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As I mentioned in the chat, I am running the quest tonight from my gf's pc, so I have no access to my database of cool wh40k pics. You'll have to enjoy random screencap I got today while learning spanish on duolingo(awesome site). And yes, those are necrons there.

Game will begin in 5 minutes.
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Lets begin.
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=Last thread=
+We decided that Synius Jaenar, our Navigator which was touched by the corrupting influences of Chaos will remain in our service.
+We descended to Varda with our Shadow Guard to investigate what happened to the Void Squad lead by Argos, who have gone missing on a routine ork cleansing mission.
+We have been planning to invest money somewhere or to attack Tartarus space station.

Which storyline will you proceed?

Also, afterall she has a cache of wh pics. The day is saved.
Rolled 31

Contact house Janar and tell them what has happened to Synius, and what they would recommend in the situation.
Rolled 36

>who have gone missing on a routine ork cleansing mission.
Wait what.
You mean Gold hunting.
File: 1369689874236.jpg-(119 KB, 529x529, FFFFFFFF.jpg)
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> We decided that Synius Jaenar, our Navigator which was touched by the corrupting influences of Chaos will remain in our service.

Why again weren't we all blammed fifty threads ago?
Because he wasn't that badly touched by Chaos.
He's under surveillance anyway
Weren't there lots of more questionable decisions?
File: 1369689993324.jpg-(144 KB, 350x602, 679.jpg)
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144 KB JPG

because we do the blamming.
File: 1369690538730.gif-(290 KB, 500x449, Orange.gif)
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Your slowness never changes, Skargan.
File: 1369690634023.jpg-(771 KB, 1600x1200, jungle.jpg)
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>You mean Gold hunting.
You can't write that in the official records, can you? Then half of the ancient marine myths would start "And then Primarch decided that coffers of the Legion were getting too empty for his taste..."
You rush into the jungle after the movement you noticed, running through the thick growths, trying not to let go that dark shadow from your sights. Then, suddenly you notice, that something is wrong... roll 2d100(first one is awareness, second one is whether you rushed alone or others followed you).
House Jaenar replies to your message:
>Lord Astarte, we are very pleased, that you showed mercy to one of our kind, as we are few and loss of every Seeing One is like a wound to our thin bloodline. Please guard him as best as you can and we'll see that you are rewarded for your efforts, but please bring him to our castle on the dark planet of Noctis. We shall treat him and make him suitable for service again and if his consciousness is beyond repair, we will send another one of our kind with you to show you the path. Sincerely yours, Patriarch of House Jaenar
>That animation
All I wanted was to be a good defense attorney!
File: 1369690715952.jpg-(115 KB, 900x596, cata.jpg)
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Rolled 43, 69 = 112

File: 1369690770919.jpg-(276 KB, 625x582, PHOENIX WRIGHT.jpg)
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276 KB JPG
Send Synius to Noctis on the Vanguard.

Ask Xyptus about how our spy network in the Ecclesiarchy is going, ask him if he needs anything to improve it faster.
File: 1369691496444.jpg-(173 KB, 348x1486, kommando.jpg)
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173 KB JPG
With your inhuman perception you notice that you were being lead by your prey straight into the quicksand pit, masked by leaves and branches. You leap over it and immediatelly notice two red spots under a bush. You sprint forward, your heavy armour breaking young trees and tearing vines. Creature tries to escape from you, but you are faster and manage to catch it by the neck:
>Oy ya git, let me go or I'll fuk ya in da aye!
It appears that you have caught one of the more sneakier and cunning orks, known as ork 'kommandos'. He seems to be more muscular and better armed than most of the boyz you mostly encountered on Varda, while individually they pose no danger, you imagine that a group of them could pose danger even to a marine. Your comrades are just behind you, but you stop them from falling into the trap that was made ready for you. Renard asks you:
>Should I use the knife on the xeno? He'll sing in a moment.
What do you do?
>Be fast brother, his friends might show up any moment. Ask about void squad as well as Ork forces in the area.
>Be fast brother
>Two days later
Xyptus suggests investing 30 wealth into it atm. then you will roll d30 and you'll get that much of strength in the spy network.

Vanguard leaves for Noctis with Synius on board. Do you let him guide the ship? Whether you do or not, please roll d100 for travel, dangerous number is 2.

Renard is suprisingly quick at torture. In the beginning he doesn't even question the beast, he concentrates on stripping his skin from him, opening raw green-red muscle tissue to the air. Xeno is strong, where human would have gone unconsciouss from the pain and shock, he still roars in pain. Renard then nails him, through his guts, with an Astarte knife, to the trunk of a huge hergoleth tree and starts questioning him. Within two minutes you have full story. It appears that the Ork infestation here is more widespread than expected. When orks noticed that those, who live on the surface are getting periodically wiped out, they started searching for places to live underground, where sattelites and marines cannot notice them. However a day ago one squad of very determined 'umies tracked down their lair in the mountains, looking for something. Orks that were holled up there were smartest and sneakiest of all, because they managed to survive all other marine raids, so they set up a trap in the lair and with explosives created an avalanche inside that killed all the 'umies. From his words you estimate that there are between 300 and 600 orks in the mountain lair and surrounding jungle. Attacking them with just Shadow Guard could be dangerous, unless you plan it very well. What do you do?
If you will please view my attached diagram, you can see that if we bore a 5cm wide tube in the (assumed 10m wide) vault wall, we can position the Aspera Dominus 1000km away within a vertical range of 10km and it has a direct line of sight to the loot within.

The teleport.
File: 1369693380147.png-(197 KB, 427x467, Purge everything.png)
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197 KB PNG
Call in the Space Marines.
Purge them all.
Leave none alive.
Rolled 100

Hopefully he has a nice trip. Rolling for travel.
File: 1369693404808.png-(7 KB, 1072x498, Vault hijack.png)
7 KB
fuck forget picture

also *then teleport
File: 1369693533488.gif-(2.53 MB, 280x210, Average CMQ Session.gif)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB GIF
Chapter Master has just gained Common Lore(Physics). It is active while Luigi is playing.

How will you explain it to them? Or are you going to tell them about Void Squad? Please roll d100 for the operation. Priorities will be taken from your post.

Vanguard set it's course on Noctis and then vanished into the warp.
Common lore is good but......is the plan viable?

If so ask xyptus how what he needs to make it work.
Rolled 80

>How will you explain it to them?
Shadow guard exploring after Ork loot and remnants.
Small group of potentials separated after Ork attack, assumed killed.
Priority is to find the Ork stronghold and destroy them all.
Take care of traps, and be observant, the information found through the Orks reveals they are commonly sneaky and lay a lot of traps.
Wait, no.
Disreguard that, I should chat with who we should send and what our priorities are with the chat.
Rolled 36

Alright, small revision.
The Shadow guard shall search the remnants of the Avalanche for Void Squad.
6th Company shall be told that potential Shadow Guard have been lost, presumed dead or missing in action, their priorities are mainly killing the Orks, and a minor priority is searching for the Gold.
Briefing involves information given by the Ork, such as what sort of traps they may lay, what sort of Orks to expect, and their tactics.
Horim shall accompany 6th Company.
Please take some things into account:
a) you can raid just one 1 place like this at one time. Ministorium's treasury is spread out across the sector, but you can target either the main vault(with significant portion of the treasure and ultra-high security) or one of the smaller vaults with lower security and only a part of the whole treasure in them.
2) if someone doesn't deactivate anti-teleportation fields from inside(spies), your whole operation fails
3) if your marines are noticed or if higher tier spies are caught, Ministorium will go to open war against you and maybe even call =I= to investigate. Excommunicatae then is just a step away.
4)You need a powerful teleportarium.

Otherwise your plan is viable.
i see.....
Rolled 6

Invest 30W in the spy network as well.

Rolling for improved network strength...
File: 1369695884019.png-(215 KB, 500x375, hnnnnng.png)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
Your assault on the Orks is like a thunder from the clear sky. 100 marines, six orks against a single Astartes, they had no chance. Fortress of Vengeance cleared the way through the jungle, it's atomic engine roaring as hundreds of tons of finest Imperial steel crushed trees and orks alike into the bloody mud. While your Chapter has never exceeded at fighting in jungles, now you proved that terrain doesn't matter to you. You decide to use Shatter tactical action, advancing in close, tight formation, using your superior firepower to destroy xenos and their traps. When you finally reach their lair, you purge the last remnants of enemy force by sending in Horim the Heartless, who made dark tunnels into a meat grinder, advancing with his flamer without a stop. Some brothers mentioned that they heard him speaking to himself of forgotten glory and the Emperor's light. No one knows what venerable brother meant, but they took it as a good sign. Deep in the tunnels you found stash that belonged to the Kommando boss, it seems to be full of primitive golden jewelry and also has a few artifacts.

+Chapter morale improves from Average to Good

+Battlefield affinity for Forests changes from Average to Good

+Roll for the treasure trove 3d10(wealth) and d2(artifacts)

+Roll d100 for perception

+Roll d100 for Shadow Guard avalanche exploration

+Roll d10 for casualties from 6th company
Rolled 8, 5, 2 = 15

wealth loot
Rolled 2

Rolled 23

Rolled 36

Rolled 2

Jewelry, once melted and sold in Grand Economica on Tachion Primaris will be worth around 15 wealth.
We found two items of great interest:
+Eye of the Titan - you are not sure from where orks could have gotten it, but there is a huge bionic eye that was once used on the Titan warmachine. As you look at it, millenia of war looks back at you and you decide that it is more than just a piece of junk.
+Staff of Roaring Sky. A strange staff used by Ork weirdboy, it supposedly helps to concentrate while casting psychic powers, especially those related to tempestomancy, but it's clearly primitive xeno origins can make it difficult to use in front of other humans.
Renard contacts you through the vox:
>Milord, they are alive! It seems that Orks indeed managed to bring down half of the mountain on them, but they survived and were trapped under the debris. We will save them in a couple of hours, all of them appear to be alive at the moment.
You notice, that one of the underground springs has some shining particles in the water and when you kneel down to examine it, you notice that it's gold. If you would build a gold refining facility here, it could bring you a fortune. GAINED RESOURCE SLOT: GOLD
Two men, Asteragos and Novlon, have fallen when Ork weirdboy called down murderous lightning bolt from the sky, melting their armour and frying them alive. Many others gained experience from this battle, allowing you to promote d10 marines into veterans.
Let us finish for today, I hope we'll continue sometime this week.

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