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Wiki here:

Prior threads:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/23814785/

Discussion here:

You are a human-form gargoyle crafted of marble set to protect a small town on the frontier of the wild darkness. Your people are still ignorant of what you are, and rightfully so.

Knowledge of what you are would simply prove that they fear you or the monsters among them tempt your destruction.

Last night: You reported your encounter with the Molly-demon to Pastor Clegane, causing the "holy" many to break down and swear to redouble his efforts in defending the people of Hearthson. You get the feeling that he trusts you all the more now.

On a whim, you decided to check up on the mermaid, Genevieve and her family. Meeting her, and finding that she had a very.. nervous way about her, you found that some kind of sea-monster had been threatening her and her family.

Diving into the deeps, despite your better judgement, you face the monster on completely uneven ground, yet with the help of the mermaids revealing their monstrous forms, you prevailed against what you've found to be a "Scylla."

During the battle, your body displayed an.. odd effect upon the monster as it bit into you. Taking a look at the regenerating cracks of your body, you find that you now have veins of silver and iron running through your marble.

As the Mermaids give their thanks, you must decide what you do with the rest of this night...

Awaken Gargoyle, the night is dark.
You push down the Sea Monster, learning that it is called a "Scylla" as you finish absorbing the soul.

The husk drifts down to the bottom of the lake.

The merfolk swim around, you, staring at you with the eyes of monsters as they slowly, but surely re-assume the forms of beyond beautiful humans.

Genevieve swims up to you, smiling widely. You hear her voice whispering into your mind," Thank.... you... Should... need... us... Call." The communication feels... as though it could be better.. like there's something blocking it. . .

>[] What will you say in return?

What will you do next?
>[] Return to Hearthson.
>[] Check out the Southern Wood.
>[] Check out the Northern Wood.
>[] Visit Lady Manse
>[] Head to the Western Mountains.
>[] (Other)
>[] Check out the Southern Wood.
>[] Check out the Northern Wood.

>If there's nothing to hunt find some deer to leave for the wolves. at the very least we can feed them.


>Answer with "Likewise. So, now that we can speak freely. Any other troublemakers around? Any other friendlies you can introduce me to?"

>What do
>Meditate and see the scyllia for either working out a deal or breaking will.

These both receive half votes from last session.

Go with
>Answer with "Likewise. So, now that we can speak freely. Any other troublemakers around? Any other friendlies you can introduce me to?"

By the way what time is it right now?
The time is 12:20 p.m.
Well I want to meditate and since I don't know how long that would take (time spent in the mind might not be the same as the real world). I guess we should head back to town after we hear the mermaid's response then go meditate in the church.
With something of a smile upon your face, your voice penetrates into the water, visibly rippling it as it travels.

"Likewise. . .

So, now that we can speak freely. Any other troublemakers around? Any other friendlies you can introduce me to?"

A mature-looking mermaid stops by Genevieve as the other four merfolk circle around you, with an almost coy smile her voice wriggles into your head,"None.. Other... That... trouble us, dear. And other nice things within these waters are still nervous around you. If you'd like to drop by sometime for din- oh, I'm sorry..." The mermaid giggles," Oh, and my name is Juliet. The man with the sharp chin is my romeo, Leon. And the handsome young man and woman aside from Genevieve here are Xandre and Gwendolyn. Thank you for helping me and my children..."

As the woman goes on, you see that she looks at you a bit oddly for a moment. Only then do you realize that you've sunk quite a way down atop of the horrible monster.

"What would you intend I do.. with this?"

Genn puts a hand to her mouth,' I... 'pose... could... eat...'

Juliet interrupts,' I apologize, Genn isn't quite as versed in telepathy. You also seem to have something making it harder for her to speak. She said that the fish should be able to eat it.. It'll take some time but the monster will be gone. We'll assist in moving the corpse back to sea... Don't want nastier things to come in from there..."

You give them a nod in acknowledgement.

Do you take a prize, and if so, what part?

>[] Yes
>-The whole human-like half.
>-A piece of tentacle
>- A tuft of the Wolf Hair.
>- Other
>Can take more than one part, however some may require more than one trip.

>No, leave the thing.

>[] Afterwards, what will you do?
Just the head for me. I would like the take the whole human-like half but that would be a pain to hide until we could offload it.

The Stranger's coming in two nights.
Take the human half, stow it away on the little island in the middle of the lake.
Then go inside and deal with scylla (break will or cut a deal)

Make sure to ask the wendigo lord HOW to perform a magically binding agreement (he said you have the ability to
I still wouldn't know how to hide the body. We could bury it and hope no animals dig it up but something could happen. Wish we had a coffin where we could just stash the body underground. I guess go with the whole human-like half.
How about we take all the choicey bits; not like we have anything more immediate that needs doing, right?
With a nod, you acknowledge Juliet's words, returning with some of your own.

"I must collect a piece of its body... There is a man that desires such... trophies."

Juliet seems surprised, yet she smiles, 'I... See... Good night then... and take care, Guardian."

The family swims away. You feel their life force shrink with the distance until vanishing entirely.

Turning to your kill you grip the upper human half by the waist that's fused into the monstrous form beneath it. With a heave, you pull and pull until you feel the flesh and bones popping and cracking in the water... eventually they yield entirely and the human half of the Scylla is separated, eliciting a bloody cloud within the water.

Certainly, the Stranger should be happy with a Scylla's human half and a greater Wendigo's head... right?

You resolve to hide away the upper half of the torso among the rocks in the middle of the lake.

After a bit of a struggle, in getting out of the water, you place the corpse among the rocks and lay more rocks atop of it to prevent discovery.

Satisfied with your work, you take wing back to your church after cleaning yourself off sufficiently.

Soaring above Hearthson, you sense little trouble to be found after that Molly-demon vanished.

Your current course is to deal with the Scylla demon... Will you stay the course or will you check up on the north or south woods?

Time is 1:40 a.m.

>[] Meditate within the church.
>[] Check up on the northern woods.
>[] Check up on the southern woods.
>[] Visit Lady Manse.
>[] Other.
We just ate a monster, in a few hours we will have XP. Use this to buy earth shape and we could use that to craft a cave and then seal/unseal it as needed....

Actually, are we strong enough to just DRAG the entire thing across the bottom of the lake to the shore? (where we use earth shape to store it)

Also of note, if we buy earthen (1XP) we would have enough bonuses to earth shape to use it in battle by make earth spikes at a reasonable speed
>Meditate within the church.
>>[x] Visit Lady Manse.

Shouldn't take too long, and we need to let her know of what's happened with Molly

I'm surprised you guys haven't wanted to go and talk to her again...
We had urgent issues...
We do need to cash in the promise of help in control and the boon ASAP though since her good will wont last forever.
I would vote for going to her next after the scylla soul is dealt with
Rolled 1

Visiting lady Manse unless there's a tiebreraker vote.
File: 1366950359194.png-(208 KB, 1061x655, Gargoyle Magic Tree.png)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
Updated Magic Tree.
That 30 cost primal says "Calamity", right?

Almost looks like it says gravity from the distortion.
While in the pitch black of the mid-night sky, you turn your wing and circle about with a slow, heavy flap.

It has come to your attention that you have not visited upon lady Manse since the night you first made her acquaintance... The question is... can you even find her?

During your routine patrols, you never sensed such a powerful mage... nor have you seen anything that looked like such a mansion as that woman would live in...

You are also not acquainted with whatever magic she used to either hide herself so thoroughly... or transport herself to.. wherever she may be.

For the moment, you are stumped.

She had spoken of giving you a boon of your choosing, along with aiding in your control... Yet.. She left no means of contacting her... For lack of a better word, she is nowhere to be found...

Where... Where could she have gone?

>[] Give up, head to the church for meditation.
>[] Ask this of Pastor Clegane... THough he's likely preoccupied with the Molly-demon, or sleeping.
>[] Ask Alice. Which would be convenient, seeing as she is at your original destination.
>[] (Other)
>>[] Ask Alice. Which would be convenient, seeing as she is at your original destination.
This. If she dunno, go ask Clegane.
What he said
Might as well start with Alice
File: 1366951126901.png-(240 KB, 1222x697, Gargoyle exptree.png)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
Updated exp tree.
What he said
>4 exp
I suggest we buy dense marble
weren't we saving up for beast form?
The Scylla should put us around 8.

Dense marble is a must. How about we get through holy white for full-blown angel.

We might actually reach Molly if we be all sparkle.
We sorta are... although it occurs to me we can avoid that if we locate an intermediary instead.
I think our next priority purchase is earth shape, for the ability to properly store things, as well as constructing a wall and other utility.
I though we needed beast form? you know for the deal with the were wolf?
You continue onto the church, deciding that you would seek an answer from Alice.

On your approach, you sense that the young woman is very much asleep.

You land in front of the church and cast open the door gingerly, the old wood creaking.

Within, you find that all of the church's candles are lit, illuminating the presumably holy place quite well, and at the end of the room, stands Lady Manse, looking upon you with a new, elegant fan, and dressed in what could almost be described as an evening gown of several, obnoxious yet harmonizing colors. Her face is as powdered as before with yellow blush and chartreuse eyeshadow. Her hair is done up in a french braid tonight, and the color is a spring green.

She looks upon you with some disapproval," Why... hello there Gargoyle... Looking for me tonight, are we? You have found me, now state your business."

Like before, you could not sense this woman through life, or the whispers of the wind... Even now, your earth sense does not detect her.. She's... a void on your supernatural senses...
(All may be write in)
>[] Request a boon.
>[] Inform her of Molly.
>[] Attack the foul witch.
>[] Ask other questions.
Action economy is pretty low here. However I'd ask that if you chose more than one, be specific of the order...
Would she be able to provide any boon that would act as a buff to our magical ability?

She might be able to provide something of that sort. Though likely in the form of some kind of magical artifact.

In terms of what you'd like to ask for... It could be some piece of knowledge, an item, or perhaps a direct infusion of magic. She could just give an outright 5 exp.
>direct infusion of magic
I think I like that as a boon.

"Lady" Give a short bow, be polite. "I would like to request my boon now. You're knowledgeable about magic, yes? I would like to increase my skill in the arts. To aid in my duties."
Also, I have a feeling she knows about Molly, but we should still tell her. Preferably before the boon request.
Sounds good to me.
"My Lady," You bring in your wings close and give a polite bow, respecting your manners.

Lady Manse raises an eyebrow at the gesture and upon your rise, you see that she is reclined rather elegantly upon the altar of the church, with not only her fan, but a glass of some sparkling tincture in her once free hand.

After a sip, she smacks her lips together in an almost kissing sound before looking upon you once more," Go on..." She says with a faint hint of a smile.

With a grimness in your heart, you recount the current fate of Molly, and your failure in catching her. You retell the conversation, the black flame, but you leave out the father's eyes. Something tells you that you should.

With another sip of her glass,"Is that all? Anything more, Gargoyle?"

"Nothing my lady.. Ah.. However..."


"I would like to request that boon that you had spoken of before."

"And what would you ask of me?"

"I would ask for power... The power of magic like yours. I could save that child.. if I were more... If I could do more..."

You unconsciously grind the stone of your hands as they ball into fists... You clench hard enough to cause your own body to crumble only to be replaced by the superior regeneration granted by the Troll within you.

With a flick of her fan to close it. Lady Manse drifts down from the Altar, seeming as though the world slows down for her, she walks up to you with her elegant swagger.

Close enough to see the bright green of her eyes, she looks over both sides of your face, turning your head with the slight pressure of her fan.

"Hmm, interesting ability you have there. Not a mark on you... So you want Magic? I could bestow some knowledge upon you if that is your wish. However I will consider my favor to you done and over with. Anything else would be from depths of my... very generous heart..."

Is this what you truly desire?

>[]Lady Manse will deliver unto you knowledge of the Fae magic she herself uses.

>[] No, ask for something else.
Since you said she could just give us 5xp, I'm assuming this will do more than just give us that first skill in the Fae tree.

So lets get it.

Also, thank her politely and ask about controlling your inner demons better
You nod and give her confirmation," I would not have asked you for your generous gift, had I been uncertain."

Lady Manse smiles, only to finish off her drink, and throw it behind her. To your surprise, you hear no shatter of glass.
"Good, very good Gargoyle... Let's see... How well you take such... power.."

Placing her free, left hand upon your forhead, you feel some kind of spark, and then knowledge of world altering magic... and color.. so much vivid color and... joy enter into your mind.

You recoil at the contact and feel your mind and body tingling with magical energy and such latent... potential.

>Learned Fae Fire: Illuminate an enemy with the light of the Fae, and allowing you to track them wherever they go until the light finally fades. Cost: 5 mana.

>Learned Toadstool Ring: While not a true Faerie Ring, you can call upon the forces of nature and wonder to generate a ring of Fae magic that may in turn become occupied by such denizens. Any Fae magic cast within the ring is cast at half cost. Requires 10 minutes to channel a ring of 2 meter diameter. Costs 5 Mana

>Learned Pocket: Some Fae are especially known for their ability to hide things. Unsurprisingly, they have magic dedicated to the task! Pocket generates a compressed space that allows storage of numerous items and articles. There is a limit to this "pocket," and it can be increased. Cost 7 mana. Lasts indefinitely.

>Danger< Storing Living things within the Pocket is impossible due to the nature of this Fae Magic. The Laws of the world will simply not bend for this spell when it comes to something alive. Something already dead and without a soul however is fine.

With a fake pout, Lady Manse whispers to you," Well, are you satisfied Gargoyle? Anything... else... to tell me?" Her voice carries an undertone mixed with knowing.. as well as... irritation...

>[]Is... is there anything else you'd like to add.?

>[] No, Thank you for the gift, my lady.
Perhaps she's heard about the wolves situation?

Maybe we should go ahead and tell her.
File: 1366956039667.png-(217 KB, 1061x655, Gargoyle Magic Tree.png)
217 KB
217 KB PNG

Toadstool ring will also require more time and mana depending on the size of the area.
My mistake, lost my trip.
How powerful is telekinesis?

Its mana use will actually start based at .75 exp. Originally being half of it's exp value.

Telekinesis gains power based on mana used.

At 3 mana, it's capable of lifting and with some practice, even articulating a weapon.

At 4 mana. it has enough power to lift 10-30 lbs.

5 mana, it can lift a child.

6 mana an adult weighing in at 150 lbs

7 mana is maxed at 200 and another 50 per mana.

Internal attacks cannot be done due to the nature of Fae magic.

Mana is used for each battle round something is lifted.

Also, Lady Manse's gift has recharged your mana and your silver veins sets your maximum mana at 22 instead of 20.
with treespeak could we talk to the troll?

It'd be worth a shot now, wouldn't it?
Do we still intend to tell Lady Manse of the agreement with the Werewolf?
"My.. Lady?" You nearly mumble out.

Lady Manse straightens up and looks at you with her spring, green eyes, ever so wide and expectant. Rolling out the word," Yeeesss?" She waits.

"I have recently come to an... Agreement with the werewolf I ate during my first night. He will aid me in controlling malicious creatures I devour... and in return, I shall prevent his wolves from being harmed."

"Ah. Yes, I've heard of the Pastor speak of that during the day. He had called a meeting upon the town square. With the Mayor and his wife dead, he is the people's de facto leader when I do not grace them all with my presence." Lady Manse pauses and revels in herself for a moment before continuing,
"I do not like it Gargoyle. You were made to destroy such beasts, not play friend with them. They are animals meant to be destroyed."

Lady Manse presses her fan into the underside of your marble-sculpted chin," I do hope that you have not forgotten your duties. Your only concern should be the people of this village. No more, no less. Are we..." You feel the tip of the fan begin to sink into your stone, and with the strangest sensation of.. pain at that."

>[] Yes... Yes... Understood.
>[] Yes, Yes.. We.. Are quite clear... (Lie)
>[] No, I cannot accept that.
>[] (Write in)
>>[x] No, I cannot accept that.
Back the hell up.
At this time... this is the best way to protect the people.
Lady Manse presses her fan into the underside of your marble-sculpted chin," I do hope that you have not forgotten your duties. Your only concern should be the people of this village. No more, no less. Are we..." You feel the tip of the fan begin to sink into your stone, and with the strangest sensation of.. pain at that."Clear?" *
>[x] No, I cannot accept that.

Does a woman who's got a ring which seems to attract demons really want us to become a stickler for doing everything by the book...

(Probably shouldn't actually say that bit thought.)

She's an aristocrat.
She makes the rules.
She need not follow them.
We're feudally programmed eh?

Okay, good to know.
We're a sentient statue

We are the Law.
(Last post for the night)

You back away at the words of the woman, shaking your head.

"No, I cannot accept that. I have met many creatures that wish for peace. At this time... with their help... this is the best way to protect the peo-" You feel your face fragment from a slap of Lady Manse's fan, chips flying off.

With her face, still as water, she lifts your chin so that your eyes are level with hers. "Are we clear?"

Her eyes are unblinking, and unlike so many others, she does not fear you, no. In fact, she looks down on you.

You feel the new cracks in your face restricted by something in the process of recovering.

This woman..

>[] You will not stand for this, not all of the creatures are evil.
>[] Concede, however falsely to appease her.
>[] Concede, you will obey Lady Manse and purge the Non-humans.
>[] You will not tolerate such belittlement. Attack the wench!
>[] (Other)

Actually, scratch that. I've got a couple more posts in me yet. I can't just let this hang.
If we lie to her, she might know that we are doing so and if we say yes, the werewolf is gonna get pissed. This is bad... Maybe concede for now
Lie to the bitch so she stops hitting us with the magic fan.

Then we get beast form and convince the wolves to fuck off somewhere else.

Then we get new souls, break them, and use them to break alpha and the troll.

Then once we have bullshit-level powers we make this cunt hit herself with the fan. "STOP FANNING YOURSELF STOP FANNING YOURSELF!"
>I will decide how I go about protecting the people and nonviolent creatures under our protection, not you. Then turn and leave.
No. She'll just slap us with the fan again. And did you miss the part about how it messes with our regen?

That regen is the only thing that's kept us unfucked in all our fights.
We aren't fighting her. We tell her and leave. If it ever comes to a fight we can use stealth to remove her without a problem.
You're right, we wouldn't fight her. She'd just kill us.

A slap from a fan did more damage than the black gargoyle's fireballs. She would smash us to bits and order a new gargoyle that "isn't so uppity", as she'd likely say.
>Implying we're not already the second one

So. if I'm understanding this right...

This is a true concede.

A lie

Refusal and departure.

Something that makes me laugh...
Concede, however falsely to appease her.
Our options are to concede or kill her.
Arguing is just being stupid.

"clear", "then, I am to make no deals, do you have another way I can control even stronger spirits imprisoned within me?"
mmm... just in case I would actually avoid using actual falsehood (it could be a binding agreement, she could detect falsehood, who knows). Say "I understand" or "you have made yourself clear" rather then explicitly saying you would do so.
This is acceptable
Something like this
After a few moments of considering your response you feel her hand twitch, about to bring the fan back across your face.

"I understand", You say, feeling the air of the stopped fan move through your new cracks. Without a beat, and without flinching. "Then, by your command, I am to make no deals with those that I encounter or consume. What other way do you have to control stronger spirits imprisoned within me?"

Drawing back the fan, Lady Manse's expression melts into her usual cacophony of exaggerated expressions."My, the dread of having countless souls imprisoned within your body must simply be... dreadful.."

She begins to walk back to the altar, slowly, swaying her hips in stride.

With a sudden spin on her heel, and pointing the fan toward you," I have just the thing. You become stronger yourself."

"My...self? Have I not gai-"

"Devouring the strength of wretched creatures is not how you will control them... Tapping into your own wretched origin is how you will master them all."

Lady Manse opens up her fan before you, tracing a nail along the edge as the pictures upon it dance and change.

Pointing to one that has become similar to Troll,"Animals such as this are without inherent mind or drive. They are base, mad creatures."

Flipping the fan around, shows the depiction of faeries dancing around a toadstool ring,"The Fae are masters of the mind, benders of what is real, and what is not."

Closing the fan and flicking it open once more, it now shows a savage red demon," However, these creatures are the true voice of man. The strong, the base desire, and power. Without the demon, you would find yourself powerless to take souls or crush those that challenge you. When you have power, why should you be bothered with honeyed words, after all?" At that, Lady Manse stares at you intently with the slightest storm of her anger in the horizon.

In a moment it is gone.

"Oh, it is time for my tea. I shall be leaving now. Tah-tah"
Lady Manse struts past you, and opens the church door. Like before, the other side is different, up until she passes through and closes it.

The woman is gone, yet again.

You touch your cheek and only now feel your cracks heal.

With that tension, you feel that a great deal of time has passed... it is now 2:30 A.M.

(Last post, good night guys. Next session will be tomorrow night, Friday. 7:30 pacific again.
2230 server-time)

Hope you... err... enjoyed the eccentric Lady Manse.
Oh dear, I'm getting a serious sense of "demonologist who thinks she's strong enough that she needn't fear demons." from Lady Manse after that little speech.

This will most likely not end well, for anyone.
>Hope you... err... enjoyed the eccentric Lady Manse.
She's a cunt and the first opportunity I see I'm going to start screaming for blood.
I want the blood
I also get that... although to be fair the ring of solomon gives her a tremendous edge...
However she hasn't pushed enough for me to advocate murdering her... yet.

I am not entirely sure I understand her advice either... it suggests our true power comes from our own demonic soul and it must grow... but how? Maybe it is what we choose to invest our XP in?
Makes sense.

She owns a ring which attracts demons, she has methods of interfering with our (demonic) powers, she looks down on us (and we are a demon), and her whole speech about demons pretty much boiled down to 'if you were cool like me, you wouldn't have any problems'.

If I'm right, then sooner or later Lady Manse's ego is going to result in biting off more than she can chew and unleashing something terrible on the town.

Then I bet we'll be expected to fix it.

Interesting predictions...

Yes, invested exp very much has to do with that. Despite risking insanity from your own demonic nature, it also snuffs out the wills of other creatures within you.

Truly, that is her opinion on the matter.

You could go the route of using the superior control over yourself that Fae provides.

Or perhaps use the dominating power of the demon to reign over your "residents."

There's also the method that you're using now that involves satisfying the residents enough so that they aid you.

Each have their own pros/cons.

Fae Control:
Pro: You retain faculty over your higher mind.
Pro: Fae and Primal residents tend to respond more amiably to you.
Con: It is more easily tampered with by the power of demons.
Con: Not all residents will be obedient.

Demonic Sovereignty
Pro: You are the master and the one in control.
Pro: With the opposition crushed, you can feed freely.
Con: This can lead to displays of rash action.
Con: If there happens to be a superior demon, or the occurrence of a sufficiently strong legion, they can overthrow you.
With the time elapsed, the 4 Scylla exp is ready for use.

These are both me. Goddang trip...
Perhaps it's time for upgrades.
>Shape Earth
>Dense Marble

The 4 exp upon the exp tree was the Scylla exp.

So total exp right now is 4 exp.

Post what you want in


It'll save time next thread.
>>Dense Marble
This is a must

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