old.

You spend your time responding to requests from other vampires for lore, and holding tea parties and other social events, both with humans and vampires. On occasion, you indulge in adding one or two of them to your collection of porcelain dolls...

Recently, you were attacked by a human vampire hunter who managed to temporarily kill you. Upon rising from death, you turned him into your faithful hound... but first he managed to majorly deface your castle and burn a portion of your library, including some hard-to-replace texts. Signs point to him having been hired by a rival vampire... one who was here, and took one of your dolls. Your current suspect is a blockheaded bat named Nalus.

You have turned the Mayor of Mark into your soft, gooey servant. This is useful to you due to your airship yard there, which you got for a song off of a fellow vampiric noble by the name of Blackford. The deal took a little screaming at the foreman, but once it was sorted out, you returned to your castle…

Which was when you found that one of your servants had disappeared. Fortunately, Scarlet, one of your Dolls' creations, dragged her back to the Castle for you. In return, Scarlet was given the girl as her servant.

Five minutes later, you almost ate Scarlet after taking backlash from a failed scrying attempt.

Since then, your head maid has attempted to assassinate you with cutlery and is being held as an experiment, and you started to organize a trap for Nalus with the help of an Ulvenwald native.
It's getting harder and harder to fit the story-so-far into 2,000 characters. So here's the archive of past threads:

The first thread can be found here:

Isabella's Character sheet:
Christ 13 isn't even close to 404ing and 14 is already up
Personally for a aircraft I would go for hard to damage and powerful. Just because if we are on it we don't want to get grounded because lolsunlight.
Well, too late to do anything about it now.
I think we should not make any more for ourself right now. Just the one, and when we choose to go for a fleet we'll pump a lot of production into it.

Use imaginary money, we own these books, we can cook them and play with where it goes, and if we never use them what's the point.

It's on page 8, got permasaged for some reason, it's not going to last all that long.

The Sword is a good fighting vessel.
The Sword is tough enough to kill anything in its weight class and fast enough to run from anything out of its league. It's perfectly suited as a raider, assuming you have a competent crew.
Since it's our ship, we should pay with real - if the imaginary money gets tracked to the yard we can use someone as a scapegoat, but if we personally get caught with it there's not much to do.

Also, I say wait until next week before starting more ships - gets the workers on our side, and we don't need the revenue that fast.
Real or imaginary?
For what? I stated pretty clearly we should pay for the sword with real money in the post.
Yes, and I said use imaginary money as there's really no point in having it if we don't use it, and we can cover our tracks rather effectively here, spread out the imaginary money, and use our control over the books to make it all line up.

No one else seems to be weighing in though.
Yes, I'm looking for a tiebreaker here because >>25292279
wants to pay for it with imaginary money.
If nobody comes in and neither of you want to change your opinion I'll just flip a coin.
Rolled 2

1 imaginary.
2 real.
You decide that there's no point in giving fake money to people who actually work for you, and sign the necessary documents to start putting your airship into the air.

> Back to the castle to check on Nalus's status, or is there anything else you'd like to do here?
Spend a bit of time with our workers, get an idea of how everyone is taking the big changes, where worker morale is, what their opinion of us is, whether they think we're just a rich girl funding them or actually running this place.
Roll Celerity and Masquerade.
Rolled 40, 86 = 126

I just noticed this:
>If you drink of the blood of a vampire AND are fed upon by that vampire, you may rise as a vampire on death
Notice that and
We can make the maid drink our blood without any risk of her rising as a vampire if we don't drink hers
well shit

Still wondering why people are paranoid about that. If she dies it means most likely someone is in our castle so we have worse problems it the window of death is only like month long and if she dies we get a vampire to fleshcraft.
You seem well-liked enough, but you find it impossible to listen in on others' conversations to get the actual picture of what the opinion of you is.

Ah well. There will be other chances.

> Back to castle?
Did we commission some dresses for Scarlet? Do we know her measurements? We can't exactly bring her to the shop in person.
The dresses were commissioned before Scarlet existed, so no. We can add that to the task list, though.
Add it to the list, we'll deal with that next time we're in town or send someone into town for us. Getting her measurements won't be hard.

For now, yeah, let's head on home.
You return back to the castle. As usual, your servants are waiting there for you; however, they are now wearing their new black-and-red livery that you picked up while you were in town. It looks quite smart on them.

Also unsually, there is a raven sitting… and doing other thngs… on the balustrade. It seems to have something to report.
You look into its eyes, and retrieve the information you sent it out to get.

Nalus' estate. A crumbling mansion house, long since in disrepair. A few servants guarding doors. Not defensible terrain. Not a large number of people at all. It would appear Nalus is rather exposed even in his own property- and the raven has seen him on it, giving orders to his servants, occasionally with the use of force. A crude and unrefined hold at best.

> Will you proceed with the plan to kidnap one of his servants to lure him in, given this new information?
Half an hour till I'm gone, just for your information folks. Not many people here anyway it would appear.
If he has so few servants, he'll have to come rescue them
Alright then.

Upon reflection, that'll take a while and would best have its own thread.

So that is all for this unfortunately bisected thread. It's not really enough content for a true thread 13 so I'll register this in the archives as thread 12 part 2.
Er, thread 14. Once again I can't count.
Archived threads:

Follow me on twitter @Wergeldt for thread alerts; the next thread will likely be tomorrow.

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