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Wiki here:

Prior threads:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/23814785/

Discussion here:

You are a human-form gargoyle crafted of marble set to protect a small town on the frontier of the wild darkness. Your people are still ignorant of what you are, and rightfully so.

Knowledge of what you are would simply prove that they fear you or the monsters among them tempt your destruction.

Last night: You hid away your trophy from the Scylla kill upon the rocks in the middle of Hearthson's lake.

After speaking with the Mermaid family, and finding out that the creature came in from the sea, you depart seeking a place to work out your newly acquired soul.

In the midst of heading to your church, the thought strikes you that you haven't spoken to Lady Manse in some time.

After figuring that you truly do not know where she is, you continue onto the church to ask Alice of her location.

Lady Manse finds you at the church.

You inform her of Molly's current condition, while leaving out the detail of her father.

Lady Manse showed little surprise and asked what else you would like to speak of.

You requested her boon and she infused you with magic of the Fae, allowing you to tap into various base Fae spells.

You chose to tell her of your dealings with the Wolves in the forest, which makes the woman rant and rave before demanding, at the tip of her fan, that you cease such trifles and exterminate all non-humans, as is your duty.

You refuse at first, only to take a hit from her fan that sends cracks running through your face.

Sufficiently intimidated you back down and concede, primarily to avoid any further abuse from the powerful woman.

With the Lady's departure, you resume your night...

Awaken Gargoyle, The night is dark.
After a few moments of considering your response you feel her hand twitch, about to bring the fan back across your face.

"I understand", You say, feeling the air of the stopped fan move through your new cracks. Without a beat, and without flinching. "Then, by your command, I am to make no deals with those that I encounter or consume. What other way do you have to control stronger spirits imprisoned within me?"

Drawing back the fan, Lady Manse's expression melts into her usual cacophony of exaggerated expressions."My, the dread of having countless souls imprisoned within your body must simply be... dreadful.."

She begins to walk back to the altar, slowly, swaying her hips in stride.

With a sudden spin on her heel, and pointing the fan toward you," I have just the thing. You become stronger yourself."

"My...self? Have I not gai-"

"Devouring the strength of wretched creatures is not how you will control them... Tapping into your own wretched origin is how you will master them all."

Lady Manse opens up her fan before you, tracing a nail along the edge as the pictures upon it dance and change.

Pointing to one that has become similar to Troll,"Animals such as this are without inherent mind or drive. They are base, mad creatures."

Flipping the fan around, shows the depiction of faeries dancing around a toadstool ring,"The Fae are masters of the mind, benders of what is real, and what is not."

Closing the fan and flicking it open once more, it now shows a savage red demon," However, these creatures are the true voice of man. The strong, the base desire, and power. Without the demon, you would find yourself powerless to take souls or crush those that challenge you. When you have power, why should you be bothered with honeyed words, after all?" At that, Lady Manse stares at you intently with the slightest storm of her anger in the horizon.

In a moment it is gone.

"Oh, it is time for my tea. I shall be leaving now. Tah-tah"
Lady Manse struts past you, and opens the church door. Like before, the other side is different, up until she passes through and closes it.

The woman is gone, yet again.

You touch your cheek and only now feel your cracks heal.

With that bout of tension, you feel that a great deal of time has passed... it is now 2:30 A.M.

Curse of Pain: Inflicts selected target creature and those within a meter radius a curse of increasingly agonizing pain. The more mana used in the spell, the more intense the pain is. The curse is more easily fascilitated with an item of personal possession and if infusion is cast with it, can generate a voodoo doll. 3exp

Voice of Sin: Your voice whispers into the hearts of mortals luring out their inner desires and drawing demons to possess their body. This ability can be used to lure a demon into a host, or it can be used as a means of suggestion to encourage or discourage certain behaviors.3exp

Evil Bolt: Harnessing the power of malice and killing intent, your draw forth an arcane bolt of pure energy that can either be used to impale or infect targets with such wrath. 3exp

Torment: An improvement from Curse of Pain, Torment harasses not only the body, but the mind. Drawing out primal fears and breaking the heart and minds of the average mortal, or weaker Fae. 5Exp

Desecration: You taint a given area, twisting plant-life into thorny, hard and poisonous counterparts. Mortals that walk upon the land without your protection will easily become sick or be influenced by demons. Water will turn into poison or even blood to reflect the tainted nature of the environment. Desecrated land is a sanctuary for demons, and demonic spells cast are cast at half cost for full effect.

Withering Aura: Your body facilitates desiccation, drawing out moisture from living things and causing decay. Your aura weakens those you come into contact with. Maintaining cost is 3 mana per round. 4Exp.
Call of the Damned: An improvement upon voice of Sin that allows you to call upon host-less demons. Calling upon them will likely cause them to possess the closest and most suitable host bodies. If no hosts are to be found, they may be spoken with. Attempts to devour them will force engagement with all of them at once. **Should not be used without Demon-kin** 3Exp

Pale Light: You wield a ghastly illumination that drains the life out of plant and animal alike. Demons are not susceptible to the light, and Fae are weakened at high intensities. Primal beings often have far too much life force to be affected by this magic. 3exp
So I'm guessing that the more demonic magic we buy, the more control we get over the demons we eat?

Demonic magic or brutality traits.

It'd just another way to increase your hold on the souls within.

You've been made aware that Fae or Demonic magic can increase the control you have over the souls trapped within.
So, currently at least, we have Kari on lockdown from all that fae magic we just got.

Well, none of that magic looks very good for us. So I'm thinking brutality tree is the way to go for Angel.

We have 4xp, so we could get berserk and knight of slaughter.

But I really wanted to get Dense Marble 2 first..

Choices choices choices
>none of that magic looks very good for us
demonic magic*
Or force and demon-blooded. That may be better for control.
File: 1367033198092.png-(219 KB, 1061x655, Gargoyle Magic Tree.png)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
Current magic tree, still compiling out the rest of Fae magic.
Curious. What do eldritch and calamity do?

Calamity must be one powerful spell for 30xp.

Eldritch increases max mana by 10 and hard-lowers mana consumption by 1 point after penalty multipliers.
With Lady Manse gone, you find that the candles of the church quickly go out from an errant breeze.

You sense that Alice is still asleep, though you wonder exactly how she could be especially after the Lady caused such a racket, what with breaking your face and all.

You accomplished what you had intended with speaking to Lady Manse.. at least, you think..

You find it worrisome, what she thinks of the wolves and the fae... she had not specifically mentioned the extermination of demons however...

You do not feel much stranger after taking in the Scylla despite feeling access to its power.

You feel as though the others within you that are allied are holding it down, subduing it without your request. . .

What will you do now Gargoyle? The night has gotten fairly late, and the town seems peaceful, you feel nothing stir from the air, earth, or life senses that you have acquired..

>[] Investigate the Northern Forest.
>[] Investigate the Southern Forest.
>[] Eavesdrop on the guards.
>[] Collect lumber until dawn.
>[] (Other)
Dense marble because need it. Burning hands because it puts us closer to eldritch. Also we just lost our daggers and a little offense buff would be nice.
Then we can go collect some lumber.
>[] Investigate the Northern Forest.

Unto the woods gargoyle. We have time yet to spare. and the night is not safe for those under our protection.
Fae Fire: Illuminate an enemy with the light of the Fae, and allowing you to track them wherever they go until the light finally fades. Cost: 5 mana.

Toadstool Ring: While not a true Faerie Ring, you can call upon the forces of nature and wonder to generate a ring of Fae magic that may in turn become occupied by such denizens. Any Fae magic cast within the ring is cast at half cost. Requires 10 minutes to channel a ring of 2 meter diameter. Costs 5 Mana

Pocket: Some Fae are especially known for their ability to hide things. Unsurprisingly, they have magic dedicated to the task! Pocket generates a compressed space that allows storage of numerous items and articles. There is a limit to this "pocket," and it can be increased. Cost 7 mana. Lasts indefinitely.

Treespeak: A Passive ability that lets you commune with the trees and plants themselves. Gathering information of events they've witnessed. Creatures that have interacted with them.

Growth: Increases the rate that a plant or animal grows manyfold. Can be applied to an area.

Animate Plant: Allows plant(s) and fungi to move freely, entangling creatures with roots, trapping them in branches, unleashing clouds of spores and so forth. It is a bit of a sneaky magic that can be cast from afar..

Telekinesis: By bending the laws of reality, you may act upon an object without being in direct contact. By empowering this spell, you squeeze the real distance between two points, allowing you to strike from afar, or retrieve an object at range. Increased mana use extends the distance that this spell takes effect.
3 mana 10 Feet
4 Mana 15 Feet
5 Mana 20 Feet
6 Mana 30 Feet
7 Mana 50 Feet
8 Mana 80 Feet
9 Mana 100 feet

Changed Telekinesis a bit.
>>[] Eavesdrop on the guards
Maybe we'll hear something about Molly.

And pick up dense marble2 while we're at it

So, I'm seeing frequent Dense Marble.

I'll slot that in so long as there are no objections with you two backing it. Are there any others that you'd like to pick?
Woah hold up. Did we just get both Fae and Demon powers?
>burning hands
>shape earth
>demonic magic

Any of those will do for me as a second.
I'm so torn. Burning hands is badass and puts us closer to eldritch, but treespeak could let us turn the woods around us into informants and maybe communicate with the troll.

Demonic magic can be unlocked via the expense of 2 exp.

Consuming a sufficiently caster-type demon will auto-unlock.

In case no one has noticed, the Wendigo were Demons that actually used Primal magic.
I have a vote for:
gathering lumber for the village,
investigating the northern woods,
and eavesdropping upon the guards.
If you're between those two, get burning hands. We could use the offense buff.

I had noticed that you guys seem to be more interested in self preservation so far in this quest...

Which is kind of interesting considering that Angel's failure of duty is not dying, but failing to kill/protect.

Anyway. I'm putting it in for Dense Marble and Burning Finger!

I- I mean Hands... Burning Hands...
Well, we can't protect or kill much if we're dead.
File: 1367035561558.png-(245 KB, 1222x697, Gargoyle exptree.png)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
File: 1367035593875.png-(223 KB, 1061x655, Gargoyle Magic Tree.png)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
File: 1367035695150.png-(280 KB, 452x710, 1364344550500.png)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
Still don't have a consensus on what Angel is doing next. I'm gonna roll it in 5 mins.
I'll change mine from gather lumber to eavesdrop on guards.
You channel the your recently acquired power into your form, further increasing the resilience of your body.

Your Marble grows far more dense as you shave off unneeded assets such as your sculpted armor, and fold your wings into your body.

You streamline your form at will and test-extend your wings in a moment, seeing that despite not having them encumber you, they are ready for use at any time.

This form of yours, while far more inherently featurless, will allow blows to glance off of you as well as using excess mass to survive hard-cruel hits.

With a bit of sicjk satisfaction, you wager that you could deliver your own, yet as you look at the flesh upon your arms, you realize that your new silver and iron veining are quite apparent in this compacted form, in fact, bringing it to the surface as it evades your inherent control.

This could... actually be useful.

Finishing that bit of work, you focus the power of heat into your hands, drawing upon the thought of the burning globe you've seen in the sky during your daylight hours.

You soon find that fire engulfs your hands, limited to the start of your forearms.

With a smile, you wager that this will indeed be useful when it comes to hand to hand combat...

>Gained: Dense Marble: Allows you to increase or decrease the density of your form with loose respect to Mass. This is limited to your original Marble body as it is for now. Also allows you to "Sheath" your wings, keeping them out of the way during your hunts.

>Learned Burning Hands: While not necessarily a full body ignition like what the Shadow of Evidas is capable of, you have gained rudimentary power over flame, allowing you to wield and strike with it with hand to hand blows. Certain weapons may even be able to be ignited with little worry... Costs 3 mana per round active. Requires a roll for ignition based on environment.
Is there anything that hurts primals the same way silver and iron hurt fae and demon?
You unfurl your wings from within your form and take flight into the town.

The moon has begun to lower itself into the horizon.

The Time is now 2:50 A.M

You shroud yourself in your cloak of shadows, now mimicking the true cloak that you had lost just tonight.

Drifting down in an empty alleyway, you fold your wings into your form and walk into a nice shadowy area, sensing out a pair of guards and listening to them.

" Hey there now.. Nuth'n you could've done t' save her... Them nasty wolves dragged a lot o' people away last week... What with that fire an' all. She'd be glad y' at least got' t' keep yer own skin." A gruff older gentleman speaks to his partner.

The other voice is sobbing,"I... I don't know... If... If I 'adn't fallen asleep on watch, I ... Maybe I could 'ave stopped it... Maybe I could've put out th' fire..."

"We were swarmed by those muts.. An' plenty o' others were awake to stop th' fire.. Made no diff'rence. We do what we can here."

"It's... It's just not right... Why do we have to live here.. Lady Manse.. i's all that bitch's fault.. I've been here for three years and I 'aven't seen as many people disappear or get dragged away scream'n..."

"Disappear? You mean that nonsense 'bout the blokes that drift in from the Black Ocean? Bah, those strange men drift in 'ere 'bout e'rry week. Don' much know why... Only the Smiths and Fletchers do much a' any dealings wit' em... 'ey boy, Y' feelin' any better? The nasties out there, they smell f' tears y'know."

The crying man pauses a moment," They do, don't they?"

"Aye, an' y' know th' only way t' make 'm piss off?"

"Aye, that I do."

"Then le's do it."

Both of the men take a deep breath and yell with all their might at the Palisade, sending their aggression into the darkness of the woods.

Wolves howl back in the far, far distance.

The Time is now 3:10 a.m.

>[] Investigate the Northern Forest.
>[] Investigate the Southern Forest..
>[] Collect lumber until dawn.
>[] (Other)

Depends on the creature. But Iron is universal in that it bypasses Fae's tendency to be resistant to other forms of damage.

And Silver is... Well... You'll find out what exactly it does to demons later.

Primals are far more varied than Demons or Fae, though being more like animals, they often dislike fire.
>[] Investigate the Southern Forest..
> Investigate the Southern Forest
You realize that in the time you've been here, you haven't taken a true scope of the lands to the South.

After withdrawing from the guards, you bring yourself up into the night sky, circle once to feel out the life force of your people.. your very harassed people...

You fly to the south of Hearthson, dipping down a bit lower as you sense around for life... You detect incredibly small, roaming clusters of Fae among the trees a few ten miles to the south of Hearthson.

In your mind rings the words of Lady Manse... She has ordered you to exterminate such non-human life...

The night is still dark.. and Alice said that the Unseelie tend to loom about in the night...

Do you land and investigate?

>[] Land and check the clusters
>[] Continue on south some way, see more of what lies beyond the Palisade.

You see that beyond in the distance, the treeline noticeably thickens and shows far fewer signs of human interference...
>>[] Land and check the clusters
We can see what they are. If they look the least bit suspicious, well it's time for a bloodbath.
Need a question answered.

It seems that this has been slowing down more and more with each session...

I mean, I'll keep going so long as someone selects an option.. but it gets hard on me when I don't have people putting interesting ideas out.

To be fair, I came up with this setting on a whim and based on a dream.

However, I want to know if you guys are still enjoying it and what I could improve upon.
I definitely enjoy this, a lot, its definitely one of the most original and best I've seen. My only irritant is actually how slow it is, but that's not your fault, more of the lack of posting anons. I try and respond whenever I can to keep things moving. I definitely believe there are enough people who follow Gargoyle Quest to make it worthwhile to keep going, there's just a bit of a slump right now. Keep it up Mason.

>>[] Land and check the clusters

Thank you.. I personally blame my time-zone...

Also, choice locked in.

Prepare for shitstorm guys.
I've been following since part 2. Please don't leave us...
Angel will grab the shitstorm by the throat and choke it out with flaming hands.
Y'know, I don't remember. Was Angel male or female? I thought male, but I'm not sure.

Pretty emasculate, but indeed Male.
Best quest mc
File: 1367041595782.jpg-(37 KB, 640x427, Nemesis.jpg)
37 KB
Your curiosity, and instinct gets the best of you... Gazing down into the canopy of trees, you find an adequate place to descend into the dark woods.

You feel various small Faerie lives swarming around you, tending low to the ground.

Hundreds of little eyes gleam at you from the darkness, here your nightvision only barely makes out their small forms and numerous little legs.

You hear an indecipherable chatter as the swarm of critters seem to be speaking.

While they have you surrounded, they don't seem to be inherently threatening... They're small.. and as a few of them approach into breaks of moonlight through the shadows of the trees, you'd almost describe them as cute...

>[] Attack them, you've been commanded to slay them.

>[] Try speaking to them, perhaps they will understand.

>[] Wait and see what happens.

>[] (Other)
The tooth fairies from hellboy? Well shit. Dunno how well those little fuckers will fare against our DENSE MARBLE, but we're killing them all before they chow down on some poor bastard that wanders into the south woods.

Flame hands on. Reveal iron veins. Then we flaming blender.
If we were to drop lightning would it be able to make it through the trees or would it just catch everything on fire? Cause sitting down like we're meditating and waiting for them to gather around us may be a good way to bunch them up for lightning-ing a cluster of them.
lets wait first. if they do attack, we're gonna have ourselves a pixie BBQ.
If we are going to kill a fae we should exploit dealmaking first.

I think with unseelie fae we should do our own version of the wild hunt.
That is, make a bet "I caught you... I can kill you now... or if you agree to it, I can release you now and give you a minute head start. Avoid me until dawn and we shall not be allowed to harm each other nor those designated under each other's protection for a year and a day. However, if I catch you again and claim your soul it must then lend its will to assist me in all endeavors I desire".

Although regardless we might want to speak first at least to find out info
One reason why Primal magics have a DC is due to the fact that by nature, the forces are very hard to control. Lightning being one of them. Unless there's a specific conductor (Such as Angel's exposed iron/silver veins) it's like to go to whatever's highest in the area.

A bolt from the hand could also work, but it's many times weaker and just as hard to direct.
I think we should get rid of the iron veins and maybe even the silver veins. They weaken us. Sure they weaken demons and fae inside us too, but not primals inside us.
Actually the wording is somewhat flawed. Rather then what I previously suggested it should be where they do not harm the humans of this one town nor us. We do not harm it (singular referring to the person who escaped the haunt). No open ended "whomever someone designates".
>I caught you... I can kill you now... or if you agree to it, I can release you now and give you a minute head start. Avoid me until dawn and we shall not be allowed to harm each other nor those designated under each other's protection for a year and a day. However, if I catch you again and claim your soul it must then lend its will to assist me in all endeavors I desire
Well then. Let's do this. Give them their little head start, and then we carve a swathe of destruction through the forest with fire and thunder.

I like the silver veins. Not so much the iron, but more silver could be a thing. The wendigos will drown in our Ag.
if we do we will have to go for dominance 2 or find another way to control the souls inside us
>if we do we will have to go for dominance 2 or find another way to control the souls inside us
The silver veins weaken our demonic willpower in an equal measure as it does demons within us
The iron veins weaken our fae willpower in an equal measure it weakens fae within us.
As such Stone Mason said it makes no net difference on suppressing either fae or demons.
However he didn't state how it affects our ability to suppress primals. I am taking a not so wild guess and saying that it probably reduces our ability to suppress primals.

also, it occurs to me that lady manse may have not been completely honest with us, her recommendation is that we fully rely on developing our demonic side. She has a ring to bind demons to her will. Coincidence? I think not.
Rolled 74, 80, 38 + 25 = 217

You take a moment to wait and watch the tiny creatures as they go about speaking to each other.

The ones that have advanced, look up at you with glowing yellow, empty little eyes. They chatter to each other and run back to the rest of them.

They seem to be interested in you, and many do a back and forth with pointing, looking, chatting.

It almost seems like they're trying to decide something.

Having had enough, you finally speak to them, deciding that they are indeed creatures of voice, as small as they are...

"Good night, little creatures.. I have not seen you before. What brings you to this part of the woods?" Your voice disrupts their symphonic chatter, nearly startling the swarm of them.

After the lot of them hide, you many voices as one echo around you,"You ...come to ...our part... of wood. You... Smell good... But bad... Tast-ee... But Ew." They speak as one... An odd feat of coordination of so many..

But they understand you.. that's good...

"I have come here to hunt creatures such as yourself. However, I propose a Hunt."

"...Hunt?" The chorus asks in return.

"Yes. As I have found you, I propose that I give you a head start. . . Though which one of you would be the question..."

"No... Fun... Queen... Hungry...."

With a suddenness, the swarm of small creatures pounce upon you!

1d100 reaction roll!

State possible counter action!

I'll take this moment to mention that Marble is pretty rich in calcium.
Rolled 70

>ignite hands

Awesome. We're their regenning food supply if we lose.
Our marble is veined with iron... oh this will be hilarious to watch them try to munch on :).

Kill a bunch, when you have killed enough for them to try to scatter and break THEN catch on and give it the hunt deal.
with the amended wording from >>24484290
Nobody else gonna roll or should I roll more for fireblender?
>ignite hands
Start with flaming-irony-marbly melee as suggested by that post.
Then follow up with lightening.
Use gust of wind defensively.

Observe to see which attacks seem to be most lethal.
Rolled 65

How many rolls do we need?
How many does it take to light a swarm of pixies on fire?
Rolled 44

"I smell good, do I? Well, then. I invite you to partake in a feast!"

Then when they get close, lightning. lightning everywhere.
Need one more roll.


Burning Hands is 3 mana per round (1 post counts as a round) Slight humidity- DC 40

Slight cloudcover.
Lightning is 6 mana DC 60

The wind is breezing through the forest gently..
Gust cost is 2 DC is 45.

Primal Heart Bonus is +20

Every 20 increment above DC increases intensity at no extra mana cost.

Total cost will be 11 Mana for this round.
third roll.
Rolled 72

>Gust cost is 2 DC is 45.
Why are we casting gust? It seems having the mana for another spell.

>Burning Hands is 3 mana per round
I thought mana cost = xp cost? Shouldn't it be 2?

Mana cost is usually twice the cost of exp cost.

Burning hands is a by round spell so it's reduced cost from there. Eldritch will reduce it by another 1 if you end up getting it.
Totes getting eldritch. Droppin' the elements on all the things that go bump in the night fo reduced cost all day erry day +10mana repasent!!
>That post.
We gangsta now, huh?
Burning Succeeds.

Any other rolls for the other spells, or shall you forgo them?
We be one Stone cold killa.
Shall we roll now for blenderfication?

These little bastards shall become ash.
As the Many tiny creatures jump upon you, you feel them attempt to sink their teeth into your body. You reflexively begin to try to shake them off only for more to replace the ones that are successfully flung away.

You feel your dense body, resist their efforts for the most part, but a few of the much stronger jaws among the bugs actually strip you of Marble.

Soon enough however, they blighted creatures strike the iron veins running through your body and fall off, crying with broken teeth.

The same strong-jawed ones continue strong, avoiding the spots that thwarted the others.

It's admirable, as admirable as it is creepy and unnerving that these tiny creatures seek to devour you.

Drawing upon the power of flame, you ignite your hands and begin to smash, swipe and burn many of the creatures off of your body. The Swarm flees away from your body just in time to avoid an all out spin aimed at baking even more alive.

More than the iron, it seems that they aren't quite too keen on flames...

The small bite-marks and scratches in your body begin to heal, and it seems you've given these creatures pause.

15/22 Mana.
>Y/N Persist Burning Hands.

>[] Spin the swarm down with burning death, you shall destroy them.
>[] Attempt to cut a deal...
>[] Flee.
>[] (Other)

The time is now 3:30a.m
>Y/N Persist Burning Hands.
>[] Attempt to cut a deal...
Break off some chunks and trade them for loyal souls? They din't seem all too keen on the hunt.

Keep the fire hands on. I doubt they'll accept, so when they refuse our generous offer we wreck them.
> Spin the swarm down with burning death
someone break out the marshmallows
Rolled 47, 55, 18 = 120

Going to take Challenge roll, and then I need to go to bed.

Will pick this back up Sunday at 7:30 PST 1930

Or 2230 Servertime.

Hope to see you guys there...

-20 in combat due to Panic.

However if the total rolls are not equal to their base total, they will flee.

It'll be done for next thread.
Rolled 63

Well, night then
thread archived

Much thanks good sir.

Bonne Nuit... Bonne Nuit to you all...

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