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You smile at her sweetly.

"Rose, my darling. The Lady has been frightfully
worried about you. The Head Maid has been working her fingers to the bone trying to help her.
Please, won't you come quietly?"

You walk towards her slowly, hands hidden in your hair so as not to alarm her.

"Slab has been waiting for you to come change his dressings. He seems to have taken a shine to you."

Another step. Another.

And then you lay a hand on her shoulder, and she's in a pile on the ground crying. As you comfort her, the angel carefully pries her hands free of the warhammer.

> what now?
> as this is a brief continuation of a previous thread, no repost of char sheet/recap.
As there is a lighting storm in my area, if I dissapear unexpectedly assume my internet has snuffed it and archive the thread.
This is me.
Gently take her back to the castle and let Isabella decide what to do with her I suppose.

Also this quest is awesome.
From last thread:

(Begin radiating aura of mindfuckery.)

"Scarlet, you have performed beyond all expectations. I knew there was potential buried beneath that meat you called a body, and look how my faith is rewarded. And as for you Rose, words cannot express the depths of my disappointment. You spit on my gifts and spurn all my efforts to help you. From this day forth you will serve Scarlet, that you might profit by her example and improve yourself. Scarlet, approach her education as you see fit, but on no account break her. She is to be proof of my mercy."

Anyone against this once we return?
For speed I may simply take this suggestion.
Any objections?
no objections here.
"Let's go home Rose, it's safe there, you'll be safe again."

Gently help her stand up and begin to lead her home.

Before we go curtsy to the village and tell them that our Lady may wish to visit them in the near future and to be prepared to receive her.

I have some stuff I'd like to say to Rose in private before we shunt her off to Scarlet, will post in a minute.
I really don't think using mindfuckery on Scarlet is the best idea. If she catches on she'll be pissed. Besides, do we really need to?
None here.
Take Rose to a nice room to speak with her in private, not a torture chamber, with at least one chair. Put control and authority into our voice. As we talk to Rose circle around her.

"Sit down Rose, we need to talk.

Rose, you have been a disobedient and ungrateful girl. I gave you my hospitality, I took you from the streets where you would have lived and died and gave you a safe warm home and you chose to spit on my hospitality. I gave you an opportunity to learn so much more of the human body than you knew before and you chose to run away into the dark woods spurning my gifts and what I did for you. Ungrateful, well and truly ungrateful, I am disappointed in you Rose, you have tested my patience. Apologize for what you did Rose.

You are lucky that you came back willingly, that has shown me that you can still be taught proper manners and behavior. Thank me for being merciful Rose and for seeing that you are not a lost cause.

Rose, you belong to me, every part of you from your fingers skilled in healing, to your mind that I wish to fill with learning and knowledge, and the very blood that pumps through your veins, you are mine and when you accept that your life will be so much . Do you understand Rose?

Should they be obedient I take good care of my possessions and keep them safe from harm. Those who are disobedient are corrected so they may learn and better themselves. Tell me Rose, do I need to teach you a lesson so that you may better yourself and better serve me?

Now as you came back willingly I shall show mercy and leave any punishment you receive to Scarlet, do not expect this should you misbehave again. I assign to you two duties, and they shall often overlap. The first is that you shall act as Scarlet's attendant, and serve her ably. The second is to continue your studies of anatomy and medicine so you may better serve the both of us and assist us. Scarlet shall educate you as she sees fit and you are to follow the example she sets."
Yeah, that's fine by me.

Scarlet is loyal to us for now because the feels she owes a debt. This is fine for the moment but could be a problem if she believes the debt is paid.

Begin subtly Influencing her to be permanently loyal. Nothing drastic, just like the Mayor.
Gah. Forgot a word. "You are mine and when you accept that your life will be much more pleasant. Do you understand Rose?"
Have Scarlet bring us one of her less necessary fingers, there should be enough flesh on that to make our Rose Carnation for our hat.
Rather than overstay your welcome, you leave the village, Rose in tow, the warhammer carefully kept in the Angel's much meatier hands.

The trek back takes a couple hours, but it doesn't tire you much; Rose is worst off, but frankly she deserves it.

Finally, you arrive back at the castle, and the servants direct you to the Shadescast gate, where Lady Isabella is apparently planting a garden while she waits for your return.

As you walk out, you gasp. The entire front of the castle has been swathed in black and red roses. Rose vines curl around the gates and crawl along the stones of the castle. They're beautiful- but their thorns are long and sharp.

Isabella turns, and her face breaks out in a frankly rather disturbing smirk.

> Continued
> You are now Lady Markova
You turn to see Scarlet and the Angel walk from the gates, a fatigued Rose standing between them, practically hanging from Scarlet's shoulder.
You smile at them; you're glad to see Rose is still alive. It'll give you a chance to try something new…

"Well done, Scarlet. Give me a moment to walk with Rose among her namesakes, would you?"

Turning away from Scarlet, you take rose by the hand, and lead her among the thorned garden.
We're not going to randomly take fingers. It'd make her less able at surgery and is really not a good idea.

If we do punish her we'll do something non-permanent.
Oops, switched devices, name was still there, still about Alucard?

Does Isabella have any other matters to attend to?

"Rose, you have been a disobedient and ungrateful girl. I gave you my hospitality, I took you from the filthy streets where you would have died unremembered, and gave you a safe warm home; but you chose to spit on my hospitality. I gave you an opportunity to better yourself, to learn more of the human body than you ever knew before, and you chose to run away into the dark woods spurning my gifts and what I did for you.

You are lucky that you came back willingly. That has shown me that you are not beyond saving. You, like the roses of my garden, merely need cultivation. Your thorns must be clipped. Your wild nature must be tamed. You are already a thing of beauty; but you can be beautiful and useful as well.

Rose, you belong to me, every part of you from your fingers skilled in healing, to your mind, which I wish to fill with learning and knowledge, to the very blood that pumps through your veins, you are mine. Do you understand, Rose? Every leaf of the flower you are belongs to me.

Should a rose of mine grow wild, I prune it back. Should it choke out other plants in my garden, it is branded a weed and uprooted. Those that grow well and beautifully are allowed to flourish. "

You fix her with a steely gaze.

"You have grown overwild, my Rose; and for that, you will be pruned back."

> Continued again
You cut a deeply red rose from a nearby vine, and before Rose can flinch away, you prick her with a thorn from it.

"As the rose withers, so too shall you wither away."

You pluck a petal from the rose; and Rose herself hunches over, gasping, as the sympathetic link between her and the flower she is named after inflicts the wounds of the other upon her.

"I will give be giving this rose to Scarlet; and with it, you. You shall act as Scarlet's attendant, and serve her ably; and when you have time from that duty, you will continue your studies of anatomy and medicine so you may better serve and assist both of us. Scarlet shall educate you as she sees fit, and you are to follow the example she sets. Treat her well, and she will ensure that you will not wither. Fail her, and she may not feel inclined to take such care."

You nod.

"That is all."

Rose bows shakily.

"Th-thank you, Lady Markova."

And then, she leaves.

> And we will leave the thread there.
We're not putting flesh-anything on our sunhat. That's uncouth.
Excellent. I wrote that and I like the spin you put on it, the rose idea is clever as can be.

Let's check in on some of our other new servants, see how they're adjusting to their new lives.

Then we'll see Scarlet, have her join us for a cup of tea and congratulate her on doing an excellent job while subtly reinforcing her loyalty towards us, nothing drastic, we have time.
That's the idea, Rose does need to be punished, pruning one of her fingers would ensure she remembers. Putting it on our eriness set would likely make it more effective, and elegant after we fleshcraft it into a rose.
> Archive

> Vote here if you want

> Next thread will most likely be tomorrow evening.
We're not taking one of her fingers, that's stupid. We don't want her to lose dexterity when we plan on her being a doctor/surgeon.
File: 1369890983320.jpg-(240 KB, 982x1200, 7ecfad68fe1a3dd5f93d682f0(...).jpg)
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240 KB JPG
Way to pull something from Beauty and the Beast with the life-bound rose. Clever.

Well, now it's time to get reoriented and prioritized. Our nascent airfield in Mark has been reorganized and is set to turn a profit soon enough, and this whole business with Rose is, well, dealt with.

The most demanding set of business on our plate is to find out who in the hell killed us a couple days ago. Someone sicced that vampire hunter on us and presumably stole one of our dolls, although those might be separate cases altogether. The only thing we gathered from our seance was that it was most likely another vampire in Shadescast. The hunter was sent not to destroy, but annoy: he smashed some windows and torched a bit of our library after putting us down for the count.

The question is who would go out of their way to harrass, never mind kill, a minor noble, especially an "eccentric recluse" such as ourselves. The only thing we have going for us in vampiric society is our mental presence and our relatively escoteric knowledge of, quite frankly, stuff. Someone wanted to either kill us, ruin us, or just plain piss us off. Maybe it's someone who acted upon us in the past and failed, or someone who fears our knowledge could ruin him/her if the right vampire gets their mittens on it. Maybe they just think we're a ugly muddafugga. I don't know, and that's what we need to find out.

tl;dr - First order of business is finding out who wanted us dead and why.
Point is that sooner or later, we're gonna have to leave the house.

Egh. *People.*
Next thing you know, he's gonna start planting palm trees in the garden while we're out, the fucker.
>implying the doll was stolen
My theory is that the missing doll managed to free itself from our control and departed of its own free will. Further, I suspect it sent the vampire hunter to fuck us up as revenge for years of enslavement.
Then there would be far more pressing matters than avenging the attack. I'm assuming our dolls don't have true sentience, so that wouldn't be possible. If our dolls garnered sentience, we'd notice.
We might want to take an inventory of what books were destroyed. It's possible that the books were the real target, and we were just killed to keep us out of the way while the dude set the fires.
If the hunter had specific book targets in mind, we'd have known what he was aiming for from our seance, not to mention he'd have to know where to go to find our stash. We were gonna take an inventory of the lost books anyway, ultimately to replace them. Unfortunately, because of the nature and rarity of some of the books, they'll be a bitch-and-a-half to replace.
And isn't that terrible. Jerks, making us leave the house. We just wanted to be a rich loli hikki.

Thankfully the number of people who'd do that are rather small, we're not a public figure. The possibilities I can think of. Someone who came to us for advice and we rebuffed them or otherwise offended them, we beat someone out in acquiring something of value whether it was a rare book, the favor of someone important, or a valued servant, they are someone we know personally who holds a grudge against us because of something we did, whether it was Dominating a friend of theirs, or some other personal offense.

I'm guessing it's another vampire who did this, it feels like a vampiric thing to do to use a cat's paw in this manner and it explains the Paladin's knowledge of how to get close to us.

The point is we need to examine the last year or so of our life and consider what we did that could have really pissed someone off. In addition checking with information brokers in Shadesclast may be worth while.

Doubtful in my mind. The Dolls are under a lot of control and modification, do not speak at all nor do they really communicate beyond actions.

Possible but again doubtful. They went after the books we had in public, expensive and unpleasant, but not crippling, our valued books are elsewhere, these ones are replaceable if we put some work into it.

Still, taking inventory is a good idea.
Maybe our position on the noble totem pole is more important than we realize.
>You are Isabella Katarina Markova, twelfth of the line of Carmilla, thirteen generations from Dracula, the First. This places you with enough blood and power to make you a minor noble in Shadescast, the city of the vampires [...]
Someone wants to leapfrog up the ladder by taking out other nobles. Again, that assumes they're out to outright destroy us, and they could've just killed us given the chance, but there was more emphasis on destruction than just getting us out of the way -- although it wouldn't have hurt.
>We just wanted to be a rich loli hikki.
Or maybe that's what we WANT Shadescast to think.
Well yeah, that's part of it. If we're a hikki it means that people come to visit us instead of us having to cross their thresholds.

Very much a possibility, sadly that line of thought opens the possible suspects to pretty much every vampire of 14th Generation or lower, which is a very large number and is hard to narrow down.
Y'know, thinking about the front of our estate dotted in multi-colored roses, I'm wondering what sort of view we have of Shadescast from our estate, what the place looks like.
File: 1369893607296.jpg-(584 KB, 1245x600, 1252826191750.jpg)
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584 KB JPG
That seems like the most reasonable theory right now: someone got mad about something we did and decided to send the torch-wielding hunter as petty revenge. If we died, all the better.

In fact, I think that was part of the plan: we had to be incapacitated (read: "killed") so the hunter could have time to start trashing the place, which he did. If they really wanted us dead, the hunter would've most assuredly finished us off. But he didn't, which means his benefactor -- who was already confirmed to be almost assuredly another vampire from the seance -- didn't want us dead.

The obvious motive for sparing us is that the true death of even a minor noble like us would upset the balance of power a bit. A more ulterior motive is that considering our knowledge and access to information, despite our title, we were, put simply, too important to kill. It's hard to say what other vampires out there know what we know about assorted junk, and if that were lost, perhaps other, more powerful entities would notice our absence and cause a ruckus.

In other words, this rival vampire aimed to ruin or take petty revenge on us, but he/she was smart (or socially savvy) enough not to outright true murder us. It's a good enough reason to investigate who we might've pissed off recently to warrant their vandalism.

Who's to say how long that list is?
Well it's a smaller list than a lot of people's as we tend to mind our own business. That helps a lot.

More details will require more investigation.
This is all assuming the fact that the hunter was actually ordered not to follow through with ending us. The other option is that we WERE marked for true death, but the hunter couldn't find our coffin after the death, considering it's hidden in the catacombs (and who knows how big those are), so he settled for vandalizing Castlevania.

But then if that's the case, why would the hunter stick around and just start wrecking the place if he was under contract to finish us off? Unless there's general incompetence involved, which I doubt, this theory falls apart. The hunter knew what he was doing.
Idk we've spent the last 300 years collecting dolls and secrets. Doing some consulting work and keeping to ourselves.
From the perspective of our peers we've flipped our fucking shit. Slaving. Spawning monsters. Casting our shadow over the mortal world.
maybe our sire sent the hit to shake us out of our rut.

Rival more likley so consider this a minority report.
Dolls aren't the only thing we do.
I seriously doubt the hunter /knew/ about us re-spawning in our coffin.

I can't imagine Vampires making this public knowledge. This is a huge advantage and letting Humans (or others) know about it would destroy much of its value.

I don't think the person who sent him /told/ him about our power to re-spawn. The hunter thought he won and was taking his sweet time destroying this den of evil.

Option 1. It's another Vampire. They knew they were sending him to his death. This was nothing more than petty revenge for some inconvenience we caused them.

Option 2. It's not a Vampire. They thought the hunter might actually succeed but knew it was a big risk so hid their identity to protect themselves from any revenge.

The stolen Doll makes me think me suspect option 2.
We Doll~ised someone and a relative or loved one came looking for them. They discovered we turned them into a Doll, had the Doll stolen and attempted revenge on us with the hunter.
But they didn't know about the Vampire power to re-spawn, thus the hunter..... You know the rest.
That's an awful lot of conjecture. Plus, there's good reason it's a vampire pulling the strings, if the seance on the hunter's memories is to be believed.
>Plus, there's good reason it's a vampire pulling the strings, if the seance on the hunter's memories is to be believed.
The only thing we got from his memories is an unknown, shadowy figure.
Might be a Vampire, might not.

Yes, it's conjecture. This is all conjecture.
So far, this seems to fit with the observed facts.
Question: can't we just... Scry the doll?
Is this why i was giving out my vicisstude art projects last night?
File: 1369910345871.jpg-(54 KB, 441x500, Obama-Feels-Good-man-441x500.jpg)
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>Give-Rose-to-Scarlet-Bro from last thread.
>Checkin back in to see if people fucked it up.
>Really worried people would fuck it up.
>Nobody fucked it up.
File: 1369914715327.png-(103 KB, 595x661, 50wKy.png)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
>Show up late
>Read last thread
>See how boss Scarlet is
>B&B/Ib references

Feels good man. Also when'd we get a Head Maid?
Beauty and the Beast
We should get to know our dolls better, and set a heirachy for who gets to follow who.

Obviously everyone will obey us, but who takes charge when we're out of the castle? Who gets to decide who does what?

I suggest setting up two main groups, servants, and guards. There'll be some overlap.

It'll help stop problems like this, and we can pass the blame to folks more accurately when they fuck up due to our oversights.
Other than Scarlet and the butler, are there even anyone capable of being a leader at all? The doggie is obviously out, Angel doesn't seem to be entirely smart, Rose is low on the ladder, and the dolls aren't exactly able to communicate easily - obviously they're top of the hierarchy, but they won't be doing much ordering around.

I figure dolls at the top, but never assume they'll do anything - basically an 'if they tell you to do something you do it, but don't bother going to them for directions' - and then have Scarlet and the butler (does he have a name) control things, with Scarlet getting command over the defenses and the butler in charge of the actual castle and servants. If Scarlet's out as well, defense-duties go to butler as well, just have him sick our pets at stuff.

You still there?
>> And we will leave the thread there.
No, he isn't.

Use the humans.

Give them some authority over things like the toy soldiers, and others ostensible authority over the dolls.

The dolls can be both servants AND watchguards.

It gives them some things to look forward to as well, and we can look forward to their escape attempts that the dolls will report to us.

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