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Info, Stats and Past Threads: http://4quests.gamerchan.net/index.php/Maid_Quest:_The_Life_of_Master
Twitter: MaidRider

You are Hito Hijikatai the current master of the mansion in Japan, and sometime you become your alter ego Señor Jalapeño a luchador of Justice. Genki Shirou is your current butler who can randomly shift into his alter-ego June. Your half-sister Tomoe is magical girl from different world and she fear male rapist.

You have also got four maids. Katherine the delinquent maids, Sasha the mini-gun wielding maid, Akari the fortune teller and doctor maid, and Rachelle the sexy southern maid. Then also you have a cute crocodile ninja girl who are living in your mansion. The newcomer Melina who are from Germany and she have huge t... spiked club...

You have your own steam robot who are named Garenn and he is quit hotheaded plus he is always wear his cool sun-glassed. Your own familiar Melphina is a small pixie who can unlock or manipulate electronic devices, she also little obsession with incest anime... You also got yourself a black horse that named Li and it seems that he can do martial arts despite being a horse.

Your Current Favor: 12 points
File: 1370103952510.jpg-(94 KB, 640x372, Character Deck Case - To (...).jpg)
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"Wait, if I turn an item into a card, won't I lose it?" You asked him.
"Actually no, you is simple turn the card back into normal. Like this." Maidlover said as he showing a card with image of gun. He focus on it and it transformed into a real gun.

"Alright. So I could turn, say, a tank, into a card?" You asked him.
"Yes you can do that but it will come as Equipment card. If you want it to become as monster, you will need either AI or driver to count it as monster." Maidlover answer.

You summoned your tachi sword and try to turn it into a gaming card. The sword turned into a equipment card and then you turned it back to normal.

Interesting... You start thinking about the mecha that dwarves found in th hangar and it giving you a idea...

"So we just need to hire a driver, and we can use them as cards?" You asked him.
"Yeah, but the driver must be a monster, not a regular being." Maidlover answered.
"What happens to a person or piece of equipment if it's destroyed?"
"In card match, it will not be destroyed unless the physical card got ripped apart... If you happen to ripe apart a monster card... you will become a murder..." Maidlover said with serious tone.

What will you do now?
A: Learn how to play the game.
B: Start hunting monsters to build your deck.
C: Gather more info about the bizarre card games.

A: Learn how to play the game.

First learn how to crawl, then how to walk. We need to get a good grasp of the rules, gameplay, and tactics before we decide what type of deck we should make and what monsters to add.

Also, now would be a good time to take advantage of all that stock we bought in those military contractors, see if we can get some military-grade weapons as Equipment and Support Cards.

I like that idea. Too bad Baby Sister is still training; her spells would enable us to create some god-tier Magic cards.

>I like to point out that card duel will use same combat rule for simple sake and you will not need to worry about learning new rules.

"Can you tell me the basic rules?" You asked him.
"Ok, I can give you a basic tutorial of the games. The rule is quit similar to trading card games like Vanguard, Yugioh and Duel Masters." He said and then he continues on.

"That exist 5 card types: Monsters, Heroes, Equipment, Spells and Traps. You can turn any of the cards into Resources and it is used for paying the cost for using the cards. Weaker card cost less while powerful cards cost more."

"Before the match begin, each players will randomly draw five cards and placed on the field, it will become their Shields. Each time the monster attacked you or caused by card effects, you must pick Shield to your hand."

"Monsters is either your front line warrior or supporter. Each turn, you can summon a monster on Frontline field and a monster on Support field. Monster on Frontline can at attack other Frontline monsters or the player. Monsters on Support field can aid another monster on the field to boost their attacks or provide special ability."

>Continue on next post.

"Heroes is like monsters but they are truly powerful and unique so that you can only have an heroes on the field. One drawback with the heroes are that if they get defeated, you will lose your Shield because it act like spiritually connection with you."

"Equipment is special cards that you can used to equip your monsters and heroes. For Spells, they have various effects and most of them have an one time use. For Traps, it is pretty much like Spells but you can only use it in your opponent's turn."

"The goal of the games is to break all opponent's shield. But that exist other alternative way to win." Maidlover said and then he take a huge breather.

So what will you do now?

"So the five random cards I draw become my Shields, which is essentially the same thing as life in Magic or Life Points in Yu-Gi-Oh...and when you lose them all, you're done. And Heroes are powerful but if they're defeated, you're in trouble. I see."

>Hito's a pretty sharp guy so these are probably the type of questions he would ask.
File: 1370107768287.jpg-(221 KB, 512x512, Monster-Card-Summoner-big(...).jpg)
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221 KB JPG

"So the five random cards I draw become my Shields, which is essentially the same thing as life in Magic or Life Points in Yu-Gi-Oh...and when you lose them all, you're done. And Heroes are powerful but if they're defeated, you're in trouble. I see."
"Yep! If you lose all the shields, the sixth blows will be your final defeat. For Heroes, you will lose shield if they become defeated, but if you have no shield lefts you will be defeated if your Hero fall." Maidlover said and then he turned to the defeated female duelist who tried to sneak out.

"Wait a moment there miss! Don't forget the deal of our matches!" Maidlover say to the female duelist.
"*Sigh* Yes... I will head to your bedroom..." She said and start heading to his private room.
"Oh! Don't forgot to wear your bunny suit!" Maidlover told her and she start muttering about something...
"Anything else?" Maidlover asked you while he seems to be very happy.

What will you do?

"So where should I begin looking for monsters to fight, and how do I capture one when I find them, Maidlover?"

"So where should I begin looking for monsters to fight, and how do I capture one when I find them, Maidlover?" You asked him.
"Give the book for portal and I will give you the new location." Maidlover said and you gave him the book. He did something on the book and then he gived you back.
"If you want to find suitable monsters, you should head to Dal-Hazard. But you can try to find other monsters in other worlds." Maidlover said.

>New Location added.

Dal-Hazard (The World of Ma-Gi-Oh)
DC/Marvel World
Iron Kingdom
Toriko World
TG Maid Section HQ
Slayers Universe
Super Robot War
Warhammer World
Warhammer 40000 World
Unknown World 1
Unknown World 2
Unkwown World 3
What will you do now?

>I wonder if the Señor Jalapeño mask might made a good Equip card

Sounds like we should gather up our employees and Koutarou (he might like this game and at least can probably give advice on building our deck since he's our gamer bro), tell them we need to get a deck for the last challenge, and head for Dal-Hazard.

Safety in numbers; we never know when our double with the cloak and mask might show up again.
File: 1370110308089.jpg-(36 KB, 608x413, glass.jpg)
36 KB

You wondering if you could transform your Señor Jalapeño mask might made a good Equip card. But you are quit hesitant about transforming it into an card...

"If you excuse me, I need to be alone with my... female companion..." If you need help, just ask my fellow Trade Guilder." Maidlover said and showing you way out.
Maidlover closed the store and you can clearly hear the word... "Prepare for my Hyper Weapon baby!!!"

You went back up and bringing the news to the other. Koutarou seems to be very enthusiastic about it and say, "That will be awesome bro!!! But it seems that we need to prepare ourself for our adventure!!!"
How will you prepare yourself beside bring along your peoples?
Maybe delay for about an hour or two while we have the maids pick up camping/survival gear like rations, water purifying tablets and tents.
We have no idea what we'll be facing, after all.
Maybe a suitcase of currency like Doc Brown had in Back to the Future?

>>25176389 This is a good idea. We don't know what they use for currency, but precious metals and gemstones tend to be accepted as currency just about everywhere.
File: 1370111382764.jpg-(65 KB, 1123x497, camp gear catalog main pic.jpg)
65 KB

You decided to delay little for your travel by preparing the most important things. You told the maids to bring in the camping gears along with rations.

For money, precious gems and metals like gold is almost always accepted currency for most worlds. You also preparing with some clothing that could blend in the world.

After preparing yourself, you are ready to travel to Dal-Hazard but Genki will not arrive in few days.

What will you do?
A: Head anyway to Da-Hazard.
B: Wait Genki to come back.
C: Something else.
File: 1370111620955.gif-(130 KB, 275x155, KyonFacepalm.gif)
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130 KB GIF

That's right...I almost forgot: Genki's too stupid and dangerous to be left unsupervised, so we probably should wait for him before we go....after scolding him for getting on the wrong plane.
File: 1370112269585.jpg-(15 KB, 181x279, Egyptian-coffin.jpg)
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You facepalm when you remember that Genki is still heading back to Japan after he accidentally took plane to Eqypt.

After two days, Genki finally come back and he had brought along those ancient Eqypt casket with him.
"Hi guys!!! I'm back!!" Genki cheerful say as he still holding on the casket.

What will you do now?

"Genki, where did you get that mummy case?...Oh, wait....I'm not sure I want to know. Put that in your room and get packed for another trip. We're going to Da-Hazard so I can hunt monsters for my Ma-Gi-Oh deck."
File: 1370113101225.jpg-(179 KB, 900x482, 246_max.jpg)
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179 KB JPG

"Genki, where did you get that mummy case?...Oh, wait....I'm not sure I want to know. Put that in your room and get packed for another trip. We're going to Da-Hazard so I can hunt monsters for my Ma-Gi-Oh deck." You told him.
"Aaaw... Sorry Berenice... Can't bring you along..." Genki said with disappointed tone and heading back to his room.

After Genki arrival, you start packing up and heading for the portal. Then everyone of you enter the new world...

You and other appeared in fantasy like town with steam technology. You see many people heading back and out from the town. You see some people are dueling each other with Ma-Gi-Oh games.

What is your first step?

Watch a duel or two, then we can ask someone for directions when their duel is finished. Find out where the best places are to hunt monsters for our deck.

We also need to find out how to get Magic, Support, and Trap cards.
File: 1370114823310.jpg-(92 KB, 1280x720, soremachi_10_15-08.jpg)
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You started to looking at other people who are dueling each other. You see various kind of play style and monsters. After one of them finish the duel, you asked them but they is simple pointing at the old man who are sitting on the bench.

You head over to the old man and say, "Excuse me sir. Where is the best place to hunt for monsters to build my own deck?"
"Are you building your own deck from scratch? Normally most duelist use deck that had been used by family for many generations! And... Hi!! Don't play with statue of the Great Hero you damn youngster!!!" The old man suddenly yelling at the kids and he turned back to you.
"Before I will help you, what kind of decks do you want to build?" The old man asked you.

What is your answer?

"That's a good question. I'm supposed to duel a rival's grandfather and he's supposedly pretty good at this game. I'm not sure what types of decks he plays, so I better start with a pretty well-rounded deck that can handle different types of opponents."
I think we should go for a balanced deck, with slight bias for support and equipment cards.
We don't know what we're going up against.

"That's a good question. I'm supposed to duel a rival's grandfather and he's supposedly pretty good at this game. I'm not sure what types of decks he plays, so I better start with a pretty well-rounded deck that can handle different types of opponents." You answered.
"Hmm... all-rounder deck? That task may be difficult, but great with effort you could make balanced deck. Beside monsters, you will need Spells, Equipment and Traps if you want to make balanced deck." The old man said.
"About that... How do I get Spells and Traps?" You asked him.
"That is one of the difficult part. Most duelist goes to specialist who make spell-based cards and their service is pretty expensive. Some of the most skilled demand other kind of payment." The old man say.

What will you ask/do?

Ask where we can find some of these specialists that make the Spell and Trap cards, and if there's a shop that sells maps of the local area which show good places to hunt monsters.

"So where can I find the specialist that make Spell and Trap cards?" You asked him.
"That usually exist least one specialist on each town and cities. You can find least three card specialist in this town. Zid the Enchanter, Galof Fron and Little Vicka." The old man answered.
"Do you think that I could find map where I could hunt monsters?" You asked him.
"Most professional monster hunters never reveal the location of the monsters unless they proved too dangerous to our society. If you want to catch monster, you should open your ear and try to hear everything that you can. Sometime you can hit the goldmine." The old man said.

What will you ask/do?

"I see now. Thank you for your information, sir." See if we can find a map of the local area, which should give us an idea of where we should start looking first. Maybe see if the town has an inn, get set up there, then we can start the monster hunt.

"I see now. Thank you for your information, sir."
"You are welcome! But be careful." He old said.

You find a shop that sell map of the local area and you find a nice looking inn. In the inn, you hear three rumors: First rumors is that ninja hamster had appeared near the town. Second is that bull-centaur appeared near the farm. Third rumor that mysterious knight appear in the graveyard at night.

What will you do?
A: Confirm the rumor about ninja hamsters.
B: Confirm the rumor about the Bull-Centaur.
C: Confirm the rumor about the knight in graveyard.
D: Head for the pub.
E: Explore the town.
F: Head to the nearest forest.
G: Head to the nearest river.
H: Head to the nearest mountain.
K: Something else.

Let's confirm the rumor about that knight in the graveyard first, then check it out later tonight. That might make a powerful monster for our deck.

If we have some time before nightfall, we can explore the forest a bit before we head to the graveyard.
File: 1370120168619.jpg-(1.06 MB, 2041x1529, Standing-stone-state-fore(...).jpg)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG

You decided to to confirm rumors about the knight in the graveyard. While waiting for the night to come, you used your spare time to explore the forest.

The forest is quit peaceful and you see several harmless monsters who are avoiding making contact with you. They don't caught you much attention.

When it getting dark, you went back to the inn and gathering your equipment.

Who will you bring along? Smaller group is easy to move around while larger group is better against tougher enemies.
Maybe Garenn, Katherine, and Melina.

I like this too: our best front-line fighters.
File: 1370121421225.jpg-(43 KB, 553x420, graveyard-peace-moon-rest.jpg)
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You decided to bringing along Garenn, Katherine and Melina to the graveyard. You and your group approached to the dark graveyard... It is very quiet except the sound of the owl...

Garenn seems to be nervous in the graveyard while Katherine look little annoying being in graveyard. Melina is keeping her watchful eyes on area.

What will you do?
A: Head to the old church.
B: Go deeper part of the graveyard.
C: Go to the crypts.
D: Look for Graveyard Keeper.
E: Something else.

B: head deeper into the graveyard. Everyone stay alert and watch for that knight.
File: 1370122436162.jpg-(51 KB, 365x365, 9XGhDhLfuNBl.jpg)
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You and other heading deeper part of the graveyard. It started to get even more spooky and you don't see any knight yet...

>Roll 3d6 for your luck.
Rolled 1, 3, 3 = 7


Here we go....
Rolled 5, 1, 5 = 11

Rolled 1, 2, 1 = 4


File: 1370123244907.png-(405 KB, 592x576, Katherine2.png)
405 KB
405 KB PNG

You do not encounter any spooky thing until Garenn scream, "GHOST!!!!!"
"Calm down tincan! You are supposed to be a machine!" Katherine yelling at Garenn.
"I know! I can deal zombies and skeletons but I can't handle ghost! Because they lack physical body and that mean that I can do nothing against them..." Garenn said while he is shaking.

You soundly hear sound of metal and the sound is coming from the ruin.

What will you do?
Lets check out the sound.

Carefully walk towards the ruin. "Be ready for anything, everyone."
File: 1370124455491.jpg-(13 KB, 320x299, 2390333-oscar.jpg)
13 KB

"Be ready for anything, everyone." You said as you and other carefully walk toward to the ruins.

You heading to the ruin until you find the knight who are sitting. It seems that the knight notice your presence but it don't show any sign of interesting for you. The knight keep on staring at the night.

What will you do?

I'm surprised he didn't attack. He doesn't seem hostile at the moment, so maybe we should try conversation.

"You're the one we heard about in town. I expected an undead monster that would attack on sight. Why are you here?"
Second. Maybe we can talk him into becoming one of our cards.
File: 1370125760725.jpg-(7 KB, 1024x768, wallpaper_8668.jpg)
7 KB

"You're the one we heard about in town. I expected an undead monster that would attack on sight. Why are you here?" You asked the knight.
It took for moment for the knight to answer your question.
"Let me tell you a little story first.... Long time ago that was a man and his beloved wife. They lived in very happy life until the cultist of the dark gods came. They kidnapped his wife because she supposed to be sacrifice for their dark gods. Before the man could save his wife, he got killed."

"But a god of death came to him and gave him second chance to save his wife. He was reborn as undead and went through hardship and pain... Until he final saved his wife from the evil clutches. But... he can never reunite his wife because he had become a monster..." The knight took a moment of silence before he continues.
"That man happend to be me!" The knight said as his eyes start to glow red.

End of Part 58, Continue on Part 59.
Zorgress, The Undead Knight of Justice

Ok, I will ended it know as my brain started to feel sluggy.
If you guys have any suggestion or idea, don't afraid to contact me through twitter.

Have a good day people.

Have a good night, ML, and see you next week.

>Zorgress, the Undead Knight of Justice

....Nice. If we can talk him into working with us, we may have a Monster on par with Yugi Motoh's Dark Magician.
See you next week ML.

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