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(The Last Session didn't really kick off the night before memorial day.. I'll post what happened for that one so far...)


he Year is 2014, June, 13th, a Friday.

In this timeline of Earth, on December 21st, 2012, the sky's color changed. Beyond the explanation of science, and much to humanity's alarm, the blue sky became a shifting array of hues, much akin to the Aurora Borealis.

The people panicked, rioted, lost hope for the day of their destruction, had come... However, aside from what humanity performed upon itself that day... No one noticed an inherent change.. Save for a few people that had reached their breaking point that day.

These people awoke to powers that could deny the very fabric of reality itself.. Many of them kept it secret, as under wraps as possible. Those that exposed themselves were taken away by their governments to keep the populus unaware of this phenomenon.

These people came to be known colloquially as "Overhuman."

The events to follow were only halted by this government intervention. Overhumans continue to appear... And there are those that have banned themselves together and formed highly dangerous terrorist cells.

You are Petre Lupei, an unfortunate gypsy in Hollywood that made a stop with his brother and father to sell some of their wares in the city.

You and your brother reached the outskirts of the terrorists' destruction, however you found that a previous encounter crushed your ribs, and without a proper place to hide and rest, you knew that you wouldn't be able to defend yourself or your brother from another assault by those.. People..

The Crow's guiding you, letting you know about the state of your body, whispering secrets of your subconscious into your mind.

You fear for what it intends, however you understand that it will never betray you...
You feel Pali begin to make a move, however you put a hand upon his shoulder, and he calms down.

You hear the men stop once more after they pass.

You see Cyan-Hair turn around, looking over your hiding spot, the other two men silently wait for him to finish.

They continue on their way after a moment and you breathe a painful sigh of relief as you feel some of the ache return to your ribs.

Despite your prior success, this pain makes your confidence wane. You are'nt quite sure if you could survive another encounter.

Yet, the crow spits your own words back at you.

~We must be strong~

With a nod, you agree. <Yes, we must.>

Pali stifles a building complaint as the two of you head into a ruined alley, entering a second-floor apartment through a fire escape.

Within the chamber isn't all that much. The rest of the apartment is effectively blocked off by debris with exception of the bedroom that you and Pali find yourselves within.

The TV is still on despite the power, and the broadcast is the same as before, only now you notice that those thunderous sounds you heard earlier are in time with when the Man opposing Susej throws punches. The resulting shockwave shatters glass and vibratess stone.

And the quakes are in tune with his steps upon the Earth.

Yet, what you find most horrifying, is that despite the man's great power, Susej seems to be toying with him

The television channels his voice,"-We have nothing to fear but men. And in the world I have envisioned of people like gods... There are no men...."
Pali glares at the program and checks tries to turn off the TV, it stays on. With a check around, it, he pulls the cord.

The program continues and he slams his fist against the top of the television in anger,"What the hell is going on?! It's unplugged... Petre, it should be off.. What.. is this..."

Your brother slams it again and spits at the ground in front of it.

You lean against the wall, clutching your chest and taking in heavy breaths. there are screams outside. Likely from people that more of those murderers are taking for whatever they're doing.

The program on the TV spits out more of Susej's words," This world has changed for us. For all of us. Single men with power enough to raze cities... Bend reality... I will educate you all. THis is what your rulers keep from you. This is-" Pali grabs a piece of brick that collapsed into this room," what they have kept in the dark. Your way of life is over, we" Pali smashes the television and it finally shuts off.

"You didn't really need to do that you know.." You groan at Petre, the pain of your broken ribs makes your speech difficult. You have no idea how you've made it this far after taking that hit.

Your brother huffs at you, his face red and tears welling into his eyes," I... I just don't want to hear him... I don't want to hear that man... I really believed he could save father and he went ahead and let him die.. No, he even tried to kill us." Petre looks at the shattered remains of the television and then back to you.

"You have power, why not kill him? I saw what you did to that man. That shroud of black. I thought I imagined it, but the way that he was so torn after you removed it... Why don't you kill him?!"

Your brother's accusations fester into your heart like a wound. As much as you'd like to, you're hiding in a rathole with him and barely even capable of remaining conscious as it is.. further, you don't understand even a little of this power you've gained and those thunderous sounds just keep going.
You stare at your brother, being as patient as you possibly can with the agony of your ribs you talk him down," Pali.. I am just as confused as you... I know little to nothing... about this power. I am hurt and I doubt I'd be able to defend myself, let alone fight against the power of that-" A rumble shakes through the building that your in, moving some of the rubble that's already come down and alarming the two of you.
After the quake ceases, you draw another painful breath and finish," That madman."

Pali looks at the busted television and then down, his fists shaking in anger. He's taken his share of damage as well... though he wasn't the one that took a direct hit from such unnatural strength.

"I'm going to sleep now... keep watch for me... if any come, wake me quietly and watch for their passing. It's the best we can do... Hide like the gypsies we are.."

"Yes.. brother..." Pali lets his fists relax and squats against the far wall, opposite to the fire escape and near the rubble that's come in from the other rooms.

You begin clearing away a spot to sleep and you hear the Crow, ~Allow me.~

The moon and stars upon your right hand glow briefly and you feel a small part of yourself go missing as bits of rubble remove themselves from the carpet, clearing a perfect rectangle.

You soon feel the missing part of yourself return and feel the presence of the rubble that had so recently been moved.

Pali doesn't see it from his position.

<What did you do?>

~Sleep and I shall teach you.~
The crow crosses its developing humanoid arms and nods, staring directly at you from your mind, inky black feathers swirling into a colorful darkness.

You lay back against the cleared carpet and quickly fall into a deep slumber...

- - - - - - - - - -
You feel hands gently grab you by your shoulders and slowly pick you up.

You feel light, and airy... As though you are weightless. Gazing upon your surroundings, you see a dark, yet color-filled room. You see the bed, and various smatterings of pure white and pink, the television that Pali had smashed shattered with a hateful hue of reddish black. Luminous golden-yellow cables search about the remains, as though they attempt to reactivate it, yet to no avail as the hatred-smashed remains are too far gone.

You see a gentle swirling inky black begin to surround you. For a moment you feel apprehension, yet you soon realize that it is a part of you.

Eyes come out of the swirling black cloak and part of it forms the beak of the crow as it speaks.

~This is where we shall learn. We create this place. We were born of this place, and we shall learn of this place.~

<What is... This place Where am I? This is... strange.. yet...>

~Yes, it is familiar to us. This is the other world where dreams are reality and reality is a dream. It is where we are, and where we shall learn of this power we have.~

~Observe the rubble you have so recently moved...~

You turn your vision to the ground.. or what you make of it. . . It assembles itself beneath you and becomes more solid as you... associate it as the ground.

You see flowing bits of inky black, the same as the cloak that you wear in this world.

<It is.. the same as us?>

~For a moment, it became us. And when it became us, we could control it, as we control us... We have a strong soul, our mark is left wherever we walk...~

You look at the footprints around the room and see very slowly fading patches of flowing black, forming flame-like feathers before whisping away.

<So, we control ourselves.. and we control what we've... touched... >

~What our souls have touched.~

<What of the others?>

~I know little of the others. Though, Cyan one was like us, as was the one with golden eyes. ~
<The Ones who are unlike us... Are they all the same? Are there two kinds of beings, perhaps more?>

~We are not certain... We have felt those that change this world, and others that eat of it. The one that did such damage to our other body, was one that ate. He was nearly powerless when we engulfed him with our form...

We have noticed that the dangers we've seen have one that eats, one that alters or adds, and one that acts as us.~

<Which ones changed this world?>

~All of them.>

<Which ones alter or add?>

~The ones that we have encountered were... the one of boiling tears, she created disturbances of flame within this world and it occurred in the real. The one with the targets, the man that carried so much death. His past clung onto that pistol of his...~

<He would have killed us.>

~We are certain.~
You consider it for some time, what you'd like for the crow to teach you. It knows the conflict within you as much as it knows you itself.. but then you realize... you aren't even quite sure... what the Crow is aside from a part of you... and the way that it's been changing within your mind... As if its form is fleeting, not yet perfect, not yet stable... or perhaps its ever evolving?

~Petre, We are whatever we need us to be. We will be strong together. We will survive as we always have.~

<You've... been a part of me long before this... Haven't you?>

~We were borne from deep within you. Your true, unformed self made known.~

<Teach me what you are, teach me how to make you stronger...>

~The answer to our power relies on what we define ourselves as. In the start, we unconsciously defined ourselves as a spectre of death. Yet, then we began to put faith in ourselves, a need to be strong, and have the virtue enough to save our family. We cast away that mask and took up our arms.~

~The question now, Petre. What do you see us as? We will learn from there.~

You look at Pali's form as you begin to consider what the Crow is to you... even after it... after you had considered getting rid of Pali.

You see that Pali's body radiates light, but much of it is a sad blue dripping with rivulets of despair, a hateful and blackened red surrounds him from top to bottom, yet beyond that there is a light... one that you know is good.. one that you know only wants to help...

Why are you- the crow, Black?

You feel the shifting echoing darkness upon your form and notice that it is not malicious like that blackened red... it is far more... clear... like the night sky you remember from some years past... before the aurora replaced the blue sky.

In fact, this place reminds you very much of that aurora...
The image begins to come to you, oh so clearly... You understand what the crow is... This darkness, this inky black. It is because of the Romani, the gypsy. Always within their own flock, distrusting of others, yet warm... Warm to their family.

Crows are as much Romani as you are, and this crow... it is you. It is the tie of family that you must share...

<Why did you want to kill Pali?>

You know the answer.

~Because we, Petre. Are family... And Pali nearly killed us...~

You and the Crow speak as one.
<But we understand now. Family is not just between blood, it is between those of the same feather. Those of the same flock. We are our own family, as is Pali... We must protect them.~

You feel a surge of power take you as the Crow's inky black feathers form a mantle over your shoulders, flickering outward as flame across the many colors of this other world. The arms of the crow swell and take on a sturdy shape out of the same shadows that compose its form. The shape being like that of your father's strong arms..

~We shall wear the mantle of family.. and remember always our father's arms as the man we want to be..~ The crow whispers..

~Now, we shall begi-~

You see Pali's colors shift suddenly, draining into a pale white-yellow of distress. Something is wrong... What time is it anyway?

~I will return you to your body... We will have to make do for now.~

<What is happening?>

~Brother's heard something, and we are away.~
Looking at the dully illuminated body beneath you, it's a simple matter to choose to deal with whatever real-world concern in your own body.

You see the Crow's mantle surround it and awaken to a deep breath as you return from that, experience.

You see Pali snap his head to look at you as he's about to check out of the fire escape.

You grab onto the bed sheets and force yourself up, expecting to feel the pain of your ribs... however that feeling is now just a dull sensation.

~We must be strong. No time for being weak.~ You unconsciously nod at the Crow's words, a new warmth within them.

Pali whispers in a hushed tone," Do not trouble yourself brother, it... was only a scream within the ally, I..."
"Pali, we are family, Romani. We cannot risk our lives helping others. We cannot, I will not lose you like I have father." You whisper to Pali as you grab him by his shirt, a loose shirt that was once white, now covered with the dust and debris that surrounds the two of you.

Pali stares back into your eyes, slowly shaking his head and then snapping back towards the outside as he hears a woman pleading.

"No... leas.... No..."

The adolescent stares at you one last time,"I am not a coward, and we could die even if we don't save this person. I won't die knowing I chose not to." with that, Pali grabs father's knife from the sheath on your belt, knocks away your hands and leaps through the window and onto the fire escape.

You notice that the rumbling and the thunder from that conflict has stopped... you shudder to think of who it was that came out victorious.

Your brother has taken your weapon anbd gone off to be a hero... You feel compelled to follow him... Do you?

>[] No, he has chosen to abandon you, he must go alone.

>[] Yes, however you are only going to bring him back, by force if need be.

>[] Yes, you will save him, and this stranger. You won't let anymore ill Karma befall you.

>[] (Other)
File: 1369769219573.jpg-(60 KB, 640x820, Family-Crow.jpg)
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Update on the Crow's appearance. I'll do them as often as I can between inherent changes. This one is a bit more permanent.
Oh hey, Overhuman Quest is back. Give me a sec to read the archives.

No prob, I'm building a proper skill tree as I wait.
>[] Yes, you will save him, and this stranger. You won't let anymore ill Karma befall you.
More that if our brother is going out to try and save someone, we might as well help him. Hopefully he'll stop nagging us about helping people after if we save one.

I'll give it like 5-10 more minutes before beginning to write for this.
>Bring him back by firce
Little bitch took my dagger
Sorry if I come off as agressive this session, I was roleplaying an angsty druid who hates nature less than twenty minutes ago
>oooptre john
>[] Yes, you will save him, and this stranger. You won't let anymore ill Karma befall you.
Damn it, Pali. How hard is it to stay in the hidey hole?

How does that even... I don't... What?
>be true neutral commoner
>physically atractive, ocassionally get soma dat sweet commoner pussy
>spen rest of my time smoking spice
>content, no adventuring for me
>one day venerable lawful good somewhat senile kobold wizard shows up
>sees me smokung in a bar
>get that filth out of your mouth
>fuck you mr kobold
>but tou have so much potential
>fuck that
>konold convinces town mayor that I assaulted him, and I should be put into his custody as punishment
>you need to learn to appreciate the world around you. You will become a druid
>rides on my back yoda sstyle teaching me about the world
>dix years later I still hate him and I hate animals and I hate trees I just want to go smoke some spice fuck you mr. Kobold
>mr kobold washes my nouth with soap for swearing
Six years not dicks years
Wasting little time after Pali's departure, you put a hand on the window and push yourself onto the fire escape, seeing your brother going down as you pursue him.

You think briefly on the dull ache of your ribs and put that to the side. You hear another scream at the flash of a light and a small clap of thunder.

This is definitely... not good.

You see Pali get low enough on the escape to leap and do one of those parkour rolls he's shown you in the past.

As you turn down the next level, you see him running toward a man with sparking eyes and yellow lines glowing upon his neck.

Now is not the time to be slow...

You push off the Fire Escape before the last level and suddenly feel something like a shroud around you, slowing the fall at the last moment to keep you from taking damage, yet you don't linger on it, adrenaline pumping as you set off, chasing Pali as he runs at the sparking man that holds his attention upon someone in front of him.

You hear a young woman scream," Please... Oh god... Please..."

The African Man's words snake out of his mouth and down the ally like something sinister," You do not deserve it... I will kill them..."

"Leave her alone!" You hear Pali shout as he runs on, charging into the man with reckless abandon.

Your heart stops for a moment as the man turns to Pali, his lines glowing and a cast of his hand throwing an arc of lightning Pali's way. The source coming from the stone and metal within the alley.

Pali falls to the ground in front of you, dropping the knife and convulsing.

You scream, wordlessly in rage as your vision now contains nothing but this man.

~No one will take our family...~ The Crow's voice surges, you feel anger within you akin to that of a father. The adrenaline pushes you forward beyond your agony.

You see the man smile wickedly and cast once more, only for his face to contort in confusion.
>[] Press onward with the attack, this man will die.

>[] Grab Pali and take some kind of cover from that arc-lightning of his.

>[] Other
>Press onward with the attack, this man will die.
Behead those who injure family.
>this man will die
Why everybody always gotta hit pali. This whole family dedication thing is a bitch
These are me btw
Rolled 35, 10, 6 = 51

roll 1d100 for the charge

This'll be a challenge roll like I did in the first couple threads.

Oh, and there's a reason why your enemy is down to d50.
Rolled 23

Rolled 56

Rollan, hopefully we can beat a DC of 51.
Rolled 10

This is a roll for something else.
Not sure if good or bad...
Rolled 81


You continue your charge into the man even as you see his marks flash with every swing of his arm.

You feel a nearly paralyzing shock run through your body, a lapse in your consciousness, your body seizes, however you keep moving by sheer power of your spirit.

The man suddenly gains a look of satisfaction, however it soon foods again as another cast of his power yields nothing once more.

With a ready fist, you unleash the rage that you had built in such a short period of time, you feel the power of your father's arms run through yours and amplify with your already increased strength.

The man futilely puts his arms up as you smash through them and into his chest, crushing his rib cage between your momentum and this crushing blow.

He flies backward from the sickening contact and slides down the alleyway... With the threat dealt with, you look to your left to see the woman that had been cornered by the man.

She whimpers pathetically and looks at you with fear...

You hear Pali rising behind... slowly, and with his own series of groans from nearly being fried.

"It's... is it.. Over?" The young woman whispers to you. From the light you can see that she's dressed as a starbucks Barista, her eyes bear a faint illumination of red snowflakes.... Other than that, they're blue and her hair is tied back in a blonde Ponytail through her cap.

She's... has a power... you can tell... Why didn't she use it though? No... You hardly know how to use your own... What are you thinking?

You hear the Crow. ~That man... had an interesting power... We prevented its effects with our mantle, however... It's been damaged from his assault... it will tajke time for it to recover..

Also, we learned some of the fundamentals behind the power... though it will also take time to learn and apply it...~

>Arc-lightning discovered, but not yet mastered. Allows you to pull electrons so that they generate electricity... Req Concept 2 Manipulation 3 Enforcement 2.
>[] Ask the woman her name, what she's doing here, and if she knows what's going on.

>[] Go and check on Pali, leave as soon as possible.

>[] Peek out of the Alley to see what's going on.

>[] (Other)


You hear gunfire in the streets...

Clouds have begun to gather, obscuring much of the aurora sky.
>[] (Other)
Go help Pali up, help him walk and all that. Then ask the woman her name, what she's doing here, and if she knows what's going on.
This, also ask the Crow if he can confirm the lightning guy is dead.

If he isn't is it safe to assume that Petre will finish him?

Or is this time for interrogation?
Hmm... yeah, I think finishing the guy off would be prudent at this time.

There is gunfire near-by, he's a fellow Over and thus a threat. We could knock him out and take him with us, but that'd really slow us down... just seems the safest option even if I really would like to interrogate him.
fuck yeah
grab pali, bring the woman inside
i don't like other people but she seems not to be a bad guy and I'd feel bad about abandoning her
You look at the man that had cast the lightning about, eying him carefully.

<Is he dead?>

~He is close to passing... However not there yet.~

~I see~

You walk over to the man, looking down at him as he attempts to breath. His marks glow as he stares at you, and you feel a dull electrifying sensation run through your body. You've had enough of his crap, he's a threat to what family you have left.

You draw your fingers into a fist and tap into that righteous strength that you had felt earlier, bringing down a fist to end that look on his face. Next you hear bone cracking and feel contact with pavement. Cracked pavement.

You pull your fist back, blood and bits of brain caking it... and see a head of what was once a man without a body.

The woman watching you stifles a scream with cloth from her apron, staring at you with terrified eyes as she begins to cry again.

~Now he is gone~

You turn back and walk over to Pali, and he looks at you in a daze, his eyes a little glassy from the shock.

"H...hey Petre..." Pali gasps weakly as he gives you a painful smile.

"That.. that really hurt... Is... she okay?"

You grab Pali by his hand and pull him to his feet before pulling your brother into a hug, keeping your blood-stained hand at your side to avoid touching him with it,"Pali, I thought I'd lost you.. Don't... Don't you ever run off like that again. I've already lost father. I cannot, I will not lose you too."

Pali relaxes slightly from the brotherly embrace,"Petre.. I'm.. I'm sorry.. I just... This is getting crazy... and these people... I don't want more dead fathers and mothers." He starts to cry and you let him go, giving him a quick slap with your unbloodied hand.

"Enough tears. I will check the woman that you saved."

You grab your father's dagger and slide it into the sheath resting in the folds of your sash, you walk over to the woman and smell something rank in the air... You look down and see that she's sitting in a puddle of her own piss.
>Arc-lightning discovered, but not yet mastered.

So we can steal/copy people's powers?

Animists are capable of learning Evoker and invoker abilities. Though they can never use them to the extent that each can respectively.

The 1d10 that I rolled allowed the crow to discern what that evoker was doing with his power as he blocked its execution with the Mantle of Family.

Can't say I blame her.

Shit was crazy, yo.

Say: "Are you injured, Miss?"
>Animists are capable of learning Evoker and invoker abilities. Though they can never use them to the extent that each can respectively.

That's really interesting.

We could become a Copycat; finding and copying abilities of others and using them to protect our family and/or others.

The caveat is that between evoker abilities and invoker abilities, you need to train prerequisite skills for both. And the utilization of some abilities may even require some supplement from the other skillset... I'll explain a bit more after next post.
I can't remember exactly which way this whoe rock-paper-scissors situation works, but we should steal powers from the kind of people we're weak against, so the one's were stong agaisnt think they can take us easily and get fucked up

"P-please... D-don't kill me... I.. I haven't done anything to deserve this!"

You bend down and grab the woman by her shoulders firmly, silencing her as her eyes flare up with the red of the snowflakes, your skin suddenly feeling hot.

You hiss between your teeth at the scared woman,"I am not one of those people, I killed that man to save you. If you'd calm down, we can get you to safety. I only do this because my brother chose to save you. He's the one that got hit by that man's power."

The woman shakes her head slowly in your grip, and you soon release her, yielding her to a fit of sobs.

She's beyond words right now and obviously distraught.

Pali's regaining his faculties and walks over to you and the woman.

The teenager bends down and speaks gentle words to the woman,"Hey, hey now.. It's alright.. My brother.. he's just.. We've lost our father today in all of this... if you'll come with us, we can keep you safe. There's strength in numbers, yes?"

The woman stares at your younger brother before weakly nodding her head.

You let out some of your tension with a breath and put a hand on your shoulder,"Are you injured?"

She slowly shakes her head no as she stares at her with wide eyes.

"Come then, get up. help my brother or I walk.. we're both hurt here, belief it or not." You flash a disarming smile at the young lady and the three of you manage back up the fire escape even as the rain begins to come down and the gunfire in the streets picking up before dying down abruptly.

You learn in that rubble of an apartment bedroom that the woman's name is Alexis, Alexis Winters. And that she was working in a starbucks at the mall. A man with halos had saved her and many others before it came down, and that man had gone to fight the one with golden eyes.

She had asked for the man's name, and he had replied," Atlas."
>[] Tell her of what you know about these abilities people are getting.
>[] Tell her to be on her way in the morning and go to sleep.
>[] Ask her if she'd like to escape the city with you and Pali.
>[] Propose to rescue other people and drive the terrorists out.
>[] (Other/Write in)
>>[] Ask her if she'd like to escape the city with you and Pali.
>[] Ask her if she'd like to escape the city with you and Pali.

If she can use her powers, she might be useful.

And if we get into shit, we can toss her away and run like hell.

How very... survivalist...

We are Gypsies, you know.

(Plus she might turn out to be deadweight or a psychopath, like Jamie in Next Step Quest)
actually how does the crow feel about this chick

He feels what we feel, sort of.

But I do think we should discuss it a bit with the Crow.
chicks are baby birds... crows are birds... guise amirite
File: 1369779055520.jpg-(59 KB, 325x250, Double Guns.jpg)
59 KB

"Alexis," You speak to the young woman.

She looks to you shyly. She hasn't been able to look you in the eyes since you've met her. Likely, she's still scared of you... Likely for what you did to that man... "Petre... What is it?"

"My Brother, Pali, and I are looking for a way to escape from this city... There could be strength in numbers... especially if you figure out how to use your power..."

Alexis is about to say something, yet at the mention of her having powers, her mouth hangs open and she shakes her head," W-what are you talking about? Me? Doing something like you... or that man-" You hear a loud blast that causes sparse, yet loose debris to fall from the ceiling. Dust comes down. Alexis covers her hears at the sound and then slowly uncovers them and pulls her legs into herself as she sits.

"What those men are doing.. I... I can't... I don't think.."

Pali puts a hand on her shoulder and smiles,"You have a mark, it's in your eyes. Like what my brother has on my hand..." At Pali's words you show the back of your hand, a crescent moon and fives stars.

Alexis touches her face,"Me... My eyes? A mirror... is there a mirror?"

You look around and see a shard of the television that Pali broke earlier. You reach for it from where you sit, and the Crow bridges the distance for you, pulling the shard.

Alexis timidly grabs the shard as you hand it to her.

She spends a moment getting the angle right and then she sees the red snowflake pattern within her iris. Trembling, she drops the shard.

"This.... is a dream... right?"

You and your brother both answer," It is not."

She hangs her head down, going quiet for the moment.

You take the time to assess her with your "other."

<What do you think of her? Will she slow us down?>

~Hard to say. She has not the aid that we have had. And we know that she's capable of it that she can make things hot.. very hot..~

<Could we help her?>

Don't be so nambly-pambly Chippah.
File: 1369779329899.jpg-(14 KB, 300x339, tobey crying2.jpg)
14 KB
Rolled 13

~It is not like our own... We should let her... be family... She is alone, and only we are here for her.~

>[] Regard this woman as family for your intent and purpose.

>[] No, we don't even know anything about her.

>[] (Write in)

Alexis looks up, her eyes still apprehensive but somewhat hopeful as she looks to Pali, "Okay.. I... I'll calm down... I'll get it... I'll try..."

Alexis stands up and looks at the two of you,"Well.. what do I.. like, do..?"

With a shrug, you say,"Just let it come to you, I guess. I felt really hot before when you panicked... maybe think about that?"

"Okay..." Alexis tries to use her power...
inb4 house burns down
Rolled 51 + 20

The air feels a little warmer, though her eyes don't radiate any more glow than they already do.. it takes several minutes of her staring at the bed, the ceiling, anything and focusing, however to no avail...

She starts to get frustrated.

<Tell her to imagine ice melting. Ice melting on asphalt on a summer day.>

You repeat the crow's message to Alexis...

>Might you have any other words of encouragement?

>[] Go to sleep while she screws around with that, you need to rest.

>[] Stay up a while longer and actively practice some of your abilities.

>[] Meditate with the Crow.

>[] (Other)

Pali looks as though he's a touch left out... He reclines against the doorframe to the hallway that's filled with rubble, staring out of the window.
>[] Regard this woman as family for your intent and purpose.

She can be our new sister.
>other: pali should get some sleep, stay up and keep an I on her while talking to the crow, but don't exert yourself
>[] (Other)

Ask Pali about what he thinks we should do.

With Alexis, powers and all that.
the crow has knowledge about powers, if he thinks she's useful we should try to hang on to her, and she seems trustworthy.
>and she seems trustworthy.

I don't know about trustworthyness, but she's nice at least.
Rolled 73 + 40

You look over at Pali,"Go ahead and get some sleep, I'll keep watch... and you don't need to worry about me running off."

Pali flashes a glare over at you for the remark but he puts his head down,"Yeah... I'll get some sleep. . ." the young man nods off and you look back over at Alexis.

"You getting it yet?" The woman's eyes are glowing far more brightly now, a radiant, yet clear red.

"I... I think I'm starting to get the hang of it... Come... come here... this spot here... is it warm?" She gestures you over and you shrug before she motions for you to place her hands between yours.

In doing so, you feel that the air's temperature is at least fifty degrees hotter than the ambient air... She's controlling temperature... but how?

Alexis smiles at the touch of progress," Oh my god... this is really working... this.. this is kind of cool.. That thing you said.. it helped.. I think... I think I'll try a different one..." Her eyes radiate further and you begin to feel a chill at your back, though warm within Alexis's personal space.

"Okay, like, try touching it now... I'm... I'm a bit scared..."

>[] Dare you put your hand between hers?
>[] Give it a pass and stay up speaking to the crow.
>[] Coach her into the night with whatever you think may constitute as advice.
>[] (Other)
if OP was roling for temperature then I guess that looks reasonably safe. that's meta as fuck but anyway petre gives no shits so i guess do it anyway
>[] Dare you put your hand between hers?
i do
wait is she pulling heat from other parts of the room?
>[] Coach her into the night with whatever you think may constitute as advice.

Don't put our hand between them, but try and help her verbally at least.

Derp... a tie...
Rolled 2


1 - Give advice

2 - Hand where she wants it
awwww yis

If we get fucked over I'm blaming you.
Without a second thought, you put her hand in the space between hers and feel a searing pain shoot through it as you pull back your hand, with a stifled yell,"Ah.. fuck... what... what the hell...

Alexis drops her hands and concentration, at your reaction," Like, Omi-" She starts, yet that orb of heat rapidly expands and singes your eyebrows as a gust of wind pushes at fabric and debris alike.

"Omigosh... What.. ah.. ahhh..." Alexis seems stunned and shocked by what just occurred.. suprise written all over her face as you nurse your hand... the entire thing's been burnt and it stings like hell.

"Are... are you alright Petre?"

You look at the woman, shaking your head and showing your hand. It was just a moment, however all the skin on it's been seared.

Holding back your anger and pain, you smile,"Well, it was hot."

"I... I was thinking of hot.. hot like steam... I'm... I'm so sorry..."

"Sorry only helps so much... Be more careful when you practice... I'll be keeping watch..."

You take off your red sash and headwrap, long black hair spilling down your back and over your shoulders. You take out a comb made of animal bone and run it through your hair to fix some of it.

Alexis stares at you in the faint light of the night, with a touch of wonder.

You head out onto the Fire escape, and stay low," Go to sleep, it'll be a difficult day tomorrow."

"Keep... umm... Keep us safe." she whispers and then goes quiet.

The girl is a bit annoying.. she can't use her power as well as you can yours... It's likely that she could be useful, or she could be a hindrance... All you know, as you regard your scorched hand, is that she could very well do some damage...

You chat with the crow into the night, learning more about yourself, and figuring out a bit more about how it's been using your power...

The Mantle of family can keep off the "casters," preventing their abilities from manifesting "events" like that arc-lightning and this heat power of Alexis'.
The crow also informs you that it should also work against some projectiles, however every blocked hit will reduce its durability and eat away at it due to corruption or something...

It tells you that the arms that it has acquired may be used in addition to or to empower your own.

The punch you delivered to that lightning guy was improved from the empowerment and natural increase in strength that you already have.

Do you have any questions for the crow as you switch shifts with Pali?
>Do you have any questions for the crow as you switch shifts with Pali?

Not really.
Ask what that swarm thing he did was to kill the guy that broke our ribs, and if we can replicate that.
File: 1369784010907.jpg-(4 KB, 193x249, 1356886850576.jpg)
4 KB
<That fight... with the one that broke our ribs... what was that... swarm thing that you did?">

~Oh, that... We expanded the presence of our soul around that man to cut him off from what he was "eating."~

<Is there a way to do that again?>

~We could achieve similar results by covering an enemy with our Mantle... Though it is... Dangerous..~


~Yes. Each time we expand beyond our own body, we become vulnerable to corruption... It would poke holes in our abilities, clog the energy that runs through our bodies as we try to fix now...~

<So.. there is a side effect..>

~Yes... we are afraid so... we must be especially careful against the ones that cast. If we had waited much longer, he would have gotten through the Mantle entirely.~

<I understand.. I'll keep this in mind... fix.. do whatever you need to for now...>

~It would be swifter if we worked together. We could teach ourselves the method...~

>[] Learn how to perform self cleansing instead of sleeping.
>[]Let the crow take care of it, get to sleep.

(Take your pick, this is the last post. Thank you for following. Next one should be... tomorrow, 2300)

(I hope you guys are at least enjoying yourselves with it as it is.. anything I could be doing better? It seems like it's just been slow.. Oh, and I might be able to resume this at 0030 tonight... I'll check back to see if it's still up.)
>[]Let the crow take care of it, get to sleep.

Sleep is good.

(Will you archive it, Dranule?)
>[] Learn how to perform self cleansing instead of sleeping.
>[]Let the crow take care of it, get to sleep.
we should definetly look into self clensing in the morning though, so alexis can see thataa we have to train as well
>[] Learn how to perform self cleansing instead of sleeping.
I've been enjoying it so far. Seems a bit slow moving but I don't particularly mind that. There is also a lot of text to read, which might discourage some people.
Rolled 2


1 - Sleep

2 - Train
no sleep 4 you

Yeah, I got it.

Working a bit on balancing scene and dialogue with action. Proves a touch trickier than I'd think at first.

See you guys later, got some work'n to do.
I've been lurking the threads for the most part. Usually dont start when Im on.
Going better than Omar I think, the writing seems to have improved.

Thank you for that. I'm still not exactly sure what I'm doing better but at least I can know that I am.
Rolled 4

Crap. I guess I missed it? Didn't notice it until now because I was expecting a new thread lol.
Bump to keep the thread alive until OP's return.

Missed it? What are you talking about?

And I'm a couple ten minutes late, but I've returned if people would like to continue.
I'm still around.
File: 1369803312368.png-(280 KB, 452x710, 1364344550500.png)
280 KB
280 KB PNG

>The only one that is.

But no seriously, good to have you. if we get a second or possibly blessed with a third I'll start it up again for real.
I'd participate but I was about to hit the hay.
Bump. Come on, one of you other niggers has to still be around.

Alas, it seems that no one else is here.

Thank you for standing by me anon... You were always t here...

For some reason, the tags on the archived thread are fucked up.
Yeah, it's fucked up, accidentally put the tags up for gargoyle quest.

Could you rearchive but with the right tags and a different summary?
Is there a way to rearchive a thread? Typically it just tells you that thread is already archived.

Tried that, still fucked up. Kind of sucks that there's no user interface to remove or modify things like that. My fault for not checking. I'll just include that one in as a separate URL.

When you re-archive it, it just runs an update.

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