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Sorry guys, I passed out halfway through the thread last night. Two young boys keep me up forever and all that. Forgive me. Tonight's thread shall last at least until 2AM EST.

As we left off last night Daliah had explained the nature of Harvest Goddess Relics to you. Mysterious and powerful objects. And their mystery is exceeded only by their power.

You were deciding on what to do next, while you recover from your wound.

[ ] See the village with Daliah
[ ] See the village alone
[ ] Go see Melissa's new farm
[ ] Other
>[ ] Go see Melissa's new farm
We are sort of responsible for her.
[x] Other
Actually, who IS the Harvest Goddess? Is there a shrine to her or something?

And, on another topic, would it be possible to get a truck take produce to the city for money?
>Go see melissa's farm

You straighten up from Daliah's bed, and hand her back her sword. You feel like you should go see what Melissa is up to. A girl all alone in a village of strangers, you feel bad.

"Thanks for the lesson Daliah. I'm going to go check on Melissa, see how she's doing."

You regret mentioning her immediately, but Daliah only says "I'll be seeing you later, then."


An hours slow pace away from the center of town, you come to a huge farm. Well, maybe not huge, but certainly sizeable. Easily twice the size of yours, but much hillier and no access to a river, though you spot a small pond.

Next to the small house, a barn, and next to that, a coop, sit unused. You spy Hamad hulking over Melissa outside of the barn. As you draw closer, you hear snippets of the conversation.

" -and so you see, how it'll only take minor repairs to have this up and ready."

" - yes, yes, it's quite nice."

You kick a small rock to announce your arrival, and the two of them turn to meet you, Hamad with mild surprise, but Melissa reacts quite differently. She rushes to you.

"Master, you mustn't be walking on your own yet! You're still healing, you'll hurt yourself further!"

She reaches you and takes your arm in hers, walking lockstep with you back to Hamad. He seems bemused by the situation.

"Melissa, I have to ask, why do you keep calling me Master?"

She looks at you out of the corner of her eye, and quietly says, "Because you took me in to your home out of the goodness of your heart. I owe you a great debt. Until that debt is repaid, you are my master. My liege, if that suits better."

You groan despite yourself and try to explain it away as nothing, but she won't have it.
>who IS the harvest goddess?

Seems like Daliah is closest to her as far as you can tell so far. I'd ask her at the next opportunity.

I don't want to spoil too much, but the city is out of reach for the foreseeable future.
You spend an hour or so exploring the property. It seems like it will do nicely for raising animals, which is all it really has to do.

The whole time Melissa has your arm, the faint sound of her bells keeping time with your pace.

Afterwards, Hamad breaks it down for you.

"Well, Keith, it's going to take about three days of solid work to put this place right, so if it's okay with you, Melissa will continue to stay at your house."

You don't really have an issue with sharing a bed with a beautiful woman, so you acquiesce. On the walk back to your farm, you make small chat with Melissa to pass time.


Upon returning to the farm, your dog greets you happily, before taking off again. You see the Siamese cat sunbathing on a warm rock. It acknowledges you, but not much else.

You see the beginnings of green shoots peeking up in your potato/wheat field. You and Melissa, mostly Melissa, spend the next few hours tending the farm.

[ ] Explore the farm's boundaries.
[ ] Go fishing at the river
[ ] Other
[ ] Go to bed
[X] Explore the farm's boundaries.
>[ ] Explore the farm's boundaries.
Then we'll go fish.
You decide to go for a walk around the farm before turning in.

The sun sets in the west, behind the mountains. You can see their shadows being cast across the land, it's a pretty sight. You follow an old fence around your farm, knocking small rocks and branches out of your field as you go.

Your eyes keep getting pulled to the mountains. They're a fair way off, and it might just be the lengthening shadows, but you swear you can see a pass through them. You mention this to Melissa, and she agrees, but also comments on the failing light.

You walk on towards your fishing spot on the river. It's just a large rock by a slower section of water, but you have good luck here.

You break out your pole, and bid Melissa to sit beside you, which she does. Right beside you. People in this village have problems with personal space, but you don't truly mind.

You cast, reel in, cast, reel in, and talk to Melissa about the vagaries of fishing. How sometimes you're here for an hour, sometimes five minutes. Sometimes the fish just steals your bait, etc. Then suddenly, you hook a largemouth bass. You struggle with it for a minute, and just when it seems like you might lose it, Melissa hooks it with her crook, and pulls it ashore.

You look at her in surprise, "You're really deft with that thing." She smiles in return, "Long practice".

You go to eat the fish, you're quite hungry by now, but she stops you. You offer her the first bite, but that's not what she wants either.

"Please, let me cook it for you first if you don't know how. Eating everything raw is so...barbaric. I'm sorry. Please, don't be mad."

You pause. You've been eating everything raw primarily because you can, and it saves time, but it's not exactly civilized. She's right.

You clean the fish, rinse it off, and carry it back to your house, where Melissa does a rather good job of cooking it on a small fire outside.
As the last light fades from the sky, you enter your house, and prepare for bed. You change into your shortclothes, as Melissa looks away as is proper for a lady, though you can hear her shifting nervously.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to assail you tonight either, you're safe with me."

A voice that doesn't belong to either of you pipes up.

"I'm here to make sure you don't assail her. She has no claim on you, either."

Your jaw drops as you see Daliah laying in your bed, already under the covers. She seems quite seriously intent on staying the night to preserve your chastity or whatever, so you don't argue too hard. You squeeze into the bed between the two girls, and no matter how you shift, softness surrounds you, and as every movement elicits a squeal from one or the other, you try to remain as still as possible.

Someone notices this, and chimes in.

"Don't worry Keith, I'm here to make sure you don't make any rash decisions regarding my daughter. I'll keep watch through the night, so you just sleep tight."

You almost piss yourself when you realize you didn't see Hamad sitting in your chair due to the darkness and him being the colour of a black hole.

You don't sleep well that night.
Hahaha. Oh god, Keith is both the luckiest man alive and to be pitied.
You awake the next morning and the first thing you notice is Daliah watching you sleep. She seems wide awake, but not too keen on leaving the bed. You notice Melissa pushing against your back, as well.

Hamad, the Silent Guardian still sits in the corner.

What do you want to do today?

[ ] Player choice.
Let's spend time with Daliah, read some books with her, get as much farming information and local information as possible from them, as well as stuff on the Harvest Goddess.

May as well make good use of the period of time that we can't do major farm work.

Might be good to draft up some ideas for the farm. Get some input from both girls in regards to their respective fields of expertise.

Maybe a walk though the woods to make note of prime lumber sources. Maybe we might stumble upon some intrigue...
After a short period of awkwardness getting out of the bed, Melissa redresses your wound, and then leaves with Hamad to work on her farm.

You stand in the middle of the room, shirtless, rubbing your wound. It seems to be healing, well enough, but you can still feel inside of yourself, which is hella weird.

Daliah breaks the silence, "I had no idea it was that bad. I couldn't see what was happening from my position. I'm so...sorry, Keith."

She begins to cry, softly, and you move to comfort her. You sit next to her on the bed and put your arm around her shoulder and she folds into your chest, being careful of your wound. She cries for a time, but calms eventually. She doesn't distance herself from you, though.

"Daliah, who is the Harvest Goddess?"

Daliah stiffens, then relaxes.

"That is a complicated question. To answer it would change your view of this town, and the area as a whole. And worse, it might change your opinion of me. Can I give you the short version, or must you know everything?"

Well, must you know everything?
"My opinion of you isn't going to change. You're still going to be the lovely, intelligent, charming, unpredictable bonehead who rushed off with a katana to steal a chicken.

I'd like the long version, I'd like to know everything."

>it might change your opinion of me
Though this isn't going to turn into Higurashi where we have to quarantine the town and purge it with holy nuclear fire, is it?
Nah, you can't beat crazy of that magnitude, the only option is to join it.
>the only option is to join it.
Oh no, there is another option: go full-on Predator.
You tell her how you feel about her, and how that's not going to change.

She smiles when she hears this, but it doesn't look like she entirely believes you. Regardless, she begins.

"The Harvest Goddess was the embodiment of the land. She was here before people, but once people arrived she was quick to greet them. She loved all living creatures. She showed the earliest settlers how to grow crops, and live with nature. There used to be dozens of flourishing villages in a few days walk of here. But then, things began to change. People became self reliant, or so they thought. They stopped communing with the harvest goddess. and created their own gods. Some were right, some were narcissistic by their very design. The Harvest Goddess waned away in her spring. As she withdrew, crops failed, animals became ill, towns dissolved. Not literally, mind you, but figuratively."

Daliah pauses to think, then continues.

"This continued for many, many years, Only a few farms close to the Harvest Goddess' spring, and the river it fed remained successful. Someone figured out what was going on, and went to see the Goddess. He had the right idea, he wanted to stabilize the land, but he wanted to do it by force. I've read that it was terrible. He used old magics and captured parts of the Harvest Goddess' essence in various items, creating the Relics I've told you about. He then went on to dominate the region by strength of arms, destroying all but two villages. He died only of old age, and was entombed in the deepest recesses of the mountains to the west."

Again, she pauses to collect herself. She's speaking faster as she goes on, and you can tell it's bothering her.
Do you have the archive for the 3rd volume?
"The Harvest Goddess was drained, though by no means dead. Her spring continued to flow, and her power over nature remained, somewhat. But her will to do good for mankind was gone, utterly gone. She forsook her godhood, and became mortal. She went into the nearest village with the intent of taking them to task, but instead, was taken by a man. Not by force, but she met a young man named Hamadin, and was stricken by him. He nurtured her damaged spirit, and the two were married within the year. Truly, theirs was a wonderful love. The Harvest Goddess began to see the good in humanity again, but soon something happened that changed everything. She became with child. She didn't know she could, but she did. Hamadin and the Harvest Goddess raised their child, a girl, with nothing but love for the better part of a decade. Happiness was theirs, every day. But as before, humankind got in the way."

You're having a hard time processing this all, but she's not stopping.

"Shady River became angry at Hamadin and Bounty Village for claiming that she was a Goddess, as their god was the only god and so on and so forth. So one night, they came under cover of darkness and began burning the village to the ground in the name of their god. Hamadin wanted to fight, but his wife bade him flee with their young daughter. She summoned the last bit of divinity in her, and held the fiends back long enough for most of the villagers to escape. But the last thing I saw, was my mother being cut down by some yokel with a pitchfork."

She's weeping again, but you're at a loss for words.

What do you even say about that sort of thing?

"Thank you for sharing your tale with me. I would offer my condolences for your loss, but I know that rarely helps. Once I'm back on form and the farm is running well, we can start our search for the Rel... no, for your Inheritance."
"I'm not sure what to say. I'm sorry for what you've had to go threw.
"But, once I've got the farm running and I don't need to tend to it every day, I'll help you with the search for the Relics."
First and foremost give that girl a hug, pull her into our arms and let her cry it out.

"It's alright Daliah, it's alright. You're still the same person in my eyes, you're still Daliah. I'm sorry about what happened to you, you didn't deserve any of it.

I'm glad that you trusted me enough to tell me this, a man far wiser than myself once said that was is true doesn't depend on what you think of something or what parts you know of it, that you may as well accept the world as it is. If you hadn't told me you'd still be the same person, you'd still be the Daughter of the Harvest Goddess, but I wouldn't have known and I wouldn't have understood.

I can't promise I'll do this right away, I have a farm to get into shape, but if you'll have me I'd be more than willing to help you search for the Relics. To return to you what is rightfully yours."
So I was thinking; we could set up a windmill to power a pump that would automatically water the fields if we get enough piping and sprinklers. Or should we set up something like an aqueduct irrigation system where it's simpler but possibly more work to build?
You comforting words seem to make an impact, and she soothes for a time.

"I don't know if collecting the relics is a good idea, though. I know where they are, I could have gotten them myself, hypothetically. But knowing that Sow is so...tainted with war, it makes me think that were anyone to collect all the relics again, it could only end in tears. My mother was such a good person, I don't want her legacy to be a swathe of fire cut across the land."

She seems vulnerable, make a manly decision while I go put the garbage on the curb.

[ ] Attempt to "comfort" her further
[ ] Suggest she spend the day with you in town
[ ] other

Sidenote, you guys are much more eloquent with the ladies than I'd expect.
>[ ] other
Ask her to help us find a crutch, and sit beside us as we fish.

As an aside, did we ever name our dog and cat?
I don't think this is a good time to "comfort" her if that is a euphemism for fucking her. She's vulnerable, it'd be impolite.

Hug her some more, and then find something to use as a crutch for walking.

For our plans for today let's get a couple books, including the one on the different Relics, and then go to the river. We'll fish together as she reads to us, it'll be romantic as fuck.
Seriously, anybody?

You ask her to find you some kind of stick to use as a crutch. You want to go fishing with her, but walking still isn't your strong suit.

She looks around, but then she tells you something unexpected.

"That slav bitch has been your crutch lately, I want you to lean on me like you lean on her."

You're surprised, but you go with it. Daliah grabs her bookbag and your fishing kit, and stands under your arm. She's shorter than Melissa, but the mechanics of it all still work well. The weather is perfect for fishing, a few fluffy white clouds pass by the sun, throwing the ground in shadow for a minute or two before moving along.

You reach the fishing spot, and unpack your gear, settling in for a long haul. You need to eat pretty badly. You implore Daliah to read to you of the Relics to pass time waiting for a nibble.

She sits back to back with you, and begins orating.

"The two relics of which we have spoken are Reap and Sow. But those are only the most obvious Relics, dangerous weapons that spread discord. There are other Relics, with more subtle powers. For example, there is a necklace with a pendant shaped like the sun. It's called Lux. Lux allows you to bring light wiht you anywhere. In the middle of the night, or in the deepest cave, you'll be illuminated as though you were in a midday field."

You feel a tug on the line, but it's just the current.

"That sounds less than useful Daliah. Maybe we could skip that one."

"Idiot, every Relic is precious. Imagine being able to travel the forest by night as easily as by day. You'd be able to cover twice the ground, and surprise your enemies."

"Furthermore, there are several rings, two of which are pair bonded. They are named Risk and Reward. One person wears Risk, and another wears Reward. The one person can feel the other over any distance, can sense their state of mind. Can find them in any maze. The rings have power beyond that though."

Another tug on the line.
>That slav bitch
Melissa has been nothing but polite and honest. And without her aid we wouldn't have been able to escape Shady River alive.
Daliah has some jealousy issues she needs to work out.
Rolled 11

"Risk allows you to place your life in the hands of fate. Things which you would ordinarily not be able to do by any means, you may attempt and succeed by what appears to be force of will. Reward works by making the wearer's normal actions more valuable. For example, while wearing Risk, you could potentially change the course of the river just by wishing it to be so, and with Reward, you could plant one crop, and harvest ten, then sell them as if they were twenty."

You decide to have a bit of fun with her.

"I wish I could find Risk, so you could be my Reward."

"I-idiot! Don't say stupid things!"

You laugh, which seems to fluster her further.

Still nothing doing on the fishes end though. Your stomach growls loudly.

Daliah hears this, and likely feels it too.

"You have not yet eaten, how will you ever heal properly? Why don't you just catch a fish?"

You sigh. "As if it's that easy Daliah. You have to bait the hook, at the right time of day, hope for a fish to be there and so on and so forth. It's not a simple Do X receive Y equation."

Daliah disrobes, revealing a short set and more dark skin than you've seen thus far. She wades into the river, and stands midstream, up to her stomach.

>not recognizing a tsundere

Holy shit I hope that no one ever in the history of the internet or it's dim future ever does this.
Yeah, but their mutual jealousy has led to us getting cuddled from both sides by both of the girls.

So, kinda worth it.

And she has some damn good reasons to dislike the Slavs in general, it might not apply to Melissa, but still.

Do you mean short shift/chemise?

Also, delicious brown girls are best girls.
Daliah waits, watching the water, then strikes quickly. Losing her balance, she fumbles around and slips downstream.

She doesn't seem to be able to swim.

Roll d100 to see if in your injured state you can catch up and rescue her.
Rolled 84

Rolled 66

Rolled 12


there is a good chance this is successful...
Though one must wonder, if a nat 100 was rolled, would that mean that we would have found a Relic whilst saving her?
Rolled 72

I think the +25 applies here?
Rolled 59


The siamese cat shall be named Orpheus if male.
Olivia if female.
Is the dog named Max or Rufus?
You dive in immediately, catching up to Daliah's struggling form in a few short strokes. The river is cold, chilling you to the core, literally.

You put your arms around her, and stand up. The water here is only a few feet deep, a fact that would surely embarrass her to death if you pointed it out, so you don't.

You carry her soggy form to shore, doing your damn best to ignore the fact that the water has made her shift rather more translucent than opaque. You make your way back to your original spot, put her down, then take off your jacket and wrap it around her.

"You really mustn't be so impulsive, dear Daliah. Standing in a river to catch fish when you can't even swim? Why do you always put yourself in such danger for my sake?"

The answer is fairly self evident, even for someone as loathe to stroke their own ego as you.

"You know damn well why. You've been in this village for almost a week, minus time spent killing people in other villages, and you've yet to court me even once. How far must I go to throw myself at you before you save me my dignity?"

That kind of takes you off guard. Where did all this high speech come from?

"Well, Daliah, where I come from, if a girl likes a boy, she can court him, instead."

Daliah pouts. "Well we aren't where you're from, we're where I'm from. Don't speak to me until you have an idea of where we're going to go on a date."

And with that, she turns away, drying in the sun. You go back to fishing, as you're still quite hungry. Suddenly, you hear a wet plop, and see a fish next to you.

"I did catch a fish, just not in my hands. I caught it with my feet, and didn't want to lose it, that's why I started to have...trouble...staying afloat."

You have a hard time consuming the fish AND laughing your ass off, but you make do.

So, where do you want to take Daliah? The town hasn't been explored yet, so if you suggest some likely locations, I'm sure they'll be there.
Or, perhaps, do you wish to spend more time with Melissa?
Rolled 16, 35 = 51

First d100 for dog gender, second for cat.

50 or less is female, 51+ is male.

1 or 100 is transgender, cis scum.
Bitches and... What is the name for a female cat?

We are totally just going to never ask her on a date, just to get her all riled up.

Harem ending, here we come.
>harem ending in a story which has had more murder than most african nations

r u shur, bruv?
"I'm sorry Daliah, I'm not very good at this courtship thing, and much of the time we've been together I've either had a gut wound or your father has been looking at me with eyes that promised my demise if I was too forward.

It would be my honor to take you on a date."

My vague suggestion for a date plan, first some sort of entertainment, an open air theater or performance of some kind would be nice, then dinner and drinks at the pub, and drunken revelry, finally returning to our place and finishing the night off with drunken snuggling with two chicks.
Courting her before we even have our first harvest? That's just reckless.

And I'm more for the shepherd girl, anyway. But since Melissa is working on her farm with Hammad right now, we can't just go to her because our wound isn't healed yet.

How about going to the blacksmith, to see if he can build a windmill for power or irrigation.
I don't think we even have any money right now; Hammad paid for our initial tools and even clothes.

I second Melissa. Rather have down to earth rather than good descended one. Always go for down to earth.

Though I won't be mad with courting Daliah. Her manners are of intrigue. I just see Melissa as far more waifu.
Dude, dude, delicious brown girl goddess, what more could you want from life?

Hero-bucks. We're the hero of the hour, I'd hope the pub would give us drinks, and I think we have a bit of spending cash though not much.
>Flaunting heroics
>Expecting compensation

Do you even Eternal Gratitude and Debt? We never cash this in, we just live off the interest forever.
I like Daliah's Tomoko-like antics.

And I know that the General Store girl was supposed to be an option, but between Delicious Brown Girl and Down To Earth Always Supportive Girl, I don't see her having much of a chance.
>expecting reward for fixing a crisis we were the source of
Nah, better not to push it.
Hey, if we fuck the Shepperd, we inherit the flock.

That is practically law.
Like I said, between the Mayor's Daughter and Only Shepherd In Town, General Store Girl has stiff competition, if she's even in the running at all.
Just so you guys know, harem ending involves a LOT of nat 100's.

You think of places you could take Daliah on your very, very limited budget. You want to explore the town a bit, too. Well, you do have a few small trinkets from your old life in the city that might fetch a few coins at the General Store.

"Hey Daliah, how would you like to go on a date with me, right now?"

She whips her head around, shocked.

"Really? You mean it? Yes, yes of course!"

The force of her reaction gives you pause, you briefly think of Hamad breaking rocks with his hands as a hobby, but you are an honorable man. Right?

"Okay, help me back to the house, I need to pick up a few things, and then we can head into town."

Daliah bounds to her feet, and cheerfully dresses, and practically drags you home.


You make your way outside from the general store. You've made a pretty decent coin selling things you didn't think were worth anything. Your watch, which was a thrift store special fetched a particularly pretty penny. You briefly consider running a trading route from the city to the village, then consider the socio-economic factors, and forget about it.

"Okay Daliah, now that I have some money to play with, where would you like to go?"

She looks up at you, beaming. "Anywhere I go with you is where I want to be!"

She's starting to scare you now, you suspect she'd easily be the kind of girl who could love you to death.

"Umm, what do you guys do around here for fun?"

Daliah thinks about it, then replies. "Well, when I have downtime, I buy books from the General Store, or go for a walk in the fields. And read my books. I haven't gotten a new book in a while though, my collection is full of thrice read books."

She's speaking honestly, not wheedling you for a book, but you can tell she'd like one.

[ ] Go eat at the public house
[ ] Go back into the General Store
[ ] Other
[X] Other

We can get her a book later, it'll be a surprise, currently we need to preserve our budget.

It's still early in the evening so I'd put off hitting the pub for food and drinks. Explore the town with her some, let her play tour guide, we don't have much choice but to give her our arm and walk arm in arm, but it's a good thing to do anyways.

Look for any odd stores, weird landmarks, any music being played, we might be able to dance with her a bit, or some other source of entertainment like a play, musical, performance.

changing my vote to this.
Hmm, tell here that maybe, -maybe-, we could get her a book.

But for now, lets go with something else. We can either buy the book at the end, if it goes well, or another time, as a gift to show that we listen.
>then consider the socio-economic factors
Man, we have GOT to get a vehicle of some kind to run a trade route, or get someone else to do it.

[x] Other
Walk in the fields, have her guide us so that we can learn the area.
We need to save money until at least our first harvest. Remember that we need money to buy seeds for the next planting, as well as some better tools.
You guys are so serious about your downtime.
We have become the Slavic jew.
Watch that it doesn't get you killed.

Remember, nobody wants, nobody likes, _____, _____, _____.
You decide to have Daliah show you around town a bit before you rest up at the public house.

You go past the blacksmith's, and see the various wares he has for sale. Nails, tools, utensils and the like, mostly.

You see the village square, where several children are running around playing, free from all cares.

You see a shop that says "Goldsmith". You can't see into it very well, but you imagine you can guess it's contents.

The seed shop passes as well, the proprietor giving you a friendly wave, and inquiring as to the health of your crops. He mentions that they'll have new seeds available next month, maybe even a few select saplings.

Continuing on, you find the Carpenters house. He seems to be home, so you peek your head inside his open door. He's a middle aged man, who seems very sure about everything he does.
He's the lucky sort, who found out what he was good at, and spent the rest of his life doing it.

One thing has really been bothering you since you showed up, and you need to speak to him about it.

"Excuse me sir."

He turns around.

"Don't sir me boy, I work for a living. HAHAHAHAHA!"

You smile externally, but sort of wonder about him.

"I was looking to get a quote on a small bit of construction."

He laughs again. "A quote, eh boy? That's rich. What is it you need built? A bigger house? A barn? Something bigger, like a waterwheel, maybe? I've seen pictures of those in old books, I figure I could make one. Expensive, though. Complex things."

"Well, actually, I need an outhouse. I'm tired of using the bushes."

The carpenter nods sagely. "Every man needs a throne in his castle. Or, well, near it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. For the smaller model, it's seven silver pieces if you have the lumber, or nine if you don't. The bigger version is ten silver pieces, or thirteen silver pieces, respectively."

[ ] Buy a small outhouse
[ ] Buy a larger one
[ ] Keep shitting in bushes
Do we have Lumber? And how much Silver do we have lying around?

[X] Buy a larger one

It's a long term investment, I don't want a bad outhouse.
>[ ] Buy a larger one
As long as we can afford it.
Because that's something we're going to be using every day; don't want to skimp on something like that.
I'm going to be running a "soft" economy in this game until it becomes clear where it's really going. You have enough money unless I specify you don't.

"I'll take the larger one, please. I'll pay for the lumber as well."

The carpenter laughs again.
"Smart man, I'll have it done by tomorrow, so you have yourself a good day."

He picks up a bunch of tools, and starts off in the direction of your farm.


Continuing on your date with Daliah, you head to the public house for some food, drink and dance.

You're quite ravenous, and once you enter the establishment, you order a turkey. They look at you sort of strangely, and explain that until very, very recently, there hasn't been any meat other than fish and wolf in the village. So you order a wolf leg. Daliah, modestly, orders only some wolf ribs and some bread.

Around an hour later, you finish eating, and are resting, listening to the girl from the General Store playing an instrument in the corner. It looks like a flute, but smaller. Much smaller. It plays a high, lively tune though, which Daliah seems to enjoy. When the waitress comes by next, you ask what sort of libations they have.

"Not much, I'm afraid. Never have. There's an old bottle of grain liquor, and an old jar of wine."

You decide on the wine, since getting shitfaced on country moonshine doesn't sound like a good idea.

Twenty minutes later, you're feeling warm, and Daliah is looking pretty good. You feel lucky to spend time with such a pretty girl. You're feeling pretty lucky in general, hole in your middle aside.

"Hey, Daliah. Hey. Would you like to dance to the music?"

The wine seems to be affecting her as well, as she rises to her feet somewhat unsteadily.
"I've never really danced with someone before, but yes, I'd like that."

You're feeling damn good as you take her hand and whirl her onto the dance floor.

d100 for dance skills. Are you patrick swayze, or that guy who keeps doing the robot?
Rolled 20

Let's find out!
Rolled 71

Rolled 1

Ohhh, 20 is bad.
Rolled 39

We can't let it end like this man, we're so cool to her right now, we can't spaghetti all over the dance floor!
Rolled 99

Damn you. Damn you to hell.

Just in case.
You feel the wine throughout your body. Despite your wound, and your never having danced before, you feel a spirit taking over your movements. You take Daliah all across the dance floor, moving your body and hers in perfect time to the music. In fact, the music begins to follow the beat you set.

Holding her close, you dance the Lambada. Spinning her around, you salsa.
Moving with finesse, you ballroom.

What feels like an eternity later, the pub erupts in applause, and you become aware that you have been dancing for well over half an hour. You're embarrassed to be the center of attention, but Daliah sees only you.


You head home later that night, leaning on Daliah again. You enter your house just as the last light leaves the sky. You feel your way to your bed, and feel Melissa already in it. You gently climb over her, and help Daliah do the same. You look around, but don't see Hamad tonight.

[ ] Goodnight, Daliah
[ ] Something more eloquent
[ ] Something more Descartes in nature.
It seems kinda classless to fuck a girl while another girl is literally feet away. Unless both of in on it, then it's just awesome. And just because we don't see Hamad doesn't mean he isn't there, watching, waiting, preparing to strike.

[X] Something more eloquent
"Goodnight Daliah, sleep well. I had an amazing time with you, you're amazing and beautiful and so many other things that I can't put into words.

And the fish you caught for me was the most delicious fish I ever had."

Give Daliah a kiss.

Then lie between the two girls, pull them close, and fall asleep knowing that all is right in the world.
And so ends another thread.

I hope to be on again in the next day or two. Thanks for helping me tell the story, all of you.
Thread is now archived here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/24540211/
If someone is catching up, the beginning of Thread 3 can be found here: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/24522362/#24522362, as it has not been archived on suptg.
Also, Harvest Goddess, I like your style, keep up the good work.
Polite sage since Quest is over for today

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