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You sent off 4 greeting card emails. Two to Luna and two to Durandal


From Luna
Subject Re: How are you?

Oh, mail from Chen is it? I am quite well, though I must confess the solemn darkness of my path is lonely, illuminated only by moonlight I must be left to walk these dark halls, forever misunderstood.

[]Uh, what?
[]Your path?
[]Other, please specify

From: Luna
Subject Re:Favorite saying?

Favorite? What a curious question. If I had to pick I suppose I would go with.

"No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist."

[]Who said?
[]What does it mean?
[]Other, please specify

From Durandal
Subject Re How are you?

Hey Chen! I am doing really well, more so now that I got your message! Thanks so much for asking! How about you?

[]Chatty, ain't ya?
[]Other, please specify

To Durandal
Subject Re:Favorite food?

That's a tough one. I really like the ramen this restaurant serves by my school, the Green onions are good and they always give me an extra serving of egg. Although when I put it that way I sound like a glutton, don't I?

[]What about real food?
[]Like Ramen too
[]Other, please specify

You can link a response to the emails now or at the end of the thread for next time.

You have just finished putting the frog head and the pumpkin head on the market and walk out of the auction house with MANIA. You have a little bit of time left so you decide to walk around a bit. You browse the various stalls and wares with MANIA as your ever silent shadow when your head begins to throb. Deciding Snark's warning system is pretty damn annoying you are about to yell at him when you hear a man's voice from behind you as you are near the guild district.

File: 1367511126161.jpg-(63 KB, 576x359, hamelin.jpg)
63 KB
"My, my. There is a familiar face. Chen, right? And Ms. Mania as well, this certainly is a surprise." You turn towards the direction of the voice and your head begins throbbing worse than before.

You pop a few of your painkillers and drink them down with cold coffee when you see a familiar form clad in scarlet and gold standing before you. Hamelin, the alleged system administrator who was using AIDA in the Demon Palace tournament. He stares at the both of you as MANIA walks up to your side and returns his stare. The silence is broken by him clearing his throat and smiling.

"How are you Chen? We did not get much of a chance to talk last time when you ate my projects. Don't worry, I'm not mad, just curious. Would you like to come with me? We can talk for a while." He smiles.

Wat say wat do?
[]Go with him, SNARK up if needed.
[]Talking out here is fine
[]Send MANIA after him
[]Other, please specify
[X] Your Path?
[X] Who Said That?
[x] Good.
[x] What about real food?
[x] Talking out here is fine
File: 1367512635455.gif-(61 KB, 269x354, Chen1.gif)
61 KB
"We can talk out here." You reply making him frown.

"You don't trust me?" He asks seeming hurt.

"Not even sort of." You reply causing him to shrug.

"Perhaps we did not get off on the right foot. I am very interested in you Chen." He explains.

"Not going to lie, not 100% comfortable where this is going." You answer making him laugh.

"Not like that, for example, did you know your AIDA is not connected to the others? It is like a second colony hive, very interesting. But I suppose the most pressing question is." He pauses before glaring at you. "Who the fuck are you?"

"What?" You ask as your headache intensifies.

"You do not exist, no data on the individual behind the player Chen exists and we can't trace you in any way. Who are you? Who do you work for?" He growls, his emotions barely kept in check.

Wat say wat do?
[]Tell him who you are
[]Don't tell him
[]Other, please specify
[]Why not just buy a torch or something?
[]So what you're saying is that an artist has to be colorblind or deaf or have some radical break from reality we don't have?
[]I'm doin okay
[]I like steak
[]Snark is the only option
[]Fuck this, I'm out.

[x] Don't tell him.
I'm switching to []Leave
I don't feel like waiting for a third person to end the draw.
"As much fun as it would be to listen to you ramble on, you don't know me. You never will, and you never can. So..." You raise your middle finger to him before turning and walking away.

As you leave the district and make your way back to the Chaos gate MANIA remains silent. The two of you meet back up with Shimabuku as he arrives.

"Yo Chen! Crazy lady! Sup! You look like someone just punched your dog Chen, what's wrong?" He asks with a smile.

"Ah, nothing. Just ran into someone I would rather not have to deal with is all." You answer making him nod.

"Right, right. So, what's the plan?" He asks

You are about to reply when you hear Haruko open the door.

Wat do?
[]See if Haruko found anything about the guild
[]Other, please specify

((I can wait for it to pick up))
Waiting for it to pick up might be for the best.
Link to previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=.hack//AIDA
Do we know what the Book of Madness does?
You do not. Going to grab lunch while I wait
Hey Haruko, I just ran into Hamelin and he started getting pissed because he couldn't figure out who I was. Watch out online, he might start trying to corner people who hang out with me.
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434 KB PNG
Shameless self bump to test interest before aborting and trying on a better day?
The usual crowd comes in say, three hours.

Then it shall be bumped in the hours three!

Sage for waiting like a shark, or some sort of sexually ambiguous ferret
We should probably briefly log off and talk to Haruko in person.

As much as I'm not looking forward to it, we should probably tell her what we've been up to vis a vis AIDA infections.

...Really not looking forward to explaining that one.

On the bright side, it makes you feel stuff in-game better and will probably help in the investigation!

On the other hand, we really don't know what it does long-term to a person. It seems to amplify emotions pretty handily, and emphasize certain characteristics of a personality.
You tell the two of them to wait for a bit and mute your headset before turning to look at Haruko.

"Hey Anon, I think I got in contact with that guild you were interested in, it is a prostitute guild, right? I bounced some cash around and got you a date with her, arn't I the best sort of partner?" she smiles at you.

"You bought me a hooker? A Cyber hooker? Where did the money come from?" You ask making her shrug.

"Chief always set up some accounts for us to use, no matter what... chief.... they found his body in the Sumida River, there is no cause of death listed as of yet, but there are some pretty wild rumors going around. They are thinking of having Aikawa taking his place." She tell you making you frown.

Aikawa was always the worst sort of bureaucrat, weak and prone to compromise with criminal elements he was often passed over for promotion because of the chief's meddling... if he is the one in charge now he will probably not be able to stand up to CC Corp if push comes to shove. Hell, they might have been the ones to put him in there.

You mull over the implications of having him in power when you feel Haruko put her hand on your shoulder. "Don't do it Anon. I know you don't like him, but there had to have been some one above the chief who supported his actions, we just have to be patient and try to follow our orders, that's all." She tells you to which you nod after a few seconds. "Good! So, what else is new? Find out anything?" She asks making you frown deeper.

"Ah, about that. I sort of... reinfected Mania. And... Shimabuku too." You tell her causing her to gape her mouth at you.

"Anon... what the fuck? You infected them? With the mind eating bug things? Are... why did you do it?" She asks staring intently at you.

"They can help, at the very least. MANIA already has experience with it and Shimabuku-" You start but she slams her hands on the table.

"They are civilians Anon! Jesus, you are pulling them into this shit when they shouldn't be! You admitted this Snark guy is still an unknown to you, and you make more of him?!" She yells but you put your hands up.

"We can trust them, you know that. It would be a different matter if they were totally uninvolved, but they have both been hit by AIDA first hand. If it comes down to it I can always pull the AIDA out of them." You tell her but she seems to get angrier.

"Trust them? You don't even know who they are! I was willing to overlook that Lotus chick because she is involved, and will go on without us, but you pulled them in Chen!" She shouts making you frown.

How respond?
[]Trust me
[]Maybe you are right
[]Other, please write in
[x]Trust me
"I trust them and I trust Snark. Why don't you trust me?"
>[x]Trust me

You would be absolutely right if we were doing a regular criminal case, but time is running out. With Aikawa's appointment, our investigation here (and my absurd amount of paid vacation days) might be living on borrowed time. You can bet that CC-corp had a hand in appointing him to police chief; it's only a matter of time before they put some pressure on him to put an end to anything pertaining to cyber-investigations.

At any rate, MANIA and Shimabuku were already hit with AIDA at some time in the past. It's better that they at least get some sort of AIDA that is cooperating with us right now, rather than being infected by something that's utterly batshit crazy insane. And while I'll admit that Snark is a bit... well... "snarky" at times, he seems to be a pretty good guy so far. It's true that we don't know everything about what AIDA is or what its side effects are, but the only way we'll know for sure is if we keep investigating into this CC corp stuff and the Epitaphs.
[X]Trust me, we need help if we're going to get to the bottom of this, the chief tried to go it alone and went down alone, he deserved better than it, and I damn well won't let the same happen to us. We. Need. Them.
"I trust them and I trust Snark. Why don't you trust me?" You ask furrowing your brow.

"I do trust you Anon, don't pull that shit now. It's just..." She frowns and thinks it over.

"You would be absolutely right if we were doing a regular criminal case, but time is running out. With Aikawa's appointment, our investigation here, and my absurd amount of paid vacation days, might be living on borrowed time. You can bet that CC-corp had a hand in appointing him to district chief; it's only a matter of time before they put some pressure on him to put an end to anything pertaining to cyber-investigations." You explain making her frown.

"But..." She starts but you cut her off.

"At any rate, MANIA and Shimabuku were already hit with AIDA at some time in the past. It's better that they at least get some sort of AIDA that is cooperating with us right now, rather than being infected by something that's utterly batshit crazy insane. And while I'll admit that Snark is a bit... well... "snarky" at times, he seems to be a pretty good guy so far. It's true that we don't know everything about what AIDA is or what its side effects are, but the only way we'll know for sure is if we keep investigating into this CC corp stuff and the Epitaphs." You explain making her think deeper about what you said this time.

"The chief tried to go it alone, and he got taken down. He deserved better, hell, Lotus' sister deserved better. We. Need. Them." You explain making her finally nod her head.

"Fine, I will let this go. Just... be careful alright? If these AIDA or what ever really like human emotions, then they could just as easily take on our worst traits too." She explains before setting down the notepad with information. "So, did I miss anything else?" She asks, clearly not wanting to dwell on your fight.

"Hamelin hit on me, maybe.He may try to find out about us in the real world, so be careful." You tell her making her nod.
You put back on your headset, and notice it is pretty late. You remember you promised your sister you would get her in to see Yonchoobin.

You see Shimabuku a few feet from MANIA and glaring at her.

"An' I'm tellin ya, it ain't like that! She and I are just buddies stuck together!" He points at her making her tilt her head in thought.

"Oh? But I recall seeing you and this... Luna? Being quite close. I was just pointing out cheating men need to be retrained." She comments calmly making him stomp his feet.

"It ain't like that at all! Ah! How about you and Chen, you still pining for him, huh?' He asks trying to get the upper hand.

She tilts her head to the other side before replying. "I will break him. I will hurt him and send his body into a rapture of agony and when he can no longer tell the difference between pain and pleasure he will call me his Goddess." She answers calmly making Shimabuku take a step back.

"Ch-Chen collects weirdos like pokemon, huh?" He seems taken aback before she nods.

"So you admit you are weird then. It is good you are so self aware, Wan-chan." She replies causing him to make a tight fist.

"I... I think I lost." He replies.

Wat say wat do?
[]Can't you just not bother anyone for five minutes MANIA?
[]Fight on! Shimabuku!
[]Tell them you have to sleep early
[]Other, please specify
>[x]Can't you just not bother anyone for five minutes MANIA?
Let's go to the arena after this. Also, when is our date with the prostitute? Could a list of whose online been given as well?
Prostitute is day after tomorrow.

>[x]Can't you just not bother anyone for five minutes MANIA?

If I didn't know any better, I'd almost think that you have a sadistic streak or something.

Did we promise to see our sister today or tomorrow?
Rolled 66

Put on Bunny or whatever other embarrassing outfit we have
Rolled 32

Dubs says we should do it
Tomorrow for the yonchoobin event

Well, in that case, perhaps it's best to tell them that we have to sleep in. Anon appears to subsist on coffee and the occasional solid food, but family stuff requires special preparation.
File: 1367536743047.jpg-(143 KB, 1000x707, 1000px-Luminacross.jpg)
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143 KB JPG
"Can't you just not bother anyone for five minutes MANIA? It's like you have a sadistic streak or something." You ask making her tilt her head to look at you.

"I am quite loving." She replies calmly making you shake your head.

Crazy people.

"It is almost time for me to hit the hay, have an early day tomorrow but..." You frown. "We should go to the arena first, I want to check something out.

"You are fairly famous, are you certain that is a good idea?" Shimabuku asks making you nod.

"You are right..." You equip the maid outfit and nod happily to yourself.

"Alright, the perfect disguise!" You smile before touching the Chaos gate and selecting Lumina Cloth.

"Ah, hey, wait... Chen?" Shimabuku raises his hand to you but you just stare back at him.

"Perfect disguise!" You reply as you warp.

You are now in the Arena city Lumina Cloth. Around you in the city bathed in eternal midnight you can see countless people hustling and bustling around. You walk up to the arena proper, getting no small amount of stares as you do so.

"Ah... Chen?" You hear some one call from by the rankers area.

You turn and see Lotus standing with several of what you can only assume to be her guild mates. You pause momentarily as MANIA and Shimabuku walk up to you. "It seems your perfect disguise was seen through Chen." Shimabuku explains.

"I see... that is somewhat disheartening. Anything new?" You ask making Lotus shakes her head as her guild mates chuckle a bit.

"Ah, well, since you are here I should probably say I may not be able to get in contact with you for a few days as I have some leads I have to follow. Also, that hamelin guy is sniffing around, so watch your back." You explain making her nod.

"That's fine but... Chen, why are you dressed as a french maid?" She asks to which you frown.

"I've got to go." You tell them before gating out, their curiosity unsatisfied.

You are now in your apartment building with Haruko laying on your sofa reading the news. You tell her you are going to turn in for the night and that she should do the same at her place.

The morning comes far earlier than you would like, but you manage to roll out of bed after three failed starts and make your way over to your coffee machine. Making some toast you check your cellphone and see Tanaka has managed to get you and your sister some back stage passes. You get dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans and thinking better of taking your gun with you, but take your ID and badge just in case.

You I͜mm̸͞e̡d͞͝i̕͠a͟t̴̛͏eļ͡y͘ ̵͝l̡͢͟e͠avę̷̨,͝ y̸̸̢o͠͡u̴̕ ͟͠ḩa̢̧v͞e̵ ̧a ̕͏d̨͞a̡͟t̛e. You seem to be running later than you like, but manage to make it to the concert hall, seeing your sister standing apart from the crowd.

"Onii-chan! You made it! Where are the tickets and stuff?" She asks looking you over.

"We have to meet a guy first." You tell her before taking her to the side of the building where the guards and staff are.

You greet the head of security and get your tickets and backstage pass from him... now.

[]Go watch the show from the front, get in early get in hard.
[]Go back now, you have the passes
[]Talk to sis(Bout wat?)
[]Other, please specify
[x]Talk to sis(Bout wat?)
Lets ask her what she wants to do at the concert then ask her what she has been up to

Seconding this. Ask her what she wants to do; she's the one who wanted to go to this concert, this is her day today. We can chat her up on what's been going on in her life while we do so.
Just generally show an interest in her life sounds good.

Also just how secret did we keep our work life?

Like did she at least vaguely know who our boss was, and that he recently "committed suicide"?

If she didn't, then lets keep it that way.
File: 1367539343383.jpg-(30 KB, 700x394, yonchoobin.jpg)
30 KB
"So, here we are. What do you want to do?" You ask making her seem to shiver in anticipation.

"I want to meet yonchoobin-nim! No, wait... I'm not worthy, he will think I am weird like everyone else... I mean, unless he doesn't. Oh, what if he doesn't? Let's... Let's wait until after the show, okay? After the show, I need time to ready my heart." She tells you causing you to nod.

"What has been going on in your life lately?" You decide to ask, deciding being nice to the only family member you are on speaking terms is not that bad of an idea.

"Hm? Oh, nothing really. Wake up, eat, play around on the computer for a few hours, what ever." She tells you making you nod.

"You still writing? You were trying to get popular and publish something, right?" You ask making her look down.

"Yeah, I mean, I still want to but I can't really." She pauses. "A lack of talent is all, some people are born with god's gifts and others arn't. Ah, I have been into The World a lot lately! You know, that roleplaying game. I am pretty good these days, even saw the demon title match. Wait, you don't know what that is, do you?" She asks making you smile gently at her as she tries to explain.

The concert is interesting at least. A lot of other performers go onto the stage and perform, but sadly as it's all pop music you can't really get into it. You manage to score a beer and that makes the day go by faster.

There is that group of idols with the fanatic fan base, the sort of fanbase you actually wrote a thesis on about cults actually. You can feel the energy drain out of the room as the night drags on, but in an instant it does a 180. You hear your sister scream as a thin red haired man walks onto stage. He gives an easy smile and points at the crowd.

"HELLO JAPAN!" He screams and you feel your headache come on.

You pop some pills and look at the man and feel your headache stir. That can't be good.


After the concert you are standing outside yonchoobin's dressing room. Your sister stands outside and looks at her shoes.

"No, I in no way belong here. I mean I am fat, he is so thin and sexy and I don't, I mean" She mutters talking herself out of talking to him

One of the girls from the idol girl group walks by and smiles at you.

Wat do?
[]Hit on idol girls
[]Go see this K-pop star, help her out
[]Other, please specify
>[x]Other, please specify: Reassure sister

Just relax and be yourself.

>[x]Go see this K-pop star, help her out
...The plot thickens. Though really who didn't see this coming.
[x]Go see this K-pop star, help her out
What could possibly go wrong?
>You pop some pills and look at the man and feel your headache stir. That can't be good.

I guess we could see this guy.

It's high time we figured out what effect AIDA has in real life.
I don't know, I think we just get headaches from AIDA in general?

Though that reminds me, do Shimabuku and MANIA cause headaches as well?
You place a hand on her shoulder and smile. "Be yourself, you will be fine. Promise." You tell her as you knock on the door.

She looks at you and takes a deep breath as the door opens and standing there is yonchoobin. "Uh, sup?" He asks, his voice... familiar.

"Hello! Um, hello hello!" She freezes making him smile.

"Hello hello!" He replies putting his hands on his hips. "Well, good talk."

"She is a fan of yours, however she is also fairly socially awkward, so could you maybe treat her like a kitten with social phobias." You explain making him smile at you.

"Ah, which social phobias?" He asks.

"All of the social phobias." You answer making him stroke his chin.

"Okay! Got ya! Want to come in?" He walks back towards his chair and sits down.

Your sister walks in stiff legged and looks around. You do the same, and notice the place is already pretty lived in, with pants and shirts thrown everywhere and an M2D sitting on the desk.

Wat ask wat do?
Write in
Slightly, yes. Their infection is not as advanced so you do get it, but not as bad as, say, hamelin
"You play that 'The World' game? My sister here plays it as well! Maybe you can play with her a bit?" Lets try to get information about his character without revealing that we play

Politely introduce ourselves and our sister.

Ask about the M2D headset.
A bit too bold I think.
"I'm anon, this is my sister K-" you start but she interrupts


"It's the best right? Ha, nothing beats playing, but my manager gets mad if I play too much so I have to sneak some sessions in. Really wish they didn't have so many weird items though." He grumbles making you glance at the M2D then him.

"So, what sort of character do you play?" You ask making him shake his head at you.

"I don't really care, but my manager got pissed when my cell phone number got leaked, so I can't just tell people anything like that. Ah, my ex was pretty pissed back them too, that was scary." He sighs leaning back in his chair.

"A-ah yeah, I mean, I am sure you are good looking at your game, I mean good at the game." your sister mutters making you tilt your head.

Wat say?
[]Could it be you don't want to tell us because you are actually really bad?
[]Ask about rumors, black dots, comas, etc.
[]I am a man, I have a penis
[]Other, please specify
[X] Ask about classes, fumble around with descriptions of all of them, watch his reaction as you get corrected by him and your sister.

Might be a bit transparent.
[x]Could it be you don't want to tell us because you are actually really bad?

I bet you don't even PK or do arenas! Lets try to make our sister seem pro while seeming dumb about the game.
>Weird Items
God I know.

You try and find one nice set of fans, and suddenly you've got bunny suits and maid outfits.
I'll second this.
>[x]Other, please specify

Feign ignorance about our sister's playing and all that stuff. Ask her about her character and how she plays, get all the details wrong so that she will hopefully correct us out of indignation and draw Yonchoobin into a conversation.

Then we bring up subtle hints like maid suits and men who look like girls. That's really confusing, you know? Men should be manly!
Under ordinary circumstances that'd be a good idea, but right now this guy is a witness/suspect.
Of course he is a suspect! The whole point is to draw information out from him while not revealing anything about us if he works for CC Corp
Ah that's a good point.

This could very well be cat and also cat.
This sounds good, except maybe not the last part.

I don't think anyone but our party members saw us with those items, but just in case maybe not mention the fans.

That probably makes us stand out a lot.
You decide to try and draw the conversation into a direction you can control. "You said you were into it, right sis? What sort of character do you play?" You ask making her look at you like her own personal savior.

"A twin blade! They are really fast and cute! You have to be fast if you want to be good at combat." She explains making Yonchoobin nod.

"Yeah, you don't play? The combat system is really intense you know, even if you have two different players playin as the same class, you can have totally different combat styles! Makes it like a real fight, ya know?" He asks clearly getting excited.

"So the ones faster are the blade brandiers, right?" You ask making them both shake their heads at you.

"No way Onii-chan, tribal grapplers are the only ones faster. No defense but they have lots of attack power and speed! Though they have some issues with balancing." She mutters while Yonchoobin laughs.

"Yeah, they have a pretty tough skill set, you gotta be able to actually sort of move with them or you'll die even at high levels! Not sayin that's bad or nothin, but it's sort of a drag." He adds on making your sister smile and start talking to him.

"But if you want to play a hard class you have to go adept rogue, they have it rough." She explains

"Yeah, if you don't got any good items then you end up really bad if you wanna be a rogue, since they have such bad stats." He continues.

"Like a bunny girl outfit?" You add making your sister turn and scoff at you.

"Those always have weird stats, plus it is fetishy you know?" She explains making Yonchoobin laugh.

"Yeah, but it's fine right? What man doesn't love a bunny girl?" The idol asks making you tilt your head back slightly.

"Or french maids." You continue making his smile grow wider.

"Ha ha, yeah, somethin' like that is pretty nice too!" He counters making your sister frown.

"I can get the bunny girl because of lewd, but french maid?" She asks.

"Perfect disguise." You answer causing Yonchoobin to look at you strangely.

"I heard something similar just the other day actually." He explains.

Wat say wat do?
[]You seem to have more class than Luna thought
[]Is this where the pied piper finds his rats?
[]I thought you were a victorian lady?!
[]Grill him some more
[]Other, please specify
Hmmm... Hamlin seems like he's probably too busy being involved with CC Corp to be a pop idol.

I really really hope it isn't MANIA, because our sister would never let us hear the end of it.
Grilling him more seems like a good idea.

So far he seems most likely to be Shimabuku, but just because we don't bother to look or act too different from in-game to real life, doesn't mean others feel the same.
>[x]Grill him some more

Keep up the act. His curiosity is piqued, but we don't want our sister to know that we know Yonchoobin.
Excellent point.

Maybe we should bring up the tournament, ask if either of them went to the arena?

The problem is we need some one-on-one time with this guy, but I have no idea how to obtain it.
[O] Start humming "It's a Small World After All".

[X] Indeed, it's perfect for tactical espionage action. Very distracting.

So, who actually wore it? Someone cute and haughty? Sexy and devastating? Sadistic and violent?

...or someone handsome and devilish?

That could work. Act all like we're so out of the loop. Like calling an x-box a nintendo.

"So you guys like, fight orcs or dragons all day right? Do you fight against other people too, or am I thinking of that shooter game instead?"
I don't know if we have to go that far.

We could just say we saw the arena once and heard that the guy who used to have a winning streak lost?
You decide to play it safe and continue grilling him. "You mentioned something earlier, a demon palace something? So you guys like, fight orcs or dragons all day right? Do you fight against other people too, or am I thinking of that shooter game instead?" You ask your sister making her nod.

"The Demon Palace Tournament. There were a bunch of really tough players, ah I didn't join but I got a good seat. The winners were this team with two girls in it, it was really cool. The runner up was also a woman so it was really cool. Something about watching strong women fight is really cool." She explains making Yonchoobin nod and look away from you again, evidently content to let it slide.

"Yeah, the Tourny was really cool this time around, right? Gotta say that Mania woman was pretty out of it, yeah?" He offers with a smile.

"Mania?" You ask tilting your head similar to how she does when thinking.

He stares at you for a little bit before scooting his chair back. "Y-yeah. This Mania chick she wasn't; she wasn't too scary I mean, not really. Ha Ha ha." He offers glancing away.

"She was pretty out of it, but don't you think that makes her cool? I mean, she had this really hardcore sadistic streak when she was fighting, talked about hurting this one muscly guy to get off but he couldn't satisfy her. It was really intense, I wonder what she is like?" Your sister sighs wistfully.

Yonchoobin looks fairly uncomfortable before replying. "I... I am sure who ever she might be she is a wonderful person whose secrets, what ever they might be, will be carried to my grave."

Your sister laughs at this. "Yonchoobin-nim you are really funny."

Wat say wat do?
[]Hey, sis, can you go get something for me?
[]Have you ever heard of AIDA?
[]I'll kick you and make you thank me
[]Grill him more
[]Other, please specify
>[X]Hey, sis, can you go get something for me?
[x]Hey, sis, can you go get something for me?
[x]I'll kick you and make you thank me

After this we'll just say "I have a penis" and smile at him as he pieces thing together.
LIES! LIES I SAY! A .hack quest right when i pick up .hack GU for hte first time!? WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the party! We have snacks, comas, and sexual ambiguity!
So we're definitely not telling them that we're a government agent right?

At most we could just say we work for the government, subtly imply a desk job, and tell part of the truth as far as having built up a huge backlog of vacation time, and deciding to enjoy it?
"Hey sis, can you go get us some of those bottled waters they have out there?" You ask making her nod her head quickly at you

"Y-yeah! Good idea! Yonchoobin-nim must be thirsty! Yeah, good thinking Anon!" She grins before leaving the room.

You gently close the door and turn to face him, him already in a martial arts pose similar to Shimabuku's. "What are you doing?" You ask making him roll his shoulders a bit.

"I knew this day would come. Let this be our final battle MANIA. I assure you, if you win I won't tell Chen anything." He tells you making you shake your head.

"I have to kick you, since you already told Chen everything." You explain making him raise his eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" He asks still not dropping his guard.

"I.... I am a man." You explain making him nod.

"I have a penis!" You clench your fist making him blink.

"Huh, wait... Chen? You... you are Chen, right? Right?" He asks slowly lowering his fists.

"Probably, unless my imaginary friend replaced me, but then how would I know?" You ask making him let out a sigh and drop his fists.

"Don't do that. Wait, how did you find me? I didn't think I was that public with my job." He tells you sitting back down.

"A coincidence. When I am near people with powers I get a headache and my sister happens to be a fan. I called in a favor and got back stage passes and thus here we are." You explain to which he nods.

"You're sure you arn't MANIA and are just tryin to get me off guard?" He asks still uneasy.

"I don't think MANIA is capable of deception. I mean, she is pretty upfront about everything you know. Who else knows about us meeting at the event and kicking Pker ass with Luna?" You ask causing him to stand up.

"Luna probably." He replies.

"Touche" You tell him as he walks up to you.

"Man, you look pretty much like your avatar, huh? Isn't this a bit too close to reality?" He asks putting a hand on your chest as if confirming you are actually a guy.

"What about you? Big muscled man turns out to be a pretty boy idol singer? The hell man?" You ask making him take a step back

"H-Hey! I'm free to like what I like damn it!" He replies.

Wat say wat do?
[]Go find sister
[]Ask him something(wat?)
[]Wanna make out?
[]Other, please specify
Might as well check to see if he's experienced any side effects, negative or otherwise, from AIDA infection.

Aside from that I don't really see much else to do, except get an autograph for our sister?
Seconding this.
>[X]Wanna make out?
Going to have to be in favor of this. Maybe go look for our sister after getting an autograph
Should we warn him about Hamelin?

I don't think he'd be that brazen to attack a popular celebrity, but can't be too careful.
Seconding this, too.
"It's good I managed to find you. Have you felt any side effects from the AIDA infection? Anything strange?" You ask making him cross his arms and think seriously.

"Ah, now that you mention it, maybe." He seems to suddenly think of something. "This morning I had to pee a lot, like more than usual. Is that a thing now?" He asks.

"No, it is probably not a thing, what? Why would that be a thing? I mean like, headaches or weird thoughts or something." You ask making him shake his head.

"I have had the bugs in me for, what, less than 24 hours? You should go hunt down Mania if you want to see any side effects, although," He pauses while scratching the back of his head. "How would you be able to tell if she was weird?" He asks.

"Fair point. If anything comes up let me know, okay?" You tell him making him nod. "Oh, and if you see that Hamelin guy get out as fast as you can. I don't think he would be brazen enough to attack a famous celebrity, but we can't be to careful. That guy is pretty fucking out of it." You add causing him to nod again.

"Yeah, a famous celebrity, beloved by hundreds of millions of women everywhere. Ah, it is so tough being me." He laments making you frown.

"Well, they are just interested in your looks arn't they? Isn't that why I have the e-harem and you don't?" You ask making him take a step back aghast.

"Say what you will Chen. I will walk this lonely road alone if I must. Probably while shirtless and swarmed by half naked women." He tells you still haughty.

"Yeah, yeah. Say, could you sign something for my sister? Again, she is a fan and-" You start but he nods before you can finish.

"Sure partner. Speaking of, where is the socially awkward duckling?" he asks making you frown.

Good question.

The two of you leave the dressing room and find your sister staring at the group of idol girls surrounding the water bottles.

"S'wrong?' Yonchoobin asks making her jump.

"Ah, no. I well, see. They are by there and, like. Uh, wow you are really, no I mean. Um." She starts causing you to nod your head.

"I see." You reply making Yonchoobin stare at you.

"Bullshit, how?" He asks.

"My onii-chan powers. She is terribly awkward and is afraid the idol girls are going to make fun of her for something. Bugger if I know, but I don't blame her. Idols can be terrible people." You explain making your sister gape at you.

"You are just mad you could only be an idol if you model women's underwear." He replies making you frown.

"Wouldn't that just be porn? An incredibly niche porn market at that." You counter.

"Arn't all idols part of an incredibly niche porn market? Even the ones who stay dressed?" He replies

"Fair enough." You tell him while thinking.

Wat do?
[]Encourage sister to go over there
[]Use seduce
[]Just leave
[]Other, please specify
[X] Use seduce
Mania may be closer than we know.
I honestly think I like Shima more now.

Regardless, lets go for the comedy option.

[X] Use seduce
>[x]Encourage sister to go over there
>[x] Ask Shimab-- Yonchoobin to introduce her.

Social awkwardness mean nothing when you have an idol vouching for you!
"Yonchoobin, we may have to seduce a truly staggering number of idols in order for my sister to gain the water bottles which we seek." You inform him with a serious face.

"Is that totally necessary? I mean, I could just vouch for her and maybe make friends or someth-" He starts but is stopped by your stare.

"Everything is necessary. Take off your shirt." You command causing him to shrug and do so.

You do the same and think of the best method of attack. Deciding that you have to play to your strengths you take off your own shirt and walk over with him to the group. You raise your hand in a casual wave as one of the girls sees the two of you. "Yo, cool show." You tell them with an easy smile.

"Yeah, had a David Bowie feel to it." Yonchoobin adds causing one of the girl, the captain some Mari-something or other? to stare at the two of you.

"What happened to your shirts?" She asks as the other girls turn to look at you and you see your sister approach.

"Actually, who is that guy?" Another one asks tilting her head at you.

Wat reply?
[]Lost shirt to a Tiger attack
[]Use rengeki!
[]We are lost
[]I am a man, I have a penis
[]Other, please specify
[X] Lost shirt to Tiger attack
>[x]Lost shirt to a Tiger attack

We were able to wrestle it into submission.
[X] Ask yourself what would Mania do.
...Good to see that we are maintaining our cover as an impulsive goofball.

Now they'll never suspect we're a clandestine agent.
"I assure you there is an excellent explanation for both those questions."

And then don't say anything.

I think we kind of lost track of what we wanted to do.
"Tiger attack" You shout

"There was a fire!" Yonchoobin shouts at the exact same time.

The two of you look at each other and nod."There was a tiger made of fire who we had to wrestle into submission." You explain

"This is a terrible idea, and I feel horrible for going along with it. You are awful at plans." Yonchoobin leans in an whispers to you making you shake your head.

"No, we got this." You reply before smiling back at the women.

"It was a pretty difficult fight, but luckily we learned kung-fu while teaching orphaned puppies how to read. They also had a ton of diseases." You continue nodding.

"All of them in fact." Yonchoobin adds.

"Which we cured." You continue

"You two are... look, is this a come on? I heard Yonchoobin was a pro, but I guess you are just a kid playing around." The girl sighs but before she can turn and ruin your little sister's perfectly executed operation you sigh.
"Wow, at what point did you lose your child like wonder of the world? I mean, here we are, two half naked guys who just taught blind puppies how to read without any legs and wrestled a tiger made entirely of fire into submission and then helped console him about getting kicked out of law school and helped him put his life back on track and all you can think about is maturity?" You ask making Yonchoobin nod.

"Why do you hate fun?" He asks making her glare at you.

"I-I don't hate fun! I just have really important stuff to do, and dealing with you like this is-" She starts but another of the girls laughs.

"Ah ha ha, Mi-chan hates fun! They said she hates fun! Ha ha ha!" She laughs holding her sides.

"I said I don't! But acting like a kid-!" She starts but yonchoobin interrupts.

"Then what is an adult? We were going to invite all of you to play on a..." He looks at you but you just shrug. "Slip and slide? That's a thing still yeah? Then we would have gotten ice cream."

"Not at the same time though. Cramps." You offer as you see your sister get the bottles of water.

"Okay, but guys hit on us all the time and you two-" She starts but you nod to Yonchoobin.

"I see, because we are too short. That's what this is all about, isn't it?" You ask making the girl blink.

"I don't really care abou-" She starts but Yonchoobin shakes his head.

"And our emotional unavailability." He adds.

"It isn't our fault we have been hurt before you know!" You explain to which she just blinks.

"But here we were trying so hard to be friendly after wrestling with both the emotional and physical aspects of a tiger, but you just can not accept us." He frowns.

"Let us go and talk about how we were emotionally... gaggled? By them" You tell him making him tilt his head.

"Is that a thing? Gaggling?" He asks making you shrug.

You quickly run back towards his dressing room with the waters.

"That... what?" Your sister asks making you shrug.

You need to get her an autograph still so you have him sign his shirt and give it to her.

"Here ya go, you wanted an autograph, yeah? Sorry, I was wearing it on stage so it ain't clean but-" He explains causing her to shake her head.

"No... no! I, your shirt it's... uh, no. Wow! Thanks I!" She offers making him look at you.

"Thanks, it means a whole lot that you would give this to me. I promise not to sell it on ebay." You translate for him.

While your sister is engrossed in the shirt he seems to realize something.

"Ah, gimme yer phone real quick." He holds out his hand expectantly.

Wat do?
[]Give him phone
[]Do not give him phone
I apologize for my failings as s QM
File: 1367553963282.gif-(1.28 MB, 500x281, 1366975801699.gif)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
Few things in life are as satisfying as thoroughly confusing a bunch of women with a bro.

[X] Give him phone (we don't keep anything confidential on it do we?)

I suspect that Shimabuku/Yonchoobin is attempting to give us a contact number without verbally saying anything. So that we can have an alternate way of talking through IRL channels.

I'm leaning towards giving it to him, but depending on who Anon's phone contacts are, it might have some stuff that could point to his real occupation.
Huh? That's not a criticism.

Like our character apparently has months of paid vacation time backed up, due to never really taking any before now, right?

Obviously this assignment is giving us a chance to unwind for the first time in years.
I'd think we'd know not to leave evidence of such a thing behind.

And even if he does know, we don't really need to tell him that we're assigned to investigate the World.

Unless we left like a checklist on our phone.
That is a relief to know.
[X]Give him phone

Managed to find the thread.
You hand him your cellphone and he pulls out his own, quickly pushing some buttons, taking a picture of himself and handing it back. You look at what he did and see he listed himself as "the Korean version of Iggy Pop" and put a picture of himself giving his best 'idol pose'. You are surprised he did not put his own song as your ring tone. In it, he includes his phone number, his private email, and even contact information for his manager.

"Just call me if something comes up. I got your back." He tells you.

"Oh my god, thank you I don't, wow, like I... I don't!" your sister interrupts your bonding moment to say to which he just laughs.

Suddenly the door opens and standing in the doorway is a stern looking woman in her 30s. She levels an even glare at Yonchoobin and he just shrinks back. "Yonchoobin, why was I asked by the manager of the idol group we had to perform with why my idol is trying to recruit his idols into a slip and slide and ice cream party?" She asks making him scratch his chin.

"That sure doesn't sound like me. Don't you think he has me confused for someone else?" He asks as the woman walks up to the two of you.

"Why did he also ask why you claimed to have wrestled a burning tiger and consoled it after it got kicked out of med school. I had to tell him your Japanese was horrible to cover for you." She explains making him shake his head.

"It wasn't on fire, it was made of fire, and it was law school, not medschool. The hypothetical tiger could never stand the sight of blood, but he had a good head for legal jargon. I call him Lenard." He replies making the woman grab his ear and start pulling.

"I told you we have an image. An image you can't just ruin when ever you like just because you get bored!" She explains as he gets dragged up.

"Run anon. The Demon manager will get you too!" He shouts making you stand.

"Ah, hey, is that really necessary? I mean he-" You start but she fixes you with a glare that could kill.

"You be quiet." She commands and you obey. Poor Shimabuku.

After sitting through a very stern lecture with Yonchoobin you manage to escort your sister back home. You stop just outside the building. "Thanks anon. Really, thank you so much I can't believe how amazing today was, do you want to... I mean, wanna come inside? Parents are home but they arn't as bad as they were I mean I can even use conjunctions now without getting slapped." She smiles weakly at you.

Wat do?
[]Go inside, the past is the past.
[]Don't go in. They are horrible people and you would rather never see them again
[]Other, please specify
>I call him Lenard
We have to go drinking with him once all this is over.
[X]Don't go in. They are horrible people and you would rather never see them again

Let's not ruin a good day.
[X] Don't go in. While they may be horrible people, they're still your family...but you'd rather not make things more complicated, and risk an argument.
>[x]Other, please specify

Decline politely. Smile sadly.

"Today was an awesome day. Let's end it on that high note."

Then hugs, and departure back to the apartment.
Yeah that sounds good.

So I take it either our salary isn't high enough for her to have her own place, or she declined.

In either case, this still doesn't seem like a good environment for our sister.
What if the parents try to give her shit for going to a concert?
You give her a gentle smile. "Sorry, today was great, and I would rather it stayed on a high note. You know if you want to move out all you have to do it-" You start but she shakes her head.

"I told you, I'm not like you. I can't survive without them. You are brave, and smart, and strong and." She pauses then shakes her head. "We had a good day, let's just leave it at that." She tells you before wrapping her arms around you and hugging you for all her worth.

You return the hug after a moment and it breaks a bit too soon for your liking but you let it slide.

"Baby steps." You mutter to yourself as she walks inside.

You are now in town, wat do?

[]Go wandering around
[]Go somewhere
[]Call someone
[]Go back home
[]Go into the office and get the pleasantries out of the way
[]Other, please specify
[X]Go wandering around

Nothing like wandering the streets at night to forget your worries.
[X] Wander around for a while.
Go to a library and head for a computer,

Lets see if we can't research some material, like the things that crazy upside-down chair was saying.

Done at a public place due to paranoia over certain terms being flagged.
You decide to wander the streets for a while. The street lights being your only source of light as you wander down the main roads, you decide to take a detour into a residential district you have never been before, but with nothing in particular in mind. You allow the soothing darkness to envelop you as you wander through the residential districts, the relative brightness of the business district already a memory quickly fading from your mind as you walk past a small park and take a seat on an old swing-set. You put your head in your hands and let your mind wander to where ever it likes.

"You have been too high strung in life." You think, happy to have the only voice in your head your own. "Admittedly women find that pretty interesting, but you have never taken a chance to just lay back and relax. Let alone get a girlfriend, when was the last time you were with a woman? Three, four years ago? More? It's like you have taken a vow of celibacy or something. Why not Haruko? There is that tension there? Ah, but getting with your partner is pretty weird sometimes... Then why not MANIA? Who cares if she is crazy, she is willing. Then again, I am not much of an M." You mutter out loud, not really caring if it makes you seem like a crazy person.

"What am I doing with my life?" You mutter as you lean back slightly and look up at the blank sky, the pollution all but obscuring the stars.

Suddenly you hear a camera shutter and turn to see someone running away.

Wat do?
[]Give chase
[]Ignore it
[]Other, please specify
[X] Give chase
[X]Give chase

Bitch you did not just take my picture.
>Give chase

Having our picture taken is really the last thing we need right now.
We didn't bring a gun to the concert did we?
Okay, I think I will end it here. As promised, you can have a chance to reply to the email chain in the first post and start 2 more.

That is, you can send out two more messages to anyone on your contact list. Can send two to one person or one to two people. in addition to the replies

Luna Blackthorne **
Vividor **
Durandal ***
Durga ****
Lotus ****

*s indicate a sort of vague approximation of affection level out of 15 or so

Card to send
[]Favorite food?
[]What's your type?
[]How are you?
[]Fight me!
[]What are your dreams?
[]What is your favorite saying?
[]Nice to meet you!

Next thread probably saturday
...Did our ranking with Durga actually go down one star?

We really gotta keep Haruko in the loop more.
Archived, please don't forget to vote


Also if you want updates about the quests, I generally post on twitter when I run, and use it to notify cancellations.

It is @dothackaida
Yes, it did. I decided to make the vague affection system more dynamic than in the games
[X] What are your dreams?

[X] Fight me!

[X] How are you?

[X] Whats your favourite food?
How is your path lonely if you have a guild of like-minded individuals?


What would you define as a great artist?
Well that's what we get for infecting people without her permission.

We need to do some team building exercises, also make sure we understand and support her decision to have as little to do with the AIDA business as possible.

I mean we got a headache when we met an AIDA-PC in -real life-.

That can't have good implications!
Subject Re: How are you?
Life is a path, and how you spend your time on it defines who you are. Walking alone is only one of many different ways to approach it. Enjoying the times when you're together with others is another.
Subject Re:Favorite saying?
[X]What does it mean?

Getting philosophical with the moon lady.

Subject Re How are you?
Doing fine. Went to a concert with my little sis. Speaking of which, what kind of music do you like?
Subject Re:Favorite food?
[X]I like Ramen too

He must be well liked to get an extra serving.

For the new mails.
[X]Nice to meet you!
Only because I want to see how she responds.
[X]What are your dreams?
Other than him being Fabulous and having played The World before we don't really know much about him.
I'm still a bit hesitant to send Haruko any of those email chains.

Seems kind of silly if we're currently roommates.
We're currently out at the moment.

We can use the chance to go shopping for food on the way home.
And the highest ranking would be fifteen stars?

Because I can't even imagine how close that would be.

Or just how badly our bond with our partner has deteriorated, if the highest we saw was a five, even though I'm pretty sure we'd had to have saved each others lives at least once.

...Gotta mend them bridges.
I should point out how I have decided to do this for now is you have sort of an amount of greeting cards you can send. You earn them by doing something original or cool in the thread I didn't think of, or by being clever or generally awesome, or other small things, art work etc. You can also get them by trading in a ***** rare item. Then it adds to your pol of cards. You then can send them out to who ever you have on your list at the end of the thread. Make sense?

I will be around for a bit if you have questions on anything
I had already been using a system pretty much like the one you see, but yeah. Some bridges were damaged. It started closer to 12 or 13 which may have motivated me to start posting it
...From 13 all the way down to 4?

Well I know what our newest priority is.

Considering that we asked her to start playing because we trusted her, we've been a pretty lousy partner, gallivanting off with weird artificial intelligences and making friends online.
I like the second MANIA question, seeing as fighting her might give us a chance to see how she's doing on AIDA.


Vividor's one will likely be entertaining/enlightening.

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